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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we have our storm rangers and storm team 4 x 4 and we'll show you the damage hermine is already doing. >> plus, we have breaking news from metro hours after concrete falls from the ceiling of the rhode island avenue station. how long it will be closed and what metro is doing to make sure that station is safe. thanks for joining us on this very busy friday afternoon. i'm susan hogan. >> i'm adam tuss. let's start with the forecast. the latest on tropical storm hermine. it is moving across the panhandle. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. hey, doug. >> we are talking about the storm. we have been. we have been tracking it over two weeks coming tauf african coast, across the atlantic to the north of cuba, into the gulf. we figured it would blow up
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80-mile-an-hour hurricane and moving up the coast. it's going to impact us. >> it is hitting the beaches hard. as it weakens, it strengthens to a hurricane, again. >> it could become a hurricane off the coast. the biggest part is this is going to stall off the coast. this is going to last for days. look where it is across the charleston area, toward raleigh. take a look at where this is going. no rain in the region yet. it will get here overnight. 50-mile-an-hour winds. it is going to move along the coast. it has moisture and fuel and they do not have it weakening. it is coming offshore and strengthening. here is the big question, where does it go from here? it is going to stall acros
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beaches. amelia segal has more on that. >> we are tracking the hurricane and the tropical storm. the latest in elizabeth city, north carolina. it is going to move with the storm all weekend. you can see the shot from our storm ranger. most of us, beaches in maryland and virginia are under a tropical storm warning. this is going to be in effect for the weekend. delaware beaches under a tropical storm watch. it will be upgraded to a tropical storm warning. windses will be anywhere from 35 to 50 miles an hour with wind damage, beach erosion for sure and the threat of flooding with three to six inches falling at the local beaches, maybe up to ten. heavy rain saturday. rain at times on sunday. still windy. labor day, we were talking about this yesterday. we are bringing in the chance of rain for labor day. temperatures at the beaches in the 70
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we are going to break down what you can expect in our area and the mountains coming up in a bit. guys? >> thank you very much. the storm has claimed one death in florida. authorities say a homeless person was killed when a large tree fell on him. that happened south of gainsville. meanwhile, this chopper video shows flooding off the coast after tampa. there's widespread power outages. today, florida's governor reminded residents to stay safe and continue to look out for one another. heroes answered the call to help those in need. for example, in pasco county, fire personnel and sheriff's deputies rescued people from rising waters and got them to safety. >> dangerous rip currents along the coast will continue over the long, holiday weekend. as we track the storm on air, you can get the forecast and look at the radar wherever you are with t
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new details in a death investigation we told you about this morning. a man is now accused of killing his own parents inside the home they shared in maryland. howard county police stay suspect is 30-year-old craig dennis white. they found his parents dead in their home yesterday evening on queens guard court after they failed to show up for a meeting. the father had been stabbed and the mother a blunt force trauma injury. their son is charged with first and second degree murder. breaking news that will affect your evening commute and beyond. metro held a news conference about the falling debris. it will remain closed until sunday. >> we know this is a holiday weekend. i know we are inconveniencing a lot of folks that live and use this
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your safety. we will provide a free shuttle bus service. we will continue to do so. if we find throughout the weekend that our work has accelerated and we can open the station sooner, we will do so. >> news 4's kristin wright is live with more on the problem and reaction from riders. kristin? >> susan, we talked to a lot of metro riders today. they all say pretty much the same thing, they are tired of the metro problems and they are worried about their safety. >> there is no train. shuttle bus to brooklyn. >> reporter: metro riders arriving at the rhode island station are confused. many finding out the station is closed, again. they have to get on shuttles for the next station and trains bypass rhode island in both directions. pieces of concrete
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ceiling. concrete and metal fell. today, behind locked gates, inspectors were focused on the ceiling near the escalator. up on lifts and hammering. many riders are getting more impatient with metro. >> out of all the things going on and all the money they are taking to fix things, they need to do everything in one shot. >> reporter: coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, hear one man's struggle to get where he needed to go today. back to you. >> thank you very much. a new move by metro that could impact how much you pay for your commute. metro wants to hand over management for parking facility. the agency announced they want to privatize the garages. scott macfarlane is live at the station with a story you saw first on 4. how is this going to work? >> reporter: adam, good afternoon. metro doesn't just want
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privatize their parking, they want to for 15 years. this parking garage lot, more than 50 in the system. in fact, there are 50,000 plus parking stations systemwide. metro wants to have a contractor come in and run these things, manage them, operate them, repair them when needed and accept nearly all the revenue that comes in through parking. presumably metro gets some revenue in return either in a lump sum or annual payments from the contractor. it wants to get out of the parking business. what we saw in the formal proposal, they do open the door for the possibility the contractor could raise the fee for parking or expand the period of time in which they charge a fee, weekend, holidays, late at night when so many of us can park for free. we are mentioning, adam and susan, met
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>> scott, i don't think people really understand how big of a deal this really is going to be for people or how big of a change it will be. what is the process for all this? >> reporter: the timetable is quick, adam. it caught our attention. they want proposals from contractors by the end of next month, the end of october. according to the formal pro po sal, they want to put the new contractor in place and privatize the parking spots by july 1st. back to you. >> thanks so much. ahead, why you can't buy one of the newest cell phones out there anymore and why you probably wouldn't want to. the virginia governor's advice ahead of tropical storm hermine. we will monitor the storm throughout the newscast. stick around for that.
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oh, looking at a very nice night across our region, however, tomorrow night maybe not as nice. really by this time tomorrow morning, we are dpoung going to rain. over south carolina, the heaviest rain to the north. in north carolina right now. we are seeing that make its way up the north slowly. already seeing some of that rain in southern side of virginia. coming up, where you live, where are you going this holiday weekend? the mountains, the he
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today, virginia governor declared a state of emergency, taking action ahead of the storm. >> the emergency support teams will be fully activated tomorrow morning and provide 24 hour coverage across the state for as long as needed and 300 virginia national guard troops are already on stand by to help with rescue and recovery effort. >> let's take a live look now. this is the view looking toward charleston, north carolina, if you can make it out. we are going to show you more of hermine. a live report on the storm straight ahead. plus, more than a dozen prisons are not
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right now, we are working for you, tracking the impact of tropical storm hermine. the system is moving across florida as we speak. >> we have been telling you, it is not going to be a great beach week. you are looking at live conditions and farther south as storm ranger is tracking the storm from elizabeth city, north carolina. >> downgraded to a tropical storm. don't be -- >> heavy rain and possible tornadoes remain a threat. jay gray is live in savannah with a look at the
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jay? >> reporter: hey, there. let's start with the good news. most of the rain associated with the storm here is just about cleared, just spitting a bit right now. we continue to get strong wind gusts and that's as hermine pushes through georgia and takes aim at the east coast. the initial strike was silent, driving rain and sustained winds of 80 miles an hour gusts even stronger. hermine, the first hurricane to make land fall in florida in more than a decade tearing apart the region. the hurricane moved through our state, we experienced power loss. >> reporter: the storm surge pushed water into places it's not supposed to go, including homes along the shoreline. >> as it progresses, the water will continue to rise. >> reporter: they lost power, but little punch.
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tropical storm as it pushed into georgia, showing signs it would continue to be a problem. >> 20 streets closed because of the rain and high tide. >> reporter: trees and power lines are down as well as the system picked up speed, moving into the carolinas where there's a growing concern. >> we want this thing to move in and out as quick as possible. >> reporter: the forecast shows it will continue to move up the eastern sea board. the sun and beach goers out in new jersey right now. but, these sandbags, a warning of what could be on the way. likely to continue to cause problems for millions in the path through early next week. in savannah, georgia, i'm jay gray, news 4. >> let's look at how the storm is going to i pact us. >> doug and amelia is following
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>> right now, almost directly over charleston, south carolina. they are not seeing a lot of wind. most of the rain is to the north. for us, it's about the impact that's going to be in certain areas. >> the good news, as we get new information in, it is consistently saying the beaches are going to get hardest hit. >> take a look at what we are dealing with. there it is. the center of circulation just to the west, around charleston, this is going to move up the coast here. by doing so, it is going to stay in with the water. plenty of moisture to come in. a lot of times the storms move inland and die off. it's not the case here. it's going to hug the coast. plenty of moisture around. i mention that they are seeing the heaviest rain. we have that. there's flood warnings in this portion of north carolina and toward the outer banks we are seeing heavy rain there, too. this is where we had the storm ranger around wilmington, north carolina. we are going to talk about that
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the storm is a tropical storm, but has a tail down here. we have a lot of storms around florida. now it's moving our way. let's take a look at the latest track. a good storm moving at 18 miles an hour. it moves along the coast. when it comes off the coast, it may intensify. it's going 65 miles an hour saturday night. then back to hurricane strength at 75 miles an hour. now, it may be a subtropical storm, doesn't matter what it is called. this is a nor'easter along the coast. we are talking significant impact along the beaches. amelia is here with the impact where you live. >> if you are heading to the beaches, a better idea to think of a plan "b." it's not going to be nice, strong winds, lots of rain and clouds. that's through labor day. if you are in town, southern maryland, a rai d
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we are not talking about flooding, necessarily. it will be windy, maybe isolated wind damage. i think that would be highly unlikely as well. then we head to the metro area, montgomery, prince george's county, the district, arlington, fairfax. we are including prince william. just a nuisance event for us. showers at times over the long holiday weekend. breezy tomorrow. sunday and monday as well. labor day is looking okay. it's not a perfect labor day, but could be worse. the western zone is a different picture. it's going to be nice around labor day. upper 80s, a shower or two over the weekend. you'll have plenty of drive time. talking about the timing, rain in southern maryland. what is the latest on when it does arrive? >> 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, notice the rain in to southern maryland and the northern neck. notice where the heaviest rain is near the eastern
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area. as we talked about, frederick, warrenton, you may not see any rain at all from the system. the heaviest rain will stay to the south. showers around the d.c. metro area. then, as the system moves off, the rain shield moves off, too. we are not going to see rain or impact across most of the area. storm team 4 radar, or the ten-day forecast talking a weather alert tomorrow and sunday, then a heat wave. maybe a record breaking heat wave for next week. >> thank you very much. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has taken a look at the local beaches one by one and given his forecast for each. open the nbc washington app and search beach forecast. then check out the live traffic map on the app as well. time is 4:21. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, the trial that sparks outrage. how the former stanford swimmer is already out of jail.
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an important safety move to tell you about. samsung is hoping sales of the newest flag ship phone and recalling the ones that have already been sold. the reason? the battery could explode. samsung says if you have already purchased
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can swap it out. 35 devices caught fire or exploded. no reports of injuries related to the fire. samsung sold more than 1 million galaxy notes, seven since it launched two weeks ago. all you need is plain old soap and water to wash your hands. forgot about the antibacterial. fda banned nine ingredients saying there's no proof it works and can lead to drug resistant bugs. they have a year to remove the ingredients out of the product or pull them off the market. it applies to consumer products, not anti-bacterials used in hospital and food service. bryan voltaggio is closing restaurants. it will not impact the one at mgm national harbor
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flagship restaurant in frederick, maryland. the mgm is one of the topics. we'll take a closer look in covering prince george's county special coming up at 11:30 a.m. sunday. i will take a look at safety on one of the most dangerous in the county. a good reason for why you might want to head to d.c. superior court. we are going to show you the unique exhibit now on display in the courthouse. the new information we just learned about a teenager shot and killed in d.c. all eyes on tropical storm hermine. the storm team is tracking the storm as it makes its way up the coast. it is over the charleston area.
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now at 4:30, tracking tropical storm hermine. you can see on the radar centered over charleston, south carolina. amelia draper kicks things off for us. what do we know about the storm? >> minor impacts on our area in washington or heading toward the west. you are looking at, for the most part, an okay labor day weekend. look at the underground temperatures now, 70s. 78 in washington.
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79. really nice this evening. dry for everybody. comfortable temperatures. grab long sleeves if you are heading out. sunday into monday, ten minutes ago, doug showed the future weather. morning and midday hours as we look to monday. we are looking dry for the morning and midday hours with rain posz zabsible for the afte and evening hours. the rest of the day is looking dry with highs in the 80s. i'm jamie along the coast where hurricane hermine dropped. residents here tried to get to their flooded homes, but have to wait until it recedes.
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state and local emergency officials are tracking the path of hermine. we are not projected to get this. power outages and beach erosion. we spoke to a local boater who is changing weekend plans, to not risk getting caught in the storm. the capitals labor daikon sert is on for monday. it is free. they will perform. spectators will be able to start gathering on the cal toll front. the concert starts at 8:00 p.m. they recommend using metro. she's leaving for the nfl, but not before a send off from the mlb. nationals plan to honor cathy lanier. she will hand off the game ball to the starting pitcher. they will
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nine years of service. he last day with d.c. police, september 17th. there will be a new program for aspiring d.c. police officers. the public safety academy will be at anacostia high school southeast. student who is graduate from the program will not only get a high school diploma, they will earn six college credits and have guaranteed enrollment in the d.c. cadet program at the university of the district of columbia. they say the goal of the program is to create jobs and build a pipeline for future officers to work in the communities they grew up in. in the long run, better serve the neighborhoods. >> there's a good reason to visit the courthouse other than jury duty. >> you can get a close look at the nation's history. >> you will also see a document featured in an upcoming movie about a
4:33 pm
couple. mark segraves has the story. >> reporter: thousands of people pass through these doors at the d.c. superior courthouse every year, coming for their marriage license. many of them get married in the courthouse. as they sit in the waiting room, waiting to fill out the paperwork, many of them don't realize they are sitting on pieces of history put on display at the courthouse for all to see. they are marriage licenses. some of the most famous marriage licenses in the history of our country. two u.s. presidents got married here in d.c. woodrow wilson and cleveland. richard nixon's daughter came to the courthouse for a marriage license. the most famous is richard and mildred who lived in virginia. in 1958 married in the d.c. courthouse because interracial marriages were illegal. an upcoming movie
4:34 pm
marriage. mildred showed them the d.c. marriage license. they aren't the only artifact you can see at the d.c. superior courthouse. across the street from the main courthouse building, here at the office of the registrar of wills, they have the wills on display with several from washington d.c. residents. among them, this handwritten will of frederick douglass that specifies who we wants to get his money and his books. the projects are open monday through friday at the d.c. superior courthouse. come down and see them for yourself. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. new details. we just learned the name of the anacostia student shot and killed yesterday afternoon in south. 17-year-old kevin jackson died shortly after arriving at the hospital. the shooting happened on 16th street near 18th
4:35 pm
another person believed to be a pizza delivery man was also wounded in that shooting, so far. no arrests. police are looking for suspects and a motive behind a deadly shooting. this time in northeast. that shooting happened after midnight on 14th street near the intersection of rhode island avenue. officers arrived and found a 28-year-old dead in the street. this is just blocks away from the scene of another shooting earlier this week. the jail sentence for a former stanford student convicted of rape is over. the outrage isn't. brock turner left jail in santa clara county today serving three months for sexually assaulting a woman. he got out after three months for good behavior. a sentence that many criticed called too lenient. they urged the removal of the judge that handed downturner's
4:36 pm
sentence. he will head back home to ohio where he will be on probation and a registered sex offender for life. we are working for you, tracking tropical storm hermine. we have storm team 4 x 4 in north carolina giving you the best information and live pictures as it has storm moves up the coast. we are keeping an eye on where the storm is going to go and the impact here at home. traffic is building on 95 south. if you are about to head out of town for the holiday, first 4 llaffic's melissa mollet wi
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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i have a look at the labor day weekend travel. the best advise to give you, leave early or leave late. avoid those peak times. think about alternates before you get on the road. you know what direction you have to head. instead of 95, think of route 1 or 301 if you can go to the west. if you are thinking about 66 at the beltway, you can use the icc if you are trying to avoid this half of the beltway. talk about the express lanes. are you wondering how they are going to work this labor day weekend? 495, on friday, reversal to southbound. it's 10:00 in the morning. saturday, northbound at 2:00 p.m. on sunday and monday, northbound lanes running open all day on tuesday northbound for the morning rush
4:40 pm
are talking 395, that reversal starting at 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. they had been starting it earlier at 10:00 a.m. throughout the summer. have a good labor day. taking a look at the latest on hermine. a nice night across the region. hermine moves into the region by this time tomorrow morning. we are tracking it like we had never been able to before with that right there. that is storm ranger 4. northern portions of north carolina arnound elizabeth city. this is nbcs very own radar, our own radar we are going to continue to track the storm with. i'm going to show you what it does. this is the composite radar out of the weather service. this is all the radar all over the southeast. that's giving us a good picture of the larger scale here. the storms are circulating around the charleston
4:41 pm
here is the national weather service radar in this area, wakefield, virginia then raleigh, north carolina. around elizabeth city, we are tracking a very small band that you really can't see from the national weather service radar. the reason? they are too far away. we wanted to go where the storm is and take a look at the band off the ocean here. here is storm team 4 radar over elizabeth city. look at the individual cell that is we would be missing if it wasn't for storm team 4 radar. again, this is the ability to go closest to the storm we have been able to do before. we can go to the beach and we are tracking this tonight. we are going to move up to virginia beach. by tomorrow, just outside ocean city, maryland tracking the weather in our area like we have never been able to before. we can pick up things like location and strong winds that other radars can't. guys? >> that is cool. really neat to see it in action this weekend. >> storm ranger. >>
4:42 pm
the first of its kind drone is flying across the chesapeake and what it is carrying with it. >> yeah. the legal maneuvering in the bob mcdonal construction case and what it means for governor. more documents released from hillary clinton's private server. what the e-mlsai
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welcome back. a live look at
4:45 pm
bay bridge. traffic appears to be moving fairly well. you are seeing it on the eastbound and westbound direction. everyone trying to get away for the labor day. chopper 4 is providing this coverage. if you are getting to the beach, it could be tricky this weekend. stay safe on your travel. the fbi released more documents related to the investigation of the private server used by hillary clinton giving donald trump more ammunition. a visit to a predominantly black church in detroit. edward? >> good evening. this document shows hillary clinton told the fbi that she never asked permission to use a personal e-mail server or account. that violates federal recordkeeping policies. in a heavily redacted document, the fbi released its summery
4:46 pm
interview about whether she mishandled classified material on the server. the fbi says clinton told them, she never deleted or instructed them to delete her e-mails to avoid complying with the federal records act but tens of thousands were deleted, some classified and related to her work as secretary of state. she relied on foreign service workers to guidance. the fbi recommended not to charge clinton. >> there is evidence they were highly confiden lly confidentia. >> reporter: trump received his second national security briefing in new york, then headed to philadelphia, meeting with african-american religious and civic leaders. some critics called this and the trip tomorrow to talk to a black church in detroit just lip service saying trump is actually
4:47 pm
voters who don't want to support someone accused of racial bias. >> going in now taking that emptying it -- >> information in the e-mail or in here was given to congress by fbi director james comby last july. most of this is not new information. there are a few new tidbits in there. reporting live, edward lawrence. back to you susan. >> lester holt will host the first presidential debate between clinton and trump. it will take place in new york. here is a look at the rest of the debates scheduled. the vice president debate will be october 4 in farmville, virginia, about an hour's drive or so west of richmond. the second debate between trump and clinton october 9th. the third
4:48 pm
october 19th. prosecutors want to put bob mcdonal on trial again on krupgs charges. they threw out the first case three months ago. "the washington post" is reporting the u.s. attorney's office in virginia recommended to the justice department he be tried again. prosecutors have until september 19 to make a formal request. we just got the latest advisory in. no real change with the storm right now. really not a big change as far as the track is concerned. we think it will be off the coastline. that's a big concern. >> it is going to sit there over the holiday weekend. we are worried about coastal flooding, especially in our area and st. mary's county. >> amelia will have more on that in a second. here is the storm here turning over the charleston, south carolina area. look at the heavy rain bands in north carolina. thisea
4:49 pm
throughout the afternoon. we are going continue to watch it moving toward north carolina and eventually right into the southern virginia area later on this afternoon and evening. the wider view showing not just this area. it extends down and pulling moisture out of the gulf. a lot of moisture coming in. some of the computer models showing 10 to 20 inches of rain in portions of eastern parts of north carolina and offshore of our area. some locations could pick up three to six inches along the beaches, d.c. westward, not much of an impact. 50-mile-an-hour winds moving northeast at 20 picking up in speed a little bit. the latest track moves along the coast. it has it going to 60-mile-an-hour tropical storm. from here, it meets an area of high pressure to the north and stalls. because it stalls and maybe even turns back to the coast, that's why we think we could have major problems and why we have tropical storm warnings. e
4:50 pm
earlier, we were under a tropical storm warning for the beaches of maryland and virginia. with that, not a lot of changes. they have extended them further to the north up into delaware, including wilmington. you can see all the areas of red under tropical storm warnings. in our area, st. mary's county where coastal flooding is possible. you can talk about a storm surge, a foot over where it is. wind damage, beach erosion and flooding threat, not to mention the wind. 35 to 50 miles an hour. here is an overview of the weekend. if you are heading to the shenandoah valley, hardly a drop. d.c. metro will have nuisance showers in the morning and midday hours. if you are headed to the bay, windy. rainy at times. beaches, i would consider going somewhere else. throughout the day tomorrow, we stay in the 70s. plenty of clouds, but future weather we are talking so
4:51 pm
not a lot, though. >> not a lot at all. we see the rain coming up by 6:00 a.m. in the southern zone. that's down toward portions of maryland. around the 11:00 and 12:00, they are light showers. the heaviest rain stays well to the south and east. back to the west. fredericks, leesburg, warrenton. you are not going to see rain out of this at all. by afternoon, the rain moves out and you see sunshine. you may not see much at all. west of the blue ridge, you may have fantastic weather all weekend long. that's something to think about here. to the west of the blue ridge, the mountains looking really good. saturday and sunday are the weather days. 76 degrees on saturday. 75 on sunday. a chance of showers both days. labor day looking good. 84 degrees. that's inland. at the beach, major issues. as we look toward the middle part of the late portions of the week, look at the heat return. we are talking near record
4:52 pm
the heat is concerned. 93 on wednesday. 97 on thursday. we even thought about going 100 degrees one or two of these days. that's the kind of heat we have moving in, record breaking heat possible by late week and the weekend next week. we'll talk about this storm and all week next week coming up in a couple minutes. we have the latest for you on news 4 at 5:00. >> thank you very much. a changeable forecast. check this out, a first of its kind drone flight. engineering stunlts at the university of maryland flew an unmanned six-wing aircraft across the bay. it was carrying a container of saline solution to demonstrate the key role an unmanned aircraft can play in emergency situations. it took off from maryland and landed safely 12 miles away from cam bridge. they retrieved the package on board and delivered it to a medical center. more test flights are in the
4:53 pm
popular months to buy a car. with all the sales for labor day weekend, of course. you may want to shop for financing first before shopping for the new ride. a survey from finds getting a loan directly from the auto manufacturer could give you the best deal. they are 51% below average according to the survey. those with the lowest rate include cadillac, ford, hyundai, mini, nissan, subaru and toyota. kaepernick's decision to not sfand for the national anthem, again. >> keep it here as we watch tropical storm hermine and the impact on the east during the holiday weekend.
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san francisco 49ers quarterback is getting new support from his teammates. safety eric breeze spoke on kaepernick's behalf. for the second game in a row the quarterback refused to stand for the national anthem. kaepernick has gotten more support from fans on social media. he says he doesn't want to, quote, show pride in a flag for
4:57 pm
people and people of color. kaepernick took a knee. it happened to be during a military night in san diego. aaron gilchrist has more on the fallout and the support he's getting from veterans. ♪ and the rockets red glare >> reporter: a chorus of cloud boos inside a packed stadium thursday night directed at colin kaepernick as the "national anthem" began. kaepernick continuing the protest against racial injustice by not standing during the national anthem, this time joined by teammate eric reed. >> we have a lot of people that aren't treated equally or given equal opportunities. police brutality is a huge thing that needs to be addressed. ♪ for the land of the free >> reporter: in
4:58 pm
a stadium filled with veterans and their family. >> for the troops that are serving as well as those on tour to protect this nation, i think it's disrespectful, i do. >> reporter: his critics don't understand the message. >> the men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put theirselves in the line of danger. >> reporter: he plans to follow up with action. >> i'm currently working with organizations to be involved and making sure that i'm actively in these communities as well as donating the first million dollars i make this year to different organizations to help these communities. >> reporter: aaron gilchrist, news 4. announcer: news 4 at 5:00 starts now. we are looking at anul
4:59 pm
we are looking at high winds. this could have a real impact on the commonwealth. >> the calm before the storm in virginia and maryland. we are already seeing the wind starting to pick up to the south. virginia governor declaring a state of emergency as he tells people to brace for impact from tropical storm hermine. good friday afternoon, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm adam tuss. hermine made land fall slamming the coast of florida are heavy wind and rain. more than 250,000 people without power. today, we are seeing the aftermath and downed trees and power lines. >> as the storm tracks north, we have team coverage on how it might impact your plans. >> for some, this is not going to have much of an impact at all. some of you are going to be like what storm? others, it will be a problem. >> it's incredible what a difference 0
5:00 pm
make. it's between eight inches of rain and sunshine. >> that's what's going on in the carolinas where the storm is. in south carolina, turning just to the north of charleston now, that's where the center of circulation is. you can track it moving to the north of charleston. heavy rain bands, too. extremely heavy rain around columbia, south carolina area. greenville north carolina and south carolina, nothing there. that's how it is going to be. the rain gradient is big around the region. again, here comes the storm making its way up the coast and out to sea. you can see that with the latest advisory from the hurricane center. winds of 50 miles an hour. they have not come down over the last couple hours. winds moving to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. it will stay along the coast. actually, intensifying as it gets off the coast and then where does it go from here? all the computer models off the


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