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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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right now, we're following breaking news at 5:00 a.m. buildings have been reduced to rubble in central italy as a massive earthquake hits several towns. we'll get an update on the victims and the rescue efforts shortly. first in breaking news from the live desk. >> we're following this breaking news. new information moments ago. a shooting in montgomery county. we know that one man was shot and killed. this is in the 4500 block of sandy spring road in burr tonsville. this happened last night. police cruisers are parked there. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. we know that one man was killed. sandy spring road in burtonsville. no suspect information at this point. kristin wright at the live desk. it's 5:00 a.m. now. good morning, i'm arron
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i'm eun yang. we want to check on the forecast. nice for august. >> chuck bell is in the weather center. we can keep it going a little longer. >> nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky. that's unfortunately, the way it goes. comfortable weather again. yes indeed, heat and 450ud will make a comeback. nothing to worry about, sunny and mild. the evening plans, nothing to worry about. highs in the hometown, 82 ingate urs berg. 86 in frederick, maryland. 82 by the bay in edge water and annapolis. about 87 degrees here in washington. there will be rising levels of heat and humidity. i'll show you the forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's go over to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. >> beltway at river road. inner loop here. this is the best picture we have. we're sending a crew to show us better what's happening. this is a tractor-til
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it back on its wheels. the right lane and the ramp from cabin john parkway blocked by the accident. probably through the morning commute. 66 inbound, fairfax county to the beltway. you can see your time. about 9 minutes to get to the beltway. you don't have to worry about that one too much this morning. taking a look at 95, just a little slow heading into quantico in the southbound lanes. guys? following this breaking news also from the live desk. that is the earthquake in italy this morning. we have video we want you to see of a dramatic rescue happening. this is the central part of italy. you see a number of people there trying to get the people who are trapped in the rubble. this is a 6.2 earthquake. pretty powerful. you can see them passing along the person that they have just freed from underneath the rubble. the quake happened in the middle of the night. people sleeping in their beds when it struck. right now the count
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is 13. but we do expect that to possibly rise. we have live pictures here we want to show you of other rescues that are happening. that looks like a piece of equipment there and people trying to free people who may be trapped. this is what it looks like on the ground there right now in italy. this was felt 100 miles away from the earthquake in rome even. now we're looking at aftershocks. aaron, eun, back to you. >> just coming out o of italy. a serious crash in d.c. that car flipped over on benning road northeast last night. we found out everyone involved should be okay. there were no fatalities here. they did shut down part of the road. it's open now. it's not clear what caused that crash. >>pp
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main street in ellicott city will reopen several weeks after flooding in the city killed two people and destroyed several businesses. officials say crews have a lot of paving work do and hope to have part of the downtown parking lot back open by saturday. prince george's county's board of education wants some of the members want new leaders. want the leaders replaced. five members are demanding the chair and vice chair step down after the investigation into the headstart program. the school system lost more than $6 million in federal funding after claims of student abuse. those board members wrote a letter saying leaders did not keep them informed. county executive baker says he's happy with the job the leadership is doing. >> i have all the confidence in the world. he's done a great job, dr. maxwell, we've seen improvements in the schools, our graulgs rates are up. we've seen improvements in the early childhood education. so we're going to move forward. >> the school board chair eubanks said in a statement that he will dov
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continues. more than 900 students in that program start classes on monday. it is 5:05. a developing story out of north korea. south korea says the north launched a missile from a submarine and flew over 300 miles and landed in the east china sea. north korea launched a -- an american military in the korean peninsula. the justice department is telling nbc news that a violent knife attack in roanoke, virginia, has no link to isis. that's what the justice department -- on saturday witnesses say that the man who has been identified yelled in arabic as he allegedly stabbed two people. both were seriously hurt. he was hearing voices at the time of the attack. he's being held in jail on bond. we're hearing from the man who rose through the ranks of the d.c. police department and will soon soon become
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chief. he will take over for cathy lanier retiring in november. he became assistant chief in 2002. owe knows the community and the police force and his priority will be to maintain a good relationship between the two. >> i think our number one priority as an organization is public safety. you go out to community meetings. most of the folks in those meetings are saying positive things about the metropolitan police department. >> lanier will become senior vice president of security for the nfl. a nationwide search for her official replacement is already under way. getting another account of that incident during the rio olympics involving four u.s. swimmers who claimed to be robbed. jimmy feigen is one of the swimmers accused of vandalizing a gas station. in a new statement he said he was terrified when a security officer pulled a gun on him. it happened at the gas station after the alleged vandalism. he also left several facts out of
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told it. specifically that the teammate urinated on the side of the gas station and ryan lochte pulled a -- i was trying to protect my teammates. for this i apologize. as for the payment he had to make when he left brazil, feigen said he had two options, stay in rio while police investigated the alleged crime or do community service and pay more than $30,000. feigen said, quote, we decided the amount was unreasonable and due to safety concerns this offer was rejected. the prosecutor's response was to increase the fine to more than $46,000. he eventually paid about $10,000. it is that time of year. news 4 wants to make sure everyone has what they need to kick off the school year. >> we've been collecting school supplies. giving away the backpacks to kids who
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otherwise. it's not too late to help us out. amelia draper and erika gonzalez will be at the apple federal credit union starting at 6:00 this morning. stop by to bring supplies or any donation to could help us. more information on the website and the nbc washington app. we'll check in with amelia and erika later this morning. we've been enjoying the sun and comfortable weather. how long will the dry stretch last? chuck is tracking your forecast. the fight against isis on the ground. troops closing in. the latest on the situation at the syrian border from the live desk, next. katie ledecky's next adventure. i sit down with her and she reflects on winning gold and returning home. we love to see your first day of school photos. yard ner here, all smiles. she's heading off to school. now it's your turn. use the #first day face.
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welcome back. traffic and weather on the 1s. >> it would be nice if we could keep it like this for the remainder of august. we'll probably have to wait until september to get this great weather back in. bus stop weather this morning to an early school day. 65 at
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into the low and mid-80s for afternoon highs today. back to shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses. no need for the rain gear today. the morning run, another nice day to add a mile or two. another perfect school day if you have the day off. after school activities filled with sunshine and you can get the car washed. a good night for the nationals to play baseball at home. i'll show you the baseball forecast and the five-day outlook in ten minutes. let's go to melissa where the trouble continues on the capitol beltway. >> inner loop at river road is where the camera is. that's where you'll find this problem. overturned tractor-trailer. quite a large response there. not affecting anything right now as we approach the 8:00 hour if this is hanging around, could pose a problem. inner loop as you're approaching that area, blocked by the crash this morning. 95 looking good northbound and southbound. had an earlier slowdown
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approaching quantico and rock creek parkway. kristin? thanks, melissa. turkey may be closing in on isis at the syrian border with help from the u.s. a turkish special forces backed by u.s. fighter jets launched this operation just before dawn trying to clear the borders down from isis militants. reports are that a small member of turkish forces have crossed into syria on the ground as part of this operation. all of this coming hours before vice president joe biden goes to turkey today. eun? >> thank you, kristin. it's 5:13. we're staying on top of new information about the biggest fire burning in california. the chimney fire started over the weekend. it's extremely dangerous conditions. that's according to firefighters. it's burned a lot of homes and other
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so bad they can't count how many. some people just won't leave their homes. >> it's important to me to stay here. this is our home. it's where we live. i wanted to track our place. >> right now, the fire is nearly 30 miles -- it's about 35% contained. the new lawsuit could put plans for one of d.c.'s new homeless shelters on hold. people who live near the proposed shelter in upper northwest are demanding their chance to weigh in. 50-bed shelter is being built in the parking lot of a police station near cathedral heights and gardens. it will be on city property but the suit claims it's illegal to build there because the advisory neighborhood commission never had a say. >> what we're going to court with is not to ask the court to change, to substitute its judgment for that of the council in choosing this site. but to go back to the drawing board and give the
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and concerns. >> mary cha says the committee will get a say once a zoning change application has been submitted. the plan for this shelter and others like it is to provide homeless facilities in each of the city's wards. in decision 2016, hillary clinton and the clinton foundation are under new scrutiny due to a report by the associated press. their review of state department calendars shows more than half the people outside of the government who met or called clinton while she was secretary of state gave money to the foundations. the clinton foundation replied saying it relies on utterly flawed data. >> donald trump blasted clinton last time in texas. >> it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. they sold access and specific -- >> coming up in the broadcast a little later, nbc's tracie potts
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could mean for hillary clinton going forward. >> that bigg epipen price increase is not the only thing they'll be talking about. it's gone up about 400%. now we know executive salaries at the company that makes epipens have increased 600% in that same time. for example. the mylan ceo was making $2.5 million in 2007. now that position earns nearly $19 million a year. epipens are crucial for people with severe allergies and can save their lives in an emergency. members of congress are calling for a hearing and an investigation. this next story is inspirational. zion harvey. he's 9 years old. he's learning how to use his new hands after he received a double hand transplant in philadelphia last year. the hands and feet were amputated at age 2 when he came down with an infection. harvey has one rest
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mom. >> convince mom to let me play football. >> i knew that was coming. >> how are you not in love with this child? are you the cutest thing ever? it's going to be hard to say no. doctors are excited about zion's progress. he recently got to throw out the first pitch at a baltimore orioles game. there is a renewed effort to transition our war heroes from the battlefield to the farm. the department of agriculture and the u.s. chamber of commerce announced a new hiring system for agriculture jobs on tuesday. the agencies say the web portal will make it easier for veterans to pursue farming careers after being in the service. they live in rural areas, a certain percentage. agriculture is a great way to serve the community and also a form of therapy. >> if you have what we call a moment of weakness, at leas
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you can learn to, you have special coping mechanisms when everybody is not watching. >> no date has been set for the launch of this portal. they've provided millions of dollars in farm loans to help vets purchase farmland or buy equipment since 2009. we love her drive and humility and that contagious smile, katie ledecky is back home and has plans. she's throwing out the first pitch of the nats game tonight. after that, off to stanford to swim with the school team. i had a chance to spend one-on-one time with her at her alma mater in bethesda. we talked about what makes her go. >> it's a great feeling when you achieve your goals. it's a great feeling to achieve your goals in something you love. i really love swimming. it's something i enjoy doing every day. i love going to practice and
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you have the opportunity to do something great and what you love. >> she says she jumps out of bed for practice even at 4:00 a.m. can you imagine us jumping out of bed at 2:00 in the morning. >> we do. >> it's something you like to do, right. ledecky i took home five medals. her dominant performance was when she broke her old record in the 800-meter freestyle. remember, it looked like she was alone in the pool. >> where are the other ones? >> we'll see what ledecky had to say about that race and you can see more highlights from our interview tonight on news 4 at 6:00. >> you know, all those medals you saw around her neck. they're worth something. u.s. olympians are taxed on the hardware they bring home. some members of congress want to change that. they want to exempt
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so-called victory tax. the house will consider legislation about it next month. olympic medalists are taxed on both the money they receive from the olympic committee and the value of their medals. a u.s. athlete, if you win a gold medal in the olympics, that's $25,000 plus the value of the medal and it's taxed. every medal, every win is taxed. >> can't do math that fast. four golds and a silver. $115,000. >> lot of money. >> yeah. >> i wouldn't be carrying them around. >> what do you mean? i'd never take them off. how much is this hamburger. how about if i have a gold medal around my neck? good way to get free stuff. seems crazy to pay a tax on winning a gold medal. the tax would be getting up at 2:00 a.m. and swimming laps all day. anyway, i digress. outside, we have nothing to worry about in t
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hence the reason i wasted half my time talking about medals other people have won. temperatures outside in the 50s and 60s. visibility, no troubles along i-95 or i-66. but there could be foggy spots through the southern and central parts of the shenandoah valley. be on the lookout for cloud. 62 now in potomac maryland. 65 in college park and 66 in newington, virginia. forecasting sunshine today. a great day to be outside. 80 degrees by lunch. you can have dinner outside as well. the evening temperatures will be pleasant. the orioles got us again last night in baltimore. tonight, we're bringing the next two nights, baseball back to nats ballpark against the orioles. game time temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. only a little warmer on the way to the ballpark. great night for baseball. future weather, no chance for rain into the area for today.
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small chance of a passing shower or two. probably a little better chance up into parts of the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. not much, if anything in the way of a rain threat around town. 87 today. 90 tomorrow. friday looks hot and humid again. temperatures in the mid-90s. both days over the weekend for the most part sunny and dry. but certainly on the warm side with temperatures this weekend generally speaking into the 90s. be back in a few more minutes. we'll have more things to know about the forecast. we'll be talking about the tropics. there could be a gaston and ir mine to be talking about. here's a check on the roads with melissa. >> still keeping an eye on river road, the incompetener loop as approach there. have a crew on the way going to get a better picture once we're on the scene there. right lane blocked by the crash of an overturned ac
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as far as the rest of the beltway, looking quite good. the beltway -- no problems. as you widen out, you can see the major routes rolling along fine. live look at 270 coming up. >> thanks, melissa. it's an easy way for toddlers to learn technology and new skills. it can also cause problems. what resrchers areea
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it's 5:26. a lot of people are addicted to these little screens. >> we mentioned before all the screen time could be harming your children's eyes. some say that's not the only damage you're doing. it could cause delays in language to shortening attention spans and interrupting social interaction. but if you need to occupy them with screens, make sure you know what they're seeing. doctors recommend no screen time for children under the age of 2. once they're older, no more than two hours per day. educational programs are best, especially if you talk to them
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after. reinforce what they learn on the screen. it's been nice and comfortable here lately. the high heat and humidity are returning. chuck bell has more about the forecast. new concerns about a deadly shooting in north carolina. what investigators are revealing about a deaf man stopped for speeding. if you can call an ambulance, you expect help to be there fast. what we're finding out about the private ambulances hired by to reduce response times. your time is 5:27. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu
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vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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disaster in central italy. a massive earthquake tears through several towns leaving thousands in the rubble. >> a deadly shooting in montgomery county. a man shot and killed in burtonsville. what investigators are now revealing. helping students have a great school year. how you can help thousands of kids prepare for success in the classroom. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. want too check four things to know about our forecast. >> chuck well is here. >> a nice little break from ou
5:31 am
skies will remain mostly clear. vr some areas of fog. be on the lookout for that. over washington here this morning, looking out to the east, a little hint of color already coming into the skies. sunrise is still an hour away. it's the last of the comfy cool mornings. ready, set, sizzle. temperatures well back into the 90s before the week is over. it's getting to be that time of year to keep a close eye on the tropics. we have gaston and maybe ir mine to worry about. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. let's check traffic with melissa who continues to follow trouble on the capitol beltway. >> beltway at river road, the inner loop. the right side of the roadway is blocked. not impacting traffic. that story could change at 6:00. it's an overturned
5:32 am
they're trying to get them off to right it and get it out of the way. inner loop at river, the there's wood debris in the center of the roadway. eun? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:32 today. eleanor holmes norton will meet with national park service employees to talk about freckle vey tore breakdowns. the monument is in a closure due to the elevator breakdowns. she says it will impact the d.c. economy. two children killed in the silver spring apartment fire have been identified. t a total of seven people died in the flower branch apartments nearly two weeks ago. two people have not been officially identified. we're following a developing story out of north carolina now where officials are urging
5:33 am
conclusions. they investigate the shooting death of a deaf driver by a state trooper. daniel harris failed to pull over when an officer tried to stop him for speeding. he led police on a short chase that ended outside of his home last week. family members say he was unarmed and the sequence of events were a tragic misunderstanding. a witness says it comes down to training. >> should have been trained to realize, you know, this is entirely different situation. you're pulling someone over who that is deaf. they're handicapped. >> the state bureau of investigation, highway patrol and the district attorney are investigating the incident. the trooper involved, saunders, has been placed on administrative leave. 5:33 now. thieves are targeting new homes before they're completely built. the loudoun county sheriff's office says there's been more than 100 thefts reported this year. they typically happen at night when materials and appliances are left
5:34 am
usually the thieves are after cabinets, copper plumbing fixtures, appliances. deputies ask that you report any suspicious activity that you notice. d.c. police have caught the man who repeatedly vandalized a chinatown crosswalk with anti-semitic words. he wrote the words on the rat design that was drawn on the crosswalk. the writings have happened five times. it gets cleaned up by a local group. >> one time there were nine rat that were defaced at every corner. it was really just -- it felt very relentless. >> the man is also accused of writing swastikas at a starbucks in chinatown. today is the last day to apply for a temporary spot on the prince william county school board. whoever is selected serves for about a year. a
5:35 am
deployed to africa. he will resume his post before the 2017-18 school year. any qualified voter who lives in the district can apply. you have until 4:30 so submit your application to the clerk of the school board. students are carrying guns on campus at the university of texas, austin. there is a new campus carry law in place. you can carry conceal hand guns even into academic buildings. a judge denied their request to keep it guns-free. a story only on news 4. we've learned the private ambulances hired by d.c. to reduce response times to 911 calls are not meeting expectatio expectations. records produced to us show that amr ambulances show up in ten minutes or less about 82% of the time. the records also show about 9% of amrls
5:36 am
more. the contract with amr requires the private ambulances to arrive within ten minutes 90% of the time. the private ambulances are helping despite the numbers >> we actually have time to do patient care. after you have an opportunity to -- people are getting more training. we actually are available to be able to respond o our citizens. that really is the bottom line. >> chief dean could impose monetary penalties on amr for missing the response time requirement but he says he won't. this morning, expect a smoother ride on congested route 66. the road widening is complete in the hay market area. the lanes have been extended along the four-mile stretch of that road. a comfortable start on this wednesday morning. chuck is updating his forecast with what you can expect for recess and your
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if you look at your phone first thing in the morning, it could be strange your iesz. a vision problem your children could also be developing. keep the back to school pictures coming. heidi tweeted this first day face. we want to see more. use the hash tag to show off your kid or yourself to nbc washington.
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hump day it here. >> is that your favorite day of the week. >> what was that? >> the camel is gone, the commercial is gone. >> but the memory lives on, aaron. 67 in beverly beach by the bay. forecast for today. sunshine. nice day to be outside today. still not terribly humid. highs in the mid to upper 80s. near 90 degrees tomorrow as we start getting closer to the weekend. if you plan out your weekend at the coastline, near 90 at the coast on friday as well. highs over the weekend mostly in the mid-80s. not much, if anything in the way of a chance for rain. going to have to get into next week before we have an increasing chance for rain in and around the metro area. i'll show you the chances with the ten-day forecast. let's go to
5:41 am
traffic. she continues to deal with more and more trouble on the beltway. >> a brand new problem there. crash reported left lane they say being blocked. southbound, bw parkway after the beltw beltway. report of police activity. see if it turns out to be anything. again, inner loop as you're approaching river road. still have the overturned tractor-trailer on its side. not impacting traffic too much. it could change if it hangs around. a live picture from the scene in a few minutes. 270 looks fine. beltway getting along okay. 66 inbound an 95 north, no worries. more on this problem on the beltway, coming up. thanks, melissa. >> many of us look at our phones when we wake up. this is my alarm. staring at all the streams could be straining our eyes. >> it gets closer and closer every year. >> you know the same concern exists for kids out there as their eyes are still lo
5:42 am
there's no conclusive evidence that directly links screen time with nearsightedness in children, but dr. andrew morgan stern of treehouse eyes in bethesda says it makes sense that using the devices may cause this problem. children spend too much time on phones and computers and not enough time outside, which can actually be good for developing long distance vision. >> on ipads and iphones and digital black boards at school. all of this stimulus, we believe, it causing nearsightedness to rise. >> the academy -- american academy of pediatrics discourages screen time for children under the age of 2. recommends no more than two hours a day for anyone else. if nearsightedness runs in your family, pay special attention to the guidelines and keep an eye out for signs that your child may not be seeing clearly. new controversy in decision 2016. how donald trump is raising questions about the
5:43 am
foundation and the impact it's having on the election. new concerns about zika as it continues to spread in florida. how health officials in virginia are now responding in a new way to fight
5:44 am
know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪
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it's 5:46. rescues efforts under way to free people trapped in their homes in italy. how you can help thousands of kids in our area as they head back to class. good morning everybody. skies are clear once again. there's the capitol wheel down there in prince george's county along the potomac this morning. not much of a rain threat today. what about rain chances for your weekend plans. the ten-day outlook is just ahead. crew got on the scene. inner loop before river road trying to off load. you can see an overturned tractor-trailer from overnight backups starting to
5:47 am
. it's 5:46. more people have been infected with the zika virus in florida including a few outside of the area. officials call it the zika zone. miami sister station is live with us. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. later this morning, miami beach crews will have more crews on the ground really with the aggressive mosquito control effort. we're not talking not only spraying but infections as well. the number is 42 local cases in florida. four new cases were announced by the elt department outside of the win wood -- excuse me in the win wood area that we've been talking about for several weeks. the good news is there that that area has gotten smaller. the health department cleared about 76 blocks of that area. here in miami beach, the 1.5 square miles of the zika zone remains the
5:48 am
they're asking pregnant women to avoid traveling to the area. officials are investigating one case in the tampa area. local case. it's the first such case outside of south florida. back to you. >> mike spears live in miami for us this morning. mike, thank you. virginia is work to go help pregnant women from the virus. pregnant women who aren't able to afford mosquito repellent can get it free through the state medicaid program. women must meet criteria and a prescription will be required ziefrnl a mother and daughter in georgia are head today prison for locking up three mentally ill men in their basement. police say they were doing it to cash in on the men's social security checks. there was mold covering the walls, a pad locked refrigerator and stalls for the men to stay in. the district attorney says conditions were deplorable. >> when they arrived there, they asked the officers, are you here to help us? it was that type of situation. so it was
5:49 am
>> the mother will spend five years in prison, her daughter will be sentenced next week. let's check our forecast right now. i think you're going to like it. >> chuck? >> i think you're going to like it. aaron, are you going to like it? >> absolutely. >> there you have it. three out of flee. >> melissa, you're going to like it? >> i like it. skies are mostly clear. nice and quiet for us. that's welcome news. hurricane season could get more active the next little bit. history buffs will remember this is the day, 24 years ago today, hurricane andrew, a category 5 storm went on to the south sides of miami. we've not had a major hurricane make landfall in the united states since 2005. the season of rita, wilma and katrina. that is the longest hurricane drought on record. hurricane records go back to the 1850s. this is tropical
5:50 am
atlantic. could be a hurricane here in the next 24 hours, but the track it's on should keep it out of the middle of the amt. we'll watch it carefully. this area of disturbed area, this is miami and this is puerto rico. this tropical wave is starting to show signs of organization if it becomes a named storm, it will take on the name ir mine and we'll have to watch it carefully. if it becomes that, it could pose a threat to parts of south florida and the gulf of mexico late this weekend or early next week. here's the ten-day forecast for here at home. 80s today. you knew it was coming. back into the 90s tomorrow. low to mid-90s with lots of humidity for friday into the weekend. do know that you are going to have to turn the ac back on. see you in a few more minutes with a check of highs in your hometown and other weather may change your plans. let's go to amelia segal who is doing backpacks
5:51 am
>> reporter: hey, good morning chuck. we're here live in kingstown. i'm going to be here with erika until noon today. it's comfortable outside. it's 68 degrees. we get this morning from the weather station. on top of our truck. you can see the thing barely spinning, it's calm. starting to see hints of the sunrise. we want you to come by, say hi to us, bring a backpack, school supplies and you can donate money. we'll be here until noon today. highs in the mid to upper 80s. it's not too hot. swing by while heading into work or take that lunch break early. we'll be here until noon. we'll send things over to melissa with that. any trouble getting over here with the roads? >> where you are, you're looking quite good. we have a couple of other problems elsewhere. inner loop before river road, this is an issue. this is the overturned
5:52 am
bags. they're trying to off load those to right the truck. it is a little slow now through that area. beltway at river road here. the inner loop. about a one mile backup right now. outer loop before georgia avenue, left lana blocked by a crash. police activity before good luck road overpass. 95 northbound after 610 there, wood debris in the center of the road. 66 into town looking just fine. guys? it's impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. >> donald trump increasing his attacks on hillary clinton last night in texas after an associated press report that many donors to the clinton foundation met with her while she was secretary of
5:53 am
her team is pushing back on that report, though, saying the story relies on, "utterly flawed data. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, this is not good news for clinton coming on the top of the scrutiny of her e-mails. >> exactly, aaroaron. they're saying they cherry picked this information. certainly it raises more questions. not illegal but ethical questions about whether or not there's too much crossover and whether or not the meetings and phone calls that she took as secretary of state were tried to her work with the clinton foundation and whether or not donating to that foundation bought special access to the secretary into the state department. tracie, i want to turn to donald trump now. there have been questions about him backing down from a hard stance on immigration. what's the latest on that? >> you know, he said in a fox interview that softening his position is possible. he started out
5:54 am
he's still talking about building the wall. he's being asked hard questions, are you going to break up fal lis? how are you going to get 11 million documented i mmigrants out of country. he plans to sit down with latino leaders in new york tomorrow. tracie potts on capitol hill for us. thank you. 5:54 right now. an olympic boxer from prince george's county is headed home. he comes from a boxing family. his brother competed in beijing about eight years ago. today, his family and friends will be at the dave and buster's on richie station court to welcome him back home. he didn't medal in rio. he lost a controversial match. even though he seemed to dominate in that fight against uzbekistan. >> big celebration in alexandria for another local boxer. that's stevenson. he took home a silver medal from the summer games. the mayor was at his welcome ho
5:55 am
he trained there for four years. >> appreciate everyone that's out here. they're the reason why i went out there and performed the way i performed. i've been in in gym grinding for like, what, three four years now. i appreciate everyone here. >> he lost a split decision against cuba in the bantamweight final. he says that he's disappointed he didn't get gold but looking ahead to the future and plans to include going pro one day. silver medal nothing to be disappointed about. >> that's right. congratulations. >> 19 years old. we'll see him again. >> for sure. legos, will that get you excited about learning? they could soon be seeing them in the classroom. dozens of fairfax county teachers were trained yesterday on how to use legos to teach robotics to students of all ages. there's a lot of engineering hind leg owes. you can look at science, technology,
5:56 am
math. s.t.e.m. that we talk about. >> if it gets your students engaged and involved, then weave got them. >> hands-on rather than reading a book or watching a video. we actually get to do it. >> fairfax county students still have time to enjoy the summer. they return to class on september 6th. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc med quarters. tesla unveiled the model s sedan and model x suv. the company says it can go up to 315 miles on a single charge. tesla will now offer the fastest car in world claiming that the new model s can go from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds. there have been faster production cars but they are no longer widely available. guys, back to you. >> thanks, landon. how would you and your kids like an entire year without homework? a texas teacher is getting a lot
5:57 am
to school promise. a letter brandy young sent home to the parents of her second grade class is being shared all over social media. young spent the summer researching whether homework really helps. she would rather her students relax and spend time with their families after being in class all day. young asks parents to make an effort to eat dinner as a family and get to bed early each >>. the devastation in italy. i'm kristin wright on the live desk as we learn more about the earthquake that hit, collapsing homes on top of people as they slept in their beds. violent video of a crash. it ended nearly on someone's front steps. a major change after the rare earthquake hit virginia five years ago. we'll take you back to the school where the ceilings came to the ground as students scrambled to take cover. >> all of a sudden it
5:58 am
our clock fell off the wall. there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking,
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asheville. discovery inside and out.
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the death toll is climbing. the tragedy in italy is more clear. >> kristin wright has been following every new development and joins us live from the live desk. >> we want to show you live pictures off the top coming to us from italy on the ground. right now, there is a search for survivor survivors: we don't have the live pictures yet but we have video of the ground that shows the devastation of this earthquake. it is a 6.2 magnitude quake. the death toll right now standing at 37. that number, though, in situations like this, as always, keeps changing. we do expect it to rise. you're looking at here piem looking at the rubble on the ground. the earthquake hitting in the middle of the night as people are sleeping. people are buried in this rubble. two towns leveled. about 100 milesfr


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