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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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west virginia. >> the death toll now in west virginia has now climbed to 14 people after severe historic flooding. storms dumped up to 10 inches of rain yesterday causing the worst flooding in more than 100 years. about 500 people were stranded overnight at a shopping center when a bridge washed out. power lines have been completely ripped out leaving thousands without power right now. west virginia governor says more than 100 homes are either damaged or destroyed. >> it's been a long 24 hours and the next 24 hours may not be much easier. but i know that west virginiians, as you have always known, will continue to help your friends, families, and neighbors as they begin to clean up and rebuild homes that have been destroyed. >> now tomlin says 17 shelters are open this evening, plus 200 national guard soldiers are actively helping rescue efforts and welfare checks. stay with news4 a
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washington app for updates all afternoon. pat and chris, back to you for now. now to breaking news on wall street. this afternoon stocks tumbled today following britain's vote to leave the european union. >> here's a live look at where the market stands. the dow closed down a little over 600 points. it had dropped 600 points about an hour ago and closed. there it is. 610 points down. the nasdaq also fell. it closed at about 3.39%. and the shock waves are being felt around the world as investors wonder what is next for the global economy. of course the economy just one part of the uncertainty from this vote. everything from trade deals to military alliances will be called into question. >> no one can say for sure when this will all happen because britain right now has to renegotiate its entire la
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brian moore is on capitol hill with more reaction. >> reporter: this is the beginning of a messy two-year divorce, and the united states does not have the luxury of choosing sides. it wasn't long before celebration over britain's vote to leave the european union gave way to global alarm bells. as wall street and other world markets were in full retreat, president obama offered some words of assurance. >> while the u.k.'s relationship with the eu will change, one thing the that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. that will endure. the eu will remain one of our indispensable partners. >> reporter: alan greenspan sounded more dire. >> i think this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: it was outrage
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immigration. all that echoes in the current u.s. political climate. >> america needs to lead. the world wants america to lead. >> reporter: donald trump was in scotland who voted against the eu exit. >> they're taken back their independence and that's a very, very important thing. >> reporter: hillary clinton issued a state saying this time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady, experienced leadership in the white house. and bridging that british eu divide will be one of the first challenges facing the next u.s. president. >> many people are wondering what all this uncertainty on wall street means for our money and accounts. we'll break that down for you. what you should and shouldn't do coming up at the bottom of the hour. and in the nbc washington app, you can take a closer look at what happens next for britain and what the vote could mean for u.s. travelers and consumers. turning now to storm team
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seems like every day this week we either have been in torrential downpour or had a chance of rain coming through. let's get to doug kammerer. doug, how is the end of the week shaping up? >> for most of us, no problem at all. it is very warm, very humid across our area. the heat index 88. that's helped us spawn a couple of thunderstorms out there. take a look. you can see a couple of showers developing around the d.c. metro area. most of them have been in maryland. more back to the west. there's even more down around the ocean city area. tornado warning just south and west of ocean city right now, but we're not seeing anything like that. those showers making their way in through the area right now. you see montgomery county, howard county, but this storm toward oxen hill just to the west of where national harbor is located, right along the beltway, getting som
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heavy rain as these are not moving fast at all. not a lot of lightning or thunder expected. this is around morningside and clinton and andrews over the next half hour to hour or so. intense storms out there on the coast for us. just watching that boundary. a few showers, a few thunderstorms tonight. the weekend, we'll talk about that in just a minute. a lot of folks are angry this afternoon about a former police officer getting 12 months in jail. adam torres was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for shooting an unarmed man. when a judge accepted his plea deal today, julie carey watched the victim's mother lash out. >> reporter: publicly, ann has held her tongue. their son john was killed by officer adam torres. today she couldn't hold back any longer. this was the scene in late august 2013. john had guns in
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had his hands up on the screen door when adam torres opened fire stunning his fellow officers. torres was indicted by a special grand jury on second-degree murder charges, but in april just as the trial was about to begin lawyers on both sides announced a plea deal. today before the judge accepted an imposed the 12-month jail term ann took the witness stand. she repeated what she told the judge. >> if i went out and shot somebody, i would never see the light of day. one year in jail is insulting. it was murder. it was not involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: because former officer adam torres has been in jail for nearly a year now he's likely to become a free man within the next few weeks. what the prosecutor has to stay in response to ann's
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words. the event that could have you running late to your plans for one part of the weekend. from the playground to the emergency room, more children
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here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. tracking some isolated showers and one intense cell in prince george's county. you can see this activity moving toward the south and east. very heavy rainfall on the eastern shore. if you're traveling up to philadelphia within the next hour or so, you could be dealing with heavy rain as well. not picking up any lightning right now. very heavy rainfall just to the north of clinton. most likely staying to the south. you can see the stuff very hit and miss. this is the trend for the evening. 84 right now. our shower and thunderstorm chances really diminish by 8:00
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11:00 p.m. we're humid with a temp around 73. the people who are closest to freddie gray are mourning yet another loss, one of his oldest friends. someone shot and killed his friend in baltimore. he was interviewed by the sun back in august and said freddie gray was a childhood friend. yesterday a judge acquitted the police officer charged with murder in gray's death. it's the time of year when getting outside and soaking up sun is a lot of fun, but a new poignant message is spreading that could make you think twice about how long you stay outside on hot summer days. two local brothers quest for olympic gold. why a
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students another a high school in alexandria wrapped up classes today. now the summer begins. >> several students still have some work to do for a project that could end in olympic gold. >> reporter: going through hours and hours of video searching for the best shots. the ones that show noah and joseph on their quest for gold. >> we're best friends and brothers and twins. >> i know why you shaking me on the head. you're the younger one. >> reporter: a year ago, we introduced you to the lyles brothers. their sights now on the olympics. >> it doesn't seem like they every slow down. >> reporter: the story isn't so much about the olympic brothers journey but the peers trying to
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document it all. >> you have potential olympians that are in our math classes and history classes with us. >> reporter: this group of eight tc williams high schoolers has hit the road with the lyles brothers capturing them on and off the track. >> whenever we go to the meets, there's all these students that take pictures of them. wow, dude. you're actually famous. >> reporter: they're struck by the humility these star athletes exhibit. >> they have sort of stuck to who they are, which is really cool. >> reporter: a digital page chronicles the brothers' journey. it's meant sacrificing a lot of free time. even after graduation, most of their summer will be focused on this project. >> honestly, i find this fun. i would rather do that than
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an education. >> they all look pretty exceptional to me. if you're in mclean on sunday and pass anywhere near the tysons connections, you'll be seeing a lot of emergency vehicles and responders. it is part of a quarterly drill. the greensboro station will be closed until 2:00. metro will run free shuttle buses between greensboro and spring hill to replace the silver line service. turning to the weather, which could turn a little rocky for us. tell us about the showers that we're expecting. >> we have a couple of showers developing right now. a couple of thunderstorms out there too. most of the region will be dry tonight. if you are heading out tonight, i'm not too worried. you're not going to hate yourself if you bring an umbrella and you get a quick shower. the three hs in effect, hazy,
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84 degrees. still on the warm side, but that heat index up to 88 now. that humidity definitely up there too. take a look at the temperatures. 86 in leesburg as well as manassas. 88 in warrenton. 77 ft. meade. we have a sea breeze making its way all the way across the area. you can actually see a line here. that's the line of showers that has developed. we have a brand-new severe thunderstorm warning. this is grant county in towards west virginia. it is way out toward west virginia until 5:00, but it is around grant county. then we're tracking this shower down here around the clinton area. this is coming just to the east of national harbor around route 5 and upper marlboro too. heads up in that area. brief heavy downpours. no lightning with this. you may hear a little bit of thunder. nothing cloud to ground just yet as far as that is concerned. the wide
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boundary right there. we'll see more showers through montgomery county and the district over the next couple of hours. an umbrella probably not a bad idea. 6:30 notice just some scattered showers around. then they move back to the west. by 8:00, maybe loudoun county and fauquier county. then starts to die off around 9:00, 10:00. now high temperatures tomorrow back into the low 80s for the most part. 82 in frederick. cooler along the bay with a little bit more of an easterly flow, but a nice saturday. saturday will be nice if you're out there doing any boating. looking really good for that. make sure you're always getting the weather before you head out on the boat. if you're expecting to see some storms, that's something you want to take advantage of. we got a little boat making its way on through. get the forecast before you hit the bay. get the forecast before you h
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it is time to head back to shore. we have a lot of deaths, a lot of injuries, because people are not checking the weather as they make their way out. saturday breezy conditions. temperatures around 74 degrees. sunday around 78. sunday will be the better beach day. inland great on saturday, great on sunday. even next week looking pretty good. just a couple of chances for some thunderstorms. only 30% chance. temperatures on the warm side on tuesday. every day more and more kids are heading off for summer vacation, but it's the time of year they can accidentally hurt themselves. the simple things you can do to keep play time safe. why one
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who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? students are eligible and the county will be serving breakfast and lunch. the hours vary, but if you want to find locations in your area, just go to the nbc washington app and search meals. when there's a playground, there are sure to be youngsters running around. unfortunately fun can sometimes turn dangerous. e
4:24 pm
children and teens are treated in emergency rooms for playground-related injuries. >> reporter: children love to monkey around, but monkey bars and other climbing equipment cause more injuries to kids than anything else on the playground. >> so often we have our children come from a fall with a brown clavicle or a broken arm because they are just so slippery and dangerous. >> reporter: kids are kids and they will fall. so experts say playgrounds that have soft material under them such as woodchips, sand, or mulch are safest. >> take a scope of that playground before you let your children play. look for my broken or damaged equipment because those rough edges or rough stairs could cause a serious injury to your children. >> reporter: staying hydrated is important and children find a fun way to cool off is to hit the swings. s
4:25 pm
doesn't hit them. >> be sure your children learn the safe passageway around the swing set. walk them through that. know there needs to be a safe distance to pass in front of or behind a person on a swing. >> reporter: they're easy tips to help kids stay safe while they do what they do best in summer -- have fun. >> experts say proper footwear is important. lots of kids like to wear flip-flops. not a good idea on the playground. make sure everyone is headed the right direction on slides. down one at a time, seat first. >> they look a lot safer than what we had as kids. the concrete ground and scalding hot slides. you remember those? >> yeah. they were fun. rescue crews rush to save an animal much larger than all of them combined. first at 4, what the animal was stuck in that raised so much concern.
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now at 4:30, devastation in west virginia as the death toll jumps again from dangerous flooding. 14 people have died so far.
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one sheriff called it complete chaos. >> clean up is just getting started there and storm team 4 is tracking the possibility of showers that could impact your evening. first, brexit and the backlash. the stock marketakes a deep dive after britain votes to leave the european union. the dow was down more than 600 points at the closing bell. mary thompson join us live with some insight on how all of this will impact your portfolio. >> the fed has held pretty steady on interest rates. what's your feeling in terms of will they raise them after this? >> well, you know, the feeling in the markets -- and i have read a number of articles is the federal reserve will hold pat on interest rates in the near future. some believe the fed won't raise interest rates unt
4:30 pm
the reason being this creates uncertainty not only what will happen to the u.k. economy, but a ripple effect on the eu's economy and the global economy. many people expecting the fed not to move through the end of 2016. >> a lot of people here on this side of the pond are worried about our 401k plans, our investments. how much should we be worried about the impact on the economy here? >> well, i think it will not be something that we feel immediately other than what you see with your 401k. that being said if you're going to look at your investments tonight and make a move after one day of this on the market, i would caution you against that. if you still feel comfortable with that looking out over the
4:31 pm
stay with it. the first thing you should probably do is call an investment professional and get that advice. >> if the pound falls relative to the u.s. dollar, a vacation to the u.k. could be a lot more affordable in the near future. >> you know, there's always a silver lining in everything, isn't there? the pound actually dropped 8% today. it fell to a 30-year low. all of this of course would make it much more cheap -- make it cheaper to go to one of the most expensive cities in the world. that being london. now might be a good time to head over to europe and the u.k. in the nbc washington app we've taken a deep look at what happens next for britain and what the vote could mean for you in you plan to travel and for other
4:32 pm
>> are you concerned that britain's departure from the european union will hurt the u.s. economy? text or call the number on your screen or head to the nbc washington facebook page to cast your vote. amelia, we want to know where the showers are right now. >> let's take a latest look on storm team 4 radar. still seeing very heavy rain in parts of prince george's county. if you're traveling up toward philly tonight, encountering heavy rain. further back to the west you can see over the mountains just to the north of petersburg very heavy, very strong thunderstorm right now moving toward the southeast. so some isolated showers around this evening and a thunderstorm or two. want to take a closer look right here. you can see this already moving through clinton along 301 right now. the yellows, the oranges, the
4:33 pm
rainfall, but not severe. 83 degrees is our current temperature and it is muggy. it is feeling closer to 90 right now. dining out this evening have that umbrella handy. you could be dealing with a shower or thunderstorm until about 8:00 p.m. temps in the 70s. we are tracking lowering humidity levels. we'll have the latest on when you'll notice more comfortable air moving in coming up in ten minutes. >> you can stay ahead of the showers as you make your plans for friday night and for the rest of the weekend. open the nbc washington app. you can see live radar there. today the centers for disease control confirmed what residents in flint, michigan, already suspected. the amount of lead in children's blood was significantly higher after the city switched its water source to save money. about 50% higher according to a new report from the cdc. blood levels return to normal after the city
4:34 pm
detroit's water system last fall. children can develop learning disabilities and behavioral problems from exposure to lead. so far fbi investigators have not turned up any persuasive evidence that the orlando gunman pursued gay relationships. that's according to the associated press. last week media reports quoted men as saying omar mateen reached out to them on gay dating apps and mateen was spotted several times at pulse nightclub before the massacre june 12th. the ap reports the fbi has not been able to corroborate those accounts after conducting 500 interviews, and the agency may have mateen's phone. the investigation is ongoing and nothing has been formally ruled out. today president obama designated the stonewall inn in new york city to be the first national monument for gay rights. the stonewall inn became iconic for the gay rights movement following a police
4:35 pm
street riots back in 1969. the new stonewall national monument includes nearly eight acres of land. in news for your health, a striking new campaign is designed to get your attention and reinforce how important it is to shield yourself from the summer sun. ♪ sun mr. golden sun >> the mr. sun psa starts with a young woman dying of melanoma. then it goes back to show her as a young girl and not using sunscreen on the beach. it's meant to send a strong message. >> after we lost molly, our 20-year-old daughter, to melanoma, it was such a shock. we were heartbroken and couldn't imagine any other parent going through what we had happen to us and our experience
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blistering sunburns, that's enough to increase their risk of developing melanoma by 80%. put a hat on your kids and rub in some sunscreen before going outside. conservation workers caught on camera in a mad rush to save a whale. the whale was tangled up in fishing rope and buoys. rescuers were able to cut away most of the rope. they're hoping the rest of the rope will just shed away. out of control. homes in danger as flames move in. a closer look at the frantic effort to escape an inferno. the latest mega star who just decid
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and storm team 4 tracking just a couple of showers and a thunderstorm or two on the radar. one of those thunderstorms prompted a new warning back towards grant and hardy county in west virginia. a lot of lightning around the petersburg area. now back down toward charlottesville, a couple of showers too. showers in and around montgomery county and bethesda. this is the storm we've been watching. not that strong, but it has a little bit in the way of lightning and heavy downpours. this is moving right down 301 right around the brandywine area. let's zoom in a little more around brandywine. around the blanford ridge
4:41 pm
just a couple of minutes of storms just down to our south. lebron james says fears of the zika virus have nothing to do with his decision to skip the olympic games in rio. after celebrating the cavaliers nba championship on wednesday, james said he's not going to brazil because he needs time to rest and he wants to prepare for what he hopes will be a second championship season for cleveland. his agent contacted team usa yesterday and delivered the news. james has won two gold and one bronze medal in three previous trips to the olympic games. feeling lucky this friday afternoon? we have more than 300 million reasons why someone's life could change this weekend, but you're running out of time. first an escalating situation just west of us. the death toll continues to rise after floods destroy homes and wash away roads. doug has more of the shocking
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we have some breaking news in montgomery county. chopper 4 is flying over the beltway right now and
4:45 pm
some very big delays. take a look at that. these huge backups are coming from a crash on the inner loop of the beltway right near river road. we're told that a car has overturned there. we're trying to work to see if anyone has been hurt, but you can see the delays are building. actually, it's starting to build on both sides, so give yourself plenty of time heading through that area. developing right now, an urgent situation just to our west. yesterday's rain and storms triggering deadly flooding. homes destroyed. bridges washed away. the youngest victim just 8 years old. >> it's been a wild week in weather across much of the country. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is joining us for a closer look. doug, these pictures have been hard to believe. >> they really have. you follow some of these storms back through chicago a few days ago and the power
4:46 pm
illinois and indiana and the storms in west virginia and tennessee. this is out of the tennessee area. residents dealt with power outages. thousands without power in the nashville area. crews were found chopping large trees. thousands as i mentioned without power. and across west virginia, we have heard terrible stories. hundreds of thousands are dealing with historic flooding. 15 dead confirmed in these regions. an entire community swallowed up by the water. it is not going to get any easier for them in the next couple of days. the rivers continue to crest over the next several days. jay gray has been out there the last several days with more on how people are dealing with the situation. >> reporter: for the second straight day, parts of west virginia are under water. others completely wiped away. >> our biggest challenge continues to be high water. >> reporter: in some areas more than 9 inches of rain with nowhere to go. just like
4:47 pm
shopping center stranded when raging water tore apart a bridge, the only way in or out. at least 14 people have died, including two young boys 4 and 8 swept away by the floodwaters. >> being a small town, might not know everybody's name, but you're still familiar with faces. it hurts. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods have been swallowed by the water. >> it was tragic. i just watched three houses go down the river just float down and then crash. >> reporter: this house burning as it is pushed by the rapids. >> it's been a long 24 hours and the next 24 hours may not be much easier. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency in more than 40 counties across the state and that number could rise along with the water. forecasters warn flooding will continue through the weekend. jay gray, nbc news. just more on the incredible c
4:48 pm
down to our south and west. it's something they'll be cleaning up for a while. things starting to calm down weatherwise over the next couple of days. >> when you see pictures like that, all of a sudden our heat and humidity doesn't feel bad at all. >> pales in comparison. >> yeah. >> we're not talking about any severe weather around this evening. we could see one or two cells having some very heavy rainfall. but for the most part, that's it. it quiets down around 8:00, 9:00 p.m. at the latest. that sets us up for a spectacular weekend. lower humidity levels saturday as well as sunday. by monday, humidity returns to the area. so does the chance of showers and thunderstorms. i'm already thinking about the fourth of july holiday. july 4th, right now it's looking good.
4:49 pm
area, the d.c. metro area, not much going on. continuing to keep a close eye on some very heavy rainfall in southern prince george's county. traveling up toward the philadelphia area up 95, some heavy rainfall there. lots and lots of lightning. heavy rainfall. potentially some severe hail as well. as we head on into the next couple of hours, we'll continue to track these hit and miss showers, a thunderstorm or two. you can see just to the north of waldorf along 301 very heavy rainfall with that system that is mainly moving toward the south-southeast at this point. 6:00, 7:00 p.m., still tracking areas of rain until about 8:00. after that, we really quiet down. partly to mostly cloudy skies overnight. it is still muggy overnight tonight. you'll still be dealing with that humidity factor. tomorrow feeling pretty nice. on sunday as well. the humidity levels still low. by
4:50 pm
sticky outside. it is humid on tuesday as well. 7:00 a.m. some patchy fog around tomorrow morning. 68 degrees. near 80 by lunchtime. we'll have clouds diminishing throughout the day tomorrow. by the afternoon, we'll have mostly sunny skies. gorgeous tomorrow evening. it will be fabulous for your saturday and sunday night as well. 8:00 tomorrow evening around 80 degrees and low humidity. can't say that enough. if you're heading out of town to the beach, water temp now in the mid 70s. i think that's a little bit warm. saturday a high of 74. sunday highs near 80. a bit breezy at the beach both days, but especially on saturday. more sunshine on sunday. 83 here tomorrow. chance of showers and storms monday, tuesday, and wednesday. 90 on tuesday. then we're back into the low and mid 80s wednesday, thsd
4:51 pm
friday. now to the race for the white house. bernie sanders didn't exactly come right out and give hillary clinton a ringing endorsement in the democratic campaign, but he may be accepting the inevitable. >> are you going to vote for hillary clinton in november? >> yes. yeah, i think the issue right here is i'm going to do everything i can to defeat trump. i think trump in so many ways will be a disaster for this country if he were to be elected president. >> during that interview on msnbc's "morning joe," sanders explained why he refuses to end his campaign. >> why would i want to do that when i want to fight to make sure that we have the best platform that we possibly can, that we win the most delegates that we can, and that we transform -- the goal of our campaign was to transform this nation. >> sanders says he's good at
4:52 pm
clinton won more delegates than he did during their lengthy primary. but he says he won't end his campaign until the convention. we have a few more reasons to be mindful about the dangers of hot cars. so far this year 16 children across the country have died from heatstroke after being left in hot vehicles. triple the number compared to this time last year. the elderly are also at risk along with cats and dogs. aaa mid atlantic says these tragedies peak in mid july and august. about 1/3 of those kids who perish get into those cars on their own. as soon as the news is over, you may want to run out and grab a mega millions ticket for tonight's drawing. the jackpot worth $363 million. now that translates to about a quarter of a million dollars cash, if you take that option. this jackpot is one of the top ten all-time
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as retailers compete for your lottery loot, those who have had winners say they're hot spots to buy. a tasty summertime favorite. the 24th national capital barbecue battle is taking place tomorrow. it is one of the largest food and music festivals in the whole country with cooking teams competing for the title of national barbecue champion. of course, you'll be able to sample all of those goodies as well. a chunk of the proceeds will benefit our local uso. thousands of people have been driven out of their home by flames. now a new urgent warning sounds and why this disaster may just
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just a short time ago, we got word f
4:57 pm
that two people are dead from the fast-moving wildfires still burning out there. >> dozens of homes have been destroyed. mass evacuations are under way. as miguel almaguer found out on the ground, this fire isn't even close to being under control. >> reporter: this is what the fire has done. destroyed more than 100 homes, moving quickly through the night and now into the morning. it's one of the most aggressive fires we have seen this year and so far it's the most destructive. overnight exploding out of control and racing toward homes, the so-called urskin fire has swallowed entire communities. >> it's surreal. i've never been in a wildfire where i have seen so many homes burn. >> reporter: a firefighter documenting the drama in the middle of a firestorm. >> we have lost structures in multiple communities. >> reporter: feeding on drought fueled by scorching temperare
4:58 pm
>> one house, second, third over here, four, five, and six down the street. >> reporter: a wall of flames hopscotched from home to home. the count now at least 80 structures. propane tanks exploding through the day. with damage mounting and at least 1500 homes threatened, mass evacuations are under way. for now, this volatile fire is unstoppable, hopping highways. smoke, flames, and destruction everywhere. we now know at least 8,000 acres have gone up in flames. this fire is 0% contained. 350 firefighters are on the ground. hundreds more are on the way. now back to you. deadly and devastating. the death toll is rising along with the floodwaters in west virginia. plus,
4:59 pm
shoot up the school and the suspect had access to an ak-47 and ammo. found out why police and the school decided not to alert parents in prince george's county. a former fairfax county police officer is going to jail for shooting and killing an unarmed man on the job. >> but the victim's mother believes that justice wasn't served. >> adam torres pleaded guilty in april to shooting an unarmed john gear during a standoff three years ago. julie carey is live at the courthouse where the victim's mother is angry about this plea deal. >> reporter: well, wendy, when the plea deal was struck back in april on the eve of the planned trial, we knew then john gear's parents had deep reservations about it. today his mom and gear used this final hearing to vent her frustration calling the one-year sentence insulting. adam torres forced to train in
5:00 pm
jump suit, facing a second-degree murder charge. he agreed to a plea deal in april pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in exchange for a 12-month jail term. today the judge accepted and imposed the sentence and gear let loose with her frustration. >> if i went out and shot somebody, i would never see the light of day. one year in jail is insulting. it was murder. it was not involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: this was the scene in late august 2013. john gear had guns in his home, but he had his hands up on the screen door when adam torres opened fire, stunning his fellow officers. evidence showed torres had been fighting with his wife and had a history of meltdowns. but prosecutor ray morrow defended the plea deal, explaining john gear's partner said she was very worried about the couple's oldest daughter having to testy.


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