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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we go into a busy holiday weekend. first at 4:00, everything is back to normal right now after that scare today at joint base andrews. >> the entire base locked down after an active shooter drill around 9:00 this morning with reports of a possible shooter at the base's medical center. about an hour and a half later, we got the all clear. the military determined that there was no threat to the base or personnel. >> let's go right to tracee wilkins with details on what happened and why. tracee? >> reporter: pat, this story as changed quite a bit today. earlier we were told that what had happened here is that someone -- that they had planned a drill for inside the medical center and while they were preparing for that, someone reported an active shooter. now what
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the drill was planned for the other side of the base. so what actually happened here, you're seeing people who are leaving the hospital and some of them had their hands up, some of them were taken out by guards. this is in reaction to the report of an active shooter there on joint base andrews. this is not the drill but people who were being evacuated and taken out of the medical hospital while they tried to search for floors and make sure there was an all-clear here. someone secured security personnel doing a regular check of that hospital as a possible gunman and called the operations center. that is andrews -- that is the base's first line of defense for first responders, like their 911. now, the statement was released from andrews air force base. here's what they have to say about all of this. joint base andrews was scheduled to conduct a no-notice active shooter exercise.
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active shooter situation as the medical facility were communicated before the exercises began. there was a misidentification of the security forces emergency services team who were conducting a routine inspection of the medical facility, which caused the distress call. people are reacting to what was going on inside of that base when they were locked out and unable to get back on. the base was on a total lockdown from 9:00 a.m. until about 10:40 a.m. tracee wilkins, back to you all. >> our team coverage continues with scott macfarlane. >> a few weeks ago, security ordered a four-hour lockdown after a woman walked on the base and claimed she had a bomb. the bomb squad determined she had no explosives. in
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full active shooter training exercise simulating a gunman on the ground. this is training video or footage from that training showing how different security units train on how to respond for these things, including shelters. other military facilities enhanced their security as well. all of naval support, including the washington navy yard, the naval observatory and the facility in maryland ordered 100% i.d. checks at their gates today and did so shortly after news surfaced of the shelter in place at joint base andrews. pat? >> thank you, scott. we'll keep you updated on the security scare and false alarm. we'll send you news alerts on the nbc washington app. we're a few days away from the fourth of july and right now there are no specific or credible security threats against the united states going into the holiday weekend but law
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vigilant, stressing that if something doesn't seem right, they want you to speak up. live at the national mall with what you need to know is kristin. >> reporter: see something and say something. it's a critical message from police and it's summertime in d.c. so the mall right now is filled with tourists from all over the world. thousands of people are going to be on the mall monday night and the u.s. park police are asking that the public be their eyes and ears. there are going to be eight access points. all security checkpoints for anyone who comes through and their belongings will be screened. park police says the security plan for big crowds like this is always evong
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events. >> our security is always robust. however, if you've been here to one of our large-scale special events, it's dramatically increased. precautions have been taken, planning has been going on for months and it's a coordinated, multiagency event. >> park police adding that there are no threats to the event, except, of course, the rain that may be in the forecast. live at the national mall, kristin wright, news4. >> thank you, kristin. here's what you need to know about metro. rail service runs until midnight and train also ramp up to near rush hour service levels before and after the fireworks. no bikes, no coolers will be allowed because of all of the crowds. parking is free at metro facilities and off-peek fares apply all day. you heard kriin
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mention a few minutes ago about the situation in istanbul. one of the men who was wounded in the explosion at the airport there has died. that raises the death toll to 34. police raided several neighborhoods across istanbul overnight and arrested 13 people suspected of having ties with isis. and right now, tracking some very nice conditions across our region. we saw a beautiful day yesterday, a beautiful day today. take a look at the numbers right now across the mid-atlantic. 82 is the current number in d.c. philadelphia, 85 degrees. west virginia, 86. richmond, 81. everybody is very, very comfortable. a mix of sun and clouds today but no rain across our region. a couple of
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petersburg and that's going to be about it. over the next couple of days, a very nice night tonight. warmer and more humid tomorrow. heat index in the low 90s. a storm chance tomorrow, too. we'll talk about that and then possible rain. could we be seeing rain for july 4th? the forecast coming up in just a bit. what is behind big headaches for a lot of people with metro this afternoon. leaders say they've had enough of accidents involving pedestrians. the busy streets that they say
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this time, the culprit wasn't safe track. metro service was suspended on the red line for an hour this afternoon due to a gas like. construction crews apparently broke a four-inch gas line near tenth street and michigan avenue in northeast because it happened
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service was temporarily suspended as a precaution. new at 4:00, a maryland transportation authority police officer fired his weapon during a traffic stop. this happened earlier this afternoon just after 1:00. the officer pulled the car over for going too fast on the westbound lanes just past shade dshadey grove. no one was injured but they did take the driver into custody in the right lane and it remains closed with two lanes getting by in the area. it's been 18 hours since it happened but there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding a murder in northeast washington. police say someone shot and killed a man around 10:00 last night. his body found near maryland avenue and benning road. police haven't yet
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victim's name and there's no word on a motive or a suspect. it's a story that shocked neighbors. how the community came together to help solve a mystery. starting the holiday weekend with a bang but there is startling new video to show you why you
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a. now, first at 4:00, we're getting a look at a picture of the man who shot three people over the weekend. >> he's identified as lawrence rogers and the police solved this with the public's health. chris lawrence has more details about this case. chris? >> reporter: pat and chris, police got a tip. this man was at the friend of a home and tonight he's under arrest at the district
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extradition to stand trial for murder. police say you're looking at crucial evidence. the suspect was caught on camera at a convenience store a half an hour before the shootings. he was seen again on surveillance video cutting across the yard after five people were shot at a home on orleans avenue in district heights friday evening. police released the videos to the media. tips from the community came pouring in leading prince george's county police to arrest 24-year-old lawrence rogers jr. who lives in rawlings hot. >> on monday, we got the videos out to the press, out to you guys, which we appreciated you guys putting it out there. we knew we'd get information back from the community. >> reporter: rogers faces first and second-degree murder charges in the death of a 60-year-old man,
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gray and 55-year-old jan marie parks. two others were wounded. one remains in critical condition. the other suffered nonlife threatening injuries. they were socializing friday night at a home in district heights. now, police say there were valuables in that home where the murders occurred but they were not taken. ahead at 5:00, how police are working to develop a motive for these murders. pat, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. right now, michelle obama is promoting women's education around the world. she's in spain, the third country in a three-nation tour connected to the first lady's let girls learn initiative. after learning in madrid, the first lady spoke about how hard it is for so many girls to get an education.
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help inspire girls to demand to get an education. this is the time that we start trying to plan out, we're going to go to the pool this day, do this on this day, that kind of thing. >> and doug, we don't want to use the umbrellas. >> you may need an umbrella for one day on the holiday weekend. it won't be saturday or sunday. that leaves monday and, of course, that's the fourth. let's show what you is happening outside. a few more clouds today than we saw yesterday. a live picture out of rockville looking down to the south, you can see the clouds coming on in and sunshine. currently, 82 degrees. winds out of the west at 9 miles an hour. a very nice afternoon with low humidity. temperatures around the area, everybody is well below average. 81 in fredericksburg and 79 towards ft. meade. average high is 88 degrees. if you're heading down to the nationals game as they take on the reds tonight, looking good
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temperaturewise. 79 around 7:00 and by the time you get home, around 74. no rain in the forecast. slight chance of showers back to the west and really this is way west of the region. this is the only area that we see a couple of showers. you can see them right back there towards portions of west virginia. all in all, everybody is on the dry side for the most part. a few clouds. same deal as you widen out here. there is a frontal boundary that needs to come to the north to get warmer and it will do that overnight. a chance of storms tomorrow, too. 8:00 tomorrow morning, a few clouds and sunshine, too. look what happens around 2:00. starting to see storms bubble up and maybe a line around 5:00, 6:00 around the d.c. metro area. it is something that we'll track for you.
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amelia draper and lauren ricketts will have the latest on that. another cold front moves through and that will bring things down as far as temperatures go for the weekend. rather humid tomorrow. heat index, low 90s with a chance of scattered storms. 88, leesburg. 90 in culpeper. same deal down towards fredericksburg. a better chance of rain, we think, to our eastern half. we're talking along the i-95 corridor, over towards portions of the chesapeake. less of a chance towards the blue ridge. so your ten-day forecast, again, better tools means better accuracy out ten days. something that you can track here. 89 tomorrow. nice weather on saturday and 84 on sunday. there is your july 4th holiday. a temperature of 83 degrees. again, something that we'll watch
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we'll see here but it could come in later in the day and that could conflict with the fireworks. another chance on tuesday and next week maybe a little bit of a heatwave as we end next week with friday, saturday and sunday. we have two weekends now in the ten-day forecast. >> all right. thank you, doug. ready, set, travel. there's a good chance you are about to leave town for the long holiday weekend. first at 4:00, why there will be so many people traveling with you and which time of day you should try to avoid. plus, we're going to tell you why police say they are going to keep a very close
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with gas prices at the lowest levels in nearly a decade and the fourth of july falling on a monday this year, millions of people are expected to hit the road. we take a look at the most popular destinations. >> reporter: outnumbered by the fireworks that will light up the night this weekend, a number of americans will be getting away for july 4th this year. >> we are predicting that 43 million americans will be traveling this holiday season. >> my big plan is to go to the beach, spending time with family. >> reporter: making travel more affordable, gas prices, which at about
4:25 pm
lowest in a decade. americans have an estimated $20 billion to spend elsewhere. >> i can do a lot more by having not spent so much on gas. >> the beach locations as well as the national parks, amusement parks are very big at this time. >> reporter: more travelers, though, mean more traffic. >> a lot of travelers will be out later in the evening during those days so make sure you are avoiding that. >> reporter: but not avoiding the blast this holiday weekend. nbc news. defense secretary ash carter says it's the right thing to do. the pentagon is going to let transgender people serve openly in the military which ends one of the last bans on service in the armed forces. today, secretary carter said a person's qualifications should matter but there shouldn't be any other
4:26 pm
>> i'm here today to announce our mission is to defend this country and we don't want barriers unrelated to a person's qualification to serve preventing us from recruiting or retaining the soldier, sailor, airman or marine who can best accomplish the mission. >> the change comes despite concerns from some senior military leaders who believe the department is moving too fast and more time is needed to work through this new policy. it takes effect immediately. hundreds of people hurt as they walked down the street in just one year in one part of our area. what leaders are trying to do about that and why they are not just concentrating on the roads. we're in for a dry, sunny afternoon but the big story for storm team 4 is friday. we're trackg what isin
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now at 4:30, lingering questions about a false alarm. an active shooter report locked down joint base andrews but it turned out to be nothing. >> so how did such an urgent situation turn out to be nothing but a false alarm? scott macfarlane has more. >> defense secretary ash carter weighing in saying military officials must figure out how to reduce the chances of f
4:30 pm
alarming during their security drills. while speaking at an unrelated event, he says something like this has happened before after someone confused an active shooter drill for the real thing. someone at malcolm grow medical facility saw two people with long guns. the person did not know a drill had been planned and reported an active shooter. the base's commander says the base takes all threats seriously and reacted to make sure that everyone was safe. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. we're keeping a close eye on developments in turkey where police now have 13 people in custody in connection with the deadly attack at the istanbul airport. >> suspects were rounded up during several raids overnight. here's nbc's richard engel. >> reporter: turkish security forces are o
4:31 pm
for people who may be connected to the turkish airport attackers. they raided at least three neighborhoods in istanbul and the raids targeted isis suspects. at least 13 people have been reportedly detained so far. turkey has accused isis of carrying out the attack at the airport in istanbul. it could have been far worse if not for the brave actions of turkish security forces. based on the accounts of the prime minister and others, initial reports suggest the attack was a rolling, commando-style operation. they arrived by taxi with backpacks and guns and opened fire outside the main terminal perhaps to draw away security forces. apparently allowing the two remaining terrorists to enter the terminal itself. one bomber managed to detonate after confronted by the police. a third attacker made his w
4:32 pm
an upper level. he, too, was confronted by the security forces, was shot but also detonated a bomb. the two police officers who faced the attackers are being celebrated here as heroes. new images posted online apparently taken from airport cc-tv cameras. one shows the three attackers along with a video apparently shooting a plain-clothed police officer who challenged him in the terminal. the three suicide bombers were part of a russian-speaking cell and identified their nationalities as a russian citizen, and an uzbach. the three rented an apartment here in istanbul paying in cash about three months ago and an upstairs neighbor complained about the noise and a chemical smell. richard engel, nbc news,
4:33 pm
istanbul. protesters interrupted a hearing on homeland security today. j a few people yelled not one more deportation before being taken out of the room. it's a recipe for disaster on the road. those are the actual words of transportation secretary about the july 4th holiday falling on a monday. a lot of accidents will involve impaired drivers. the national safety council is worried that this year could be the worst in a decade predicting 465 lives may be lost. >> the reality is that the fourth of july is the deadliest day of the year for fatal crashes
4:34 pm
>> the state of maryland offers transportation alternatives and user tools for safety on the road. our transportation reporter adam tuss takes a look at a new innir tif to keep people safe in parking lots. >> reporter: pedestrian collisions and deaths have become a big issue. actually, they have been for quite some time. and one of the biggest areas that they are focusing on is here in parking lots where a surprising number of pedestrian collisions actually occurred. they are now taking action and putting down markers, handing out information about the safety and parking lots but, in reality, pedestrian safety has to be a focus all throughout the county. we heard from a county executive about it
4:35 pm
this is the one that we have. people can see these and hopefully respond to it as well. >> reporter: much more for you about this tonight on news4. a collision occurred right around the corner from the event. we'll show you what happened, coming up. back to you. well, it's a gorgeous day out there today. we have low humidity and temperatures in the low 80s. it's just wonderful but things are about to change as we head into the evening. the humidity will creep back in and it will be hot and humid. 82 is the temperature. we have sunshine and winds at 9 miles an hour. not too bad out there with plenty of sunshine. and then you can see on the radar right now, we're not looking at much. for the most part, we're
4:36 pm
around here. there is a chance of isolated showers throughout the evening. looking good if you're headed out and about. south of richmond, we're seeing a few thunderstorms trying to bubble up there along i-95 and i-85. they may head into some of them otherwise the humidity creeps back in. we have some storms for friday. as you make your grand getaway, rain showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. we can look fantastic but we have some rain for the fourth of july. of course, we're going to time it all out for you in a few minutes. >> thanks, lauryn. crews are working hard to clean up debris from a storm in north carolina last night. several homes and businesses lost their power. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour and golf-ball sized hail has been reported in some areas. amazon has announced today that amazon prime day will be
4:37 pm
it will be the second year of the discounting event which was launched to commemorate amazon's 20th anniversary. last year, a lot of folks grum belled that the deals weren't all that great and some items ran out too fast. just about everyone loves to eat cookie dough. today, an urgent warning not to eat the uncooked dough. why doctors think it could make you sick. much more dangerous cars than others with the takata airbags. i'm tracie potts. brand-new results from the national highway safety administration, showing that hundreds and thousands of dri ve
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one day soon, your phone could be blocked from taking photos or videos at a concert.
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infrared signals beaming in public places altering what you could see on your smartphone camera. some news for your health now. if you love cookie dough, the food and drug administration is warning you not to eat raw dough of batter of any kind. the reason is due to an ongoing outbreak of illness related to a strain of e. coli found in batches of flour. general mills has voluntarily recalled ten million pounds of flour. which actress makes the most money in hollywood? >> it's constantly changing but according to box office mojo, it's scarlett johansson. her films have made more than $3.3 billion. that's a b
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still, the all-time champion is harrison ford. his movies have earned nearly $5 billion in theaters. well, don't try this at home. fireworks experts give a demonstration of what can happen if you play with fire over the holiday weekend. security is at the top of everyone's list as we get closer to the fourth. how are leaders here in washington trying to make sure that you and y ou
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fireworks safety just before the fourth of july holiday. the demonstrations were similar to how americans have
4:46 pm
killed or seriously injured in the past. the agency offered three tips. keep sparklers away from your children. they blow as hot as a blow torch and keep a water supply nearby. >> 12,000 injuries every year, this is a seriously hazardous product. >> last year, injuries related to fireworks were the highest in 15 years. well, we are just days now from the fourth of july holiday and, of course, the weekend is about to begin for many. the terror attack in istanbul renews questions about security. >> and this morning's false alarm at joint base andrews is another reminder you can find heightened security. steve handelsman is at the national mall with ta
4:47 pm
that. >> reporter: down here at the space museum, you can't see it, at least not yet. u.s. park police said they know of no specific threat to the fourth of july celebrations here in the nation's capital but they are still promising a police presence that they call intense. tactical teams swung into action outside washington. the airport complex was locked down. >> they were searching every single vehicle. >> reporter: the false alarm about an active shooter came from workers who had seen people with guns because an active shooter drill was beginning. >> an unfolding situation at the joint andrews air base. >> reporter: jey johnson saying that in the wake of the attack on istanbul's airport, security is more intense at u.s. airports, at train stations and other transport stationso
4:48 pm
but on this fourth of july weekend, johnson said it's safe to celebrate. >> continue to go to public events but be aware and be vigilant. public awareness and public vigilance can and does make a difference. >> reporter: for the fireworks in washington, thousands will fill the national mall. today, the mall was mellow. police are planning to keep it that way. >> we are advising the public to have eyes and ears for law enforcement. if they see something, say something. >> reporter: the worry, say experts, is istanbul and the attack in orlando inspiring a lone wolf. but who that might be and stopping him or her, officials say, is nearly impossible. live from the mall, steve handelsman, news4.
4:49 pm
about, it's not looking too bad right now. but we have some storms on the radar. i'm going to show you those but first let's get to the weather headlines. tonight, the humidity is increasing. beautiful out there right now. the weekend low humidity and mostly sunny, maybe a few clouds as we get into sunday afternoon, but that's about it. current temperatures, 82 in washington. 81 in gaithersburg. split tea much low 80s all around. we're not going to fall too far tonight. we're going to fall into the low 70s because clouds are increasing little by little. you are not noticing any showers. we've taken them out of the forecast. south of fredericksburg, going towards richmond, that's where you'll head into showers. the eastern show is looking good. other than that, along 85 and 95 going into north carona
4:50 pm
some rain if you're leaving tonight. now, we take on the reds here at home, nationals park, looking great. it's going to be a great evening. the humidity will start to increase and you'll feel it after 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tonight. temperatures fall into the 70s during the late evening. it's going to be fairly mild and we'll be on the dry side. then we head into tomorrow and there is that humidity. we bottom out in the low 70s. we start tomorrow morning on the humid side, perhaps on the foggy side. clouds increase and we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. highs tomorrow, right around 90 degrees. it's going to feel like we're in the low 90s due to that humidity. we'll have a chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow but by the weekend we're looking good. saturday and sunday, looking fantastic. if you want to get outdoors, maybe eat some crab, go ahead and put something on the grill, it's going to be beautiful over the weekend. of course, the nationals take on the reds. also this weekend as well. looking good for both of those
4:51 pm
beach forecast, if you're headed north, it's going to be on the warm side. fairly comfortable over the weekend. of course, chance of storms by the time we get to the fourth of july. chance of storms also here. temperatures will be in the low 80s on monday. we will have clouds around and we'll have a chance for some showers and thunderstorms throughout much of the day. we're looking good as we get into midweek but look at those temperatures going on up. low 90s by the end of the next work week. guys? >> thanks, lauryn. silver line construction prompted some changes at the monroe park and ride. some buses are closing to make way for the metro rail station. signs on site will instruct you on where you can expect your buses to pick you up. over 3,000 people die in house fires in the united states every year.
4:52 pm
get out usually have working smoke alarms in their home. today, prince george's county and anne arundel county received an award from the national fallen firefighters foundation. they got funds to purchase smoke alarms to distribute to people in their communities. the foundation explained what a difference smoke alarms make for the firefighters working to put out those flames. >> when the fire and ems personnel arrived, we know that everyone is outside of there and are safe, they can take a different tactic and then, of course, that reduces the risk and ultimately reduces the death and injury to our first responder community. >> and thanks to that grant, dozens of residents in both prince george's and anne arundel counties received their new smoke detectors today. we are working developing stories in our newsroom right now. a woman says a local furniture store couldn't get it right, delivering the wrong furniture not once but e.
4:53 pm
however, what came next had her calling the nbc 4 response team for help. plus, icebergs ahead after a popular d.c. museum scored a big hit last summer, we'll show you how they plan to follow it up in a big way. i'm mark seagraves in washington, d.c., and it's here where alfred jiggets turned his life around. he was serving in the united states army in vietnam. it was there he became addicted to heroin. that led to 30 years of homelessness and stints in jail. but several years ago, he ended up in this homeless shelter and it was here that he began to turn his life around. first, in a recovery program that got him off of drugs and alcohol. and now, at the age of 68 years old, for the first time in his life, he's become a homeowner. coming up
4:54 pm
how he turned his life around and now how he wants to help other veterans do the same. safety experts have been talking about dangerous airbags for well over a year now but there's a new and urgent warning today. who needs to take immediate action. you're watching news4, first at 4:00.
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just in to the newsroom, the attorney for the man convicted of murder who became the subject of a popular podcast has been granted a new trial. a baltimore judge has vacated his murder conviction for killing his ex-girlfriend. her body was found in 1999 and soon after he was serving a life
4:58 pm
ever since. still no word on any new trial would begin. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. >> thank you, scott. a new and urgent warning this afternoon about those defective takata airbags. >> as nbc's tracie potts explains, federal officials want you to take immediate action. >> reporter: this is what is left of a honda civic when the airbag exploded. the driver was killed. >> with the new data, we know how bad it can be. literally flipping a coin in a crash, you don't know if you could end up having the shrapnel coming at you. >> nhtsa there are cars that have not been repaired. notifications have
4:59 pm
but some owners have not followed up. when people drove them in hot, damp places, like florida, along the gulf coast of texas and southern california, the inflators malfunctioned, causing an explosion that caused shrapnel to go flying. >> of the ten lives that have been lost, eight have been in these vehicles. >> reporter: honda said that 70% have been repaired. it's the other 30% they are trying to fix one car at a time. honda tells us they have been trying to track down all of these owners of the older cars, even hiring private detectives to track down the owners. now live at 5:00, that man wanted for killing three people in prince
5:00 pm
he's now under arrest. police were able to track him down, thanks to the help of the community. the renewed efforts to keep you safe. how montgomery county plans to keep you safe from the growing problem. we'll tell you about the contingency plans in place just in case the weather goes south for the fourth of july. we'll have everything you need to know. >> good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. an armed patrol led to a lockdown at joint base andrews. tracie potts is joining us. tr -- tracee wilkins is joining us.


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