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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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he has the training. he now has the confidence to go along with that good hair. - good dismount. well, it's gonna be close if he's gonna beat thomas stillings' time. - well, it's daniel gil's birthday today. this would be a nice birthday present to get the fastest time of the night. - got about 20 seconds left to do it. just don't make a mistake on this last bar hop. - the time is ticking. - now just needs the dismount. less than 10 seconds. he's through, but he needs to hurry. it's gonna he close! oh! he missed it by less than half a second behind stillings. but still, an amazing run by daniel gil. - best birthday ever. - well, check it out.
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and flowing on the tire swing, and flying as he ran up the wall. just another hair raising run for daniel gil, and he's standing by with kristine. - daniel, you looked amazing out there. how great is it for you to be competing as a vet this year instead of a rookie? - oh, i feel so good. i'm back, and i'm bringing it this year. - you know what, you almost got the fastest time of the night. you lost it to this guy. tom beat you. - one year in the making and i finally did it. ha! - what do you feel about this? - i mean, this was just qualifiers. wait until city finals comes around. - oh, smack talk. i like it. okay, well, we're gonna see you at the city finals, and i think you might get the fastest time. i don't know. - thank you very much. - matt and akbar, back to you. - well, here's that final leader board with thomas stillings and daniel gill finishing at the top. other finishers included the man with the great backyard course, brian beckstrand, and 54 year old jon stewart
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we'll fill out our field of 30 with those who went the farthest the fastest. and that includes "ninja" great brent steffensen who fell at the bar hop. and we'll see all these athletes back here for the city finals in just a few weeks. next week we're in our final qualifying city, philadelphia, where we'll see more "ninja" greats including geoff britten and the weatherman, joe moravsky. for akbar gbajabiamila and kristine leahy, i'm matt iseman. we'll see you next time on "american ninja warrior."
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and tomorrow we celebrate our independence. and a lot of you not only have the day off but big plans for barbecues and seeing the fireworks. if you're wondering what to expect from mother nature, we have the forecast. appeal ye amelia, what are we going to see tomorrow? >> mainly dry conditions in the early morning hours, but there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow. here's the latest. we're dry across the area, only isolated showers around the blue ridge area. for the remainder of the overneove overnight hours, maybe a shower or two. all moving in to the area. so here's four things to know for tomorrow. it is not a washout. we'll have dry times. humidity increases throughout the day. temps cooler than normal by a good 10-15 degree, and rain
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evening hours. i want to show you future weather. at 6:00 a.m., notice overcast conditions. light showers across the area as we move on in to the midday and early afternoon hours. rain chances really start to increase. i'll let you know what you can expect for the afternoon hours and fireworks, chris, c coming in 15 minutes. and a look at cooler temperatures. we've been in contact with the national park service to check on their plans for the fireworks. officials tell us they'll make the call when they see how bad the storms are. and of course we'll keep you updated. ♪ got to cut loose ♪ footloose ♪ kick off your sunday shoes >> didn't soupts much like a dress rehearsal as kenny loggins was
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tom bergeron is hosting the event again this year. smoky robinson along with jackie e-vaughn coe. the show's executive producer says he's honored to put it together. >> to be able to be here at the capital of the united states, to celebrate our freedom, to celebrate our independence, and to do what john adams said, to paraphrase, we'll have bonfires and illuminations from this day forward forevermore. it's our honor to do this. >> a capital fourth aired tomorrow. share your pictures tomorrow with the #how we fourth. we'll show you some of your pictures on air and online. a teenager from fairfax county has
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injured from an explosion at central park. he's 18 years old. and darcy spencer spoke to his grandparents to find out how he's doing. but first michael george starting our team coverage. >> reporter: it was chaos in central park. this video was taken minutes after 18-year-old connor golden's foot was severed. his friends had no idea what caused the blast. >> we really don't know. >> reporter: police believe the teen and his friends were climbing on rocks in the bark when connor stepped on what pea have been a plastic bag filled with explosive material. the sound was heard blocks away. >> clearly louder than fire workers. >> reporter: connor was rushed to surgery, his friends shouting in the ambulance with him. >> can we go in there? >> reporter: many fead
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says they don't believe it was a bomb. they think it was a homemade, experimental fire work. if appears the explosive had been there for at least a day. >> it is not unusual for the public to try to make or create homemade fireworks around the fourth of july. >> reporter: the blast led to a huge response from the police. they closed off a huge section of the park, they called in the bomb squad and fbi and dogs. >> reporter: it's clear that someone who knows a lot about chemistry created the explosive. michael george, news 4. >> and our team coverage continues in montgomery county where connor's grand parents live. they told darcy spencer when they first heard the news at the couldn't believe it. >> so to hear that news, it was like
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of like i'm in a dream. >> reporter: or more like a fight mayor for this family. their 18-year-old grandson suffered a traumatic leg injury when he apparently stepped on explosive material. >> i hope they found what happened, who did it and to get anything else like that out of central park. >> reporter: the connor golden is from fairfax county and just finished his freshman year at the university of miami in miami. he was in new york with a couple of friends this holiday weekend when it happened. >> connor spoke to his dad by phone. he was very woozy. and he says he didn't think it was a firecracker. >> reporter: carrie golden is the grandfather. they had to remove the leg from below the knee. >> my son is having a tough time, so hopefully it's going to work out for him. this is a lifeha
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>> reporter: connor graduated from oak ton high school in fairfield. and is involved in outdoor activities. >> i feel sad. does connor know what's happened to his legs? >> reporter: connor also became an eagle scout and helped build his character and feed his love for the outdoors. >> hopefully between his parents and eagle scout, he's got the character to deal with this. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. new at 11:00, the loudoun county sheriff's office is investigate beinging a woman's n sterling being. she had just renovated her apartment on cardinal glen circle. her name has not been released. twin bombings in baghdad have killed 150 people and injured nearly 200 more. as lucy kavanaugh shows us, the
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bombers targeted victims when they were the most vulnerable. >> reporter: baghdad's sky's ablaze after a powerful blast. death and chaos on the streets. isis claiming responsibility. two bombs in one night. devastation on an appalling scale. shops and regular toronstauranto rubble. timed for maximum impact. a refrigerator truck packed with explosives pl explosiv explosives blowing up outside this mall. as firefighters battled the blaze into the early hours of the. >> -- morning, rescuers searching for survivors. inside, the dead and injured. many of them women and children.
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it was the third mass slaughter of civilians blamed on isis in less than a week. istanbul's airport, a popular cafe in bangladesh. now baghdad. the terrorists keeping their promise of a series of attacks before the end of the muslim holy month. they also come after iraqi forces took fallujah from isis last month, a braeak through. >> they will continue launching these offensive strikes while defending as best they can their remaining territory, their two cities, mosul and raqqah. >> reporter: a victory that today came at a heavy price. as survivors and and you looko s try to make sense of it.
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nbc fnews, london. police are looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a many would. he came up to the woman in mt. pleasant. she was on kilburn place and got away before he could assault her. president obama called him the conscience of the world. today family and friends said good-bye to holocaust survivor, elie wiesel. they held a memorial service, and during the service his son said his father was always interested in others and had a quiet voice that moved everyone to better themselves. president obama and the first lady spent the day going over plans for the presidential library. they met with planning officials for about five hours. it will be built in chicago and is expected to open in four or five years. one presidential candidate is fighting claims she can't be trusted. the other pushing back against
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and a man goes to the emergency room after lighting four sparklers at the same time. why the victim really should have known better. we've got a grand show for you on sports final. grand slam history and curtain call. a local grandmother not slowing down, and kevin durant. will he stay or will he go? we'll have the
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be off the campaign trail. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to turn the page on a fbi investigation into her private e e-ma e-mail. her team is hoping she'll be cleared of wrongdoing ahead of the democratic convention. >> i at this tare won't be an indictment. and i think that she did what many secretary of states of state have done in the past. >> reporter: clinton taking in a saturday evening performance of "hamilton", on broadway, after see and cheryl mills spent the morning at fbi headquarters, interviewing her for more than three hours about her use of private e-mail as secretary of state. cnn telling chuck todd,e
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>> i've been eager to do did, and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump's still facing his own problem. he had an image, attacking clinton as being corrupt, showing a star of david over a pile of money, an image at that also appeared two weeks earlier on twitter. on trump's feed sha, image was quickly removed. >> a tweet is a simple tweet. you can read into it things at that aren't there. this is a simple star. >> reporter: but the anti-defamation league took him to task, saying it is long overdue for him to reject anti-semites and racists with the same ferg
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the campaign trail when calling out other candidates. not one but two alligators pea have been involved in that deadly attack at disney world. the father stopped looking for lane even though he needed medical attention himself. metro will be open tomorrow and provide extra service tomorrow afternoon to help folks get to the fireworks. and a reminder, safe track phase three starts, which means no service on yellow and blue lines. it is warning computers to expect reduced service at a lot of stations, especially in virginia. when it comes to drinking and driving, the fourth of july is the deadliest of the year.
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urging people to use their hotline. if you're planning to drink, you can get a ride home at to charge, up to a $30 fare. >> through 4:00 a.m. the following day. for six consec gi sesecutive ho can get a free ride home by calling 1-800-200-taxi. >> we have everything you need to foe about it on our app. an er doctor has new respect for sparklers. he ended up in an emergency room himself. the sparklers proceeded in his hand and caused nasty burns. he
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now his injuries are healing, but after facing colleagues, he pea take a moment to recover. >> they said, you're an idiot. like i never feknew. this stuff is the real deal. they can burn at 2,000 degrees, hot enough to melt metal. and now your storm team 4 forecast. here are your weather headlines. we will be tracking rain at teams. currently, rain looks to favor the afternoon and evening hours, we'll be dealing with lingering rain and a rumble of thunder on tuesday during the first half of the day. after at that, it's all about the eat heat. temps in the 90s and continuing on in to next weekend. here's the
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four. we're still cloudy at noon and mainly dry. scattered showers are possible if the morning hours. but it's really as we head to the afternoon hours we'll be tracking maybe a few rumbles of thunder. otherwise, overcast skies and feeling very muggy at that point. 8:00 p.m., future weather wants to keep the d.c. area mainly dry. 9:00, fireworks getting under way, right now, future weather looking good. but just a look at the placement, and rain up around frederick. there's still a chance for rain across the area. right now i'd say it's about a 50/50 for fireworks displays getting off if your neighbor hood. of course chuck will be here in the morning. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow, still tracking areas of rain with a
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and heavy rain in the forecast. most lly cloudy. as we work our way to the midday hour, the cans starhances start increase. also notice temperatures. we start out comfortably cool and only warm if the mid to low 70s. one of the kwooler fourth of julys we've had. so 7:00 a.m. on tuesday, starting off at a piled and muggy 72 with scattered sours maybe a rumble of thunder. we'll have increasing sunshine and a gh of 87 on tuesday. right now we're in the 60s. tomorrow during the afternoon hours, it
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weather alert day, and low 90s wednesday, thursday, and friday, with a cans for isolated late-day forms on thursday and friday. >> well, amelia and i both have small dogs, so we're well aware of this. but fireworks are so loud, they can create a lot of ang site for our pets. we have information on how to calm your dogs and cats down during the fourth of july shows. go to our nbc washington facebook page, and don't forget to like us. we caught up with a parld firefighter who gave puppies a ride home because their owner was too drunk to drive. they found the man and his puppies parked in a home depot parking lot. worried the dogs wouldn't make it home safely, the firefighters gave them a ride home on the fire truck. they have this advice. >> i always
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if you wouldn't put your grandmother in a car unattended with the windows up, don't do it to your dogs, don't do it to your kids. >> firefighters found foredog locked in a park car. we foe he's not coming home, but where will kevin durant ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down... ♪ get full on summer at target. get a $10 target giftcard when you spend
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restrictions apply. details at
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desk. boy oh, boy. the nats. it's this guy. who is, i've never seen a series like this before. >> yeah, he's having a series, a weekend, a year, danny espinoza. we questioned just how good the nationals lineup would be outside of daniel murphy and bryce harper. they have hit more home runs than any other team in the fashl league. i can tell you this next line with supreme confidence. to one
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than this guy right here. danny espinoza, a grand slam on thursday night. bottom of the fourth, bases juiced and espinoza comes through. the bull pen loving the grand slam. espy takes it from bryce harper with 17. giving them the third curtain call of the series. harper is not cool with being in second place. that is a deep shot to right center. they lead the nationals. they're up 6-0. steven straussburg, straight off the disabled list, a no-hitter going through six. es pa know sa, nice grab, sticks the landing, just beautiful. he is locked in. straussburg, five strikeouts, no hits in six and two-thirds innings. more from espinoza. go ahead and make i t
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in four games, that's a solo shot to right center. five home runs in four games. espinoza powers the nats to a 12-1 victory. here's his manager, dusty baker. >> he's such a competitor, and he's one of those guys that if you're playing against him, you probably wouldn't like him, but when he's on your team, you just love him. and you love the way he goes about his business, and i'm so happy for him. >> i'm just who i am, and, you know, i'm not going to go crazy, just enjoy it, and things don't last forever. i'm just going to enjoy the poemt that i'm in right now. >> steven straussburg speaking on behalf of dusty baker there. oriole, bottom of the third, we are scoreless. smith, never had a grand slam in his major league career, that changed today. first of his career, mariners take a 4-0 lead. later
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hitting a home run, that's his 24th homer of the season, more than fib in major league beig baseball. two on. two-run double for seger. they go on to beat the birds, 9-4. first time baltimore's been swept in a four-game series in seattle since 2000. nba fans everywhere waiting to see where kevin durant decides to play. reports out tonight the, choice comes, may come down to the thunder and the warriors. prince georges county faytive will make a decision tomorrow. >> golden state warriors. >> a couple minutes ago, amelia's like, kevin durant's not coming to the
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the national mall for the smithsonian folk life festival. we have more in a photo gallery, search folk life festival. that's going to do it for the us night. ytoou


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