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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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builder in congress. he spent 12 years in the house of representatives before becoming a governor and now may be vice president. donald trump calls mike pence a good candidate, increasing speculation as trump's vice presidential pick. he's one of three finalists that included new jersey governor chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich. >> my appeal is probably more national. i have some appeal in virtually every state. i think mike pence would have a huge appeal. >> reporter: and ruth bader ginsburg apologized about her comment about trump. meanwhile, the democratic nominee blasted trump at a speech in washington. >> donald trump is
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temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states. >> reporter: hillary clinton courted hispanic voters promising if elected she will pass reform to citizenship. >> i want you to know i see you, i hear you and i am with you. >> reporter: clinton wants to reverse the perception among voters that she's untrustworthy. a new york times cbs poll shows 67% of voters don't trust her, partly because of the e-mail controversy. and that same poll shows that this is a dead heat. 40% of voters nationally support each candidate. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence. a big crowd turned out to see the democratic nominee in northern virginia and hillary clinton took the stage with many that speculate could be at the top of her vp list, tim kaine. aaron gilchrist is live in
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annandale. aaron. >> reporter: this is the first time that the two appeared on stage together since the virginia primary ended some 2,000 people in the crowd here today. we talked to several of them who showed pretty strong support for clinton/kaine ticket. some spent more than two hours in 100 degrees heat indices most of them wearing their vote on their sleeves. inside, a rock star welcome for the candidate and a man on the short list to be her vp pick. tim kaine went after donald trump. >> you want a trash talker for president or a build bridger? >> reporter: the mild-mannered career politician used trump's words about women, muslims and latinos as an indictment. >> what will be remembered about the failed candidacy of donald trump is, you're fired
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one other trump you. >> reporter: clinton talked about rolling out her plan to make college debt-free for everyone and talked about the path to citizenship all in the name of bringing people together. her message resonated. >> she talked about dealing with student debt, having a a strong country so we can be a big player. >> i'm very annoyed as people call her a liar. i believe everything she's done is true and she's going to follow through with it. >> reporter: many of these clinton supporters believe tim kaine has the knowledge and experience and temperament for the job. >> i think he has human decency. >> you want somebody who is steady, that's been there.
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you want to take a chance with anybody else, this is as steady as it gets. >> reporter: the republican party of virginia held a conference party and chairman of the party saying being clinton's running mate would be defending the indefensible and goes against everything that tim kaine has stood for in his political career. we'll see what happens moving forward. doreen? >> aaron, you've known tim kaine longer than any of us. what are your thoughts as he's being considered for this vp slot in. >> reporter: i think political watchers will look at that, too. they will look at the fact that he was a city council member and mayor in 1998 and lieutenant governor and governor and he has that experience as an executive and legislator. my observation over 17 years of watching him, i hear people concerned about whet
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know my observation has been that when you task him with going up against a competitor like a donald trump, he's going to lean on facts and come at somebody as a straight shooter as opposed to an attack dog. that's one of the concerns that people had going in. he's at least being considered. >> aaron gilchrist, thank you. there were heat-related problems in virginia. we saw several people who had to be treated and including a few who had to be taken away in an ambulance for heat-related issues. new concerns about security at the political convention straight from the secretary of homeland security. he told congress today his department has been preparing for the convention for more than a year and there
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of security in place. >> i'm concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand and i'm concerned about the possibility of violence. >> reporter: secretary jey johnson says 3,000 homeland security workers are dedicated to safety at the two conventions. there will be additional security from the national guard as well as state and local law enforcement officers. news4 will have complete coverage of both conventions beginning next week in cleveland. chris lawrence and tom sherwood will bring us live reports starting sunday night on news4 at 11:00. it probably should come as no surprise that this is a wetter this alert day. temperatures are climbing to a dangerous territory. and kids can have some fun at a water park in rockville. look at this. this is a u.s. park police officer who
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for throwback thursday reminding us not all that long ago we were buried in snow. you remember that? >> yes, i do. >> doug? >> temperatures up to 98 degrees. that's the hottest temperature we've seen so far this year. a heat index of 105. take a look at the numbers across the mid-atlantic. on the hot side for sure. virginia beach at 100 degrees. the only cool spots, 80 in new york, elkins, west virginia, around the metro region, a heat advisory. that includes southern maryland and the entire portion of the delmarva. extremely hot and humid. no rain in our area. look down to our west, tracking this line, it's now making its
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way towards shenandoah and i expect the storms to move right in towards parts of northern virginia over the next couple of hours. nothing too strong but we could see heavy downpours. much more on this and how long the heat lasts in my forecast. at the live desk, breaking news in france. we're learning new information about the current situation unfolding in the city of nice. a truck has plowed into a crowd of people at a bastille day celebration. people were watching the fireworks on the promenade there and were hit. dozens were injured and some were killed. eyewnesss say bodies are everywhere. it's unclear right now exactly how this unfolded, whether it was an accident or terror-related. the mayor tweeted out a statemeth
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inside. more updates as they come in. for now, back to you, doreen. >> thank you, scott. in prince george's county, a university of maryland police officer has been suspended for using pepper spray on a group of partygoers. that incident back in may was captured on cell phone video and meagan fitzgerald is seeing new video showing another angle of what happened that night. me meagan? >> reporter: before we saw that video, they came out and said our officers got it wrong, that they never should have used pepper spray. he says the students are traumatized but he's not releasing the video to us until monday to give students an opportunity to tell their parents that it's coming out. cell phone video only captures part of the story of what ha
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hours of may 21st. the university of maryland officers received a call for a fight happening at a party inside this apartment complex. a nearly seven-week investigation proved that was a false report. when officers arrived, they asked the crowd several times to move out. nbc has learne that donald trump will announce ma mike pence, the governor of indiana will be his vice presidential running mate. that announcement will happen tomorrow in new york. katy tur is standing by to tell us more. >> reporter: sources close to the candidate and the campaign tell me that donald trump will choose indiana governor mike pence and that announcement will be made tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. this is after much deliberation within the campaign and within donald trump himself.
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contenders were newt gingrich and chris christie and mike pence. donald trump took a lot of time and outside his campaign, people close to him even, some of his security members asking what their opinions were. ultimately, though, the campaign was most impressed with governor pen pence. trump himself was surprised at the amount of energy he had, the amount of -- the ability he had to go after hillary clinton, to be the attack dog. they expected him to be quiet. they expected his personality not necessarily to match with donald trump. they were surprised by that. behind the scenes, i'm told that the two personalities meld quite well and it was the right fit not just for the campaign season but for the next four to eight years to come if he wins office
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multiple sources still cautioning, though, that donald trump is unpredictable and that he can change his mind at any moment. but as we stand right now, lester, the choice is indiana governor mike pence and he has just touched down in new jersey. >> all right. katy tur outside trump tower with that news, mike pence is the apparent pick as vice presidential running mate for donald trump. another story following right now in nice, france, where reportedly dozens have been killed in a truck that careened through a crowd of people celebrating bastille day. reports of bodies everywhere. officials are tweeting this right now as an attack. not confirmed but treating it as an attack. this comes almost eight months after the attack in paris that left 130 people dead at restaurants
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paris. we continue to watch that situation play out. we'll have a lot more for you in the east and central time zone, we'll be back in 20 minutes and we'll see you across the country later on. for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. and we'll beback with more
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a vigil has been planned for saturday night to remember a transgender killed on fourth of july. kristin wright is live along division avenue where the shooting happened on the fourth of july. kristin? >> reporter: a lot of people here knew dee dee dodds because she spent her whole life in this neighborhood and now tonight many people are asking why someone would take her leave. dee dee dodds is gone, taken off life support nine days after she was shot blocks from her home and her family in d.c. the woman who raised her is hurt. >> i can't question that. all i know is she's at peace now. whoever did it,
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squlus cities justice be done f. >> reporter: why was dee dee shot? because she was a transgender woman or something else entirely? transgender activist says she doesn't know but the community is shaken. >> we always expect that we're in harm's way of robbery and assaults but murder, no. >> reporter: police say they don't know the motive. >> i feel so hurt because i feel like they are human, too. regardless of what their sexuality is, they are human beings just like we are. >> reporter: the lgbt community will hold a vigil on saturday. >> we're asking anyone that knows anything to please come forward and say something. >>ep
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terrace where dee dee lived. so far, no arrests, no suspect information. >> dee dee, thank you. tonight, union leaders say they will work to get council members who signed a resolution voted out of office. the resolution is a call for police reform. martin was killed by a civilian. mark segraves is outside the second district police headquarters. mark? >> reporter: good evening, jim. i started getting calls and text messages from police officers yesterday morning when word of the resolution started to get around. they say they are
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the content of the resolution and also demoralized. the resolution signed by ten members of the d.c. council was introduced on tuesday, the same day d.c. police were shot at by suspects in two separate incidents. >> basically spatting in our face, telling us how police officers are just criminals. >> reporter: the resolution calling for police reform across the country lists the names of ten victims the council members say were killed by police. >> i'm sorry if it upset the police officers independently on this issue but it's time to have this tough conversation and really understand what is the bias that we have, why are more black residents of our city, more black residents in our country being impacted by violent acts and violent acts certainly by the police and law enforcement officers. >> reporter: whileol
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upset saying none of these incidents happen in d.c., one name on the list really angers them. >> there are names on there that these people did not die at the hands of police officers. trayvon martin was killed by an armed citizen. >> he defends his name being on the list. >> it's just another demonstration of where a black man, a black boy has been killed at the hands of a violent act. i think that's important to note. it's part of the frustration happening in our country. it's not all about the police. and i made that point clear in my resolution. it's about the whole society not embracing change. >> reporter: council member grasso tells us that he hopes to start a nationwide conversation about race relations through this resolution. only one council member returned our call and all he said is he would have no comment.
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>> thank you, mark. a homeowner who admitted shooting two prince george's county firefighters could face decades behind bars. the home owner is not facing murder charges. jackie bensen has more on what the grand jury decided. >> reporter: it means that if convicted, darryl lumpkin could face jail time not for killing a firefighter but for owning guns when he was not legally permitted to do because of previous convictions. pain, as you know, is very fresh still from the incident in which two firefighters were shot as they approached lumpkin's temple hills home. he says the shooting was in self-defense, he was unaware that those coming to his door were first
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>> they simply did not believe that the incident did not constitute murder. >> we have extenuating circumstances for the loved one on the scene saying their brother was inside and needed medical assistance and that's what we do. we were there to render that aid and, unfortunately, a tragic outcome. >> reporter: we received a statement from the prince george's county fire chief which says in part, "i support the state's attorney and the process by which it is determined if an individual has broken a law or not. while there are no charges stemming from the death of firefighter ulmschneider, there are charges against the person who shot the gun. >> thanks, jackie. more trouble for met
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safetrack work areas. a major drug bust made right here in the clarendon section of arlington county. it's the threats against the
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plenty of sunshine and a nice picture. take a look at this. look at the potomac, looking nice and beautiful. the sky is nice and blue, too. hazy, hot and humid conditions. 94 degrees and winds out of the south. we have a nice breeze out there to help us out. 95 in leesburg and mt. vernon, 91. the humidity and heat down towards southern maryland and d.c. and fredericksburg and all of the delmarva under a heat advisory through 8:00 tonight. 102 in d.c. and in annapolis and it's extremely humid. tomorrow, not as much humidity. still on the hot side
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as far as the rain is concerned, it's making its way back to small showers and thunderstorms and moving towards the east. around 7:00, 8:00, we'll expect it to hold together and it may weaken as they make their way off towards the east. a couple of showers and moiflt stur right here. the whole line you can see it. it's right there. the whole line sliding down to the south, meaningless in our region as we move on through the night tonight. tomorrow, we have a cold front back to the west but it's not going to come our way. it's going to stay to the north and that allows more heat to come into the region. overnight tonight, around 8:00, 9:00, a couple of showers in northern virginia. nothing too strong. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., we're dry and it's hot and muggy. tomorrow afternoon, a repeat just like today. isolated shower or storm. most of us will be on the dry side. high temperatures tomorrow, right around where we were
6:28 pm
high of 95 tomorrow. hot and humid and isolated storms across the region. 93 in frederick. and best chance of storms is in the southern zone. next couple of days, ten-day forecast, 95 tomorrow, 92 on saturday and sunday. a little less humidity this weekend. 94 on monday. 92 on wednesday and then the heat and humidity return as we head towards next week. we have the next ten days at 90 degrees or higher. once again, something to continue to watch for as we check the heat. >> thanks, doug. we are staying on top of breaking news out of france. new information just coming in about a deadly crash in nice where a truck plowed into a crowd
6:29 pm
celebration. many people are describing it
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we are staying on top of two breaking stories at this hour. first, nbc news has confirmed
6:32 pm
trump's running mate. it's announced tomorrow in new york. pence is a social conservative. >> we are monitoring a situation unfolding in nice, france. dozens of people reportedly killed when a truck plowed into a crowd at a bastille celebration. again, french officials saying dozens of people killed. we'll keep on top of that situation and bring you any updates. also tonight in northern virginia, there have been several arrests in a major drug bust. >> it was followed by threats made against the police. here our reporter david culver got ahold of the documents and joined us from clarendon with details of the investigation.
6:33 pm
these are the court documents that they are referencing. they lay out some of the detail in what was a seven-month long police investigation. one that ended with ten people behind bars and an alleged drug network. the suspected dealers, nine in all, now locked up at the arlington county detention center range in age from 22 up to 32. they are from woodbridge. arlington's clarendon neighborhood is geared towards professionals. >> we want people to enjoy what our night life has to offer and that's why we have officers out there. >> reporter: detectives went undercover for nine months purchasing drugs like cocaine and pot and
6:34 pm
two men worked at this restaurant. we reached out to management but didn't hear back. >> reporter: our officers work really hard to infiltrate the distribution networks, identify the people and bring them to justice. >> reporter: but it didn't stop at nine. police took a tenth person into custody and not on drug charges. >> how soon after the initial group was arrested did you start seeing these text messages coming in, these threatening messages? >> basically right after we had undercover officers receive these threats. if this person is going to threaten someone they claim to be officers, we need to have them off the street. >> reporter: police tell me it took a month to crack down the person who is behind the threatening text messages. tonight he, too, is behind bars. >> thanks, david. pleading guilty to murders his ex-girlfriend, he's now asking the judge to throw
6:35 pm
this girl was shot and killed in a parking lot of a target store in germantown last year. a man named donald bricker pleaded guilty to the murder but before he could be sentenced, he fired his lawyer and asked the judge to withdraw his plea. he blames he was heavily medicated when he entered the plea and that he did not understand what was happening. a decision is expected tomorrow. if the plea is withdrawn, the case will go to trial. raises have been put on hold for teachers and other state employees in virginia. state tax collections that ended june 30th came in $266 million below projections. that means there was a shortfall for the two-year budget cycle that began this month. there are still some end of year savings that need to be calculated before final decisions are made. federal inspectors say they have discovered more than
6:36 pm
defects in the metro safetrack work zones. metro officials tell us they have work to fix 88 of those issues so far. the federal transit administration says metro still has at least 34 items that need to be addressed. the fta has not specified what is causing the problems. but they say the issues are related to the first and second surges of metro's safetrack program. state investigators say he promised to do the work but abandoned several projects after collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars. tonight, the government is stepping in to help people who feel they have been ripped off by a local contractor. also a. sobering report on road rage in this country. we'll tell you who is most likely to fall victim. first, though, here's doug with a weather outlook. >> the weather outlook is hazy, hot and humid. the heat index and advisory across the area until 8:00 tonight, i'll show you how long this heat will stick around, next.
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a new study is indicating that road rage is on the rise. 8 million actually admitted to hitting another car or getting out of their car to confront another driver. experts say an alarming number of road rage cases turned out to be deadly. it was estimated that about 56% of fatal crashes involved some kind of aggressive driving incident. >> reporter: the study found the east coast had a lot more road rage cases than other parts of the country because of the amount of
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>> crews are resurfacing the road and through the overnight hours. shows up on their doorstep in the most
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a local home improvement contractor with a lot of complaints is now in trouble with the government. >> news4's i-team exposed the accusations against jim martin and his company prompt restoration. after that story aired, even more viewers came forward saying they have also been taken advantage of. tisha thompson shows us how the government is now taking action. >> reporter: deborah was already in mourning last year. >> i was about ready to leave to go on a trip because my mother had just passed -- >> reporter: when she says the unthinkable happened to her. >> i start to see smoke coming in through the window. >> reporter: fire investigators told her an electrical fire sparked a six-alarm fire. she barely made it out of her home with her two dogs. >> i lost everything else. >> reporter: now she says she's left tens of thousands of dollars on top of that to
6:44 pm
home contractor she trusted to rebuild her home. >> the guy would just not show up, he wouldn't answer phone calls. >> reporter: that guy worked with prompt restoration, a company now under investigation by the state of maryland. she's one of several people who reached out to the i-team after we told you about a growing number of complaints against the company. the maryland commission is investigating a dozen homeowner complaints all accusing prompt restoration of promising to fix homes after they caught fire but abandoning those jobs after pocket canning more than $600,000 of their money. that doesn't even include the money that she says she paid. >> reporter: it was roughly $63,0 $63,000. the state didn't give us the investigation since the case is still open and active but confirmed they are looking into her complaint and the company's president, jim martin, just agreed to have his contractor's licse
6:45 pm
the news4's i-team obtained this consent order where he agrees the suspension of his license was proper based on four other complaints filed against him. the order states he could face criminal or civil penalties if he tries to start any new home improvement projects. we've repeatedly reached out to martin and his company for a response. while he did not answer questions about his license suspension, his lawyer said that he's had clients that didn't pay the company which led to a cash flow crunch and wanted to enter bankruptcy to recover the money and pay his debts. the company filed for chapter 11 in february. but she hired an attorney to help her get her money back. >> this is an educated, intelligent, self-sufficient woman and this happened to her. >> reporter: she has seen plenty of other companies failing
6:46 pm
called this one unusual. >> i have never seen a case where an individual comes into a person's life at such a -- just shows up on their doorstep at the most vulnerable time after a fire loss and proceeds to take their money. >> i never thought this would happen to me. >> reporter: and even with prompt restoration out of business for now, she must go to court to get back just a fraction of what she says she lost. >> i hope that the true is revealed about everything and that justice is served so that he doesn't hurt anybody else. >> reporter: deborah also hopes to recover money from a fund that is available for cases just like hers. to learn more about it and how to protect yourself when hiring someone to work on your home, you can check out our previous stories in the nbc washington app. click on "investigation." tisha thompson, news4
6:47 pm
this investigation started with a tip and if you have something you think the i-team should check out, we invite you to call our tip line. 202-885-4444. or you can send an e-mail to tips at news4 now back to the breaking news in nice, france, dozens reportedly killed after a truck plowed into a crowd at a bastille celebration there. a french official is calling this an attack. we also just learned that president obama has been briefed on the situation that's unfolding in nice. french officials say there is not a hostage situation right now but, again, french officials are saying that dozens of people have been killed. another update at 7:00 on "nbc nightly news." doug has more on our weather. it's daunting to look at that extended
6:48 pm
ten days. we had seven days of 90s and now ten days of 90s. yesterday we said the next ten days would have 90-degree temperatures so today, it's a long heatwave we've got in store. out there right now, a hot and humid afternoon. high temperatures, 98 degrees. right now we're sitting at 94. 91 in gaithersburg. leesburg, 95. look at the heat index in d.c., 102. currently the heat index in washington is extremely hot conditions and it's going to be the case as we move through tonight. as we make our way through the rest of the evening hours, it's going to stay on the hot and humid side and we're going to see a chance for a couple of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder in northern parts of virginia. nothing around our region right now. take a look at the motion here. these are moving off towards the east. so in towards
6:49 pm
loudoun, you're in the next hour or so. some of these could move into the d.c. metro area around 8:00, 9:00. i'll continue to watch it for you. not expecting a whole lot and most of us stay dry. don't be surprised to see a shower or rumble of thunder. 90 by noon tomorrow. not the best day to get lunch outdoors. tomorrow won't be as quite as humid as tomorrow. we won't see a heat index of 105. your impact tomorrow, it's going to be on the moderate side. we're talking about the extreme heat that's coming on through here and we'll see that during the day tomorrow. there's the ten-day forecast. all in red and we're talking all night. 95 tomorrow. 92 on saturday and sunday. a little more comfortable on saturday and sunday and back to 94 on sunday and stay on the hot side all the way
6:50 pm
week. >> that's what our summer looks like, huh? >> thanks, doug. sports is coming up. >> phil mickelson so close to history at the british open, he sa
6:51 pm
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boy, you talked about having a good day at work. >> a great day. >> couldn't get much better r
6:53 pm
almost came close to a record. today, phil mickelson was extremely close to making history at the open championship. not so bad at the age of 46 years old. no golfer has ever shot a round of 62 at a major tournament. kind of a big day for phil mickelson. long birdie, but, three birdies on the first six holes. showing you the highlights, you know what happens. this is going to fall in. phil looking good. we head to 18 now. mickelson, the chance to shoot a 62 has never been done in a major before. it looks like it's good but, hold on, that's how close he was to making history today. still can't believe it. you can see him say,
6:54 pm
shot an 8 under. phil was asked about that last putt. >> well, it was obvious right there, there is a curse because that ball should have gone in. if there wasn't a curse, that ball would have gone in and i would have had that 62. >> do you believe in the golf god. >> i didn't but i do now. >> unbelievable. >> that close to making history. >> yeah. crazy. 46 years old, too. hopefully he can carry through the weekend. >> not a bad day at all. let's move on now because next year football season won't be around literally. after the redskins play their season, you'll have two, three days to break and then you have to buckle up for the name and logo. button. ladies and gentlemen, the washington valor. >> yes. the arena football league squad coming to
6:55 pm
the washington valor will join the afl in 2016 and play their home games at the verizon center. >> it's one of those things when you know it, you see it and they put up this name and everyone kind of just went, wow, that feels absolutely right. it's something that you can identify on a national basis. it will be added to the league but i think our community in d.c. and maryland and virginia will see a lot of mood felt in the name and be very, very proud of it. >> summer league basketball. kelly oubre jr. taking on the atlanta hawks. daniel house is knocking down a three there. wizards take the lead. later on, they are up six. the slam there. wizards starting to pull away. under a
6:56 pm
how about kelly oubre jr.? a beautiful finish. 22 points a game. the wizards win this game 71-60. they advance to the summer league quarterfinals. less than a mine from the finish line, get in front of the camera crew and that happened. >> oh! >> he turned out to be okay. that's the only reason why i'm laughing. chris frohm said i'm not stopping. i'm going to run. he did for quite some time. they finally got him a bike. luckily for all involved, they gave him the same finishing time. frohm will keep his yellow jersey. >> the tour de france is crazy. why do they let them do that? >> that's how it is. >> it's a wonder there aren't more bad accidents. >> they wreck all
6:57 pm
>> but the people -- >> can you tell us that there might be some kind of break coming our way? >> did you want to see the ten-day forecast? >> i want you to tell us that you made a mistake. >> i just looked at the new data and i made a mistake. >> not 94? 93? >> yeah. >> we have clouds making their way our way. a couple of showers towards the shenandoah valley. trying to move in to fauquier county. the best chance to see shower activity this evening. that's going to be about it. here it is. i have not made any changes to the forecast. 95 tomorrow and not quite as humid tomorrow. 30% chance of an afternoon thunderstorm tomorrow evening but a good downpour or two. saturday and sunday, less humid. i think we could still get out and about on saturday and sunday. it won't
6:58 pm
the humidity is not nearly as bad today. the hottest day of the year. >> less humid next weekend. >> there you go. we'll take that. >> that's our broadcast
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breaking news tonight. horror in france. massive panic as a truck slams into a crowd celebrating bastille day. tonight awful scenes of carnage. reports of many dead. and a major police operation is under way and fears it could be terrorism. wild veepstakes drama. more breaking news as donald trump picks a running mate. a roller coaster day hours from the big reveal. supreme sorry. under fire over comments slamming donald trump, a stunning walk-back from justice ruth bader ginsburg. road rage alarm. so common it's now involved in over half of fatal accidents. and law enforcement is concerned. and how accurate are all those fitness trackers millions wear everywhere they go? our correspondent tried them and came up with some surprising


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