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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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friday and saturday, into the labor day weekend. heats up again, david. >> tom, thank you. we've got a full hour of news and weather at 8:30. see you then. good morning. flooding fears. a tropical system brewing in the caribbean, getting closer to making landfall. florida bracing for up to ten inches of rain that could cause major problems. drivers in the middle of the country are forced to abandon cars because of flashed flooding there. jailed in venezuela. an american missionary is in jail in south america, accused of being a spy and hiding weapons. he was arrested just days after getting married. his family speaking out this morning about the efforts to get him home. and the song of the summer is -- the twitter results are in. crowning a new champion and a new
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is it -- ♪ so into you, into you, into you ♪ >> or -- ♪ i wanna go >> or -- ♪ oh, oh, oh >> we'll tell you today, saturday, august 27th, 2016. came from buffalo. >> check it off our bucket list. >> we're celebrating our 50th birthdays with the "today" show. >> sisters trip in new york city. >> hi from georgia. >> all the way from england. good morning to you. welcome back. this
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head out and say hello in a bit. first, song of the summer, we'll get to first. dave murphy, we'll start with you. >> funny. i think it'll be katy perry. ♪ cake by the ocean >> is that this summer? my kids love that song. >> get to that in a moment. let's start with the threat in the caribbean. dave price from our station wnbc in for dylan. what are we seeing? >> active in the atlantic. that we know. let's walk over and take a look at the maps. this is what we're looking at. several different areas we're keeping our eye on. the one of immediate concern right now is this one, over the islands. tropical disturbance at this hour. it's sitting there. the question is, does it strengthen into something more significant? chances are, about 40% it will over the next fi
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much less, 20% chance in the next 48 hours. a chance of formation. let's zoom in and see what is actually going to help it strengthen and what may get in its way or be a hindrance. the warm water now, 90 degrees in the gulf. really able to kind of explode this thing quickly. at the same time, the upper levels of the atmosphere, you have wind shear. that introduces drier air. it may, again, weaken this. two models. one takes it to the gulf. one brings it to florida. at the point, i think the most likely scenario is it does not strengthen but it could bring upwards of five or more inches of rain to the florida peninsula and more water, again, along the gulf states. they don't need that now. >> dave price, thank you, sir. sticking with rain. flash flooding swept through kansas city and indianapolis overnight. cars were quickly swamped as heavy rains stranded miur
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crews spent most of the night rescuing people from the rising waters. indianapolis, the floods carried cars away and almost took the drivers. look at this woman. she had to wade through waist-deep water to safety. breaking news overnight. an arrest is made in the stabbing deaths of two mississippi nuns. 46-year-old rodney earl sanders was taken into custody and charged with two counts of capital murder. the bodies of the nuns were discovered thursday after failing to show up for work at a clinic. decision 2016. what we're finding out about the doctor who wrote the glowing letter regarding donald trump's health. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, the doctor told nbc news he wrote that letter in about five minutes. the candidate's limo waited outside his office. the doctor says he normally would not have used over the top phrases for a patient but probably picked up trump's
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language. hillary clinton, today is briefing day. she's expected to receive her first classified briefing as the democratic party's presidential nominee. now to the story of a utah missionary held in venezuela, accused of being a spy and hiding weapons. earlier this week, a judge ruled that josh holt will remain in jail until a hearing in mid-september. his family is pleading for answers this morning, saying josh is not doing well and needs help now. nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: his family says he is a teddy bear who spent two years doing missionary work. the venezuela government calls 24-year-old holt a well-armed spy. the newlywed is jailed. >> i will get him home. i will do whatever it takes. >> reporter: his mom laurie says he left in june to marry a fellow mormon he met online, planning to bring her and her
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visas. after the honeymoon, josh and his bride arrested. police claiming to have found two assault rifles and a dp grenade. >> who is the possibility the weapons belong to your son? >> zero. there were five people that are witnesses to it. they're so afraid. >> witnesses to what? >> to the police bringing the weapons in to the apartment. >> reporter: it happened amid venezuela's growing economic crisis. a socialist government criticized by human rights groups for jailing political opponents. in a letter to his family, josh wrote, i have been told i am here because i am american. >> we're a tiny family. >> reporter: josh's family say they can't go it alone, asking the state department to do more. >> now we need the senior level of our government to step up and help us. >> reporter: venezuelan officials didn'tpo
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nbc news request. in a televised statement, called josh a u.s. intelligence agent and dangerous terrorist. >> if you could say anything to the government, to the people who are holding your son in venezuela -- >> please let him go. he's a good boy. >> reporter: a mother's plea, seeking justice for josh. >> i just want him home. >> reporter: for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, salt lake city. at home, it may seem like yesterday we were getting to know the mccoy septuplets. the first survivoring septuplets born in the u.s. now, they're off to college. in fact, the mccoys will be going to the same school, hannibal la grange university. they were offered a free ride when they were born. two others are going to community college and one joined the army. congratulations to them. wow. take a look at this. this is b
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highway patrol officer who was shot at a traffic shot last night. he says this is all that kept him alive. this is what the badge looked like before. >> wow. >> as you can see, his badge stopped the bullet. he posted these pictures with thoughts of gratitude. you said earlier the word of the day is gratitude. >> we don't talk enough about the sacrifices a lot of our officers are asked to make on a daily basis. that's evidence of it right there. >> he's okay. dave price made his way outside now. he's got a look at the rest of the forecast. he's got a crowd. >> you guys have to get out here later. we've got a terrific crowd out here. from all over the world. from england to pittsburgh to pennsylvanianoddingham. georgia, tennessee, iowa. all over the country. i'll bet you're asking, what's the weather going to be like? le l
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go to the maps to see what's happening. as we begin the day out in the pacific northwest, nice and mild. what a change from record-setting highs we saw 24 hours ago. monsoon showers, typical for this time of the year in the southwest. that could be bringing heavy rains to portions of that region of the country. more rain along the texas coastline, out through the gulf coast states and into florida. you may see upwards of five inches of rain over the next 48 hours. the midwest, we showed you the pictures from kansas city. rough stuff rolling through chicago and minneapolis, as well. right here, it's gorgeous. that's a quick look at the national maps. here's a look at what's going on right where you are. >> good morning. it's mild and muggy on this saturday morning. our temperatures are generally in the 70s, from the shenandoah valley to the bay. reagan national is up to 81 degrees. it'll be getting hot by late morning well into the 80s. mid afternoon, hitting the mid 90s. lots of sunshine through the day with moderate humidity.
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monday, tuesday. wednesday afternoon and evening, still hot. storms cooling things down, thunder and lightning on wednesday and thursday. >> that's your local weather. back inside to you. >> thanks a lot, dave. coming up, the power of a social media post. how one man went from having virtually zero customers at his restaurant to a line that skrechskrech -- stretched around the corner. the top movies of the year you probably never saw. first, these messages. i lof the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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♪my friends know me so well.s they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends. we are back on a saturday morning. it is time to trend. first up, have you seen this? president obama, he got lost in yosemite while sharing a virtual reality headset. the white house photographer posted the photo. look at some of the
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creations. here is president obama dressed like a super hero. up next, the president delivering the state of the union address, still in his headset. finally, the true artist. the artistic rendering of his presidential days. >> any time someone puts those on, they look ridiculous. >> they have to wait another generation or two. next up, straight off his third olympic gold win, carmelo anthony is proving he can do anything and doesn't care who sees it. case in point. the basketball star taking a nighttime stroll to a convenient store. he's wearing a bathrobe that has his name on it. his wife posted it on snap chat. needless to say, she wasn't thrilled. >> you vus hjust had to wear the with your name on it. that wasn't going to attract any attention, right? >> i think whether or not it had the monogram,
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it was melo. >> he earned that right. this is a story about how one restaurant owner in canada was having a tough time getting people through the door. one satisfied customer took to social media and here's what happened. colin ross walked into an empty fish and chips store. after learning the owner wasn't turning a profit, he asked facebook friends to stop by and support this hard working gentleman. 400 people had been there through. next day, 500, line out the door. the shop owner says this is the biggest crowd he's ever had. >> that's a good one. >> people use social media for good. >> hopefully it tasted good. >> shall we pop? >> i don't know why i said that. before the summer comes to an end, there is one last order of business. crowning the coveted song of the summer. the folks at twitter put together a list based on the number of tweets mentioning the song titles and
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may 27th through august 1 articular order. the top three. "into you" by ariana grande. "cold water" by major laser featuring justice -- justin bieber. and britney spears. which one? >> what is it? ♪ i wanna let go ♪ but i won't let go >> "cold water" by major laser, featuring justin bieber, the song of the summer according to tweeter. >> i'm a huge fan. "me, myself and i kwds. >> i told you that during a commercial. >> you didn't have to take me down on
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bruce springsteen proving why he is a boss. on tuesday, he performed three hours and 52 minutes at metlife stadium in new jersey, breaking a record. get this, he beat it again two days later with a four-hour concert. if that wasn't reason enough to love the boss, in the crowd that night, he saw a little commotion and realized a couple got engaged. he gave them the opportunity of a lifetime. take a look. >> happy you said yes and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. >> you are the man. finally, with the credits rolling on summer, folks at business insider looked back at the 2016 box office. specifically, the biggest box office bombs. while there have been bright spots this year, not so much for these films according to them. if first at number five,
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four, ben-hur. pride and prejudice, zombies. number two goes to pop star. and the biggest box office bomb of 2016, sacha baron cohen's the brother's grimsby. new taste testers for his roker burger. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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kids. their school partners with no kid hunger, a program to help kids start the day right. >> the organization is working to end child hunger in the country. 1 in 5 kids struggle to put food on the table. >> reporter: they've raised over $1.3 million to help end childhood hunger in america. >> how disruptive food insecurity is for a child's education. >> think about our own selves. if you're hungry at work, can you focus and are you in a good mood? >> give me a day, how no kid hungry helps the kids. >> start the day with a healthy breakfast and launch into the day. students with come in, focus and apply their cognitive energies to the concepts they're learning, as opposed to where they're going to find their next meal. >> hi, al.
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for extra credit. >> it's a roker burger express. let's do it! >> reporter: helping me taste test my new roker burger at shake shack. >> what do you think? >> really good. >> really good? >> the roker burger was awesome because it had cheese in it. >> i liked it. >> in the spirit of full disclosure, this is not the meal they serve. i have promised the teachers this will never happen again. >> the best part is that you came. >> that's awfully nice. >> al roker, always doing some good. we've got good news for you, as well. if you haven't tried the burger yet, shake shack going to keep it on the menu through tomorrow. >> i haven't tried it. >> you have to go. coming up on sunday "today," willie sits
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i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. moments away from the start of news 4 today on this saturday. >> following breaking news. this in northeast d.c. >> police telling us at least two men are dead. we're going to update you with the latest on who is behind the deadly shooting. dramatic video you'll see only on news 4. the story behind a man jumping from a moving ambulance on to the beltway. >> incredible. and is the secret out? uh-oh. kfc responding to claims its original recipe has gone public. it's a mild and muggy saturday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. a look at how much longer this heat wave will last. tom's heat wave, the subject of our facebook live, up and going right now.
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>> announcer: news 4 today begins with breaking news. that breaking news at 8:30, a car slamming into a maryland state trooper's cruiser. this on 270. we got the new details coming in. more breaking news. a double homicide investigation underway right now in northeast d.c. new details on the search for the suspect. they're coming into our newsroom right now. we're on to the next phase of the safetrack surge. what you need to know about your weekend commute. as we come up on 8:30 on this saturday, august 27th, good morning to you. i'm david culver. >> i'm megan fitzgerald in for angie goff. we have a hot and humid day ahead. we'll get to it with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. good morning. >> summer
8:30 am
want to go away. it's hanging in day morning. it's going to be with us for the next several days. get used to it. the heat is back. temperatures will be back into the 90s, as well. there is a look from our storm team 4 reston cameras. you see the haze in the air off to the west. it is a muggy morning. temperatures by noontime will be near 90 degrees. hazy sunshine throughout the afternoon. mid 90s by 3:00. 6:00 p.m., upper 80s. by 9:00, back down to the mid 80s. a warm and muggy night coming up. a look at how much longer the heat wave will last and chances for storms is coming up this half hour. >> check in with you then. we want to turn to the breaking news. a maryland state police vehicle hit while a trooper was conducting a traffic stop. here are some of the images. happened on 270 around 6:45 this morning. officials telling us the car drove by the stopped stat
8:31 am
trooper. when the car then hit the oer vehicle. the car, as you can see here, turned over. it actually caught on fire. the driver, identified as steven shannon, was trapped inside. the state trooper was able to help him get out. the driver went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police believe alcohol may be a factor here. more breaking news out of the district this morning. gunfire erupting in northeast overnight, leaving at least two men dead. d.c. police surrounded the crime scene on 34th street. police telling us the shooting happened after 11:30 last night. last update, investigators were working to identify the suspects involved. new this morning, police have made an arrest in the shocking murders of two mississippi nuns. police have charged 46-year-old rodney earl sanders with capital murder. sister margaret and sister paula's bodies were discovered thursday when they didn't show up for
8:32 am
police are not saying where sanders is being held while he waits for his first court appearance. new warnings this morning from health officials after a worker at a virginia smoothie shop tested positive for hepatitis a. the tropical smoothie cafe is under the microscope when dozens of people got infected with the virus. could be linked to strawberries the location used in august. anybody who ate there between j july 28th and august 18th may have been exposed. if you are concerned, we have the details of what you should do on our nbc washington app. search hepatitis. new developments in the fight against zika. officials say a man in maryland has the virus. didn't know it. then sexually transmitted it to his partner. he didn't have symptoms. doctors say this rarely happens. meanwhile, the fda is calling for
8:33 am
testing could take several weeks to begin. good news in florida, a baby born with zika didn't have severe brain damage. as you know, it's usually one of the devastating effects of the virus. following new developments this morning in the corruption case against former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the justice department and mcdonnell's lawyers asking an appeals court to give them more time before they say what they think should happen next. they were supposed to file by monday. the two sides asking for a three-week extension. the supreme court tossed out mcdonnell's conviction earlier this year. cruel and callous is how a fairfax county judge is describing the actis of a lawyer convicted of torturing a couple. the judge upheld the jury's recommendation, sentencing andrew schmuhl to two life in prison terms plus 98 years. a jury convicted
8:34 am
breaking into a couple's home, holding them hostage while stabbing, shooting and tasering them. police think he was doing it for his wife, who was fired by the couple. her trial is next month. metro's safetrack surge gets underway today. busses will replace trains between franconia-springfield and van dorn street today and tomorrow. the work isn't expected to end until september 11th. hang in there, folks. let's turn to decision 2016. new signs this morning that virginia may not be a battleground state this year. sources telling nbc news the super pac supporting hillary clinton has no plans to air more tv ads in the commonwealth. they believe clinton doesn't need them to win. a poll released earlier this week showed
8:35 am
16-point lead over donald trump in virginia. the margin of error in the poll was plus or minus 3.5%. we are learning the government will not releasing hillary clinton's state department schedules until after the election. a report shows clinton met with many donors to the clinton foundation while secretary of state. clinton and her team have pushed back on the report. both candidates are trying to turn the race for the white house into a referendum on race. each releasing campaign ads questioning each other's commitment to african-american voters. >> your schools are no good. you have no jobs. look at my african-american over here. >> they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predatory, no conscious, no empathy. >> decision 2016, growing questions about the health of both candidates. nbc news exclusive, the doctor who s
8:36 am
donald trump will be the healthiest person ever elected president, is telling us how his letter came to be. hallie jackson has the details. >> reporter: remarkable revelation. the only documentation of donald trump's medical history written in five minutes, his doctor says. >> i thought about it all day. at the end, i get rushed and anxious when i get rushed. i try to get four or five lines done as fast as possible they'd be happy with. >> reporter: dr. bornstein, who exams trump every may, remembering the december day when a black car from the trump team waited yo eed outside his avenue office. >> i had to write the letter while the driver waited. >> reporter: paragraphs filled with adjectives trump might use. astonishingly excellent. extraordinary. described as the healthiest individual ever elected. no time, he says, to
8:37 am
the letter beginning, to whom my concern. the words didn't come out the way i meant. >> reporter: trump would be the oldest president elected. he enjoys fast food. >> i had kentucky fried chicken. not the worst thing in the world. >> reporter: trump hasn't shared more details about his medical status. bornstein isn't concerned. >> his health is excellent, as mentioned. works out just fine. >> reporter: adding -- >> he would be fit. his brain is turned on 24 hours day. >> reporter: the doctor, board certified ingastroenterology, graduated from tufts university. the gop nominee's health is in the spotlight as surrogates question hillary clinton's physical fitness. >> go online, put hillary clinton illness, and look at the videos for yourself. >> reporter: the clinton campas
8:38 am
attacks as conspiracy theories. she released a letter more than a year old. 2016, unprecedented in how little the public knows about either candidate's health. >> hallie jackson with the report there. donald trump's running mate, mike pence, is head ed ed to a y today. doors open at noon. >> more on decision 2016, including trump's shakeup, on "meet the press" tomorrow after news 4 today. mayors in france can't ban burkinis. talk about dramatic. a patient taking a leap from an ambulance. this happened on the beltway. the story you're only going to see on news 4.
8:39 am
geto washington d.c., our nation's capital, to ask this question: what presidential race is run right here in washington 81 times a year?
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if you have not seen this video, check it out. you'll only see it on news 4. a commuter's dash camera captured the scene. this was thursday in montgomery county. a man jumping out of an ambulance on to the beltway at the height of rush hour. >> wow. >> the ambulance was taking the man from one hospital to another. officials say he took off his seatbelt and hopped out, despite pleas from the emts. the man stumbled to the side of the road and hopped a barrier. >> he's going to throw up. at that point, he climbs it and jumps. i go, oh. then i laughed, thinking this guy hates hospital. >> maryland state police say the patient was found walking near his home in prince george's county and was finally taken to another hospital. >> guess he wasn't that injured. >> if he was able to walk away. incredible. >> incredible.
8:42 am
the smithsonian museum of african-american culture and history will open up. >> the museum is offering time passes. it will tell you what time to show up so you don't wait in the long lines. it's a way of controlling the crowd there. you can reserve the passes on the museum's website starting at 9:00 this morning. time passes are required to get into the museum and will continue indefinitely. tomorrow morning we're giving you an inside look before the museum opens. this is a must-see, folks. barbara harrison has an all-access pass. tune in to see the tour of the exhibit sunday morning, tomorrow, at 11:30, here on news 4. we've got some good news and a little bit of bad news. good news, summer isn't over yet. bad news, neither is this darn heat. have your forecast coming up. also coming up, tragedy in chica
8:43 am
play, only to end uburying a p fa
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is a sultry saturday morning. temperatures around the region are generally in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees with moderate humidity. the storm team 4 radar not showing any showers. no storms nearby. we could use some
8:46 am
when i show you the exclusive storm team 4 ten-day outlook in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. talk about some sad irony. hours after nba star dwyane wade tweeted, vote, every 16 minutes, someone in chicago is killed by a firearm, his cousin was shot and killed in chicago. even worse, he was 32 years old, out pushing her baby in a stroller when she got caught in the middle of a gang shooting. her name is niquia aldridge. she wasn't targeted. a spokesman for the family expresses their disgust. >> this is tragic. now it struck home with us. i mean, something has to be done. this has got to stop. >> family members say aldridge was on her way to register her kids in school. wade tweeted again saying, tweet, another act of
8:47 am
gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. the mastermind behind last month's attack at a bangladesh cafe is dead. he died along with two other extremists. he was a leader of a banned islamic group. 21 people died, including 18 foreign nationals, when terrorists stormed a popular cafe in dhaka. mourners gathered in italy this morning to say good-bye to some of this past week's earthquake victims. a funeral was held for 35 people killed in the quake. italy's president and prime minister among the crowd. we know at least 290 people have died after three towns were devastated in the 6.2 earthquake. the burkini is back in one french town. a court in france overturn td ban in a town near nice. it could also affect other cities who outlawed the all body swim suits worn
8:48 am
women. the ban was in response to growing terror concerns. a live look outside now. boy, are we in the midst of yet another heat wave. it is getting hot out there. >> little hot and steamy. it's warm. also a beautiful day. depends on what you like. >> you know what threw me off? tom kierein was talking about labor day. >> crazy. where did the summer go? >> it's going quickly but we're feeling it. >> sticking around. >> hot out there. >> september around the corner. september 1st is the first day of meteorological autumn. nice ring to it, doesn't it? not going to feel like it though. as we get into labor day weekend, we're going to get more heat coming in. get used to it. it'll be around for several more days. here's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. you can see the late summer haze. hanging in the air over the metro area. the temperatures are now beginning to jump. in fact, by
8:49 am
by 3:00, we'll be in the mid 90s. by 6:00 p.m., back down to around 90. by 9:00 tonight, we'll be in the mid 80s. warm and humid evening coming up, as well. storm team 4 radar not showing any storms here locally now. everything is dry for the most part. just moderate humidity in the air. around the weather underground network, temperatures are generally in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees for much of the region. we'll continue to see it hovering near 80 for another hour or so. then it will jump into the upper 80s near 90 by late morning. and baseball this afternoon at nat's park. they play the rockies. first pitch is at 1:05. by then, it'll be around 90 degrees. by the middle of the game, the mid 90s there. wear your sun block and a hat if you'll be in a sunny spot. low 90s by the last out. hot afternoon for baseball. another hot day tomorrow, too. 70s in
8:50 am
low 90s. sunshine, partly cloudy on monday. hot and humid in the mid 90s. sunshine on tuesday. hot again wednesday. that's our next chance of rain, is wednesday afternoon skpechbing. could get showering and thundershow thundershowers. after that, a break from the high heat. thundershowers on thursday. the end of the labor day weekend, next weekend, sunday and labor day, it will be back into the 90s again. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. 8:50, your time. want to see what it's like to be a cop? today is your chance. i'll show you how you can test your law
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
today arlington county police using a block party to break down community barriers. this is an idea rooted in recent police-involved shootings from around the nation, as well as deadly attacks carried out against officers. they're giving you the chance to go behind the badge. you can test your law enforcement skills. i gave it a try. >> you right-handed or left? >> right. >> reporter: as soon as i started suiting up, i quickly realized, this isn't just putting on a costume. >> this is basically to simulate the cans of pepper spray that officers carry. >> reporter: for this exercise, arlington county police officer manning is my field training officer. >> this is your weapon. >> reporter: walking me through
8:54 am
>> obviously not a real gun. >> obviously not a real gun. this is plastic. >> reporter: immediately, you feel the weight of the gear. and the added responsibility. >> we will briefly discuss why officers want to see your hands during encounters. hands are dangerous. >> i sat through a 15-minute crash course academy. >> like anybody else, we want to go home safely at the end of the day. we want everyone to go home safely at the end of the day. >> reporter: finally, we were on our first simulated call, a suspicious person peeking into cars. this guy matched the description. >> i locked my keys in my car. >> this is your car? >> yeah. i was trying to call my friend. can you see the keys? i thought they were in the center console. >> i worked to keep my distance. noticing this on the back bumper. >> can you have a seat here on the curb? >> what for? >> i noticed a weapon, sir, so i'd like you to have a seat. >> okay. you don't have to put your hand on you
8:55 am
>> have a seat. >> all right. >> end of scenario. awesome. >> i passed. >> reporter: on to the final simulation. i was feeling confident. >> white male, 6 feet tall, wearing a black hat and green shirt. >> our suspect, pacing. >> i'm waiting for the bus. do you stop everybody that waits for the bus? >> we got a call about concern around here, wanted to check. you look distraught. you look bothered. >> you want my id? >> reporter: here is where i lose control of a situation. >> can you have a seat, just so you're not pacing. i will take your id, just to -- >> the bus is coming. i can see it coming down. i'll give my id. >> all right. we'll take your id. >> reporter: that is the face of embarrassment and nerves. officer manning gave me a second chance, explaining what i should have done. >> put your hands on
8:56 am
we might be able to see, there is something there. >> reporter: police using this weekend, the block party, to let you go behind the badge. >> the take away is that the community understands that the police are here for them. the police are the community, and the community are the police. >> the arlington block party is starting in four minutes from now at 9:00. kenmore middle school. runs until 4:00. they have other activities, food and drink, as well. >> good story, dave. >> i'll tell you something though, you feel the pressure when you're in the scenario. even though it was a fake scenario, they gave me a couple times to do it, even the second and third time -- >> it gives insight into what it is like to be a police officer. split-second decisions. >> folks can try it out today. let us know how it goes. >> we appreciate the service. tom will let you know how long the dog days of summer will
8:57 am
havertys furniture helps even when life isn't.t pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie. the labor day sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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today from 9:00 in the morning. come up on 9:00, we're back with a look at your top stories this morning. a maryland state police car was hit while a trooper was conducting a traffic stop. the driver taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. d.c. police searching for a suspect following a double homicide. two men died on 34th street in northeast physical lfollowing a metro's safetrack surge starts today on the blue and
9:00 am
yellow lines in virginia. it'll impact riders between franconia-springfield and the van dorn station. welcome back on this saturday, august 27th. i'm david culver with megan fitzgerald in for angie. you ready for the heat? >> i'll take the heat over the cold. >> you said it on facebook live. >> i like the weather heat versus weather of cold. >> it is a heat wave so you have a lot to endure. let's get to tom kierein in the weather center with the latest. >> summer lovers are loving this, as the summer is extending here as we get into early september. hot days here over the next several days. humidity isn't too bad. a nice, blue sky. little haze in the low levels. little bit of humidity this morning. humidity levels have dropped a bit. that's the live view from the tower camera. by noon, it'll be hot, around 90 degrees. heading to the beach or the pool or maybe getting out and getting yard work done, make sure you take


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