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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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the storms are over. tonight homeowners are left to deal with the mess. >> downed trees, flooded street and power outages. the cleanup just beginning. >> tracking the
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storms. and now another system will affect us again. i'll show you when. an historic first ever meeting between montgomery county police and the will be gotq community coming up. >> a brutal, dangerous day in southern california and parts of the west as the region braces for long, hot days ahead. hello. first up it is now official. the d.c. area left with a trail of damage after a tornado touched down in howard county. >> we showed you the torn up trees on news 4 at 6:00. doug told us there is a possibility a tornado was involved. take a look. you can see the trees snapped like twigs in glenn elk. a tornado with 80 mile an hour winds touched down here. the path was 500 yards wide and stayed on the ground
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than 12 miles. check out this video. the cleveland park metro station open after water rushed down escalators as riders tried to get home. flooding closed the station nor forcing riders to find another way home. power lines are being fixed after several hours of stormy weather. >> weather sparked a fire that destroyed a home in waldorf, shomari stone spoke to the family. they are looking for a new place to live only on news 4. >> look another this cell phone video. it shows rhonda london's home going up in flames during a severe thunderstorm in maryland. >> i have nothing but the clothes on my back. >> reporter: tonight she's homeless, sharing her story with news 4. she was at work when the fire broke out at 4:00 this evening. >> what's your reacti
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>> devastated. i just moved in here a year ago. to come home to this, i lost everything. >> reporter: firefighters tell me the thunderstorm toppled this tree, pulling down live power lines, falling on the garage, sparking the fire. you can see how close the large tree was to the house. they say the wind came through, knocked it down and look at all of this damage right here. $200,000 worth of damages. 50 firefighters put out the blaze. neighbor terrence sliegel lives next door. >> my son said it looks like it is raining so hard it smells like smoke, in fact it is smoke. i smell it. >> the red cross gave her food and clothing vouchers for three days but after that she is on her own. >> i have to take it one day at a time. >> things are finally calming
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the severe thunderstorm watch just cake taken down. >> this isn't the end of the severe weather yet. what are you tracking now. >> in a couple of days we are talking about a nice day tomorrow and thursday another chance of severe weather could be stronger than what we saw today. this is the last ten hours. this is a long-lasting system. we saw storm after storm developing across our region. red africa saw seven different warnings. and notice all of these severe thunderstorm r0r9s that we saw, these are damage reports whether it is wind, hail reports, there's the tornado report that we looked at toward howard county, 12.75 miles in around 1:48. the storms did mean business. this is reston. 1.3 inch hail. well over a quarter size hail. it continued through the evening
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more severe weather. not tomorrow. tomorrow is a pretty nice day. watch what happens on thursday. we get a strong system from the west. strong to severe storms again. winds and hail will be the culprit. we will have the latest on this tomorrow morning. i'm tracking it tonight for you and we will see what the seven-day forecast is. a fraction of the rain would help firefighters out west right now. two fires are overwhelming crews and officials ordered 700 families to evacuate a suburb of los angeles. >> these are probably the most extreme conditions we have seen all year. >> there's no relief coming anytime soon. helicopters are stretched thin, trying to douse a pair of wildfires burning east of l.a. one to the north, the other to the south and they are starting to merge in to one huge blaze. we are seeing similar fires breaking out in san diego and utah, as well and the
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brutal. it was 122 degrees in palm springs, 115 in vegas. in the power grid is so stressed there have been posporadic blackouts. >> the condition is right for combustion. >> they expect to get reinforcements in tonight. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. it is believed to be the first gathering of its type. montgomery county police held a meeting to address concerns of the lgbtq community. jackie bensen was there for that meeting in gaithersburg. >> reporter: the meeting was in the planning which was accelerated by the tragedy in orlando. >> we are your police department. we are here to serve you, to protect you. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a frank discussion. montgomery county police chief tom manger was asked about the
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murders of two transgender women in the last 18 months. >> i'm wondering what the police department is doing going forward to make sure there is not a third, considering that transpeople of young are probably the most vulnerable members of the lgbtq community. >> stephanie asked whether the creation of a liaison unit may help the young people she works with. >> there's a long way to go. all the officers get sensitivity training but not all of them, like you said it is a human race and can't tell one officer to the other how they will react to an lgbtq teen. >> most agree pd it was a good beginning. >> just heard about the event last night. but it sounds like it got pushed forward in the schedule given what happened in orlando. so, yeah, i'm pl
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it turned out. >> more meetings like this are planned for the future. in gaithersburg, jackie bensen, news 4. there are new questions about whether the fbi missed warning signs about orlando's shooter omar mateen. a friend said he called the fbi two years ago when mateen said he was watching radical islamic sermons on-line but he never heard back from the agents at the fbi. today attorney general loretta lynch visited with families of the victims in orlando. she said the justice department would provide $1 million in emergency funds for the city. a warning for people in fairmount heights as police search for a man who tried to take a sleeping child from his bed through the bedroom window. the attempted abduction near fairmount heights park. the 7-year-old's mother was lying beside her son who let out a scream at 4:00 a.m. that's when she grabbed her son
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the house. the father said he just wants to see the man caught. >> i'd like to see some justice. i'd like to see whoever is running around here doing stuff like that to to be caught. >> officers went door to door asking neighbors for help and warning them about the attack. if you have any information, you are urged to give prince georges county police a call. only on news 4 tonight, a federal employee is being investigated for possibly plotting an attack inside of the department of homeland security headquarters in northwest d.c. his name is jonathon wenke. security found him carrying a gun at the complex. court filings show the feds asked to raid his home because they had probably cause to plooef he was conspiring to commit violence against senior homeland security official. they also say he was carrying hollow point bullets, a knife, radio devices
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hillary clinton is expected to head up to capitol hille this the morning to meet privately with house democrats. a democratic aide said the invitation came from minority leader nancy pelosi and congressman. he has been mentioned as a possible running mate for clinton. >> he needs to go away for what he has done. those words full of mixed emotions from an ashburn ceo's oldest son after a jury recommended life behind bars for his father today. braulio castillo was convicted of killing his estranged wife in 2014 and staging the murder to look like a suicide. the oldest son said it is never easy losing a father but the family feels better after the sentencing. . maryland's purple line has taken another ma
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forward. a group of private companies that will design, build and operate the line has reached a financial agreement on the $5.6 billion project. neighborhoods along the 16-mile stretch from bethesda to silver spring, new carrollton will change with roads, development and trails. many call what is going to happen an upgrade. others are concerned about new development. >> that is true. it is also true the larger public interest will be served by this important transit project. >> i'd lose my job. it would affect everybody in the area. >> reporter: construction is expected to pick up in the coming months all along the corridor of the planned purple line. if all goes right, it could be running by 2022. if you feel you are paying more for medication that you need, the you are not
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the increased cost of staying well and what's behind it. and danger at the dentist, why so many young people are sent spiraling in to a powerful addiction after a common procedure. and a 16-year-old high school graduate with a
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if you have gone to the pharmacy you know prescription drugs can be
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>> when it comes to prescription drugs, a consumer reports investigation found prices skyrocketing so fast that more americans are choosing between filling a prescription or filling the food pantry. >> it affected their household income incredibly. it was in very distressing ways. things like people weren't spending as much on groceries. >> reporter: the investigation found 33 million americans forked over $2 billion more to fill spripg prescriptions last year alone. >> what that translates to is people forking over 50 or 60 bucks extra, sometimes $500 extra at the pharmacy counter when they didn't necessarily expect it. >> reporter: focus on the rampant rise in drug prices got traction last year when drug company ceo arbitrarily jacked up one drug from 13 to $750 per pill. >> the first thing that they didn't do is not fill the prescription because they
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editor said the price hikes were driven by bigger profits for the drug companies and the insurance industry bears blame, too, for setting outrageously high deductibles. >> we spoke to people that needed to meet 10,000, $12,000 deductibles before their insurance kicked in at all. >> there are new concerns about open yoid addiction and common dental procedure. 60% of teens walk out of a dentist office with a prescription painkiller. it is often their first experience with opiods and can lead some to addiction. over the counter painkillers are usually enough for patients. >> most never need or require vicodin or percocets. >> the university of pittsburgh is spear
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get dentists how they prescribe. here's inspiration for you. prom queen, graduated at the top of her class, has a full ride to college for free. she did it all by the age of 16 and all while living in a homeless shelter. destiny calls d.c. general home, the hospital home with her mom and sister. she says the shelter humbled her, gave her motivation to succeed. so she took classes on saturdays on-line and over the summer to graduate early. >> i want to help people like me h. i want to give back to my community and help. that's why i want to be a principal. i don't want to live in a shelter when i get older. i want to make better of my life. >> talk about impressive. while destiny did receive a scholarship she is trying to raise money for books and other expenses. if you want to help her go to our nbc washington app an just
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>> so impressive. a local school is now a piece of history. today the arlington county board designated the stratford school a local historic district. >> stratford school was the first in virginia to be integrated. the designation will protect the building and means planned renovations and an addition to the school must meet specific design guidelines. >> another look for you at some of the flooding that happened at the cleveland park metro station today. take a look at that. how would you like to get off the metro and wade your way to the escalator. >> what a mess. >> the waterfall coming down the escalator, as well. we had a lot of heavy rain in a short amount of time. >> that was closed a couple of hours. another vantage point where it looks like water was growing up the steps. i don't know how they made it out. some had to take the elevator and wait in line down there. >> we had a flash flood warning a at this t
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three inches an hour and that was the sec batch that came through d.c. and then a third batch. a couple of water rescues today. a couple of trees down. saw 46 severe thunderstorm warnings in our area. >> power outages and all kinds of stuff. >> a nasty day. it lasted -- most of our storms last three, four, five hours. tonight's lasts ten hours from 10:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 tonight. severe thunderstorm warning. the lightning came through earlier this evening and there was a lot of lightning. we are counting hundreds of lightning strikes for every couple of minutes here. every minute. 100 lightning strikes a minute with some of these storms moving through, including that one there that raced to the eastern shore. right now, notice how everything over the last two hours comes to a calm. that's good news. we need to get out of here. one lone area of showers here. let's zoom in on this guy. right there. just
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ornd the olney area. light shower. it is dying and fading and it will continue to do so. the wider picture showing most of the activity is off the coast. the front will move south. that will be a nicer day tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, 74 degrees. that's where we are right now. temperatures tomorrow morning around the same. winds southwest seven miles an hour. 60s to the north where we have seen the rain lately. 72 manassas, 75 fredericksburg. the severe risk tonight was around our region. watch what happens on thursday. thursday is going to be another day where we have severe weather. didn't show up here but it is right here around our region. again, a risk of severe weather coming in during the day on thursday. that's something we will have to watch for. 88 on wednesday. tomorrow is great. warm, but with low humidity, no problem. thursday is the day to watch. 87 degrees.
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humidity, and the moisture and atmosphere to create instability. strong storms likely on thursday. high wind threat, once again the biggest threat we will be watching. potential for hail is there one more time. it could be in the morning, very early in the morning and again in the afternoon. it could be a couple of rounds like today. 82 on friday. things start to calm down, friday, saturday and sunday. all looking beautiful. we have the weekend looking 2k3wr5i9 before we get back to heat next monday. tuesday next week another chance of thunderstorm activity. this is what you get during the summer months. the kind of storms we have been getting, the large hail, we don't see that too often. saw baseball size hail last week and another one like that today. >> hope we don't see much of that. one of the
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and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer this is the xfinity sports desk. nats out west. >> you have to stay up late until it ends. >> right until the end. call me with the score about 2:00 in the morning. i'll pick up the phone. full service around here. i always stay until the end. remember last week, dusty baker told us he was worried about west coast road trips, sunshine and theme parks, remember that? there's no evidence of nats journeys to universal studios
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sunburns. the team with the best road record in major league baseball trying to stop a three-game losing streak. west coast nats fans making their way in to dodger stadium. everybody comes out. bryce harper supports nats fans and also supports his team. top of the first, smacking the ball left, it is gone. second homer in his last 20 games. 1-0 lead. skip ahead to the fifth for time constraints. espinosa wants in on the party. his 13th of the season. nats up in the fifth. i will stay up until the end. up to baltimore, 38-minute delay for start of the oriole and padres. bottom of the fourth, this one opposite field to left. two run shot for alverez. orioles 4-2 lead.
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for alverez. a triple toll the left. this time to right. that worked. another two-run shot for alverez. the orioles take a 6-3 load. everything is grit. there's always a but. in the ninth, padres come up by a run. ramirez on. and trouble. another run comes to score. san diego has one more and right now up 9-6 in the ninth. all right. act like you have done it before. in soccer in the united states has done it before, beaten argentina. in 1995, a 3-0 win as they were on the way to a finish. playing on home soil, the challenge for the united states is to get by argentina to reach the finals. plenty of red, whooift an blue in houston. only problem for the americans, there's messind
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messi, a terrific touch here. the goal. nice chip. 1-0 at this point. terrific finish. later in the half, you have to watch this. messi getting set. set play. an this is simply unbelievable. just under the cross bar. one of the best goals you will see. an inch above the goal keeper. 2-0 they lead.
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we survived another one. tomorrow is sunny and warm, doug says. >> let's hope. >> "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is next. >> you think i'm wrong? >> no, it's just unpredictable sometimes. >> not tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi goldberg, ben simmons,


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