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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a family member of the victims has been taken into custody. police have not identified the victims or a suspect. d.c. police investigating a deadly shooting overnight. we're working to get more details. we can tell you what we know right now and show you some video just in from the scene. this happened sometime around 1:00 a.m. in the 2500 block of 14th street in northeast. right now, there is no information on suspects from police yet. when we get more information, we're going to bring it to you and also look for updates inside our nbc washington app. back to you, aaron. coming up on 4:31 right now. we want to get that list of 4 things to know about the forecast. >> hey, chuck, good morning to you. >> still working on the very latest for hurricane hermine for you. it's not going to bauer us today. you get a friday that looks
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finish monday on into tuesday. a wide range of impact from almost no impact on the shenandoah valley to a desimating flow to the coastline. after this weekend holiday comes to an end, it's going to be sizzling hot next week. for today, nothing to worry about on your way outside today. again, we're going to be talking temperatures and impacts from hermine coming up in a few more minutes. friday morning traffic? how it's holding up? >> not too bad. inner loop between branch avenue and saint barnabas road, it sounds like we've got an accident. it sounds very minor in nature hopefully. now, if you happen to be headed out toward the beach, leaving the beltway, john hanson highway, going eastbound, a couple of lanes getting by the to the left
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we'll keeping an eye on it. the red line, rhode island avenue station is closed throughout the day for ongoing inspections. to do plan ahead. i want to talk a little bit more about that. we're following two metro issues that could affect your commute. first an investigation into a derailment at a virginia storage yard. at least one train went off a nonpassenger track at alexandria yard last night around 9:40. nobody was hurt there. metro transit police say it doesn't appear to be affecting any machine systems. we'll working to find out whether it will impact service for you this morning and jack mentioned it. there will be trouble on the rhode island avenue red line again today. concrete fell again. shuttle buses will be available to take passengers from rhode island avenue to brookeland today. metro is feeling the pressure to bring back late night service.
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george's and montgomery counties are making a call for change. 40 of them have asked for a return of some form of late night hours on weekend. they say service endeding at midnight prevents thousands of people to get where they are to go. thousands of people were trying to get home latz last night after bruce springsteen's concert. it's standing form on providing no changes for special events. almost two million people on the roads and that's just in maryland. labor day is going to cause some travel nightmares if you do not plan ahead. a few of the big things to remember, maryland state police say designated driver, even if you are thinking about drinking, and if you are in a crash, move your car off the road and i want to also give you the best times
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morning, before 10:00 a.m., that's going to be your best bet. after that, you should probably wait until after 9:00 tonight. tomorrow, if you want to hit the road tomorrow, you need to get up even earlier and get out the door before 7:00 to avoid some of the traffic. coming on, leave before 10:00 a.m. or just wait until after midnight. donald trump has been making the rounds to defend his immigration speech which fired up his base but disappointed many hispanic supporters this week. yesterday, he was asked about what he would do about undocumented immigrants who have not committed crimes? >> after it's all stabilized, everything issen do, the hardened criminals and killers and drug dealers are gone, then we'll make a determination what we're going to do. >> trump also emphasized that mexico will pay for a border wall. after meeting with him earlier in the week,
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hillary clinton's biggest backers, joe biden is hitting the campaign trail this week. she brought in $143 million for her bid for the presidential. trump's wife melania is suing a newspaper who published false statements regarding her involvement with an escort service. early this month, the blog retracted an article that documented her time as a high-end skort. this morning, students in anacostia high school will lea
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died. the student was killed in a double shooting in southeast washington. a pizza delivery man who was shot and seriously hurt. we spoke to one neighbor who said her kids aren't allowed outside because of the ongoing violence. >> it's gotten to the point where my kids play in the house. >> police are offering a $25,000 award on information that leads to an arrest or conviction. police chief kathy lanier is retiring and taking a new job as head of security are of the nfl. we had a chance to talk to her. one of the things they discussed was the time they filed a sex discrimination complaint against her colleagues. >> i remember the captain who i liked
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the right thing and everybody here supports you but you will never go past the rank of captain. >> lanier, won her complaint and she did make it pass that rank. you can watch more. including d.c. police having a positive relationship with the community on the nbc washington app. this coming weekend, in memory of officer noah leotta, police held a traffic checkpoint. each driver yesterday received a card with his photo and a reminder to not drink and drive. next month, tougher drunk driving measures go into effect in maryland with noah's law. d.c. police need your help finding three people who broke into a school to steal electronics. they just released the video.
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the thieves pried open the basement door in the middle of day on saturday to load up equipment in a car and took off. anybody who thinks they recognize the suspects, they are asked to please call police it's a waste of time and money. how much being stuck in traffic is costing you and how it compares with the rest of the country. hurricane hermine hits the coast. the danger in florida and how the storm could impact your labor day plans as storm team 4 continues to track its path.
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4:41 our time right now of any we have folks heading out to the bus stop later this morning. >> it's going to be a nice day to get outside and enjoy some early september weather. cooler by far compared to where we've been. now only 61 in gaithersburg. even national airport has dropped down below 70 at 69. 69 in fredericksburg. the school kids today, nice and cool. afternoon highs only around 80 degrees. jeans and short sleeves and sunglasses about all you need for today. updated track on hermine and the 10-day outlook is coming up in tenn
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if you are in maryland on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, the ramp to go north on the hawaii an 95 we've got overnight work hanging in. all the way up to 212. you are going to find crews are still up. we'll find a bit of a heavy traffic pattern in that stretch. just be careful. two left lanes are getting by. the ramps to 212 are closed. the on ramps are open. there's work on 50 at bowie . not causing a huge delay. cones and barrels still in the roadway. we'll keep an eye on that. inner loop after branch avenue, headed toward saint barnabas road. we hear more equipment on the scene. hopefully they clear it out of the roadway quickly before we start to get delays. back to you. d.c. commuters know they got it rough. now there's ane
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you up on that. >> people in our area have the worst when it comes to money and time. traffic delays cost the average d.c. commuter $1843 every year. that's nearly double the average american who loses about $960 per year. charles county maileders have it the worst when it comes to time. they spend an average of 43 minutes commuting. warren county, virginia, made the top ten with an average of a 42-minute drive. >> if you want the best commute, you need to move to nebraska. >> good luck with that. a new decision 2016 twist. how they are reacting to donald trump's plan. the controversy surrounding
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>> they say they are not going to pay for the wall. every negotiation starts that way but mexico will pay for the wall. >> donald trump is not backing down from his hard stance. it comes at a cost. what does that mean for the gop campaign? >> what about those already here, millions of them who have not broken the law. he says he wants to immediately deport those who have broken the law, on those who have not, on wednesday, trump has said everyone has got to go. you can't stay here illegally, yesterday in a series of interviews, including with our affiliate, he said that
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once all the criminals are done, he hasn't decided what to do, and he wants to handle things on a humane way. going back to some of the softer positions that we heard before that speech. >> if we turn to hillary clinton now, her latest fundraising figures are out this morning. what do these signal about her campaign? >> $123 million in august, aaron. it's a big haul. it's a lot of money. in the last few days, she raised a big chunk of that in the hamptons. she's spent a lot of time off the campaign trail raising money. only two public events in the last two weeks. a lot of fund-raisers. it's said she's trying to get a big pot of money in place for what she expects to be a pretty tough election fight this fall. >> tracie potts on capitol hill this morning. thank you. the debate over felon voting rights continues to heat up in virginia. the state snot majority leader will introduce a constitutional amendment to restore the rights
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but it would be permanently ban violent felons. all eyes on northern california today. 20-year-old sex offender brock turner going free. he was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a frat party and is being let out for good behavior after just 90 days behind bars. the county sheriff's office is expecting protests especially from people who thought the original sentence was too short. once he's out, turner will be on probation for three years. he will also have to attend drug and alcohol counselling and register as a sex offender. we are now seeing the incredible video of the moment a rocket exploded, you see it right there, spacex says no one was hurt here when the rocket blew up during an unmanned test.
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you can see the rocket was insin rated there. there is a lot of damage to the launch pad. satellite that was going to bring internet access to parts of africa and the middle east was destroyed. they once worked directly with children, now six people from prince george's head start program are band from the classrooms. three are fired and three are recommended for termination. the board of education has vowed to keep that program going. a premature baby is fighting for life this morning after police say her father stabbed her mother. montgomery coin police 18-year-old dakota brothers choked and stabbed the pregnant mother in wheaton on wednesday. prosecutors say he intended to kill her and the unborn baby. he told police he wasn't ready to be a
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he's being held on attempted murder charges. news 4 has learned about a connection between two deaths in fairfax county. the same deputy was involved in both of them. county deputy patrick mcpartlin is on leave right now. he shot and killed martinez. the deputy shot him. last year, he was on a law enforcement team that tackled tasha mckenna at the jail. blood donation centers around the country are getting ready to test for the zika virus. the fda recommended last week that all donations be tested. that means centers will have to change the questions they ask donors and update their tests. >> it's probably better
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earlier rather than later in order to stay ahead of the zika risk so we can still look our patients in the eye and reassure them that we do have the safest possible blood supply for you. >> clinics in florida and puerto rico have been testing for zika for months. there are nearly 2,500 travel-related cases nationwide. three postal workers are accused of mishandling your way. by mishandling, we mean stealing it or tossing it out. a mail clerk in gaithersburg is due in court next month and she's charged with opening mail and taking a gift card. a worker in bethesda accused of tossing 100 pieces of mail into the did dumpster. a worker in temple hill tossed a sack of mail in a trash can. the
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stand during the national anthem has others kneeling with him. ♪ ♪ colin kaepernick says he can't support the flag when minorities are not treated equally in the united states. during the preseason, he refused to stand. this time his teammate eric reid did the same thing. in seattle, seahawks quarterback jarm -- jeremy lane did the same thing as well. kaepernick says he won't stand until the flag represents what it's supposed to. chuck bell is joining us. you are saying today is looking good. monday is looking good. the dicey part is saturday, sunday? >> it's just the meat of the labor day weekend mothers the -- matters the most. thert
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out to the beaches, the bigger the impact is going to be. westbound of the shenandoah valley and the mountains, a much different story. might even be sunny and dry almost all weekend out in west virginia. a big change. first going to set your mind at ease, had some showers around last night. even the boss got sprinkled on a couple of times. we'll be dry for your friday. temperatures are comfortably cooler than they have been. mid 50s in the mountains of west virginia. low to mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. for today, nothing to worry about. plenty of sunshine, highs today, upper 70s to around 80 degrees. now, as far as what to expect over the labor day weekend, from a rain perspective, starts sometime during the day on saturday. heaviest rain is likely saturday night on into sunday. from a wind perspective, turning breezy tomorrow, much stronger winds. sun, monday. for flooding concerns that's coastal areas, western shore to
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here's the track of hermine. the new track is coming out at 5:00 a.m. as of now, the most important thing is that each forecast run has kept the center of the storm off the east coast of the united states. in the long term though, past monday or tuesday, this storm may sit off the jersey coast for some stretch of days out here. the effects on the coastline are detrimental. it will be a long stretch of strong winds and battering waves at the beaches, so that is going to be trouble. here's our ten-day forecast. nice today. tomorrow, chances of rain increase during the day tomorrow. rainfall amounts could be as littler as 1/4 of an inch in the shenandoah valley. 5 to 6 inches on the beach. next week, jack taylor loves it, we'll be back in the sizzling 90s. >> that's what i'm looking for. giving me more nines.
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beltway, down near 450, crews are still hanging in there. thub there for the next four or five minutes. inner loop down near saint barnabas road, everything was put over safely on the left shoulder. it's not causing any kind of a slow down. just be aware there's a possibility of coming off the gas, you see flashing lights. back to you. we told you how traffic is costing you time and money and some places are only getting more congested. what a new study is revealing about where roads are getting busier every year. >> a mix-up that left two five-year-olds alone in a
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you are not imagining it. traffic is getting worse in northern virginia. the northern virginia transportation commission says metro ridership was down 15% at virginia stations in june. overall, fewer people are using buses and trains too and that means more cars on the roads. don't forget, most schools in that area have not returned yet. all schools will be back in session on tuesday. it is quite possibly a mother's worst nightmare, your child put on a wrong flight and ends up in a strange city. two five-year-old boys were
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on the wrong flights. one five-year-old was supposed to be in jfk in new york, he was in boston instead. they handed me a little boy with his passport and that was not my son. jetblue got the kids to the right destination. the families want the federal government to investigate how something like this could happen. mitsubishi headquarters are being raided amid a mileage rating scandal. the mile lanl inflation was first uncovered in april and affected cars under the nissan brand. the japanese government says today's raid comes after finding proof that
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another eight models. you are looking at the official portrait of mother teresa. it's going on display at st. peter's during a canonization ceremony on sunday. stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. breaking news, at 5:00 a.m., her mean has just been down graded to a tropical storm. that's after it became the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade, bringing rain, strong winds to the gulf coast. it is 5:00 a.m. >> we want to start talking about the weather and its impacts for so many of us, whether you are staying in town or you are planning to head out. this could be something major for a bunch of us, chuck. >> absolutely right. the new


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