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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, dramatic revolt. unprecedented in modern times, a sit-in protest on the house floor. democrats shouting, demanding action on gun control. to tell the truth, donald trump unleashes a blistering takedown on hillary clinton. but nbc news found his all-out assault was filled with falsehoods and questionable claims. a famy vanished, a frantic race against time tonight for a father and his kids missing at sea. a stunning twist after the monster truck bust, with an arsenal of weapons. tonight, the rescue mission they were on spurred by a tragic loss. cliffhanger as the crowd goes wild. streets so packed, people hanging from buildings to catch a glimpse of history. and one of the greatest songs of
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. we have seen political standoffs of all kinds in washington, but nothing like what is playing out right now in the chambers of the house of representatives. an old-fashioned sit-in led by a civil rights icon. democratic representatives literally occupying the house floor, refusing to budge until a gun control bill is brought up for debate. social media continuing to provide images of the revolt, even after house-controlled tv cameras were ordered turned off. nbc's peter alexander is at the capitol right now with the latest. >> not next year, but now! today! >> reporter: an unprecedented demonstration, dozens of democrats today calling for a vote on gun control. >> rise up, americans. this cannot stand. we will occupy this
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[000:01:58;00] >> reporter: disrupting the house session. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: republicans in retreat, forced to go into recess, cameras showing the protest. the cameras controlled by the republican house speaker. democrats in rebellion taking to social media to broadcast their message, violating house rules. >> they will not silence our voice. >> reporter: spearheading the sit-in, john lewis, an icon of the civil rights struggle. then you were fighting for civil rights. what right are you fighting for now? >> we're fighting for the rights of people to live without fear for gun violence. >> reporter: the president punctuating the point, thanking lewis for his leadership. as word spread, the chorus grew. democrat keith allison abruptly leaving a meeting after receiving this note. your mom called and wants you on the floor. democrats
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commandeering the chamber for hours, joined by senate forced a gun vote, which failed. today's rallying cry, no bill, no break. their demand, speaker paul ryan working through next week's planned recess, until the house votes on background checks and a no fly, no buy bill. blocking gun sales to suspected terrorists. republicans balking. >> i don't mind voting every day against a bill that would take away second amendment rights from folks. >> reporter: speaker ryan speaking out late tonight. >> this isn't trying to come up with a solution to a problem, this is trying to get attention. >> i just left the house chamber where democrats are still holding court this hour. paul ryan's office said no votes are scheduled. democrats insist they'll stay as long as it takes. unclear how the stalemate over guns ends. >> an extraordinary scene. peter, thank you. today donald trump is trying to jump-start his campaign after a very rough few weeks. trump went on offense, unleashing a wide
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ranging takedown of hillary clinton's record. but tonight nbc news has found many of the claims he made were misleading, or outright false. nbc's hallie jackson is separating fact from fiction. >> reporter: donald trump finally on offense after days defending his campaign. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: he's working to define hillary clinton as a creature of wall street, and washington. >> her campaign slogan is, i'm with her. you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> reporter: trump never one to mince words, though today not all of them were true. >> her server was easily hacked by foreign governments. >> reporter: but a state department inspector general's report said it found no such evidence, only only routine phishing. no government official said her e-mails were hacked. and on benghazi?
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>> the late ambassador, chris stevens, what she did with him was absolutely horrible. he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton soundly slept in her bed. >> reporter: that's not what clinton told the select committee this fall, under oath. >> i did not sleep all night. i was very much focused on what we were doing. >> reporter: the hearings revealing she was still at the state department when the attack started to unfold in the early afternoon. later e-mailing her daughter from home shortly before midnight. trump also accused clinton of doing favors for cash at the state department. >> hillary clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit, and even theft. >> reporter: trump leaning heavily on the book "clinton cash." but that book's author admits there's no evidence to prove those allegations. >> i guess my speech yesterday must have gotten under his skin. >> reporter: one day after attacking her rival on his business record, clinton again targeting trump. >> he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the
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substance. >> reporter: clinton now picking up new support from the national security adviser who worked with republicans, president ford and george h.w. bush. lester? >> hallie, thank you. one of trump's former rivals for the gop nomination said today he is reversing course and has decided he will in fact run for reelection to the senate. senator marco rubio had previously insisted he would not run. but he came under pretty intense pressure from fellow gop senators to change his mind and help them keep the majority. rubio faces a tough reelection fight. in minnesota today, former speaker of the house dennis hastert reporting to a federal prison to begin serving his 15-month sentence in a hush money case brought to light revelations he sexually abused at least four boys while he was a high school wrestling coach decades ago. the illinois republican is one of the highest ranking american politicians ever to go to prison. late word of a
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tragic discovery in a family missing off the florida coast. one person has been found dead, after a father and his three teenage children vanished in their boat over the weekend. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more for us. >> reporter: late today devastating news after a desperate search at sea. >> one of our coast guard helicopters located a deceased person. >> reporter: on father's day, ace kimberly and his three teenage children set out from sarasota florida, heading south to fort myers. they planned to meet his brother and repair their 29-foot sailboat. >> they were always together. >> reporter: kimberly called his brother reporting 6-foot seas and saying he was attempting to survive with his children. >> we never received a distress call. we only got the information when the brother called us. >> reporter: this morning a discouraging discovery.
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debris 33 miles fs the family was living or for the past year. later the two kayaks they had been towing. >> that is a tire finding. it is also heartening that it was right in the middle of our certain p search pattern. we know we were searching in approximately the right area. >> reporter: just last year two teenagers disappeared off the east coast of florida. now both of their families issuing written statements, saying they're praying for the kimberlys. >> we do everything we can for as long as we can. >> reporter: a frantic search continues tonight for three of the family members still lost at sea. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. dangerous weather extremes have tens of millions on alert this evening. high temperatures continue to fuel wildfires in the west. while severe storms
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are threatening to hit the country's midsection with hail, floods and potential tornadoes in the overnight hours. we have it all covered with blake mccoy in chicago. blake, good evening. >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. we are expecting a tornado watch to be issued for chicago and the surrounding area any minute. severe weather and high winds expected into the night. golf ball-sized hail pummeling the plains of north dakota. cracking windshields before moving east, bringing heavy rain to illinois midday as the first round of storms moved through. delays and more than 100 cancellations already at o'hare. a second round of severe weather will bring the threat of tornadoes to the chicago area tonight. so far this year, there have been reports of 657 possible tornadoes. but few have threatened areas as heavily populated as the windy city. >> keep your guard up tonight. >> 50 million people at risk for severe storms, tornadoes,
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gusty windsp miles per hour. by early tomorrow morning, we're in the mid-atlantic states and then another round of strong storms affect the mid-atlantic states by tomorrow evening. >> reporter: mid-atlantic states like delaware were already hit with heavy rainfall tuesday. flash flooding at this d.c. metro station had commuters wading home from work. and a confirmed tornado damaged these homes just outside baltimore. as millions brace for this latest round of violent summer storms. blake mccoy, nbc news, chicago. >> reporter: this is miguel almaguer in the foothills outside los angeles. overnight, helicopters hammered flames making a run toward home. every fire getting a quick massive response. what may be the only way to save property in what's becoming an epic fire season. firefighters say conditions couldn't be worse. in the west, multiple
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fires burning explosive than ever before. today's infernos are fueled by heat, wind and parched trees. >> there's a lot of tree mortality out there that makes fire behavior worse. >> reporter: in california alone, 66 million dead trees killed by drought and bark beetle are turning sparks into mega blazes. >> we used to have a mega fire every few years. now we're having mega fires every year. >> reporter: the crews have been able to save most homes. in an instant, that could change. tonight the fight continues. this, the new normal in the shifting landscape that's more dangerous than ever. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. a dangerous rescue mission at the bottom of the world is being hailed as a success. a plane evacuating workers from the south pole to get medical treatment has just
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returned after flying through some of t conditions imaginable. nbc's bill neely has more on how it all played out. >> reporter: it landed on skis on an ice runway. a hug for the pilot. and for the plane, heaters in case the fuel froze. this was a risky rescue in a brutal landscape. a fragile plane carrying two sick workers on the darkest day of the winter. >> this is the toughest time of year we could possibly be going into antarctica. it's dark 24 hours a day. very cold. >> reporter: the windchill temperature, 115 below zero. the mission was to evacuate the workers from the u.s. south pole station. one with a life-threatening illness. the plane flew 1,500 miles to the base and then back in polar winter. >> it would have been completely black at the south pole. there would be no lights. >> reporter: the conditions are horrendous. this, a previous
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rescue. there is no room for error. [000:12:58;00] years ago, in what was considered perfect conditions for a rescue. antarctica is already the windiest place on earth. 70-mile-an-hour gusts today, and this is mid-summer. today it was mid-winter. but the plane landed safely. its two sick workers now resting at the bottom of the earth before leaving this frozen continent for good. bill neely, nbc news, london. several u.s. navy sailors have been recommended for possible disciplinary action for an embarrassing incident with iran. you'll recall in january, iran released images of those sailors being detained when their boats drifted into iranian territorial waters, in what one military official calls a calamity of errors. all tewere later released. none have been charged, but one person has already been relieved of duty. we're just hours away now from a vote that could send shock
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waves to t u.s. and around the world. great britain is on the eve of the to determine whether it will leave the european union. the results of the referendum could have a major impact on the american economy as the fed says it is closely monitoring the situation. an emotional outpouring at a memorial for british lawmaker jo cox fatally shot and stabbed by an attacker last week. among those paying tribute, nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai herself a survivor of gun violence. today would have been cox's 42nd birthday. still ahead tonight, a terrorist scare turns out to be something else entirely. a heavily armed mission to rescue a heroin addict. what we know about the plan and the man at the center of it. also, the trial over one of the most famous songs in the world is now in the hands of a jury. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. it all began with a traffic stop, and police seizing a trove of weapons. immediately it raised suspicions of terror. but then the driver told police he was on a rescue mission to save a girl from heroin, which also killed his own daughter. as our stephanie gosk reports, it's raising questions, is he a crusader or a vigilante. >> reporter: they were arrested at the entrance to new york's holland tunnel driving this truck, with loaded shotguns, an assault rifle, knives and body armor. >> did it pose a danger to the community. >> reporter: he's fighting multiple weapons possessions charges.
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each held on $75,000 bail. the incident sparked terrorism fears, but now it appears john and his team were going to help a 16-year-old girl on drugs in brooklyn. >> they were on their way in to get this girl because she had stated she was high. she wanted to get out. >> reporter: lynn baker formed an anti-drug activist group, enough is enough, with john four months ago, after john's 20ear-old daughter died of a heroin overdose. her tragic death became a call to action for the gun owner. he spoke out at a town meeting. >> we have to stand together. we need to take our streets back. >> reporter: baker said the group enough is enough has rescued dozens of addicts. 27-year-old andrew miller was one of them. he called john for help in april. >> he's on a day-to-day mission to save as many kids as he can, and as many parents from getting that phone call that their child has died. >> reporter: after tuesday's bust, some are calling john a
7:19 pm
vigilante. on facebook, his posts are often militant. the caption ohi photo, knock knock, who's there, your worst nightmare, and i'm coming in. the ammunition chest seized by police reads, shoot your local heroin dealer. today baker defended her friend. >> john is a very caring and tender-hearted man who comes off rough and tough. >> reporter: tonight all three sit in jail. at least for now, john's personal war on heroin is over. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with a big-name athlete skipping the rio olympics over zika virus fears. driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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[ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... tonight a high stakes case involving one of the greatest bands of all-te and one of the greatest songs of all-time is in the hands of a jury in california. the question, did led zeppelin rip off part of stairway to heaven. the band says no, but
7:23 pm
millions are at stake. nbc news correspondent tammy leitner has details. ♪ >> reporter: it may be the most well-known opening chords, the iconic chords are at the center of a copyright lawsuit. led zeppelin is accused of stealing the opening chords from stairway to heaven from spirit, an l.a. rock band in the '60s. this is the opening to stairway to heaven. ♪ and this is the song tower -- taurus by spirit. in the courtroom, led zeppelin's lead singer said he didn't remember spirit and he and jimmy page came up with a song while sitting at a campfire outside a remote cabin in wales. wolf died in 1997. according to the complaint, one year before his death he wrote, i would say
7:24 pm
it was a rip-off and the guys made millions of bucks on it, and never said thank you. maybe some day their conscience will make [000:23:59;00] >> when they played all the recordings, it felt magical to be sitting there. that was the whole vibe in the mood. people were nodding their heads along, even the jury. >> reporter: now it's up to the jury to decide who owns that stairway to heaven. tammy leitner, nbc news, los angeles. a major golf star to the growing list of athletes skipping the rio olympics. rory mcilroy, the fourth ranked golfer in the world is now the biggest name to say he won't play in rio over fears of the zika virus outbreak in the region. this is the first time golf will be played at the olympics in over 100 years. when we come back, fans in cleveland going to extremes to catch a glimpse of the new nba champions. like i couldn't be the father that i wanted to be. my kids see me as this rock of the family and a part of me felt like i became less of that hero to them
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♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪ back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv. finally tonight, a cliffhanger of sorts in cleveland. a long-suffering sports town celebrating the newly crowned nba champs. over 1 million people swarmed the streets. so packed, that some did some pretty outrageous things to get a better view of history, as nbc's joe fryer shows us. >> reporter: it's only fitting cleveland is home to the rock 'n
7:28 pm
roll hall of fame. for today, every block of this jubilant city is truly rocking, and rolling. >> 2016 world championle >> reporter: by some reports, 1.3 million fans filled downtown for today's parade and celebration. more than three times cleveland's population. the daring die-hards even scaling a parking garage like climbers ascending a mountain to get a better view. >> never in my life time would i think i would get to see it. >> reporter: they languished for 52 years without winning a major sports title. a curse now broken after an incredible cavaliers comeback led by their king, lebron james, who rolled through town on a rolls-royce. >> i'm nothing without this group. i'm nothing without the coaching staff. i'm nothing without the city. >> reporter: a place that's now swelling with pride. you might know it as cleveland, but today they call it
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
believeland. joe fryer, nbc news. that is going to do it for us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching, and good [000:28:59;00] lights, camera, access. the whole oakland booty


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