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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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for babies, breast milk is the perfect pro biotic. >> apple will hold an event on september 7th. they sent an invitation to technology journalists on monday. they are not providing any details, of course, but there is scplags that we may be introduced to a newism phone. apple traditionally unveils new devices at september events ahead of the holiday season. i know one of rumors that is out on all the blogs is like this 360 phone, the actually just wraps all the way around so you have a screen on both sides and it's supposed to be good for gaming and the buttons around these physical buttons but the virtual ones. how do you find a phone case for that? >> does it make a phone call is the question? stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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it is 5:00 a.m. right now. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we want to talk about your hometown highs but some people could see 90s. >> let's check with chuck bell. good morning, everybody. my two favorite a.g.'s, aaron gilchrist and angie goff. a mild start, temperatures running five degrees or more warmer than average. plenty of clouds today hourly temperatures, 60s and 70s between now and 8:00 in the morning. 90 downtown, 85 in gaithersburg. it's going to be plenty warm today. clouds sneak back in tomorrow and rain chances are back before the week is through. more about that in a few more minutes. let's go over to melissa in first 4 traffic and see how things are coming along. it looks like firth sterling, more trouble there?
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>> a major tongue twister. inbound suitland parkway at firth sterling, beltway, you can see overall is not bad. northbound, southbound on 270, we're rolling along just fine there. prince george's county looking good as well, so major problems. i'm going to have a little chit-chat with chuck and be back in a couple minutes. kristin wright here at the live desk following that breaking news in northeast d.c. a shooting, a deadly shooting. police telling us that one man was killed. this is a live picture you are looking at of the scene right now. we believe that police officers there trying to control traffic because their officers are out there investigating trying to figure out exactly what happened. we also want to show you some video that we have in from overnight shortly after the shooting happened. again, one man was killed in this. there was a big fire truck going
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molette green just arriving to the scene there and we'll have a live report for us coming up just ahead now at 5:00. aaron. thank you. it's 5:03 right now and we're following two developing weather stories this morning. a tropical depression expected to bring heavy rain to north carolina's outer banks. take a look at the storm coming in on the radar here. the storm could make landfall today and bring 45 myrrh winds. a difficult tropical depression is heading into the gulf of mexico and florida. now that storm is already affecting the redskins game. the team's final preseason game against the tampa ba buccaneers has been moved up to wednesday. due to expected severe weather, thursday night's game has been moved to wednesday. of course, you can catch that game right here on nbc4 tomorrow night at 8:00. take a look at this scene right here. a man is ine
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a tree fell on top of his car in rock creek park. this happened last night while the man was driving. news 4 mark segraves has more about what it tooks to rescue the driver. >> beach drive in rock creek park has reopened. a tree fell during rush hour, pinning the driver behind the wheel. about 20 people, including witnesses, bystanders and police officers helped to lift the massive tree off of the car before firefighters arrived and then pushed the car out from underneath so they could get to the victim inside and provide some first aid. the car was so badly mangled that when firefighters did arrive, they still had to cut the roof of the car off in order to get the man out. he was taken to a local hospital listed in serious can't with life-threatening injury. it's not clear what caused the tree
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snapped or whether the roots became weak and it fell. the car was moving in slow rush hour traffic at the time this happened. reporting from rock creek park, mark segraves, news 4. happening today, the trial for prince george's county man accused of murdering his girlfriend's baby gets under way. osman sesay is charged with first degree murder. he was watching the little boy while his girlfriend was at work. the boy died from blunt force injuries to his head and torso. virginia tech is on high alert this morning after dozens of people received email threats. the school's newspaper says the one sentence email threatened to kill people on campus. other schools received similar emails yesterday and all are being investigated. virginia tech's campus is open and classes will not be canceled today.
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today, we expect to learn how d.c. students performed on the parcc test. the mayor and education officials will make announcement this morning. the parcc test measures how students perform on common core academic standards. 5:06 now. hoarding conditions made fighting a house fire in southeast washington even more difficult. fire officials say furniture and clothing were piled up all over this home. firefighters were able to contain the flames to one side of the duplex on v street near pennsylvania avenue yesterday. the person who lived there was able to get out. today in decision 2016, the presidential candidates will be on opposite sides of the country. donald trump will head to washington and hillary clinton will continue raising money in the hamptons. aides say she raised at least $2.8 million in three small
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tracie potts will have a preview of donald trump's immigration speech tomorrow and the potential impact clinton aide humea abedin's separation from anthony weiner will have on the campaign. researchers from puerto rico will discuss studying the zika virus. breaking news in the district to pass along to you after a deadly overnight shooting. this is still unfolding on rhode island avenue in northeast d.c. our crew just arrived at the scene and we'll bring us the latest on that investigation under way coming up next. and taking action. what's happening today in the fight to reduce the cost of lifesaving epipens. and if you are just getting ready to take the dog out for a nice morning walk, expect some cooler weather. most of you are waking up in the 60s and 70s this morning. how the rest of your day is shapi u
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keep in mind it's going to be sunny and hot again. >> chuck, how about the forecast? >> yes, indeed, plenty of heat coming our way again today. not as humid as we've been in the past few weeks but it's still another sizzler of a day to be outside. currently, it's not too bad. 68 in leesbur
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, maryland, and we'll be in the mid 80s by lunchtime and most of the suburbs will top out in the upper 80s. your outdoor planner, morning run will be warm. recess for the kids. after school activities, it's going to be a hot one for sure. dinner out, it will be warm and dry if you are going out, if you are grilling in the backyard, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. take a look at that tropical storm down in the gulf of mexico in a few more minutes. new problem here on metro on the yellow line some delays because unplanned track work between huntington and eisenhower avenue this morning. a reminder on the blue line, single tracking because of the safe track surge between franconia and van dorn street. that is going to last through september 11th. inbound suitland parkway there at firth sterling. overall the beltway is looking
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quite good. 66 and 95 rolling along as well. 5:12 now. to another update on breaking news this morning. a fatal shooting investigation is closing roads on northeast washington. >> this is along rhode island avenue in the brentwood area. molette has just arrived on the scene. what have you found out? >> reporter: just to give you a better idea from where we're. we're a couple of lights from the rhode island metro station and we have been able to confirm that one adult male has died in this shooting. we're here in the 1,000 block of road island avenue. police telling me there they will be here for several more hours. if you are going toward the downtown area, you are blocked in the other direction between 10th and 12th to find a way around. the other side of the street, where the blockage is, where the policee
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apartment units on the side of the street where police have the tape up throughout the entire stretch between tenth and 12th on rhode island avenue. right now, no lookout for suspects. we're working to find out a motive in this case, what led up to the shooting, the circumstances surrounding it. we'll be here throughout the morning. back to you. all right. molette green live for us in northeast. teenager is facing charge and two men involved in a shooting inside a d.c. mcdonald's are still on the run this morning. a man was shot in the face as the restaurant near the verizon under back on august 12th and now the victim's mother is begging for your help. >> he's still fighting for his life. he's gone through so much, and you can see the fear in his eyes. >> surveillance shows a man followed natalie's son into the bathroom. he walk out seconds after shots are fired. she says her son is still in critical can't and he wants his attackers to come forward.
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young man's life along with his family. >> d.c. police say the suspect and the victim interacted before the shooting. voyales insists her son was a random victim of the robbery. a 15-year-old was arrested in this case. stafford county authorities need help tracking down two suspects allegedly involved in a home invasion. sean colley and stephen szurko took off when officers attempted to pull over a group of men. they were involved in an armed home vegas robbery. anyone with information about where they could be is asked to call police. d.c. police saying a man kidnapped a woman using her own car. this happened on saturday morning on holbrook street in northeast d.c. police say that the man sexually assaulted the victim as she drove him around. police are offering a $1,000
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reward for any information leads to the arrest of a suspect. we learn what caused d.c.'s 911 system to go out over the weekend. an engineer investigating a water leak hit the all stop button because he feared it would damage equipment. >> we know about the typical call volume that comes in during that time. >> 911 dispatchers were rushed to the backup center in northwest. officials don't know exactly how many calls were missed, but they say they are unaware of any major incidents that were not handled. the arlington county police department are launching a four-month test of body cameras for officers. 25 will wear the cameras as they conduct their duties. the purpose is to assess the
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and the cost of a permanent body camera program. they will develop guidance on a policy for the use of the cameras. the dramatic price hike of the mylan epipen. mylan has increased the price of epipens by 400%. it will offer a generic version for half the list price of the brand name. you probably have heard the news, mylan farls is going to offering a generic version of its epipens. is that really a good deal? most are 90%. why is people in canada
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$100. we'll tell you about all about it. that story coming up on "today." man's best friend may understand you more than you realize. according to a new study, dogs really do understand what we're saying to them. researchers found that dogs comprehend words and tone using brain regions similar to those humans use. a team of vets and other scientists used an mri machine to measure dogs brain activity as they listened to their trainers talk. you remember when santa's helper, whenever they would try to get the dogs perspective, it sounded like -- i assumed that's what all dogs here. >> no, i don't think so. as an owner of a very loyal lab, they know when they are sick. chuck, you can attest to this. >> absolutely. i posted a
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time, two dogs appear from nowhere. i can say that here at work pretty safely. i put the picture up on facebook yesterday. i'll put it out on my twitter handle. two dogs that can barely listen to a word know the word supper time and all the white noise of what they are listening to. mostly clear sky. there's the moon out there on eastern sky. not a bad looking morning out there. 77 at national airport. a very mild start to the date, the north wind has knocked some of the humidity down a bit but temperatures have held mostly above 70 in the nearby neighborhoods now. still a little cooler out into northern mailed and the shenandoah valley, but by and large, you are going to think of it a plenty warm it day today. sunny and hot, likely to be 90th degree day of the year. likely to be our last really hot
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washington. 91 in manassas tomorrow. rain chances pretty slim for tomorrow until we get very late in the day. best chance for rain comes up on thursday. it will be a weather front which is bringing showers to minneapolis and chicago. that's going to make its way to our direction. keeping a close eye on tropical depression number 9 here in the gulf of mexico. they have moved the redskins game up from thursday into wednesday in tampa bay. this storm is expected to stay north and west of the tampa bay area on wednesday, across the peninsula of florida into friday. with any luck, stay harmlessly out to sea and leave us alone. five-day forecast, near 90 today. low 90s tomorrow. showers likeliest on thursday. it doesn't look like a lot of rain. we cool out. for now, let's
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melissa mollet. brand-new problem, indian head, not seeing the slowdown right now, keeping an eye on it to see if that turns into anything for us this morning. yellow line delays between huntington and eisenhower. 66, 95, overall no major problems. a reminder lots of kids back in school now this morning. my son went back to first grade yesterday. i went home for the big morning. let me tell you, i hand it to my husband here, it's pretty busy around there. welcome to our first day of school. come on in. first up a little piano practice. >> 1, 2. >> breakfast, come on up. how about cereal with blue berrys. >> tha secret
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then finalizing the outfit. new shoes that are a tad too big so we have to find others. slick hairdo. gearing up with a bag four times the size of it. >> i look like i'm in fifth grade. >> a photo op where the dog isn't into it. norm! and we're off, first grade. >> i got for my flowers for my teachers and i'm ready to go. you get extra points for that. >> we'll see. coming up, a domestic terror plot foiled. how authorities kept a potentially deadly attack from unfolding. more details about this weekend's 911 outage in d.c. why a worker may
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there's no life i know to
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>> gene wilder, the man many of us remember as willie wonka is being announced. he was known for starring roles in young frankenstein, the producers, the original one, and blazing saddles. three inmates on the run now. the inmates escaped a louisiana prison. they may be driving a stolen pickup truck right now. we now know how they escaped as well. they disguised their beds to make it look like they were sleeping and then jumped over two rolls of razor wire fence. the inmates should be considered dangerous. two children are in the hospital after police say a boy accidentally shot himself and a girl while playing with a gun. the 13-year-old boy was hit in the hand and the 12-year-old girl was struck in the knee. both are
5:26 am
kogs -- condition. police have not been able to find the gun and figure out who it belonged to. christopher burn was arrested when driving suspiciously in a mall outside of indianapolis. officers found weapons and water bottles. the u.s. attorneys office is now reviewing the charges. developing right now at the live desk. 4 stabbings in the district all in northwest. this information coming to us this morning from police. all of the incidents strangely similar. all victims, male, all of them expected to recover. all happening around midnight. 1:00 this morning. and no suspect information from
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new details about this weekend's 911 outage in d.c. the flip of a switch that could have been deadly. your kids may have chosen their college but now it's the same for financial aid. what you need to know before sending
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where metro riders can now experience free wi-fi. it is 5:30. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. chuck bell standing by with four things we need to know something tells me he classified august as awful. i read your email. >> it makes us look like we're on the same page. early this morning, up comes the moon in our eastern sky. just a little thumbnail moon out there early this morning. four things you need to know about the forecast. awful august continues. likely to be near 90 today and 90 plus again tomorrow. likely to start off the month of september with showers around, tracking two trbles in the tropics and a very laudable labor day. it looks like our weather is going to get nice just for the nick of time for a holiday week. details coming up in our ten-day forecast at 5:51. let's head over to
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>> northbound indian head highway, 210. the ramp to the outer loop is acted by the -- affected by the crash. the right side is the only side getting by there by that accident. 270 is rolling along just fine. no problems on 270. as far as metro, three different things happening, single tracking between huntington and eisenhower avenue there. orange line, orange silver lines, track work. and blue line, safe track surge, number 8, single tracking between franconia springfield to van dorn street. wrafle times coming up. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. getting in new video of a suicide bombing in stra asia. this happened at the chinese embassy in the capital of kirgyzstan. someone drove through the front entrance of the embassy a
5:32 am
three employees of the embassy were hurt in this attack. some government officials there in kyrgyzstan are calling this a terrorist attack. d.c. police looking for three men involved in a deadly shooting in southeast. a man was shot killed yesterday afternoon near 30th street. police believe the gunmen may be in a gold 2001 chevy impala. we now know what caused d.c.'s 911 system to fail over the week. the ounl lasted about two hours early sunday morning. an engineer investigating a water leak hit the emergency all stop button because he feared the leak was threatening sensitive equipment. >> we're very concerned. it was in the overnight hours. we know about the typical call volume that comes in during that
5:33 am
time. >> 911 dispatchers were rushed to the backup center in northwest. officials don't know exactly how many calls were missed but they say they are unaware of any major incidents that were not handled. a virginia school board wants the supreme court to settle the nationwide transgender bathroom debate. a review of the policy was requested. an appeals court rules the policy voittle title ix. the teen cannot use the boys bathroom. the supreme court rule he can be required to use a private bathroom. a brand-new year a prince george's county head start program is under way. the program has been under fire amid allegations of child abuse and neglect that caused the county to lose a $6.5 million federal grant. they spent mon
5:34 am
children will be taken care of despite losing that money. bankruptcy and nowhere to go. that's what residents of the east end mobile home park say they are facing now that they are being evicted. yesterday, the city of manassas notified at least 250 adults and children that they have have to move out in six months. the sewer system is so badly damaged and the owner can't afford to fix it. the city is buying that property and closing down the sewer system. for one father, moving means a loss of $45,000. >> where are we going to move? there's no more places in around the area we can put mobile homes. >> residents have called on the advocacy group casas for help. there will be a meeting next week to figure out next steps. the mi
5:35 am
months away. october 30th, thousands of people will be running around. tomorrow we'll learn more about how they get around. they are announcing major changes and a quote robust transportation plan. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss will be there. be sure to follow him on twitter for the latest news. 5:35 now. some of your kids are just starting the college search process but with everyone going back to school, it's a good time to think about how you are going to pay for it. news 4 consumer reporter susan hogan shows us the important information you need to know. >> reporter: although it may seem premature to be thinking about repaying student loans before you apply, you will save yourself a lot of financial hardship by thinking about it beforehand. there are a ton of resources out there to get a better idea of the financial aid
5:36 am
just because you got financial aid for the first year, you may not receive that same amount year after year. >> that's the case with certain scholarships or grants that are offered. they may not be fully renewable. there may be conditions that you need to meet to ensure that you continue getting that funding, but even more so, even though the dollar amount might stay the same for the four years, your tuition may go up. >> now, there are also hundreds of college scholarships that go unused every single year, so have your kids apply to as many as they can. it costs nothing and the rewards can be huge. for information on scholarships, grants, and financial aid, just go to our nbc washington app and search college debt. developing this morning, it's a natural disaster that claimed the lives of hundreds of people. so why are several people being investigated in last week's massive earthquake in italy? >>
5:37 am
lot of metro riders. where you can now score free wi-fi while you wait for your train. let's take a live look outside this morning where we're off to a nice, clear, cool start. the kids will still probably want to wear shorts and t-shirts to school. what they can expect at the bus stop.
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new developments about that devastating earthquake in italy. almost 300 people were killed when the earthquake hit last week and more than 100 buildings in three towns collapsed. italian prosecutors are now investigating the people who constructed those buildings. >> they say even newer earthquake proof buildings suffered massive damage. italy is holding a period of national mourning for all of the victims. tonight, there will be a. chuck bell has a school bus. there he is. >> i don't personally have a school bus but i have a picture of of one right here. to let you know the bus stop
5:41 am
upper 60s and low 70s between now and 7:00 a.m. temperatures back up near 90 degrees. it's a warm day for sure. short sleeves and shorts if you can get away with it. if you are planning labor day week down at the beach, saturday, sunday, monday, full sunshine, temperatures in the upper 70s and near 80. a look at our labor day forecast in ten minutes. here's melissa with the latest. >> brand-new problem, inbound 50 just before kenilworth avenue. right now, not seeing a big slow down there, but it could start to build here in the next couple of minutes. our other problem inbound indian head highway, the ramp to the outer loop, still have a report that just the right side is getting by there. as far as elsewhere, taking a look at travel times, 270 south on time. top of the beltway, outer loop, 95 to
5:42 am
looking pretty good. it sounds like something out of a horror movie where people say clowns are trying to lure children into the woods. separating after another sex scandal. why anthony weiner and his wife are splitting and whether or not it could play a role in the race for the whi house. itet'
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have. we're tracking three different things in the tropic, hurricane gaston on the right-hand side of your screen. one tropical depression near the outer banks and another one in the southern gulf of mexico both of which may impact some of your plans. the latest on the tracks coming right up. and a couple of problems on the roads. we're sending chopper to this one, inbound 50 between kenleworth, seeing real delays this morning and inbound, the ramp to the outer loop, right side getting back
5:46 am
metro is trying to make your morning commute easier by providing free wi-fi. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: it's a 40-day pilot program. free wi-fi will be offered at six metro stations, including here at union station. now, customers have said that they want to be able to stay connected even when riding the rails, and this wi-fi is going to help with that. they are going to be able to access realtime information about trains, when they are arriving. they are also going to be able to access metro's trip planner. now people can try it out for the next 45 days and then metro will gather information, feedback from customers, figure out what works, what could be tweaked to work a little bit better. take a look at the six stations included in this pilot program, unio
5:47 am
gallery place, judiciary square, archives, and l' enfant plaza. you'll able to stay connected even when down on the platforms. customers will be directed to a landing page with a trip planner, an inactive map. they can take a look at the train schedules and figure out exactly when the next train is going to be coming. the idea here is to get that feedback, figure things out, tweak the page, and ultimately provide free wi-fi at all of metro's 91 stations. back to you in the studio. chicago reaches a grim milestone. august is now the city's most violent month in 20 years. among the 11 people shot and killed this weekend was the cousin of nba star dywane wade. the suspects in
5:48 am
murder is under arrest. >> i want this senseless killing to stop. what is it doing to us? >> the 32-year-old mother of four was caught in the crossfire while pushing her newborn in a stroller. protests in sao paulo, brazil. the protests were over the impeachment trial under way. in response to the barricade, police fired tear gas at demonstrators. protests have erupted all over brazil because of this trial. clean-up continues after severe storms across colorado. so much hail fell in colorado springs that snowplows had to be brought in to clear the streets off. emergency crews had to rescue several drivers from their cars after they became trand stranded. and thousands of people are being told to evacuate as a w
5:49 am
toward japan. it's expected to be down graded to a tropical storm by the time it makes land fall this afternoon. 14 inches of rain are expected by tomorrow morning. that's more than the average for the entire month of august. happening today, some big political names are facing primaries ahead of november's election. in florida, marco rubio is hoping for a second term after reversing his initial decision to step down after his run for president. former democratic national committee chairwoman, dwuts faces -- debbie wasserman shultz faces competition. and john mccain is asking for i asixth term. the personal life of anthony weiner is back in the spotlight. his wife, huma abedin announced she's separating from them. >> this comes after a report
5:50 am
"new york post" is falling back into his sexting habit. weiner told the posts that they had been friends and their communications were appropriate. abedin has often been referred to as a second daughter to clinton. >> huma is like family, not just to hillary clinton, but to that whole campaign. she's like the glue. >> weiner resigned from congress after a sexting scandal back in 2011. two years later, he ran for mayor of new york, losing in the democratic primary. and abedin's announcement could have an impact on the presidential race. donald trump seizing on this news yesterday, using it to hit hillary clinton on her judgment. nbc's tracie potts is tracking all the developments on decision 2016 on capitol hill and i know we talked a little bit earlier that clinton's campaign has said hey, we're not going to respond to this. what exactly is donald trump's argument r
5:51 am
>> his point is that just being associated with huma abedin and her husband anthony weiner and these sexting allegations is bad judgment on the part of hillary clinton. she's got folks in her close circle who are involved in things like that, and the campaign said they are not going to -- they are not going to dignify this with an answer. this is a personal matter involved huma abedin and their marriage. >> everybody is anticipating a huge immigration speech by donald trump. what do we know about what he plans? >> aides are saying he's going to be specific, he's going to try to draw contrast between his plan and hillary clinton's. he's going to clarify what he's said recently, specifically about the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in this country. do they have to go? is there going to be a
5:52 am
he says that immigration and customs enforcement is already in place. are they going to be put out of this country? are they going to be allowed to stay and if so how will they be allowed to stay if they are not given a path to citizenship or legal status. 5:52. we turn to the forecast this morning, starting things off comfortably i think weatherwise. >> yeah. >> chuck bell is looking ahead, like ten days or something like that, right? >> way out yonder. way out into the early parts of next week, and honestly the heat wave which will be coming to an end here as we get toward thursday of this week may be back before next week is done, even though next week will be september! outside, this morning, a little thumbnail moon rising in our evening sky being chased by the sun. 94 yesterday. that was our 49th day in the 90s this summer. the all time record is 67 days in the 90s. that was from the sum
5:53 am
and we're still currently tied for the warmest august on record which is today and tomorrow left. right now 77 in washington. but 66 in gaithersburg and front royal. 71 in warrington. planning out your day, lots of sunshine, clear skies this morning. sunny skies this afternoon. plenty warm. up into the upper 80s to near 90. not as humid as we've been. we'll take every little break we can get. our next chance for rain shows up late wednesday into thursday. it's a weather front which is still way back out here across parts of the upper midwest. that front comes across the great lakes tomorrow and brings us our -- our only real chance for rain as we get into thursday. tropical depression number nine down here in the gulf of mexico could be impacting florida in the next little bit. i'll show you the track on that coming up. the depression closest to us is tropical 8. the forecast has i
5:54 am
to a tropical storm. the next two lanes on the list are hermine or ian. more important than anything else, notice the forecast track on this one here stays away from the east coast and moves off out into the open waters of the north atlantic. that is excellent news. the track on the one in the gulf coming up in a few more minutes. here's your ten-day forecast. 91 today, 93 tomorrow. friday, saturday, sunday, and labor day monday, looks simply fantastic around here. highs in the low to mid 80s and overnight lows in the low to mid 60s. there's that sign back into the 90s by the middle of next week. here's melissa with chopper 4 on the scene. chopper 4 over this problem we've been talking about. inbound 50, it sounds like an overturn car. you can see that big response here. take a look at chopper 4 zooms out and shows us these back ups, inbound 50 near 201.
5:55 am
problem. northbound 210, the ramp to the outer loop, that crash has left the roadway. nutley street, inbound, just fine. orange like back to normal service. kids at a south carolina apartment complex say clowns are trying to lure them into the woods. neighbors report seeing a person dressed in circus clown clothing with white face paint trying to entice children to follow him into the woods with money and candy. dozens of children have reported seeing the clown. >> next day, 30 kids came up to me and says ms. arnold there's clowns in the woods. there's clowns in the woods. sheriffs deputies went into the woods and didn't find anyone. they are increasing patrols in the area. metro is expanding a pilot program that could save riders more than $30
5:56 am
select passes allow you to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. metro is now offering more price points that could save commuters who pay maximum rush hour fares. you'll get a select pass today to getle full bargain for the month of september. in news 4 for your health this morning, are you giving your little ones too many probiotic? it's a question many medical experts are asking parents. they worry that the good bacteria that cannot protect us as adults is being taken away from our kids. >> we've learned early on that bacteria are bad for us. we have to sanitize everything. we have to stay really clean or else we get infections from bacteria but that ends up being actually being a very small percentage of bacteria. >> now, if you are giving a pro biotic to your child, make sure you follow the recommended amounts. for babies, breast milk is the perfect pro biotic. and pre biotic, doctors say. could apple getting ready
5:57 am
roll out aw a new iphone as the tech giant will hold an event on september 7th. it's speculated that they will unveil a new device on september 10th ahead of the holiday season. good morning, i'm landon dowdy. facebook is making changes. it will now allow communities to trigger its safety check feature, instead of the company having sole control during a disaster. unevenly favoring some countries over others. back over to you. a deadly shooting overnight. i'm molette green on the scene of a murder investigation as this neighborhood in northeast wakes up to that news. catching metro this morning? i'm megan mcgrath with a new tool te
5:58 am
time. >> plus a medical emergency gave one coup one coup this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you.
5:59 am
♪ . an active time in the tropic. tropical depression 9 may be impacting florida and the redskins game.
6:00 am
she heard gunshots. >> the clinton foundation controversy and trump's play for minorities at the top of the hour. a newly released poll shows if trump push may actually be working. first that trouble in the tropics, north carolina outer banks, watching this storm, we'll show you. a second storm is brewing ready to hit florida. that one is impacting the redskins game this week. let's get to chuck bell who is tracking this all for us. chuck, we want to know about the latest tracking and timing of all this. >> that's right. we have a lot going on in the tropic. we have gaston way out in the middle of atlantic. we have a depression off the outer banks of north carolina and of course this depression, number nine, which is in the southern parts of the gulf of mexico. here's miami. there's tampa bay right there. the forecast track for this carries the storm up to tropical storm strength, so it is expected to gain intensity here


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