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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fauquier county home. she fired two shots at the drone. right now at 5:00 a.m., 900 aftershocks as search teams dig through rubble in central italy. the death toll continues to rise. i'm aaron gil christ. >> i'm erika gonzalez. >> meteorologist chuck bell has a look at what's ahead for us. >> i wish we could get the weather and the weeks a little bit more in sync all that beautiful humidity would have been far more useable on the weekend. outside this morning, a little bit of cloudiness around but no rain to get your day started. i think we're going to be dry today from a
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it's going to be seeping with humidity though. daytime highs today just about everybody 90 or higher. downtown locations and along the i-95 corridor, mid 90s today. it's going to be a hot one outside. redskins hosting buffalo bills at fedex field. it will be 90 degrees as the game gets started, falling back into the low 80s by 11:00 tonight when you are trying to get your way out of the steamy stadium. here is now melissa mollet on a friday morning traffic report. 95 southbound hereafter 175 in maryland crash on the left shoulder. police response headed to the scene right now. not seeing anything affected northbound or southbound right now but wanted to let you know about that one. in virginia, southbound on 95 as you are headed out of fredericksburg today at 639 near ladysmith. one lane is getting by on that.
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they are going to stick around for two more hours there. 66 into town and out of town is just fine. we'll take a look at 270 coming up. kristin wright here at the live desk. we're monitoring big aftershocks in italy right now. this after that huge massive earthquake the other day. this is a live picture you are looking at. this is what much of central italy looks like today. people feeling these after shocks, still a very dangerous situation with tremors bringing down buildings and structures that are already damaged like you see here and cracked from the initial quake. the number of people dead, 267 at least. that number just keeps rising. funerals starting today for some of those victims while hope is fading of finding anyone else alive because there's not a
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efforts continue to try to find survivors. firefighters escorting people to what's left of their homes to try to salvage what they can. sad situation. today is sentencing day for a man kicked of torturing a mclean couple inside their own home. a jury found andrew schmal guilty. students in the head start program in prince george's county get ready to begin classes on monday. parents are directing their anger at the leaders of the board of education. head start lost millions in federal grants because allegations of student abuse. during a packed
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failing to report and correct abuse allegations that were made. >> the any individuals that have full knowledge of that report remain in positions of employment and appointment is saying prince george's county lives do not matter. >> last night the board voted to give up the grant that was pulled by the federal government but it announced it will continue to provide services for the nearly 1,000 students in the head start program. >> montgomery county students also head back to class on monday and today we'll learn more about a new program that aims to keep them safe on their way to and from school. cameras are being installed on school buses and they will record drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus. that's a $125 fine. if you get caught on the camera. nearly $600 and three points on your license if a police officer should fine you. all 1,200 buses in the county will have cameras within the
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new details this morning in the search for a driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run near due upon circle. d.c. police released surveillance photos of the car they are looking for the driver of of the sedan hit a man last friday at 2:30 in the morning. police say the car may have a yellow rear license plate. donations are pouring in for the victims of the silver spring apartment explosion. the montgomery county housing partnership is working to distribute that money. two weeks ago, seven people died and more than 30 were injured after a natural gas explosion at the flower branch apartments. new information about a deadly plane crash in fredericksburg. the ntsb put out its preliminary report overnight. six people died when that plane crashed just beyond the run wark at shannon airport a few weeks ago. surveillance video shows the plane briefly touched down on the runway and boued
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in the report, witnesses said the plane was coming in high and fast for a land landing which was aborted before crashing into the trees. it could be months before the ntsb puts out a final report, including a cause. a murder mystery and real tragedy is developing right now in mississippi. two catholic nuns were killed. both were nurse practitioners who work to help the poor in rural mississippi. one of them for more than 30 years. police found the nuns stabbed to death after they didn't show up to work yesterday. investigators say a car was missing from the nuns home, but wouldn't confirm if the killing was related to a robbery. 5:06 right now, prince george's county police are offering a $50,000 reward to find the killer of a murdered 7-eleven clerk. he was shot to death on saturday morning in clinton. police say the suspect intended to rob the 7-eleven but ended up killing the clerk. the $50,000 reward is f
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the suspect's indictment. a bowie man will be back in court after pleading not guilty to jumping a security barrier at the white house. ryan cain is charge with deliberately climbing over a barrier marked restricted area, do not ebt. the police report says secret service questioned him. the 22-year-old returned and breached the secure barrier. according to court filings, cain told investigators he went to the white house to collect his money after hearing his name on the radio. metro safe track work moves to the blue and yellow lines in virginia starting tomorrow. there will be no rail service between franconia springfield and varn dorn street. buses will replace trains during the weekend. during the week, trains will single track between those two stations. another warning, avoid the yellow line on
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more than 100 emergency responders will be practicing emergency procedures. the heat and humidity are back. chuck will tell us how to dress the kids for the bus stop. a police checkpoint attack in turkey. several officers dead. dozens injured. what we're finding out when we head to the live desk next. police on patrol to keep joggers safe. why one community is on high alert followintwo separate g
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11 minutes after 5:00 right now. can you send kids to tank tops? is that allowed? they might need it today. >> we're not sending days sci zi -- daisy duke to school. >> temperatures in the mid 70s. near 80 by 8:00 and highs today low to mid 90s across the area with heat indexes over 100. what to wear, shorts if you can get away with it. shorts, t-shirt, lightweight and light colors, sunglasses, spf for sure and maybe one of those days you need to carry around that extra bottle of water around for you as well. you need to stay
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outdoor lunch, not the best day for that. happy hour, probably have to that inside. night out, not raining, warm and dry, plenty humid. how long does the heat last, your forecast coming up. i have a new problem here. this is landover road 202 just west of 50. don't yet know which direction is affected. report of a new crash there. we should have more information soon. 95 south after 175, that crash is out of the way. you can see it never really affected any of the main travel lanes. ladysmith had one lane getting by the crash there. that could be a big impact for anybody headed out of the fredericksburg area. orange line delays to vienna. track work between landover and new carrollton. kristin wright at the live desk. sorting through the detail of a truck bomb
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the syrian border at a police checkpoint. it is bad. 11 police officers killed. you see all of the black smoke rising there. the truck apparently filled with explosives. again, near the syrian border where we have talked about so much conflict lately. kurdish militants are believed to be behind the attack. turkey has also seen a rise in isis attacks recently and sent tanks across the syrian border just this week to try to retake a key isis-held town. two people are in serious condition right now and one person is dead from an explosion. i want you to look at this damage at this sports complex in belgium. the belgium crisis center said there may have been a gas leak there that caused the blast. in total, one person was killed. four others were hurt. some were trapped when parts of the building
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patrols on a popular jogging trails. it two women have escaped assault attempts on the washington and old dominion trails in the last week. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: we're along the w and od trail. as you can see it's a beautiful place. a great spot to jog and walk and exercise, but it can also be isolated in sections and predators unfortunately can take advantage of that situation. there have been two attempted assaults along this trail in just the last week, and so people are being asked to be on alert. now, take a look at this sketch here. the most recent incident happened yesterday morning, and investigators are looking for this man. they say he confronted an off duty sheriffs deputy as she took her daily jog at around 6:30 yesterday morning. the suspect had a box cutter in his hand.
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ran the other way and escaped. now this was in leesburg on thursday morning. the stretch between valleyview avenue and south king street. there was another assault last wednesday in sterling just east of sterling boulevard. that happened at 8:30 at night. a woman was walking when two men came out of the woods. they began to pull at her clothing. the suspects fled when a cyclist rode by and they escaped on foot there. no apparent connection between these two attempted assaults and police are now looking for three suspects in these two attempted assaults. people are being asked to be very careful when using the trail, if at all possible. use a trail with a friend. go in twos, larger groups to be safe. be aware of your surroundings, don't wear head phones, anything that would menkt prevent you from hearing what's going on around you. megan, thank you. in news for your health, teenags
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ecigarettes for the taste not the nicotine. more than 15,000 teens were questioned by university of michigan researchers and found of 3,800 who tried ecigarettes, only 2/3 only base flavored liquid without nicotine. health officials say a vital vaccination could prevent cancer many young people are not protected. only 60% of teen girls, about 50% of teen boys have started to get the hpv vaccine. they say it can prevent over 90% of related karyns when you compare it to other vaccines like meningitis, about 80% of teens have gotten those. a new parenting law in missouri is getting mixed reviews right now. this law is intended to promote shared parenting after a divorce or separation. under this new law, the court cannot presume that one parent
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gender is better qualified to parent. instead, things like work schedule is considered. shared custody is ideal for children. opponents say the law will not work for every family. basketball season has not yet started but already the university of vermont women's basketball has canceled its december game against the university of north carolina. the school's athletic's better says it's because of north carolina's controversial law which prevents transgender people from using bathrooms based on gender identity. they wanted to act in line with their values. developing now, you don't have to look far to see the damage an ef 3 tornado left behind in indiana. all around kokomo, roofs are torn from homes. nobody died in the storm
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up and assessing the damage. entire basements still under water in iowa. check out the massive flooding in this town. two rivers overflowed their banks. the waters completely covered fields, washed some car away. at least one person died. 5:18. in the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton over the minority vote heats up in decision 2016. innen interview with cnn anderson cooper, trump called hillary clinton a bigot. saying she's not done anything to help african-americans or hispanics. meanwhile, clinton says it's trump who wants to make america hate again. accusing him of a constant stream of bigotry. >> they are policies are biggoted because she knows they don't work. >> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and no
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>> tracie potts tells us about the new questions being asked about trump's immigration plan and trump's running mate is in virginia this weekend. governor mike pence is going to be in purcellville on saturday. register for tickets to get them. maine's governor is calling kazir khan a con artist. the governor says kha used his son's death to his own advantage. in january, he accused drug dealers of coming to maine to impregnate white girls. today, we will work to find out whether ryan lochte will defend himself against a criminal charge in brazil. we learned yesterday that brazilian police charge the american swimmer with filing a false robbery
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he and fellow swimmers claimed to be robbed at a gas station. he admitted it was not true. if he chooses not to appear before a brazilian judge, the case will proceed without him. 5:20 on this friday morning. it's going to be hot, hot, hot today, chuck. >> you are from texas. you like it hot. >> i'm used to it. i'm accustomed to it. >> you can't say you are from texas and not like the heat. a very hot summer in place. our fourth heat wave of the summer starts today and going to last most of the next week. we've had 45 days this summer of 90 or higher. on record so far, this is the third warmest summer on record and weather goes back to the 1870s. if you think it's been hot, you are correct. outside this morning, no real visibility problems here
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downtown. four miles of visibility in lorton, virginia. there are pockets of fog across northern central virginia. be aware of that. we'll be near 90 degrees by lunchtime. afternoon highs today in downtown 95, maybe even a degree or two warmer than that. the record for today is 97. we'll be within a whisper of that. put in the humidity and that brings heat indexes up to over 100 degrees. go to the nationals and rockies game. we finally won one against the orioles. temperatures during the game tonight will be in the mid 80s. warm night for baseball. it won't be as super humid tomorrow. but still above 90 tomorrow and sunday as well. the worst of the humidity will be for today. as we go into the weekend, it will be back in the annoying range but still on the hot side for sure. your next couple of days
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little better news but we're going to be 90 or better through the weekend and on into the early parts of next week. we'll boil it all down in ten minutes. we'll all be complaining about it when it's freezing here and snowy. not you. landover road, 202 west of 50 still report of a crash there. not seeing any big slowdowns. nothing really to worry about right now. 301 south after 4, we have a broken down vehicle in the roadway there. not seeing any big problems. still nice and green on the map this morning. 95, southbound in virginia, 639. headed out of fredericksburg, only one lane is going to get by that crash clean-up next couple of hours. 66 into and out of town rolling along just fine. new security concerns if you have an iphone. what apple is now urging its customers to do after the
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a big warning for iphone
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apple has issued a global security update after the discovery of powerful spy ware. >> computer forensic experts say the spy ware can take complete control of your iphone. apple says it has fixed the vulnerabilities in the operating system. you need to download it to make sure your phone is protected. just a couple of tune-ups for the washington redskins. here you are looking at yesterday's practice in front of members of military and their families at joint base andrews. if you are not going to go game ton, watch it right here on nbc4 and our post game coverage right after that ends. it won't be long before we are back in the high 90s. chuck is tracking 4 things to know about the next heat wave. nats fans step up to help
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the small action you can take to make a world of difference. crooks breaking into homes, stealing jewelry, the danger and
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now at 5:30, hundreds of aftershocks rattle central italy as rescuer struggle to find survivors. the added challenge as dozens of
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a massive earthquake. new controversy for prince george's county schools, how parents are getting involved as the fight over the head start program escalates. extra patrols watching morning joggers, the danger as police track down suspects in two separate trail attacks. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. 5:30 this morning. already feeling warm and muggy. >> chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center with 4 things to know about the forecast. >> yes, indeed. another sizzler coming our way this week. there are signs that labor day weekend will be not this hot. there's a patchy fog outside because oh, the humidity! it is back. dew points are back in the mid 70s this morning and another
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we'll be within a degree or two of tying a record high temperature this afternoon and this little heat wave is here to stay quite a while. we'll let you know whether that tropical wave that could be hermine, we'll let you know the progress on that. it's a hot one today. temperatures make it up into the low and mid 90s. plenty of sunshine and heat indexes today. melissa, 105 diagnosis. a.c. required. taking i a look at the beltway, all of the problems inner loop and outer loop, road work, they are cleared out of the way. 301 southbound after 4, we have a broken down vehicle in the roadway. also landover road, west of 50. report of that new accident, doesn't seem to be impacting things too much. i'll let you know if that
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happens. headed out of fredericksburg, that lane is going to last the couple of hours. today the milwaukee man whose death sparked protests last week will be laid to rest. the remped jesse jackson will deliver the eulogy for sylville smith's funeral. investigators say smith had a gun. there is body cam of the shooting but it will be not be released until investigation is complete. police are searching for a jewelry thief targeting homes in silver spring. there have been seven burglaries in last than two months. all within five blocks of each other. homeowners have lost rings, diamonds, family heirlooms, and are absolutely mad. >> oh, i was angry. the moment i walked in and i looked and i could see things awry in different places.
5:33 am
leads. they say in each of these cases, a burglar was able to get into the home because the homeowners -- somebody left a door or a window unlocked. >> montgomery county police are also trying to track down a credit card thief. deck saves ta 31-year-old dwayne key mist has been stealing credit cards from cars. this surveillance photo was taken at a target in gaithersburg after he allegedly used a stolen card. it turns out jumping a white house fence is not considered free speech. the ruling comes after joseph caputo draped in an american flag jumped the fence. he argued it was an exercise in free speech. caputo will dw on trial
5:34 am
plane that clipped a tree and slammed into a house. this is some of the wreckage. a pilot and one passenger were the only people on board. they were both taken to the hospital and we're hearing that they are good condition right now. the plane was attempting to land at an airport when it clipped a tree and hit the house. thankfully nobody was inside the home at the time. if you or your child needs one of those life-saving epipens, a discount could be coming but the drug company has no plans to cut prices. mylan pharmaceuticals says it will offer $300 coupons and other discounts for some patients, but that the $600 price tag is staying. ceo heather bresh defended the price hike on cnbc. >> >> the reality is and the brand pharmaceutical market. this isn't an epipen issue, this isn't a mylan issue, this is a health care issue. >> actress sarah jessica parker
5:35 am
announced on social media that she is cutting ties with the company. she has a son with allergies and was part of an ad campaign for that drug. tomorrow, the d.c. street car celebrates its six-month anniversary and now service is expanding. sunday service will be added starting on september 18th. more than 400,000 people have already taken a ride since service started. so what do riders think? >> i come from wisconsin avenue on my bike, when i get down here i'll be extra tired. the trolly helps me out when i get down to oklahoma avenue, i'm rested. >> are you happy with the street car? >> yeah, it's useful. >> the cost to ride the street car, at least for now, it's free. the nationals want you to help kids in d.c. start the school year off right. a school supply drive was held ahead of -- will be held ahead of tomorrow's game. the team is asking you to bring any new items students could use. bring to the center field gate starting at 10:30 tomorrow morning. yca
5:36 am
rocky. game time 1:05. first you win a gold medal and then you get to go on the field at nationals park. >> reminiscent of a story we had for you yesterday when we were talking about katie ledecky. >> that's not katie, but this time it was wrestling gold medalist helen maroulis received the honor. she's from rockville and pitcher gio gonzalez gave her a baseball autographed by the entire team. she is the first american woman to win a gold medal in wrestling. it is quickly warming up outside. the heat and humidity, they are all coming back. truck is tracking how you can plan your outdoor activities for today and the weekend. new fall out from a hepatitis a outb
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coming up on 20 minutes before the top of the hour, chuck bell is standing in front of high numbers. we don't like that. almost 80 degrees already. >> some high numbers, wow. >> around they? >> they certainly are running higher than average. they arelo
5:40 am
those temperatures are really going to zoom back into the 90s later on this afternoon. it's 78 in washington which is usually one of the warm spots but check that out. haguerstown, 78. winchester 79 degrees. warmer in winchester this morning than it is on the heat island, the jetways at national airport. today will be a steamer. the only way to beat the heat is get into the neighbors pool. near 90 at the coastline today. mid 80s tomorrow and low 80s on sunday. water temperature at the ocean right now is 78 degree at ocean city. nice and warm in the water, but cooler than it is outside of the water. let's go over to melissa to check on first 4 traffic. she says it's going to be a breeze of a friday morning commute. >> i say neighbors pool without permission is really crazy. orange
5:41 am
vienna due to track work between landover and new carrollton this morning. beltway looking quite good. travel times, roads into town and out of town, 66 is just fine. 95 north, quantico to the beltway, no worries there. 270 is rolling along just fine. ladysmith, out of fredericksburg, we have one lane getting by. it's going to wrap up in the a couple of hours. a smoothie chain link to 28 cases of hepatitis a is facing lawsuits. >> they are all connected to virginia tropical smoothie cafes. ten cases are in northern virginia. the infection is believed to be caused by frozen strawberries from egypt. one man who was infected is
5:42 am
>> a class action lawsuit was also filed yesterday. the chain's ceo has issued an apology. there are more than 40 locations in our area. new attacks from both presidential candidates. how hillary clinton and donald trump are shaping their campaigns to try to score key battleground states.
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right now at 5:45. 900 aftershocks as search teams rush to dig through rubble in central italy. the immense damage and challenges as the death toll continues to rise. a house burst into flames sending firefighters into action. ahead at 6:00, the danger and the hero who came to one woman's rescue. and the weather will have a moderate impact on your plans for your friday. plenty of heat and humidity. you are going to need to take it easy today. how about the weekend? any cooler any time soon? your ten-day forecast coming right up.
5:46 am
orange line delays because of track work between vienna and landover. we're going to see what it's doing in a couple of minutes. the head start program in prince george's program will continue for nearly 1,000 students but it will be without federal help after a vote not to pursue pulled funding because of allegations of student abuse. news 4 megan fitzgerald is live this morning with more on the heated meeting with parents. meagan? >> reporter: parents were outrage, especially mom like shamika davis . she says her son managed to wonder from this play ground, make his way to branch avenue where he was eventually found, but she says nothing was ever done about that and that incident was never reported, and part of the reason the federal government took away that
5:47 am
head start program because of allege abuse cases like davis 's that were never reported. the only incident they investigated was for a three-year-old who was forced to clean-up his own urine and teachers forcing students to hold objects over their head as punishment. when parents addressed the board for the first time at last night's board meeting, some accused them of criminal wrongdoing. >> the message sent every kay that the board cared, the vice chair, and ceo and any individuals who had full knowledge of that report remain in positions of employment and appointment saying prince george's county's children lives do not report. they will continue to provide services to the nearly 1,000 students enrolled in that head start program. back to you. meetingen, thank you. as the district becomes
5:48 am
couples and hipsters, larger families are having a hard time finding a place to settle down. residents in the brooklyn manor apartments are afraid they will be forced out of their northeast neighborhood when the developer moves in. the developer is discriminating against large families. they are filing a lawsuit. they are claiming the new apartments are not welcoming large families. the developer tells news 4 it is unable to comment because of the pending lawsuit. when it comes to first-time home wires -- home buyers, entry level buyers want mortgages they can afford which means more demand for smaller homes. >> mostly it's financing. it depends on the markets, but in our market, it's been financing that's driving the deals, and
5:49 am
the affordability issue. >> now, there's also a trend where people are moving into microapartments and tiny homes. they get creative with the space and they feel it with technology that eliminates some needs. you can continue to celebrate 100 years of the national park service all week long. all 412 parks have free admission and today you can head to faragut square to learn more about careers. yesterday more than a thousand people came together on the national mall to form this beautiful shot you see there. the national park service logo. they did all of that with colored umbrellas. we've listed other events that you can participate in on nbc today president obama will expand a national monument off the coast of hawaii. the white house says the expansion will create the world's largt
5:50 am
area. the marine national monument will be more than 582,000 square miles. that is more than twice the size of the state of texas. more than 7,000 species who live there will be protected. commercial fishing and mining aren't allowed in national parks. this weekend, you can get a preview of the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. tune in to see a tour of the exhibits there sun morning at 11:30 right here on nbc4. sitting in front of the tv this weekend, sorry -- i'm thinking about ways to stay cool this weekend. >> would be a nice weekend to stay indoors, watch some news 4. >> a great way to stay cool,
5:51 am
aaron, is to bring you and me frozen margaritas. that would keep us both cool. >> i don't drink, chuck. i don't know what you are talking about. >> maybe this is the weekend you go to the movies. a lot of good movies out as well. skies are mostly clear over washington this morning. there are pockets of thick fog especially across north central virginia, be on the lookout for this first thing this morning. 78 right now in washington with only a light south wind at 3 miles per hour and hourly temperatures will be well into the upper 80s to near 90 by lunchtime today. it will be near 90 degrees. afternoon highs in the mid 90s. as far as rain chances, not much of a chance here through the morning and into the afternoon. if there's going to be a slight little chance for shower today, it's probably going to be from fredericksburg south toward charlottesville and richmond. there's enough high
5:52 am
over us where i think it's going to squash out any afternoon thunderstorms around us. there was that cluster of showers across pennsylvania and that's headed out to sea and not much behind it. rain chances are paltry at best. this area of disturbed weather down near dominican republic and haiti, continues going northwestward. it could bring rain and wind to south florida on sunday, monday, time frame before it ends up in the gulf. we'll keep a close eye on it. here's our ten-day forecast. 95 today. low to mid 90s both days over the weekend with hardly anything in the way of a rain chance. our next best chance for rain doesn't show up until late tuesday and into wednesday and thursday of next week. be back in a couple more minutes with a check of your hometown highs and we'll talk about how the weather will impact your ke
5:53 am
landover road west of 50 report of a crash on 202. 301 south after 4, broken down vehicle still being reported in the roadway there. 95 southbound as you are headed out of fredericksburg down through the ladysmith area, only one lane is getting by that crash clean-up for the next few hours. could take you some extra time if you are headed that way today. 66 east of 123, eastbound and westbound, rolling along just fine. delays between landover and new carrollton on the orange line. the last thing we need in a situation room is a loose canon who can't tell the difference or doesn't care to be between fact and fiction. after days of battling criticism of her foundation, hillary clinton is now shifting the focus back to donald trump. this as some are calling a flip-flop on
5:54 am
>> reporter: first of all, clinton on offense as she fights back. donald trump saying she's a bigot of things the democratic party has done. she says some of the people he's hired and his messages are racist and that they are attracting alt tern native right groups. in other words, hate groups are attracted not only to his message but being kpawrd by what trump is saying. >> tracie, we've been hearing sort of controversial statements from donald trump for a while. is this something we think will make a difference with voters? >> reporter: it certainly could. first of all, we've got this back-and-forth over which side is racist going on. on the other side, we've got donald trump rolling back what he had to say about immigration, now saying people who are law-abiding, undocumented immigrants are people we could work with while they deport the more dangerous criminal. this is a
5:55 am
it's frustrating some pple who signed on his campaign who supported him because of his tough stance on immigration. police are looking for a man who groped a student at georgetown university. the woman says she was walking to her residence hall when a man came up from behind and grabbed her back side. police want to remind students to walk in groups at night. in the newsroom here, we're monitoring the successful end of the most recent nasa mission to space. we have a live picture to show you. this is inside one of the nasa control rooms where they are getting ready for the spacex dragon to leave the international space station and head back to earth. successful mission here delivering supplies to astronauts aboard the international space station. we'll keep you posted on how all that all goes. i'm landon
5:56 am
apple may have tracked down a way a thief to steals your iphone. it could collect audio and video that sent to a server that police could use to find the culprit. 5:56 now. the fight against zika is heading to capitol hill. rick scott will directly lobby congress to fight the virus. over 400 cases were reported in florida. 43 were contracted locally. the rest were travel-related. do your neighbors have your back? a virginia woman says she went out of the way to protect the privacy of her famous neighbor. when she spotted a drone, she shot it down. jennifer youngman lives near actor robert duvall's fauquier county home.
5:57 am
she fired two shots at the drone. she said it was disturbing duvall's house. parents are outraged. >> i did make a complaint. i did write a letter. i did notate the incident in a letter so someone knew. >> i'm meeting began -- meagan fitzgerald with details on reports of abuse. police patrols could be greeting morning walkers on a northern virginia trail. i'm megan mcgrath where there have been two attempted attacks on a popular path. surviving in the wilderness trapped deep in snow. her partner died and she was left alone in the mountains for 30 days. a team of investigators trying to figure out why this maryland home exploded, burst into flames. next on news 4 today.
5:58 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord?
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t? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> reporter: two attempted attacks along a northern virginia trail. what police are doing to keep you safe. >> i'm kristin wright at the live desk. aftershocks are making it dangerous to find survivors and the death toll is rising from a earthquake in italy. investigators will try to find out what happened in
6:00 am
home explodes. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. >> we have trouble in the tropic. >> and the heat and humidity are making a comeback. >> a close area on that area of disturbed weather this is starting to move into the southern part of the bahamas. we will be watching that carefully all week. for us, around here today, sticky and steam on your way out the door this morning. heat index is up near 105 and evening plans also plenty warm and humid. highs in your hometown today, 90 in gath eversburg, 96 in fredericksburg. going out to the redskins game playing the buffalo bills, still near 90 on the way to the game. a lot of high school football games have been pushed back an hour from 7:00 to 8:00 for start


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