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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the car was moving, so it's really a one in a million kind of thing. >> it took nearly 20 people to lift that tree and firefighters had to cut the man out of that car. they say his injuries are life-threatening. it's still unclear what caused that tree to snap. happening today, the trial for prince george's county man accused of murdering his girlfriend's baby under way. osman sesay is charged with first degree murder. he was watching the little boy while his girlfriend was at work. 4:30, virginia tech is on high alert this morning after dozens of people received email threats. the school's newspaper says the one sentence email threatened to kill people on campus. other schools received similar emails yesterday and all are being investigated. virginia ch
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and classes will not be canceled today. today, we expect to learn how d.c. students performed on the park test. muriel bowser will hold a press conference this morning. the parcc test measures how students perform on common core academic standards. i want to check 4 things to know about our forecast. a little bit of humidity, chuck? >> a little bit. not so bad compared to a few weeks ago. you are going to notice it a bit outside first thing this morning, our awful august continues. likely to be up to near 90 degrees again today, probably tomorrow as well, to finish out the month. first day of september is thursday. it looks like we'll have least a chance for showers coming on wednesday night into the middle parts of the day thursday. tropical trouble still brewing
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we've got two different depressions off north carolina and the florida coast. we're tracking those for us. and for us, it looks like a laudable labor day weekend. for now, exclusively, yours, the latest information possible from melissa mollet. on the safe track surge that we're still dealing with until sunday september 11th. remember on the blue line, a lot of delays because of the single tracking between franconia and van dorn street, because of the safe track surge number 8. taking a look at 66 and 95, we don't have any problems. inner loop express lanes after the mixing bowl still a report that all lanes are blocked for paving. it was much more red when i first look at the situation, now we have a little bit of yellow there at the bottom of the beltway. this is what kristin wright was talking about, rhode island avenue, 10th street, northeast, those lanes are block for
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activity. 95 in maryland, from 32 down to the beltway, you are on time at 11 minutes. 4:33 your time right now and a teenager is facing charges and two men involved in a shooting inside a mcdonald's are still on the run this morning. a man was shot in the face at the restaurant back on august 12th. now the victim's mother is begging for your help. >> he's still fighting for his life. he's gone through so much, and you can see the fear in his eyes. >> surveillance shows a man followed natalie's son into the bathroom. he walk out seconds after shots are fired. she says her son is still in critical can't and he wants his attackers to come forward. >> police turn yourself in. i mean, you have messed up this young manage -- man's life along with his family. >> d.c. police say the suspect and the victim interacted before the shooting.
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voyales insists her son was a random victim of the robbery. a 15-year-old was arrested in this case. two suspects allegedly involved in a home ininvasion. sean colley and stephen szurko took off. anyone with information about where they could be is asked to call police. d.c. police saying a man kidnapped a woman using her own car. this happened on saturday morning on holbrook street in northeast d.c. the woman was sexually assaulted. police are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leads to the arrest of a suspect. hoarding conditions made fighting a house fire in southeast washington even more difficult. fire officials say furniture and clothing were piled up all over this home. firefighters were able to contain the flames to one side of the duplex on v street near pennsylvania avenue yesterday.
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able to get out. here in the newsroom, we're looking at pictures and video we want to show you of an incident in prince george's county. a car right into a house. this happened overnight last night. we see a picture of the car. the drivers side door either off or wide open there. look at that shattered window. the car went into the house somehow and we understand that everybody inside the house was able to get out. everybody who was in the house is okay, but the driver of that car was taken to the hospital. police do believe he's going to be okay. right now the question is why this happened. police are looking into that. >> we now move on to decision 2016. the presidential candidates are taking different approaches in strategy today. donald trump heads out west to hold a rally in every -- everett, washington. it co
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speech on immigration. hillary clinton continues to fund raise in the hamptons. she raised $2.3 million in three small fund-raisers on monday. in a few minutes, tracie potts will have a preview of donald trump's immigration speech tomorrow and the potential impact of clinton aide huma abedin separating from her husband. researchers will discuss studying the virus and developing vaccines and anti viral agents. the meeting starts at 9:15 this morning. the dramatic price hike of the mylan epipen. mylan has increased the price of epipens by
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it will offer a generic version for half the list price of the brand name. it may be only tuesday but an extended week is just around the corner for a lot of you. not me. a look at how your labor day is shaping up. it's a natural disaster that did claim lives of hundred people, so why are several people being investigated in last week's massive earthquake in italy? new details about this weekend's 911 outage in d.c. the ipfl the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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a second day of national mourning in italy after the devastating earthquake. it hit one week ago tomorrow. >> i tillian -- italian prosecutors are investigating all the people who helped construct the buildings that collapsed, including new buildings. on this tuesday morning, got to get the kids ready for school. chuck bell is in storm team 4 weather center. >> yes, indeed. a couple of mid level clouds out there this morning, no rain to worry about this morning and no rain on the way.
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the low 70s first thing this morning. mid 70s for the kids that go in a smidge later. afternoon highs back near 90 degrees yet again. if you are like me, you are checked out and gone to the beach for labor day weekend, saturday, sunday, and monday at the coastline. nearly perfect weather. upper 70s to near 80. plenty of sunshine and nary a rain chance at the beaches this weekend. the ten-day forecast is coming up in ten minutes. looking quite good here. prince george's county, overall, you can see no major problems. a little bit of something popping up there outbound branch avenue before you hit 301. no reports of a problem. top of the beltway looking quite good. 95, bw parkway, rolling along just fine. outer loop after georgia only the right line getting by the work zone. forced from their homes, why dozens of families have to find a new place
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same thing could happen to so many others. separating after another sex scandal, why anthony weiner and his wife are splitting and whether or not it could play a rule in the race for the
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the personal life of former new york congressman anthony weiner is back in the spotlight after his wife, hillary clinton aide, hmma abedin.
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sending an inappropriate picture of himself to a woman while their young son was in his bed. weiner told the post they have been friends and that their communications were appropriate. abedin has been referred to as a second daughter to hillary clinton. >> huma is like the glue. >> weiner resigned from congress after a sexting scandal back in 2011 and two years later he ran for mayor of new york, losing in the democratic primary. abedin announcing her separation, donald trump using the news to attack hillary clinton's judgment. tracie potts is following all of this for us. what is trump claiming here and has clinton responded? >> they are not responding at all. they are not going to dignify
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with a response. trump says by associating with the couple, it's just bad judgment on the part of hillary clinton. he goes on to say that weeper may have had some access to classified information but he gives no prove as to how or why that could have happened, at this point the clinton campaign has nothing to say about that at all. >> regardless, this is going to be a conversation that's part of the cycle today, also on the agenda is going to be donald trump's immigration speech that's expected to be tomorrow. what are we hearing at this point from any top aides? >> we're told, angie, that he's still working on this speech. that it's still a work in progress. he's going out to arizona to basically talk details and specifics and lay out his plans but also to lay out lots of questions and clarify what he said
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million undocumented immigrants in this. can they say or do they have to go? that's going to be the central question. what his campaign wha wants to do is contrast his immigration policy with hillary clinton's which he will describe as guaranteed amnesty. thank you so much. happening today, some big political names are facing primaries in florida. senator marco rubio is hoping for a second term after reversing his initial decision to step down. and also debbie wasserman shultz faces a reelection. and a suicide bombing at the chinese embassy in the capital of
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we know someone drove through the front entrance wounding three employees. some of the government officials in that country are calling this a terrorist attack. d.c. police looking for three men involved in a deadly shooting in southeast d.c. a man was shot and killed near 30th street yesterday afternoon. police believe the gunman may have been in a gold 2001 chevy impala. it was the 89th murder in the district this year. we learned what caused d.c.'s 911 system to go down over the weekend. an engineer investigating a water leak hit the all stop button because he feared it would cause the system. >> we know about the typical call volume that comes in during
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that time. >> 911 dispatchers were rushed to the backup center in northwest. officials don't know exactly how many calls were missed, but they say they are unaware of any major incidents that were not handled. 11 minutes away from the 5:00 hour, a virginia school board wants the supreme court to settle the nationwide transgender bathroom debate. a teen who identifies as a male from using the boys restroom. the policy violates title 9:00. -- ix. the teen can't use the boys bathroom. he can be required to use a private restroom until justices decide whether to intervene. a brand-new year the prince george's county head start program is under way. the program has been under fire amid allegations of child abuse and neglect that caused the county to lose a $6.5
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brand. they spent monday trying to reassure parents that their children will be taken care of despite losing that money. this morning, dozens of families living at a manassas mobile home park are trying to figure out what their next step is. yesterday the city notified at least 250 adults and children that they would have to move out of the east send mobile park in six months. the sewer system is so badly damaged and the owner can't afford to fix it. melissa watson and her family have called the park home. >> we all pay taxes and go to work and we feel like our homes are just being ripped from us and there's nothing we can do. >> residents have called on the advocacy group casas for help. it will be hold a meeting next week to figure out next steps. we're expecting what could
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the marine corps marathon and how you'll get there and the overall plan for the event. the marathon is in late october and tomorrow marathon officials are going to announce some changes based on metro's safe track program. right now, we don't know exactly what those changes are, but we're told the marathon will have a, quote, robust transportation plan. >> i thought we were going straight to chuck. a lot of people will be impacted by this. we know tens of thousands come to run this race. >> it's good we good to chuck. you are probably along them. >> i'm hoping to start the race. i failed to finish last year for the first time in eight years. >> middle age. >> talk about that a little later. i'm concerned, chuck. >> don't get me started. it's been too hot to train. this summer has been brutal outside. another day in the 90s yesterday.
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today. our hot summer dragging on. yesterday was the 49th day this summer 90 or higher. we're still tied for the warmest august on record with august of 1980 today and tomorrow. likely to be 90 today and well into the 90s tomorrow. we may be able to break that tie. we'll have to wait and see officially. we'll know better on thursday morning whether you break it or don't break it, we'll be within a few hundredths of a degree. pretty nice in the shenandoah valley. inside the d.c. metro area, temperatures in the low to mid 70s. downtown we're still at 78 degrees at national airport. hourly temperatures up, up, and away. not quite as big a jump as yesterday. 94 yesterday. i'm only forecasting 90 for a high temperature in washington today. mid and upper 80s in most of the suburbs. not quite as bad, not much as anything for
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thursday is our best chance for rain as this weather front finally starts to slide down in our general direction, keeping a close eye on the tropics. this is tropical depression number 8 here, likely to become a tropical storm sometime today, but the forecast track will carry this away from the outer banks in the next 24 hours, and this storm down here, in the southern gulf of mexico, that is tropical depression 9. forecast track for is for it to cross the florida peninsula during the overnight hours and parallel the coastline before going harmlessly out to sea. that's the forecast of now. we're watching that forecast to see if it changes in our direction any time soon. i don't think that's going to happen. 90 today, 90s tomorrow. showers off and on thursday. it doesn't look like a lot of rain, but behind the rain drops comes cooler weather just in time for your holiday weekend. taking a look right
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firth sterling avenue, right side blocked by a car. 66 and 95, you can see look nice and clear here this morning. as we look at 270 southbound down to the spur, 26 minutes right now. northbound also quite open here and looking pretty good this morning. otherwise, when we look around, really not so bad. top of the beltway has finally cleared of that roadwork. outer loop at georgia and colesville looking good. i'll see you back here in ten minutes with a live look at 66. it sounds like something out of a horror movie where people say clowns are trying to lure young children into the woods. >> oh, wow. it could makeweighting for your train a lot more
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if you are just waking up. we want to let you know we're following wreaking news in d.c. this morning and a deadly shooting investigation. we're working this story from the scene as well as the live desk right now and we'll bring you an update in a minute. coming up, get ready for another warm day ahead. a look at just how hot it's going to get where you live as well as when things are going to finally cool off when you check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist ch
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apartment complex say a clown is trying to lure them into the woods. neighbors report seeing a person dressed in circus clown clothing with white face paint trying to entice children to follow him into the woods with money and candy. dozens of children have reported seeing the clown. >> next day, 30 kids came up to me and says ms. arnold there's clowns in the woods. there's clowns in the woods. sheriffs deputies went into the woods and didn't find anyone. they are increasing patrols in the area. are you always searching for free wi-fi? you can now find it at six metro stations. it's a pilot program that's only around for 45 days. you can test it at metro center, gallery place, judiciary square, union station, archives and l' enfant plaza. submit your opinions at the bottom of metro's home
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metro expanding another pilot program that could save riders more than $30 a month. select passes allow you to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. metro is now offering more price points that could save commuters who pay maximum rush hour fares. you'll get a select pass today to get the full par began for the month of september. in news 4 for your health this morning, are you giving your little ones too many probiotics, they worry the good bacteria that cannot protect us as adults is being taken away from our kids. >> we've learned early on that bacteria are bad for us. we have to sanitize everything. we have to stay really clean or else we get infections from bacteria but that ends up being actually being a very small percentage of bacteria. >> now, if you are giving a proceed biotic to your child, make sure you follow the recommended amounts.
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for babies, breast milk is the perfect pro biotic. >> apple will hold an event on september 7th. they sent an invitation to technology journalists on monday. they are not providing any details, of course, but there is scplags that we may be introduced to a newism phone. apple traditionally unveils new devices at september events ahead of the holiday season. i know one of rumors that is out on all the blogs is like this 360 phone, the actually just wraps all the way around so you have a screen on both sides and it's supposed to be good for gaming and the buttons around these physical buttons but the virtual ones. how do you find a phone case for that? >> does it make a phone call is the question? stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m.


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