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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i'm darcy spencer live at the national mall where a large tree branch fell on top of two people sending them to the hospital. i'll have a live report ahead. we're also following two big developing stories for you tonight. first a break in the case of a woman found dead inside a home in capitol hill. and new details tonight in the tragic van crash in virginia that killed six people. the one thing investigators say may have contributed to the crash. and good evening. i'm jim handly in tonight for erika. a beautiful day on our national mall, but it was disrupted when
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over injuring two people. good samaritans came to the rescue. darcy spencer talked to a driver who was affected by this freak crash and joins us now live from the scene. darcy? >> reporter: jim, this tree branch was so large many people initially believe that the entire tree had fallen down here. take a look at where we are on 9th street northwest on constitution avenue. one lane is blocked off. two people were taken to the hospital. we caught up with one man who was driving through the area when the tree crashed on top of his car. what were you thinking when this happened? this man was driving here on 9th street headed toward 395 when he heard the branch crack. >> all of a sudden, the tree was falling down and just crushed my
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get out of the way and neither could the pedestrians who were standing here at 9th and constitution at the national mall. the branch fell on two of them. good samaritans lifted the branch and freed the victims before medics arrived. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> a lot of people here, so they came to their aid. >> reporter: parts of 9th street by the sculpture garden were shut down as workers cut up the tree branch and the man waited for a tow truck to take his damaged car away. back out live. you can see that's actually where that branch snapped right off of that tree. just a few minutes ago, i checked in with d.c. fire and rescue on the two people who were transported. we're told they were not seriously injured. mostly shaken up. they're going to be okay. developing right now, police make an arrest in a capitol hill homicid
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with the murder of stephanie goodlow. goodlow worked at a church here and the local pastor had to deliver that devastating news to his congregation today. derrick ward talked to the people who knew the victim. >> reporter: d.c. police responded to this address in the 700 block of kentucky avenue southeast around 1:45 saturday morning. when they got there, they'd found a woman. she had been shot and was pronounced dead on the scene. the victim was 40-year-old stephanie goodlow of southeast d.c. she was active at church. as word spread of her death, members were stunned. >> it is one of our members. >> reporter: a church member says the terrible news is hard to believe and it was later confirmed by the minister. >> it came from the pulpit and we're horrified. we're horrified. >> reporter: goodlow worked with the youth ministry of the church. a sunday morning service that was supposed to help
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father's day was no replete with the sadness of the violent loss to the church family. >> we have to keep moving on one day and one step at a time. >> reporter: there's an irony too. >> i'm in theater. i'm doing a production on gun violence. to come into church today and to hear this terrible news, it's just overwhelming. it is heartbreaking and we definitely need to do something policy-wise. police in the district are investigating violence at four different locations in less than 24 hours. two men were shot on f street northeast just before 4:00 a.m. today. a man was stabbed 20 minutes earlier on columbia northwest. there were two other stabbings earlier in the night. one around 1:00 a.m. on benning road northeast. the other around 9:00 p.m. last night on valley avenue southeast. everyones
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survive. now to a developing story involving that crash that killed six people along i-95 in virginia. the driver is now charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter. that van flipped over five times early yesterday morning about 20 miles south of fredericksburg in caroline county. the group was on their way from north carolina up to new jersey. investigators tell us fatigue may have played a part in this crash. the driver has been identified now as cruz marquez of chicago. none of the people in the van were wearing a seat belt. police have not identified the victims' name yet. police in fairfax county are looking for the man who touched a young girl inappropriately. this happened yesterday afternoon in a store at the merrifield town center. the 11-year-old told her father when she got home. the father in turn called police. the man left the target p
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house speaker paul ryan speaks today on "meet the press." donald trump responded tonight. ryan said he would not force anyone to vote for donald trump. trump dismissed the handful of republican delegates who say they will try to deny trump the nomination at the convention next month. see what hillary clinton was up to today a bit later on. local golfers taking a swing at winning a big prize and the better they are the more help our military will receive. and i'm tracking the chance for some showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. coming up, i'll have the latest timing and potential for severe impacts in my forecast. and the first family enjoying father's day at yosemite. first lady michelle obama posting this picture on instagram today.
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we now know what caused this massive apartment fire in laurel last night. fire officials tell us someone was smoking on a third floor balcony and improperly discarded a cigarette. it took firefighters about 40 minutes to put it out. one firefighter fell off a ladder and stayed overnight at the hospital after complaining of chest pains. the red cross is helping 22
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a second flier broke out in clinton. this one happened at a car repair house. it started accidentally after someone was working on a car in the garage. the fire did about $100,000 in damage. hundreds of golf fans in montgomery county today stepped up to win a shot at a big prize and help our military at the same time. the shots for heros tournament. quicken loans donates $10,000 if you get a hole in one. >> we've been visiting local area montgomery county golf courses. the reception we have had from the local community has been great. we're taking that momentum and bring it to the quicken loans national. >> so far no golf fans have won
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thursday at the quicken loans tournament. some of you enjoyed father's day out on the water today. this is video of paddle boats in georgetown. what a day. amelia is standing by with an update on the heat and the humidity you can expect in the days to come. new developments tonight in the orlando terror attack. why we could soon learn what the killer said to police during the shooting spree.
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church bells in orlando rang at 2:00 this morning. they tolled 49 times for each of the victims killed in the nightclub shooting one week ago today. meanwhile the fbi is planning to release transcripts of conversations between law enforcement and the gunman. >> reporter: church bells rang throughout orlando honoring the 49 victims gunned down a week ago. a nation in mourning and debating how to get guns out of the hands of terrorists. the senate takes up four amendments monday, the strictest from senator dianne feinstein preventing anyone on a terror watch list from buying a gun. >> the question comes how deeply embedded are members of the senate and the house to the national rifle association. >> reporter: the nra says no law will stop someone like oma
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mateen. >> laws didn't stop them in boston. laws didn't stop them in san bernardino where you had every type of gun control law you can have. and they didn't stop them in paris where you can't even own guns. >> reporter: republicans' amendment gives investigators three days to delay a gun purchase for someone on the list which the fbi says isn't long enough. while hillary clinton is pushing for tougher gun control laws, donald trump says he's working with the nra and racial profiling can't be ruled out. >> i think profiling is something we're going to start thinking about as a country. other countries do it. israel and others do it and they do it successfully. >> reporter: the fbi says it will release a written transcript monday of conversations between mateen and police during the massacre. despite calls from many americans for some time of gun control action, all four amendments are not expected to pass the
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senate. prince george's county commuters will be seeing a little more help to get around this phase of metro's safetrack plan. the county is adding a second shuttle bus line to take riders from the largo station to the suitland station. the shuttle is only on weekdays. there will be ten buses during rush hour. happy father's day to all you dads out there. we have been enjoying all the father's day photos you've been tweeting us. some of our news4 family getting in on the action. keep the pictures coming. just tweet us at nbc washington and use the hashtag #withmydad. what a nice
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i want to say happy father's day to my dad. hot and a little bit humid tomorrow. a high today of 90 degrees. tomorrow will be a touch warmer and it will feel warmer because of the increase in humidity. i'm going to be tracking the chance for thunderstorms on tuesday as well as thursday. as we look to next weekend, the upcoming weekende inine ining w nice right now. it is going to be the fourth 90-degree day. i think we'll hit a high of 92 and summer officially begins tomorrow evening. it will feel sticky. tuesday humidity levels continue to increase into the uomfortable range. by wednesday, we're right back down to pleasant humidity levels. tomorrow we start off the day at 68, sunny skies. by lunch, it is already hot outside. if you'd like to get the walk in, it is already going to be 87 degrees at that point. we hit ourig
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the afternoon. by 8:00 p.m., still at a balmy 89 degrees. tuesday you could be dealing with an afternoon thunderstorm or two. you might not want to make pool plans for tuesday. wednesday another fabulous pool day. really nice, comfortable, and low humidity levels. as far as tuesday afternoon and evening is concerned, we're talking about scattered showers and thunderstorms. any thunderstorms on tuesday could have some heavy rain and gusty winds and maybe a bit of hail. wednesd winds on tuesday not supporting the chance of any tornados. here we are at noon. future weather already bringing in some of those scattered showers and thunderstorms. notice the bright colors. that's heavy rain and maybe a bit of hail. 2:00 p.m., continuing to track scattered showers. about
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dealing with some rain later in the day on tuesday. in the evening, still tracking the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. wednesday 84 degrees, mostly sunny. thursday another chance for showers and thunderstorms mainly later in the day. another day we'll keep an eye on the potential for some strong and severe storms. as we get new information in, i'll have the latest at 11:00. thursday a high of 83. friday maybe an isolated shower, mostly cloudy, 77. next weekend low to mid 80s, low humidity, and mostly sunny skies. and tonight we're getting our first look at bill and hillary clinton's second grandchild. meet aiden. chelsea clinton announced his birth yesterday. mom and baby said to be doing fine. grandparents looking like they are perfectly
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nats out west and one of their young stars having a career day. jason is headed your way next.
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nats still out west. down, but not out today. >> still time to come back from this game. you can't lose the series to the padres. one of the worst in the majors. he hasn't picked up a win in his last five starts. today out in san diego he's becoming a much more important series. the bullpen, they gave up the lead late last night. the nats don't want to lose to san diego, an awful team. oliver perez having some fun with his kid on father's day. balance just a little bit of the problem there. very first batter of the game, check out michael a. taylor. this an a-plus effort. a lead-off home run. that's how you start the game. they're up a run.
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two on and one out. a couple of runs come in to score. san diego, they go on top. padres are up 3-1. danny espinosa. his 12th home run of the season. the nats pull within a run. a few batters later, taylor back at the dish. he's never hit two home runs in a game. the nats tie the game at three. right now san diego is on top, 5-3, in the sixth inning. orioles hosting the blue jays. the orioles brought out dad to the yard today. bottom first, birds up 1-0. that ball gets hammered to deep center. that's a
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the orioles take a 3-0 lead early. later on not close to done just yet. the orioles up 7-4. chris davis hustling around to score. 4 for 5 with 4 rbi for the day. great father's day for him. the birds getting back to work. absolutely crushes that ball. that's a two-run blast for him. the orioles beat the jays. your final score 11-6. they take the series. a huge night in the nba. i've been wrong every single game in this series. >> i think you have. >> there's no point in making a pick tonight for this game. cavaliers versus the warriors, but i like golden state. >> no. >> you're going to go with lebron. i'll go with golden state. who do you
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>> golden state. >> 1964, the last time they called themselves champions. tonight cavs and warriors. lebron james and cavs are on the edge of doing something unthinkable. king james has led the comeback for the cavaliers scoring 41 points in both elimination games. game seven. cavs, warriors ready to do battle at championship. >> as a basketball fan, you kind of put yourself in so many game sevens to win the finals. those kind of situations playing with your friends and stuff. this is my first crack at it. excited about it. >> i came back for a reason. that's to bring a championship to the city of cleveland, to all of ohio, and to all cavalier fans in the world. i go out and trust wha
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put into, my teammates have put into it, and you go out there and see what happens. >> tip off tonight is set for 8:00. we'll see if the cavs can get it done. the next time we'll see the redskins will be training camp in richmond. players and coaches not until july 28th. head coach jay gruden has seen a difference in kirk this off-season. >> he's playing more like kirk wants to play. he's more himself. he's very excited out here. makes a lot of plays. confident. that's the biggest thing, confidence, from the snap count to the formations to the concepts. you can see him getting better and better and more confident. he's having a lot of fun. plenty more to come from head coach jay gruden tonight on "sports final." we catch up with
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who is excited to be back on the field. he is getting high praise from his teammates. that's all coming up tonight on "sports final." >> you have a busy show tonight hope to see you then. have a great night, everybody. we've got an even warmer day tomorrow. >> 92 and a bit humid. some storms on tuesday. >> we loved today. "nightly news" is next.
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. on this sunday night, one week later as the community comes together tonight in a massive show of solidarity, a new isis video praises the orlando massacre. and we're about to learn what the killer said to negotiators while inside the club. fire fight. intense record-breaking heat now making the battle against the western fires all the more difficult. campus rape verdict. a former vanderbilt football player found guilty for encouraging others to assault the victim. new treatment for the first time. an implant can help those fighting addiction to powerful painkillers. and operation bicycle. teenagers learning a valuable skill being rewarded with the ride of


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