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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 28, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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>> i'm meagan fitzgeraldang gof. >> we're in for another hot y. tom, what's the rest of the day going to look like? >> it's not going to be quite as humid as it has been the last several days. it's a soft and serene sunday morning. live view from the tower camera, friendship heights, and off in the horizon is bethat he is da -- bethesda. it is rather humid, but not a sweltering humidity we've seen the last number of days. temperatures now climbing into the 70s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the chesapeake bay, reagan national is up to 77 degrees. hour by hour temperatures climbing into the mid 80s by noontime. getting hot by then. hazy sunshine near the afternoon. late afternoon, back to the upper 80s and this evening, a nice night, coming up into the low 80s. we need some rain. a look at our next chance for
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that's coming up this half news we've been following all morning for you. d.c.'s 911 system is back up and running after an outage late last night. official just wrapped up a news conference to update the situation and they still aren't entirely sure what caused the outage but calls to 911 are now going through. news 4 derrick ward will be live with the latest in a few minutes here. right now, you want to enjoy metro's yellow line. an emergency drill is under way. service is suspended between la font plaza until 2 this afternoon. it simulates a train derailment over the potomac river. if you are going to and from national airport, you will want to be sure to use the blue line. safe track surge
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way in the yellow and blue lines in virginia. free shuttle buses will replace rail service today. tomorrow, trains will single track during the workweek. the work should wrap up around september 11th. go to that developing story in southeast where it could take several more hours until crews fix a water main break there. we're talking nine apartments. 30 homes, and two hydrants on minnesota avenue between ridge road and b street. that's the affected area. now, crews were supposed to have it repaired hours ago, around 1:00 this morning. but the problem is the leak is near a large tree. so it's possible they might have to cut it down. our partners at wtop are saying that minnesota avenue southeast between east capitol street and b street is closed. concern is growing for a missing 12-year-old boy from prince george's county. take a look at this picture. his name is alexis rivera. he's about 4 feet tall. weighs about 60 pounds. he is wearing glasses as you s
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hand. he was last seen on 18th avenue in hyattsville, maryland. charges are pending against the driver who crashed into a maryland state police cruiser yesterday. stephen shannon was hurt in the crash but he is expected to be okay. now, police believe shannon was drinking. the trooper was conducting a traffic stop along 270 in rockville when his car was hit. the car that hit the trooper flipped over and caught fire. the trooper was able to pull shannon out of that car. meanwhile, in northern virginia, several groups game together in an effort to stop domestic village. it takes a village expo is inspired by the death of cristina fisher. her ex-boyfriend is charged in her death. organizers told news 4 they want to make sure the community knows what resources are available to them. >> whether people want to admit it or not, everyone watching this has been affected by domestic violence. they just haven't done anything
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about it. they will continue to be affected by it. >> the loudon county sheriff's office and women's shelter were on hand to provide information to those who needed it. they also accepted clothing donations for women at that shelter. arlington county police are helping the community say good-bye to summer. can you believe it? they hosted their second annual summer block party at the middle school. activities includes bounce houses, safety demonstrations for people of all ages, police say the goal of the party is to bring community and law enforcement together. and turning now to decision 2016. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today, but she did receive her first intelligence briefing as nominee saturday in new york. while clinton doesn't have any public events for today, her running mate, senator tim kaine is keeping busy. he spent time in the key battleground state in florida
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yesterday, slamming donald trump's statements about our allies. >> there is a sharp zinks between a hillary clinton who understands the value of alliances and donald trump who seems to think that tearing up alliances is a path to strength. >> he went on to criticize trump's outreach to african-american voters. donald trump's running mate mike pence spent part of his saturday in loudon county. he says it starts with lowering taxes. >> streamline deductions and lower taxes across the board for every american. we're going to lower taxes on businesses large and small so companies in virginia can compete with companies all over the world. >> now, recent polls in virginia show trump and pence facing an uphill battle in the state.
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and with just over ten weeks until the election, both presidential candidates are using the same strategy. keep the focus on their opponent. nbc has the latest. >> reporter: locked in a dead heat in the heart land, donald trump targeting hillary clinton's record with minorities. >> how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton called black youth super predators. >> the rhetoric boiling over in recent days. hillary clinton is a bigot! >> iowa republican senator joani ernst says she's heard enough. >> hillary rodham clinton has said ugly things too. i wish both of our candidates would tone it down and start focusing on policy. >> the senator is sponsoring the roast and ride event in des moines. many bikers solidly behind trump. others say they wish he would throttle back. >> you need to talk to trump and tell him to calm it down. >> what would he have to do to get your vote? >> he's got c
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>> ten days into the campaign reset, trump's minority outreach repeatedly criticized as tone deaf. >> to the african-american parents, you have a right to walk down the street of your city without having your child or yourself shot. >> after the fatal shooting of nba star dwayne wade's cousin, trump tweeted, just what i've been saying. african-americans will vote trump. >> so we send our thoughts and prayers to the family. >> trump unexpectedly talking immigration policy. >> we're going to build a great wall on the border and we're going to institute nationwide e-verify, stop illegal immigrants from accessing welfare and entitlements. >> the candidate still crafting his signature issue hoping voters won't pull away. nbc's chuck todd will have all the latest in decision 2016 on "meet the press" later this morning at 10:30.
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national committee chairman reince priebus. we've got another hot day on tap but how long will these high temperatures last? that's the question. tom kierein will be back with the answer. >> we're hearing from more passengers about that scary southwest airlines flight that was diverted after an engine problem. they are going to
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n sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. welcome back, the death of a yellowstone national park employee is under investigation this morning. officials say 21-year-old tumbled from the edge of a canyon on friday. she was a park concession employee from ecuador. the grand canyon of the yellowstone river is about 800 to 1,200 feet deep. this is pretty scary. a plane
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engine while it's in the air. the engine falls off wle one passenger said the explosion sparked fear of a terror attack. nbc has the latest. >> reporter: passengers say it sounded like an explosion. >> we were kind of zoned out and then all of a sudden it was just that huge, loud noise. >> reporter: it happened saturday morning, about 20 minutes after take-off. southwest airlines flight 3472 new orleans to orlando forced to make an emergency landing in pensacola, florida, after losing one of its engines. southwest 3472, was it the right or the left engine and fuel and souls on board, if you can give that to me. >> the passenger shows the engine was missing. >> i saw metal flapping and i knew something was wrong. >> there were 99 passengers and five crew members on board. no one was injured. >> i thought it was a terrorist explosion and it was a loud explosion and everyone started freaking out and screaming. >> sout
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number one engine. the airline bought the plane in 2000. >> we were definitely grateful we were safe and watched over and we had good pilots. >> the airplane has been taken out of service and the ntsb is investigating. passengers were flown from pensacola to orlando in a replacement plane yesterday afternoon. southwest said it's refunding money and providing each person with a $500 voucher. >> scary stuff. let's look out the window. beautiful morning across the d.c. area. as you look at the monument, the jefferson memorial. how hot is it going to get today? >> school bells will ring
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good morning. it is back to school on monday for many students around our region. tomorrow morning, at the bus stop, it will be a pleasant morning with some sunshine. temperatures will be in the mid 70s and then by recess time, it will be getting hot. we'll be in the upper 80s and certainly hot by dismissal time by mid afternoon, with the sunshine, we'll be into the low 90s with moderate humidity throughout the day. a look at how much longer this heat wave is going to last and our next chances for rain coming up in a few minutes. i want to update you now on that breaking news that we brought you at the top of the hour. d.c.'s 911 system is
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la wrapped up a news conference to update the situation. news 4 derrick ward is live with the latest. what do we know, derrick? >> reporter: good morning, we're here at the unified control center on the grounds of saint elizabeth hospital and this is from where the problem em anated late last night. people were either getting busy signals or recordings. what they did, is they nutd backup procedures. they quite literally took the calls from this facility to the facility over at the grounds of the reservoir. the problem is they could not transfer the calls coming here to that facility and by about midnight, public notifications went out and they gave two ten-digit numbers that folks were to call. 12:35, calls were going to the backup facility and just o
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the problem lv that it is a power problem. it wasn't the power coming into the building but somehow once it got inside and they believe that it was an equipment failure. >> currently, we're investigating what happened, what caused the failure. we know exactly what happened. we don't know exactly why that happened to our system. >> now, they got about 300 to 350 calls during that period that it was down. they say that number was unusually high but they think it was because people were calling and hanging up and then calling back. we are told that there were 30 ems and five fire calls that went into that ten-digit number and five metropolitan police department dispatchers during that time. those are preliminary numbers. they don't have it. they are still working to find out exactly what happened and how they can keep this from happening again. this harkens back to the problem that montgomery county had late in y.
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so obviously this is and we're still learning the scope of is. we're live in sweeft. derrick ward, back to you. >> thank you. it is the last day of summer for thousands of students. tomorrow, classes begin for the kids and teachers in calvert, charles, and montgomery counties in maryland, and loudon, prince william and manassas in virginia. it's going to be a great school year. i just got that feeling. while you may have bought the supplies, did you remember that back-to-school hair cut? that's the question. if not, you can get the kids a free one there. alexander de paris beauty spa center is cutting hair cuts for kids ages 5 to 18 from 9:00 to 4:30. donations are encouraged, all the money goes to pantene beautiful lengths which help creates real hair wigs for women with cancer. >> very cool. i'm glad the money is being used for a great cause. it's been a little hot
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a culture summer anyway. we're beginning meteorological autumn. it's certainly feeling like summer. live view from our tower camera overlooking washington. just a few clouds floating in front of a milky blue sky. we can certainly appreciate that as temperatures are now beginning to climb. the fog we had earlier this morning is going to dissipate. we're in the low to mid 70s, shenandoah valley ash -- around the blue ridge. nearby suburbs, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, now climbing into the mid and upper 70s. reagan national, 77. beautiful day around the bay. it's in the mid and upper 70s as well. still a little bit of fog and lingering on the eastern shore. play ball, it's an
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game at nats park. they take on the rockiesir to b baseball and when you are getting there, it's going to be in the mid 80s, but by seventh inning stretch it will be around 90 degrees with hazy sunshine. storm team 4 exclusive ten-day outlook, the heat wave continues on monday. afternoon highs climbing to the low 90s and then near 90 open tuesday and still moderate humidity. up near 90 again on wednesday, but next chance of needed rain with may come on wednesday after and wednesday evening. perhaps thundershowers coming through. not likely any severe storms. that's the end of the heat wave for several days as we'll have highs in the mid 80s thursday. beautiful as we get toward the labor day week. friday afternoon, sunshine, low 80s. low 80s again on saturday. sunday back in the mid 80s. starts getting hot on labor day and starting off the first full week of september. we're back afthi
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i'm nbc's marc murray. da and i'm kerry >> donald trump has been struggling against hillary clinton in almost all the national polls and even more importantly state polls that show his path to 270 electoral votes is getting narrower and narrower. >> and the states in clinton's column add up to 288 electoral votes. an advantage has only increased. >> clinton has risen in the states of colorado. >> in the toss up is ohio, iowa. georgia. >> trump is trying to right the ship, focusing questions on clinton's email server and potential conflicts of interest. >> we'll have to see if that
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welcome back. a look now at a unique program aimed at addressing the challenges police face in communicating with t
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>> jackie benson show bonds were formed at a stafford county pool. >> ready. >> the team members of the stafford county sheriff's star cadet program. >> make sure you can breathe. i'm going to put this on your head. >> hit the pool for a class on rescue-and-recovery dives. they and the deputies showing them the aquatic ropes are also forging bonds of trust and communication that may be life-saving some day. >> it's a sense of pride for him and us. >> try to throw it on this side. throw your bag in. >> it's very important, because if they had come upon someone like joe, he can't speak clearly so they would have to figure out, you know, through a series of gestures or maybe the right pointed questions to ask, yes, no questions, they are learning that with him. >> it's going to be awesome. >> the cadets get a uniform and certificate upon completing the program which includes monthly meetings, but the interaction also helps with a bigger picture. sergeant darrell english says the groundwork of two-way communication laid here can help
9:26 am
>> something ever happen at their house, it comes up on the screen, the deputy knows it's one of our special star kids and it will help, hey, they know what their problems are and how to interact with them. >> the star cadet program is community policed. it began in 2007. it's helping deputies to better serve and protect all the citizens of stafford county. >> we teach them how to respect others. >> although the program is a fairly small one, the stafford county sheriff's office says it has received inquiries about this program from all over the united states. the program is open to county residents with intellectual disabilities between 13 and 22 years old. >> what i like about this is when they age out, they can still go back into the program as advisers. so it's not like you are done, move on. they can still be part of it. >> great story there. all right. are you looking to get outside for this last sunday
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can you believe it? well, you might want to pack the shorts and the flip flops. it might be a hot one. tom has got a look at the forecast. >> the nfl quarterback protest that's lighng upti
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here are the top stories we're following for you. the 1
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figure out what happened. police are asking for your help in finding a 12-year-old boy. alexis rivera was last seen on 18th street in hyattsville. >> no one was hurt on a saturday morning flight from new orleans to orlando when an engine fell off a plane. a construction worker is recovering. take a look hereafter falling into this hole here 7 feet deep with a big piece of machinery. it happened at a building on taft court yesterday afternoon. montgomery county fire and rescue says a man was working on a bobcat when the machine suddenly lurched forward and went into the trench. the man was not hurt but it took two hours for crews to get him out safely. two people are dead after nearly back-to-back crashes saturday morning in prince george's county. that's according to our news partners at wtop. one crash happened in district heights when a driver of an suv
9:31 am
the other crash involved a otor the causes of both crashes are unknown. if you have any information about the crashes, you are asked to contact police. we're learning more about the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin. nikia aldridge. the shooting happened one day after wade took part in a town hall about chicago's violence epidemic that's taken hundreds of lives. nbc's morgan radford has more. >> we might have a person shot over here. >> reporter: hot shell casings on the ground and a community reeling once again. >> it's like there's no end to it. it keeps going on and on and on. >> reporter: a weeping mother leaning on her sister for support. >> butyl that fly around that have no name decided to find its way to her head.
9:32 am
>> 32-year-old nikia aldridge pushing her baby in a stroller catchool. shot once in the head and once in the arm. >> possibly a female black. she might be shot in the head. >> aldridge caught in the crossfire when two men aimed at a third. >> what i heard was the gunshots first. bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: a scene all too common but this time gaining major attention after she was later identified as cousin of three-time nba champ and hometown hero dwayne wade. >> my cousin was killed today in chicago. four kids lost their mom for no reason. >> just a day before. >> can i say one more thing? >> wade spoke to a panel about the gun violence. asking the city to come together. >> it's deep rooted. this is something that didn't start today and it's something that's not going to end tomorrow. >> unfortunately, tomorrow came too soon for aldridge. >> her shooters are unidentified. her baby alive but alone, just one of hundreds of children who become casualties of chicago's violence. >> 449 people have been shot in chicago since the beginning of this year. almost half of them kids.
9:33 am
struck while doing everyday kid stuff, riding with dad on fathers day or even drawing on the sidewalk or holding their mother's hand. >> it's a stunning, astonishing tragic number. the fact is this is genocide before our very eyes. and we're turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to that. >> as for nikia aldridge, a life taken too soon. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. turning now to nfl quarterback colin kaepernick. he's making headlines this morning. he refused to stand during the national anthem. after the game, he said i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. nfl spokesman says players are encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem. meanwhile, news out of cowboys camp.
9:34 am
tony romo iexpected to miss several weeks this season due to a bk r he broke a bone in his back in thursday's preseason game against the seattle seahawks. sources tell nbc's pro football talks that romo is expected to miss six to ten weeks. rookie dak prescott is expected to start in his place. the threat of zika could be growing in south florida as storms head to that area and officials are warning that all that extra water could bring more mosquitos. the rain could wash away pesticides that have been sprayed throughout the miami-dade area. mosquitos also tend to breed in standing water. homeowners could face $1,000 fine if they allow standing water on their properties. more than 40 cases of zika have been reported across florida. continuing coverage this morning of the aftermath of that earthquake in italy. nearly 300 people have been killed and as rescue crews continue to sift through the rubble, 35 of them were laid to rest in a mass funeral.
9:35 am
nbc's lucy cavanaugh was there. >> reporter: italy buried its dead today. the youngest nine-year-old julia. she died shielding her four-year-old sister who lived. ♪ ♪ >> they gathered to grieve and to remember, to comfort, hold, and bid farewell. a sweltering gym transformed into a makeshift chapel, before the bodies were returned to their hometowns for final good-byes. the search continues but hope is all but gone. among those who remain behind -- >> i don't think that the town will be anymore the town. finished. it came all down. >> reporter: he buried four of his relatives. >> two uncles and too cousins . they remain under the house. >> reporter: the youngest was 14.
9:36 am
turned to ru and now this sea of tents as all these people have to call home. the question is for how long. little sofia was born just three weeks before the quake. she won't remember the horror. her father will never forget. it was chaos he tells me. the walls crumbled. everything is gone. i was lucky he says. so many others died. but even here, life and light amid the destruction. coming up, a major honor for first lady michelle obama. good morning, tom kierein here on the storm team 4 weather deck on tinley town. the si kad das are making a racket here. there's the national harbor
9:37 am
wheel. great day for the pool today, tomorrow, and again on tuesday. highs near 90 each day with moderate humidity. we could use some rain. a look at rain chances coming up in a few minutes. back to you. all right. tom. coming up, a major honor for first lady michelle obama. we'll tell you all about that. and an olympian disciplined after the summer games in rio is taking a break. more on hope solo's decision in a oment.m
9:38 am
9:39 am
welcome back. suspended team usa soccer star hope solo is taking some time off. the goalkeeper's team the seattle reign made that announcement a few hours before the game last night. solo was suspended from the national team for six months earlier this week after
9:40 am
following the loss in the olympics. the whistle-blower who exposed the russian doping scandal says family lives are in jeopardy, she's living in the u.s. and hiding. >> and a hack has exposed where she's living. she thinks the russian government is behind it. >> the russian runner are on the run. they believe they are being hunted by the russian government. >> translator: if something happens to us, it is not an accident. it is not accidental. >> if you suddenly end up murdered, is that what you are talking about? >> translator: yes, yes, this is exactly what we have in mind. >> reporter: two years ago, she and her husband exposed the widespread use of the band substances in russian sports on the german television channel. dozens of athletes were excluded
9:41 am
frs. >> they called us traitors. it's not right. >> i personally do believe we're trying to do the right thing for sports, for clean athletes. >> we met the couple and their three-year-old son for a rare interview. they are hiding here in the u.s., but their secret location has just been exposed. her online account at the world anti doping agency, wada, which keeps track of her address was hacked. there's no proof yet who broke in, but one main suspect because at the same time other wada members were bombarded with emails containing malware. experts say it's the work of hackers with close ties to russian intelligence. the same ones in fact who hacked the democratic party earlier this year. >> the russian hacker we suspect is behind the dnc incident has a
9:42 am
infrastructures th this most re incident. >> russian officials would not comment. they now live like funl -- fugitives. the family is staying with a friend until they can find a new place to hide. >> translator: it is hard. it's hard to move all the time. we would like to finally live quietly. >> nbc news. the fear of having to live in hiding. >> kind of constantly on the run by trying to do the right thing. that's scary. >> totally. >> switching gears now, what's the weather going to look like for the rest of this sunday? it looks beautiful out there. we'll check in with tom kierein reo will b
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play ball, the nationals take on the rocky this afternoon at nats park. the first pitch is at 1:35 and arriving at the park around 12:30, 1:00, it's fog to be in the mid 80s and by the seventh inning, ought to be up around 90 degrees and sunshine through the afternoon. a little bit of a breeze coming in out of the southeast. moderate humidity throughout the game and by the last out, temperatures will be back down in the upper 80s. much-needed rain on the way in the next ten days. we'll take a look at that in a
9:46 am
thank you very much. the faa is cin tomorrow, anyone flies an unmanned aircraft sentence must be licensed. even if you've been flying a drone for years, come monday you could face fines of more than $1,000. pilots must be over the age of 16, pass a multiple choice test and be vetted by the tsa. any drone over half a pound must be registered. the u.s. navy has a submarine sponsored by the first lady. $2.7 billion sub was delivered yesterday. it took five years to build. the u.s.s. illinois is named after first lady michelle obama's home state. the sub will begin active service after it's commissioned in october. michelle obama will be involved in the lives of its sailers and their families. today marks 53 years since martin luther king jr delivered his "i have a dream" speech in his march on washington. to celebrate a free public sc
9:47 am
speech will be held today in no park. a wilson high school senior wanted to continue the process that dr. king's speech called for over five decades ago. we are just weeks away from one of the most anticipated museum openings in the district. the smithsonian african-american museum is opening on september 4th. the tickets sold out within hours as you can imagine. the museum has an amazing collection of artifacts highlighting centuries of history and you can get a sneak peek inside the museum later this morning at 11:30 right here on news 4. barbara harrison has your all access pass inside the museum. >> that's a must-see. next month marks 15 years since 9/11.
9:48 am
and some of the brave men and women who helped save lives at the pentagon will return to the site to visit there. >> the iconic building in the background and what happened 15 years ago, those pictures are etched in the memories of the alexandria firefighters search-and-recovery teams and ems workers. >> first thing i noticed was the smoke coming up over the top of the trees. >> mike cahill was on the gw parkway headed to a meeting. flight 77 just hit the pentagon. he never got to that meeting. >> i had a bag in my car. i stopped and grabbed that and started taking care of folks. >> everybody back! >> things were still falling. smaller secondary explosions from the fire were going on. it's one of those seemingly dream-like memories that only come after nightmarish chaos. >> a pop, a generator or something, a fuel tank or something exploded, and i remember hitting the ground and some of the debris -- i just remember it sounded like when rain first starts, you know, stuff falling and hitting the ground around you.
9:49 am
actual anniverryer each time it's easy to frame up the photo. there are fewer of them, members move on and retire but they still carry the memories of that day, memories that time does not fade. this was mike cahill's first time at the memorial itself and still grappling with the enormity of what happened. >> there's a chapel at the point where the plane hit when they rebuilt it. i've been there. >> after the pictures, some of them went inside to see what it's like now. in a way, these men and women haven't fully left this place after a decade and a half. >> a lot of people are worse off than we are obviously, but you know, we lost a little bit here too, you know. you know, physically and emotionally. >> derrick ward, news 4. >> hard to believe that it's been 15 years. >> isn't that crazy? we always say never forget but truly you never forget. never forget that
9:50 am
>> all right. tom, are we going to be able to remember the weather today, a nice day for us? >> a beautiful day? >> it's our final sunday of august, and what happened to the summer, poof, it's gone. poof. back to school for most of the students tomorrow so enjoy this while you can. it's a pleasant sunday under way. starting off this morning, we've got a little bit of haze in the air, lability of -- lability of lsh a little bit of humidity. there's a few overlooking washington. you can see just a few high clouds drifting over and temperatures by noontime will be in the mid 80s. it will be hot wi then. near 90 for a couple of hours. back to the upper 80s by 6:00 p.m. by 9 p.m., it will be back down into the comfort zone, into the low 80s by mid evening. right now, it's comfortable. we're in the mid and upper 70s. mountains, shenandoah valley, and around the blue ridge. beautiful day around
9:51 am
getting there. fairfax climbing into the upper 70s. reagan national at 77 degrees. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain anywhere in the vicinity. great day to get out and get some exercise. get in some recreation as this moderate heat is going to be continuing. it's only about 5 degrees above the average time for this time of year. tomorrow, may reach the low 90s after we start off in the mid 70s in the morning. pretty good day for back to school and back to work on monday and partly cloudy tuesday, moderate humidity, up around 90 and near 90 again on wednesday. our next chance of any needed rain is going to be wednesday afternoon and evening as a weak front approaches from the north and west. thundershowers coming through. only a small chance we get any severe storms. thursday afternoon, sun back, mid 80s. low humidity for several days as we get to the end of the week and start off the labor day weekend, comfortable temperatures, but labor day itselck
9:52 am
degrees with sunshine and starting the first full week of september, it looks like a hot start into the mid 90s. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. a home owner frustrated with his home warranty company after it denied his claim for repairs. what happened when he turned to our susan hogan for help.
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heading into the 10:00 and right now on news 4 today, officials in d.c. are picking up the pieces this morning after the 911 system failed overnight. we've got the details. and the search is on for a missing prince george's county boy. information coming into us on how you can help. i thought it was a terrorist attack because it was that loud explosion, and everyone started freaking out and screaming. >> talk about a scare in the sky close to 100 passengers are safe this morning after a major engine problem on a southwest airlines flight. news 4 today starts right now. with that trio of stories and thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. i hope you are having a great day so far. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. if you like a little steam outside, you are in for a treat. storm team meteorologist tom kierein is standing by. good morning, tom. >> good morning. it has been a pleasant
9:59 am
that's now gone and it's only moderately humid. temperatures are still comfortable. we're in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees now at 10:00 on this sunday morning. here's a live view from the storm team 4 reston camera overlooking the dulles tollway. you see a little bit of haze hanging in the air. temperatures by noontime, the mid 80s. lots of sunshine into the afternoon. haze afternoon. it's going to be getting hot. by 3:00, it will be hovering around 90 degrees. 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., by 6:00 p.m., down in the upper 80s. mid to late evening, back down to low 80s. we could use some rain. a look at our next rain chances is coming up in the next half hour. right now, i want to tell you to avoid metro's yellow line. an emergency drill is under way there. service is
10:00 am
fant flas za and pentagon station. it's simulating a derailment over the potomac river. they are going to practice rescue techniques there. if you are going to and from reagan national airport, you need to use the blue line. remember that. also, safe track surge number 8, that is getting under way on the yellow and blewlines in virginia. free shuttle buses will replace the rail service between franconia springfield and varn dorn. and turning now to decision 2016. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today, but she did receive her first intelligence briefing as nominee saturday in new york. while clinton doesn't have any public events for today, her running mate, senator tim kaine


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