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tv   Today  NBC  July 19, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. stolen words? were some of melania trump's words on the night of the openings your words is your -- >> your word is your bond and you say what you say you are going to do. >> the only limit to the height of your achievements. >> is the strength of your dreams -- >> the is reach of your dreams -- >> and your willingness to work hard for them. >> just hours earlier mrs. trump telling matt she wrote it herself. >> i wrote it with a little help as possible. o
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trump's rock star-like entrance to cleveland. it today, tuesday 19th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition of "today" at the republican national convention with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from cleveland. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. here we are. day two of the convention. we're right here on the floor of the quicken loans arena. >> no surprises. we're talking about the speech that melania trump delivered to this convention last night. we knew we would do that on tuesday morning. what we didn't realize is we would talk about a couple portions of that speech lifted almost word for word from a speech that michelle obama delivered back in 2008. >> mrs. trump said it wouldn't
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excitement but this is probably not what they had in mind. >> here to break it down is peter alexander across from us at the q. peter, good morning to you. >> i was on the convention floor last night as melania trump delivered that speech. it was widely praised when she wrapped it up, but less than an hour later the conversation quickly turned. it was first on twitter about poised to plagiarism. >> donald trump introducing his wife to the republican faithful for her primetime speech. >> but that was quickly overshadowed about similarities between melania trump's marks and michelle obama's age. >> from a young age my parents impressed on me the values for
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worth is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise, that you treat people with respect. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you are going to do, that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> because we want our children in this nation to know that your only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> earlier an exclusive interview with matt lauer, melania trump
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largely crafted the speech -- >> i wrote it and with a little help as possible. >> overnight donald trump ignoring the controversy, treating her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible, very proud. melania's team of writers took notes on her life's inspiration, and in some instances included fragment, and donald trump jr. givi giving her a good review. >> i am sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and by the clinton campaign. >> many of the speakers sharing a common target,
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clinton. >> yes, that's right. lock her up. >> including an emotional appearance by the mother of an american killed in benghazi. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son, personally. >> and it was a chaotic opening day. the rnc and trump's allies steam rolling an anti-trump bash. >> a vote they were bound to lose, but would give them an opportunity to register their dissatisfaction. >> they just blatantly violated their own rules. >> overnight, president obama's former speechwriter weighed in accusing.
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>> again, this morning, the campaign manager from donald trump is defending melania trump saying there is no cribbing of michelle obama's speech, and she cares about her family. >> peter, thank you very much. >> let's chew this over from analyst, nicole murphy and mr. wallace. it's not watergate. there's no evidence that she herself is responsible for any phraeupblgerrism, but what does this schedule about the campaign. what do you think this does to the convention? >> if you look at the first opening 24 hours, the first move was a war with the governor, and then we rolled into the speech writing team who i don't think it's going to be on the campaign anymore. what counts is trump's speech later, and that's the big
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moment. if they do good, it will help them. >> and if that begins with ask not what your country can do for you -- >> not a joke in the cycle, though. >> let's talk about what paul manafort said, there was no cribbing and copying, and he doubled down. do you agree with that strategy? >> i do not. you never subject a spouse to that. you get a spouse in and out of the spotlight like that. instead of letting her get in and out of the scandal quickly they are going to guarantee the campaign spends all day talking about whether or not she play jury rised. >> no doubt in my mi put those words on that piece of paper was aware of what michelle
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>> similar stories but it looked like someone read that text and it stuck. >> there was a lot of red meat for the base. is it good strategy? >> chuck todd called it raw red meat. it was fiery stuff. just like everything the trump campaign has done so far, it was incredibly uneven. there was wrenching moments that had people wiping their tears and compelling stories, and the lone survivor gave a great speech and it was also marked with across the line rhetoric, so i am not sure and i don't know if we will see until it ends how it was received. >> the problem with last night is we need a horn to blow and explain the primary is over, and we are still doing primary raw meat which is great we get and lose with, and we need to expand the party.
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>> they wanted the roll call vote on voting your conscience, and they lose because of it. is that the last gasp of the never trump movement or do they have other opportunities over the next few days. >> they have other optic opportunities. they still have the power to do disruption, because the truth is this is the most down beat convention i have been to for a long time, not a lot of delegate excitement. >> what grade do you give the entrance? >> a-plus. never seen anything that before. >> i think david copperfield will sue. too vegas for me. >> as we mentioned, we spoke exclusively to the trumps when they arrived in cleveland, and mr. trump invited us on to the plane where we talked about a number of things including his wife's speech. >> welcome to cleveland. >> thank y
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>> is it surreal to finally be here? we talked about this week for so long. >> i think it's just a great feeling and a great accomplishment but the real accomplishment, and you know what it is, make america great again, and that's what i am doing it for and why i am doing it. >> already there has been a couple contentious moments, and i am sure you heard about this. what is your reaction? >> that was not a role about me, and that was about changing rules in the year 2020. we got more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party. it's never happened like this, and i think the press liked to build it up, but it really was about rules changes for 2020. >> so much violence in the country in the last couple of weeks, people are on edge and tense and you add to that the passion t
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political debate and there are people who truly afraid things could boil over in cleveland. would you be willing to everybody making a speech involved in the convention and say tone down the rhetoric. >> i think it's going to be a great rhetoric and also going to be law and order, we need law and order in the country. >> can you say no personal attacks, no vitriol, keep it civil? >> i think to a large extent, it is a convention, after all, and when you say civil, we can't be too civil when you have a situation like hillary clinton with all that she has done and all of the mistakes that she has made, so they will be brought up. i think it will be very civil. >> i watched your interview on "60 minutes" with mike pence and one of the things that came up in that was his vote tphft iraq war, and you said everybody is entitled to make a mistake. you have been hammering secretary
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vote, and you have lost the right to do that. >> no. >> what is different about her versus pence? >> she is wrong on the war and syria and everything and she has bad judgment and bernie sanders said it, and i said it also, and bernie sanders said she suffered from bad judgment and she also suffered from bad instincts. >> your campaign manager picked a fight with the governor of the state and he criticized him for not showing up and he is embarrassing the state of ohio. do you agree? >> well, look, he signed a pledge, number one. honestly, he got beaten so badly, i won, and i guess, 37 states and even more than that, and he won one and if i got beaten that badly i wouldn't show up either. >> do you want to pick a
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>> he may not be popular after the convention. >> is he embarrassing -- >> i love ohio. >> last thing, what do you want to come out of this week. you get to start it off tonight, mrs. trump, what would be a success for you? >> we want security and safety for all americans and also people around the world. what is going on now, it's not acceptable. we need love and compassion and kindness to bring us altogether. >> again, that was the trump's yesterday moments after they touched down here at the airport in cleveland. just ahead, we will get chris christie's take on this when he joins us live. you can catch the convention tonight 7:00 pacific time. >> and hillary clinton was out on the campaign train normally, and during the candidates lie
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convention, and during her speech hillary clinton spoke about donald trump and the importance of voter registration. there's another huge story this morning. the international olympic committee holding emergency talks over a bombshell fireman allegation over wide stayed doping. bill neely has that story. >> this could be the biggest doping scandal in history, and if you read it in a spy tphoef
7:15 am
novel. >> when russia did badly at the vancouver winter games in 2010 -- >> russia fails to advance. >> dope and cover it up. and it worked. >> could it be the dream of a russian sweep. >> and russia dominated the games in sochi, and the success was driven by performance enhancing drug taking covered up by the state according to the anti-doping investigators that find that russia's sports ministry directed, controlled and over saw the agency. >> the soefpy law tore tree operated a unique sample swapping methodology. >> it's alleged the russianed carved a hole
7:16 am
kwraourin, samples. showcase, implied the u.s. directed the report. the olympic movement could find itself on the brink of division. katie lost >> and lost on a medal to a russian. >> and the fact that the system is taking a stand and doing something, makes me proud and even more motivated to continue doing what i am doing. >> the rio games are 17 days away, and the international olympic committee promised the toughest sanctions available, and that could mean a total russian ban. >> and that committee is meeting right now, and we may get a decision shortly. the cheating covered 30 sports, so it's very hard to see how a russian ban f
7:17 am
avoided whether that comes in the next hour or next week. matt, savannah? >> a huge story. thank you. >> amazing to think russia hosted the olympics just two shorts years ago. let's get a check on the weather. mr. roker, you down there? >> yeah, we are down on the floor, and you can see all the sky booths, and just a short while ago folks were cheering on lebron james and the cavs. here's america samoa, and where is ohio, they are over there. they are right next to the american -- the northern mayor yawna islands. they got pushed off to the side. this is the vip sweet right here, and of course it has the nice five gold stars, and tiffany trump was in there, and mike spence, and bob dole, who is going to be
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well, we will shave to wait and see. meantime, talking about a lot of heat. a hot spot here, and a lot of dangerous heat here across the country. and it stretches all the way to texas up to the north and it's going to expand out as the big dome of high pressure takes over, and upper level high and hot sinking air inside the dome. temperatures are going to feel warmer. look at the wide swath that will feel like 90 plus, and an even wider swath the areas in pink, feel like 100, bismarck to jackson, and more of the same tomorrow, and as we move into wednesday and thursday, the heat will continue to feel well over 100 degrees, and dangerous heat, and lasting right on into the weekend. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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a comfortable start outside this morning, and there are a few light rain showers across parts of howard and montgomery county move into northern fairfax and a few rumbles of thunder in parts of shenandoah as well. a quick shower chance this morning and another opportunity for a stray thundershower later today and nowhere near the coverage of storms we had yesterday. toda
7:20 am
degrees, and less humid tomorrow. coming up, new jersey governor, chris christie, will join us live for an exclusive interview, and we will get a take on melania's speech and his speech and everything else that has to do with his convention. >> three things you need to know about trump's children. but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. r. first this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the terrible mistake that house speaker, paul ryan, made on day one of the rnc.
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crowded in that lane, but not a huge delay. we have our typical delays but heavy and slow trying to move the stretch back down towards austin hill, but nothing is in the way. back to you. a check on your forecast is next.
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a little sunshine and clouds mixed earlier this morning, and temperatures in the low to mid-70s now, and storm team radar showing light rain from columbia to montgomery county and a few sprinkles from leesburg to winchester as well, and these are sliding to the south and east and i couldn't rule out a quick rain shower or two, and just sort of getting you wet and making you mad, and then temperatures back up to near 90 eg
7:29 am
today stand at 30%, and then for tomorrow, cooler and less humid and highs in the 80s and the extended forecast, temperatures near 100 both days this weekend. >> thank you, chuck. another update in 25 minutes.
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back now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 19th of july, 2016. a look inside the q in cleveland, the home of the republican national convention this week. >> let's set the scene here. we're inside the quicken loans arena. matt calls it the q because he thinks this town is cool. the home of the we are at the home of the champion cleveland cavaliers. and today's theme, make america work again. they are offering their vision of how to create jobs and boost the economy. >> speaker paul ryan is here and chris christie, and we will talk to governor christie
7:31 am
and then two of donald trump's children, his youngest daughter, tiffany, and oldest son, junior. >> and some sections of melania's speech, take a listen. >> you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise, that you treat people with respect. >> you work hard for what you want in life, and that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you are going to do, that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> because we want our children and all children in
7:32 am
to know that the only limit to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> as we mentioned, new jersey governor, chris christie set to take the stage, and he was the first of donald trump's former republican rivals to endorse him and was in contention to be his running mate as well. >> good to be here. >> you heard the speech from melania trump and you heard portions and remember portions of michelle obama's speech from 2008, and could you make -- >> not when 93% of the speech is completely different than michelle obama's speech, and they expressed common thoughts. >> almost word for word. >> listen, matt, the first day of the convention is the worst day and everybody gets restless and the delegates and the media about something to cover and a controversy to talk about, and i think after tonight we won't be talking about this and we will v
7:33 am
>> it might be small potatoes and does it signal anything about the staff work of the campaign, the fact that something like this might slip through the cracks? >> they are trying to do a lot of things at one time, and i know melania, and i think she worked very hard on the speech and a lot of what i heard last night sounded very much like her and the way she speaks about donald all the time and having been friends with them for 14 years, that sounded like her last night, and i think it's important that the americans get a picture of her relationship with her husband. >> you were the keynote speaker of the republican convention four years ago and tonight i know you hoped to be here in a different role, and so much as been written, governor, since you were not chosen, and some of the articles say you were angry and one said you were livid at not being chosen. >> the truth is i never expected
7:34 am
my 14-year relationship with donald, he knows i will be there for him and he has been there for me over the course of our relationship, and i don't want to sugar coat it, though, of course you are disappointed. you wake up the next morning and you get on with your day. >> i want to go one step further, and a lot were saying it's less about whether you would have made a great pairing and it was more personal, and there was a conflict with jared in the campaign, is that true? >> listen, i understand this is a shakespearen thing to write about, but it has not been my experience since i endorsed donald at the end of february. >> we want to talk about your speech tonight and what you have
7:35 am
reports that pence got the call and on thursday morning you were still taking calls from trump himself, and did you mislead you and make you feel you were still in the running? >> i was never confuse pwd anything, and donald made his choice official on friday morning, and he spoke to me and i completely understood the choice that he made and i support mike, you know, we have been governors together and i campaigned hard for him in 2012 and i am really happy donald picked a governor, and if it was not me i am glad -- >> that's what he told the press, you were still in the running? >> we understood each other perfectly as we usually do. >> when you take to the podium tonight, will you speak as the former candidate or the governor of new jersey, and were you speaking about a former
7:36 am
>> yes. >> what is going to happen most of the time? >> tonight what you will see is somebody who has experience in the courtroom and knows how to make a case. >> what case do you want to make? >> i will wait for tonight to make the case, but tonight donald trump is ready to be the president of the us and perhaps his opponent will not. >> will it be a pro trump speech or anti-hilary speech? >> we'll find out tonight. >> i know i won't be a governor again. i know at one time i said i would rather commit suicide than be in the senate -- >> i see the bumper stickers now. >> at this point, i don't have any plans to run for public office again, but you never know where life is going to bring you and i never t
7:37 am
bring me to this spot, so you don't know where it's going to come. >> it didn't work out in becoming the running mate, and there could be other opportunities, an attorney general spot and chief of staff spot and would you want an active role in the administration. >> it would depend on what was offered to me, matt. if donald won and offered something where i could contribute to our country, and you have to remember, i have two children at home and uprooting them to washington, d.c. would be something where i think i could contribute something to the country, and i am not just looking for a job because i think i can handle that in one way or another. we'll take a turn now, and mr. roker has a check of the weather. hey, al. >> guys, good to see everybody. of course this floor is going to be, by the end of the convention, inundated with
7:38 am
where do they keep them? up there, in the ceiling. that's right. talk about hot air. it's not helium, but they were filled up by a bunch of volunteers, and there's also a half of ton of confetti and a disco ball. that's right. let's party like it's the '70s. can't wait. let's show you what is going on as far as your weather is concerned especially here in cleveland for the rest of the convention, and we're looking really at picture-perfect weather, and getting toasty as we get towards thursday with a high of 91 degrees. we're also looking at storms developing as warm and humid air moves in through the southeast and showers and thunderstorms develop in the afternoon and evening hours, nothing too horrible, but we are looking at more wet weather through the southeast as the cold front pushes through. that's what is going on around the country and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods.
7:39 am
northwest washington this morning and temperatures in the 70s, 76 in washington, and 70 in lorton, and 70 degrees in baltimore. there have been a few light rain showers here moving into southern parts of montgomery county, and nothing all that heavy and these showers are drying up as they come down to the south and to the east, and no more than a random drop or two, and there's a 30% chance of another shower later this afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up next, tiffany and donald trump, jr., getting their spotlight tonight, and three things that might surprise you. ? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
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7:44 am
speech, donald trump's children are set to open up the convention tonight. here are a few things you need to know about them. good morning. >> good morning, savannah and matt. the convention floor is very empty at this hour, of course, but it will be another packed house tonight as delegates arrive to watch the speakers that will include two of the trump kids. can you bet there will be scrutiny when tiffany and donald trump, jr. take the stage. donald helps to run the campaign, and tiffany is a college grad. here are things you may not know about each of them. two trumps will take the stage just 24 hours after melania's controversial spot in the spotlight. >> is your speech written? >>
7:45 am
>> i have the gift of raising her away from the spotlight. she's not grown up in the trump. >> tiffany was named for that tiffany, the one on fifth avenue, and trump telling the new york times as after his daughter's birth, he always liked the name. >> tiffany is different than how people perceive her, let's say, in her instagram, and she looks like a fun-loving pretty good and there's more to her than that, and she is very stoodyious. stoodious. >> and fact number three, she's a registered democrat, and so are his family members. as for don junior,
7:46 am
avid hunter, sometimes facing fire for the exotic game he hunts. >> he says it's his right to do it and pays for it, and it's not like he is breaking laws. >> a father of five, don jr. has his own father to thank for introducing him to his wife of 11 years, vanessa. and trump senior as matchmaker. now it's donald junior and tiffany making their own introducti introduction. >> everybody is going to be poised and grateful. >> this is where tiffany and donald trump watched the speech last night and it will be interesting, we often hear from donald trump jr. on the campaign, and tiffany, not so much, and this will be an opportunity for them to get into the spotlight. >> just ahead, the one man kwraoupb nights t c
7:47 am
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>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 7:56 is your time on this tuesday, july 19th, 2016. good morning to you. i am eun yang. >> let's check on your commute with wtop's jack taylor. >> we had a trouble spot at branch avenue at m street, all traffic was being diverted through the area but now all lanes are open. orange and silver and blue line, there was an obstruction. and back to you. we will take a quick break and check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
over the next 40 years, the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and really, really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. and citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities, so we are now working in chicago and in washington d.c. and newark. its amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society.
7:59 am
good morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s to nearly 80 degrees already, and 80 in arlington, and 77 at dulles airport, and we had a couple light rain showers out here, leesburg to winchester to parts of clark and warren counties, and nothing heavy just a raindrop or two, and a 30% chance of rain again later this afternoon. another news update for you in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show after this short break.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, convention controversy. melania trump under fire this morning after being accused of stealing parts of michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. >> your word is your bond, and you do what you say. >> your word is what you say that you do what you say you are going to do. >> how the campaign is responding this morning as we are live from the rnc in cleveland. plus, food for thought. are you making mistakes at the supermarket. dr. oz swings by to help us understand the trickiest food levels. >> from brides made to bride. how pippa middleton may be
8:01 am
heading down the aisle herself. ♪ >> we love the "today" show. >> all of the way from argentina. ♪ good morning, everybody. good morning, everybody. we are inside cleveland quicken loans arena, this is the home of the republican national convention, and i think it's currently 58 degrees inside. >> i guess the theory is once they fill it with 15 or 16,000 people, it heats up perfect.
8:02 am
to that. the highly anticipated and very rare speed from donald trump's wife, melania, and it's sporting controversy this morning, and peter alexander here again with the latest this. >> matt and savannah, good morning. as melania trump said herself, it would not be a trump contest without excitement and drama but this is not the excitement or drama the campaign was looking for, and melania trump is used to turning heads but this time for the wrong reasons. the unmistakable silhouette, our first glimpse of donald trump on the stage where he will deliver the biggest speech of his life, and a spotlight few can steal but on monday night melania did just that, and she showed a few words can have a big impact. she is raising eyebrows,
8:03 am
2012 speech. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say are you tkpwo going to do -- >> you treat people will respect? >> earlier, melania trump told matt you wrote her own speech. >> i read once over it and that's all, because i wrote it, and with that a little help as possible. >> and overnight, donald trump ignoring the controversy competing her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible, very proud. melania's team of righters took notes on her life's inspirati s inspirations. on the convention's opening night, guiliani
8:04 am
defending donald trump. >> i am sick and tired of it. this is a good man. >> and other republicans showing their support by casting hillary clinton as a common enemy including the emotional appearance of a parent whose son was killed in benghazi. the loudest protest not in the streets, but a floor fight among fellow republicans not seen in 40 years, but now with the nomination locked up the campaign facing trerb accusations as donald junior prepares to give his own speech tonight. e you ready? >> i think so. >> reporter: the trump campaign trying to focus attention on tonight's theme, make america work again. among those scheduled speakers, two candidates that donald trump beat to get here. chris christie and ben carson and two more
8:05 am
tiffany, and son donald trump jr. >> let's remind people you can find more coverage of this convention throughout the day on msnbc and live in prime time 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific also on nbc. a lot of other stories making headlines. sheinelle holding down the fort. gabe, good morning. >> good morning. investigators state gunman drove here to baton rouge from his home in kansas city and spent a few days here, and they believe he may have had other targets if a s.w.a.t. team had not taken him down. this morning a clearer picture is emerging of gavin long. >> this was a diabolical attack on the very fabric of society. >> you see the deputy and he
8:06 am
>> authorities describing in chilling detail how he targeted cops, sneaking up behind three officers and shooting them at close range and then running and oepg fire again before a s.w.a.t. team took him down. >> sounded like a war was going on out here, like a complete war. >> and brown saw the tkpwubman dressed in black and took cover. >> do you believe the officers saved your life? >> i do. >> he called himself cosmo. >> i am an alpha male. >> and recently videoed himself walking the streets of dallas just after the officers were shot and killed there. now baton rouge this morning, mourning its own loss. >> i want everybody to know
8:07 am
hope we can come together as one. >> as the investigation is under way here at police headquarters, one of the three wounded officers has been released from the hospital and a sheriff's deputy remains in critical condition and he was trying to radio in the license plate when she was shot in the head and stomach. claiming responsibility for a bloody attack on monday that injured at least five people in germany. the attacker was identified as a 17-year-old asylum seeker. officials say he may have been self radicalized and an had painted isis flag was found in his room, and police shot and killed him when he ran on the train and flashed a woman on the platform. and then wanting to rehear a case, and that tie
8:08 am
lower court ruling blocking the plan to shield up to 4 million immigrants from being deported. the court has been one justice short since the death of anthony scalia in february. and then a teen pilot hoping to inspire others to pursue their dream, and he became the youngest african-american to fly 8,000 miles around the continental of the united states. let's go back to matt and savannah in cleveland. >> thank you very much. just ahead, why it might have been a bad idea for the house speaker, paul ryan, to wave that towel here in
8:09 am
cleveland. plus the actor who just showed off his guitar skills during a surprise performance with cold play. you can't come to cleveland without talking about lebron james. why the nba superstar means so much to this city, but first these messages. for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking. a mercedes-benz concept car that's already a reality. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪
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at least he's not constable bob. freshly made in the tokyo-japanese tradition, each batch is small. special. unique... every bowl blurring the line between food...and art. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get $30 off your first delivery all right. we're back in cleveland. got to do "trending" everybody. politics flavor today. >> big politics flavor. we started an experiment around here not long ago. we asked people to write down their election confessions on post-its and upload their
8:13 am
here are some of the best confessions. quote, i have only voted for myself. i write in my name on every single line if i promise really hard to be chill, we won't need to be a president. here's another one. i vote because i like the stickers. and possibly, here's the most honest one of all. i know absolutely nothing about what is going on, and i am only here to see rascal flatts. post your own election convection at electi and ryan hill, posting on capitol hill with all the interns and some showed a lack of diversity. now speaker ryan is rising eyebrows again, and he
8:14 am
to wave the terrible towel. that's a unmistakable cheer for. >> you couldn't pick a worse team for cleveland. as a dad, sometimes we do kind of goofie things and that embarrassed our kids. sometimes it's intentional, and sometimes unintentional. the dad in this next story, he erred on the unintentional side. james went all out with the theme as seen in this picture here. he's the guy in the middle. nobody else in the picture, though, was dressed in the theme. that's because there was no t
8:15 am
james's daughter, sammy, posted this photo saying my dad got invited to a 60th birthday party and thought it was a '60s party. >> i love him. >> he misread the information, and seems like a super fun guy. >> and they say come in a wild christmas sweater, and you get there and everybody is in a suit and tie. ? >> it was come as you were. i wore overalls and stuff. nobody else did. >> people who have confidence come as christmas trees and the others dress like this. let's go back to new york. carson is joining us with that. >> good morning, guys. we will start with taylor swift. could taylor be
8:16 am
k kanye. >> and to which it sounds like she gives him some sort of approval to use it and those videos could haunt the wests, and there are strict laws on recording conversations. it's a misdemeanor offense to record a misdemeanor without all parties involved. it's still up in the air as to whether or not taylor has plans to file suit. and then one of the most eligible women in britain off the market. got engaged over the weekend. rumors began swirling when it's now confirmed that pippa is indeed engaged to long-time beau, james matthew.
8:17 am
the duke just competed, a congratulations. and then the concert was a little out of the ordinary when chris martin's moses came up on the big screen and put in a special result. >> it's your son, moses martin, and i was wondering if you could play a song from both of our movies, "back to the future." >> please welcome mr. michael j. fox. >> pretty cool. and took the stage alongside coal play playing guitar
8:18 am
good" as it was in "back to the future." could you diagram that taylor and kim kardashian and west feud? >> i will have that tomorrow. >> thank you very much. al, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we have going on. we are talking about heat, dangerous heat, heat index reaching 100 and advisories lasting into the week and 40 million people under some sort of a heat warning, advisory, and heat index shows 105 to 115, and those are willard's maps from ten years ago. i am sorry. >> i get it now.
8:19 am
>> that's what is happening around the country. we had a couple light rain showers a few minutes ago, and they are drying up as they come eastbound here and the last drops near the plains, and in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees already, and highs close to 90 degrees, and in the upper 80s by lunchtime and i am forecasting 90 in downtown washington today, and a chance of a stray thundershower today, and it's hot for the weekend. >> anytime you need weather, go to the weather channel on cable. if you want to really feel the excitement, you have to hit the floor and that's exactly what we did last night. night one, the mood, electric. 2,472 delegates from all 50
8:20 am
>> are you excited to be at the convention? >> i am totally excited to be here at the convention, i can't believe it. >> are you a big, big trump supporter. >> well, yeah, i am really a big trump supporter, huge. >> are you trump all the way? >> he wasn't my first choice, but certainly if you look at the two choices, and that's what we are down to, two choices, and donald trump is head and soldiesoldiehoel shoulders above hillary clinton. >> are you on the same page? >> we better be. republicans sometimes we try to get too smart. >> what would you say to people you know, your friends and neighbors who are on the fence and are not sure? >> get off the tpeps. don't complain, do something. make a choice, if you want to vote for obama again or change the direction of the country and being a black person in america, we have seen the protest and we see the viole a
8:21 am
a person that can bring jobs in our economy, it's that simple. >> are you planning to vote for him in november? >> is that a vote for trump or against hillary clinton? >> against hillary clinton, yeah. >> do you feel like the party is unified or are there still republicans that have misgiveings about him? >> i think there's a lot of people that have questions, but i don't see the division people are talking about. i mean, i see that people want him to act more presidential, and they are not used to somebody being so unscripted. they are not used to somebody just speaking their mind all the time. and being off message, but that's different, and that makes him him. we're going to learn to love it. >> it was so fun mingling with the delegates. it's a big party and it's so
8:22 am
local politics and come here and this is the super bowl. >> there's a lot of excitement in the city for this convention and a lot of smiles in the city on monday because it was reported that nba superstar, lebron james, plan to sign a new contract with the cavaliers. >> it was one month ago today that he led the cavs to their first nba championship, and willie you have more on what makes king james the keupg of the city. >> there's still no question this is lebron's town. at a republican national convention where some delegates are divided on the nominee, there's one man everybody in cleveland can agree on. >> it's over. cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> he was given the nickname, king james as a teenager, and after he won cleveland its first championship since 1964,
8:23 am
official. >> is lebron james the king of cleveland. >> lebron means everything to cleveland. >> it meant so much for the city. we needed it more than everything. you saw how the city erupted after the big win. cleveland's sports talk radio debating what went wrong year after year finally had something to celebrate. >> somehow the sun has shined a little brighter, and i think everybody is so proud the way the team performed, and coming back tpwr 3-1 down,ing and the spotlight that has been on cleveland the day the cavs pulled it out. it's just really been a magical time. >> james was drafted by cleveland out of high school in 2003 and he later left for miami
8:24 am
where he left two titles and left cleveland fans jersey-burning mad. >> now you will be driving down lebron james boulevard as soon as he retires. >> listen to your teachers and do your homework on time. >> even while co-starring in "train wreck." >>. >> he's a champion of the city. a hometown hero. there were plans last month as part of the republican convention to cover the banner of lebron james, and the outcry was so loud they cancelled the
8:25 am
>> cleveland has always been the underdog. it's showing the underdogs can win, and that's what it's all about. >> we love lebron. thank you, lebron, for coming home. >> and talking to the people on the streets yesterday, unless you have grown up in cleveland and lived here your whole life, you cannot understand what that meant. >> they stick with their teams. they are loyal. but get this, it's just icing on the cake. >> cool. >> he'll be here for a while. just ahead from new york, dr. oz breaks down some big changes coming to food. should i say cleveland's own dr. oz. >> the other king of cleveland. first on this tuesday morning, let's get a check of your local news and weather.
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26 on this tuesday, july 18th. let's get a check on your commute right now with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> good morning. i-70 eastbound there's two cars involved in a crash out by exit route 40. you are going to find the far right lane on the roadway the only thing getting by. we have a slowdown after 32 headed towards the incident. and expect residual delays for an earlier track obstruction for metro trail riders. we will have a look at your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. temperatures in the 70s and we will be up near 90 for a temperature this afternoon, and then a
8:29 am
thunderstorm later today and then nice weather wednesday and thursday and turning super hot for the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. can you get the latest news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30 on a friday morning. 19th day of july 2016. we're here in cleveland at the quicken loans arena. the site of the republican national convention. the music you're hearing in the background is not playing here in the arena. that's our way of reminding you about our next big concert coming up on friday. celine dion taking over the plaza. that should be a great one. if you're in new york, come check it out in our 8:30 half hour friday morning. >> just just ahead from here in cleveland, we will get our eat on again. we will sample the famous clam bake here in cleveland and also the polish sandwich. but for now we
8:31 am
to you on the plaza. >> savannah and matt, everybody, we have a huge crowd here. they are feeling neglected because you guys are not here, and they are missing you. come on. missing you. huge crowd from all around the country. atlanta, florida, you name it. >> from all over. they miss you guys. we do have dr. oz with us on the low down on understanding hard to understand food labels. big changes on the way. >> we'll talk to jean chatzky about the most common sources of money related fights between spouses. >> and david boudia is here. we'll talk about what's going on as he tries to repeat in rio. >> first, we'll send it back over to al roker in cleveland for a check of the weather. >> this is about more heat coming, and it's freezing in here. once we get outside, a lot of folks in cleveland and really much
8:32 am
plains and gulf coast, looking at record-setting heat. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms through the southeast today. out west, the weather is going to be fairly nice. clear skies and moderate temperatures. as we move into tomorrow, temperatures will start to warm up out west and the heat will continue to expanded east, where it could be dangerously hot, and the heat indexes well over 105 degrees across a wide swath of the country. we have been dealing with a little light rain earlier this morning and most of the rain drops are drying up and we are seeing plenty of sunshine here in northwest washington. already 80 at national airport, and that 77 in dulles. our temperatures will continue to climb quickly, and we'll top out today in the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees, 90 in downtown, and 90 for a high in fredericksburg and 86 for your high in
8:33 am
cooler and less humid tomorrow but warmer by the weekend. now to the countdown to rio, the 2016 olympic games 17 days away, and on this date 20 years ago one of the most memorable moments took place, muhammad ali. two-time masters champion bubba watson is headed to rio. you might remember his viral hover craft golf cart video a while back. now bubba has a new video that sees his golf game reaching new heights. >> for the first time in 112 years, golf is part of the olympics. that's a big deal. what better time to introduce something exciting for the game.
8:34 am
teaming up with oakley. >> bubba watson on bw air. you're not going up? good to have you here. we started with hover with oakley and your partnership. that was cool on the golf course. tell me about this one. >> we wanted to bring new flare to the game. the hover craft is great. now we can travel over everything. it's fun. the innovation that oakley is creating and what we're coming up with in our crazy minds has been fun to do. they make them down in new zealand. >> they make this thing? it's not a joke. >> they're really making them. first thing they're trying to make them for is responders, police, military, firefighters, things like that. making them in new zealand. go 3,000 feet in the air. 50 miles an hour. it's been fun to do. >> can you see this thing being used in
8:35 am
i'm trying to get one. i'm on the list. i have to figure out my school work to become a pilot. it will be amazing to be part of this. >> it's been cool to watch this partnership with oakley to come up with these fun things. let's talk about the olympics. you're headed to rio. you're the highest ranked golfer representing the united states. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell me what it means to you to represent the u.s. in rio? >> what an honor and privilege. you think about the united states and the flag and what it represents, gives us the freedoms to do the things we want to do, and the men and women that are serving our country, for me just to have a part of that flag for a little bit for one week out of the year and give them something to watch and cheer for no matter how i play or how i perform, just the honor to represent our country in the right way is a thrill of a lifetime. >> there's been issues with some of the health situations over there and other golfers opting not to go. that never entered your mind? >> we had to adopt our kids. the scare of
8:36 am
because of security risks or anything like that. it was a no-brainer for me. as long as i made a team, i was going. >> thank you for representing the united states. good luck. tell other fellas we said that as well. bubba watson. let's go inside to hoda. to major changes from now to major changes from the fda. dr. oz, hello to you. >> good morning to you. >> got to wait until 2018 until the other ones come out. >> they are getting phased in. they are already out there and it will make it easier. >> sometimes i will eat a whole thing of ice cream and i think that's only x calories and it's a lot more. >> today a pint of ice
8:37 am
it's four serving sizes, but really it's one. exactly how much of the ice cream, maybe two-thirds of it. and it could be a 20-oz soda, and that's one serving size. they have to maintain rational thought. it's going to be a lot boulder. >> no sugar, but the key word is added. >> today you don't know if it's added sugar or not. and this is a big problem. >> look how fancy. >> the technology, i love it. it says total sugars. you have that today. they are going to add a little category saying added sugar. just because there's no added sugar, it doesn't mean it's okay. it means they gave you things with
8:38 am
>> do you think people should drink orange juice? people tell me not to drink it, too sweet and sue tkwur? >> i am worried about orange juice and all fruit drinks, and all morning long, get the real fruit. >> reduced fat is low fat. >> this is a big problem for loft people. if i can have a no fat diet, then you are okay. it doesn't mean that. if you have a really fatty food, and it's 25% less fat doesn't make it healthy. and what do they do to get the fat out? >> what do they do? >> they have to put other stuff in there and the best thing for me is actually dairy. 2% dairy, that's fine. you are leaving yourself with only sugar, so you are ruining your
8:39 am
>> there are labels that are head fakes. you see things that say natural and all those sorts of things, right? >> this infuriates me. fda is taking this seriously. natural does not mean organic. it means nothing frankly. it means nothing. pasturized means nothing. you are being tricked. fda is asking for comments on this issue of natural because we read it on food labels. cage free have meaning but not what you think. for example, cage free means they're not in cages but locked in a big cage free means they may be locked in a big barn. organic is the word. >> circle it with that red pen. >> it means something. >> thank you so much. love you, too. you can get dr. oz weekdays, just check your local listings. how to avoid the biggest fights when it comes to mone
8:40 am
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8:42 am
>> back at 8:41 with day two of "her two cents today" all about women and our relationship with money. the first top fights women have about money. hi, jean. we get into tiffs with people. >> you have competing priorities. you need to work it out and get to a compromise. to expect that you're always going to agree is misguided. >> often in relationships one person is the spender and one is the saver. it's hard to resolve that. >> and we're wired that way. for some people spending is a pleasurable experience. for some people it's painful. they tend to attract. opposites do attract in this way. you need to make a plan about the big th.
8:43 am
for us? we want to buy a new house. we want to go on vacation. make a road map to get there. revisit the goal every three months. if the big things are taken care of, the little ones work themselves out. >> this is bad for the relationship in general if one person is too controlling. both people need to be able to spend some money on their own and also need to have financial responsibilities so they don't feel lost in the relationship. but if you are feeling like you don't have the ability to take back some of that power because you are not earning an income, for example, you need to sit down with yourself and a computer and figure out how much you would have to spend to replace all those things that you do for your family, and you will not feel that way anymore. >> what a
8:44 am
somebody to say, what did you buy? >> i hate it when they call money that one spouse gives to each other an allowance. stop that. way too parental. you buy shoes, you rip the label off and hide it under the bed and bring them out later and say i always have had these. these old things. >> right. there's a big difference between that, which 42% of our survey takers say they do, and $50,000 in credit card debt which you hid from your spouse. if it's the little things, then you just want to follow the financial autonomy. make sure you have a little money you can spend yourself. come clean and make a plan to deal with it. the lesson of watergate applies. >> it's the cover up, not the crime. you have the risk takerer
8:45 am
>> it's a bad thing not to take any risk and women tended to fall into that one. sit down and figure out how much risk is appropriate. >> finally -- >> lending money to family and friends, or giving it away? >> just give it. if you are in the situation of having already lent it, let the person know there's no more where that came from, and forgive it and move on and do not judge if you want to preserve the relationship. >> i feel better already. tomorrow, tackiling money mistakes. olympic diving champ opens up about his road to rio and trying times along the way, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ back at
8:48 am
boudia. >> he became the first man from the u.s. to win diving in 24 years. now as he gets set to compete in rio, coming out with a new book called "greater than gold let's go back to '08. beijing, not your best performance according to you, but you come back strong in london in 2012. what changed? >> i bought into the lie as an american dream, i thought the olympics would deliver the dream, and i went to it and the door shut and depression set in, and i needed something to fulfill me more than just this worldly success. >> what did you find that fulfilled you? >> my faith. something i didn't want anything to do with when i was younger, and i met jesus in 2009 in college, severely depressed and suicidal
8:49 am
perspective changed, dove into god's word. >> your diving coach and his wife were a big part -- >> absolutely, pivotal in my career. >> there's a serenity and strength. what did it feel like, by the way, because you are holding your gold medal in your hand. >> this will get you into the rio -- >> do you want to put it on? >> yes, please do the honors. i want to pretend for a second in my life. >> there it goes. is that good? >> how does it feel when it was being draped around your neck? >> this was a dream that i have been dreaming of since i was 7. >> when were you a kid, you were not a diver, right? >> no. >> i had my daughter at lacrosse practice, and she is terrified and i
8:50 am
and your mom bribed you, too. >> i was terrified. any sane person, you are going head first at 35 miles per hour. >> it is was seeing you as a baby there, and now you have a baby of your own. >> i do. >> a beautiful bride. the whole package. >> coata -- >> what? >> it's a good name. >> great name. 2014, both my wife and my daughter will join me in rio. life is so much different, harder but better because of that. >> what does rio represent? >> it represents the balance, in 2012 it was all me and i didn't have a wife or child but this time i have responsibilities at home and i want to take care of them as best as i can. >> and it's great to share. >> yeah. >> i have to give it back, i guess. >> you
8:51 am
one. >> david, good to see you. >> up next, back to cleveland. we will talk to those guys over there at the rnc, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ >> we're back in the streets of
8:53 am
and this is a taste of the city's finest. >> and from stuffed cabbage, it's a city full of delicious and unusual culinary traditions. and the chef and owner of the greenhouse tavern here in the heart of cleveland. so good to have you here. it's good for us to be here. >> this guy owns three restaurants in this area. if you walk in and you say you watch the "today" show, you might get in the restaurant. [ cheering ] >> what are you making today? >> a cleveland clam bake and the iconic sandwich of cleveland, which is the polish boy. >> what is the difference between a cleveland clam bake -- >> location. it datesac
8:54 am
revolutionary war and as the veterans moved west and got land they were craving the clams, and so what we did, we got the eastern european sausage, and the whole thing was born, cleveland clam bake. the other difference we like to talk about here in ohio, when people are having the clam party, we will drink our broth on the side and enjoy the clams and corn and chicken all separately. >> you all cook it together like that? >> yeah, you layer it in slowly and start with the potatoes and the garlic and the butter and bay leaves and then cook it through and layer sauceage and then the chicken and corn over top. >> i am going to try the sausage, do you mind? >> absolutely. the key is great and crusty bread to dip in the broth when you are done. >> oh, my god. i will try a little
8:55 am
>> we must. >> thank you. >> dip it like that. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh, please. >> there's the clam bake. capital of america for clam bakes. so even in new england and maine where they are growing, there's more happening in the autumn. >> still chewing. >> the polish boy. what we're talking about here is the polish boy, the eastern europe, and then soul food. a little coleslaw. >> is this the signature dog? >> i think it's the national treasure, honestly. sapd witches or dogs or tube meat, this is it. the requisite ingredients is barbecue and french
8:56 am
dogs. hot sauce, chilly, pickles. we love to use a crispy khalut, probably going to be sweeter and a little more apropos for that sandwich. you have the position right over here. >> oh, my god. >> you have to get your body out of harm's way. >> is this heaven or cleveland? we are back after your local news. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 8:56 is your time on this tuesday, july 19th, 2016. good morning. i am eun yang. jack taylor has a look at the commute. >> a couple things in the clearing stages, and 95 to georgia avenue, and inner loop clearing out heading to the wilson bridge, and
8:57 am
inbound new york avenue, a crash in the right lane and that was not causing a huge slowdown and maybe activity southbound on georgia avenue, and minnesota avenue, an accident, and we'll see how serious that crash is. we will take a quick break and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. sfx: turbines revving up, getting louder and louder you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide.
8:58 am
rency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
8:59 am
good morning. sunshine is starting to move temperatures out of the 70s and into the 80s already, and it's going to be another hot and humid day to be outside, and not as hot or humid as yesterday and as a result thunderstorm stances, only a 30% today, and it's more comfortable tomorrow but super hot over the weekend. >> we will see you again in 25 minutes.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," we are serving up kevin bacon and his brother, and don't miss michelle obama calling all the single ladies in carpool karaoke. all that is coming up now. all that coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today's take" on this tuesday morning, july 19th, 2016. i'm hoda kotb along with jenna bush hager. big crowd outside. all missing tamron and willie and al who all happen to be at the republican national
9:01 am
minutes. this is your morning jam. >> wait for it. ♪ >> don't you love it? >> if you haven't heard the "hamilton" soundtrack it's worth downloading whether you've seen the show or not. >> the other night savannah and i went out and did our own version of charactkaraoke where plugged in our ipad and sang to "hamilton." dylan had to record said video. that was so good. send it to me. i sent it to her and she said nobody should see that. it's fun. i love the song. >> as we were pointing out, tamron is in cleveland standing by at the republican national convention. a very, very eventful day is probably an understatement. >> good moin
9:02 am
story would be how well melania trump did on that stage. obviously she's not a politician. she's not lived her life in the public space. here she was on this grand stage at the rnc on the first night delivering her speech and donald trump made a dramatic entrance at the convention last night to "we are the champions" and then introduced his life melaniwife, who gave the most anticipated speech of the night. quickly after melania's speech, social media and others started to raise a few eyebrows about several words in her speech. words that were similar and in fact word for word words found in michelle obama prime time speech at the 2008 democratic convention. here are the comparisons. >> from my young age, my parents impressed on me the value that you work hard for what you
9:03 am
bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people with respect. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values. like, you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond. that do you what you say you're going to do. that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> earlier that day matt interviewed donald and melania trump on their plane when they arrived here in
9:04 am
matt spoke with melania about her speech and how it came together and she said she largely crafted the speech herself. >> did you practice it on the plane? >> i read once over it. that's all. i wrote it with as little help as possible. >> so the trump campaign put out a statement that says in part in writing her beautiful speech, melania's team of writers took notes on her life's inspirations and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking. melania's immigrant experience and love for america show through in her speech and made it such a success. to put in into conversation. former obama speech writer tweeted out sarah hurwitz, michelle's head speech writer, used to be hillary's. you know how
9:05 am
politician. you trust people to put things and parts together. "morning joe" is reporting that donald trump told his staff that the most important speech was his wife's speech. they were assigned someone to help cultivate a speech. what happened after that is anyone's guess. it's likely that donald trump will respond soon. i think it puts the spotlight on the pressure that families of politicians face. suddenly you have become scrutinized the same way that the politician does. >> good point. jenna, it bringing that up, we were just talking about what it must have felt we were just talking about what it must have felt like in front of the peoples, and we saw a little clip of you guys up at the podium. what does it feel like? >> we were right out of college and we were 20 yea
9:06 am
and i had a dream that my dad lost and i called my sister and i said, we have to help dad. not because we are policy gurus, we were not, we just graduated from college and we spoke about how we loved our dad and we got criticized for it. we didn't care. when you grow up in the public eye, which we did, and you hear terrible things. we didn't really care. i remember the person that helped us write the speech called us afterwards and was so disappointed, because what she didn't want was for us to be criticized. >> i can't believe people would make policy speech. >> that's what we did. we were young. we -- i remember being so unbelievably nervous, but one thing that we talked about, i had my sister with me. i was not alone.
9:07 am
together, but, owe my gosh -- >> look at the old hair. >> really, that's all i think about when i see it, it makes me sweat a little, just like yesterday. dejavu. >> let's switch gears. if you go to a cocktail party and you approach somebody and try to figure out how to bring up a conversation. you want to seem natural. this is what refinery 29, they listed the best questions to ask on a first date. >> let's pretend we are on a first date. >> jenna, what movies have you been interested in lately? >> very few. i have young children. what about you? >> i just saw the dog one. >> were you interested? >> i loved it because i have a dog. i was into it. i saw a cartoon. what is your relationship like with your family? >> very close. >> t
9:08 am
i have done -- this is so fun. you should take these questions or maybe a little more intense, and there's a thing online where you can take the questions to find out more about your partner, and henry and i took them to dinner and ordered a bottle of wine and we grilled each other. it was fun. we have been together so long we think we know every detail. >> it has all of the head-game questions. you ask them, if you could win a gold medal, a grammy or a tony, what would it be? >> a tony. >> would you? >> yes. >> before a grammy? >> remember, i told you i wanted to be co-seth. lady was taking a ride in the famous carpool karaoke machine. she got in there. >> when is the last time you got to do this? >> i've been in a car maybe months ago with
9:09 am
learned to drive. that was only time in 7 1/2 years that i've been in the passenger seat listening to music rocking out like this. ♪ >> don't you want to be in that car? >> i'm dying to get in that car. >> i want to be in car. james, please. call us. don't you love that she's teaching her daughter how to drive? my parents did not teach me. >> al is also in cleveland with a check of the tamron stayed because we did have the end of a segment with the greenhouse tavern, which is down here, and this is a polish boy. >> it's a polish boy -- >> it's a sandwich with coleslaw and pickles -- >> you have had that before? >> i am from here, so -- >> i am hanging around so i can get the whole thing. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> cou
9:10 am
please. are you just going to eat it all? i guess you are going to eat it all. >> very lady like. that's what is going on around the country, and here's what is happening here in your neck of the woods. >> showers dried up for now, but a chance for rain coming this afternoon and rain chances later today stand at 30%, and nowhere near the coverage or intensity of yesterday's storms, but is it going to be another hot day to be outside, and alady in the low 80s, and 82 in lorton and washington right now, and forecasting highs today up in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees downtown and again a slight chance for a shower later today. tomorrow will be sunny and nice, but looks like it's going to get very hot for the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up next, one of the biggest movies of the summer, "ghostbusters." i get to catch up with the hilarious cast of women right after these messages. eded their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo
9:11 am
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save money. live better. walmart. jump 50 feet over the rapids and i crash land. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! there's a new neosporin antibiotic that minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar hi, i'm the honorary real trix rabbit. general mills wants me to let you know that we use real stuff like honey, cinnamon and cocoa to make these cereals tasty, and these guys for awesome colors. that means no artificial flavors or colors. nice. and now for the moment i've been waiting for.. i get the trix. silly real trix rabbit, trix are still for kids. hmmm. rookie mistake. >> melissa m
9:14 am
wig, leslie jones, kate mckinnon. >> the stars of the new "ghostbusters" reboot and al hammed it up with them on the plaza before they headed off to cleveland. >> it was a treat to talk to the foursome and i got an extra surprise and it wasn't slime. check it out. >> okay. okay. >> what did you do to my uncle's hearse? this is so inappropriate for this vehicle. >> ladies and gentlemen, the new "ghostbuster "ghostbusters," melissa mccarthy, kristen wig, kate mckinnon, leslie jones. i got to tell you, i watched this and i love it. all of these people, there was all these naysayers who complained about this thing before they saw a single frame. >> that's the best way to review movies. >> just go out and talk abo
9:15 am
it. you have to be happy because it's gotten great reviews. >> it really has. i think now that it's made, paul did perfect combination. it has the same spirit as the first one but it's new and modern and a little scarier and it's got a lot of good jokes in it. nothing wrong with that. >> you guys are this great club. you have this great club going. is there a secret handshake? >> lots of secrets. >> what is it about paul, your director, about being able to make funny movies with funny women? >> he doesn't think about it as making it with women. he makes a funny movie for people to enjoy and it happens to have women which is not crazy g.
9:16 am
you. "snl" and now this movie. some of you were big stars in the movies and you're all going to be big after this. what's this year been like for you? >> chaos. utter madness. >> you played off the wall quirky scientist. was it hard for you to channel this? you're nuts in this movie. >> can we answer for her? >> sure. >> watching kate is probably all of our favorite thing to do during the whole summer. she's fearless. it's true. >> i was just being myself. i wish i could say i was acting. >> and you're so straight laced in this movie. did that come easy for you, kristen? >> i don't know. i don't think i
9:17 am
yes. pushing homemade applesauce on everybody. >> you can take your kids to a movie that you made. >> i can prove that i'm in the talking business. >> i've been told there's a surprise for me. you have something for me. >> wait a minute. wait. wait. just wait. >> get a load of this. >> let me help you. >> please. >> you're going to love it! >> oh mommy. deborah, i'm wearing this oh, i am wearing this to bed! get ready! ladies, thank you so much. i am a ghostbuster! oh, yeah, baby! yeah! >> i just took it off last
9:18 am
you can catch "ghostbusters" in a theater near you. it's out now. next up, the fashion that will keep you cool in the dog days of summer after this. if i was eating hot soup it just starts aching and it starts aching like so deep within the tooth that i couldn't handle it. i started eating on like one side of my mouth, for like a whole month i was just eating on one side of my mouth and then finally i was like, i can't do this. my dentist said that i should use sensodyne. life without having to worry about what's gonna hurt my teeth, if it's gonna be too hot, or too cold, if it's gonna have ice in it. life without sensitivity is easier. done.
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9:22 am
keep your cool courtesy of get it moms. i've been waiting for this segment all summer. >> we need this. >> it's 95 in new york. >> we sweat more than the average. >> almost gross. one things i hate wearing in the summer are jeans because you always feel hot and confined. but not the case? >> so many of us not only with jeans you can get really sweaty and sticky but we hate wearing shorts in the summer because we don't like the way we look. these are actually from nydj. the cool embrace jeans. they have a special moisture wicking technology to keep you cooler. they have slimming panel and shrink you up to a size smaller so you look skinnier and cooler. >> would you wear these again? >> yeah. i was skeptical at first when i heard about them. they are very cool. >>
9:23 am
>> they look good on you. >> one of the west places to sweat, under our boobs. >> we hate the dreaded strapless bra. as you know, i wrote the bra book. biggest complaint i hear is strapless bra. the we wanted to find another option. these are in nude wear. these are actually gel pads. they stick on. we put these in the fridge. if you want to chill your boobies, you can get an extra burst. we put this pair in the fridge. you can actually just stick them on. they give you the same support as your favorite strapless bra. and closed toe shoes and sneakers and sweaty feet and opt for breathable shoes. these are made with breathable materials and also are designed by a podiatrist to help you stand up straighter to help your posture, too.
9:24 am
as sweaty boobs. >> so true. this is my favorite tip that no one thinks of. sunscreen when you go to the beach. throw it in the cooler. you get a cool burst when you put it on. my put chapstick in there so it doesn't melt. what's cool about this particular sunscreen is that it's designed for sweating so it doesn't run into your eyes. >> does that really work? >> it really works. >> this is expert touch finishing spray to put in your cooler. keeps makeup in place. and so this is the miracle 25 mask for men and women. it actually is made aloe vera so great after a sunburn. >> we have ten seconds. >> astronauts got sweaty in space so they came up with cool technology. $44. you ca a
9:25 am
bedding. overstock has tons of it. mattress covers and everything. we thought this was cool. and cooling for your furry friend. >> he's going to attack us. >> 19.99. it is filled with gel and keeps your pet cool. my dog loves her so much that she ate it. she ate the mat. their pets love it. >> thank you. >> under 20 bucks. >> thanks. next up, every morning better with a double dose of bacon. >> kevin and his
9:26 am
metro says construction dust is to blame for this morning's incident at the pentagon city station. dust filled the station as the silver and blue were starting their commute. service was not impacted. arlington national cemetery workers on strike, 30 union workers protesting failed negotiations with private companies contracted to over see the grounds. right now cemetery workers are paid about $13 an hour. a look at your forecast is next.
9:27 am
9:28 am
plenty of sunshine and toasty warm outside right now. temperatures are in the upper 70s and low 80s right now. in the next couple of days around here, they will be hot indeed. not too bad tomorrow or thursday
9:29 am
early next week with scattered rain chances returning early on monday. can you get the latest news and weather anytime. just open the nbc washington app.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, p.f. chang's is expanding its recall because sauce may contain metal. all of the products were sold in 22-ounce plastic bags. no injuries have been reported. dozens of retired wrestlers both male and female are suing world wrestling entertainment claiming that taking part in wrestling matches for wwe left them with neurological injuries and says wrestlers were classified as independent contractors to avoid liability underke
9:31 am
when this comes to homes, is it cheaper to rent or buy these days? a new report finds it's actually cheaper to buy in 42 states and that includes mortgage payments, property taxes and insurance. rents are rising across the country. home prices are going up but mortgage rates are still historically low. with just a few months left until election day, google has launched a new feature to help americans register to vote. you are now provided with a state by state guide on how to register to vote whether it be online, by mail or in person. the feature also gives general requirements and deadlines. google was hoping the new feature would make it easier for users to make it to the ballot box in november. it took uber six years to compete 1 billion rides but only six months to complete another billion. the ride sharing startup ceo says the company reached 2 billion total trips completed last month. the 2
9:32 am
trips that began at the same time in 16 countries. uber is giving $450 to each driver and $450 worth of free trips to each rider involved in those milestone rides. >> thank u, sheinelle. let's show you what we have going on right now, and as far as your weather is concerned starting with today, wet weather throughout the northeast, and rain in northern plains, and monsoonal moisture in the southwest and beautiful showers keeping it green in the pacific northwest. tomorrow we have more sunshine out west, including puget sound and pacific northwest, looking at wet weather around the great lakes, and up and down the east coast, nice weather although the heat is expanding from texas into the central plains by the weekend, northeast and new england as well. right here in the washington area, temperatures are climbing quickly. 80 degree
9:33 am
international airport and 82 in washington, and 79 in annapolis. upper 80s to 90 degrees and a slight chance for a passing shower today, nowhere near as many storms as yesterday. tomorrow a nicer day, plenty of sunshine and low humidity and no chance for rain tomorrow, and as we get closer to the end of the week and into the weekend, higher temperatures and higher humidity, and temperatures could be 100 for the weekend. >> that is your latest weather. hoda and jenna. >> thank you, al roker. >> now to the band of brothers. >> together the bacon brothers have been performing for over 20 years with their unique blend of folk, rock, and country. >> you are on the road, baby. >> it's a busy summer. >> tonight we have to take a subway ride down to the village. >> how w
9:34 am
two? >> crazy. >> the chicks and the whole thing? >> we are known for leaving hotel rooms cleaner than how we leave them. we fish televisions out of the pool. >> talk about growing up. pool. >> talk about growing up. impromptu performances in the backyard for your parents? do you love to entertain? >> kevin never stopped performing. he came out of the womb and started telling jokes. he was always like that. kevin's younger. he has five older brothers and sisters. he was kind of like our little baby. >> you were the singer. you went along for the ride sort of thing? >> i grew up listening to him singing in a band with my sister, hilda. he was off in his own bands in college. i heard music coming from him and watched him sort of create songs and write songs and he's your older brother. you want to be able to do it, too. i started writing songs. he started helping me with them. >> wav
9:35 am
which i hope we can roll because it shows some of your work a long time ago to current. >> we cut this song in '96. i directed a video for it. and then we decided to update the song and update the video. we intercut between us now and us then. it shows the ravages of time. >> did it work from the beginning? when you got on stage together, did you feel like it worked? >> i've been playing for years. for kevin it was like jumping out of an airplane. he didn't know if he could do. i didn't know if he could do it. put the band together for one job. he liked it. was good at it. the band got bigger and someone offered us a record deal and now it's been over 20 years. >> are other siblings jealous? >> our four sisters are our biggest supporters. they'll drive hours and hours to come see us. >> we both have siblings. how fun is it to be on the road together? >> it's t.
9:36 am
family is really important. if we didn't have the band, we probably wouldn't do that much. >> we'll play a game. do you mind? all right. so sibling rivalry. we want you guys to raise your hand if this is you. >> which one of you is more likely to give the other a noogy? >> i have give him a couple. >> which one was more likely to tattletale? >> on each her, never. >> it would probably be me. he's so honorable. >> who is messier? >> i would say i am. >> for sure. >> are you a neat freak by the way? >> i'm pretty neat. >> okay. who is more likely to sneak a girl through the window? back in the day sneak your girlfriend into the house? >> definitely me. >> who is the better
9:37 am
>> best dancer in america. >> have fun tonight. >> thank you so much. >> kevin and michael bacon. thank you so much. you can catch bacon brothers on their summer tour in a city near you. >> three of our viewers hidden talents revealed. chris can shatter his glass using a voice. it takes a couple minutes and we'll check back with you after this. 1100 meals a year,
9:38 am
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9:42 am
inspiring for a trip to los angeles and tickets to an episode of "america's got talent." our other two finalist are peter -- we're afraid something is going to explode in our face. try one more time and then we'll show video. >> we're going to show a video. these must be the glasses that kathie lee and i drink out of. >> my gosh. can we show that again. he did it on video. have you always known you can do that since that moment. first time you ever done it? >> i was in physics class in college. my teacher talked about how
9:43 am
julie andrews broke glass on "the sound of music." i was in my living room with my mom and dad and tried it. i did it two times after that. there's so many variables of trying to find the right glass. >> this is a glass that kathie lee and i drink out of it. >> they are thick. if she dropped it, it would be fascinating. you can keep going later. >> how are you, peter? substitute teacher. you make interesting noises. >> yes. >> sort of like that. >> sometimes. not quite that high. >> show us your stuff. >> i teach in minneapolis public schools and to get kids' attention i come up with stuff.
9:44 am
>> pretty good. >> by the way, your daughter is over there watching you up close and personal. i love it. ever used it to get her attention? >> i do. >> all right. >> now we'll move over to our bubble man. >> we will never think of bubbles the same, right? you can actually -- tell us your first name. >> sage. >> what can you do with your bubbles? >> i can put people inside bubbles of course. >> can you put us in a bubble? we always wanted to be in the bubble. >> we have two big girls. >> speak for yourself. >> one big girl and one not big. >> let me move this over. >> stand here. >> remember this prom pose. >> i wasn't allowed to go to prom. >> don't say things like that. >> can i ask one question about my hair. >> you're
9:45 am
>> your hair will be fine. >> there we go. >> you were in it. here we go. you have to step out. >> how long have you been doing this? >> i'll put her inside the bubble. come on over here. here we go. i've been doing this for 18 years. >> let's see it. >> smile. >> whoa! awesome. >> thank you so much. if you want to vote for your favorite hidden talent, you have until 5:00 eastern. we'll tune in tomorrow and let you know who won. next, we'll have buttermilk sandwiches. very delicious. right after this. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man.
9:46 am
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each batch is small. special. unique... every bowl blurring the line between food...and art. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get $30 off your first delivery >> announcer: "today food" is sponsored by blue apron. a better way to cook. >> on "today food," a simple supper that can get you to the dinner table in just minutes. >> we have a classic southern meal from the food delivery service blue apron. >> do you guys know blue apron? >> i have heard it. >> it comes to your door in seasonal ingredients. exactly the amount you
9:50 am
simple to follow recipes that can be done in under 40 minutes. this is a chicken and buttermilk biscuit sandwich. i'll start with spicy mayo. i'll smash this clove of garlic. i chop it a little bit. i use this motion like this. eventually it will turn into this pace. >> can you use garlic paste or is that cheating? >> i always use that fresh. >> then it doesn't get all over your fingers. >> then i'll put in a little bit of hot sauce. you can do as much as you would like depending on preference. and then a little bit of salt. there it is over there. now we'll make the biscuits. and we have our biscuit mix that came. reserved a tablespoon of it which i'll show you
9:51 am
to this we'll add diced butter. >> butter comes in there, too? >> exactly. >> you don't have to buy anything? >> no. salt and pepper. if you don't have salt and pepper in your house, i don't know. >> you have other issues. >> we'll stir this up. it will be crumbly which you want when you make biscuits. and add buttermilk. it will come together and be doughy and form them into two rounds. here they are over here. and you bake them for 15 minutes. 450-degree oven. there they are. don't eat them all yet. >> i already came in and snagged a bite. >> and then a carrot slaw. to this we'll add apple cider vinegar. the rest of the garlic paste. salt and pepper. you can see it for us.
9:52 am
>> honey makes it salty and sweet. >> you let this marinate for ten minutes and it will become nice and it's such a good combo with spicy mayo because it's sweet. >> okay. >> here's that other tablespoon of the biscuit mix that we're going to put on our chicken. it will give it a nice crust without being fried. >> my grandma used to cook like this. it was kind of baked but it was fried. >> it's a good trick. it will give it a nice, golden, crispy crust. coat that with both sides. >> what's in the mix? >> it's probably flour, baking soda. the good thing about it is blue apron does it for you so you don't have to worry about it. >> cook it up. >> nice sizzle. >> olive oil in the pan. >> look who came. >> come on in. >> i
9:53 am
>> let's eat. >> you're going to cook this for three to five minutes. >> let's assemble them. spicy mayo goes on the bottom. you want to get slaw, hoda. >> i do. >> and you can serve this for breakfast. >> in the south we would eat this for breakfast. >> good. i'm going to then. >> we'll have to take a bite because -- >> running out of time. >> that's what someone said. >> here we go m. >> thank you so much. to get the recipe sign up for blue apron subscription at is anyone listening to me? we give users a $30
9:54 am
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9:57 am
. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 9:57 is your time now on this tuesday, july 19th, 2016. montgomery will hold a town hall meeting tonight to address the shootings of two black men. the shooting deaths of eight police officers in two weeks also impacts policing. you and your kids can cool off a little longer this
9:58 am
d.c.'s 13 spray parks have extended hours because of the heat wave, staying open until 9:00 p.m. now, storm team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell, has your forecast. good pool weather, right chuck. >> don't forget your spf. temperatures in the low to mid-80s already and in the mid-90s again today and that's seven days in a row, and really hot weather for the weekend. get the latest news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app, and we will see you at 11:00. into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday. spanky tuesday. >> it is today. >> it is. it's july 19th. that's called "make me" by britney spears. >> make me what? >> you know. >> oh, my god. >> by the way, i want to sample some stuff. this is new stuff. we sometimes have the same stuff. this is a different kind of --


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