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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. right now on news 4 today, extreme heat and dangerously warm temperatures. storm team 4 is tracking how you can plan for the hottest weather we've seen all year. a man killed by an suv. what police are revealing about a dangerous situation near a busy interception. hitting the campaign trail. virginia senator tim kaine prepares for his first event as hillary clinton's vp pick. we're in for a dangerously hot weekend, folks. good morning to you. i'm kristin wright. >> i'm chris
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david is on assignment for us. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. we're tracking a heat wave hitting our area today. good morning, tom. >> good morning, kristin and chris. we are starting off fairly better than what we'll see later today. there will be the threat of afternoon storms. now, all is calm and quiet but rather muggy. we start off early on this saturday morning. there is the sun just now getting up above the horizon. sunrise on this saturday morning coming up in a mostly clear sky. that's the live view from our tower camera, overlooking prince george's county on the horizon. all the counties in orange under a heat advisory. includes the metro area. the feels like temperature may be as high as 105 in this orange zone by mid afternoon. dangerous heat on the way. a look at our storm chances is coming up in a few
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it already feels hot out. it could be hours before power is fully restored to some buildings in downtown d.c. that includes seven museums. a normally welcome relief from the heat for people on the national mall. crews working throughout the night to get the power back on. meanwhile, folks struggled to find places to beat the heat. >> it's hot out here. i can just feel layers of sweat. it's disgusting. >> as tom said, the high temperature will be close to 100 degrees throughout the weekend. it'll feel even hotter. p pepco has crews on standby to help with power outages over the next few days. it is hot but you have options if you insist on being outside this weekend. d.c. pools and spray parks are extending hours to help you keep
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cool. they'll be open until 9:00 tonight. charles county pools are going to be open even later. until 8:00. a pedestrian is dead this morning after he was hit and killed by an suv in capital heights. prince george's county police say the man was hit near richie road and edgeworth drive. it happened after 10:00 last night. the driver was not injured. police say they have not decided if the driver will face charges. hillary clinton is expected to formally introduce tim kaine as her running mate this afternoon in miami, florida. this comes days before the democratic national convention. some are calling the former governor of the commonwealth a safe choice. nbc explains why. >> reporter: hillary clinton will take the stage with her new running mate, virginia senator
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tim kaine. she tweeted the news, calling him a man who devoted his life to fighting for others. kaine was considered a safe choice, a running mate with a wide range of experience, former governor and mayor. clinton wants a vice president ready to take over the top job on day one, perhaps providing a contrast to trump. >> are we ready to win an election in november? well, i think after the last week, what we saw in cleveland, we'd better be ready to go win an election in november. >> reporter: cakaine learned of his selection 40 minutes before the announcement. somber kne bernie sanders suppo wanted a different running plate. clinton will introduce
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saturday officially. news culver is in miami. we will be talking to david this morning, coming up at 6:45. developing now, police in munich, germany, say nine people, plus the shooter, are dead, and 16 injured after a mass shooting there. children are among the victims. the lone gunmen apparently took his own life. we have the latest on the still unknown photos. >> reporter: police say the gunman opened fire at a mcdonald's in mau sunich. the scene captured on amateur video. the gunmen moved to a crowded shopping mall and continued his ram papage there. it appears he used a handgun.
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parking garage was most likely the shooter. police brought heavy fire power to the scene. munich told citizens to shelter in place and shut down all public transportation. ns initial reports from witnesses indicated there were three attackers. police believe one man did all the shooting. less than three hours later, his body was found on a nearby side street. police say he most likely killed himself. they identified him as an 18-year-old german iranian. two year resident of munich without a police record. >> translator: the motive and background are unclear. the investigation will, of course, continue during the night at full speed. >> reporter: first indications, police say, are he acted alone. the shooters victims were not immediately identified. munich police chief said the injured included children and youth. they issued a cautious all clear in the city. but the calm of another popular european destination has be
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deadly violence. nbc news. new details on a story that news 4's i-team broke last month. a grand jury indicted an employee of the u.s. department of homeland security on weapons charges. jonathan winkie was a top clearance inside the headquarters. last month, he was arrested for carrying a gun into the highly secured agency complex in northwest d.c. news 4 was first to report the fed's plan to raid his home. suspecting he might be planting violence. wienke faces up to five years in prison. it is unclear what plea, if any, he's spentering in the case. new details about the gun stolen from an fbi special agent's vehicle in d.c. the fbi says someone stole a secured gun lock box out of the car earlier this mh
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was parked in the h street corner in northeast washington. we know exactly what they got away with. a .40 caliber glock handgun and a rifle like the ones we have seen so often, the assault-style rifles. plus a holster, radio and other gear. if you have any information, you're asked to call the fbi. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. you can already see what it feels like outside. tom is updating his forecast with the most comfortable time to get out and do something this weekend. and a tornado brings an added threat. the danger that brought flooding and hail to neighbors on the
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coming up, prince george's county police are asking for you help to find this man. police believe he is the one who shot and killed a 68-year-old man at a gas station in capitol heights wednesday morning. investigators believe alonzo jackson had filled up his 2015 black dodge charger when the suspect shot him and took off in his car. charges are dismissed against a d.c. woman accused of sexually assaulting three children last month. steele allegedly lured them into her home with popcorn and ice cream. police arrested her two weeks ago. yesterday, the u.s. attorney's office decided there was not enough evidence to prove the case pe beyondbeyond a reasonab crank up the a.c. and have
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tom is tracking some of the hottest temperatures we have seen in months. how soon storms could also impact your plans. we're on a mission this morning to clear the shelters. how you can be matched with an adorable, new family member and make a real difference in our community.
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>> announcer: and now your storm team 4
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>> right now, around our region, we've got some pleasant temperatures starting off early on this saturday morning. we're just in the 70s. we've got a heat advisory in effect. all that area you see in orange, that includes northern virginia, the district, nearby suburbs in maryland. what that means is we'll likely have our heat index at feels like temperature as hot as 105 by mid afternoon. a look at how much longer the heat wave will last and storm chances is coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot, tom. a cleanup after this tornado touched down in washington state. home video here captures a rare sight actually for folks living out in the pacific northwest. the storm out there caused a lot of flooding and a huge hailstorm. luckily, nobody hurt. because of triple digit temperatures and fast-moving winds, it's being called the sand fire. hundreds of crews
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brush fire that scorched more than 1,000 acres in california's antelope valley on friday. so far, no one has been injured. about 100 people had to be evacuated from their homes and taken to temporary shelters. a woman is dead and several others hurt in philadelphia. someone stole a car and ran them over. the car thief hit another car first and mowed down at least four people. some of them children. a total of nine people hurt in this. we're told the person behind the wheel actually drove another block after hitting all these people, then jumped out of the car and ran. huge scene you're looking at there in philly. this person still has not been caught. the north miami officer who shot and wounded an unarmed black therapist had a clean record. now, the officer's commander is being accused of-- conflicting accounts of what happened. here'bc
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>> reporter: charles kinsey laying on his back with hands in the air before being shot by officers. the swat team officer's commander provided conflicting statements to investigators. >> an officer who betrays the tru anst of residents, any community, they must be shamed, removed, fired. >> reporter: city officials identified the officer as 30-year-old jonathan. pending the investigation, he's on paid administrative lead. his commander on unpaid. kinsey was next to an autistic man. the man was holding a toy truck.
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officer thought it was a weapon. in a statement, aledda says, in part, i did what i had to do in a split second. >> this is a case where a police officer was trying to save mr. ki kinsley's life. unfortunately, the shot went astray. >> if the story were true, why did police handcuff him after shooting him? mental health counselors worry officers are not properly trained to deal with their residents. >> i offered to work with the police department in the past. >> and? >> the response was no response. >> reporter: after what happened on video, city officials say that training will now become mandatory. kerry sanders, nbc news, north miami. police in baltimore are reaching out to the city's youth to try to make them feel safer. on friday, officers in the city escorted about 100 kids to a local pool. the children are part of a group called the kids safe
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the organization's founder says the relationship is working to build trust between young people and the police. today, you can help us clear the shelters by bringing home a new pet to join your family. shelters across the country have teamed up with nbc and telemundo stations for our second annual clear the shelters effort. locally, 25 shelters are participating to get dogs and cats forever homes. they'll have reduced or waived adoption fees throughout the day today. search clear the shelters in the nbc washington app for a list of locations. starting at 8:00 this morning, wendy will be live at the adoption center in northwest d.c. now, if you plan to adopt a pet this weekend or already have a furry friend, be mindful of them in the extreme heat. keep your pets indoors if you can, and in the shade when outside. avoid taking your dog
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day, which is usually mid afternoon. make sure your pets drink plenty of water. definitely the weekend to be mindful of that. >> i have a 12-pound dog. he does the throwdown when he's hot. he just lays down. >> even pets can lose weight. the 12-pound eer may be a 10-pounder by the end of the day. >> take short walks. >> or stay inside. you have to respect this kind of heat. it is dangerous type of heat. unlike what we've seen so far this summer. with an addition of humidity and the afternoon temperature of the upper 90s, it'll feel like 105 by mid afternoon. it is a weather alert day for the region. we'll have frequent updates with storm team 4 keeping you fully informed as to what's going on now. i don't know why we're seeing that there. okay, that's kind of weird. let's look at the heat advisory from this
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all these areas you see in orange under a heat advisory. noon to 8:00 p.m., includes the metro area, northern virginia, nearby suburbs in maryland, where we will have the heat index near 105. especially between 4:00 p.m., that'll be the peak of it. current temperatures are in the 70s. low 70s, some of the nearby suburbs in virginia and maryland, as well. upper 70s in washington. near 80 near the chesapeake bay. there's a live view from the tower camera, overlooking washington. you can see the summer haze in the air. it'll stay humid. 10:00, we'll be in the mid 80s. by 2:00, mid 90s. around 4:0, we'll have the peak of the temperature, maybe 98 degrees, right in washington. feeling 105. there is a chance of a passing storm after that around 6:00 p.m. only a slight chance by late evening of a continuing storm. otherwise, just muggy and warm as we get into the evening
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hours. for the nationals game today, they'll taking on the padres. it is an evening game, thank goodness. 7:00, it'll be 90 degrees. end of the game, mid 80s. right now, no showers or storms anywhere in the vicinity. future weather as we get into the afternoon, all the areas in color are potential storms. 5:00 p.m., to our north. then it's around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. we may see some of the storms coming into our eastern suburbs and around the bay and into southern maryland. after that around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. it clears out after that. temperatures stay hot for the next several days. all the way into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. chance of storms again on monday and tuesday and the end of the week and next weekend. that's the way it looks. >> it looks hot. thank you, tom. while we deal with the heat, hawaii is preparing for a possible severe storm. the danger off the coast that
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hawaii is bracing for a powerful tropical storm. a storm warning has been issued for the main island and several other islands, including maw maui and lanai. winds could be 60 miles an hour and flooding. more than 100 people are sick from a toxic
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utah that closed down the state's largest fresh water lake. on friday, the lake was shut down after high toxins were found in the water. blue-green algae can be seen across almost the entire lake. health officials are warning people not to eat fish caught within the last week. the lake is not used for drinking water but it's used by farmers for irrigation. montgomery county schools superintendent smith is detailing the number of student abuse cases. specifically, cases where an employee, contractor or volunteer was suspected of abuse or neglect of a student. according to a memo posted this week on the school district's website, while 345 suspected cases of abuse or neglect were reported since june of 2015, only five proved to show enough credible evidence to lead to action. it goes on to say three of those staff members no longer work for the sc
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two are on administrative leave pending final action. the heat is on, and we are in for a dangerously hot weekend. tom is updating his forecast with how to make the most of the warm weather. the heat is becoming a major problem at a local jail. the solution to keep inmates cool without air-conditioning. felons not allowed to vote. how virginia's governor plans to act after ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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extreme heat. that's what folks in our region will be feeling for quite a while. storm team 4 is predicting temperatures near 100 degrees throughout the weekend. while pools and spray parks are extending hours, experts are reminding everyone to watch for signs of heat exhaustion. prince george's county police are investigating why a pedestrian was killed late last night in capitol heights. they say the driver of an suv hit a man near ritchie road and edgewood drive. tim kaine will make his first public appearance with hillary clinton since she announced him as her running mate. they'll take to the stage in a rally in miami this afternoon. first, the heat is going to be brutally hot this weekend. good morning. i'm kristin wright. >> i'm chris gordon. storm t
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kierein is tracking how soon we will be in the mid 90s. tom? >> yeah, that's going to be happening by around 2:00 or so. we'll be in the mid 90s. it's a weather alert day because of the extreme heat, as well as the possibility of a passing afternoon storm. around the region, it's pleasant. temperatures are generally in the low to mid 70s. we climb to the high 70s. we hit 95 by 2:00 this afternoon. heat advisories in effect. all these areas we see here in orange. northern virginia, nearby suburbs in maryland and the district with that heat index near 105 by mid afternoon. we've got heat watches and warnings around the philadelphia area and up toward the new york city area, as well. and all around our region today, we are going to have our temperatures continuing to climb. heat wave continues into the weekend. fi
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hot, too. back to you. as temperatures near 100 degrees, as tom just mentioned, dozens of inmates at the d.c. jail are being relocated. 197 inmates have been transferred ut or motransfer ed or moved to another part of the jail because the air-conditioning system is failing. also, we're learning about problems in another jail where the heat is on. news 4's mark segraves takes us inside for a look in the jail. >> it gets over 100 degrees juror the st. mary's county jail was built with no air-conditioning. >> this is where it gets the hottest in the summertime. >> reporter: the captain told news 4 he's providing ice water, large fans and extra shower time for the inmates. he's also allowing them to wear shorts and t-shirts rather than
6:33 am
suits. >> it's too much. it's too hot. remember, the officers are in uniform all day. >> reporter: the lack of air-conditioning is one of many problems. >> we have overcrowding, an aging infrastructure, double bunked to save money, locks are failing. >> reporter: the county has approved $18 million to make improvements. >> they're being used to address the heating and air-conditioning, safety and security, expansion for women inmates, expansion for medical treatment, as well as future needs for capacity. >> reporter: those improvements are years away. in the meantime, the excessive heat at the jail is impacting how convicted criminals are sentences. >> judges won't convict people to long stints here in the summer. >> reporter: he's had about 100% turnover. >> ten years, 107 officers. we have lost 105. >> as we were
6:34 am
captain told me that he's surprised that no inmates or groups who advocate on behalf of inmates sued the county yet because of the conditions inside the jail. reporting from the st. mary's county detention facility, mark segraves, news 4. the gnnats are making adjustments to tonight's game. you will be allowed to bring in two bottles of water instead of one. there are cooling centers, misting fans throughout the stadium. you can use battery operated, hand held fans. for a full list of what is allowed, search nats heat in the nbc washington app. the first gun show in dale city since the new law about voluntary background checks passed is happening today. it allows private gun sellers to immediately request a background check on a potential beyeuyer. previously, only federally licensed gun dealers could ask
6:35 am
consent to it. virginia state police will be there this weekend to run the background checks. virginia governor terry mccolin is reacting strongly after the state's highest court struck down his executive order to restore voting rights to 200,000 felons who served their time. the governor is calling the decision a disgrace. he plans to restore orders for 15,000 former inmates who had re registered to vote. here is darcy spencer. >> reporter: sheila has worked to get voting rights back in virginia, but now a setback. >> it just seems so unfair. >> reporter: the virginia supreme court ruled that the governor went too far when he signed an executive order enabling more than 200,000 felons, who served their time, to register
6:36 am
>> absolutely devastated. >> reporter: the court ruled the order unconstitutional. the governor has said the civil war era provision was meant to block african-americans from voting. he said in a statement he would sign nearly 13,000 individual orders for citizens who have already had their rights restored and registered to vote. >> they need this second chance. and the opportunity to be what they deserve to be, as far as a voter in the state of virginia. >> reporter: critics accuse the governor of trying to pad the voter rolls before election day. the house speaker and majority leader issued a statement that says in part, the supreme court of virginia delivered a major victory for the constitution, the rule of law and the commonwealth of virginia. this opinion is a sweeping rebuke of the governor's unprecedented assertion of executive authority. >> darcy spencer, news 4. a community workshop in
6:37 am
to help those whose voting rights had been restored. the workshop is scheduled from 1:00 to 5:00 this afternoon at the macedonia baptist church. according to county elections officials, more than 50 people whose rights were restored by the governor had already registered to vote by the end of june. 6:37. heat is a major factor as you make your plans this weekend. tom is updating his forecast with the safe times to cook outside, or go for a run. it's the whole reason i went. >> catching pokemon is not a reason to trespass. why police say they were forced to use a
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here's a warning not to trespass if'
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pokemon go. after a player in tampa was tased and arrested by police. >> it was all caught on camera. the man is brought to the ground with that taser. it happened after he refused to follow police orders to leave a local park. it was after hours. police say the 20-year-old man grabbed the officer's arm, which is why they used a taser. well, this man faces charges of trespassing and resisting arrest. you'll be needing shorts and tank tops all weekend long. tom is tracking how quickly your neighborhood will be back in the upper 90s. senator tim kaine hits the campaign trail today. we're looking at his qualifications for vice president and what to expect when he takes the stage with ntllary cli
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>> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> mild and muggy on this saturday morning. sun quickly jumping up in a mostly clear sky. a weather alert day because of extreme heat this afternoon. the signs of heat exhaustion, feel faint or dizzy, if you have excessive sweating, nausea or vomiting, rapid or weak pulse, as well as muscle cramps, those are signs you're getting into a heat exhaustion situation. drink water and stay cool. how long the heat wave will last is coming in a couple minutes. the "tod
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let's get a preview. craig melvin, sheinelle jones and stephanie join us live. >> coming up, the latest on the breaking news overnight as hillary clinton picks her vp. former virginia governor tim kaine. why did she choose him, and what are his friends saying about him? we're live in florida. also ahead, a dangerous heat wave that blanketed the middle of the country moves east. more than 100 million people under a heat advisory. dylan will tell us when it'll let up. also, we'll introduce you to this special woman. her name is norma. she's 91 years old, and she's got a remarkable spirit. she's got some pretty troubling health news recently. we'll tell you why it's not letting her slow things down at all. those stories and more wen we get started on a saturday morning here on "today." >> interested to meet norma. thanks to you. hillary clinton's p
6:45 am
tim kaine has likely to do with many factors. the virginia senator also served as governor of the commonwealth, this is a swing state in the election in november. here's news 4's northern virginia bureau chief on what makes kaine an ideal pick. >> are we ready for hillary? >> reporter: in english and in spanish. virginia senator tim kaine giving hillary clinton a preview of his value as a running mate at a rally last week. it was 36 years ago kaine took a step to led to spanish fluentpl. he left harvard for a year to be a missionary. he met his wife and settled in richmond. kaine specialized in housing discrimination law
6:46 am
position to the city council. he hasn't lost an election since. he liclimbed the political land. in 2006, he was sworn in as governor in a rare inaugural at historic williamsburg. weeks later, he stepped into the national spotlight, delivering the democratic response to the state of the union from inside the governor's mansion. early 2007, he became the first governor outside illinois to announce his support for barack obama's bid for the presidency. a year later, kaine led a virginia victory party when obama won. >> virginia has gone for barack obama. >> reporter: the support was awarded in 2009 when obama picked him as the dnc chairman. kaine had been on obama's short list as a vp candidate. something that made this latest situation familiar. >> i went through the procesin
6:47 am
>> reporter: in 2012, tim kaine joined the united states senate. he's been given influential committee assignment on budget and the foreign relations committee. he has a personal stake as a leader on foreign policy and defense issues. the oldest of his three children, matt, is a marine officer. pundits suggested kaine is a safe by boring choice for vp. here's how his close friend and senate colleague answered the charge. >> the country would be well served if clinton chose this gentleman. >> thank you. >> i can tell you, you get him on a harmonica, and he's not boring at all. >> reporter: it's kaine steady demeanor, knowledge of foreign policy and connection to the latino community that takes him to the national stage alongside hillary clinton. news 4. hillary clinton will
6:48 am
her running mate on a stage in miami this afternoon. >> news 4's david sculver is in miami with a look ahead at what we can expect today. good morning. >> good morning to you from miami. yeah, we made the flight down here last night, anticipating this to be the first public appearance of both kaine and clinton. at least him as now her newly chosen running mate. this is going to happen at florida international university here in miami. you know, i was with kaine on thursday. this was his last public appearance before this announcement came out. of course, he was fielding several questions about whether or not he would get the nod. he down played all of them. he said, you know, there is no illusion here why he would be on the short list. on any vp short list. pointing to virginia. that was his big push, is virginia is obviously highly desirable as a battleground state. that b
6:49 am
and the unveiling happening in front of a lot of folks here in south florida, in particular. the latino community. florida being another swing state. so the optics are very important. they know that. one of the questions i'm going to certainly bring to the folks that we anticipate to encounter at the rally this morning is, you know, what do you make of this choice? do you know tim kaine? what do you know of him? these are some of the concerns that have been put out there. we've been going through twitter overnight and seeing a lot of the bernie sanders supporters, who are very upset. julie kerry pointed out they think he's safe, boring, anything but what they were hoping clinton would go for. it'll be interesting to get a flay rvor as to what they're feeling with the pick. >> david, thank you. we look forward to your reports throughout the day. see you soon. >> okay. there has been an arrest in the murder of an alexandria man. the ec
6:50 am
death. hall was shot and killed on first street july 2nd. his mother told news 4 police suspected him in the shooting death of clark three weeks earlier. clark was arrested thursday in another state and charged with hall's murder. he's waiting extradition to alexandria. learn more about the zika virus today in alexandria. members of the fairfax county health department will talk about what you can do to prevent the mosquito-borne virus and what you need to know about how it is spread. a meeting is set for 10:00 this morning at the governmental center. in new york city, there are growing concerns about zika after a newborn was diagnosed with the disease. health officials say the infant's mother was infected while traveling. at least 13 babies born in the u.s. now have zika-related birth defe defects.
6:51 am
country are infected with the virus. 6:50 a.m. happening today, american muslims and their interfaith partners will rally on the national mall this evening to stand up against terrorism. the march for america rally is set for 5:00 p.m. organizers want to counter hateful speech aimed at muslims and denounce gun violence in terrorism happening in the u.s. and around the world. last weekend, it was so hot, some of the events had to be cut short on the mall. it's going to be even hotter this weekend. >> especially with this concern for the nationals game tomorrow afternoon with the first pitch at 1:05. during that game, the temperature right there may be near 100 degrees. right there in the stands, you know, if you're in the sun, of course it's going to feel hotter. in today's game, fortunately it's an evening game. hot day on the way. you can track the temperatures with the nbc washington app. storm team 4 latest
6:52 am
today. we have the excessive heat expected in the afternoon. heat advisory in effect. the orange zone across northern virginia, nearby suburbs of maryland and the district. the heat index may be near 105 this afternoon around the metro area. temperatures are comfortable. we're in the 70s about everywhere, from the chesapeake bay to the waters. reagan national is 79 degrees. hour by hour, by 10:00 this morning, we'll be in the mid 80s. a few clouds building. quite humid. then the heat index will be at 100 degrees or higher between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. by 4:00 is when we'll have the peak temperature maybe around 98 degrees. that's when we perhaps will have the heat index of 105. there is a small chance of a storm after that to the evening hours. now no storms on the radar. all clear. the future weather into the afternoon, the colored zones in the green and orange, those are
6:53 am
it'll be around 4:00 to 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. the metro areas. the beginning of the nats game may be briefly delayed because of a passing storm. it'll go to the south after that into the evening hours. here comes the heat wave. we continue hot tomorrow. monday, near 100 both days. chance of storms on monday and tuesday. hot into midweek next week. chances of afternoon storms next weekend. that's the way it looks. >> thanks a lot. forget going around the globe in 80 days. there might be a new world record. how quickly a man in a balloon claims to how quickly a man in a balloon claims life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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0 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. 11 days is how long it took a russian balloonist to claim a new world record, taking a trip around the world. he set out on his journey in the balloon july 12th. this is video of him leaving. the original record was set back in 2002. it took 13 days. >> 1950s, it was around the world in 80 days. here are the four things you need to know today. extreme heat. it is the only way to describe the conditions outside. tom is predicting near 100 degree temperatures all weekend long. a pedestrian has died in prince george's county after palestinians say he w police say he was hit by an suv. it was in capitol heights around 10:00 last night. no word on if t
6:57 am
charged. hilary clin to lary clinton introducing her running mate in miami. tim kaine will take the stage with the presidential candidate at noon. officials say the mass shooting in munich, germany, appears to be a classic shooting rampage. not terrorism. nine people, plus the gunman, died when he opened fire outside a mcdonald's and nearby shopping mall. that is it for news 4 today. we'll be back in 25 minute ws a local news update. join us at 8:00 this morning. until then, have a safe and wonderful day.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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good morning. dangerously hot. 110 million people under some sort of heat warning today with sweltering temperatures from the middle of the country to the northeast. the weather is scorching it could feel like 115 in parts of the country. relief is still days away. dylan is tracking it all. massacre in munich. a horrific attack captured on camera as a lone gunman killing nine people. mostly teenagers before turning the gun on himself. what we're learning what we're learning about why the 18-year-old gunman went tona rampa rampage. hillary clinton picks virginia senator tim kaine to be her running mate.


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