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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the beginning of a new heat wave. >> the longest one of the year so far commencing to day and continuing for the next ten days. right now, starting off this morning with a long area of just some moderate rain. no thunder and lightning with this. just crossing the bay. getting near easton and cambridge. tracking off to the north and east. pulling away from the metro area. got a lot of low clouds though hanging in this morning. we have to get the clouds breaking up later today with a little sunshine breaking out. here's your hour by hour forecast for the rest of the morning and oorly afternoon. we'll be up near 80 degrees by 9:00. that sun beginning to break out. and then during the afternoon hours, a little sun in and out. maybe a chance of a shower early afternoon. but between now and then, ought to be in the mid 80s by noon time. starting to climb into the upper 80s by 1:00 this afternoon, near 90 by mid afternoon. then storm chances after that, look at the hour by hour pattern for the storm chances later today. that is coming up at 6:11. jack taylor, good morning. what's going
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>> tom, good morning. we have a building fire that happened in the overnight hours. authorities on scene are saying potentially by 7:00 they may have some lanes getting by. bladensburg road is shut down between south dakota avenue and eastern avenue. you'll find 35th is a good option. get to rhode island avenue. bladensburg road is close neared eastern avenue. work in maryland. state highway calling it emergency road work near the freeway airport. this is eastbound. it is not causing a delay. back to you. developing right now, people living in one prince georges county neighborhood are waking up to learn there was a murder on their street. this happened around midnight in the 12,000 block of hunterton street in upper marlboro. let's go to news 4's kristen wright who is live on the scene with more. >> someone getting killed in your neighborhood is about the
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you're waking up in the morning. but that is the situation here on hunterton. a man was shot and killed. we do know that. it happened around midnight. we have video to show you from overnight when police were here. they were very focused on one particular house. the big thing police have said about this homicide so far, they don't think this was some kind of random crime. they do think there is a connection between the man who was killed and the person who killed him. but no word from police on who they may be looking for. and that is going to be frightening for some of the people around here. so we're working to find out more for you. as always, check the nbc washington app. it is hard for police in situations like there sometimes to get people to speak up. there is an anonymous tip line and there is also a cash reward. live in upper marlboro, kristen wright, news 4. >> thank you. there will be funerals today
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in dallas last week. 43-year-old brent thompson was just married when a sniper ambushed officers at a peaceful protest. his funeral will be held in a church south of dallas. funerals are also set for dallas police officers senior corporal lorne ahrens and police sergeant michael smith. the other two officers will be laid to rest later this week. >> president obama is back in washington after speaking at a memorial service for the fallen officers. today he will host a meeting at the white house on ways to repair trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. law enforcement officers, activists, legislators and civil rights leaders will be at that meeting. >> n. dallas yesterday, the president said the country is not as divided as it seems. he said the deaths of the five officers should remind all americans of our common ideals. disturbing developmentes in d.c.
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of these incidents on the cell phone. d.c. police arrest tleed people after one of them shot at officers along south capitol street in southwest. the gunfire put the u.s. capitol on lockdown yesterday afternoon. >> what was going through your mind? >> wli first saw it, shocked. i can't believe it just happened right in front of me. >> police say the suspect in that incident shot at police with a machine gun. earlier in the day, officers arrested a man who shot at police from an suv during an investigation near an elementary school in southeast. >> 6. 067894. this morning police are looking for suspects in three robberies all on the campus of the university of maryland. they awe happened near the campus library. the university police department says somebody was robbed outside of tydings hall and then someone use aid gun in a robbery outside tawes hall. the third robbery happened outside queen ann's hall. we don't know if any students were involved. the n
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accused of taking photos of famous d.c. landmarks for isis will be in court. he was arrest ond friday following an fbi sting. court documents say kumar told an informant ideas of where to take photos including the pentagon. the documents also say kumar thought the pictures would be used in an isis video to encourage lone wolf attacks in d.c. angie goff here at the live desk. we continue to follow the beginning stages of a historic change of command happening right now in london. we take you live there to the scene where you're looking at the door of 10 downing. now this is the equivalent of the white house in the uk. we roll video just taken within the last hour or so, you can see david cameron there leaving that very same door leaving downing street for the final time as prime minister. he is on his way to parliament. that is where he's going take
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the final questions in the house as prime minister. and then it is off see the queen where he will tender the resignation formally and then home secretary teresa may will replace cameron after the queen appoints her. cameron stepped down last month after the uk decided to leave the european union. aaron? >> thank you. 6:06. your kids lunch may look and taste different next school year. the d.c. council approved a new food service contractor to provide meals for more than 100 of the city's public schools. they become the school's arnlg largest food provider in august. the $35 million contract is good for one year. d.c. parted ways with the other contractor after a lawsuit alleged they submitted fake invoices to the school district. d.c. central kitchen will now provide meals to a dozen schools in ward seven this jum copping school year. they serve eight schools. we told you yesterday the nonprofit celebrated 10,000 straight days of meal service
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said "our delicious meals fuel d.c. children to learn and grow while sustaining good, living wage jobs right here in our city." the washington suburban sanitary commission and local fire dpepts want to make sure you know that stealing water is a crime. today officials will hold a news conference to raise awareness about this issue and explain the consequences for stealing wear the. about 145 million gallons are ston last year from fire hydran hydrants. it was used for a variety of reasons including filling up swimming pools and landscaping purposes. traffic on i-395 in arlington back to normal this morning after this big crash. virginia state police say it was a medical emergency that caused a 21-car chain reaction crash. that's right near the 14th street bridge. the driver having a medical episode lost control in the northbound lanes around 6:30 last night. he and three other drivers were
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eight cars had to be towed from the highway. nobody was seriously hurt. today don't ab larmd if you see thick black smoke billowing or hear loud explosions near route 50 in boery. a production company is re-creating a plane crash scene for a cable show. the prince georges county fire department says you don't need to call 911. they are aware of the filming. they got a notice right. there right near freeway airport. the production will take place friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern day. >> we're not sure for which show. we know that it's for a cable tv production. fire crews will be near the scene just in case. but the public not allowed to go over there. so just be warned. >> there you go. not welcome here, the local destinations asking you to forget about pokemon when you visit. ♪ unwelcomed changes.
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a singer's decision to change the words of the canadian national anthem. overcast skies as you step outside this morning. you're going to notice the return of humidity as well. storm team 4 teorologist tom me man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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good morning. radar showing some showers here exiting the bay getting near st. michaels and cambridge over the next half hour or so. and it's under a lightning with that. as we go forward the rest of the day, this is as of noon time, eastern suburbs. might have a few showers around the areas in color maybe get some thund eastern lightning in the yellow zone. that is near annapolis. metro area though, not a lot happening. but mainly our eastern suburbs and near baltimore by late
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as well as the shenandoah valley getting showers and maybe thundershowers. no severe storms by 8:00 p.m. they track a little further east. generally dissipate by 11:00 tonight. a look at our long heat wave on the way. that is coming up at 6:21. jack taylor in the traffic center. good morning. >> good morning. we're dealing with our closure in northeast. eastern avenue. between south dakota avenue and eastern. there was an overnight fire. metropolitan police are hoping to get us traveling northbound. public transportation at least. southbound still closed. northbound want to make sure we get motor vehicle traffic through the scene as well. 270 southbound out of frederick, a hiccup. delays near 85. the crash at 480 was along its left side and we that is now out of the roadway. back to yo
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son is expected to publicly thank those who supported his familiar since his father's death last week. there is video of cameron sterling. clearly upset after his father alton sterling was shot and killed by police in baton rouge, louisiana. his death sparks nationwide protests. the officers involved are on standard paid administrative leave. >> louisiana state police say they're looking for a fourth suspect in what they're calling a substantial credible threat against police. officers say they foiled the plot after a weekend robbery. they say one of the suspects told officers on saturday that he plans to get bullets to shoot police. officers say the suspect stole eight guns, two of them are still missing. three young men face charges this morning. funeral services for philando kas tecastile are set r minneapolis. new audio recordings raise questions about why officers stopped ti
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castile not for a broken tail light as they first claimed but because they thought he was a robbery suspect. nbc news has not independently authenticated the recordings. if you watched late last night's all star game, the group that performed the canadian national anthem is apologizing. take a listen to what they sang. [ inaudible ] >> the line is supposed to be the true north strong and free but the group sang all lives matter to the great. the group tweet aid full statement saying that we were deeply sorry and that one of the singers had infecti iveffective suspended now. rest of the game went through
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the entire community is invited to a candlelight prayer vigil for peace tonight. roger harris is hosting an event at the county public safety building. first responders from around the re region is. there this is continued to show law enforcement's commitment to public service. a former university of mary washington student will spend rest of his life in prison for murdering his housemate. stephen breel's defense attorney asked the judge to commit him to a mental hospital. 15 months ago breel strangled 20-year-old grace man in fredericksburg during the sentencing breel called himself a coward and asked for forgiveness. they asked the zwrouj uphold the jury's maximum sentence life plus 11 years. she said i'm just a heart broken person who wants their baby back desperately. district lawmakers want to put a referendum on the november ballot. they approved a
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would if approved give the d.c. council the authority to write the constitution for the state of new colombia. the vote is part of the strategy to pursue a model for statehood similar to the state of tennessee which became a state after it crafted its own constitution and then was admitted into the union by congress. with just 23 days until the olympic games in rio, brazil's health minister is trying to assure visitors that they are safe from the zika virus. the health minister says the chance of being infected by zika during the games is less than 1 in 500,000. the zika virus can cause a deadly birth defe or neurological disorder in adults. today on capitol hill, lawmakers addressing the zika virus as well. virginia senator tim cane will participate in a hearing along with cdc director. they will talk about the risks and responses to zika in the western hemisphere. he is expected to urge congress to pass a critical funneleding about toil fight the
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riding your bike could help lower your risk for type two diabetes. a study of middle aged people found those who rode their bike were 20% less likely to develop type two diabetes than nonbikers. those who bike the most have the lowest risk of diabetes. if your neighbor smokes, you might be exposed to secondhand smoke. a new study out of the american journal of preventive medicine shows 34% of people who live in smoke-free multiunit housing have still been exposed to secondhand smoke from the neighbors who didn't follow the rules. if you also found that 25% of adults who live in apartment complexes smoke or use tobacco but that drops to 19% for adults who live in single family homes. breaking news out of pamplona spain. we just learned an american was gored in the thigh along with five other runners wednesday in the running
6:19 am
annual festival. officials not giving much information other than saying the american is a 39-year-old male. he along with the others are being treated in area hospitals. they're expected to be okay. the app that is glug people to their homes are not getting a warm reception. the u.s. holocaust museum and arlington national cemetery are asking people not to play the pokemon go game during the visits to the site. the u.s. holocaust museum is trying to block characters from popping up on its grounds. if you do play, you may want to double check the phone security settings this morning. there are new concerns the game could put your personal information at risk. the app gives google access to the user's cell phone camera. news 4 employee and gaming expert says it allows going toll tap into more than what you may be comfortable with. >> read your e-mails, read your google
6:20 am
been on google maps. >> he says there are steps can you take right now to protect your privacy. go into your google settings and revoke permission and when you see pokemon go has full access to the google account, can you remove access. little things can you do. >> that is too much work. just don't play. just skip it all together. >> parentally everyone is playing. >> except for you and me. >> we're doing the news. all right. 6:20 is our time. tom kierein is doing the weather this morning. it's going to be a steamy day, tom. >> we like to remove the humidity. if we can just do that with an app that, will be nice. it's in play. steamy hue mud ti for the next several days. there's the sun starting to break throughout cloud cover. looking off to the east. a few clouds produce something showers on the eastern shore which are tending to dissipate now near st. michaels north of cambridge. and over the next ten days, here comes a heat wave. near 90 this afternoon. might get an isolated th
6:21 am
probably not severe. but after that, tomorrow into the mid 9 o's. the field like temperature is near 100. upper 90s on friday. there is a small chance of tomorrow afternoon in the heat and a very small chance friday and now through the weekend. looks like we won't have any storms around. but the big story will be high heat and high humidity all the way into next week. monday, there's a chance for a storm in the afternoon. then as we get into next tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday the end of next week, we may be near 100 degrees. that's the air temperature. the feels like temperature, that may be exceeding 105 about it time we get to the end of next week. so our longest heat wave of the year coming in starting tod with a high near 90. then into the mid 9 o's on thursday. upper 90s friday. so for your weekend plans, you probably won't be dodging any storms. but just respect the heat. stay in the ac. take frequent breaks. if you have to
6:22 am
especially if you're a landscaper or working in construction, have plenty of water and get in the shade when you can. we're going to have this heat wave around for at least the next ten days. coming up, four things to know. that's at 6:31. now let's check on traffic. jack taylor? >> tom, good morning. 9 95 northbound, we had a vehicle that spun out. we had a left lane blocked. that should be removed quickly. we'll get them back facing the right direction. a little update along bladensburg road. southbound lanes are still closed bladensburg between eastern avenue and north dakota avenue. they're hoping to get it open quickly. northbound, all travel lanes are open near the interchange. that was closed as well. as soon as the fire hoses are lifted from the streets, that's when the
6:23 am
open. back to you. what time did you ghet there, bear? his nose was right here. >> you open the door. >> not your average rescue. the unusual encount we are a bear who managed to lock himself inside someone's car. >> i hate when it that happens. also ahead, narrowing his search. when donald trump will announce his pick for vice presint and de
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i'm trying, buddy. >> that is the unusual conversation two deputies had while they were working to free a bear from a car. they eventually did. that it's a mystery how the bear got in there yesterday. this happened in colorado. police believe the bear stayed in that car because there was a lot of moisture that collected on the windows. f
6:27 am
black bears don't have thumbs, they have a claw thing. pandas have thumbs. >> they can open the door. >> he is probably hungry, come on. >> high salaries and trendy places to go out and make our area very popular among millennials. arlington county was named the second best place for millennials in the country. it missed the first spot because of the high cost of living. alexandria was the third best place for millennials. d.c. scored the ninth spot. released the rankings. the number one spot, cambridge, massachusetts. >> college town, sfliright? >> yep. >> not really a thumb. it's an extra toe.
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6:27. >> all i can think about is bebe shaking my hand. >> tom? >> you can high five. >> there you go. >> this morning, we've got steam and humidity in place. here is a live view from the dulles camera overlooking reston town center. you can see that thick humidity in the area. the four things to no over the next ten days is coming up. also ahead, under investigation. why one virginia county says a 911 call appears to have gone unanswered. and right now i'm digging through the new poll numbers in the race for the white house. the poll which was just released breaking down how clinton and trump are are faring in several key battle ground states. i'm
6:29 am
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6:31 am
close to naming his pick. what we're learning about donald trump's potential choices for running mate. >> and we're tracking an overnight business fire that sent a d.c. fire fight torte hospital. what we're learning about his condition and the impact this is having on the morning commute. >> but first, storm team four meteorologist is here now with four things to know about your forecast. good morning, tom. >> good morning. i'm also been tracking a shower that has been rolling through southern maryland. now it is crossing the bay. it is beginning to
6:32 am
we have a lot of humidity hanging in the air. the four things to know. a warm and humid morning for the day ahead. some afternoon thundershowers are looking likely. likely not severe storms. just some downpours, maybe thunder and lightning. it will be late afternoon into early and mid evening. then it gets really hot and remains muggy forrest of the week. we'll be sizzling. hottest temperatures of the year so far likely coming in next week. jack taylor this morning at the wtop traffic center in for melissa. looking at the beltway. >> things starting to fill in a bit. again, all the lane are o on the beltway, inner and outer loop into virginia. update downtown near bladensburg road. out bound lanes were open. now we've got one lane getting by. you'll find the fire department and investigation continues so it may cost you time as you're going
6:33 am
>> this new poll that breaks down how much voters in key states trust the presidential candidates. ate pears when it comes to honesty and morality, hillary clinton is lowsing the eight point lead to donald trump in florida. state is neck and neck two places, ohio as well as pennsylvania. now while trump wins with honesty points when it comes to who is better prepared to be president, the voters still say that clinton is. with 53% to his 37, the university poll has a margin of error of plus or minus of about 3%. aaron? >> all right. thank you. 6:33 n 48 hours from now, we could know who donald trump has chosen as his running mate. this comes just hours after he campaigned with a potential vp pick. indiana governor mike pence. hally jackson is tracking the latest in the stakes here. who is the front-runner at this point?
6:34 am
>> i wish i could tell which you is the top of the list. you have mike pence and chris christie and newt gingrich. pence frech off of that kind of whirlwind audition outside indianapolis. i'll tell what you, he got no clues from the candidate. trump played it cool. he said to the crowd, there he could be your governor. he could be your vice president. who knows at this point? i'll tell you this, sources are telling nbc news that friday this coming friday will be the day that trump publicly rolls out his vp pick. i am told by one source close to trump, close to the decision making process that right now trump's gathering data. he is listening to folks. ultimately though, it will be him who makes the decision and until he does, don't start printing the yard signs. you heard us talk about the battle ground states. all that contributing to what the trump team hopes is a unified convention next week. you want to try to bring the party together and make sure the next four months in the general election. aaron? >> all right
6:35 am
people on to the day show at the top of the hour. thank you. >> 6:35. two weeks before the democratic national convention in philadelphia, workers at the philadelphia airport have voted to walk off the job during the convention. the union is trying to organize baggage handlers overwhelmingly voted for the strike last night. they're seeking better scheduling, clarity on sick pay and the ability to unionize. news 4 will have complete coverage of both conventions starting next week in cleveland. we'll show you live reports from the convention hall beginning sunday night at 11:00. new information about a fire in the district. the fire is out. it started this morning in a good year building on bladensburg road northeast. one firefighter was taken to the hospital. we just found out that fire fight her heat exhaustion and is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt there. at this point, it's not clear how that fire started. bladensburg road could be closed for some time while d.c.
6:36 am
firefighters investigate. the freelance stars says 56-year-old robert paulus who had heart trouble tried to called 911 for help back in april. pleats say the dispatcher mistook that call for a pocket dial when no one answered. the dispatcher did not send an ambulance. paulus was found dead three days later. ncht right now we're keeping an eye on metro as the second day under surge four of the track program gets under way. right now no trains are running between pentagon city and reagan national airport. crystal city location is also closed. passenger as riving at reagan national airport must hop on a shuttle bus to get to the next station to board a train. day one had passengers crammed into shuttle buses and confused about where to go. >> know which shuttle bus is the right one to get on? >> after i asked. >> we almost stayed in old town
6:37 am
alexandria is the king station. had we done that, we would have been in trouble. we swronlt been able to get into the city. >> metro seays they have extra employees and signs telling people where to go. there's been a lot of concern about self driving cars lately. that is not stopping automakers have developing them though. the latest autopilot system coming to a showroom near you. >> things are warming up in a hurry. tom is preparing you for the heat and humidity with your what to wear forecast at 6. 4. 1. >> plus, closing the book on a sky jacking mystery. what the fbi is doing with the effort from the d.b. cooper case
6:38 am
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e on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. 45 years later and still no answer. the fbi officially closed the d.b. cooper case. dan cooper flashed a
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plane. he traded a passengers onboard for $200,000 and four parachutes. over seattle, he parachuted out with the money never to be seen again. decomposed $20 bills were found along the colombia river but no sign of cooper. >> so the fbi is collected a lot of evidence over the years. they sea they will preserve it for historical purposes. some people are saying put the evidence out there so the experts who developed over the years can dig into it a little deeper. 6:41 is our time right now. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> we have sweltering humidity in place all around the region this wednesday morning. so later today, as we climb into the upper 80s, might get an isolated shower, maybe a thundershower late afternoon. maybe one as early as 2:00 p.m. more likely between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
6:42 am
around 3:00, 4:00, maybe briefly touching near 90 degrees. so you'll need sunglasses off and on until sunset, short sleeves, shorts, and sun block if going to the pool. a look at our hot weekend and our long heat wave. that's coming up in ten minutes. jack taylor now with the traffic. >> tom, good morning. we have an accident in fairfax county. a car went into a pole. 123 at germantown road. authorities are on scene. maybe rerouting traffic. hopefully this is minor in nature. bladensburg, one lane getting by. northbound lanes are open. we have traffic moving both directions again near bladensburg road from the overnight fire. back to you. new develop mentes in the last 15 minutes involving an overnight homicide in upper marl bore yoechlt the new information we just learned at the scene. plus, we're watching the twags in great britain where the prime minister david cameron is in the process of
6:43 am
i'm erica gonzalez live in a bloomingdale neighborhood where a man was shot and killed. some of the construction addi been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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6:45 am
top stories, a quiet neighborhood becomes the scene of a homicide investigation. the new information we're just getting in this case. >> the final step before
6:46 am
what british brim minister david cameron must do this morning before resigning. plus what brought traffic to a stand still near the 14th street bridge. >> around the region, we got just a little bit of humidity hanging in the air. it's going to be thickening up as we get into the afternoon hours. and the temperatures will be climbing as well. we'll have the heat wave forecast for you and how long that is lasting. that will be coming in just a couple minutes. >> we're learning new information about a murder in prince georges county. this happens near hunterton street in upper marlboro. kristen wright is there live with new information from the homeowner. kristen? >> he is completely shaken. he was renting out the basement to a young man about 22 years
6:47 am
and killed in the backyard. he said he was just trying to help this young man stay on the right track. he also told us how he himself was not home last night when this all happened. but he woke up to about 15 text messages including the one from his renter's aunt saying he was dead. this is video from overnight. police had not said too much. but they do say this looks like a targeted crime so far. n random. the other interesting thing is the guy that said when he rushed home this morning and walked in, the place looked like hit been ran sacked. no word from police on their search for a shooter. it is a quiet neighborhood. another neighbor came by to us asking us what happened. we told them and the thing he said to us was that he certainly hopes that the shooting and killing does not start around here. >> all
6:48 am
to the tragedy in dallas. three of the officers killed last week will be laid to rest today. the funerals for newly married d.a.r.t. officer brent thompson will be held in a church souvenlg dallas. funerals are set for seen ral corporal lorne ahrens and michael smith. the two remaining officers will be laid to rest later this week. president obama is back in washington after speaking at a memorial service for the fallen officers. today he'll host a meeting at the white house on ways to repair trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. law enforcement officers, activists, lektors and civil rights leaders will be there. in dallas, the president said the country was not as divided as it seems. he said the deaths of the five officers last week should remind all americans of our common ideals. >> the violence in dallas quite possibly on the mind of d.c. officers after suspects shot at them twice in the same day. cell phone video s
6:49 am
after theed three people near fourth and p streets southwest. you take a look at the video here. officers were responding to reports of a man with a gun in that area. the police chief says officers saw a man matching the description and chased the car he was in. >> the passenger xenlded his arm out the passenger window with a small automatic handgun. looked like maybe a mac 11 handgun. out the window and fired a shot. >> the incident briefly put the u.s. capitol on lockout yesterday afternoon. earlier in the day, i man with five hostages inside an suv opened fire on officers in southeast washington. >> it to night the bloomingdale community will come together to remember 27-year-old seth rich. he was a staffer at the democratic national committee who was gunned down while walking home over the weekend. news 4's erica gonzalez is live
6:50 am
on the scene now of tonight's vigil. erika, good morning. >> i'm standing where that vigil will be taking place. i'm on first street in northwest tachlt i a look behind me, my photograph pushes into that scene there. that's where can you take a real good glimpse at the bloomingdale flood relief area. so all of the construction that is going on here, everybody knows bloomingdale is one of the areas where whenever it rains, we have huge flooding concerns here. well, now residents are wonldering if because of the construction there may be some added safety concerns in this area. safety concerns, maybe thieves are taking advantagest areas. seth rich was nearly home much he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone moments before he was jumped, shot in the back. tonight as bhengsed, a vigil right here in the bloomingdale neighborhood in his memory. we now learned that d.c. water is going to step up their efforts to enhance securit i
6:51 am
this area. if you need to get some place and feeling unsure about the neighborhood, there is a free bus service. we talked to a woman moments ago that talked about the safety concerns in bloomingdale. >> it's right up the street where they took the covers off the fence. you can see right through. i know they have security. they're there every morning and every night. so it's probably enhanced so security can see out instead of just in. >> and an emotional line as people come to honor the memory of seth rich. in bloomingdale, erika gonzalez, back to you. >> thank you. 6:51, we're working to learn what a medical emergency led to a 21-car crash on 395. this happened near the 14th street bridge during yesterday evening's rush. three people were taken to the hospital. eight cars had to be towed from the highway. no one was seriously hurt. do not call 911 if you see
6:52 am
near bowie today. that is because a tv production company is re-creating a plane crash scene for the show near route 50. the fire department will be on the scene at freeway airport. the production will take place from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 at night. the pub slick not allowed into that secure area during the filming. so we should get ready to do smor sweating, right? >> i'm trying to keep it up. it's hard. >> well, hairstyles by mr. humidity today. >> not a good look. good yeah. >> seek shelter from the summer swelter. there is a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. getting breaks in the clouds. and a little sun trying to breakthrough. what you're going to notice is this wall of humidity when you step out the door on this wednesday morning. storm team 4 radar showing a dissipating shower now near easton, maryland, on the eastern shore. but look at this thick haze and humidity. you can barely make out the washington monument. just a couple days ago it was
6:53 am
vantage point. by 10:00, we'll have sunshine breaking out. and we'll be near 8 o degrees. a 30% chance of a shower by 2:00 p.m. then late afternoon and early evening, we have a chance of thundershowers coming through. not severe storms. just maybe some brief downpours with a little thund eastern lightning. that is going to be generally in the metro area between 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. then back near 80 with a lingering shower or thundershower by 10:00 p.m. this evening. look at the heat index temperatures tomorrow. that is that feels like temperature combination of the air temperature and humidity. it will be near 100. much of the region tomorrow afternoon. after that, here comes the heat wave. extended highs, 90s each day all the way into the weekend and all the way to the end of next week when our hottest temperatures may be in on thursday and friday. small chance of a storm tomorrow and again perhaps monday and thursday as we get into next week. jack taylor in for melissa. good morning, jack. >> good morning, tom.
6:54 am
we have a new crash down near 295. authorities are responding, checking both the local and through lanes. the heaviest traffic and our earlier camera shots showed the local lanes. that is normal. you'll have on and off rampers. near the wilson bridge near 295. out in va vashirginia, an accid where a vehicle hit a pole. the pole is down in the roadway. i'm not sure if this is a power pole or utility line. you may want to plan ahead. 123 at germantown road. back to you. thank you, jack. right now we're watching as a unfolds in london. we have video of. that for last time here as prime minister, david cameron leaves. he'll be replaced by teresa may. this after deciding last month to step down following britain's historic vote to leave the eu. now cameront
6:55 am
to appear for the final session in parliament and then visit the queen at buckle ham palace and tender his resignation. no word yet on what is next for cameron. may will take office after she is formally appointed by the queen. thank you. 6. . 5. your kid lunches may look and taste different next school year. the d.c. council approved a new food service contractor to provide meals for more than 100 of the city's public schools. the school's largest food provider in august. the $35 million contract is good for one year. d.c. parted ways with the current contractor after a lawsuit alleged chartwell submitted fake invoices to the school system. d.c. central kitchen will now provide meals to a dozen schools in ward seven this school year. right now they serve eight schools. we told you yesterday the nonprofit celebrated 10,000 straight days of meal service in washington. on the announce ment, the
6:56 am
d.c. children to learn and grow while sustaining good, living wage jobs right here in our city. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. nissan blanz to launch a new minivan next month that can automatically control steering, acceleration and braking on the highway. the automaker's pilot pro technology offers features such as lane centering and distance monitoring and eliminating the need for the drivers to touch the accelerator or brake pedals in congested traffic. the vehicles can change lanes by themselves in 2018. that is your morning business report. i'm landon dowdy. 6:56. four things you need to know before you head out the door. an american was injured in the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain today. >> donald trump could be getting closer to announcing his running mate. sources tell nbc news trump will rollout the pick on friday. the bloomingdale community will hold a vigil for seth rich. he was a staffer for the democratic national committee who was shotnd
6:57 am
walking home on sunday. >> prince georges county police are investigating a murder in a home in upper marlboro. the homeowner said 292-year-ohi 22-year-old renter was shot in the back in the backyard. >> look at this ten day outlook. heat wave going to last ten days. stay cool. >> i'm sorry. sad about that. >> thank you, tom. that is the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. until then, enjoy your day. >> me it a great wednesdayak,
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
supreme spat. donald trump calls for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg to resign overnight after she called him a faker. as bernie sanders takes one last, long victory lap before he finally endorses hillary clinton. >> i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. >> so what exactly does that mean? we'll ask senator sanders this morning. chilling plot. four people arrested in connection with an alleged plan to kill police in louisiana. a manhunt for a fifth suspect now under way, while in dallas funerals begin today for the five officers killed there.


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