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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now at 4:30. we're standing by to learn the exact cause of that deadly apartment explosion in silver spring. when we expect an official announcement. we're also staying on top of an officer-involved shooting in prince george's county. what we've learned overnight what went down. two olympic swimmers are back. the latest on the scandal still making a splash this morning. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is a story everyone is going to be talking about again today. four u.s. swimmers now being called vandals and not victims of a robbery. >> we'll get you up to speed in a minute.
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look at our weather headlines. you don't have to punt for today. it's going to be a great day outside. four things you need to know about the forecast. fantastic friday coming your way. anything you want to do outside, nothing to worry about. saturday, most everybody is going to be dry. maybe a shower or two in the mountains tomorrow. late in the afternoon or late in the evening hours. the main concern in the weather for the next couple of days is going to be sunday afternoon. strong, potentially severe storms sunday afternoon and sunday evening. that is ahead of a big change in the weather which will bring a little hint of fall next week. all that coming up in detail in a few more minutes. i'm erica gonls at the live desk. not getting off to a good start this friday morning. we're getting confirmation of a fatal hit-and-run accident in the dupont area of d.c. we understand this happened just a quarter of 3:00 this morning. at m and new hampshire. we have molette green he
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the only information we have from police is that they are on the lookout for a dark-colored vehicle. we want to send this over to melissa mollet on how this may impact traffic this morning. >> it could be a problem for people in this area. new hampshire shut down both ways at m street because of this investigation this morning. have another problem on the beltway, inner loop ramp at i-95. overturned vehicle. you can see the police response. very slow through that area. it sound like you have to stay to the right to get by. 270 monday rose to get clear. it is now 4:32. developing this morning, maryland swimmer jack conger and
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this is the surveillance video. one or all of the swimmers vandalized the bathroom which sparked a confrontation with an armed security guard. a police-involved shooting is under investigation in prince george's county. this happened in shady glen terrace before 10:00 last night. officers were trying to stop suspects in a series of crimes. the officer chase and confronted the suspect. the officer shot and hit the suspect in the arm. a gun was recovered in the scene. the officer involved is now on standard leave for investigations. this morning, the search is on for a
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at a basketball court. he saw two people going through his backpack. when he questioned them, one of them pulled a gun and took the bag. we should learn this morning what caused the deadly explosion last week in silver spring. sources close to the investigation tell news 4 natural gas was a factor. they will release more information at a 11:30 news conference this morning. including the names of those who died. 50 square miles burned. firefighters are making progress on the blue cut fire in san bernardino county, california. it is 22% count right now. it's spreading. it's impacting the air quality so much so sferl schools are closed today. firefighters are renewing calls forpe
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too many people consider the wild fires routine at this point and ignoring those orders. right now, a missing kensington man. aaron watkins was last seen leaving his home on sunday morning. he uses a ma -- blew wheelchair. we're now hearing from bowie university students desperate to find housing. more than 300 students received notice that they won't have anywhere to stay. some returning students and parents were caught off guard. >> what we plan to do is obtain a vehicle for her so she can attend school as a commuter student. >> bowie state says
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notified weeks ago on july 8th. the university says it's working with students to find rental properties before the first day of school. donald trump and mike pence will travel to baton rouge today to visit communities damaged by flooding. he will be the aa frieft event in louisiana. hillary clinton does not have any campaign events scheduled for today. trump's visit to louisiana comes as the candidate is changing his tone. ahead at 4:45. nbc's edward lawrence break down what he says he now regrets in his campaign for president. elevator problems continue to plague the washington monument. it will remain closed today so crews can fix elevator issues. back in july, the monument was closed for almost a week for other elevator repairs. all right. now to rio where it is day
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the 2016 olympic games. this is a live look at the olympic cauldron. there's two days left of the competition. there's still plenty of chances to watch team usa for gold today. here's what to watch. the men's basketball team has a big game to advance to the gold medal game. and diving, david boudia will compete on those ten meter platforms. and the women's relay team will be running today. they won their appeal. >> that baton pass, it's so
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perilous. let's give you a live look outside this friday morning. you'll notice a difference when you walk outside this morning. a closer look at the cooler temperatures and what you can expect when you are headed to the beach this weekend. >> no shots, no schools. where can kids will be turned away if they don't get immunized. >>. and
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4:41 on it friday morning. it feels pretty decent outside. >> you can feel the change, chuck bell. >> i agree. yesterday afternoon, you could really feel the humidity going down a notch and as a result of the slightly drier air, we're cooler than we have. upper 60s and low 70s. 77 degrees inside the urban heat isles. highs up to 91 degrees downtown. headed to the beach or pulling a chuck as they call it, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. rain chances go up. breaking news. fatal pedestrian crash here. new hampshire avenue there. both ways at mexico street, we are shut down right now for this investigation. another closure, beach drive between wise road and sher ril drive. all lanelo
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downed tree. you can see the beltway is okay overall, our only problem, inner loop, at i-95. it should be just about done. decision fwixt 2016, this time it's donald trump taking a hit. new controversy taking over his campaign. and redskins at
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sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. >> a rare change in tone from donald trump saying he now regrets some of the words he's used in
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trump starting running some ads in four battleground states today. is he hoping this change of tone will help in those states? >> this is a donald trump 2.0 now. we're seeing a softer, each more humble donald trump. since the moment he took the change, gone is the unapologetic candidate for president. trump said sometimes he does not choose the right words. he goes on to say he regrets that. hillary clinton responded that trump started the campaign by insulting people and continues to do so. he campaigns today in michigan and he will start spending money in campaign ads in four battleground states. his campaign will spend $4 million to run ads in florida, ohio, pennsylvania. >> at the same time we're hearing a new controversy involving his campaign ch
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reporting they have emails showing a connection between ukraine and paul manafort. hes lobby firm did covert work for the ruling party there in order to get good press toward the ukraine in the u.s. they targeted newspapers like "the new york times," "washington post," also the associated press. the associated press is putting out these emails via story this morning. >> edward lawrence on the hill for us. thank you. the $400 million cash payment to iran was in fact used as leverage to ensure the release of four u.s. prisoners. the state department denies the money was some sphorm of -- form of ransom. president obama has agreed that iran was owed that money from the 1970s.
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control of the money until the plane took off from iran with the americans on board. the only son of marion barry will be laid to rest next week. at 7:00 p.m. on monday, there will be a public service at the tame church. search for the potomac river swimmer has been called off. a man was swimming near the billy boat trail on tuesday and went under and did not resurface. police are trying to identify the body. a d.c. man who shot a teenage girl in the leg outside the anacostia metro station will plead guilty today. he fired gun at the girl after they talked outside
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an advisory group in alexandria recommends changing the name of jefferson davis highway. they tasked the group at looking for confederate memorialize and street names. they are considering new individual names as it is brought up. with just the push of a button from mayor mural bowser. the latest bridge is now glowing. $2 million was spent to light up the francis case memorial bridge. developers say it will enhance the area. it is the southeast-southwest freeway, southwest side of it, i think, named for a former senator. the project was done by the same company that lit up the eiffel tower and london bridge. without the proper ts
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to class on tuesday. clinics will be held saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at iverson mall, beltway plaza and prince george's plaza. we have a full list on our nbc washington app. your first chance to see the redskins at home in months. the first preseason game is at 7:30 tonight. if you are going to watch them take on the new york jets, remember there are a lot of rules of what you can and can't bring. seat cushions and umbrellas and loud noise makers are not allowed either. search stadium rules. also be aware, the game will air on cozy-tv.
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for football. we want a little bit more football-like weather. just a tad. >> i don't want summer to end. >> i'm done with it. done with it! and next week is going to be a week, i think we can both agree, will be absolutely flawless around here. the transition between hot and sticky and cool and dry arrives on sunday with a significant chance for strong thunderstorms sunday afternoon and evening. but for now the heat goes on. another day in the 90s yesterday. that's 42 days, 90 or higher so far this year and august remains in first place for warmest august on record. 5 degrees warmer than average up through the day yesterday. we will eat up some of that surplus next week. for now, skies are clear this morning. there are pockets of fog. these are visibility. 2 miles. there may be foggy spots out there this morning. keep an eye on that, keep your speeds down a little bit when
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show up on the map. northern maryland into shenandoah valley. it's going to be a great day to be outside. planning out the rest of your day. full sunshine all the time. on the hot side. again, most areas today, upper 80s to right around 90 degrees as you are planning out the day for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, again, plenty warm with temperatures up around the 90. here's future weather, saturday morning, 8:00, nothing to worry about. sunday late afternoon, evening, there could be some lone some showers in the mountains of west virginia. the metro area will stay dry saturday night on into sunday. sunday morning, there may be a shower early on sunday, but my concern starts at noon sunday up until 7:00, 8:00, sunday evening, there could be some strong thunderstorms to contend with. so sunday will be a weather alert day. just sort of make your plans this weekend accordingly. anything you need
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saturday will be the better day for it. melissa look at the highs next week into the 80s. breaking news right now taking a look in northwest washington. again, we still have this closure. likely going to last throughout the morning. molette green getting ready for a live shot. new hampshire avenue at m street with all those lanes blocked. now because of the closure, it's turning purple, it will be black soon as this whole area is shut down. not any great way around this, connecticut avenue is a pretty good option if you can wiggle your way over there either from the north or south. as we zoom out. inner loop, that i-95 accident just cleared out of the way. accused of using corporal punishment and humiliating children. the fall out continues for a head start program. what happens next.
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. >> we're following a developing story this morning, two swimmers, including maryland's jack conger on their way back to u.s. what they had to do to step foot on a plane. and cooler temperatures, how long can we expect them to stick around. outrage after a federa
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george's county public schools. head start program was kept a secret from the school board. board members tell news 4, they just found out last week that the program is set to lose their funding because of this investigation. there are two investigations in the report. one where a three-year-old was forced to mop up his own urine after an accident. and another after a five-year-old walked home crossing busy streets. >> i understand the mistrust. >> the federal grant funded more than 900 children who use the head start program. in a story you saw first on your phone, an air traffic control administrator from alexandria is on suspension because of child sex charges. news 4 i team reporter was the first to break this story on the nbc washington app yesterday. court documents say scott
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tried to lure a 10-year-old for sex. he's pleaded not guilty. wegman's is pulling out of a plan to build hits first store in d.c. it could not reach a deal to build a store at the old walter reed site in northwest. >> we are very hopeful that we'll get a great set of retailers, not just a grocer. >> wegman's growing business cost, including the cities new $15 minimum wage and family leave factored into the location. it has not ruled out a location somewhere else in the district. you have some time this weekend, you might want to give your rewards program a second look. the longer you don't use them, the higher chances they lose value or spire ort
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you actually use. you might have some rewards right now that you didn't even know about. >> that's why those airline miles work so well, you can use them right away. i do have a credit card where i have points. i don't know what to do with them. buy a toaster? >> it's hard to handle. stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. we're just getting some new video into the newsroom from that fatal hit-and-run accident scene in d.c. this is at m and new hampshire this morning. this is a couple of blocks from dupont. we've got molette green that's on the scene there. we're waiting to get her live shot established. we'll try to get her to you in the next couple of minutes. the only lookout that we have from police is a dark-colored vehicle. that's it. that's all we've got this morning. this happened just a few minutes before 3:00 this morning, and again, impacting m and new hampshire. with more of that, here's mea
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this problem in northwest and new hampshire avenue and m street, we have all lanes blocked at that intersection because of the fatal pedestrian crash. as you take a look here at new hampshire, it has turned purple. we get nothing through here. connecticut avenue is a good alternate for you. take a lock at the beltway, no major problems on the beltways. we have something new being reported outer loop at 50, two left lanes getting by that crash. doesn't seem to be slowing things. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check our forecast as well. a little bit of relief. you can feel it in the air. >> chuck bell with the 411. chuck. >> it's going to be a nice day to be outside. today, much like yesterday afternoon, plenty of sunshine. it will be plenty hot. temperatures around 90 degrees but not quite as humid as we were earlier this week. this afternoon, sun sunshine, everything is all green lights. keeping a v
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severe weather chance on sunday. hourly temperatures, up, is up and away. we're in the 60s and 70s. it will be a warm up. 85 in gaitherburg, 91 in stafford. developing this morning. we just learned u.s. swimmer jimmy feegen's passport has been returned after revising his statement and making a donation to a brazilian charity. maryland, gunner bentz and jack conger on their way back home. brazilian police say ryan lochte and feegen lied about being robbed with conger and bentz. this is surveillance video. investigators say one or all of the swimmers vandalized the gas station


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