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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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pedestrian has been killed in fairfax county. we have new information about this morning's deadly accident on richmond highway in the mt. vernon area. >> police tell us a 56-year-old was not in a crosswalk and was struck by an suv and killed. the driver did remain on the scene. this afternoon, police say neither speed nor alcohol were involved and no charges are pending. but in another part of the county, elected officials, leaders and residents are celebrating the opening of a high-tech crosswalk meant to prevent pedestrian deaths or injuries. >> it's near a school. julie carey is live from springfield where this new signal is now working. hi, julie. >> reporter: guys, what you see behind me is called the hawk pedestrian beacon. it's really an electronic crosswalk. what's unusual is it is not at a lighted intersection. these are not
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the very first to be stalled in fairfax county. take a look at this morning as pedestrians punched the button for the first time and put it to the test. the signal then activates the overheadlight to eventually turn to solid red and that stops traffic in both directions so the pedestrians can safely cross. it was put at this location to solve a frightening situation. an elementary school right across the street from a big apartment community where many of the residents live. but the closest intersection with crosswalks were blocks and blocks away. >> unfortunately, drivers are really distracted and at a minimum they are crossing where there is a crosswalk and here we had none so we gave people no option. now that the option is here, we want to make sure everybody uses the crosswalk to cross the
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street. as you can see behind me, this is a busy road. >> reporter: now, when i join you at 5:00, we have obtained security camera video. why it shows something that is every driver's nightmare. back to you, wendy. >> thanks, julie carey. employees of the department of agriculture are deciding whether they will return to work tomorrow after a serious threat. several messages were sent last night raising concerns about the safety of usda personnel and their facilities. six facilities in five states are closed until further notice. that includes the one in beltsville. employees can telework or take authorized leave. a 12-year-old boy has a critical injury because piece of an old shed fell and hit him.
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story for us. >> reporter: this house is empty. firefighters got a call around 12:30, a 12-year-old boy had been injured. it was unclear what the cause of the injury was. but when firefighters arrived on the scene, this is what they found. a construction site in the backyard of this house where the new owners are apparently taking down that old shed. according to a fire department spokesman, the little boy was in the backyard when a piece of wood or lumber fell and hit him on the head. >> firefighters and paramedics from the nearby landover hills fire and ems station responded. a 12-year-old suffered a critical injury from a piece of wood that appears to have fallen from a shed being renovated in a backyard. >> he remains in critical condition. mark segraves, news4. big transportation moves in
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transportation officials will stand up in annapolis near the bay bridge and will make two amounsments that impact people who travel this road. we'll bring you the latest as soon as it happens. an emotional first day in court. the trial is now under way for the man accused in the death of his girlfriend's young son. tracee wilkins has been listening to the testimony today and is live from upper marlboro. >> reporter: it's a tough trial to listen to. a lot of information. 911 audio that was absolutely heartbreaking as you hear this boyfriend doing cpr on the young child trying to bring the child back to life. you hear the child's breath just for a moment and then he fades away. as we know, he died from injuries, according to the state's attorney's office, he sustained under this man's care.
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testimony. he's charged with killing his girlfriend's 23-month-old-son last august in their river dale apartment. according to the autopsy, he sustained injuries of blunt-force trauma to his head and torso and suffered a lacerated liver. he's now facing murder and first-degree child abuse charges resulting in death. other charges as well. and today, we heard from his attorney. >> we believe he's not guilty of all charges and we plan on presenting to the jury that he was just a caregiver who is being accused of a crime he did not commit. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, the amazing testimony from the mother in this case when she took the stand. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. we have breaking news in the fight against isis.
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is now dead. his name is abu mohammed al adnani. he had been at the top of the u.s. list of militant leaders that it wanted to kill. we're still working to confirm the circumstances surrounding his reported death. a new poll indicates that hillary clinton's lead against donald trump is shrinking somewhat. the latest nbc news/survey monkey tracking shows there is a 6-point advantage compared to the 8-point lead in a previous survey. voters are already casting actual ballots. it's primary day for voters in florida where democratic congresswoman man debbie wasserman schultz and marco rubio are trying to hold on to their leads.
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year and wasserman schultz stepped down as dnc chair amid a party e-mail controversy this summer. arizona senator and former gop presidential nominee john mccain is also up for re-election in arizona. still ahead at 4:00, the same speed camera that takes in millions could be a safety hazard. we're going to show you why. plus, changes just announced that will affect one of d.c.'s biggest races. >> and a beautiful day across our region. what could impact your labor day. say hello, everybody. wait until you see what i have to show you guys today. it's hot. trust me.
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not even the marines can make metro open early. they are sticking with starting at 7:00 a.m. during the marine corps marathon in october which could cause trouble for participants who need to get in place in time. it starts at 7:45 for wheelchair and hand psycyclers. in northern virginia, people trying to save an historic mclean home have a glint of
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site and it dates back to the 1700s and played roles in the civil war and war of 1812. it's believed to be a house where dolly madison fled to safety from the british. now there are plans to demolish the house to make space for new homes. >> i've been trying to reach out to the public and try to bring people forward who might have the means to save the property. we had a very good hopeful start here as the builder has allowed the county to come in and document and survey the site. >> the developer declined our offer to come and speak on camera. announcing results today, d.c. school officials say there is slow but steady progress in turning around a school
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that has for decades scored low in achievement tests. still, just over 25% of the students across all grade levels are college and career ready. long-time chancellor says she expected the schools to continue to make progress after she leaves this system next month. a young couple almost home when they were attacked. you'll hear from neighbors who heard the commotion, first at 4:00. >
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new arrests in the brazen shooting at the verizon center which occurred at the height of the lunch hour. police arrested a 17-year-old man from capitol heights and a 20-year-old lafayette booker of northeast. they were arrested and charged with assault with intent to rob. the day after the shooting, a 15-year-old male from southeast was arrested. that shooting victim is still in the hospital. a new concern for drivers in the district. traffic experts tell us a speed camera on i-295 is unsafe and should be removed. that camera is located on a ramp on the northbound lanes of 295. groups tell us this device was installed too close to the travel lane and that's what makes it dangerous because trucks and cars
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according to aaa mid-atlantic, that camera issues nearly 70,000 tickets a year, raking in $7.1 million in revenue for the district. >> mother nature prompting nfl to adjust its schedule due to tropical depression 9. a game was scheduled on thursday but now they will play in tampa tomorrow night. on twitter, the redskins say they support that decision and look forward to the new game time on wednesday. remember, nbc 4 is the place to see all of the action live. you can catch the game tomorrow night in the evening. there is also tropical trouble brewing near north carolina taking aim at the outer banks and could cause flooding there. mike seidel who is tracking this storm is reporting from kill
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>> reporter: here in north carolina, we're watching tropical depression number eight. it's going to be a brush-by. the locals are not concerned at all. >> hopefully it goes by quick and i can be back at the beach and run around. >> reporter: locally heavy downpours later today and tonight before it makes the turn and heads out to sea on wednesday. we have lost a little bit of sand. there is a berm here. but high tide this morning only came up to about here. last night's high tide went all the way up here almost to the lifeguard stand. this moves out and then they will watch tropical depression number nine down in the gulf of mexico. that is forecast to track well enough offshore on friday that we don't get any direct impact but, once again, it will be a surf and rip current issue. i'm meteorologist mike seidel at the weather channel for nbc news in kill devil hills, north carolina. >> it's
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backyard in vee generienna. right, doug? >> it's a brazilian word, doug. >> reporter: that's okay. i figured there was something from brazil in what you were doing. >> yeah. >> it's excellent out here. you guys go have fun. i'll have fun with all of these people right here. we're going to have a good time with them because we're in the backyard and this is mike's backyard. we're live in vienna. mike e-mailed me when we were talking about coming to people's backyards this summer. he was one of the first people to get on there. and you have something which is the first i've ever seen. you actually do something here that most people don't do. >> we have 30 different types of hot peppers and we're having a barbecue this afternoon and we'll get into about 15 of them at least. we have spicy burgers, some
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sauces and we'll see where the heat levels are for everybody. >> these are the kind of peppers he's talking about here. wait until you see some of the other guys. some of these guys are just humongous. others are very, very small. i'll tell you what, some are very, very hot. >> the little ones have an attitude. >> i don't do well with attitude. >> some are growing up and most likely have an attitude. >> we'll get into that for sure, coming up. but i want to talk about what is coming up in the next coming days. very important to follow this forecast closely. first off today, 89 degrees, winds out of the east at 3 miles an hour. a really nice afternoon. we're in the shade here and very nice low humidity. temperaturewise, 89 degrees out towards dulles. 86 up towards gaithersburg and as far as the rain goes, we're not gog
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really do need to see some rain. we have not seen much at all for the entire month of august and moving into september, we are rather dry, too. look at the high temperature of 91 degrees. still hot but not too humid across the region. the big thing to talk about here is going to be the tropics. what we're going to see from those, let's widen out on the satellite and radar. the first system is off the carolina coast and then the florida coast. tropical depression number eight, that's off the coast of the carolinas here. watch the track. the only factor for us is maybe tide influence, beach erosion along the beaches. but the bigger factor is tropical depression number nine. we're waiting for the 5:00 advisory. look at this track here towards the big bend of florida and watch what happens as
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continues to track past thursday into friday, moving through jacksonville and off the coast on friday and into the weekend. now, some of the computer models, we expect it to shift further to the coast. let's go to the ten-day forecast. another hot one tomorrow. 91 degrees tomorrow. 85 on thursday and then much cooler as we head into the weekend. friday at 83. a beautiful day but then tracking the tropics, much more on the tropical outlook for the labor day holiday. much more on that and more heat not just from peppers coming up later on. you guys good down there? >> peppers with an attitude. >> thank you, doug. check back in a bit. ahead, the arguments for and against pushing back the start of school and the local politician petitioning for a later start. up next, accusations against a virginia celebrity that has poice outside of his homle.
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and right now, get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. and we have breaking news. police are serving a search warrant at chris brown's home in tarzana, california. a woman accused brown of pointing a gun at her before she left the house. that's according to law enforcement officers. brown's attorney 't
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a complaint to instagram earlier saying police are always delayed in responding to his calls for help. he's made headlines for run-ins with the law, including a 2009 assault on his them girlfriend rihanna and another assault case outside of d.c.'s w hotel three years ago. back close to home, police are searching for the suspects who robbed a man and woman inside their apartment in prince george's county this afternoon. neighbors tell news4 the couple was followed into their building. when they opened the door to their apartment, one armed suspect forced his way inside. he held the victims inside while searching for things to steal. neighbors heard screams and called the police. >> that's when i heard the screaming. >> no one was injured. police don't have a description of the suspects. wendy? there are growing concerns about a decision that involves apple. e
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that apple has to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes to ireland. the white house says it's concerned that american taxpayers will ultimately bear the brunt of that decision if apple decides to deduct the payment from back taxes it owes to the united states. there's hope that the u.s. and european union can work together to prevent that. apple plans to appeal the decision. his death sparked anger and demands for more answers. now we're hearing the audio of the dispatch calls the night an officer shot and killed an unarmed deaf man. this was last week near a traffic spot near the man's home. >> subject down! go ahead and assign me. >> shots fired. one down. shots fired. one down.
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killed him. the case is being investigated. laptops and tablets lifted from local schools. the news4's i-team is digging in to why it's so tough to catch these guys. concern that the zika
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sparked animated conversation. ed it start of school right in the middle of it. plus, an interstate pile-up. check this out. what set this whole thing off? and welcome back to 4:30, everybody. a new push to let summer be summer in maryland. >> governor larry hogan and the state comptroller are leading a charge to push back the start of the school year. not everyone is happy about it. derrick ward is live where some people are saying they don't like that. >> reporter: a major announcement will be made on education and he will say he would like it to start after labor day instead of august and give summers back to families opponents say the more
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students spend in school, the better they will do. >> i want it to be more about the kids. >> we always have started school after labor day. it's better for the economy in the state of maryland, better for the families in terms of a longer vacation. >> details on this story and coming up on news4. >> tell us what you think, should schools open before or after labor day? to vote, call or text the number on your screen. track your results on the nbc washington facebook page. a lot of kids are heading back to school and some of the equipment is heading out. >> an investigation finds that crooks are stealing laptops and computers by the dozens. it's not just the computers getting pinched but
4:32 pm
too. >> reporter: elementary school, you wouldn't think that a crook would target one but in northwest d.c., there were valuables for the taking and thieves took 25 laptops. >> computers are used every day. parents have fought tooth and nail. >> this spring, four cameras caught the thieves in action. we found at least 300 computers or laptops stolen. some reported on the weekends in the dark of night or in the middle of the school day. at neighboring school districts with similar or larger
4:33 pm
enrollment, there were 70 taken in fairfax. doug supervises the schools. >> the laptops that we hand out, they are everywhere and easily grabbed and taken. >> each one is given a bar code so it can only be used if someone logs on to the network. >> you can find out where they are? >> correct. >> administrators declined multiple requests to talk about computer thefts. instead, issuing a statement saying the buildings have alarms and cameras and each digital device, including computers, is set up with a tracking tool that monitors the location of the device when it's online. in addition, all dcps school computers are locked during the school day. even if they can be traced, they travel far and wide before they are recovered, if t
4:34 pm
at least one of four laptops stolen here made it across the country before it was recovered. sold online before police in the city shut down the store for knowingly peddling stolen products. >> police have arrested some of the crooks. as for the stolen computers themselves, 2 of the 25 have been found. that case remains open. but the i-team found something else interesting. when we asked for copies of the insurance claims filed for the loss of computers, the school said they had none. when pressed why, they made a different statement. they've made 121 claims, a quarter of which have been paid out. joe says they should be recouping money. >> it's sad that that happens across the district. >> with so many computers still missing. scott
4:35 pm
>> to see which schools have reported computers stolen and when, go to our nbc washington app and search investigations. >> thankfully the humidity has dropped. we have heat nonetheless. here's a live view from the tower camera showing a few puffy clouds and low humidity is appreciated. going into the evening hours, temperatures by 8:00 back down to the mid-80s and under a clear sky. a beautiful evening coming up and then by dawn on wednesday, you're going to notice it's going to be more humid tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-70s waiting for the bus tomorrow morning and then by 10:00 a.m., up to 80 degrees.
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and looking at tropical trouble. the latest tracks on that in a few minutes. a man is recovering after his car ran out of control and hit a house. no one in the house was hurt. police have not said what exactly caused the man to lose control. new evidence today that the zika virus may cause hearing loss in babies. that's according to the cdc. researchers tested the hearing of a small group of infants with microcephaly and found a congenital zika virus infection. over 5% of those children experienced hearing loss in the inner ear. experts say it's possible for children without microcephaly to face hearing loss as well so it's best to screen all children born to mother who is were
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new questions about the epipen. a letter to the ceo of mylan was sent today saying that it's limiting access to the medication for many americans. mylan is now offering discount cards, a cheaper, generic version, but lawmakers say that's not enough. farmers in maryland could be growing an unusual crop but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. and steve handelsman takes us through new poll numbers in my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours.
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trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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well, you think you've had a bad commute? this happened last thursday in binghamton. witnesses jumped into action and extinguished the flames and rescued the driver. a woman in the burning car suffered just bruises. this was caused by a driver of the tractor-trailer with faulty brakes. he was
4:41 pm
hepatitis a cases have been found and half of the people infected went to the hospital. the source is believed to be frozen strawberries from egypt which were pulled from the store's earlier this month. health officials say symptoms could take 60 days to show? ship potly is offering a discount to students if they show their i.d.s. >> an employee refused to serve the uniformed officer and it may not be for the reason you might think. we have breaking news now. two major transportation announcements from maryland governor larry hogan. he just unveiled a new license plate and how he
4:42 pm
eventually get to the beach faster.
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now to breaking news in maryland just moments ago. >> governor larry hogan unveiled the $5 million plan to study a new crossing across the c
4:45 pm
this fall. it will take four years. hogan says the already heavy traffic on the bay bridge is only going to get worse if the state doesn't explore a new option. >> on a typical summer sunday 96,000 vehicles travel these lanes and by the year 2040, the number could jump by more than 30%. >> also, there was another announcement. the creation of a new maryland license plate that will be available. it supports the state flag at the bottom of the tag. maryland proud. the race for the white house is starting to become more of a race, according to the latest nbc poll out today. six percentage points separate hillary clinton from donald trump. >> and there are new fbi romps that hackers could tamper with the real vote this november. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the latest in
4:46 pm
steve? >> wendy and jim, thanks. in must-win battleground states like ohio and florida, the polls show it's even closer but the democrat dominates. it's still a national lead for hillary clinton but donald trump is closer in the nbc news/survey monkey poll. just four points back among independents from 12 last week. credit, trump's new focus. >> him being disciplined and acting like a regular republican presidential candidate, attacking the person you're facing off against is helpful. >> reporter: looking in to trump's charge that big checks to bill clinton's charity brought access to hillary when she was secretary of state. eamon javers studied his schedule. >> you see over and over again state department meetings, foreign minister phone calls. >> reporter: no
4:47 pm
clinton lacks stamina as trump charges now. >> meeting after meeting, conference call after conference call, even after the snowstorm in 2010. >> reporter: with mike pence on the campaign trail today, the fbi is worried about hackers tampering with the november vote. clinton running mate tim kaine today questioning trump's ties to moscow. >> don't you think the american voters deserve at least to get to the bottom of why trump's relationship with russia is so cozy? >> reporter: one state hacked is arizona where how john mccain does could show if trump is lagging down fellow republicans. >> reporter: i'm steve handelsman, news4. wendy and jim? >> thank you, steve. september 11th events had a major event on the rescue workers' brains.
4:48 pm
workers diagnosed with ptsd or major depression were more likely to show signs of alzheimer's and dementia. those who experience frequent flashbacks or nightmares had the highest risk of cognitive decline. experts say these findings are even more shocking considering the average age of the responders was only 53. in a few hours from now, members of the frederick county proposal will vote on whether people should be allowed to grow marijuana on land zoned for agriculture. right now it can only be grown in industrial zones. a lot of farmers support this bill even though the fred dick county farm bureau oppose it. critics say it's a form of drug production and have raised concerns about the security. if it is approved, it would create an eight-year pilot program to check it out first. time to check
4:49 pm
team 4 meteorologists, doug and tom. what's going on in the tropics? >> let's start with doug, he's live in vienna with backyard weather. doug? >> reporter: that's right, guys. tom is going to handle the tropics in a minute. first off, i've got mike here and all of his family and friends are here. now, the really cool thing about this, he sent me an e-mail and i was so excited to learn about what you do. you've been growing peppers. we're talking about hot peppers. you've been doing this for how long? >> about 25 years. >> reporter: what made you get in to peppers? >> every plant starts off as a flower and they become a different pepper. this is a trinidad scorpion. that's one of the hottest that i have this year. they are beautiful plants and i
4:50 pm
i can move them around a little bit. some of the other real hot ones i have, right behind you, the ghost pepper. >> the ghost pepper, that would be these guys right in here. look at that. look at that. that's one that you do not eat, you said. if you eat that, it would do what? >> ruin the next 45 minutes of your life. >> reporter: nobody has eaten that one? >> i always warn people about the heat as well. some of them look pretty innocent but they have a bit of an attitude. these white habeneros, they look like a jelly bean but they have nothing in common with jelly beans. >> reporter: we are going to be eating some of these later, not the ghost or trinidad but others. yes, it's hot, but not as hot as
4:51 pm
in the south, we're closer to the 90-degree range. what are we going to see here? satellite and radar showing what is really happening with these tropics. we have two storms, two tropical depressions. one is eight and the other is nine. tom kierein, we've been talking throughout the afternoon, the labor day forecast, tom, yesterday we were thinking this was going to be quite a nice weekend. now that storm, the second one, number nine, may come closer to us. >> it does look like it will be intensifying. coming up on that, let's take a look, a closer view of the satellite and the radar showing that system that is right off of the north carolina coast right now. it's been bringing in surf right there. mike seidel was looking at that. this is what we're concerned about in the gulf of mexico. that is a tropical depression nine. number eight, off the atlantic seaboard, it's going to track well out to sea and move
4:52 pm
or maybe this tropical depression will become hermine passing right across northern florida by the time we get into thursday night. so thursday morning, this is the position of the center of circulation it's still in the gulf and then tracking over jacksonville late on thursday and then out to sea. indications are it may be tracking farther west and we'll get a brand-new track coming up on that. ten-day outlook, it's nice. low humidity and friday, saturday and sunday into monday, looking pretty good with cooler temperatures. we'll keep an eye on any chance for tropical showers on saturday and sunday. heats up next week. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. news4 is working for you in the community. several prince george's county
4:53 pm
because they love to read. they took part in a summer reading program sponsored by a website that encourages making thousands of books available online. it went to a sixth grader. the fire and rescue department sponsored free back-to-school supplies. >> you look good, you feel good. some of them wouldn't receive a haircut for school if it wasn't for us coming out here and bringing local barbers here. >> some people can't -- don't have enough money to buy things for their cre
4:54 pm
to this is really good for them. >> okay. i love him. he's adorable. fairfax students go back to school a week from today. a restaurant worker speaks out after losing his job for refusing to serve a police officer. why he says he did it and how that officer on the other side of the counter is responding. you're watching news4, first at 4:00.
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an employee has been fired after refusing to serve him. >> the former employee was spoke to who says the entire thing, a big misunderstanding. >> reporter: former tropical smoothie cafe says he was in a bad mood. >> i didn't want to take any more orders. i was getting ready to close. >> reporter: but these officers, who were in uniform, stopped in for food on sunday. >> i noticed there were customers at the line. i said, no, i don't want to go take their orders. you do it. and, yes, i informed him that they were cops but i informed him no matter what. >> reporter: his side said, "this guy said hell no to his buddy as he seen us at the counter ready to place our order. we walked out to avoid any extra sauces in our food.
4:58 pm
there, another place that doesn't support law enforcement". >> i had no idea it was taking place until after the fact. >> reporter: they fired the employee who didn't impress the winterhaven police department much. >> he's a bonehead, much else. you just don't make statements like that. >> i shouldn't have said anything knowing what is going on in our country with cops going on. i understand completely why it's gone viral so fast but it was all a big misunderstanding. >> reporter: misunderstanding or not, the restaurant is trying to smoothie over the press with patrons. >> this is not how we are. we do not operate like that. i just want everybody to take my apology sincerely and to all of the law enforcement officers, please feel free to come to my store. right now at 5:00, a couple robbed at gunpoint after being followed into their home. >> thieves
4:59 pm
in maryland. the clues that may help solve the case. good evening. a couple returned at their apartment at gunpoint. >> mark segraves is live in landover hills tonight with their story. mark? >> reporter: that's right. the woman and man were coming home in landover hills this afternoon right around lunchtime when they say two suspects with guns held them up. >> i heard noise and then screams. >> reporter: this woman didn't want to be seen on camera. she said she's afraid whoever attacked her neighbors will come back. >> this community is full of
5:00 pm
don't deserve to have this happening in their community. that's why we wanted to reach out to them, if they saw anything, heard anything, please give us a call. >> reporter: according to neighbors and police, the man and woman were followed by at least one suspect as they walked into their building. when the couple unlocked their door to their apartment, the couple displaced a weapon and forced his way inside their home. >> the next thing you know, when they open and get to their door, they shuffled over there and that's when i heard the screaming. >> reporter: i heard that. the couple were held inside while the suspects looked for valuables to steal. >> not too long ago, they were kicking in doors and stuff like that. this neighborhood, how much more can it take? >> reporter: a lot of frustration from neighbors. police are looking for a 2015


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