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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bladensburg. we understand this happened shortly after 9:00 last night on the 4400 block of blue heron way. what you see there on the outline there, a number of nearby schools in that area. we understand police responded to the scene and they found this man dead on the scene. little information about a suspect or even a motive in this case. definitely something that we will be following in the coming hours. back to you. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam tuss in for aaron gilchrist and, man, we are facing a scorcher of a day today. >> and many days ahead as well. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper is telling us more about our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. today, feeling like the hottest day so far this year when you factor in the high humidity levels. most of the area under a heat advisory. everybody here in orange. this goes into effect at noon and runs until 8:00
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fairfax and prince george's counties as well as the district, arlington and alexander. here's what it will feel like at noon today. feeling about 100 degrees in the district and many other locations as we continue on into the afternoon hours. it only gets worse. feelinthe hottest between about 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. i've posted this information on my facebook and twitter pages as well. in ten minutes, i'll take a look at our morning planner, what you can expect. a work zone to deal with this morning on the beltway? >> it is. one of those long-termers. down on rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. it's not a huge deal. on 50, going eastbound, john hanson highway, before 197, near freeway airport. paving project going on. only the left labor is going by. this is eastbound. most of the traffic is headed
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beltway, we've got a paving project affecting both sides of university boulevard. if not cleared, it should be momentarily. back to you. two people dead and another two hurt including an officer after a shooting in st. louis. this happened a few hours ago. police say the shooter confronted his ex-girlfriend and a number of other people on a porch outside. according to the police, the suspect turned the gun on them, an officer grazed by a bullet. the suspect eventually taken into custody. we are expecting some video images to come into the newsroom in just a short while and as soon as we get them we will bring them to you right here from the live desk. one week after the tragedy in dallas, family and friends will have a private ceremony and burial for police sergeant michael smith. smith had been a police officer for nearly three decades.
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the army. smith was honored in a public funeral yesterday along with two of the other four officers killed. funeral services for philando cast still are set for today. police in minneapolis shot and killed him last week. officers originally said they pulled over the carcass steel was in for a broken taillight. that theory is now being questioned. cast still's death sparked protests nationwide last week, including the one in dallas. a group of transgender women say they are discriminated against at the local biological. the women went to the banneker rec center in georgia avenue. they said the rec attendant sent them to the men's training room. the group says other employees starting harassing them. the transgender women we spoke with did not want to be identified. >> life guards are saying they shouldn't be in the women's room.
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there's children. talking about pedophilia and it's not right. the employee involved filed a police report. a parks employee mistakenly misdirected patrons to the restroom. mpd is investigating a report the patrons then threatened the youth. now, to the race for the white house, where today hillary clinton will get some help from virginia senator tim kaine. virginia is once again a hotly contested battle ground state in the presidential election. he's near the top of clinton's short list for vice-presidential choices. meanwhile, we've a partial lineup for next week's republican convention in cleveland. it includes actors and public officials. four of trump's children and his wife will also speak there.
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donald trump will pick as his running mate. let's go through the possibilities. indiana governor mike pence, first elected in 2012. former u.s. congressman. he's seen as mun who could help trump win over segments of the hard right and the republican establishment. next up, former house speaker newt gingrich. served as speaker from 1995 to 1999. married three times. two children. ran for the white house himself back in 2012. new jersey governor chris christie is also in the hunt. he was first elected in 2009. he ran for president earlier this year before dropping out and endorsing trump. he served as district attorney in new jersey for eight years. finally, retired lieutenant general michael flynn. he's a three-star army general and recently described himself as a democrat. 5:06. there may be a verdict th
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freddie gray. prosecutors argue that brian rice failed to buckle gray up in the back of the police van last april. he later died of injuries he received in that van. the defense says the 25-year-old was uncooperative at the time of his arrest. rice opted for a bench trial. meaning a judge, not a jury will decide his fit. -- fate. today, we may learn about two dangerous incidents involving metro trains running signals. last week, an operator was fired for a different incident. we'll have more on the problems and what we could learn at 5:15. today, in the troe board is expected to decide whether the public should weigh in on a project to redesign the king street metrobus loop. the plan would increase the bus space from 6 to ten.
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taxis, subtle buses would move to diagonal road. a yellow line train runs a red signal here at the reagan stop. live report coming up. and the heat is on. the district already around 76 degrees this morning. it's only going to get hotter. what you can expect in your hour-by-hour forecast when we check in with amelia draper. look at that new fancy lineup you can expect at this upcoming
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coming up on 5:11. it's hot. >> amelia draper with more on what we can expect. >> look at these
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76 right now in washington. when you step out your door, you will get smacked with the humidity. feeling very sticky outside already. here's what you can expect through the morning hours. 7 a.m., 77 degrees. patchy fog this morning norse -- north and west of town. hazy sunshine. 9:00 a.m., low 80s. 10:00 a.m., we jump up into the mid 80s. when you factor in the humidity by 10:00 a.m., it's already feeling like temperatures are in the 90s. coming up, i'm going to have a look at your hour-by-hour forecast by the afternoon hours and look ahead for the next ten days. you are tracking another work zone right now, jack? >> it is. on 50 and maryland, john-onson freeway eastbound. we have a crew who has the ability to stay through the morning rush hour. single left lane getting by. not causing a huge slow down.
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otherwise, the beltway is very quiet. there's a trouble spot trying to get into the district right now off the baltimore-washington parkway southbound after the exit to new york avenue and putting it down toward the 58 interchange. park police are headed to the scene as we speak. hopefully this will be cleared as we get out. back to you. metro's board members will likely are some questions about sloes calls -- close calls. there have been multiple incidents of operators running red lights. megan mcgrath is at the time metro station with the most recent incident. >> metro as board has a regularly scheduled meeting today and we're expected to learning more about a couple of things here at national this week. a disturbing incident where a
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here at the airport. it happened yesterday morning, around 9:00 a.m. a yellow line train was pulling into the station. no one was hurt. no damage to any of the trains. there's no service between reagan national and pentagon city right now because of the safe track program. it's the second time it happened. last week, a operator was fired after blowing through a red signal near the glenmont stop. now later today, that meeting is taking place at 9:00 a.m. we're expected to get an update on the safe track program. we're now in phase 4. the area affected is the area between reagan national and pentagon city. we've got a complete closure going on at the crystal city station.
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those buses. we're going to ask some questions about how things are going now. back to you guys in the studio. today, a judge will decide whether a man will go to trial for killing his ex-girlfriend. this is video from the scene last june after the shooting in the parking lot of a germantown target store. donald bricker jr told them that night he was guilty and he accepted a plea deal a couple of weeks later. now he says he did not have the right counsel present when he made that decision. the victim's mother says all she wants is closure. developments now in a crash that hurt a high school sophomore and killed the rest of her family. we flew over the accident on river road in february. several family members died as well as their 18-year-old son. yesterday, montgomery county police say the man driving the car which hit theirs agreed to plead guilty to man slaughter charges.
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crash. the plea deal carries a maximum of 30 years in prison. some of the nation's biggest basketball stars say it's their turn to rebuild relationships between law enforcement and police. >> let's use this moment as a call to action for all professional athletes to educate ourselves, explore these issues, speak up, use our influence, and renounce all violence. that's the way last night's espy's awards started. baltimore native carmelo anthony was one of the four to who took the stage there. the nba stars challenged everyone to do better and to make positive peaceful change in their own community. meanwhile, a similar message but a much different approach in the district. t.c. gordon is a u.s. park police mounted police officer. he and his horse trooper are working to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the people of northeast d.c.
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initiative. one father tells you he appreciates that gesture. >> it gives her an opportunity for her to see community and officers coming together. >> officer gordon says trooper is what really builds the bonds. he says his horse gives his opportunity to just say hi. trooper also let's officer gordon approach residents without to take any kind of action. happening today. house democrats will command action on gun control. it's part of the national speak out on gun violence. gun violence prevention organizations and activists will join them at the event tonight the bloomingdale community came together last night to hold a candelight vigil for seth rich. he's the democratic national committee staffer killed over the weekend during an attempted robbery. the speakers including debbie wasserman schultz. it's been 18 months since a shooting outside frederick high school in maryland. in that
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undertaken a crackdown on gang activity. police have made dozens of arrest since february of 2015. newer arrests have not been related to that shooting but to a pair of rival groups fighting citywide and those groups are blevened to be responsible for the shooting outside of the school. >> do we even know why they are beefing? >> i don't think you could ask these individuals involved today if what originally started the problems back in the early 2000s. >> you can watch the entire i team investigation on our nbc washington app. we hear for the first time from the father who helped save the two shooting victims at the school. residents aren't two thrilled with v-dot this morning. they are finally getting part of n straight paved. there's a we
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problems. >> reporter: the good news, this part of n street northwest is being repaved. the bad news, these new bricks don't look so new anymore. it's great when you got your old street repaved, but not when new bricks laid just weeks ago crushed in the process. >> chipped and broken bricks when they milled. v dot has to get on top of. these are our tax dollars at work. >> he says v dot needs to pay more attention. >> they never come back to make sure the streets are up to the standards they established. it's criminal. >> reporter: the contract erds are also paving over manhole covers. he's complained for months about blocked manholes and missing boxes on
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after news 4 inquired all the problems, d dot is fully aware of the issue and the public can rest assured the damage will be repaired this week with no additional cost to the taxpayer. today is the we're going to find out more about a new arena football team. we'll learn the name today. it's played on a field about half the size of an nfl field, more like giant foosball perhaps. the team will play at the verizon center. we'll learn what the colors are, the logo, the name. foodies may want to check out fedex field this year. there's a brand-new menu they are serving. 75% of the dishes are all new. yesterday, the team held a special taste of fedex field for members of the media and season ticket holders.
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>> that waffle -- >> the red rel vet -- very well receipt -- velvet. >> and the jerk chicken. i think healthy food is great but i probably won't be eating. >> i like her style. >> she tweeted that out last night. that's what i wanted. >> yummy. chicken noodle salad. fans had a say in the menu. i love healthy food all the time but when i'm going to a game, i'm eating bad. >> i don't know that anything there was super healthy to begin with. it's great and more choices the better. like i said before, we're willing to sample all of it. >> all of it. bring it our way. time right now is 5:21 on this thursday morning. it's thursday, right? >> it is thursday. and it's a hot one. >> it's a hot thursday, hot thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. help us, amelia. >> today is feeling like one o
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year. the temperatures still stay in the 90s. today, because of the heat and humidity, the weather will have a moderate impact on your day. extremely hot and muggy, especially during the late afternoon and early evening hours. there's a chance that you are dealing with the late day thunderstorm today and any storm we're tracking could have some heavy rainfall and gusty winds. but the threat of rain looking pretlow only at 30%. everyone is going to be talking about the heat and humidity. by noon, we're feeling like 90 degrees, more like 100. there's your storm chances around 4:00. 96 degrees at that point. that will be our tie temp for the day today. by 8:00 p.m., still feeling like mid 90s. the thermometer actually reading 89 degrees. we'll have mostly sunny guys throughout the day today but dining out or firing up the grill tonight, i think it's going to be too hot. also there is that chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow, ,
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mostly dry for your friday night. on saturday, more thunderstorms are possible, but sunday evening looking quite nice if you do have outdoor plans. a high tomorrow 95. saturday and sunday, highs around 90. 40% chance of storms later in the day on saturday. monday, a high of 97. now, coming up at 5:31, 4 things to know about today. 5:41, i'll be taking a check of the radar and the beach forecast. 5:15e, another look at the ten-day forecast. for now, here's jack with a look at the roads. amelia, thank you. southbound of the baltimore washington parkway, just before you get to the 50 interchange, we have only the single right lane getting by. accident activity. park police are on scene with this. 66 headed eastbound out 29 in gainesville, crews are hanging on to this work zone. not causing a huge delay. they are still blocking the right lane. you still got -- not causing a big slow down. rock creek parkway, c a
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or so. down by kennedy center. back to you. ♪ ♪ not just fun and games at this summer camp. how they are also learning life lessons. new details about four men accused of opening fire on d.c. police. what we're learning about the tense moments as they unfolded. the folks who live in this town home community behind me man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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. there is going to be a huge block party today in northwest washington, and you are invited. adam is so ready for a party. >> horizons will kick off its summer learning project. >> it
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wouldn't be going to summer camp. the goal is to get them hook on learning. they might start slow for students of the horizon summer learning program. they stretch, bend, they sing. >> you can act yourself and see all your friends and act as silly as you want. >> it's educational. it's fun. you get to learn new stuff. >> it's fun with a purpose. >> one more round of grouping. >> we actually do ask them to step outside their comfort zone. kids and teachers. >> the summer program targets kids who wouldn't normally have an opportunity to attend summer camp. students spend some time in the classroom, reading, writing, math, and it's off to do things kids love to do in the summer. swimming, games. >> they become believers in themselves. i can do anything i put my mind to as long as i have the support, i know i can try everything. students from grades one through nine through parts of d.c. and montgomery county are selected to atten
5:28 am
free. parents are only required to pay $25. some students are participate all nine years they are eligible and later they become teaching assistants. the goal is to develop a love for learning. >> being a part of a community or during the summer keeps them very energized and activated and their brain growing. >> aaron gilchrist, news 4 today. looks like so much fun. the theme for this summer is steam. science, technology, engineering, and math. steam is appropriate for today. >> for sure. >> i was hoping aaron would be on the floor doing the stretches and bending. >> maybe. if you used metro, this is something you want to hear before you leave for work. why part of the agency is being called dangerous. makering sure the zika virus is staying out of the commonwealth. we're cranking up the heat today but that's not all. how humid it's going to get and
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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we have some live pictures to show you this morning from france where there is a celebration going on. secretary of state john kerry in france right now for bastille day, signifying the start of the
5:32 am
typically celebrated with military parades. president francoise hollande leading the celebrations today. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam tuss. there we are. >> hi, welcome. >> how are you on this thursday? step outside the door, boom, heat, humidity. >> it really feels like you can cut it with a knife. amelia draper is going to tell you more about what we can expect. we have to bear with it. >> today will be the worse day. as you look for tomorrow, it's hot. the humidity levels start to come down somewhat. just about everybody under heat advisory today. the entire metro area, from noon to 8:00 p.m., drink plenty of water. limit time outdoors. you can have a
5:33 am
>> we've got the problem, it's on 66 eastbound. the crews are about to finish up in gainesville. along the right side of the roadway, exit ramp reopened. through the overnight, the ramp had been closed. not causing a big delay. we have a huge delay trying to get out of the district southbound of the baltimore-washington parkway. a number of units have responded to this crash. a group of fairfax residents plans to take the county to court to stop a homeless shelter from moving into their neighborhood. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver looks at this controversial project. >> the sounds of change already echoing on the neighborhooding
5:34 am
neighboring shelter. in its place would be 375 apartment units. the county leaders acknowledge the homeless need in -- somewhere to go. >> people who were homeless deserve to have decent housing even if it is a shelter. >> the proposed move is not going well with neighbors. >> is there any negotiating here? >> no. i say that very honestly. this is a very overbuilt parcel of land. >> a lot of folks are going to be gathering next wednesday, july 20th for a meeting with the planning commission. they will decide whether or not this proposal moves forward. in the alexandria section of fairfax county, i'm david culver, news 4. we're learning more about two shootings at d.c. police officers this week. the four men charged made their first court appearances yesterday. now, police say tuesday morning,
5:35 am
took five people ovenling. she was shot -- he was shot in the ankle. also, one of the suspects fired at police with what they call a mini machine gun. no one was hurt in that incident but it resulted in a lockdown of the capital while congress was in session. meanwhile today, a judge will decide a maryland man's statements can be used against him. a nine-year-old was severely beaten over a piece of birthday cake and beaten to death. the conversation amounted to an interrogation. police say at the time he wasn't a suspect in the death. if you ride metrobus to commute, you migh
5:36 am
the nation. "the washington post" look atted data and found that metrobus had the highest rate of crime. those rates were higher than cities including new york and chicago. it also has the third highest rate for crashes in the country. expect some late night delays if you travel along the beltway. crews will be resurfacing a four-mile stretch of the avenue between new hampshire avenue and baltimore avenue in montgomery and prince george's counties. two lanes will be closed in that area starting at 9:00 tonight. people living in the great falls, virginia, are seriously concerned about a low-hanging utility wire. this is near georgetown pike. a year ago it was knocked down during a storm but it was never put back up properly. the wire which v dot says is owned by verizon is pulling on a power pole and collecting debris from a nearby stream. >> it's a safety issue. this is an issue of losing
5:37 am
power when we don't need to. this is a hundred-year flood area and now everything floods through. >> v dot says it contacted very vise on a number of times to try to get the issue fixed. today is british prime minister's theresa may's first day in office. she's not wasting any time. she's assembling her new government. she's appointed ex-london mayor and brexit campaigner boris johnson as britain's new foreign secretary. virginia's health department will start testing mosquitos. all of the confirmed cases were contracted outside of the country. the disease could be much closer to home. >> it's a matter of time before zika virus is in mosquitos in virginia. i don't know exactly when that would happen. >> they are very concerned about the threat to pregnant women.
5:38 am
learning who donald trump will pick as his choice for vp. a look at who is on the short list when we go live to capitol hill. don't be surprised if somebody honked at you on your way to work this morning. the new report that says most people are aggressive drivers. a look outside this morning where you can see some of the haze hanging in the air. why it might be a good day for a pony tail. you know. just give us. when we check bac ink
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welcome back. it is 5:41. time for weather and traffic on the ones. we're in for some hot weather. >> most of us will be under a heat advisory today that will kick into gear at noon zp run until 11:00 this eenk. during this time period, it will be feel in where between 100 and 105 degrees. if you are getting out of town heading to the beach, tomorrow looking good. hot around 90. storms possible. i'll check our weekend forecast in a bit. amelia, delays are growing, near 202. problem past
5:42 am
we have only the far right side of the highway getting by. john hanson highway, work crews are still out there. left lane getting by. 66 eastbound out at 29, gainesville, the work zone out there blocking the right lane. we may have a new crash out near the 50 interchange. back to you. it's a crime that may have you extra vigilant at your met throw station today. the man arrested for taking pictures up a woman's skirt and whether or not there could be more victims. how robo calls are scamming people out of their money. if you have a few choice words for people on the road this morning, you are not alone. the report just in
5:43 am
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good morning. i'm eun yang. at 5:45. a crime that
5:46 am
keeping a watchful eye this morning. police want to know whether you've seen a certain man at your metro stops. adam tuss, always news, traffic like ours, the new study says most of us take our aggression out on other drivers. take a look at what it will feel like at 3:00 this afternoon. triple digital heat indices. i'll let you know what kind of heat you can expect as we head into the weekend. a developing story outside of arizona right now. phoenix police are working to catch a serial killer before he strikes again. seven people have been randomly shot and killed over a five-month period. all the killings have happened at night within two square miles of one another. detectives say they have few leads and no motives so far. >> i have to remind myself, tell myself that my mom is no longer here and that i don't have a mother anymore. >> police have not bn
5:47 am
establish any connection between the victims. >> well, happening, fbi director james comey and homeland security secretary jeh johnson with set to testify on capitol hill on isis. and the second mile went out of business earlier this year, but now penn state want the insurers to pay some of the costs. a new court filings, penn state says the organization was in a position it actually stop sandusky from abusing those children. a new study out this morning shows the vast majority of drivers on the road right now can get a little testy behind the wheel. news 4 derrick ward is driving around town with more on this study. so not surprising.
5:48 am
what was the big take away here? >> reporter: probably not too surprising if you've driven the beltway, especially the stretch we are now. it's ritchey marlboro. it's one of the straightest parts of the beltway. it's prone to trouble. 2,700 drivers were surveyed and they put themselves statistically eight out of ten, 104 million follow too closely. half will yell or cut people off. a troubling 8 million go even further. the more aggressive people are men aged 19 to 39. they say they are three time more likely than females to engage in aggressive driving. just because you do this doesn't mean you are a bad person as we hear from aaa. >> we say things we don't mean
5:49 am
you do things that you wouldn't otherwise do when you are angry. >> reporter: now, this is more prevalent in the northeast. they say about 30% more likely to have somebody flip you off or honk their horn at you if you are in the northeast. we'll tell you what aaa says you should do if you find you are about to engage in road rage or you are the target of it. i guess the rule of the road is just to be quiet, kind, and gentle. take it easy. we're live on the beltway, derrick ward back to you. >> don't mind that driver that just cut you off. don't pay any attention to that. >> adam you fit that bill, to 39. from the northeast. general motors could face more lawsuits over a deadly problem with its ignition switches. appeals court just ruled that people can sue gm
5:50 am
because they didn't tell anyone, it can still be sued. in the race for the white house now, speculation is swirling about who will be donald trump's running mate. he met with potential finalists yesterday in indiana. trump will reveal his pick tomorrow in new york. nbc's tracie potts is following the latest from capitol hill. what is donald trump looking for in his vp pick and could he surprise us by who he chooses? >> well, it's donald trump, so we would not be surprised if he surprises us. what we're told is what he has said he's narrowed it down to three, maybe even two in his mind and the three according to our research is deemed to be indiana governor mike pence he met with when he was stuck there yesterday. and newt gingrich and chris country at this who has been on the campaign trail with trump. they were on the phone. they talk about whether or not he wou
5:51 am
it looks like it's going to be one of those three. pence has a bit of an edge because he is a swing state governor. indiana with ohio next door and our latest polling is showing a pretty tight race especially in ohio where he's neck and neck with hillary clinton. and hillary clinton, who are top choices? >> she's going to be campaigning today with tim kaine, also tom billsack, the agriculture secretary, and tom perez. now vetted and not believed to be in the tom tier, senator elizabeth warren. >> thank you. also happening today, the rnc rules committee will heat in cleveland. it could pittanti trump forces against party leaders. they are expected to demonstrate
5:52 am
priebus will control the convention. news 4 will have complete coverage starting next week in cleveland. tom sherwood and chris lawrence will bring you live reports from convention hall beginning sunday night at 11:00. if your boss will let you wear the shorts today, maybe that's what you want to do. >> it depends on where you work. >> adam did you wear shorts in today? >> no, no, no, i've got pants on. fully ready to go. it does going to be a hot one today, amelia. >> yeah, exactly when you factor in the humidity during the afternoon and early evening hours. it will feel like temperatures are between 100 to even close to 105. extremely hot and humid. with that, comes isolated storm chances. only about a 30% chance that you are dealing with some rain. if you see some storms develop, you can have heavy rainfall and gusty winds. looking to the weekend, hot and not add humid, thall
5:53 am
next week, still hot. all 90s next week. currently we're in the low to mid 70s. 75 in rockville, 76 in the district, 73 degrees in the springs. 96 in the district, 96 in me -- manassas. humid levels go down somewhat levels tomorrow. saturday, a high of 89. 90 on sunday. 97 by monday. coming up at 6:01. i'll be tracking the heat index throughout the afternoon and evening hours. hour-by-hour, i'll have your morning planner. how are the roads on this thursday morning? >> not good. 66 two things going on right now. the first one was a crash out near the 50 interchange at
5:54 am
fairfax. we've had a little bit delay. 66 in gainesville at route 29. a paving project. at this stage not a big delay. 66 east, 29 gainesville. on the baltimore-washington parkway, southbound, good morning, maryland. you are slowing. it's almost back toward the beltway. no good. back to you. a d.c. man is facing charges this morning after police say he took photos up a woman's skirt at the courthouse metro station. officers arrested 34-year-old mario revelo yesterday after. surveillance video shows him confronting revelo after she saw him point his cell phone up her dress. he can seen trying to smash his cell phone on the ground. >> we believe there may be additional victims.
5:55 am
victim, police call the arlington county police department so we can investigate. >> even if the man's phone is broken, they can try to recover whatever evidence may still be on it. time right now is 5:55. she was one of the best. today, tennessee is giving pat summitt a big heart felt good-bye. there is a celebration of her life at thompson arena tonight. more than any other division one basketball team, any other team, summitt was 64 years old when she died last month. tennessee says it has 19,000 seats available at the thompson boling arena. it's a craze sweeping the nation. we'll check in with landon dowdy. apparently, this is going to hike up your cell phone bill. is that right? >> it might not. pokemon go may be draining your phone's battery but it's not eating your data plan. it's a wildly popular app. pokemon go consumes
5:56 am
megabytes per hour. a scam warning to let you know about. thieves are using robo calls to get their hands on their money. they are primarily targeting the elderly. most scammers are using spoofing technology which generates a false caller i.d. the victim answers the call. one woman says she lost $9,000 to a scammer who pretended to be a policeman, saying her grandson was locked up. >> i wanted to make sure that nothing happened to some grandson. >> we're seeing them be able to use technologies to their advantage, to target more victims in a shorter amount of time. >> the average consumer receives ten fake calls a week. you should never give out personal information over the phone. if someone asks for money, hang up the phone. a metro train operator runs a red light and it's the secondx
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
5:59 am
red light violations. metro's board is set to meet as new lapses on the rails raise concerns about safeties. plus, discrimination, what a group of transgender women claims happened to them when they tried to cool off the pool. temperatures in the 70s and 80s outside. you are most likely going to see the heat index reach triple digits in the day ahead. pepco is offering money back on your next bill today to try to keep the stress on its system down. the utility expects peak demand between 2:00 and
6:00 am
afternoon. maryland residents can earn a dlor off every minute they use less energy today. amelia draper is here to prepare you for the today ahead. >> most of the area will be under the heat advisory today from noon until 8:00 p.m. this is the entire d.c. metro area and then areas east of 95, including the eastern shore, southern maryland, the northern neck, this includes southern montgomery county, fairfax county, prince george's county, the district, arlington, scarynd zsh scaerned -- alex andrea. feeling about 100. by 6:00, still feeling like temps are in the triple digits. 8:00, we will cool off.


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