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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you can get free food if you visit chipotle this month. they're trying to win back customers after food safety problems last year. college and high school students can get a free drink when they buy a meal. on sundays next month, regular entrees will come with a free meal for kids. that breaking news is in traffic this morning. i'm melissa mollet with first 4 traffic and a couple of problems now. suitland parkway the naylor road all lanes shut down probably for a couple of hours. an investigation is under way after a pedestrian accident there. inbound, diverted at branch avenue. outbound at alabama avenue. a warning for you there. at arlington road, right now you can get by on only the left side of the roadway here this morning. one more situation. 95 south still pushed off into route 3 for two different crashes. >> melissa thank you. >> we'll check back in with you. i'm
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>> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we want to talk about the hometown high where you live. >> chuck bell in the weather center with that. >> good morning to both of you and everybody. off to a quiet start. very mild, 76 in washington. 69 in riverdale. 66 in centerville. 73 towards manassas. planning out our day, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. another hot day coming your way today. there will be more and more clouds as the afternoon wears along. there's a slight chance for a few showers today. you can't find the umbrella, probably get away without it today. a better chance for isolated shower towards the shenandoah valley. highs today, 87 inga gaithersbu. 96 in annapolis. how about the rest of the weekend? we'll give you the jout look coming up later. 5:02 now. the organizers of the marine co
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announcement about the timing and the route of the race. it's scheduled for october 30th. we'll alert you on the nbc washington app as soon as that announcement is made today. yesterday, transportation reporter adam tuss confirmed that metro will not open early on marathon day as it has in the past. trains will run more frequently, but the system will open at its usual sunday time. 7:00 a.m. that race is scheduled to start at 7:45 a.m. the time is 5:02. most kids in maryland are already back in school. that may not be the case next year. governor larry hogan and comptroller peter franchot are making an announcement about the start date of maryland schools. both officials supported starting school after labor day. there was a youtube video released on monday that talked about the positive aspects of a later school start. the announcement today is set for 1:00 p.m. donald trump will head to mexico today to meet with president henrique
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this is before his speech on immigration. the mexican president invited both candidates. the senior clinton campaign says their campaign is in regular contact with the mexican government and clinton is looking forward to talking with the president there at an appropriate time. the state department says about 30 e-mails that may be related to the 2012 benghazi libya attacks are among the thousands of e-mails recovered during the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server. government lawyers say an undetermined number of those e-mails were not included in the thousands of pages clinton previously provided. nbc's tracie potts will have more on the e-mail controversy and the other news in the campaign a little later in the broadcast. >> right now, the agriculture is preparing to reopen offices closed after an unspecified e-mail threat. six branches of the usda were shut down on tuesday. this after the agency received anonymous threats. he
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they include a local one, a research center in maryland as well as office this is colorado, connecticut, north carolina and two branches in west virginia. the usda says it received those messages monday night and now the fbi is investigating whether or not those threats are indeed credible. two hurricanes headed for the same area. hurricanes madeline and lester headed for the hawaiian islands. first madeline, a category 2 hurricane that could make landfall as early as today. this video is hurricane lester. a labor day weekend threat for hawaii. that is now a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 miles an hour. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzal gonzalez. >> the redskins will play tonight at 8:00 p.m. we will air that game here on nbc4. the final pre-season against the buccaneers was moved up because of
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on tonight, america's got talent will move to tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. for other scheduled changes, you can check out the nbc washington app. 5:05 now. how long does it take to cross the bay bridge on a holiday weekend? governor hogan wants to cut down the time significantly. you're looking at video from july 4th weekend. traffic backed up for miles here. governor hogan says it's only going to get worse. that's why maryland will study a new crossing for the chesapeake bay. >> nobody else has done it. people have been crying out for it for years, maybe decades. we're making the process get started. >> well, if you ever traveled through union station, you know how crowded things can get. passengers will get extra room to breathe when an extra 20,000 square feet of space is added for an amtrak concourse. tho
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the rail service's multibillion dollar investment in faster service. design is currently under way to upgrade restrooms, boarding gates and seating. we could hear closing arguments in the trial of a man charged with killing his girlfriend's 23-month-old son last august. that day he was alone with the child when paramedics were called and found him unresponsive. the boy died at the hospital. the man's attorney says his client is not at fault here. >> what we are insinuating is he's a 2-year-old child. anything could have happened to him. >> the bill boy died at the hospital from what officials say is blunt force trauma and lacerated liver. the medical examiner and the doctor are expect today take the stand. new this morning, d.c. police want to you take a good look at this surveillance footage. the man you see here is a person of interest in a sex abuse and assault case. this happened on 12th and 13th
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three weeks ago at 8:30 in the morning roughly. if you have any information, call d.c. police. prince george's police are on the hunt for a stolen vehicle and suspect who attacked a couple at their apartment in landover hills. neighbors tell news 4 that they heard screams yesterday afternoon. police say a man and a woman were attacked as they unlocked their apartment door. at least one suspect showed a weapon and forced their way inside to search for valuables. police say that two suspects were able to get away in the couple's vehicle. keep an eye out for this. a black 2015 toyota rav4 with maryland tags. if you spot the vehicle, call police. this morning, we are working to learn how a 12 year oiled boy is doing after being hit in the head with a piece of lumber. this happened at a home being remodeled at 74th avenue in landover hills. the child was in the area of the shed you see here when he was hit. fire officials say he went unconscious and was bleeding
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he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. today for the first time in 50 years, the first commercial flight will travel between the u.s. and cuba. jetblue flight 387 takes off from ft. lauderdale. it's going to happen this morning and will land in santa clara, cuba. the airline has chosen a crew of five cuban americans for the flight. there are now a dozen categories of authorized travel, including journalist visits and educational activities. parents race to rescue their kids after a gas station mishap. the mistake that fanned the flames in the first place. new overnight, out of jail. the latest on the chris brown standoff that ended with his arrest. you might want to wait another day before taking your lunch break outside. a closer look at that and the high heat expected today.
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good morning everybody. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are in the 60s and low 70s now here at 5:11 on a wednesday morning. our early temperatures, we should be above 80 degrees in most neighborhoods by 10:00 a.m. this morning. afternoon highs today, likely to be 90 or higher. your outdoor activities, another warm morning for the walk, jog or stroll. er
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dry for outdoor evening plans. not 100% dry. a slight chance for a few showers today. you can probably get a without the umbrella. shorts, t-shirts and spf recommended. 70s on saturday, near 80 monday and near 80 on sunday. low 80s on monday. not much of a rain threat in the shenandoah valley. what about the holiday weekend, that part of the forecast coming up. oh, is it a busy morning in traffic. first 4 traffic, suitland parkway at naylor road, inbound diverted at branch avenue and outbound at alabama avenue this morning. taking a look at the inner loop at arlington boulevard, you can see right now, it is just the right side of the roadway blocked. we have additional lanes open there on the left side of the roadway. big look at the beltway and the routes into town and out of town, overall really no major issues right now. especially now that that inner loop at
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getting out of the way. again, this is going to be our big issue with backups building. suitland parkway shut down at naylor road. molette green is out there this morning. good morning. molette? >> reporter: melissa, good morning to you. take a rook at traffic. this is suitland parkway off ramp. these cars are being diverted off of suitland parkway on to branch avenue. this is the scene right now. park police telling us, confirming, they are investigating an accident involving a pedestrian that happened on the suitland parkway very early this morning around 1:00 a.m. an adult male apparently trying to cross suitland parkway from westbound naylor road. he was struck and in the hospital now with critical injuries. the driver of the striking vehicle did remain on scene. but as you can see, this is the result of the accident investigation that is still under way. park police diverting traffic off of
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course, this is a mess for commuters this morning at this hour trying to get through. that is the latest live from the scene. back to you. thanks, molette. an airport scare in germany this morning. the frankfort airport partially evacuated after somebody got through a secure area without being screened. the scene started unfolding about an hour ago. no word on any major troubles beyond delays, but we are hearing about delays and several cancellations this morning from that airport. back to you. thank you, erika. developing this morning overseas, italy struggling with how to take necessary precautions and plan reconstruction work after the devastating earthquake. the italian government granted 50 million euros to rebuild the town of amitrice. riot police in sal
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brazil fired tear gas demonstrating against the impeachment of spended president overnight. at least four people were arrested rue self-is accused of using money to -- during the reelection campaign. a final vote on the impeachment trial is expected today. an american woman and her canadian husband who were captured by the taliban. the associated press says that caitlin coleman and joshua boyle are in a new video. they say the captors will kill them unless afghanistan stops executing taliban prisoners or -- coleman and boyle disappeared in 2012. they were last seen in the video two years ago. the new video has not been independently verified. but the state department says it is looking into it. we're now work to go find out how one of the most important people in isis was killed. the terror group confirmed that the chief spokespersonwa
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he was considered the number 2 person in the organization. he was also one of the united states' top targets. the u.s. military has yet to confirm his death. he's responsible and also how it happened. >> it's been a little more than two months since the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. now we're hearing the frantic calls for help as the p orange county sheriff's office released the 911 calls from the night of that massacre. some of the victims shot or hiding texted people outside the club who then called 9-1-1. >> when he called, he was in the bathroom. he said that there's a lot of upset people. i don't know. >> okay. i understand. we are in the club, we're searching for everybody. we're pulling victims out. please have patience. >> the orlando police department, which received the bulk of the calls after the shooting began -- has yet to release its 911 calls. dramatic video from the hudson river. take a look
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ferry knocking them into the water. one kayaker is in critical condition right now. still not clear what caused this accident. officials say the kayakers were not in a restricted area. >> talk about a bad mistake. i driver backed into a gas pump started a huge fire you'll see here. this is out of connecticut. the driver hit the pump. it fell on to another car and then caught fire. parents scrambled to get their kids out of the car before both cars caught fire. everyone was okay. but the cars were destroyed. people who live in frederick, maryland, get to voice their opinions over a controversial medical marijuana bill. that is according to the frederick news post. they gave preliminary approval to pot growers in the state. two applicants are from frederick county. legislation would set guidelines for security and lighting at those sites. 5:17. in news for your health this morning, younger heart attack
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they used to. but they still face an increased risk of early death. since 1980, there's been a sharp decline in deaths in the months and years after a heart attack. that's thanks to better prevention efforts and treatments. however, a danish study found survivors age 50 and younger were twice as likely to die within a year largely due to heart disease and smoking. women tripled the risk. manry shifting the focus to concussion prevention for young athletes. one school district in iowa using baseline test to go monitor students' brain health. >> what we do is test their balance, their vision, both static and dynamic. both head moving and normal vision. then we test their processing speeds. it's like a symbols recognition. they have to find the symbol and the number and match it up. reaction time. >> another great thing about baseline testing
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trainers have them on an ipad so they can use them during the game. experts are saying that it's a good idea to talk with your kids about cell phone safety now that they're heading back to school. children are most distracted by phones and it can impact them on the roads. children were slowest to react when asked to cross a busy street safely while talking on the phone. now let's check in with melissa mollet. >> breaking news right now. first 4 traffic hearing from molette green that suitland parkway just reopened. we were shut down at naylor road both directions because of a bad accident involving a pedestrian from overnight. she's telling us it's reopened this morning. inner loop and outer loop, everything is rolling along fine. on the beltway, no big problems. that situation at 50 is a little hard to see. right now it is just on the right shoulder. not really impacting
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much. we'll keep an eye on things and make sure suitland parkway is clear in a couple of minutes. good morning everybody. it's another very warm day. looks like we're going finish up august tied are or in first or second place for warmest august on rorld. 22 days this month have been 90 or higher. today would make 23. couple of clouds out there. no rain on radar this morning. most of us will be dry today. if you're a person with a black cloud that follows you around anywhere, maybe you have a better chance for a shower today. most of us can get away without the umbrella. 74 in washington. light north wind at 3 miles per hour. cooler in the outlying suburbs. 63 in suburbs. 67 in warrenton. 66 waldorf and 68 in st. mary's county. increasing clouds. there's a slight little chance of a shower or two. it's mainly going to be a hot day today.
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low 90s. 30% or less for a rain chance. by 4:00 this afternoon, one or two showers along the blue ridge into the shenandoah valley. they may migrate close to the i-95 corridor by 6:00 or 7:00. staying cloudy overnight tonight. a mostly cloudy and cooler day coming up for tomorrow. 40% hit or miss showers. we dry things out once again. there is a tropical depression number 8 off the outer banks of north carolina. the track on that keeps it well offshore and away from land. rip current and high waves along the beaches, that one stays offshore but the other one tropical depression 9 down here in the gulf of mexico, we'll be watching this carefully. the new forecast from the hurricane center carries it a little farther up to the north and much closer to the south carolina coastline before it gets back out to sea. a lot of uncertainty as far as where that will be on the saturday, say
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the track is fine tuned with time. here's your next couple of days. 93 today. a scattered shower or two tomorrow. staying nice as we get through most of your holiday weekend. more heat coming back next week. four things to know about the forecast. chuck, thank you. dashcam video of a fiery crash. a look at the ten-car pileup that forced drivers to become rescuers on a crowded road. don't forget. the redskins play tonight with their game against the tampa bay buccaneers because of the storm. you can watch it here on nbc4 at 8:00. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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now in pennsylvania. state police there say this man abducted his wife at gunpoint. they are in far wester
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virginia line. the man was out on bond accused of beating his wife and holding her captive a few months ago. singer and virginia native chris brown is back home after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. he posted bail late last night and the arrest came after an hours-long standoff between brown and the lapd yesterday at his home in california. this stems from a tuesday morning incident after a woman called 9-1-1 saying brown pointed a gun at her. brown took to instagram to declare his innocence. he'll be arraigned in late september. we're getting the first look at some dramatic dashcam video. take a look at that. this is following a multicar pileup in new york state. this is from the city of binghamton where you can see the tractor-trailer slam into traffic. at least one car there in flames, debris scattered across the highway. passing mois
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>> the car was fully engulfed in flames. we knew we didn't have a lot of time. the cabin of the vehicle itself was starts to go fill with smoke. >> and you could see the woman inside. i grabbed the door handle and it pulled off. i grabbed the rear door handle and that pulled off. >> incredibly, the woman's injuries were minor. the mayor now thanking the rescuers, calling them true heroes. get ready for another summer sizzler. the four things to know about the forecast before you leave for work or school when we check back in with meteorologist chuck bell. adios. where gop presidential hopeful donald trump is headed today as he prepares
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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suitland parkway at naylor road, all lanes reopened. suitland parkway at naylor road. as we zoom in a little bit. inbound new york avenue at the third street tunnel, no abscess to the third street tunnel. also stweets from prince george's police saying that brandy wine road closed because of a gas line being struck during roadwork. we'll keep you updated on
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the day the kids go back to school could be pushed back. the district that may move the return to class to after labor day. plus, a high-end heist. criminals hitting luxury stores and only taking them seconds to get away with thousands of dollars worth of pricey items. trump's surprise trip. details on the republican nominee's quick trip to mexico. 5:31 is your time. good morning he shall. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm angie goff. glad you could join us. chuck bell standing by with four things we need to know. >> yes, indeed. another hot day coming our way on a wednesday. final day of august. this means it's the last day of meteorological summer. june, july, august, summer months. it comes to an end today as a very hot summer indeed. a another summer sizzler. most are 90 or higher for the final day of the month. new month starts tomorrow. a new feel as well. the tropics remain very busy. the speccs
5:32 am
hawaii. tropical depression off the outer banks and another in the gulf of mexico. all could bring some chances for rain towards us for the holiday weekend. updates on all the storms plus our weekend outlook in a few more minutes. >> chuck, thank you. 5:32 right now. next summer may be different for kids in maryland. today, governor larry hogan and comptroller peter franchot are making an announcement about the start date for maryland public schools. news 4's derrick ward has a preview. >> there's not a lot of detail coming out of the governor's office. only that there will be a major announcement made on education. later today we expect to learn more about maryland governor larry hogan's proposal to move the start of the school year to after labor day. most school jurs dirkss in the state end summer breaks before the labor day weekend. by starting after labor day, tax revenue from businesses like theme parks will increase, that means more money for schools and roads. local jurisdictions don't like
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testing preparation and overall learning. >> i suspect there will be concerns in terms of just who has the authority to make this decision. but i worry that the local school systems's interests are in the back seat. summer break haven't made it through the legislature and the governor may use an executive order this time around. derrick ward, news 4. >> we asked what you think in a flash survey. after 1200 responses, 27% of you think school should start before labor day. d.c. police made two more arrests. police charged lafayette booker of northeast and a 17-year-old from capital heights with assault with intent to rob. a d.c. teenager was arrested the day after the shooting. a man was shot in the face inside the
5:34 am
earlier this month. that man is still in the hospital. there are new concerns about a -- after another pedestrian is killed in fairfax county. the second one in three days. the latest accident happened before dawn on richmond highway before the mt. vernon area. security cameras videos showing how everything happened. the victim, 56-year-old mccullough went into the southbound lanes and walked in the street. a few minutes later, an suv struck and killed him. >> in springfield, community leaders celebrating the opening of a new high tech crosswalk aimed at safety on back roads. supervisor jeff mckay has pushed hard to get this. until now, anyone head today the bus stop or lynbrook elementary had to walk blocks to get to a lighted intersection. now the signal stays dark until a pedestrian pushes the button and allows a pedestrian to cross safely. the pentagon is getting criticism this morning for not taking appropriate action after
5:35 am
finding out employees may have misused their work credit cards. the report is a follow-up to an audit last year that found the cards were used at casinos and strip clubs. management did not perform adequate reviews or take action to prevent further misuse of the cards. the report found that card holders spent more than $950,000 at casinos and another $96,000 at strip clubs. 5:35 right now. we know that traffic in our area is bad. but lately, it may feel like it's getting worse. >> you're not imagining things. traffic analysts are calling it something. it has its own name. september shock. they say with schools picking back up, they're spending three to six more minutes sitting in traffic. no surprise here. i-66 and i-270 have started to see delays nearly dunl. the washington council of government came out with the study.
5:36 am
add traffic delays as we head into fall. before you head out the door this morning and if you're taking metro, we want you to know that dupont circle, 19th street entrance is closed because of a power issue. the 20th street entrances that you want to use this morning is a bit of a power issue going on at the 19th street entrance. can't use that. you need to use the 20th street entrance over at dupont circle this morning if you are taking metro. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> will your commute be longer than usual this morning? first 4 traffic is here to help. melissa mollet back with an update. and chuck bell at 5:41. criminals with expensive stores hitting luxury stores all over the region. the high end brands they're targeting. the redskins game is tonight right here on nbc4. the game against the buccaneers and tampa was moved up a day because of weather
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coming up on 5:40 on this wednesday morning. middle of the week. more heat.
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i know we're ready for a little change in the weather pattern around here. have to get through one more hot day. that will be today. temperatures in the 60s to 70 between now and 7:00 a.m. quickly rising into the mid-70s between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. up into the low 90s for highs later on this afternoon. so what to wear today. you can probably get away without the umbrella. there is a slight chance for a shower or two. mainly towards the shenandoah valley. most of us need the sunglasses, shorts and t-shirts, as temperatures are in the 90s. outdoor recess today, after school activities, it will be a hot day at band practice and football practice today. dinner tonight, dry for most. if you're thinking about going to the beach, saturday, sunday and monday on the breezy side and the surf will be up. on the whole, you'll like the weekend at the beach. what about the ten-day forecast? that's ten minutes from now. problem in brandy wine. the road between branch avenue and 301, that triangle there. we have a
5:41 am
prince george's county police tweeted about this. inbound new york avenue at the third street tunnel, no access to the tunnel or to fourth street right now because of police activity. 270 looks good. 270 rolling along just fine. 66 and 95 northbound also rolling along pretty well. see you in ten minutes. aaron. melissa, thank you. donald trump making a trip to mexico. details on this surprise visit and how it could impact his immigration announcement. >> more reward for chipotle customers. how they're trying to clean up its image after the e. coli outbreak. thousands of marine cor
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right now, high-end heist. criminals targeting luxury stores in our area. how they're getting away with thousands of dollars of
5:45 am
a running list of changes. the safetrack program could force a change to the marine corps marathon's route. it's not just the runners impacted. good morning everybody. the summer sizzle continues into this final day of august. is there any cooldown in sight that can last any length of time. i will let you know the ten-day forecast in five minutes. this problem in brandy wine, brandy wine road between branch avenue and 301, lanes are blocked because of a gas line struck. inbound new york avenue at third street tunnel, no access to the tunnel or to fourth street because of police activity. an update on a metro problem coming up. melissa thank you. it is 15 before the hour now. the organizers of the marine corps marathon will make a big announcement about the timing and route of the race. news 4's kristin wright is live in arlington with more on the changes we already know about concerning the way most people get to that race. kristin?
5:46 am
tuss found out that metro will open up at 7:00 a.m. on race day. but the races start at 7:55. with 30,000 marathon runners plus spectators, that is an issue. so the marathon folks will talk this morning about all of this at 1:00. they're going to talk about how they plan to deal with the impact of metro's safetrack program on race day. at this announcement we'll find out the new timeline and the transportation plan because there has got to be one. last year, metro opened up early at 5:00 a.m. for the marine corps marathon. but with all the track work going on now, this system isn't opening early for special events. at this press conference, we expect to hear about the course. the marine corps marathon is on sunday, october 30th. about two months from now, guys. back to you. >> kristin wright live for us. thank you. developinghi
5:47 am
two people after they say the man and woman stole handbags from a high-end bridal store in chevy chase. it's just one of multiple thefts at luxury stores in montgomery county and in the district. police say two men ripped off the georgetown michael kors store in less than 15 seconds yesterday. chevy chase, the jimmy choo's store was hit twice this week and nearly $7,000 worth of backpacks stolen from bloomingdale's. a pair of thieves put up a fight at the bridal shop. >> they picked out purses, tried to leave the store without paying for them. a loss prevention officer tried to stop them. she was pepper sprayed and they fled from the store. police are working to see if the robberies are connected. today, virginia officials will hear arguments on proposed bans on concealed firearms in executive branch offices. virginia governor terry mcauliffe banned concealed firearms in those office this is d
5:48 am
regulation would replace the emergency regulation. a public hearing set for this morning in richmond. it's 5:47. prince george's police need help to find a stolen vehicle and suspects of a scary apartment invasion in landover hills. neighbors tell news 4 that they heard screams yesterday afternoon. a man and a woman were attacked as they unlocked their apartment door. at least one suspect showed a weapon and forced their way inside to search for valuables. police say that two suspects managed to get away in the couple's vehicle. it was a black 2015 toyota rav4 and it had maryland tags. if you spot the car, call police. train passengers will soon have extra room to relax at union station. amtrak is doubling its concourse space where most passengers wait. the money is coming from part of the rail service's multibillion dollar investment in faster service. jetblue today
5:49 am
fly a commercial flight to cuba in 50 years. flight 387 takes off from ft. lauderdale this morning. it will land in santa clara, cuba. the airline has specially chosen a crew of five cuban americans to work the flight today. u.s. law still prohibits tourist travel to cuba. but there are now a dozen categories of authorized travel, including family visits, journalist visits as well as educational activities. a dangerous typhoon killed at least ten people in japan. that storm hit the northern part of that country with rain and high winds overnight. this morning, nine bodies were found at a nursing home. police found a woman's body inside a flooded house. the typhoon knocked out power to more than 10,000 people. 170,000 were evacuated. today, president obama is traveling out west in lake tahoe nevada and hawaii. lake tahoe has experienced erosion, drug and declining water quality. the president is expected to announce its commitme
5:50 am
he'll also talk about the environment in hawaii at the world conservation congress. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. i'll be talking about that tomorrow night in arizona. big speech on immigration. donald trump last night in washington state there giving a preview of what he's going to say today and what his campaign is building as a major speech on immigration in arizona. but before he makes that trip, trump will head to mexico for a private meeting with the country's president there. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. tracie, this trip to mexico came as a bit of a surprise. two questions for you. how did it come together and is immigration going to be the big focus here. >> new overnight, how it came together. how he was invited. so was hillary clinton by nr
5:51 am
>> clinton's foix said they met before. donald trump literally jumped on this. he's hopping on a plane to meet him this afternoon before the immigration speech in arizona tonight. that's still on and illegal immigration is going to be a huge issue in this meeting and in this speech. also that wall, the donald trump insists he's going to build and have mexico pay for and mexico's president has said repeatedly there's no way they're paying for the wall. >> want to switch topics. talk about hillary clinton, tracie. she's going to speak at the american legion convention in ohio today. any idea what she's going to talk about. what she'll zero in on. >> the general ideas she'll talk about. it will be based on american exceptionalism. noirds, beefing up our military so that it it's clearly recognized as the most powerful in the world. obviously, the u.s. plays a hand in helping many of our allies around the world as well. the other thing we've learned, she'll get the endorsement of someone else from the bush
5:52 am
assistant deputy secretary of defense will endorse clinton saying that donald trump is dangerous and should not be elected. >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie thank you. >> chuck bell forecasting ten days out and that includes a look at our holiday weekend. hey, chuck. >> good morning, angie and aaron. good wednesday morning to you in the news 4 nation this morning. skies are clear for the most part early on your wednesday. temperatures remain pretty mild. in fact, another day way above average for high temperatures. there's our clear sky this morning. sunrise about 40 minutes or so from now. 74 degrees in washington. wind out of the north averaging 3 miles per hour. gradually today that wind will come back to the south i believe. as a result, we should be well into the upper 80s and low 90s this afternoon. panhandle of west virginia, in martinsburg, 66. waldorf and la plata. >> plenty of sunshine. a gradual increase
5:53 am
into the evening hours. a slight chance for a shower or two today. best rain chances only 30% out towards i-81 in the shenandoah valley. today, downtown washington under increasing clouds. hot, high near 93 degrees. here's future weather to plan out -- maybe a sprinkle in the blue ridge towards la ray and warrenton. by 6:00 this evening, stray shower toward southern fauquier county. mostly cloudy overnight and into early tomorrow. storm team 4 radar shows no rain here now. here's a nice weather front. cooler weather into the holiday weekend and might ring out a shower or two. the tropical depression in the outer banks of north carolina. coming up in a few more minutes, i'll give you the track on the other tropical depression down in the gulf of mexico. first things first, here's your exclusive storm team 4 ten-day forecast. 93 today. a break from the heat arrives mo
5:54 am
breezy perhaps saturday and sunday. cooler than average. that's nice. it won't last, though. we should be into the 90s by tuesday and wednesday of next week. more summertime in september. melissa mollet with first 4 traffic. >> southbound d.c., brand new problem here at east capitol street. left lane blocked by a new crash that popped up. we'll keep an eye on that for delays. the third street tunnel, all lanes open there. >> taking a look at prince george's county overall, no major problems. this is the one situation of brandy wine road between branch avenue and 301. have some lanes blocked. police on scene. a gas line was struck. trying to get that fixed. 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. going to take you nine minutes this morning. really, not in any delay there. westbound, it's looking good. 95 southbound at 3 here. still had the two crashes being reported through the area. not seeing the large delays you were seeing earlier this morning.
5:55 am
5:55 right now. good news for parents with college bound children. you can apply for federal financial aid much earlier than before. october 1st. you can file the pfaff saah application. it was only available starting in january. starting college in the fall of 2017 can submit fafsa between october and the end of june 2018. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. you never have to leave your couch. papa john's is launching an app to order, customize and pay for a pizza through apple tv. a papa john's was the first to offer online ordering in 2001 and mobile ordering in 2007. i'm landon dowdy for this report. landon, thank you. ziefrm chipotle offering free food to get you into the doors. the chain trying to win back customers after the food safety problems last year. starting tomorrow and all through september, college and
5:56 am
free drink when they buy a meal. on sunday's next month, regular entrees will come with a free kids meal. there you go. people in northern virginia trying to save an historic mclean home from demolition. historic presser sayings official frs the state and county inspected the site on tuesday. this house dates back to the 1700s and played roles in both the civil war and the war of 1812. it is believed to be the house where dolly madison fled to safety from the british. a developer plans to demolish the house to make place for new homes. declined the opportunity to speak on camera. two companies in the region signed the white house's equal pay pledge. it's part of an initiative between the white house and companies with the goal of reducing the gender pay gap. hilton worldwide holdings based in virginia is the latest to sin
5:57 am
the original 28 companies that signed it in june. overall 57 companies have signed on. >> reporter: thousands of marine corps marathoners may not be able to rely on metro to get to the starting line on time. what you need to know about the changes this year. plus a youth pastor at a northern virginia church is facing new charges. the case that involves more than just an inappropriate text message. and batten down the hatches, pile up the sandbags, team coverage on the trouble in the tropics, next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now breaking news in southeast washington. last 30 minutes we learned that traffic is moving again after a driver hit someone on suitland parkway. plus, a local youth pastor accused of having inappropriate contact with a teenager. police say this isn't the first time. chuck told us the tropics would be busy. here is the proof. we're watching three hurricanes and a storm that's already impacting tonight's redskins game. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. it is a busy morning. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. it's coming up on 56 km. we begin with weather. it's going to be another summer sizzler. but a big chge
6:00 am
right, chuck? >> yes indeed. today may be the last day in the 90s, for the next couple of days. we'll take that little break in the heat. it's likely to be back on us by the middle part of next week. for now, wednesday morning off to a clear start. temperatures in the mid-60s in the western suburbs. low 70s in washington and by the bay. highs today, yes indeed. another day 90 or higher. 22 days this monkt have bp in 90s. today will make 23. 93 the forecasted high in washington. 92 fredericksburg. upper 80s to near 90 in the shenandoah valley. we'll time the rain chance out for you. look ahead to the holiday weekend coming up. let's check on traffic with melissa mollet. take a look at this. inbound 66 before 28 v a crash here on the right side of the roadway as you're headed into centreville this morning. you're still slow through that area. southbound d.c. at 2le


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