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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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right, chuck? >> yes indeed. today may be the last day in the 90s, for the next couple of days. we'll take that little break in the heat. it's likely to be back on us by the middle part of next week. for now, wednesday morning off to a clear start. temperatures in the mid-60s in the western suburbs. low 70s in washington and by the bay. highs today, yes indeed. another day 90 or higher. 22 days this monkt have bp in 90s. today will make 23. 93 the forecasted high in washington. 92 fredericksburg. upper 80s to near 90 in the shenandoah valley. we'll time the rain chance out for you. look ahead to the holiday weekend coming up. let's check on traffic with melissa mollet. take a look at this. inbound 66 before 28 v a crash here on the right side of the roadway as you're headed into centreville this morning. you're still slow through that area. southbound d.c. at 2le
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lane is blocked by that crash. starting to see backups as well. brandy wine road between branch avenue and 301. lane still blocked because of the gas line that was struck earlier this morning. as we zoom out and take a look at the beltway and other routes in and out of town, everything else looking pretty good. keep you updated on travel times coming up. melissa, thank. 6:01 now. the agriculture department is reopening some of the offices closed after an unspecified e-mail threat. six branches of the usda were shut down on tuesday after the agency received anonymous threats. the office rs in five states and they include the research center in beltsville. that's where we find molette green in morning. molette, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that four office, including this maryland location set to reopen today with additional security. now, here in beltsville, this is a sprawling
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research center. anybody can tell you, it is huge and large. there is security right here at the gate where we are standing. some other usda spots around the country, they're going to stay closed today until they get those security enhancements in place. employees, they will be coming back to work. those who will be coming back to work are asked to be extra vigilant to be aware of their surroundings for anything suspicious, all of this coming after an unspecified e-mail threat that went out late monday. several anonymous messages were sent to offices in six locations in five states and all of that prompted the closures because of the "serious nature" of these threats. those comments from the agriculture secretary. no other details given about the actual threats. of course, the fbi, homeland security and local police investigating the e-mail threats. but, again, this office in
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to reopen today. that is the latest live. back to you. >> thank you. the youth pastor of a manassas area church is facing more charges after another person said he had inappropriate contact with her when she was a teenager. 25-year-old jordan baird was arrested earlier this month after prince william county police investigated reports of an incident at life church. police said a 16-year-old reported that he sent inappropriate text messages and inappropriately touched her on more than one occasion. the incident allegedly happened between january and september of last year. today we could hear closing arguments in the trial of a man charged with killing his 23-month-old son last august in prince george's county. he was alone with the child when paramedics were called and found him unresponsive. he had gone to a neighbor's house to call 911. >> ju
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>> did he panic? >> no, he didn't seem panic. he was calm. we were shocked when we found out what happened. >> that was the neighbor you heard from there. the little boy died at the hospital from what officials say was blunt force trauma and lacerated liver. both the medical examiner and doctor are expected to take the stand today. we're work to go learn how a 12-year-old boy is doing after being hit in the head by a piece of lumber. this happened yesterday at a home being remodeled on 74th avenue in landover hills. the prince george's county fire department says the child was near a shed, this shed, when he was hit. fire officials say he went unconscious and bleeding severely from the head. >> in fact, found a 12-year-old male that sustained a critical head injury from a piece of wood. >> i mean, what a little boy have to be doing working with the parents in the backyard like
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>> the boy was rushed to the hospital and he's still in critical condition. 6:05. new video from space of a hurricane that is getting bigger and bigger. they're preparing for severe storms on both sides of the country right now. you're looking at hurricane lester, which could hit hawaii during the busy travel weekend. at 6:05. that's not what they're getting ready for now. we have team coverage on the tropics from hawaii to the east coast. chuck is tracking the storms. we begin at the live desk as people are preparing. erika gonzalez is there. >> aaron, hawaii bracing for not one but two hurricanes as you mentioned. lester, but the first one, a category 2 storm, madeline. expected to make landfall as early as today. there's hardly a chance for the residents to catch their breath with lester looming, headed for the big island over the labor day weekend. that just became a category 4 storm overnight. new information just into the live desk a few minutes
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watches issued for florida's gulf coast as tropical depression 9 you've been hearing chuck talking about all this morning continues to move closer and forecasters say as much as 10 inches of rain could fall in the tampa bay area alone. for more on this, i want to send it over to meteorologist chuck bell. >> all right. thanks, erika. tropical depression number 9. we've been watching this for literally more than a week as it traveled across the atlantic. it's now in the central parts of the gulf of mexico here. there's tampa bay there for reference. the forecast now does continue to indicate that this should become a tropical storm. it will intensify the next 12 to 24 hours. a possible landfall up here in the big bend of florida about midnight thursday night into the early morning hours of friday morning. but the updated forecast track from the hurricane center keeps this one a lot closer to the coast. yesterday, it had it going offshore from jacksonville and staying away from the coast. the new track brings it along the south carolina coastline and
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eventually curves it out by the outer banks of north carolina. there's a lot more uncertainty. this may hang closer to the coast. that could make for big waves and rough surf along the beaches for labor day weekend. you have the tropical depression number 9 off the outer banks. this one expected to become a tropical storm as it moves farther out to sea. lots of big waves to deal with. the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. see you then. that tropical weather moved the redskins last preseason game up to tonight at 8:00. it's against the tampa bay buccaneers. you can still see it here. "america's got talent" results show will be moved to thursday. tune in between 8:00 and 10:00 to see which semifinalists are moving on. and tonight you have given me a chance to continue serving arizona. thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> that is arizona senator john mccain last nightnk
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closer to landing a sixth term in the senate. one of several wins by incumbent last night. mccain once again beat back a challenge from the right wing. the 80-year-old and former republican party presidential nominee now heads to the general election in november where he faces a challenge from democratic congresswoman, ann kirkpatrick. in florida a competitive race between patrick murphy and marco rubio is about to kick off. rubio was able to secure the gop nomination for a second term just two days before the deadline. and a win for congresswoman debbie wasserman schulze in her florida primary. she resigned as the chair of the democratic national convention after an e-mail scandal. wasserman schultz beat
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professor endorsed by bernie sanders. chris brown is in trouble with the law again. an update from los angeles on a new assault charge against the singer. >> reporter: a big announcement concerning the marine corps marathon and mtro safeetr
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good morning. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. new images to show you from chopper 4 in montgomery county. this in the potomac area. want to show you images of a house fire. we understand that this is a house that was under construction. this apparently had something to do with an electric meter. we understand that fire crews are there. they've got this under control. they're checking out the area. this is along persimmon tree road. if you know where that is, you'll see
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that area. a few road closures in montgomery county. persimmon tree road. a house under construction caught fire and it's now being extinguished. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. erika, thank you. it is 6:13 right now. we want to get you up to speed on first 4 traffic. up to speed. that wasn't written. that came out. up to speed on first 4 traffic. >> that was good. >> you're so smart. i like that. up to speed. taking you up to speed, perhaps having to hit the brakes. before 28 on the right side of the roadway, we have that crash. we are seeing some delays because of this even though it is there on the right shoulder here this morning. taking a look now at the problem on 95 southbound, an update there. you have to take 17 to route 1 to get back to 95 southbound. that is how police are directing you by two different crashes through that area. 270 is okay. 95, tomorrow of the beltway over to 270 from 95
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43 miles per hour. not terrible. 66 inbound and 95 northbound into the beltway, rolling along fine. chuck bell, good morning. >> good morning, melissa. a quiet way to get the day started early on your wednesday morning. skies are mostly clear now across the region. we'll pick up a few more clouds into the day later on. maybe ring out one or two lonesome showers. rain chances are pretty low. down to 30% at most. it's 74 degrees in washington. temperatures again well above average today. likely to be our 23rd day above 90 here in the month of august. that is an all-time record for number of 90s in the month of august. 66 in winchester. 74 in washington. 66 in lore ton, virginia. as you plan out the day, plan on another hot one. temperatures into the upper 80s and low 90s. the extended forecast, looking into the holiday weekend, in a few more minutes. >> chuck, thanks. singer and virginia native chris brown is
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a deadly weapon. >> dan schenn meman is tracking this developing story. >> singer chris brown was taken into police custody sdmiemt mr. brown has been transported. he will be arrested. >> assault with a deadly weapon. news organizations have reported that brown, who is 27, pointed a gun at a woman at his home. >> this morning, around 3:00 this morning officers responded to a radio call of a woman requiring assistance. it involved the residence of mr. chris brown. >> that woman later left the property and police spent hours there. got a search warrant, scoured the singer's vast los angeles home before making the arrest. brown has denied any wrongdoing. he's posted videos on instagram attacking the authorities. >> when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't
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then somebody make a [ bleep ] allegation about me and oh, yeah the whole [ bleep ] s.w.a.t. team. he assaulted his then girlfriend rihanna in the past. he was sentence today probation, community service and domestic violence classes. dan scheneman, nbc news. new information that you may have just seen come across with our nbc washington app alert, we're getting word that the gwynn park high school is closed. if you have a student there, that is closed because of a gas leak on brandy wine road. prince george's county police let us know that crews in the area were doing roadwork. they hit a gas line. again, if you have a students that goes to gwynn park high school, that is closed because of that gas line that was just hit on brandy wine road. back to you. erika, thank you. 6:17 just about now. the first day of school debate is heating up in maryland. to
6:17 am
peter franchot about a possible statewide change on when school starts for students. derrick ward has more on what we'll learn. >> there's not a lot of detail coming out of the governor's office. only that there will be a major announcement made on education. later today, we expect to learn more about maryland governor larry hogan's proposal to move the start of the state's school year until after labor day. most school jurisdictions in the state end summer breaks before the labor day weekend. hogan says starting after labor day, tax revenue from businesses like theme parks is increased as that means more money for schools and roads. local jurisdictions don't like the idea. it cuts time for testing preparation and overall learning. >> i suspect that there will be concerns in terms of just who has the authority to make this decision. but i worry that the local school
6:18 am
taking a back seat. >> efforts to extend summer break haven't made it through the legislature and the governor may use an executive order this time around. derrick ward, news 4. we are still getting so many first day photos. this is little elle hamming it up for the cam ran on her first day at preschool. she happens to be the most precious daughter of our reporter kristin wright. remember to share your pictures by using the #first day face. she has two daughters, right? they're both precious. there's not one that's more precious than the other. >> yeah. 6:18 is our time. a live look at the chesapeake bay bridge. not too much traffic right now. that changes as folks head out of town for labor day and the amount of time it takes to cross the bay bridge on a holiday weekend can be painful. larry hogan wants to cut that time down
6:19 am
you're looking at video from july 4th weekend. governor hogan says this type of traffic will only get worse. that's why maryland will study a new crossing for the chesapeake bay. >> nobody else has done it. people have been crying out for it for years, maybe decades. we're making the process get started. >> at this point, there's no timetable for a new bridge. it will take four years to complete the study. take a look at this. this is a first look at this dashcam footage that shows this tractor-trailer slamming into another car. this is in upstate new york. the bravery that follows is remarkable. you scattered all over the place in this ten-car pileup. at least one of the cars erupting into flames there. it's shooting out of the roof. passing motorists rushing to help. an elderly woman who was stuck inside. >> the car was fully engulfed in flames. we knew wei
6:20 am
time. a lot of time. the cabin of the vehicle itself was starting to fill with smoke. >> and you could see the woman inside and i grabbed the door handle and it pulled off, i grabbed the rear door handle and that pulled off. >> incredibly, the woman's injuries were minor and no one died in this crash. police say the crash was caused because the tractor-trailer had bad brakes. a fire growing right now in southern california. the bogart fire is causing hundreds of evacuations. 700 people are out of their homes. so far only an outbuilding has burned. the fire is about 5% contained at this point. hundreds of firefighters and about a dozen helicopter crews are working to put out the flames right now. we want to check in with meteorologist chuck bell. he's tracking a lot of activity when we talk about the tropics. >> you bet. busy stuff going on as the depression off the outer banks and another one in the gulf of mexico. another one likely to become a hurricane way out
6:21 am
that one is showing signs of organization plus two hurricanes pointing in the direction of hawaii. lots of stuff going on in the atmosphere. meanwhile, here in washington this morning, skies are clear. tonight's quiet start to the day. 74 at reagan national. cooler towards the shenandoah valley. 65 in fauquier county, virginia. 74 at edge water, maryland. only temperatures, another warm day today. mid-80s by lunchtime. upper 80s and low 90s for highs today. that will make the 23rd day above 90 this month alone. this will be the 51st 90-degree day for the year. grilling in the backyard, usually not a bad evening for it. could rule out a stray shower or two. by and large, rain chances are pretty low. better chance for showers here tomorrow. but even with a higher rain chance tomorrow, rainfall amounts looking very, very slim indeed. future weather carries a little chance for a
6:22 am
the shenandoah valley. one wore two showers might reach the corridor. you'll probably get away without the umbrella. 30% chance at most today. better chance tomorrow. but only .1 of an inch tomorrow. could be breezy on saturday as that tropical storm comes up the coast. i'll show you the latest track in a few more moments. good morning, melissa mollet. >> something popped up on my screen. northbound 95 after lorton, report of a crash with the left center lane blocked. the other problems here as well. southbound 295 at east capitol, the big delays. the crash has cleared outs of the way. taking a look at 66 inbounds before -- you can see the problem on the right shoulder causing delays as you head into centreville this morning. remember this situation. 95 south at 3. touf take 17 to 1 so get
6:23 am
this is because of two different crashes there. brandy wine between branch avenue and 301, a gas line that was hit. chopper 4 on the way. we'll talk more about it coming up. angie? >> 6:23 right now. bad berries got a lot of people sick. now there's more bad news in the hepatitis a outbreak at a local community shop. ivy league backlash. a former stanford swimmer accused of sex assault is get ti
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national outrage. a stanford swimmer got six months in jail for sexually assault. >> he's preparing to leave prison. the 21-year-old served three months behind bars. protesters plan to demonstrate outside of that prison upon his release on friday. there's new controversy surrounding the judge that handed down that sentence. more on that at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show. arrests and protests. you may be wakingp
6:27 am
about a backlash against donald trump. what police found in this crowd of protesters. plus, the marine corps marathon will take a back seat to metro repairs. we're going to have a live report on theig changes this b
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right now at 6:30, donald trump is preparing for a trip to mexico and a major speech on immigration. >> plus, gas pump scare. drivers scramble to safety when flames erupt at the pump. the last preseason game for the redskins is tonight on nbc4 thanks to a storm brewing. we begin with the weather here at home. another hot one on tap. chuck, it felt good coming in this morning. it's all going away, right? >> unfortunately, yeah. relatively dry air that we've had in place has allowed the suburbs to get back into the 60s this morning. it won't be terribly humid. plenty of sunshine. sunrise still six or seven minutes from
6:31 am
another summer sizzler today. today will be the 51st day above 90 degrees and the most ever in the month of august. 23 times this month we've been above 930. that's a record. new month, new feel. september showers coming our way. tropics remaining very busy. the one in the gulf that's caused the moving up of the redskins game. i'll let you know if it will impact the weekend plans in a bit. as soon as we get done with labor day weekend, another heat wave likely to move in next week. the ten-day forecast coming in at 6:51. let's go to traffic with melissa. good morning. problem here at 95 north after loreton seeing -- another issue at 95 south after 3 takes 17 to 1 to get back over to i-95. 66 inbound at 28. right shoulder is blocked. you can see the delays building there through the manassas area. 270 southbound. a l
6:32 am
you head southbound through urbana. no reason. just a little slow. new hampshire avenue, disabled tractor-trailer blocking one lane. looks like it is on the outer loop. going to find out and be back in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. 6:32 right now. the marine corps marathon, one of the most iconic races. today we're expecting a pretty big announcement from the organizers. we're here to report that could be about the timing and the route of this race. kristin wright is live in arlington with more on the potential changes here. kristin? >> reporter: here is the problem. word is that metro is going to open far too late and that thousands of runners and spectators would never be able to get to the races on time unless there is a change. so today, the marine corps marathon folks are expected to make this big announcement. they're calling it a significant announcement. our transportation reporter, adam tuss found out that, because of metro's safetrack program, trains wo
6:33 am
they usually do. they usually start around 5:00. instead, adam's metro source says we're looking at a 7:00 a.m. start time for metro on race day. and a 7:55 start time for the marathon and the 10k. that's a problem. at this marathon announcement they'll talk about the new timeline and the transportation plan as well as the race course. that announcement coming today at 1:00. make sure to watch social media and the nbc washington app to find out what they say. we'll let you know. back to you. kristin, thank you. it's 6:33. topping our decision 2016 coverage this morning. donald trump heads to mexico. the republican presidential nominee will meet in private with mexican president enrique pena nieto. neither man has pulled any punches when it comes to immigration. pena nieto criticized trump's anti-immigrationt
6:34 am
mexico pay for a wall on the border to the u.s. erika has more. >> before he makes that trip to mexico, he had a rally in washington state. his speech was interrupted by protesters inside that venue. after that rally, the protesters marched through the streets railing against the republican nominee. >> by the time the march started, trump had already left the area for his plane. trump didn't mention his trip to meet with mexico's president in his speech last night but he did preview a highly anticipated speech tonight on his immigration policy. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. i'll be talking about that tomorrow night in arizona. big speech on immigration. >> okay.
6:35 am
phoenix. it's expected to clarify his position on the issue, especially when it comes to deportation. over the last week, trump has appeared to waiver a bit on what to do -- waver on what to do with individuals who have families and jobs but no criminal history. aaron, angie, back to you. >> thank you, erika. hillary clinton will speak to veterans in ohio today. she's traveling to cincinnati to give an address at the american legion national convention. the democratic presidential nominee is expected to stretch her support for american exceptionalism and argue that donald trump has resected that idea. -- rejected that idea. president obama will fly out west. he's headed first to lake tahoe and then travel to hawaii. the president is expected to announce a commitment to improving the environment in lake tahoe which experienced erosion and a severe o drought in recent years. in hawaii, he will talk about the environment while at the world conservation co
6:36 am
termination charges have been filed for five chicago police officers involved in the laquan mcdonald shooting. they include the officer who shot mcdonald. jason van dyke. he faces administrative charges as the case moves to the chicago police board. cook county prosecutors charged van dyke with first degree murder. mcdonald was shot 16 times by van dyke in 2014. footage of the shooting was made public last year and sparked outrage and protests nays nationwide. amazingly, no one was hurt in a huge fire at this gas station in connecticut. take a look at this video. okay. as far as those that were okay, two boys who were 2 and 7 years old. take a look. the car went totally up in flames here. here's what's happened. a driver backed into a gas pump monday night. it tipped over fell on another car. the one that actually had the kids inside. >> the 2-year-old's father pulled the boys out of the car before everything caught fire. police say it
6:37 am
much worse if the gas pump did not hit the emergency shutoff switch. how scary. the accident that shut down a major parkway into d.c. is clear. find out what we're learning about the pedestrian who was hit. plus, a threat at the usda. how it is impacting local workers in maryland this morning. a brazen -- a manhunt under way in prince george's county afr a brazen home invatesi
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
now your forecast. look at who it is. when he's standing in front of the bus, you got your recess report. >> that's right. outdoor recess for kids of all ages today. temperatures near 60 eads and 70s this morning. mid-70s by 8:00, 9:00. into the 90s again today. short sleeves and shorts and your spf is all needed today. sun coming up. leave the umbrella at home.
6:41 am
shower out towards the shenandoah valley. on the whole, you'll enjoy the day today.recess, plenty hot afr school. if you plan out the holiday weekend at the beach. breezy at the coastline, especially on saturday. temperatures near 80 degrees. if you prefer the mountains to the ocean, temperatures upper 70s on saturday. low 80s sunday and monday. look likes it will be dry through the holiday weekend in the blue ridge and the shenandoah. right here at home, temperatures on the comfy side for the weekend. that ten-day forecast brings summer-like heat back for the middle part of next week. i'll show you the detailed forecast in a few more minutes. let's go to melissa and check on traffic on a wednesday. >> right now, that problem 95 northbound that we were having at morton road, that has cleared off to the right side of the roadway. southbound after 3, we have that problem here. sticking around for us this morning. travel times right now, take a look. at new hampshire avenue, no
6:42 am
travel times, 270 south. 48 miles per hour. not so hot. disabled vehicle. slower than we'd like to see. no major problems in virginia and we'll look at the water problem from the live desk. 6:42. chris brown goes on a rant on instagram. what this has to do with his new assault case. plus, chuck has been tracking storms in the tropics. we have team coverage from the carolina coast next. >> reporter: what usda workers will find right away in beltsville after that onlin e-mail te hr
6:43 am
6:44 am
luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs,
6:45 am
to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. we're tracking three major hurricanes and the tropics are impacting the plans of football fans today. plus, chris brown is out of jail. >> when i call the police for a stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come until the next day. >> he's pointing the finger at a new assault case. what we're learning about the usda offices shut down across the country, including the one in the heart of
6:46 am
here at the live desk. an update on the gas leak on brandywine road. we sent this alert on the nbc washington app. if you have a student attending gwynn park high school, it will be closed for the day because of the work going on here. these are images from chopper 4. chopper 4, appreciate the pictures on twitter so you can get a better look at the scene if you're headed out there this morning and some roads that are closed. we understand there was a crew doing work on the road, hit a gas line. this is on brandywine road. if you have a student that attends gwynn park high school, that will be closed because of what's going on that you're seeing on chopper 4. back over to you. erika, thank you. 6:46 is the time right now. we've been talking a lot about big storms, people around the country are dealing with them. north carolina is experiences rip current and there are other storms that could hit as early
6:47 am
nbc's gabe gutierrez is following it all in naz head, north carolina. >> there are new developments in a weather triple threat. hawaii now bracing for the possibility of two powerful hurricanes and florida prepares for major flooding. >> we don't want anybody to be injured. we don't any loss of life. >> here in north carolina, there is rough surf and dangerous rip current as another tropical system heads out into the atlantic. i'm gabe gutierrez in nags head, north carolina. we're watching that depression off the coast of north carolina. very, very carefully. that's tropical depression number 8. it's offshore from cape hatteras right now. fortunately, the forecast track, though it will intensify to a tropical storm, as all indications from the national hurricane center. that storm will be going out to sea and leaving the coastline alone and moving into the north atlantic. that one isn't the problem. the one down in the gulf of mexico, however, that may be more of an
6:48 am
forecasted to become a tropical storm. in the big bend of florida around midnight thursday night into early friday morning. and track along the carolina coastline into the early parts of labor day weekend. i'll give you the labor day weekend forecast in a few minutes. right now, the tropical weather that chuck has been talking about all morning long, well, that weather has impacted the redskins last pre season game. moving it up to tonight. you can still see the game on nbc4. that means that agt, "america's got talent", that is going to be moved to thursday. that's the results show. if you tune in between 8:00 and 10:00, you will see which semifinalists are moving on. traffic was shut down for hours on suitland parkway after a pedestrian was hit. this happened near the naylor road exit. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injury.
6:49 am
directions. it reopened after 5:00 this morning. health officials in virginia confirm 40 cases of hepatitis a linked to smoothie cafe -- that's up from 28 cases a week ago. more than half of the people infected went to the hospital. the source is believed to be from frozen strawberries which came from egypt which were pulled from the stores earlier this month. more cases could still come to light. because symptoms can take up to 50 days before they appear. happening right now, the agriculture department is reopening some of its offices that were closed after an unspecified e-mail threat. six branches of the usda were shut down yesterday or six offices were after the agency received anonymous threats. they include the research center in beltsville. that's where we find molette green this morning. molette, what can you tell snus. >> reporter: aaron, workers are now arriving and right away
6:50 am
there's extra security at the front gate. the security vehicles parked here at the gate and there's one that's been patrolling these grounds. if you've ever been out to this area of beltsville, you know that this is a sprawling agricultural research center, ths a huge library just across the street that's part of the property, too. employees are coming back and are being told to be extra vigilant. keep your eyes open and report anything suspicious. all of this, of course, coming after an unspecified e-mail threat that came out. several messages that were sent to locations in six offices in five states. it basically prompted those office toss close because of the, quote, serious nature of those threats. we don't have any other details on the specifics about those threats, but of course, the fbi homeland security and local authorities investigating and keeping their eyes open. that is the latest live from beltsville. back to you. >> thank you,
6:51 am
investigating the death of a morgan state university student. our news partner, wtop reports that the student was found inside his office in the engineering department yesterday. he had been missing since august 4th. police said the student entered the building on that day and had not been seen or heard from since. a staff member found the body after a student reported a bad odor. a daytime apartment invasion in landover hills has prince george's police on the hunt for suspects. they heard screams yesterday afternoon. police say a man and a woman were attacked as they unlocked their apartment door. at least one suspect showed a weapon and forced their way inside to search for valuables. a black 2015 toyota rav4 with maryland plates. you see the plate number on your screen. if you spot that car, call police. 6:51 right now. we want to get a check on the weather. you are forecasting into the
6:52 am
future. >> busy, busy. all these tropical depressions we're watching. the heat continues. today is the lass day of meteorological summer. june, july and august are summer. since today is the last day of the month, we're indeed closing the books on summer 2016. the third warmest summer on record in washington. 90-degree days have been piling up fast and furious here in the month of august. through yesterday, 22 days 90 or higher. today will make 23. that's a record number of 90-degree days in august. 51 for the year. today will be 52. tied for the warmest august on record in addition to being the third warmest summer on record. 74 now. a sunny and hot day coming up. temperatures in the mid-60s now out across parts of fairfax and loudoun counties to the shenandoah valley. 73 in annapolis. hourly temperatures, mid-80s by lunchtime. upper 80s and low 90s for highs today. about 93 downtown. there is the slightest little chance for a rain shower today.
6:53 am
plan that out with the timing. by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon, a lonely hit or miss shower from loudoun county into fauquier county, towards culpepper and lou ray. it dries up as it comes along. cloudy skies overnight and mostly cloudy tomorrow. the clouds and a little chance for a shower or two tomorrow will keep things noticeably cooler. we'll fail to make 90 degrees tomorrow. that's good news. beautiful weather for weekend. the tropical depression comes up the coast and if you like hot weather, melissa mollet, back in the 90s next week. >> that's good for me. chopper 4 over this problem in brandywine. that's between maryland 5 and 310 0 1, it's shut down. that's where the gas leak was from early this morning. they're working to get that out of the way. 95 south after 3, we have the left lane getting by. we see delays, but the left lane is getting by. that's an update for you. 66 inbound at 28, as
6:54 am
right shoulder blocked. you're seeing delays. we can get around it. it's sort of a lookie loo sort of situation. outer loop after new hampshire avenue, able to -- tractor-trailers slowing things a bit. big look at the beltway. little slow. 95 as you hit the outer loop. guys? >> melissa, thank you. the organizers of the marine corps marathon will make a big announcement about the timing and route of the race. kristin wright reports on the changes metro won't be making in preparation for the race. >> reporter: our transportation reporter adam tuss found out that on race day metro will not open until 7:00 a.m. the races start less than an hour later at 7:55. thousands of runners plus spectators relying mostly on metro. that doesn't add up. the marine corps marathon organizers will make a big announcement at 1:00. they're goingto
6:55 am
they plan to deal with the impact of metro's safetrack program on race day. we'll find out the new timeline and the transportation plan. this is what we're hearing from sources. last year metro opened up early at 5:00 a.m. for the marine corps marathon. but with all the track work going on now, the system isn't opening early for special events. at that press conference today, we also expect to hear about this year's course. the marine corps marathon is on sunday, october 30th. in arlington, kristin wright, news 4. back to you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. oracle may be moving in on uber's turf. a pilot programming carpooling program in san francisco involving the waze app with fellow commuters. if it's successful, it could be expanded elsewhere. $.54
6:56 am
>> this is your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. here are four things you need to know before you head out the door this wednesday morning. singer and have va'a native chris brown will be back in court to face charges for assault with a deadly weapon. brown posted bail last night after being arrested earlier in the day. today, governor larry hogan and comptroller peter franchot of maryland are making an announcement about the start date of maryland schools. both officials supported starting school after labor day. gwynn park high school in brandywine closed today. workers accidentally struck a gas line on the road and are now trying to fix it. a reminder for you. the redskins will play tonight at 8:00. we'll air that game on nbc4. the final preseason game against the tampa bay buccaneers was moved up because of weather concerns. they may not have a tropical storm but they may have quite a bit of rain tonight for the game. let's hope that favors the redskins. meanwhile, back here
6:57 am
only a slight chance for a rain shower today. most of us will be dry. better chance tomorrow. cooler for the weekend but warming back up next week. >> thank you, chuck. chopper 4 is still over the problem in brandywine roid. it's shut down because of the gas line. it's making me dizzy this morning. ooh, chopper. there you go. the chopper when it's done that before. it doesn't end pretty. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. go redskins. don't forget
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, crossing the border. donald trump announces a surprise trip to mexico for a private conversation with the mexican president on the same day he's set to make a major speech on immigration. could this unexpected meeting hint at a dramatic policy reversal we'll ask his campaign manager live. in the path. a major storm in the gulf strengthens overnight as tens of millions in florida brace for winds and flooding. stars stand off. chris brown out on bail on weapons charges after a stalemate with police that played out on social media. the embattled singer accused of threatening a


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