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tv   Today  NBC  June 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. good for you, you've made it to hump day. wines day wednesday. that is "ain't your mama" by the one and only jennifer lopez. sat down with our hoda to talk about her latest project "ice age collision course." hoda can get anybody to open up. >> didn't she look great, by the way. in that awesome orange jump suit thingy. >> ive
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then looks like beyonce isn't the only one making lemonade. wait until you hear the new laid back song by this artist. his name is adam freeman. if you want a summertime song and you want your toes in the sand and a cold drink in your hand and a song to listen to, this is the song. >> so much fun. >> on the internet and what a huge international -- and toothbrush will travel. steve greenburg has all kinds of fun tech gear that will come in handy. >> what are you doing, greenburg. what are you even doing? nobody knows what he's doing. >> he's going to explain this later. >> would you like some words of wisdom? >> i'm ready, hoda. it's been a long week. >> here we go. very short one this time. don't let your struggles become your identity. don't let your struggle become your identity. it's been attributed to a
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of people. >> my big one is the trouble is trouble is you don't know you're in trouble until you're in trouble. >> by the way, you're right. that is also from a wonderful musical. >> sure was. all righty. remember the other day when i told you the story of people thought i said i had gas all day but i said guests all day. your prayers are answered, everybody. i got this, you know when you're having people over and you're trying to get -- i didn't know where i did it but i ran in and i've been putting makeup on it all this week. >> but we heard there is a cure. >> there is a rumor online. >> listerine dunked in a cotton ball. that's all. the alcohol portion you're supposed to dab it on your bruise. >> i googled it to see if it is true and it got lots of
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>> we spoke to one doctor who said there is no medical explanation that mouth wash would be a cure for bruises. >> docs don't know everything. a lot of people online say it it does work. >> they say you should have done it when you do the bruise. >> is it getting lighter already. >> no, but it smells better. kiss it. >> i don't want to. >> online they said something about the alcohol and the properties do something with the blood vessels. >> i should have taken my wine at that time and splash it on there. >> the famous doctor says he has another remedy. put an ice bag on it after you hit it. that wasn't necessary. we don't need -- >> if the bruise is already there, a warm compress. >> we just want to know if it works. >> we're going to keep our eye on it. we'll see if it does wo
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talent" a woman got up on stage and planned to sing that song, bonnie rait song i can't make you love me if you don't. she got up there, got on stage. >> she's 62 years old. which is young, i think. >> he starts singing the song and then guess what happens. take a look. ♪ just hold me close and don't patronize ♪ >> i don't think that song was right for you. >> okay. >> what else have you got? >> i have "natural woman." >> should we try that? >> okay. ♪ looking out on the morning rain ♪ ♪ i used be so uninspired ♪ now i'm no
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what i'm looking for ♪ ♪ i don't need to do more because you make me feel ♪ ♪ you make me feel [ cheers and applause ] >> that was so great. isn >> i'm going to start >> you are crying.t >> want some all four judges voted for ronnie to continue in the competition. there is a great moral to that t tale. >> you know what, when you are- in the middle.y she's nervous and in the middlet and singing her song. >> thank you, jerry.? we're happy to have you back, jerry. >> shee lookedback nervouss, who said, oh, i have another one and she just kind of pulled it it oe out of the aind
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it. when you get stuck somewhere, am she was on stage and all of a f sudden she came out and hit a ua home run. a i mean, that was beautiful. tha >>t yes. it's just fantastic. >> i want her to win. >> i want her to win because she's my shage.age. we're going to do wine bot. you vote with us at home. all right.okay this simple way -- menu >> no, this doesn't work. this is all we want to know, to here's all we want to know.. whenen you go to a restaurant -u >> can't change it, hoda. >> they have the calorie countsg on there.they h do you like that they have the r calorie counts or do you not?ou would you rather they do not orn like the fact that they do?y >> because one study. this is what you don't want to o do,er found a three color code e system listed next to menu itemd no, no, no, not good for you. yellow, caution, proceed with caution and green, go, baby, it's good for you. helped folks
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60 less calories per meal, which y adds ouup. >> the healthy options versus ha what are not. i don't like when i go to a restaurant and see 1, 00 calories by the burger but i'd l rather have the knowledge and ei then i can can make my choice b on the knowledge that they've v given me. so, i say, put the calorie c counts on there.on if you don't care, at least you know what you're getting. what do you say?what d >> i have to do the other. what i said i didn't like was the red, green -- >> we are changing it, again.e o >> so many people know what i agreed to. hoda >> we talked about calories. >> we did.did, >> fine.lories. fine.fine, fine.i i don't like -- i want government, basically, to get lo out o gf my life. my bedroom, my medicine cabinet. i just want them to go away.on'y >> don't you want to know how i many calories aren in your food. >> i'm wise enough to eat what's good for me and if i want that t decadent thing once in a while,h i'll have a couple bites of it.l >> i'll order it if itha
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of calories. but i like tos b utknow. i ordered many things that havea a lot of calories. here's the thing. team klg i don't want to know the calories. and team hoda is, yes, i like to know.a i i'm nots happy about knowing, bt i like to know. >> i'm going to stop doing it . with you. going you're changing it all the time. latest on maya and marty. yesterday we talked about what e the world needs now is love video. >> do you remember the video?vi >> yes, of course. i helped make that video v possible, if i recall.reca a group of broadway performers came together to createe that c song to support the lgbt pe community. last night the song was on performed on "maya and marty." ♪ what the world needs now is love sweet love ♪ ♪ no not just for
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but for everythione ♪>> ♪ what the world needs now >> beautiful. >> that is so beautiful. >> it currently sold on broad y >> we just got word that the song is on ituneses andd j youustt know on that it's there and it's eithern number oned or number's closing in on number one. the >> it's one of those songs thatr you listen to it so many times you get addicted. keepp hitting it on repeat. >> also on the show, one of shor martin short's most ridiculous characters. we got dinto y a fistea fight.g if anybody can find that, let u. know. made annif you appearance last p interviewed one of our favorites ricky gervais on celebrity sensations. >> you are this wonderful man named ricky and i never understand the name. >> gervais. >> i think gingerivitis.gingiv
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it. way >> it's french. my dad was was that doesn't matter. >> it's such a hysterical l character. take him forever to get into the character. >> when you did it with him you guys got into a fight.>> w >> we got into such a fist fight. it was a lot ofas a fun. >> we are going to dig that up maybe tomorrow. we'll h >> look at wine. i guess most people like to knoh their calories.s >> why is there an epidemic of obesity. >> you can still know the calories and want to eat. i know the calories. >> want to know if there is an m epidemic of that. we ready to do this.eady she sizzles on the vegas stage,n but these days jennifer lopez is as cold as ice. cold >> look, it's getting better. be >> your guns are good. >> you got good guns.s are >> got to catch up with j.lo and her new movie and the man that
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10:14 am she's the international superstar who needs no introduction because jenny from the block has practically taken over the world. >> along with three-year residence in vegas jennifer lopez is back on the big screen reprising her role as
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>> i had a chance to talk with j.lo about had film and her family. >> either way, we've been over this. kids are afraid of us. >> so, let's get to "ice age collision course." did you have fun doing it? >> i do. you know, it's fun to go and like in your sweats and sneakers and no makeup and just really, i think what people don't understand about actors is that we really do love to be silly. scream and make silly voices. and, you know, really be funny and dumb and silly and stupid. >> i even smiled this time. >> do you do some of that stuff with your kids? >> maybe the only other people in the world who e that. as far as work goes, this is the only place where you can really do that. >> have max and emme seen "ice age." >> they saw the last one i was in. >> did you tell them that
10:16 am
mom's role? >> i always make sure they know what i do. >> for j.lo they're not the only two that fill her heart. on the heels of father's day i asked her about her dad. i saw you posted beautiful father's day photos. #daddies girl. do you know how many women i know nodding because they all feel that way. do you know your dad is super duper proud of you? >> yeah. i always feel like he was proud since i was running track when i was 9 or 10 years old. my daughter runs track. it didn't matter to him. he was just proud of me. >> whatever you did. >> and now it's just like i think of all the people in my life he really thinks about what i go through. you know what i mean. as opposed to what i have and what i'm doing and all that kind of stuff. what is she going through? he said to me one time, he said, i want you to know all the people in the world
10:17 am
person who just loves you and doesn't want anything from you. just you have that in your life. and it was just like, wow. you know what i mean. please, i'll start crying with you. let's not. i'm very lucky. i have a lot of love in my life. >> remind me of that. >> speaking of love, i had to ask her about a project of hers that i love. i have three words for you "shades of blue." i'm so happy that is back, by the way. >> thank you. we just started a couple days ago. >> and, how is that feeling? >> intense. it's like already. i'm like. because it's such a different thing. >> i know. >> the people who work with me on my vegas show and we glitz and glam it up and do all this kind of stuff and then, you know, some of them came and worked with me on this for a few days. and they were like, who is this person? this is so different than you. i was like,
10:18 am
you got the vegas show. you're halfway through the first year. >> yes. >> how do you feel at this milestone? >> i feel good. i feel good about it. i feel like i'm getting more used to the show. you know, it's a real beast of a show. you know, for me to do. be out there for two hours straight nonstop. always have to mentally prepare. you are about to run a marathon. >> again. >> again. >> like people prepare six months for a marathon or whatever it is and then they run the marathon and it's over. not me. so, that's how it feels. but i feel like i'm getting more used to it, which is great. >> by the way, she says she loses weight doing that show. she didn't know how many pounds. >> she doesn't know how many calories she's eating. >> "ice age collision course" when it hits theaters on july 26. you'll want to chill out all summer when you hear the song by artist of the month.
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it's national radio host in the house. >> we're about to be treated to a great performance by his artist of the month. >> singer, songwriter and producer adam friedman who was the third most viral artist in the world when his first single came out. >> now he's out with a new song called "lemonade" beyonce is n
10:23 am
>> don't let the word viral scare you. viral can be good. >> it can be excellent. >> easy to find this one then, huh? >> we have a good friend mike posner doing so well in music right now. they write and the song he's doing today "lemonade." >> we wrote it together and o g originally on his album, but that didn't happen so i stole it for mine. >> you can't steal something you already own. >> that's a good point. that's a great point. >> are your songs, they seem like summertime. when we were listening to it. it looked like you could picture yourself walking through the sand. is that your overall vibe. >> i was in santa monica. especially for this song. i do have darker songs and more emotional songs and this one is the fun, summer, easy to digest kind of sam cooke vibe. >> you know, who his early musical influence was? >> of course. >> would you rather hear a dark song
10:24 am
>> he told me it was me. >> are we on live. "lemonade" is a fun, summer song. the music of your summer, think about all the musical summers you grew up with and you remember those songs of summer. >> real quick, how did your music get viral that quick? what happened? >> we got a lot of support from spotify, actually. they were the first platform to really support me. i would not be sitting here talking to you guys if it wasn't for spotify. >> and elvis. but we read this, you don't have a deal yet. a record deal. >> nope, not yet. >> maybe get one today. >> maybe today is the day. >> and his manager, max, would send me an e-mail every day. we want to get him on with kathie lee and hoda. >> max is a legend. >> you know who watches all the time, clive davis. so we'll see. >> singing his latest single "lemonade" in just a few minutes. >> things will get wild when we play "who knew."
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your home can be, even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture! i like it! you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the 4th of july sale is happening now. havertys. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud?
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i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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[ cheers and applause ] we're back on this winesday wednesday and ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew." in case you missed it, june is national aquarium month so we wanted to see how much you knew about aquatic animals. hoda is across the street ready to handout $100 to anyone who gets the question right and one of her fabulous signed books if they don't. here with me is biologist corbin maxy who brought along friends from adventure aquarium. welcome. >> i'm so excited. >> we're going to get started? >> what's your name? >> kathy. >> where are you from? >> cape cod. >> is it your birthday? >> no, close. the three of us are
10:31 am
>> ready? here's your question. what is a group of jellyfish called? is it called a prickle, a bloom, or a romp? >> not a clue. i'm going to guess a bloom. >> a bloom! oh, my gosh, you're right! [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, she guessed that well. >> it's good. >> i never heard that before. >> hundreds of thousands of jellyfish will congregate and scientists don't know why, it can be due to overfishing or possibly pollution. >> but you don't want to get inside a bloom. >> no, no, not good. >> okay, hoda, back to you. >> what's your name? >> joy. >> from? >> atlanta. >> come on, joy, we'll sing together. >> oh, no! >> yes, we are. finish the lyric to this hit song by the b-52s. ♪ there's a song, hurrah >>. ♪ i don't know this song, hoda but i love your book
10:32 am
[ laughter ] >> okay, well the lyric is "was a rock lobster." >> correct, i'll need your help. kathie lee, grab him. this right here is a rare blue lobster. >> you cannot believe how beautiful this animal is. >> only one in two million are found. just watch your face. oh, i'm so sorry. >> very funny, corbin! >> it's caused by a genetic mutation that causes that blue color ration. >> and they live to be almost 100 years old? >> and one of the largest ones was 44 pounds. >> oh, my gosh. >> and this is not for the dinner plate. >> we don't even say the words around him. >> what's your name? >> mikaila. >> from? >> bakersfield, california. >> how many feathers does a penguin have per square inch? 100, 60, or 40? >> 100. >> 100? what? [ cheers and applause ] and you get $100. >> that's right.
10:33 am
>> 100. the highest feather density of any bird and it's amazing. they are waterproof and they insulate the penguin when they dive deep in the sea. protects them from freezing temperatures. and that is cornelia. >> oh, cornelia! there's something so unbelievably sweet about a penguin. can they be nasty creatures when they're threatened? >> this is endangered. only 140,000 are left in the wild but you can see them off the coast of western africa. >> they're beautiful. thank you, cornelia. back to you hoda. >> what's your name? >> mary. >> where are you from? >> minnesota. >> are you so excited? >> i'm so excited! >> here we go. we're going to look at this screen and identify this marine animal. is it a spike fish? an urchin fish or a puffer fish? >> puffer fish. >> she's right! [ cheers and applause ] >> hoda, you're not giving many books away today. not a good day for hoda's books but they are available on amazon. so corbin, it's a puffer fish. >> they have an elastic sto
10:34 am
sometimes water and blow up like that. they'll basically be inedible. you don't want to eat one. and they're toxic. have you ever eaten one before? >> no, i wouldn't be here. >> people do in the japan and a lot of people pass away. >> very dangerous. hoda, do we have time for one more? >> i think two. what's your name, sweetie. >> emily. >> where are from? >> chicago. >> we're rooting for emily. what's the only animal capable of turning its stomach inside out. is it an octopus, a sea star or a mussel? >> b, a sea star. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm pretty amazed at all this aquatic literacy. it's incredible. >> so dive in right here. what a sea star will do instead of bringing -- come on in, i promise. >> yeah, you promised me about the lobster. >> feel this one. instead of bringing food to the stomach it brings the stomach to the food so it will use two feet, grab on to a clam, a mussel. >> it feels weird. >> you're feeling me
10:35 am
there. the digestive enzymes will dissolve the food. >> maybe it will be good for my bruise. [ laughter ] >> but feel this. feel this. they're different colored. you should pick one up. he's stuck. >> he doesn't want to go out. >> two left feet. >> do we have time? >> just quickly say what you just said. >> can i have the book instead? >> what? all right, yes you can! here you go, take this, too. what's your name? >> my name is shana. >> where are you from? >> abu dab buy in the united arab emirates. >> my sister lives in dubai hey! >> hey! >> what species of fish is dory from the film "finding nemo" and "finding dory." is it a royal blue tang, a pirate perch or a rooster fish. >> royal blue tang? >> a! >> only one book today! >> but they want the book, too! >> very good job today, everybody. >> royal blue tang found in the indoe pacific just like in "finding dory."
10:36 am
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according to aaa, more than half of all drivers are planning a road trip, not to mention the millions traveling by train and plane. >> before you head out to your beach get away or favorite camping spot, we have gear that will come in handy. from the author of "gadget nation, steve greenberg." >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> we're going camping. >> camping and traveling in general. this -- all these products are from mom-and-mop invepop invent. this is called
10:41 am
it's storage for all your toiletries organized in a nice way but it opens up like this so it fits on a pedestal sink in the hotel room and then you have an area you can work off of it. it creates real estate. >> very clever. >> about 40 bucks. >> reinventing the wagon there. >> >> it's listerine, hoda! >> for your boo-boo. your boo-boo is kissing fresh. from here this is called violife. this is for the germaphobes out there like tammy and matt. you put your toothbrush in here, you close it up, it has a uv light. >> so the uv light kills the germs. >> and i like it has a suction cup so it can dry. >> that's smart. >> should have that? >> $19.95. >> that's going home with me. >> it can. next these are run lights. easy to pack, throw it into a suitcase, put them on for bik
10:42 am
or jogging or whatever, you wear this and it gives you light so you can see what you're doing, people can see you, cars can see you. >> can i help you with that? >> it's really a smart way to go. it sells for about 35 bucks. >> you need those, hoda. >> it doesn't take up a lot of seuss cases. i always worry about how much space i have. >> fantastic. >> so run lights, this was invented by a mom of three because she said the only time she could go running was at nighttime. >> good for her. >> next, this is called sound grenades, this gives you safety, this also gives you safety. it's a grenade you wear on your belt or on your backpack and when you pull the end, pull the cord. [ screech ] it makes a loud noise. 120 decibels. >> that's a great idea. >> super simple, just sitting right there. $20 from robocopp. you can take it through tsa without a problem. >> i was going to ask if you could take that through. >> you can. this is called lucy lights. these are
10:43 am
charge them up with a light. these are great for picnics, camping or safety for the car and they sit in your backpack. then you blow them up. they come in a bunch of different colors, you can change the color and they're great. >> you can change the color. >> i've had a dinner party and put them out like a centerpiece. >> it's great for kids parties. >> and if you're going to a fourth of july fireworks you put a blanket out. >> cute. >> lucy lights, again, 20 bucks. this is called flared and this is like a safety kit for your car. it has everything you need. it's being marketed to women but i think it's good for everybody. it has flashlights, up larks charger for your cell phone, cord, everything you can imagine, jumper cables of course. it even has -- no listerine in this. if you have a boo-boo -- if you have a first aid kit. it's a nice neat box so throw in the the trunk of your car. >> and jumper cables. >> all in one place. >>
10:44 am
>> starts at about $65. >> what's this last one? >> this is called tillow. it's a pillow and towel combined? >> you bunch up the towel at the end. >> and it has a someplace for your smart phone and headphones and you can work it through plastic here. >> hoda, you have to have that. >> that is perfect. >> relax and enjoy the beach. >> i see your belly button. >> it's a hairy one. >> it is. i'm a hairy guy. maybe it's too much information. >> well, the world knows now. >> when you hit the road, you'll be blasting this new tune on your radio. >> elvis' artist of the month adam friedman is going to perform his song of summer right after this. nice job.
10:45 am
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earlier we met singer/songwriter adam friedman. now you'll hear the song he's going to be singing. it's going drive you crazy for the rest of the day and summer. >> he's back with his newest single performing this -- >> "lemonade." >> adam friedman. [ applause ] ♪ i went down to georgia looking for the one ♪ i even checked in new york city, i didn't have no luck ♪ so i'm going to sc where all those pretty girls ♪ are hiding, i got my old school chevy and labrador ♪ headed down to the record store, begging ♪ california, you're
10:51 am
hope, give me someone ♪ i can take home and i don't know how much longer ♪ i can wait, so make her 5'5", big brown eyes and sweet like ♪ lemonade ♪ i got that good cologne and i got that charm ♪ i just need a pretty cali girl to put under my arm ♪ and i know what you need because i need it, too ♪ a little love and affection all night long ♪ i got a whole bunch for you ♪ going down to california, you're my last hope ♪ give me someone i can take home ♪ and i don't know how much longer i can wait moat note so make her 5'5", big brown eyes ♪ and sweet like lemonad
10:52 am
in my arms ♪ there ain't nobody else to hold ♪ now that i got you wrapped up in my arms ♪ there ain't no other place to go, no ♪ but california, you're my last hope ♪ give me someone i can take home ♪ and i don't know how much longer that i can wait ♪ so make her 5'5", big brown eyes and sweet like lemonade ♪ california, you're my last hope ♪ give me someone i can take home, and i don't know ♪ how much longer that i can wait ♪ so make her 5'5", big b
10:53 am
♪ one more time, 5'5", long brown hair ♪ and sweet like lemonade >> yay! wow, i loved that. that was fun. >> that was fun! >> that is fun! >> really loved that. you're going to be with hoda this afternoon on her radio show. >> you were awesome! such fun. >> thank you so much. all the best to you. >> sounds like dream summer, doesn't it? >> you're dream summer. >> we'll be back in a moment. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> you rocked it.
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10:56 am
a couple of check ins, first, kathie lee's bruise, muy importante. we're not sure it's making a difference. >> let's check out the wine bot, do you want calories listed on the menus? well, no
10:57 am
why is there so much obesity in america? >> because we're drinking wine. >> tomorrow a "melrose place" reunion. >> plus the stars of "hard core pawn are here." >> and ambush makeovers, you love them. >> plus bobbie nails it. >> have an awesome
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
news 4 midday begins with breaking news. and that breaking news, two children are hurt after a fire in southeast washington. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm eun yang, the children, teenager and woman also escaped that fire this morning. they were taken to the hospital, but they weren't the only ones. news 4's erika gonzalez is live and spoke with someone who lives in that building. erika. >> reporter: hey, eun, let me give you a glimpse as to what things look like outside the apartments here. if this is any idea as to how fast this fire spread, how heated it was. if you look up, that second window there is where the


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