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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, republican civil war. the gop convention erupts into chaos. pandemonium has never trump forces mount a wild fight to stop him. and donald trump's campaign manager slams those republicans not appearing here. kasich is embarrassing his state. tonight kasich responds in an exclusive interview with nbc news. mind of a killer who targeted an assassinated police officers in baton rouge. inside his twisted history. olympics bombshell, the world's anti-doping agency calls for the entire russian team to be banned from rio. unprecedented in the history of the games. and center stage, she could be the next first lady of the united states, tonight melania trump steps
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into the biggest spotlight of her life. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: the republican national convention, this is "nightly news with lester holt," reporting tonight from cleveland. good evening, the stop trump movement if not doa, a dramatic strart to the republican national convention. an old-fashioned floor fight, but it may be the last gasp of a movement that has dogged trump during the primaries. it's enough to highlight the deep divisions in the party even now in what is a celebration of unity. our team is all here, we're going to kick off our coverage with more on today's drama and nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: drama, like we haven't seen in decades. >> delegates who have
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[000:01:59;00] >> reporter: a revolt from grass roots republicans, forcing a furious floor fight. the entire colorado delegation walking off. >> they cheated. i mean that's what you just saw, you saw them violate their own rules. >> this is not a meeting of the republican national committee. this is a meeting of brown shirts. >> reporter: all of it airing live, exactly what the trump campaign had hoped to avoid. have we seen anything like this before in recent memory? >> well, not since maybe 1976. so that goes way back. so there are now a lot of angry delegates. >> reporter: brushed off by the campaign, as a disgruntled minority, they hope to undercut him by showing how unpopular he is. about six in ten republicans not satisfied with the nominee. some republicans not showing up at all. not on stage, any of
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the bush family, vacationing, vulnerable senators skipping out. john mccain on the campaign trail instead. >> besides it's a lot nicer here than cleveland. with all due respect to cleveland. >> reporter: in a week meant to bring the party together, far from a unifying start as trump's top aid hits former rival and fellow republican john kasich, ohio's governor who will not attend. >> he's making a big mistake. >> he chose not to and we think that's a wrong decision. >> embarrassing decision, quite frankly. >> reporter: bob dole, who endorsed trump will be here, the only former gop nominee to attend, telling nbc's andrea mitchell. >> they decided not to come. so that's their choice. but i bet they watch it on tv. >> reporter: more than unity, this week's also about proving trump is presidential material, stronger on national security, which is why speakers tonight will hammer hillary clinton on benghazi, the focus on law and order, and true to trump form, a little show biz on the
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side >> trump comes from television, and so i understand the kind of life he's lived and being in business and being a ceo so i have always looked up to him. >> reporter: as what's typically a party infomercial, donald trump selling himself. a lot of the action came from the colorado delegation, sitting about as far from the stage as you can possibly get, maybe no coincidence that this is their view of melania trump who will be headlining tonight. donald trump introducing her. nontraditional to see the candidate on night one, but then a lot of his campaign has been unconventional. >> and governor john kasich is laughing off the suggestion that he's embarrassing his state by skipping the convention. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, he defended his decision, and he questioned what the decision will go over well with ohio voters. this afternoon just blocks from the que arena, governor john
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kasich, thanking police for operation. but this the governor told me this is about ass close as he plans to get to the convention itself. his mind made up. if donald trump called you right now and said bygones be bygones, would that make any difference? >> we can't be attacked by muslims and hispanics and trying to shut down trade and not caring about the debt. those are all problems for me. i don't hold any personal animus towards trump. we are just two companies that have different values, different directions and different philosophies. >> you know what? he's making a big mistake. >> paul manafort campaign chairman for donald trump said today that you are embarrassing your state by your failure to participate in the convention, does that offend you? >> i heard that and i laughed. look, ohio's doing great, and people in the state, at least today still like me and that's just
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politics. >> some might be scratching their heads wondering, is this a tacit endorsement of hillary clinton's canning d candidacy? >> my issue with hillary clinton, is she panders. every time we turn around she's pandering another group. that's not what we need in this country, we need to come together with real solutions, stop dividing people, stop scapegoating people and let's come together as real leadership. >> can donald trump win in ohio? >> i think its hard if you don't have unifying message. it's too difficult to win. so if you're not a unifier, it's a real challenge. part of our conversation with governor kasich today, he said it's too early to know whether he will make another
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white house run in 2020. with us here and conventions, chuck todd and savannah guthrie here. chuck let me start with you, we saw that never trump movement flare up. >> it could linger because of how they started their day, and i go back to this kasich situation, here they are trying to get the party united, but the campaign chairman for the presumptive nominee sill, takes a shot at the presumptive candidate. but that doesn't send a unifying message. there's a lot of delegates here who feel like their votes were squashed. so they got to be careful here that it doesn't build. this addition unity is sort of always sitting on a nice edge. they've got to hope that's not adding fuel
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to the fire. vp campaign, the conventions are another. i think donald trump has an opportunity and a need to state an affirmative message for himself. we have seen in opinion poll after opinion poll that hillary clinton has very high negative ratings, so in that sense that work is zone for the trump campaign, but he needs to convince people that he's up to the job. i saw a poll recently, 60% of those asked, didn't even think he was qualified to hold the office of president. as the drama plays out inside the arena, outside there is drama as well. concern about safety and security and a heavy police presence,
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nbc's stephanie gosk is at one of those rallies. stephanie gosk is at one of those rallies. >> reporter: this is one of the largest demonstrations that we have seen today, instead of the thousands of people that were predicted, there really are only hundreds here, but you get a sense of how police have been handling the protesters throughout the day as well. really standing on the side and allowing these rallies to take place and then end very naturally. there have only been two arrests and we have been looking for people carrying guns as well. there were fears with ohio's open carry that there would be more people. we have seen from across the political spectrum, a group of bikers from across the country, pro trump as well as black lives matter activists, but any fears that this is going to erupt into violence the first day of the convention, so far seem unwarranted. lester? meantime trump's rival hillary clinton is throwing some counter punches, speaking at the naacp annual convention, she said that donald trump will worsen the divide in this country. she also criticized him for declining to
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speak at that event. she also talab the shootings by police saying, quote, this madness has to stop. this brings us to another major story we're following, the ambush that killed three police officers in baton rouge, louisiana. police say these officers were targeted and assassinated. we're learning more about the shooter from what he left behind on social media. >> reporter: today in chilling detail, authorities describe how gavin long, on his 29th birthday targeted cops. >> this was a diabolical attack on the very fabric of society. >> reporter: just before 9:00 a.m. sunday, about a mile from baton rouge police headquarters, long was carrying two rifles and a # 9 millimeter handgun. he walked up to a police car and shot
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thre shooting them at close range and killing them. >> shots fired, officer down. >> reporter: the gunman then ran, before stopping to shoot other officers. a s.w.a.t. team finally shot him dead from 100 yards away. >> i could not be prouder of my s.w.a.t. team, we have been questioned about our militarized tactics because we are up against a force that is not playing by the rules. >> reporter: a former marine sergeant, long once deployed to iraq for six months. >> because i'm an alpha male. >> reporter: one of his recent youtube videos advocated violence after the police-involved shooting of alton sterling in baton rouge two weeks ago. >> these shootings 100% have been successful through fighting back. >> reporter: long recently posted video of himself walking the streets of dallas, just three days after five cops were shot and killed in that city. >> why did he come to baton rouge? why did he pick baton rouge? why did he pick that location right there? >> reporter: tonight
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tributes are flooding in for those brad garofalo, matthew gerald, a rookie, and matthew jackson, a ten-year veteran of the police force and a new father. >> he died serving baton rouge. i just hope we can come together as one. >> reporter: a sheriff's deputy was injured in this lot was shot in the head and the stomach, tonight he remains in critical condition. and authorities across the country are on alert. police in ft. worth, baltimore and new york are patrolling in pairs. overseas, some terrifying moments aboard a train in germany, where police say a suspect with an ax and a knife attacked passengers, severely injuring at least three of them. ten to 20 others have nonlife threatening injuries. a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed the attacker, described as a 17-year-old afghan refugee. a third police officer has been found not guilty in a case that sparked riots in baltimore. now the highest ranking officer to be
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acquitted in freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury in police custody last year. six officers were charged, two have yet to be tried, one of the cases resulted in mistrial. at the white house today, president obama awarded the medal of honor to a hero chopper pilot from the vietnam war. retired army lieutenant colonel charles kettles is credited with saving the lives of 44 u.s. troops during a 1967 ambush, including eight soldiers that couldn't reach the evacuation helicopters. kettles and his crew swooped in and took mortar shots and enemy gun fire and saved all eight in their damaged chopper. there's a lot more to tell you about here tonight. that olympics bombshell, where one team, one of usa's top rivals will be banned from rio after stunning allegations of cheating. and melania's moments, surprising before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. we're back from cleveland, and three weeks until another big event in rio. today independent investigators dropped a bombshell confirming allegations of state sponsored ping by russia. what may be the biggest doping scandal in the history of sports. is will the announce was quickly followed by a call for the russians to be banned from the games. a monumental decision that could come any
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day. >> could it be the dream of a russian sweep? yes, it is. gold. >> reporter: russia's dominance in sochi was fueled by performance-enhancing drugs, according to an independent investigation released today. >> it's going to be a russian celebration, yes, it is. >> reporter: now the world anti-doping agency says russia should be barred from the summer olympics. the report saying the cheating was sanctioned by the highest levels of government. >> the laboratory was fueled by doped rush shachb athle -- russians within a state directed fail safe system. >> reporter: moscow's former anti-doping agency shows where russia cheated. the russians are said to have built a mouse hole, where dirty samples were passed through, emptied and replaced with clean samples. >> it's a level of corruption at the olympic games that we can't tolerate. >> reporter: it's now
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up to the international olympics co a ban would be unprecedented. today russia's president said the report is based on the testimony of one man. >> reporter: for katie ulander who lost bronze to a rush shachb russian by .004 of a second, it's been a long time coming. >> when i lost, i was heart broken, but it was more for my country. >> reporter: now with just 18 days until rio, the decision to keep russian athletes away from competition, could come as early as tomorrow. when we come back, she's rarely heard on the campaign trail, but tonight she will be the star of the rnc, melania trump takes center stage. the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal.
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making the case for her husband. here n >> reporter: we have seen her, poised, sometimes fierce, always stunning. at debate after debate. but tonight, melania trump will diver into the political deep end, with a prime time speech expected to focus on her husband's softer side, as a family man. they met in the late 1990s. >> my supermodel, where's my supermodel, melania. >> reporter: married in 2005. she had rarely spoken on the road this year, by passing the role of character witness for her husband on the campaign trail, for mother to their 10-year-old son baron in new york. >> i like to keep a life as normal as possible for my son baron. >> reporter: normal hardly seems the right word. young baron, his mother said in parenting magazine, has his own floor in the three-floor trump
7:23 pm
penthouse. she's not your typical stt a successful model since she was 16, she posed in the buff on a fur rug on the cover of british "gq." but there is more than meets the eye, she speaks five languages, having grown up in then communist yugoslavia. >> she has to be the straight arrow to his zigs and zags. >> reporter: an interview for "harper's bazaar" last fall. what's your overall impression? >> she's not an ad libber, she's not a comedian, and she strikes me as somebody who's very patient with her husband's antics. >> reporter: her only public advice to her husband has been to suggest he tweet less, advice he seems to not have taken. >> i tell him what i think, sometimes he listens, sometimes she doesn't. >> reporter: she would be the first foreign
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born first lady since john quincy adams wife teresa. called her the silent partner. tonight that changes. when we come back, some final thoughts from tom brokaw on this evening's republican national convention. we'll be back. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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finally tonight, partisan than one of these conventions. it's each party's chance to kind of show the world how they want to be seen, what they're all about. sometimes it's fun to step away from the politics and take in the pageantry, the choreography, the awkwardness sometimes. it's k50i67ind of the way democracy is sometimes. tom brokaw, who's been to a lot of these conventions, so much history, our democracy, so much is built upon these pillars, but could this convention turn history on its ear in some form or fashion? >> the gop used to be the party of captains of industry and old money, and richard nixon took it to the south, reagan to the west. now a lot of the establishment republicans are staying home, not going to be here because they can't support him. but he's created another constituency,
7:28 pm
that will be the test. >> and when you look and democratic conventions of old. >> there's a certain ritualistic quality about it. the test is whether you can make what you do here endure, not just because of the setting, but because of the politics and the philosophy that you bring to this great race for the presidency. >> we're going to let our viewers know that our prime time coverage of the republican national convention, starts at 10:00 eastern time, we hope you can join us, for now that's going to do it for us on this monday night. i'm lester holt, for all of us here at nbc news, thank you for watching and good
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night from cleveland. the camera crew filmed him speaking to taylor. >> i feel like me and taylor might still have sex. >> i'm really glad that you -- >> all of a sudden she flipped.


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