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tv   Today  NBC  June 30, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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the report they are reacting, first responders on the scene to secure the investigation. they were on base for the exercise. at the same time at 9:00 a.m. there were reports there was an actual active shooter on the scene. >> we want to go out to the scene. megan mcgrath has made her way close to andrews, close to the front gate. megan, if you can hear us, chime in here and tell us what you're seeing and hearing%vâ >> reporter: we're not at the gate we'reiñ outside#gñ the mal grow building, out the fence where this situation is occurring. we pulled up moments ago. we're#t told firstmkç responde on the scene checking out the situation trying to get a handle for exactly what:e1 is going o he here. i can tell"afjuáu from ourb va point
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activity. we're not seeing anything out5,% the ordinary. the only=ñ thing i can tell you !9ñ it appearsb. to me might be u. park helicopter, it's been circling the entire time. obviously they are on the scene checking things out from the air. lot of confusion given the way this began to unfold. 9:00 a.m. this morning there was a planned active shooter situation or drill i should say planned here at this very facility. around the same time that's when they got a real world report of an actual shooter at this same facility. now, whether there's some sort of misunderstanding or not, we just don't know. certainlyjf the timing and location. they have taking this very, very seriously. they have told everyone on base, as you're reporting, to
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handle for what is going on. a little while ago i did talk to someone inside on the base not in the medical center itself but inside on the base. that individual said they are following protocol. this something they are trained to handle. they are getting information. he's on lockdown inside the office with his door locked. he said everybody is hunkered down following protocols and waiting to get additional information. that's what we're all doing at this point while we wait to see what's happening. i don't know if you can pan to the right, i'm seeing the first police presence on the base. if you look through the fence ]b there, they are now locked by the ambulance. here they are walking closer here. you see right there.
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they appear to be wearing military uniforms, wearing helmets, walking across the parking lot here. i believe i'm seeing three of them walking across the parking lot. they don't seem to be frantic in any way. they seem to be very calm here walking across the parking lot. certainly a response. i did see a woman and child walk out of the medical center as well. they walked out of the medical center. we are just trying to get a handle our selves for exactly what is occurring here. you can see a little bit closer now, these three individuals here walking through the parking lot area. we're waiting to get more information and we'll bring it to you as we get it. >> we want to let this into the newsroom, vice president supse
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morning. vice president's office reporting he was due to fly out at noon and right now on hold holding at naval observatory, his residence at this point. >> we've told you theye1 incread security because of what's going on at andrews. our bureau chief supposed to be outside andrews air force base. bring us up to speed what you've learned. >> i'm here outside of the main gate. we're hearing police activity around andrews air force base. let me show you what we're seeing here. fire and ems making their way down the road here. we have been not been seeing any police going into andrews air force base here or prince george's county on any kind of high alert as well. prince george's county police department spokesman telling me they have no idea what's happening inside andrews air force base. they have not been called to come in and assist in any way with what may be unfolding inside the base. now, the base is
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on lockdown. there are people sheltered in place. we're watching vehicles come out, if you can see behind me, folks at the light here. there's a police car exiting w now. as you can see they are leaving andrews air force base. that's been the case since i've been here. andrews air force base spokesman telling us they have planned a training exercise for today, an active gunman training exercise. that was the case when they got a report of a gunman, an actual real life gunman who was inside of that building 1061, the medical building on andrews -- on base andrews. that's when they began procedures of taking this seriously, asking people who were on base to lock down in the same place. now, it's important to also note that because there was a practiced exercise planned here at joint base andrews, a
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departments around the area including prince george's police were told you may get calls or you need to be on alert and know we're doing this training just in case. so because of that, there was a lot of confusion that was initially reported that appears this was an actual real life active shooter on joint base andrews. again, if you look here at the front gate, it looks like this is usual, people leaving out and going back in. no problems here. we can't really tell exactly what's happening on the base itself but we are standing by waiting to get an update on exactly what has occurred here. >> tracee wilkins live for us there as we cross the 10:00 hour now we've got our reporters now surrounding that base on the outside trying to get a handle on what's going on. chris gordon with his
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base andrews. the car blocking the entrance with a single officer. i just ran up to him and said can i get on the base? he said, no, i've been told to divert all the traffic around the circle. as you. fire and rescue enter the entrance of joint base andrews. i've seen a federal protective servi service, federal police go in. i've seenño' prince george's poe vehicle pass by joint base andrews and not entering the base p. that's the situation right now at the entrance of joint base andrews, there are no lights flashing right now. there's one right in the middle
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seem to be an immediacy at the gate. i did see one state trooper, a cruiser, go by here just out in front of joint base andrews, but it did not enter the base. so what we have here is a situation where the maryland state police are trying to figure out if this is an exercise that had been planned. occasionally we're seeing cars and cruisers coming out of joint base andrews with their lights on. again, confirmation here slow to right now. you will see in a minute approaching me is an ambulance. stay with me. coming right beside me, this is volunteer fire department passing me right there. again, they
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in, but with sirens and lights flashing. that's the situation here as we continue to gather information for you, we will send it back to you. good understanding of different vantage points. can you tell usc where you are, what gate and what intersection t@q is? >> i i'm at sootland road, branch avenue. the entrance to joint base air force. this is one of the many entrances. now let's get the entrance. unmashlgd suv with sirens flashing entering now. we have seen federal
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vehicles entering. as i said one prince george's county fire vehicle. >> chris gordon out there. thank you. we'll let you get new information. >> this is coming from stars and stripes. stars and stripes reporting the pink reporting a barricade situation on the third floor of building 10 of 0, the medical facility and the base was locked down as the cig was unfolding." that's new information barricade situation at building 1060. at 9:00 at joint base andrewsnb there was a scheduled practice but minutes later reports there was an actual shooter on the scene. >> megan, are you seeing some activity? >> i am. i'll step away so you can take a look behind us. we went down t
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bit here, still seems to be part of this medical complex. can you see the personnel in fatigues with dogs. doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency. certainly they are here off in the distance. if you look beyond there's a fence there off in the distance on the corner there i see additional personnel as well. we have quite a few peope in the area looking around, trying to see what's happened of it's a very large complex. certainly in a situation like this you have a lot of ground to cover. that's what they are doing at this point using a lot of different resour. there's a helicopter in the air taking a look from the sky. you have the canine, the parking facility here. again, not a sense of urgency. no one seems frantic.
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what happened. there's a lot of confusion because of the active shooter drill that was reporting and at the same time a report of an actual shooter." they are trying to follow protocol and do what they they'd to do to keep everybody in the building safe if this is a situation where danger is involved. people are told to hunker down, shelter in place. that's what we hear they are doing. hearing from one person in his office. did not seem alarmed necessarily. they received ample training on this and he at this point is just following that training. beth, if you can pan over to the right at the breezeway, it appears someone in a wheelchair, being wheeled out. no sense of urgency. someone wheeled out of this
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they are going to come from behind the pillar and you're going to see them. this is a medical facility, a large medical complex. a little while ago from our other vantage point i saw a woman and a child walk out of one of the exits there. again, they did not seem to be alarmed. you see people in the wheelchair with them go around the corner and up the street. certainly while the building is on lockdown and and drews air force base is on lock down, we are not seeing a frantic situation. officials here at andrews don't want to take any chan. they got this report. they put on their facebook page, said due to the serious nature of the report, the base is acting accordingly to make sure that everyone is safe. so we will continue
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things here and bring you updates as they become available. back to you in the study quo. >> meghan, thank you. as you can see it's an orderly -- if it is an evacuation people coming out of the medical facility, the personnel on the gund, but no sense there's chaos or threatening at this point. in an abundance of caution treating this as a real active shooter investigation as investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what's going on at this point. >> scott mcfarid with us continuing to dig for information. as we talk about the report from stars an stripes, a possible barricade situation, what have you learned about that in the facility. >> the stars and stripes report, building 1060 malcolm grow medical facility and joint base andrews. from what joint base andrews said in recent days, that medical facility is in
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they just completed a new facility. it appears make of the offices are moving this week into the newer facility. the stars and stripes report indicates it's the newer part of malcolm grow where it's happening. the fourth floor, gastrointestinal facility. just today, the women's health care clinic at malcolm grow is moving to this newer facility, newer building 1060. we really have a transition week at this medical facility, pretty big logistical move, pretty big logistical shift in which we have active shooter report and emergency response.
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>> we have facility and programs and medical clinics that are truly moving this week. you have an extra complication, an extra hurdle for people being on the same page with communication. >> just to back up for those joining us, a little past 10:15. at 9:00 this morning at joint base andrews there was a scheduled active shooter exerci exercise. an active shooter exercise. sometime between 9:00 and 9:15 they showed this tweet, it's on lockdown due to a report of a shooter. all personnel directed to shelter in place. they have been sheltering in place since that came out at 9:15. at this point investigators are saying they are treating this as a real situation. they have firstresponders on the scene. >> security secretary jeh
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senate hearing. he removed himself from the hearing saying this to the senate panel skag, quote, we have an unfolding cig situation andrews air base, his words, andrews air base, i need to take a break from this session, removed himself from the hearing, something scheduled weeks and months in advance preparing to respond at andrews. >> you look and realize the gravity of what's happening atu joint base andrews. the homeland security secretary saying he might need to jump up and leave. vice president biden to fly out at noon and we're told he's held at the residence until they can nail down what's going on here, not wanting to put him in harm's way, if there's a potential threat. "air force one" plane kept there, several others similar to that that government officials would use on that facility as well. even as we're talking about joint base
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fort belvoir in virginia, navy yard. >> all naval support in washington, maryland, d.c. -- >> all under heightened security as a result of the situation. >> we wouldn't necessarily hear from all of them, they wouldn't notify us of that reality but we look at other military installations around the area that are navy obviously. air force, army, related facilities. they are all going to be aware of what's happening at andrews. as is necessary they will change their security posture out of an abundance of caution just to make sure everything is secure. we continue to see one of the vantage reports. now chopper 4 flying over the area, andrews air force base. outside of the edge there in prince george's county. outside of the gate, one of the central gates at andrews, our reporters said for the most part we've seen bne
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outside the facility. meghan mcgrath, you saw there, someone in naval uniform, law enforcement, and a dog now other folks inside the facility, inside the base i should say on the ground moving through this area. as meghan said, not seeing a sense of urgency. if there was an active threat, shots fired, you would see people running all over the property from the angle we have here. the fact we don't see that suggests there's a relatively significant degree of control they have on this facility, as you might expect with a military organization. the report from stars and stripes that there's a barricade situation. if there is an active shooter, the person on the third floor of the building. >> new information also that what may have happened
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that somebody on the third floor of the building saw personnel, somebody with a long gun as part of this exercise, active shooter exercise scheduled, saw somebody and called in a report saying i see somebody with a gun and that may have precipitated this lockdown. the facility is still under lockdown. personnel asked to shelter in place. we're getting word that somebody on the third floor called in this report after seeing somebody who was part of the exercise at 9:00. >> i've got to tell you, they just had a base wide active shooter drill in march, just three months ago. they are opening a new facility this week and the coming weeks at malcolm grow and building 1060. perhaps this would be just active shooter drill or training because of the new facility. you have all types of
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>> chris gordon outside the gates there at andrews. chris, what can you add for us? >> i can tell you i just heard from prince george's fire an ems public information spokesman mark brady. he replied to a text of mine. he said, we are not currently involved. no assistance has been requested of the prince george's fire ems department. now earlier i did see one prince george's fire vehicle enter, only one. the official word is no assistance has been requested of prince george's county fire and ems. i've seen a number of prince dpoernl georges county povr9e cruisers. i'm told they were not involved in this response. i've seen police cruisers coming up, this is the branch. i've seen+o cruisers come up, me ñ to
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time. so that is the situation. the final point you've been looking at the lone military person with the one vehicle at the entrance. i told you i approached him about 15 minutes ago and said, can i get on base? he said, no, i'm just here, i was trying to get on base but i've been given orders to turn all vehicles around. they are backed up. his orders are to have people make that turnaround the construction cones and leave. you see the construction crew in the middle there. a single officer, i don't even know if he's armed, handling one of the main gates here at sutland road. back to you. >> we have an update. nbc justice correspondent reported on the air citing senior law enforcement officials that officials
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people walking across the base carrying lon guns. someone at the medical center looked out the window, saw them, did not realize this drill, exercise planned at 9:00 a.m. was going on and called in report of an active shooter. pete williams reporting citing law enforcement, no active shooter at this point. officials do not believe there's an active shooter. >> this is exactly how something should happen. if someone sees something they think is ow of the norm, they are supposed to call it in. all the necessary protocol comes in place regardless of what happened. >> they train on it. they trained in march. don't ask questions or deliberate the mariota of a report. you don't deliberate the credibility of a report, you go into training mode and respond as you're trained to respond. order shelter in place, order the lockdown and do all the things that go along with it. >> all right. trawi
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more information. tracee. >> as we've been saying all day, we did not feel the feeling of urgency at joint base andrews -- >> some technology we've been using -- wan to listen to this? >> do not know anything at this point. p praying for my colleagues in there barricaded behind locked doors at this point. >> that's the colonel tracee interviewed, somebody standing outside at jba this morning. >> obviously in a lockdown situation, even a guy in uniform is going to stay outside the facility until the lockdown order is lifted. >> should mention at the base even though pete williams reporting citing senior law enforcement officials that officials at the base don't believe there's an active shooter, no active shooter, the base remains on lockdown. the investigation has to be
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of the facility at this point. until we hear word they are going to reopen, at this point we know the base is on lockdown. >> as we approach 10:30, 10:25 thursday morning, we're going to reiterate the call came in at 9:00 about a possible report about an active shooter at joint base andrews. at this point all the information we and our colleagues at nbc news gather, doesn't seem this has panned out to be the case. there's no active shooter on joint base andrews at this point. >> apparently what officials are saying, somebody on the third floor of thet( medical facilityn joint base iúáquj did not realize there was a scheduled drill at 9:00, saw people with long guns on the ground out of the window and then called in for an active shooter. of course, as scott mentioned, they went into action and that's what they do. >> 1060, the medical facility, is a building in flux.
10:26 am
in the facility a lot of changeover, a lot of potential for communication gap or new communication systems. >> we're going to let scott do a little more digging on this. of course we have crews on the scene that will stay on top of this. as we get more information you can look for that on nbc washington app and we'll update you on this entire situation at the top of the hour news 4 midday. >> for now send it back to the "today" show with hoda kotb and kathie lee.
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bright and sunny day. gorgeous here in new york city which makes it perfect for ambush makeovers. we plucked a pair of twins from our plaza into our makeup chairs courtesy of our team. >> today contributor lewis sakari. >> style goddess jill martin. >> you found twins. >> so much fun to do because they want tosort of look alike but have different identities. >> our first twin is candy. she is 52 years old from
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she is an accountant and has not changed her hair in over 30 years. she said she always wanted a dream look but doesn't know what that looks like. let's take a listen to her story. >> i can't handle this. we have never done twins before. you told me you do everything the same. tell me some of the things. >> we have the same careers. we wear the same clothes without planning it. we live in different states so a lot of times we meet up at the airport and have the same shirt on without planning it. we really do everything the same. >> i know you are the more excited twin. are you ready for this total change from your sister? >> very ready. >> it's going to be good. >> it sure is. >> so we are going to bring out candy first. her twin isn't out yet. we will get to see her for the first time. this is her before picture. come on out. let us see
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>> wow! >> a new you. are you ready? you ready to see yourself? >> yes. >> right here. >> you look beautiful. look right here at camera 12. >> added a few highlights. just very few subtle ones and gave her the great haircut. >> i like the longer look. >> she got the blue memo. a beautiful abstract from maggie london. >> you are going to go stand over there and you are going to
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and we're going to tell you when to turn around. >> it's exciting. >> she is 52 from houston. runs her own tax firm. has two sons and one grand son. never dyed her hair before. let's hear her story. >> so we talk about the things you is the same but do you feel kind of strange doing this because you have been look alikes for so long? >> no. we do have some differences so i think whatever the professional says we should be looking like we trust them. >> so the professionals will take good care of you. are you getting less nervous? >> no. >> no. wait until they see. >> let's take one last look at penny. now bring out the new penny. >>. [
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>> lovely. >> ready to see your sis? spin around. let's look. she hasn't seen herself. >> look how gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> you guys look great. >> again, this is the haircut which he does a great job and remodelled her hair. she had bangs but pushed them to the side. took about 20 minutes. >> and, of course makeup and after 40 soft and natural. >>
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we are hitting the road. >> or the sky. >> are you worried you will go bonkers? >> making traveling with your kids as easy as key lime pie. >> author of the book well played. hi. >> children, what are your names? >> sebastian and sean. >> they look good. >> long road trips and long airline trips we need creative fu
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things in the back. we made a banner. you will not hear are we there yet. this is where we started. every hour they can take down a bag and string it on the back seat. you just get little in the back seat. you can also do that as an incentive. >> if they can get it off. >> anything good? >> a glow in the dark stick. >> travel at night. >> next up is super simple idea for your legos. we just cut a little bit of this lego base. we fwlued it down. we store the legos in there. kids can build in the car ride. this is an easy thing to make. this is i spy
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try to find the domino. shake it up and try to find it. these are simple to make. have your kids play along with you and make things along with you. >> i like this road trip. is it over? >> not yet. >> is there something for teenagers? >> we have things for airlines, too. >> going on an airplane ride we have the simplest thing to make. we put velcro on popsicle sticks. they can make shapes and their name. and who do we have here? >> hi. >> here is my most clever idea. >> what are we doing? >> making barf
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the citi concert cities on "today" is proudly presented by citi. >> somebody check the temperature because 98 degrees is here with a throwback thursday performance. >> this summer they are hitting the road for the my 2 k tour. >> nick and drew, welcome, guys. >> hello. good to have you back. how are you? >> you guys are fermenting nicely. >> it's formaldehyde. >> you guys excited to hit the road again? >> we are excited. we went out three years ago and had a blast. that rekindled our love for each other. >> 39
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>> i remember you out here on the plaza how you packed the joint. what are you going to play for us? >> this is one of our favorite songs called "the hardest thing." >> 98 degrees! ♪ ♪ bye-bye ♪ yeah ♪ people told us we shouldn't be here ♪ ♪ baby it's killing me, killing you ♪ ♪ i got somewhere else to be, promises to keep ♪ ♪ someone else who loves me
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pretending i don't love you ♪ >> love that. just like old times. that was awesome. we'll be back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
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tomorrow kitchen cousins come by with latest trends in kitchen makeovers. plus home made ideas for last minute 4th of july party not too late. >> we are going to put waterproof makeu
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news4 midday" begins with breaking news. >> we have several crews at jba with reports of an active shooter. >> megan mcgrath is live along allentown road, by the malcolm grove facility where this all went down. megan? >> that's right. behind me here you can see that medical facility where this unfolded this morning, a lot of confusion here on joint base andrews a


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