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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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chris? >> turkish officials say as many as three suicide bombers blew themselves up right outside of the ataturk airport in the international section. again, all of this coming just a few months after the major attack that we saw in brussels. we also have new individual video that shows one of the explosions. witnesses are telling richard engel right after the first explosion a police officer wrestled another attacker to the ground before he, too, blew himself up. dozens more have been wounded. no terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack. senior u.s. officials say the attacks fit the isis profile in what has come to be a haunting statement and go on to say our long summer of discontent has
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president obama is briefed on the events and is keeping an eye on the events. there has been a ground stop for all registered airlines heading to turkey but it's important to note that there are no u.s. passenger airlines that fly directly there. the u.s. consulate is telling u.s. citizens in turkey to directly contact their concerned family members back here in the u.s. but so far we have not heard of any reports of u.s. casualties in these attacks at the airport. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> chris, thank you. we look at weather now. severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for parts of our area. doug, what's in store for us? that would have been doug kammerer who told us that there is a warning and watches are up all over the place. we are expecting
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thunderstorm weather coming our way any time soon. we'll hear from doug in a couple of minutes. new video that shows the confrontation that occurred outside of the white house and shows the chaos that followed. it is rare to see this kind of video. this is that pennsylvania man who was shot by the secret service agent last month after and this scene unfolded in fro of tourists. chris gordon has what is a dramatic play-by-play. this is a video you'll only see on 4. chris? >> news4 requested this video immediately after the perimeter near the old executive office building t happened on the
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>> first on 4:00, this video is being shown publicly for the first time after prosecutors pleaded in court yesterday. it shows 31-year-old man of pennsylvania on e street headed towards the south entrance of the white house carrying a gun. he ignores warnings to stop. he's shot by a secret service officer. his gun is kicked away from him. the officer immediately begins administering medical attention to his wound. i showed the video to the former director of the d.c. office of emergency management. he calls it a textbook response. >> they gave him a chance to disarm himself and drop the weapon two times. he didn't. they had to take action.
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force can be used to protect the white house. >> it was appropriate. this man was carrying a weapon. he could have shot at the white house. the fact is, the reality is, that's not acceptable. >> reporter: he was treated in a hospital and came to court in a wheelchair yesterday. his federal defender asked that he be held in detention because he never pointed or shot his gun. he has no criminal record and has received psychiatric treatments. but the judge ruled that he poses a danger to the public. >> the judge ordered him held in custody saying that this is a serious crime, a crime of violence involving law enforcement officers whose job it is to protect the white house. jim and wendy? >> thanks, chris. doug, weather coming our way, huh? >> yeah. we're tracking severe storms right now coming through parts of our area. montgomery county and prince george's
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severe warnings right now. take a look at the radar. we're in weather alert now. we have numerous warnings. the strongest of the storms right here in montgomery county. this storm has had a history of trees down around the area right here in northern portions of montgomery county and in towards prince george's county. heads up around laurel. i'll zoom in and show you towns that are affected by this storm. this is peach orchard heights. heads up there. a lot of lightning. and then down towards this storm right over manassas, right through the district in about the next half hour to 45 minutes. another strong storm around warrenton. multiple severe thunderstorms in our region and a watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. we'll continue to keep you posted. >> thanks, doug. a
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been charged with making threats on twitter against u.s. senators. that man has been released from jail now. he has to wear a gps device and was told to stay away from washington. it is the latest twist in a story that scott macfarlane broke last night. >> kyler schmidt has been released but must undergo mental health evaluations and not contact a u.s. senator he's accused of threatening. he's accused of posting threatening tweets against multiple members of congress and face as felony charge. u.s. capitol police investigated and questioned schmidt after they were notified about the posts. prosecutors said in one tweet, he threatened to shoot a u.s. senator in the head. that senator was roy blunt,. and they had a license plate
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within two blocks of the u.s. capitol shortly after the post. his fiancee says the tweets were pa parodies or satires, not a threat. they were posted after the orlando nightclub shootings earlier this month. he's been held in a jail since last week and he's now free wearing a monitoring device until he heads to court later this summer. the judge has ordered schmidt not to tweet anyone for any reason. >> scott macfarlane. the first thing he did after being released from jail, walter fauntroy hugged his wife. he was arrested as soon as he arrived at dulles airport after an extended trip overseas. tom sherwood reports now from leesburg. >> reporter: after a last-minute glitch to release him, the reverend fauntroy walked out and
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first time in five years. the couple declined to speak with reporters but it was the end of a long, mysterious absence from the former civil rights leader. family members say williams headed the -- >> i want to thank everyone out there for all that they have done, all of the prayers, everything that they have done to make sure that he got home safely. >> reporter: he nearly lost his home here in foreclosure. friends and attorney johnny barnes helped lead the effort to bring fauntroy home. he's worried family and friends for years about his health and well-being with little contact from him. >> how is he? >> oh, he's wonderful. he's in a great mood. he's glad to be home and his family is glad that he's here and all of us are glad that he's
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>> reporter: a judge late today released fauntroy who was arrested monday morning on an outstanding warrant involving a $50,000 bad check in 2009. fauntroy will anear a prince george's county court on that civil case in mid-july. in loudoun county, tom sherwood, news4. we have new poll numbers on the presidential race. it has now been eight weeks since the nbc news survey monkey poll began tracking the general election matchup and this week's poll shows hillary clinton with her highest lead yet over donald trump. 49% to 41% among registered voters who were surveyed. clinton gained two points in the last week. trump was talking about trade in pennsylvania. clinton going to denver to talk about her tax agenda. >> i want america to get back in the future business. you know, saying that you want to make america great again is code for saying we want to go back to the way
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forget about technology. >> it will be american steel that rebuilds our inner cities. it will be american hands that wry make this country. >> hillatrump is headed for a fund-raiser in ohio that gets under way in about an hour. after 25 months and $7 million, the final report from the house select committee on benghazi may not end the controversy over the attacks that killed four americans there back in 2012. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with new details from that report. steve? >> jim, after two years, th report may not have the impact that democrats feared. hillary clinton testified for 11 hours before the benghazi committee last fall but the findings today do not look likely to affect her presidential bid. today's report reveals nothing
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role. >> it's time to move on. >> but new details from september 11th, 2012, are riveting. with two americans dead and two more soon to be, leon panetta ordered u.s. forces to benghazi 35 americans were saved by former military officers from moammar gadhafi's regime. u.s. forces never went. >> and the world's most powerful military can't get a single wheel turning towards the region. >> reporter: committee chair trey gowdy avoided singling out. clinton said in public no one knew had attacked but said in private e-mails it was al qaeda. did she lie?
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in a courtroom. >> reporter: gowdy denying his two-year, $7 million probe targeted hillary. >> this, unfortunately, took on a partisan hinge. >> reporter: she charged the committee's goal was to damage her candidacy. benghazi chair trey gowdy admitted congress did what he called a lousy job doing nonpartisan investigation. the american people, he said, deserve better. steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you. steve. chilling video that captured a crime inside a hotel and tonight the heartbreaking message to the victim's mother from the families of two men who are now headed to prison. >> reporter: a man dies in a police-involved shooting. was it suicide by cop and did he actually call the cops on himself? the story, coming up. news4.
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and a look at the next phase of metro's safe track plan. we'll see who suffers the greatest impact and what it means for both riders and
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tonight, investigators are looking into the possibility that a man who was shot an
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been a case of suicide by cop. a shooting happened at the apartment complex along varnum street northeast. pat collins is at the police headquarters with more. pat? >> reporter: jim, had he a pellet gun in his hand but they say it looked like the real thing. when they told him to drop it, instead, they say, he raised it up. and that's when the cop opened fire. investigators looking into the possibility that this could be a case of suicide by cop. and that the man who died may have called 911 on himself. he lived here in these
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apartments. >> he was a good guy. quiet, went about his business. carried on. rode his little bike. i never would have thought he would do anything like this. >> reporter: friends say the man had been troubled since his wife died a couple of years ago. police say when they arrived, he was outside with a weapon in his hand. this is what madeleine heard. >> i heard, drop the gun, drop the gun, and then a little bit. murmuring and a few shots from the cop and then six gunshots. it was very loud and sharp. >> reporter: relatives say the man suffered from depression for a couple of years and somes
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hospital for treatment. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. an emotional day in court for three families, all three impacted by a murder inside the clarion hotel in oxford hill. the getaway driver and lookout guy, they were sentenced for their roles today in that killing. tracee wilkins has reaction from the victim's mother as well as the two men who are heading to prison. october of 2013, he shot and killed bar manager jesse chavez who tried to stop him on his way out. >> relief. the torture of waiting almost three years i
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30 years. the lookout, who was 18 at the time, received 25. >> he definitely sorry that a man had to lose his life. >> reporter: this mother claims he finally got him away from the group leader who negatively affected him. >> i feel like he was going to get hurt hanging out with deandre. he was doing so many things. >> it brings tears to my eyes. >> we can still go see him. she has to go to a cemetery. it's a heartbreaking situation. >> reporter: for the chavez family, it's the end for the criminal court trials. >> i still have anger issues. why weren't they working?
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something. >> reporter: after serving their sentences, if they violate their probation, they could be looking at serving life sentences in prison. in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, news4. there is more fallout from the so-called brexit vote. thousands of young people converged in london today to protest the results of the recent referendum. they say their parents voted to leave the european union and she did not. they told prime minister david cameron that they should look at leaving as soon as possible so the remaining unions can move on. the dow jones industrial average, nasdaq, s&p 500, all of them closed higher
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monday. some volatility is possible in the days and weeks to come. we're updating breaking news we have been bringing you from istanbul but this is not the number that we wanted to see. the associated press is now quoting a senior turkish official and saying 50 people, 50 people have now died from the attacks at the istanbul airport. doctors are now treating and assessing people and a lot of their injuries more serious than we initially believed. officials say three suicide bombers detonated outside the international arrivals area no terrorist group has taken responsibility so far but the attack fits the isis profile. we have not heard about any u.s.
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we'll continue to follow attacks in istanbul. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. smoke in the tunnels, long delays for commuters. tonight, what clues led to this chaotic scene on metro. it's a big deal when a high school gets one of the 3-d printers and even a bigger deal for one student at parkview high school when he realized what he might be able to make with it. coming up, the story of a brother's devotion and the help in
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doug kammerer, we hear the weather is getting nasty? >> yes. we're tracking some of the storms making their way our way and about to come through the beltway and the district. we'll somehow the storm team 4 radar and we're tracking very heavy ra
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we're looking past american university and you can see the rain with that thunderstorm over there and it will come through parts of downtown over the next 15 to 20 minutes. that is going to be a very intense storm making its way in. not a warned storm. you can see the rain coming right down out of the clouds. a very great shot. take a look at the warnings. this is the biggest storm that we've got. this still has the warning this morning until 6:45 from montgomery county, northern prince george's county and anne arundel. you can see the lightning and wind associated with this. this is right near laurel, maryland. heads up in that area. down through the south, tracking this storm right here, look at the line that has formed now. this storm right here around manassas has reports of numerous trees down.
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it's coming right through fairfax and 66. right into the d.c. metro area. if you're heading down to the nationals game, it's definitely going to get to the game right around 7:00. there may be a delay on the wider view, right towards the west, and still very strong winds and right around manassas, route 28, heads up in those regions. this is all part of a line and you can see that line and there's another line forming back to the west. we're not done just yet. severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00. the risks, we've already seen them, some hail but not a lot. heavy rain is going to be a big potential as we move through the rest of the night. temperaturewise, you can see the rain starting to fall
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84 degrees and dew point of 73. a heat index earlier this afternoon of 95. a very hot and very humid atmosphere. that's going to change tomorrow. this front moves through. helps to clear everything out and tomorrow is simply beautiful. 84 degrees on wednesday. 85 on thursday. plenty of sunshine and 89 degrees on friday. 30% chance of showers. maybe a couple of storms on friday and then on saturday, nice again, high temperature around 86. much more on your holiday weekend forecast and the latest on these storms coming up at out 6:45. any other warnings pop up, we'll bring them to you. guys? >> thanks, doug. the floodwaters are now declining and maryland first responders are helping crews in the hardest hit areas there. i'm adam tuss. the plans for metro safe track are being
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good is in every blue diamond almond. ♪ from whole natural to wasabi & soy sauce. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. it's a wonderful feeling, a magical feeling, and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team now at 6:30, terror in istanbul after a pair of deadly explosions and gunfire rocked a busy airport. >> back in jail, why a man accused of groping a little girl at airport had his bond revoked. and also tonight, a
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it's getting ready to have an impact on our local airport in a big way. and we'll tell you how a student used his 3-d printer to change his little brother's life. first tonight, the safe track surge for metro and puts the national airport into the spotlight. >> both the blue and yellow lines will be shut down between braddock road and the airport. >> adam tuss is at braddock road with how it may impact you. adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim. definitely traffic expected to et go worse at the airport itself. they are dealing with a crowded issue there already. airport officials telling us tonight that they will be making some adjustments to help. metro's next surge means getting to and from reagan international airport will not be easy. >> we'll have traffic
6:33 pm
matters if you're going to take an uber, lyft to the airport. >> we have a robust group of ground transportation partners that will help us manage through that. now the commute juggling begins. >> i'm going to have to go to pentagon city which means i'm going to have to reverse my bus route. >> reporter: they will have to mix in with northern virginia traffic and that's not always easy. the metro's leader is saying it's work sod far with the first two surges. >> we've been fortunate in terms of what we're doing out there. >> reporter: pay attention to the street signs. >> the city is temporarily prohibiting street parking and will restrict se
6:34 pm
>> reporter: metro says as time goes on, the surges will pay off. >> what i heard from just about everything is that they want to use the system, they love it, just want it to be more reliable and safe. >> reporter: back here live, again, this next surge starts next tuesday, july 5th. it's going to last for a full week. back to you. >> all right. thanks, adam. all right. here's your metro electrical tutorial. it was an electrical current that was passing through a rail fastener and that caused those problems at gallery place last night. you may have seen these pictures and the video of the smoke filling the station. metro says the smoke was the result of a fire extinguisher being used to put out a fire that was in that rail fastener. are youh
6:35 pm
it's not usual, according to metro, for this fastener to react like this because it was on the opposite side of the high-voltage serve rail. the equipment has been sent to a lab to see if any more action is needed. a man who lives in fairfax county and is accused of groping a little girl at a target store has once again been locked up. bond has just been revoked for 19-year-old brendan cordova. he was arrested last week accused of groping an 11-year-old child at the maryfield pottery. he's been accused of sexual bottom ree and was able to bond out and leave jail but yesterday the attorney appealed the bond decision and won. cordova now will stay in jail until his next hearing that comes up in august. a local rescue squad is responding to the call for help following awful floods, deadly floods in
6:36 pm
news4's meagan fitzgerald has the story from maryland. >> reporter: it's par for the course for this first responder. >> the goal is to be there when you're needed. >> reporter: and that doesn't just include assisting the people of montgomery county. chief martin dempsey says he received an e-mail from first responders in west virginia asking for help. >> we know that equipment was lost and we also know that they were struggling replacing that equipment. >> reporter: and in clay county, we'd like to give them a unit ready to go. he's making sure this is in perfect condition to donate it to the first responders in clay county. >> we sent it with the cot that originally came with the unit. >> reporter: dempsey says while he's never been in a situation
6:37 pm
run a department with limited resources. he says he's grateful to be in a position to help. >> i would expect it to be in service and running calls on wednesday or thursday. >> reporter: the chief says tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., volunteers will be driving the ambulance to west virginia and will be turning those keys over to first responders of clay county. meagan fitzgerald, news4. we are staying on top of the breaking news in turkey. 50 people killed after a terror attack at an airport in istanbul. and i'm tracking strong thunderstorms coming right through the area. severe thunderstorm warning towards prince george's and montgomery county. coming right through downtown now, a very strong storm that has now delayed the nationals game. it's now delayed. if you're making your way to the game, you have a little extra time as the storms move through. take a look at this shot from the
6:38 pm
a gorgeous shot of this thunderstorm and the rain shaft making its way across our area. heavy rain falling right along and over the potomac. we'll continue to track this as it moves into the d.c.
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50 people now dead after three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the istanbul airport. the attacks outside the international arrivals area. no one has taken responsibility but u.s. intelligence says it bears the hallmarks of isis. tonight, president obama is remembering pat summitt as a legendary coach who made winning an attitude and who served as a
6:42 pm
daughters. she was the long-time coach at the university of tennessee. in 38 years, she never had a losing season. summitt and her players racked up eight national championships and every single player who spent four years in that program graduated with a degree. pat summitt retired four years ago after being diagnosed with early onset did i men sa. today, she died at the age of 64. we'll have more for you in our sports forecast. 3-d printers can do a lot of cool things. how a local high school student is
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taking a look at the thunderstorms, we'o
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studios in northwest. they just came through this area and now the storms are moving towards d.c. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning in effect for prince george's county as well as anne arundel county. you can e the storm right here. it is just about on the outflow boundary on the storm to the north. this was the original storm. this storm right here, coming through the college park, very heavy rain and lightning associated with this and that prompted the warning for prince george's county and anne arundel county until 7:30. they are not moving all that fast but they are still moving to the south and east at 25 to 30 miles per hour. heads up in bowie. let's zoom in on the city here. you can see through the city, down through alexandria, it's moving right through downtown and nats park which is now
6:47 pm
tonight. another strong storm around woodbridge. this was severe earlier and no longer severe. not seeing the strong winds again. very strong winds here. look at the rain and lightning associated with this between warrenton and fauquier and prince george's county. another line back to the west and we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. i think most of the activity should begin to die off around 8:00 and 9:00. it's something we'll continue to watch. temperaturewise, rain-cooled air. 75 right now in dulles. 75 in manassas. earlier, a couple of hours ago, we had a heat index of 95. tomorrow, heat index will not be around. 84 degrees and low humidity, plenty of sunshine. a beautiful day with a high of 85. 89 on friday. saturday an
6:48 pm
tracking a chance for rain on late monday. could impact the fireworks but we'll continue to track it for you. i figured that was going to happen. we probably have another warning. i'll see where this warning is. just want to make sure -- i don't see another one. if we see another one, i'll keep you posted. waiting on this one to pop up. but back to you guys right now while i continue to check this out. >> okay. instead, we'll look at this cutie right here. it's a big deal when local high schools get 3-d printers. a student at loudoun county wanted to make his brother a prosthetic hand. julie carey has the story about a dedication to a brother and of a teacher. >> reporter: this is a 3-d printer brand
6:49 pm
when gabriel spotted it, he came to me and asked if we could printout a prosthetic hand and i guess we can try. >> hi. >> gabriel and his family have been trying to do research for his little brother lucas. they found an organization that provided the design free of charge. he spotted that 3-d printer and it took a little while and the firsthand a little too big. but they kept at it getting help from a community and just a matter of scaling down and next one ended up being just right. >> reporter: and then about ten days ago, lucas and his mom came in to try in on his new
6:50 pm
it was his sixth birthday. >> what do you think? looking at his face. it was amazing. >> it's good and easy for grabbing stuff. >> lucas is glad that kids won't ask him about why he has a little hand. >> i do not like them asking me that. >> reporter: lucas already smiles a lot. even more these days than he can do this and this with big brother gabriel. >> i was able to grab things that he wasn't able to do before, like high-fives and i was really excited with it. >> reporter: her 16-year-old son, an amazing child. as for his teacher -- >> we need more people like that for sure. >> reporter: and this is what the new hand really means to lucas. >> makes me think my brother love me a lot. >> reporter: in sterling, virginia, i'm julie carey, news4. >> how cool is that? the top prospect in all of baseball is going to have to wait a little while longer t
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6:53 pm
another severe thunderstorm warning for southern portions of fairfax county and prince william and most of charles county now about to make its way over the potomac but there's a lot of lightning associated with this and it's the same storm that had damaging winds with trees dow
6:54 pm
heads up with this one as it moves across the woodbridge area towards waldorf. the other warning is northern prince george's county and in towards anne arundel. we've got a name for you. remember this name. >> you want me to say it? >> yes. >> we've been waiting and he was drafted in 2012, now we have to wait a little longer. i'm glad it didn't happen after he took the mound tonight. welcome to the big league lucas giolito as he is making his long-awaited major legal debut. taking straussburg's spot in the rotation. he's on the dl with an upper back strain.
6:55 pm
all of baseball, there is a ton of hype to this call-up. but to fans who are expecting a complete game are worried about pitch count for giolito, dusty baker says just one minute. >> we tried to get him to the early part of the ball game first before we worry about a pitch count and the way i look at it, he's on a performance count. >> best advice you can give him? >> be nervous but don't be scared. that's the best advice i've got. and above all, like ted williams said, above all, be natural. >> yep. that's what we all say. now we have a sad story about pat summitt passing today. she was approached by higher-ups at tennessee and she didn't have any interest in coaching the men's team and she said, why, is that a st
6:56 pm
that's summitt. she put women's basketball on the map. started coaching at tennessee in 1974, saved almost four decades. she won eight national titles, 1,098 games. the most by male or female basketball coach. she was inducted in the hall of fame. she fought dementia until the end. she died at the age of 64. maryland state coach bren ta frese saying -- >> "our thoughts are with pat's family and the tennessee family. just like a lot of young girls, i grew up admiring her and she's a big reason i'm in this business. her legal see will live on and she will be
6:57 pm
you're a little kid in high school and see all of the top college players, i stood and looked and just shook her hand. she's like, how you doing? i'm just like -- >> she was involved in the life of the players and dedication to this sport. it's unparalleled. it's been important for the growth of the game and for the advancement of women in sports and that's why we all feel deeply today. >> another big loss for the sports world today, former nfl coach buddy ryan has died at the age of 82. a fiery competitor known for his defensive defensive prowlness. ryan's legacy on defense lives on with his twin
6:58 pm
two legends lost today. >> yes. >> one of a kind and so is
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight, a major terrorist attack at the airport in istanbul. multiple suicide bombers blow themselves up. many u.s. flights to turkey are grounded. the president being briefed. was it isis and what absecurity at home? richard engel is live at the scene of the attack in istanbul. no smoking gun, republicans release the benghazi report after years after investigations.o investigationf investigations. no bombshells about hillary clinton but tonight there are troubling new questions about the u.s. response that night. train explosion, the search for the missing tonight after a massive collision on the tracks. and remembering pat summit, tributes for one of the greatest coaches of all


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