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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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is responsible for the content of this ad. good morning. defiant. donald trump grabs all the headlines with one provocative statement, saying at the final debate he's not sure he'll accept the result of the november votes. >> i will tell you at the time i will tell you at the time. i will keep >> hillary clinton seizes the moment. >> and if the vote is fair, i am confident we will accept it. >> what will the voters say, on today thursday, october 20th, 2016? >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer
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vegas, nevada. and good morning, everybody. welcome to a special split edition of "today" on this thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. it is the middle of the night in las vegas. matt, not my typical vegas night but what an exciting one in terms of our politics. >> we don't have time to get into your typic years, you know instantly when something said in that debate is going to drive the headlines that next day. certainly no exception last night. the debate does top our look at the state of the race today. 19 days to go. started with a lot of substance on issues like guns and choosing supreme court nominees. but this morning, it is trump twice declining to say that he will accept the election's outcome if he lose is that has people talking.
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the winner. 39% went with trump. as for today, trump holds a rally in ohio before meeting up with clinton once again, both are set to speak at a charity dinner here in new york city. but we're going to begin this morning with what happened last night. decision 2016 coverage starts with hallie jackson. she's with me here in vegas. savannah, good morning. these comments made by something top republicans are going to have to answer to today. it was a strong start for the gop nominee. >> reporter: defying a defining principle of democracy, donald trump refusing to say he'd accept the results of this election. >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. i'll look at it at the time. >> reporter: the question, coming as the gop phenom ramps bl nominee wrams up rhetoric. >> the peaceful transition of
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now? >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> reporter: a reversal from what trump said three and half weeks ago. here's the story. if she wins, i will absolutely support her. >> reporter: not once, but twice. >> will you accept the outcome of the election? >> oh, yes, i will. >> that is the no the way our democracy works. we've been around for 240 years. we've had free and fair whether we may not have liked them. and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> reporter: in a spin room after the debate, the gop chair trying to clarify what trump meant. >> first of all, i think he is going to seven the results because he is going to win. >> that's not what he said tonight on the stage. >> i think he is considering voter fraud. >> reporter: the debate in vegas coming after a week dominated by
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conduct against trump which he has repeatedly denied and did again on stage, this time blaming clinton's campaign for the controversies. >> those stories have been largely debunked. those people -- i don't know those people. i have a feeling how they came. i believe it was her campaign that did it. >> he said that he could not possibly have done those things to those women because they were not attractive enough. >> i did not say that. >> -- to be assaulted. >> i did not say that. >> >> i did not say that. >> it's her two minutes. >> he went on to say, look at her. i don't think so. >> reporter: facing fire for his comment about women, trump not holding back, saying about his rival -- >> such a nasty woman. >> reporter: his team trying to spin a win. pointing to a steady substantive start for trump worked to rally his base on supreme court picks, abortion rights and framing clinton as the status quo.
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memorable moments -- going viral. >> but we have some bad ombres here and we're going to get them out. >> reporter: along with this exchange on the emmys. >> when he started tweeting that the emmys were rigged again. >> reporter: and another on russian president vladimir putin. >> he'd rather have a puppet as president -- >> no puppet. no puppet. >> -- of the united states. >> you're the puppet. >> reporter: trump tweeting yo every night about making all his points. but clinton's campaign also claiming victory debate and i'm feeling both relieved and very grateful. >> reporter: now after the final phaseoff, the final sprint to election day. whether trump will accept that outcome or not. >> reporter: and on that subject of accepting the outcome of the election, i had a chance to talk about donald trump's running mate, mike pence, in the spin room here in las vegas.
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conversation. >> you said on sunday to our network that you would absolutely accept the results of this election. you did not add an "if," you did not add a qualification. should donald trump do the same? >> i think donald trump is going to be elected president of the united states. >> that's not an answer sir, respectfully. i've got to ask you to answer the question. do you think donald trump did what you say saying you would accept the results of the election without qualification. >> what donald trump said tonight. i wrote it down as a quote. he said i'll look at it at the time. and i think he's m of americans. we're going to continue to call on people all across this country to respectfully participate in the electoral process to ensure that we can all be confident in the vote. if the vote is fair, i'm confident that we'll accept it. >> you have said, governor, that you don't like name calling in this race. what did donald trump mean when he called hillary clinton a nasty woman? >> i think it was a pretty rough and tumble debate out there. but look, when you think about the stakes in this election,
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obama and hillary clinton is literally weakened america's place in the world, stifled america's economy, i understand. i understand some of the tough language, frankly, that came from both of the podiums, because the stakes are just that high. >> while this was the final face-off between these two presidential candidates, it is not the last time they are going to be in the same room. that's also happening tonight at a dinner in new york. >> election day- matt, back to you. >> savannah, thank you very much. we're joined now by senator tim kaine, the democratic vice presidential nominee. senator, good morning. good to see you. >> matt, great to be back with you. >> donald trump refusing to pledge last night that he will accept the results of this election on november 8th. even though many of his surrogates and his own running mate have said, yes, they will accept the results.
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weeks ago said he would absolutely accept the results. which donald trump do you believe? >> well, i think last night's donald trump was the real donald trump. it was on display for everybody. and, matt, that was the most shocking moment of the night. there were a couple of other big shockers, but i lived in honduras as a missionary 35 years ago. it was a military dictatorship. nobody could vote for president. boy, i really learned something. accepting the outcome of elections, and then the peaceful transf pillar of our nation's history. and something that we do and take for granted. but many nations around the world, they can't do it. we should not have somebody running for president who is going to try to pull the pillar down which donald trump was basically trying to do last night. i think about -- >> i think his surrogates immediately knew that would dominate the headlines this morning. and so they tried to immediately put it in context. here was their argument. they're saying, let's go back to
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controversial election between al gore and george w. bush. al gore challenged the results all the way to the supreme court. they have a candidate who's already said they think -- that he thinks this election is rigged. so i guess their stance is, why should we already accept the results until we see them and look for any irregularities. >> well, al gore did in a very gracious way that was very patriotic accept the results once the court in a respectful tone. did al gore ever say things were rigged? absolutely not. he availed himself of legal processes that were fair. but this pre-election whining of donald trump that hillary clinton called him on. she said, look, the issue is this. you don't accept responsibility for anything. when you lose the emmys, you have to claim that there was some cabal conspiring against
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very, very dangerous. i think of our military deployed overseas. i got a boy deployed overseas now. they've got to take a command from the commander in chief, and they have to execute on it. but the commander in chief has to take a command from the american public. when you look at voters and say, sorry, guys, i may not accept your opinions, you're basically dissing your own bosses, the american public. >> your campaign e-mails of late. if you believe the russians are behind it -- and our intelligence agencies believe just that -- and if you believe hillary clinton that the russians are behind it so they can swing this election in the favor of donald trump, wouldn't you also have to believe that the russians would then save the best or, depending on your perspective, the worst for last and they might have some sort of late october, early november surprise in store? >> matt, i have no way of
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millions of people have already voted. voting is going on. i'm in north carolina today, early vote starts today. so that's happening all over the country. but, look. that was an interesting exchange last night because, you know, hilly pointed out what our intelligence officials have confirmed, that russia's trying to influence the election. and again and again and again, donald would not admit that. well, if anybody's trying to do it, that's wrong. but he kept kind of going to the defense time as he wouldn't defend our democratic traditions and the results of an electoral mandate. it was extremely odd, and that's just one more reason why people need to turn out in droves. because we need to send a message to anybody outside this country who thinks they can influence an election. you better not mess around with our electoral democratic process. >> democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine, senator, thank you for your time this morning.
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matt, thank you. we want to bring in chuck todd and mark halperin. guys, good morning to you. let me just be devil's advocate for a moment. there is near universal condemnation when donald trump said he wouldn't accept the results on november 8th. do you think this resonates with voters? do you think they'll say we care about this, this concerns us deeply? >> look, i think his voters do. hi about this idea that the system is rigged, that there is vote fraud, that it is more rampant than it actually is. they've been sort of fed this for a while. i think the reason why it's going to be -- it wasn't that he wants to wait and see to make sure how the election is run. it was this idea that he's been talking about this for a couple weeks, and i think now the reason it's so problematic for him, is everybody republican in the country today who's on the ballot is going to be asked about this, if they're going to accept the results. that's going to be the story.
7:13 am
of criticizing donald trump. so i think it is a disaster. >> we'll never know how the world would have evaluated this debate without that comment because that comment overshadowed everything. it is ironic, it is the revenge of the elites and the establishment. i agree, not all voters will look at this and care that much. because the establishment cares because he's violated a fundamental principle of america. all the respect candidates in the establishment, everyone in the president, everyone analyzing this debate will say
7:14 am
what is the reaction of him today on this? what is the provocation that he's going to feel? he's going to feel as if everybody now is piling on him, including more republicans that will pile on him. how does he handle that moment? in the past, he hasn't handled it well. >> the trouble for him is that what he said is contradicted by his running mate, the head of the party, his own daughter, ivanka, and his own words in one of the first debates. >> they all tried to walk it back. they all said leading up to the results. afterwards they try to walk it back. i agree with chuck, how he habls handles it will be key. but this is all he is going to talk about it before it is resolved. and it could be two days before it is resolved. >> all right, back to bed for you guys. matt? nicolle wallace joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's just put a period on this one subject of refusing to accept the results. when you heard it, jaw-dropping moment? >> jaw-dropping.
7:15 am
but let's subtract that for a moment. i agree with chuck todd if he hadn't said that we would be talking about an improved performance for donald trump. plenty of low points for him, some high moments talking about the economy. but it is just a lights-out kind of statement for anyone running to the president of the united states. >> michael steele says disqualifying. >> absolutely. >> you say improved performance. but donald trump is behind in the polls. did he do anything last night, including that comment, that moves the needle that have had a real impact on his poll numbers are the stretches of his candidate where republicans have come out and really bludgeoned him. what he should be prepared for today is for the republican establishment to really, really beat him up for saying that he may or may not accept the results of this election. >> let's talk about hillary clinton here for a second. you brought us a piece yesterday where you went out and you spoke to moms contemplating voting in this election. one of the things they still had a fear of with hillary clinton
7:16 am
did hillary clinton do what she needed to do last night, do or say anything, that would help soften their feelings there? >> you know, as with trump, i think it was an improved performance for her, too. when she started at a pretty high point. her first debate was strong. this one i thought was the strongest yet. i think what they were looking for was for her to engage, for her to defend herself. i think her defense of the clinton foundation, her defense of some of her less popular stances was what they were looking for. at least three of them were alreadyhe little more and doing it from a position of strength does help her among some of these women looking for a little more texture in her answers. >> real quickly. 19 days to go before the election. she has a big lead based on most of the polling i've seen. what's her biggest fear right now? >> i think her biggest fear is that the public sort of receives last night differently from those of us who have worked in politics who understand sort of the earthquake that it was to say that you might not accept american democracy as a whole.
7:17 am
just against them as they see the gop media or against the establishment. that's a known unknown from her perspective and they had would have to recalibrate a little bit. we'll have more on the debate and fallout over trump's bombshell refusal just ahead. but right now let's get a check dylan is in from al. >> a warm day our near-high record temperatures to be across the south and southeast, and in atlanta we could break the record, and we are forecasting a high of 86, and tallahassee falls shy of the record, and here's the cold front that will certainly cool things down as we look through the midwest today, close to average about 51 degrees, and friday, 54 in pittsburgh, and we are looking
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into the northeast by the time we get to the weekend. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. good morning. sunrise just about five minutes away, and coming up on a partly cloudy sky on this thursday morning, and it's mild and muggy and another unusually muggy day on hand. and likely showers moving in on friday and drying out friday
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winds into the mid-60s, and cool next week. dylan, thank you very much. just ahead in the wake of a powerful explosion in portland, would you know what to do if you think there was a gas leak in your home. we will show you. and the debate fireworks from here in vegas, and tom brokaw will join us history of contesting elections. i've been a soldier for 3 years. i've scaled the toughest terrain and faced plenty of my fears as part of my training. and for the past two years i've been a navy federal member. so even out here i can pay securely
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ou go, you are here. join or link accounts at >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. 7:26 is your time now on this thursday, october 20th, 2016. good morning to you. i am eun yang. >> i am aaron gilchrist. we are working to learn what condition a shot, and police found him at about 3:00 this morning. in just a few hours, metro is testing out a new bus service that will take you between alexandria and the national harbor. and we are taking part in the test ride today and be sure and follow tracy today.
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this is outer loop at woodrow wilson bridge. there are delays on the outer loop of the beltway and you can see we have a 10-mile backup as you approach the woodrow wilson bridge. it's a mess here this morning, and the inner loop, about a seven-mile backup. and then 66 eastbound before fairfax county parkway, on the shoulder and the southbound lanes are blocked. we will take a break and check your forecast next.
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mild and muggy, and temperatures are in the upper 60s and 70s today, and some clouds coming and going, and rain likely tomorrow afternoon and cooler, and temperatures dropping out of the low 70s
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on saturday, and saturday's highs upper 50s with a blustery wind, and dry and in the mid-60s, and back to you. for now back to the "today"
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7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 20th day of october, 2016. as we say high to the folks out on rockefeller plaza, and savannah is out in las vegas. through the lobby and did you play one hand of blackjack? >> i didn't. but went straight to the bar and order add huge orange juice, huge orange juice. >> you had me nervous there for just a second. and then overnight iraq's prime minister announced the battle to retake mosul from isis, going faster than he expected.
7:31 am
as they close in on mosul. and in baseball, the indians defeated toronto to win the american league championship series, and the cubs defeated the dodgers last night to even that series at two games a piece. of course, the other headline we have been talking about this morning, donald trump throwing yet another wrinkle in an already chaotic results on the 8th. >> i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> hillary clinton called it horrifying and the rnc was quick to say it would respect the will of the people, even if trump doesn't. first on today's campaign moment. here's a photo that proves the
7:32 am
shows basically everyone glued to the debate on satellite tv, which is good to see, savannah. >> all right, a lot of eyeballs on this night and the stage behind me. again, the most talked about moment from that debate when donald trump refused to say whether he will able to accept the results, and it left many stunned. >> savannah, good morning. donald tr's else last night, and everybody in the country will be able to say if they accept when results of the election. trump defiantly warning he could take his feud with hillary clinton past election day. from donald trump, a stunning statement, refusing to say definitively he will accept the results of next month's
7:33 am
>> let me respond to that, because that's horrifying. he's talking down our democracy, and i, for one, am appalled. >> trump contradicting his own running mate, mike pence, immediately before the debate on cnn. >> we will certainly accept the outcome of the election. >> he'll either win or won't win, and i believe he will first debate just three weeks ago. >> the answer is, if she wins, i will absolutely support her. >> reporter: his unprecedented position wednesday night threatening to undermine the election's outcome adding even more fuel to what's become a frequently repeated refrain on the campaign trail. >> it looks to me like a rigged election. >> a totally rigged election. >> it is a rigged election. >> this is a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: but a loyola law study finds voter fraud
7:34 am
disbelief. jeff flake, a trump critic i, calling his answer beyond the pale. lindsey graham tweets if he loses it is not because the system is rigged but because he failed as candidate. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway attempting to clean up his comments in the spin room. donald trump will accept the result of the election, because we will win the election and it will be easy to accept. >> and results of the 2000 election, and ultimately gore offered a gracious concession. >> while i strongly disagree with the court's decision, i accept it. >> since the civil war the losing presidential candidate always conceded insuring a peaceful transition of power. after george w.h. bush lost to
7:35 am
country's success and i am rooting hard for you. richard nixon offered encouragement to kennedy. >> if this trend does continue and he does become our next president he will have my wholehearted support. >> that type of peaceful transition is something obama highlighted this week. >> the person that loses the election, congratulates the winner and reaffirms our that's how democracy survived. >> less than three weeks before america votes, overnight hillary clinton's advisers say trump's complaints of a rigged elections is because they want to win but win big. michelle obama will be in arizona by the end of the week,
7:36 am
we have the first chance to clarify midday in ohio. >> peter, thank you so much. we have tom brokaw here for more. we turn to you in these moment because you are our veteran historian. can you put together why that statement is such an earthquake? >> at this stage, he's already saying i may not accept the result. this is not a banana republic. we have more than 200 graceful and peaceful transitions into the administration, as you saw richard nixon and al gore, and people caught up in races, he said i accept the results. he thinks the media conspiracy,
7:37 am
did not pay his taxes, and his rallies were about him and that probably affected his thinking, and he thinks it's going to be like that all the way through. and the rallies and the early part of the primaries are the spring training. this is the general election, and that's what we are talking about. >> probably can't find any presidential candidate in modern history that did not feel the media was stacked against that candidate. >> and on the republican side, they feel it's the liberal media. you have n other publications and social media which has become very important in this process. >> what we are hearing from the trump camp this morning, wait a minute, al gore contested an election in florida, and you read and you know your history that republicans contested aspects of the election in 1960 on behalf of nixon, so what is the distinction. >> nixon, as we just heard, took
7:38 am
with it, and al gore contested it because he had 7 million more votes than his opponent, and it went to the supreme court and it was a confusing situation there. i think this all calls for a big, big reform, if you will, of our election process in the country, and the most offended secretaries of state who are the republicans in charge of voting saying we are going to run a clean election. >> you see politicians on both side saying we have such a decentralized system, it would be hard to have a conspiracy. >> starting on the primaries, the country needs to take a hard look in how we elect the president of the united states so we don't have this kind of confusion at the end. his hard core followers will be with him, and there is no
7:39 am
>> you mean they are not obsessed about us about the whole process. >> i have an idea for your new baby? >> name it time zone, as if we don't know what time zone we are in. we will send it back to new york and get another check of the weather with dylan. >> we are keeping an eye on the cold front producing heavy rain from st. louis and cleveland and areas like for a little while, and we are looking at perhaps as much as four inches of rain in western new york as it slowly creeps to the east and it should stay dry across new england until we get into friday, and then we will see pockets of heavier rain across eastern new york friday afternoon and across parts of new england as well, and this zone right in through here, which has been dry in an extreme drought, and syracuse up through
7:40 am
needed four to five inches of rain. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. it's a potpourri of colors from our live view of dawn. temperatures right now are hovering around the upper 60s to 70 degrees, and the clouds are in and out on this thursday, and not as warm as yesterday, but still unusually warm this time of year for the low 80s, and thenho with a blustery wind. windy and cooler as we get into saturday and nice on sunday. >> that's your latest forecast. what this anchor accidentally said that had him cracking up on live tv. but first, a special rossen reports in the wake of the gas explosion that destroyed a historic building in portland. what should you do if you think there's a leak in your home?
7:41 am
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we're back. 7:44. a historic shopping district is leveled and at least eight people injured in portland, oregon. >> today national investigative correspondent, jeff rossen, is here with tips. >> the explosions rocking an entire neighborhood on wednesday and the video is draw maddic, smelled gas and made quick decisions to save their lives. if you hear a his of a gas leak in your home or catch the whip of a rotten egg smell, would you know what to do? the latest explosion caught on camera, people running for their lives and an entire building up in flames. >> it's an apocalypse.
7:46 am
street, a catastrophe. >> a gas leak, eight people injured, including emergency responders making desperate calls for help. s making desperate calls for help. >> mayday. mayday. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, another gas explosion in new jersey. two homes completely leveled. luckily, only minor injuries. and believe it or not, it's more common than you think. homes as flames shoot in the air. >> oh, my gosh! the house! there's lots of flames. >> reporter: natural gas blowing houses to bits. >> it was big flames coming from the house. >> reporter: police dash cam rolling as this house explodes. injuring 15. so, what do you do if you hear that his or smell gas inside your home? >> there is a few things that you can do.
7:47 am
>> if it is safe, walk over to the stove and make sure all your burners are turned off. >> that's a common mistake. you leave this on. >> absolutely. somebody bumps it, now you have free flowing gas. >> if i still smell gas? >> turn off any lights. don't use flames. it could lead into a spark that could lead to an explosion. have a flashlight handy. this won't. next step, make sure you ventilate up all the doors and windows. make sure you ventilate the house. >> when you open this door an leave, keep it open. >> yes. another great tip is know where your gas meter is on your home. >> so if there aren't emergencies like right now, come outside your house and see where this is. >> know where it is at and how to operate it.
7:48 am
you want to make sure across the street, somewhere you feel is safe and then once you get there, dial 911. >> simple tips to keep your family safe and your home standing. here is one more tip and this is a good one. if you notice your grass, the weeds or shrubs in your front yard or backyard have suddenly a rusty, and that could be a sign of a leak, gas pouring out of the pipes and call 911 immediately and then the gas company, and the key is to get everybody out of the house. >> that idea of knowing where your gas meter is -- >> i am not handy at all, if it's up and down with the pipe that is on, shut it off. >> appreciate it.
7:49 am
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coming up, hoda pulled off pink power surprises all across the country and has something special planned for today. and then the chimp with a pack a day habit, but first your local news. ok actually, just one thing: chicken is king. and so our majesty is now 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken. and it's in all our chicken soups! because majestic chicken soup starts with majestic chicken. long live chicken!
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7:56 am
>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 7:56 is your time on this thursday morning. good morning to you. i am eun yang. melissa mollet has breaking news on the roads in the traffic. >> still major delays on the beltway, and outer loop as you approach the woodrow wilson bridge. about an eight to ten-mile backup, and for five miles that way, and a new crash on 66 and 95, and southbound route 1, southbound lanes shut down. we will take a break and check your forecast when we come
7:57 am
woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock voted to defund planned parenthood... is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate against gay employees... man: twice. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. a live view showing golden sun beams shining down from the shy. low 70s tomorrow and likely some showers during friday afternoon ending friday night. blustery and chilly on the mid-60s and cool after that into next week. and another local news update for you in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
>> coming up, won't back down. >> i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> donald trump refuses to say if he will accept the outcome of the presidential election if he loses as the republican nominee in a final heated debate. >> that's horrifying. >> is the stage already set for a long november. plus, shock and awesome. hoda is here with a new surprise in her breast cancer series that is sure to inspire and you won't want to miss this one. >> the time of her life. jennifer gray, baby, herself,
8:01 am
dirty dancing remake today on october 20th, 2016. >> shout out to columbus, ohio! go buckeyes! >> taking new york by storm! ?? >> hey, y'all, we're all family from tennessee! >> we love new york city from north dakota! happy birthday, trudy! we love you! >> we're back now on a thursday morning. it's the 20th day of october, 2016. can i tell you something?
8:02 am
on what is a special split edition of our show. we're here in new york, savannah's out in las vegas covering the debate from last night. kind of an odd hour, quiet hour in vegas, huh, savannah? had. >> there are no quiet hours in vegas. tell hoda that her people are missing her at the high rollers table. >> hey, hey, hey. you tell gino i said hello. >> i will the debate began with substance but it ended with that provocative statement from donald trump refusing to say if he will accept the result of the november vote. we've got kristen welker here with us. >> hi, savannah. great to see you. overnight polls suggested hillary clinton was the winner of the debate against donald trump. it capped the night with some of their sharpest exchanges yet and
8:03 am
sides of the aisle. after days of claiming the u.s. election process is rigged. donald trump went one step further. >> do you make the commitment that you will, sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. i'll look at it at the time. what i've seen, what i've seen is so bad. >> reporter: and dug in, even when pressed. >> but, sir, there is a tradition in this country, in fact one of the pride are you saying you are not prepared now to -- >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> reporter: prompting this sharp rebuke from hillary clinton. >> let me respond to that, because that's horrifying. that is not the way our democracy works. we've been around for 240 years. we've had free and fair elections. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. >> reporter: this morning on "today," hillary clinton's
8:04 am
elections and then the peaceful transfer of power is a bedrock pillar of our nation's history. we should not have somebody running for president who is going to try to pull the pillar down which donald trump was basically trying to do last night. >> reporter: and even fellow republicans speaking out, including arizona senator jeff flake who tweeted, @realdonaldtrump saying he may not but his running mate, mike pence -- >> i think donald trump is going to be elected president of the united states. >> reporter: the night started off with a more civil tone with the candidates discussing issues ranging from the supreme court to immigration. >> but we have some bad ombres here and we're going to get them out. >> my comprehensive immigration reform plan of course includes border security. >> reporter: but the discussion
8:05 am
comments seeming to support open borders revealed in hacked documents obtained by wikileaks, e-mails that have not been authenticated by the clinton campaign or anything else. clinton says she was talking actually about energy policy and blamed the hack on the russians. >> will donald trump admit and condemn that the russians are doing this. >> reporter: and then argued putin is engaging in espionage and rooting for trump. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no you're the puppet. >> reporter: trump's poll numbers lagging after nine women accused him of unwanted advances, something he's repeatedly denied and do so again. >> i didn't even apologize to my wife who's sitting right here because i didn't do anything. >> reporter: but he may have raised even more eyebrows among women voters with this swipe against clinton. >> such a nasty woman. >> reporter: aboard her press plane, a triumphant clinton swatted the comments away. >> i just didn't pay any attention to that.
8:06 am
exciting. made all of my points. clinton and trump will face off again tonight at the alfred e. smith charity dinner in new york. the event has a tradition of hosting presidential candidates for a night political roasting, what could be a lighter moment in an otherwise deeply serious race, savannah. >> they keep running into each other, don't they. kristen welker, thank you so much. appreciate it. with that we'llen with that, we will send it back to you in new york. >> you are going to head to the or >> i am. >> safe travels. we will see you tomorrow morning. new developments this morning in the wells fargo banking scandal, and there's a criminal investigation into the sales, practices of the san francisco-based bank. a search warrant served on october 5th shows agents are looking for evidence that employees opened up 2 million
8:07 am
the scandal led to the sudden retirement earlier this month of wells fargo ceo, john stump. tense moments in oklahoma city, the pilot of this aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on wednesday when the nose gear failed to deploy. the propellers spin into the concrete. when the aircraft stops the pilot walked away unharmed. he was the only person on the plane and no word yet on what caused the gear to malfunction. >> lucky guy. if you like the pink power surprises so far, we have a good one set up for today coming up. on trending, meet the smoking chimpanzee that has people flocking to a brand-new zoo.
8:08 am
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8:09 am
it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
8:10 am
8:11 am
back now, 8:11 with what is "trending" today. quickly one thing
8:12 am
of, is people wearing purple. it's to show support for the lbgtq. >> first up, this is a question dividing the internet this morning. do you need to wear clean clothes every day? you are probably tempted to say yes, but online one mom is saying she socks and undergarments, but shirts and jeans, and if they don't smell they can be worn a couple times before watching. yeah? okay. another user backed her up saying if the good lord had wanted me to change my clothes every day, then he wouldn't have invented febreze. >> right! >> i don't know about that. >> so the idea is you just kind of wear it, put it on a hanger. you give it a spritz.
8:13 am
>> jeans and dresses get expensive to dry clean. >> if this dress doesn't have a stain on today, i'll hang it back up in the closet and air it out. >> how often do you guys wash your jeans? >> i never wash my jeans. >> tamron changed me on this. i used to wash them all the time. someone said it is not good for your jeans. >> unless there is a stain on my i never wash them. now to the zoo attraction sparking outrage around the a zoo attraction sparking outrage around the world, she's drawing thousands of visitors a day, and there was a whole photo series, and she has been trained to light her own cigarettes and smoke on command. as you may imagine, peta is not
8:14 am
>> in some places around the country, getting the boot means something different, to drivers it means that, you did not pay your parking tickets and the city catches up and put that awful boot on your car, and it's one of the most humiliating things that can happen. the boot may be going away. but it's being replaced by something called the barnicle. it's a big and yellow device that gets strapped on the windshield and blocks the
8:15 am
allow drivers to pay off their fines over the phone. >> i lived in philadelphia in college, and i remember getting the boot. >> you walk out, and it's -- >> if you are willing to pay somebody to go for your car for you. >> when you work in tv, one letter can make a tremendous difference. listen to the slipup he made at the top of this report. >> check your panties 1 -- i think that was supposed to be pantries. >> i couldn't warn you. it. i couldn't warn you. i'm so sorry! >> about 175,000 rice cookers are being recalled due to buyer around electric shock hazards. >> i just want to say hello to the internet. hi, everybody. >> by the way, that's happened
8:16 am
virginia, nbc 12. it wasn't entirely the fault of him. one crucial letter does it happen to be missing. i wonder if that was an intentional little joke. check your pantries. >> i'd like to buy a consonant, please. that is not good. tamron has pop stuff -- "popstart!" this morning. >> here we go guys, this morning. we have a theme in "popstart!." don't get much better than this. >> don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. >> what happened? >> he lived happily ever after. >> yes. and that of course, the great gene wilder, starring in "willie wonka and the chocolate factory." now less than two months after wilder's death comes word that a new willie wonka movie is in the works. the movie won't be a remake but more like a prequel focusing on
8:17 am
no word on who will star in this latest version. next to "dirty dancing" jennifer grey was a guest on who would play her. natalie portman. she liked ryan has pretty much auditioned for >> remember, this moment with our man, al roker. how cute is that? for those of you wondering about his update, and we will talk to jen in the next hour. >> natalie portman is busy, though. >> and "hair spray," working on a modern take of the hit
8:18 am
you will recognize other famous faces, like jennifer hudson. and "hair spray" live premiers on december 7th. dylan is here in for al with a check of the weather. >> yes, i got you guys covered on the west coast where we are still talking about the santa ana winds and the fire danger that we are looking at the offshore wind, and that's why we are looking at once again temperatures topping out in the 90s, so we have red flag warnings from most of the southern coast of snowfall, and temperatures in l.a., 13 degrees above average, and so very much above average for this time of year and it's the relative humidity, down around 5 to 15%, and that means the air is dry
8:19 am
could see fire spread quickly. on the flip side of that it's not dry across western new york, and pennsylvania and ohio, and the first front moving in bringing four to five inches of rain into new york. now here's a peek out your window. >> the front will bring us some rain tomorrow between now and then, temperatures by 10:00 in the low to mid-70s and then hitting the low 80s by region with sunshine and clouds in and out. and then tomorrow the clouds increase and the showers move in and we will drop out of the low 70s midday down to the 40s mid dawn on saturday, and then nice day on sunday, lighter winds in the 60s and cool into next week. >> if you are headed out the door, don't forget you can catch us on today show radio sirius.
8:20 am
and this in honor of breast cancer awareness month and this lady has been traveling all around and surprising women fighting the disease. what do you have for us today? >> i will introduce you to a woman who has remarkable support of countless friends and family, and she happens to be here today. she has no idea in this crowd that we are going to honor her here today, and she thinks she family has been plotting and planning, and where is joanne. ? hi, jo anne. you know your family has been cooking and planning and plotting this. all right. so we have some fun in store for
8:21 am
we knew that you were going to be out in the crowd. but we want everybody in the crowd to know a little bit more about you. okay? >> i want to get you out. >> why don't you come out here? >> come out here. >> all right. so we are going to let everybody know all about you. but i hope you don't mind. we're going to have to put a little earmuffs on you. just for about two minutes. okay? hold on. i'm going to put these -- put this blindfold on her, matt. i'm going to play a song for you. you're going to like this song. ladies and gentlemen, we want to introduce everybody else to jo
8:22 am
the battles of mere mortals. >> jo anne is the type of person that is very giving, very loving. what makes her day is a smile and a hug. her hugs are like a bear hug. like wrap you up in warmth and love. it is kind of something you never want to end. >> reporter: to jo anne, her stage 4 cancer just means fighting. >> she's always thought that she she's been positive the entire time. she's never wavered from harnes power, this mother of two channels the spirit of an old friend. >> being little girls in the '80s, she were a fan of wonderoos. it's become her chan, her icon for her battle. she marches outs the door and she says, i'm off to kill some cancer.
8:23 am
you know, she never loses. >> reporter: when jo anne went in for her mastectomy, she carried her cape for courage and friends now send wonder woman gear from all over. >> who is stronger than anything. >> reporter: even the great lynda carter who played wonder woman in the hit '70s show "liked" jo anne's posteds on facebook. >> she posted her little pictures of her in other her wonder woman garb and she gets responses. anne's day to meet lynda carter, the original wonder woman, and probably give her a hug. >> so are you ready for the big reveal? >> i am. i'm so excited. i see her. >> she has no idea that any of you are here. hands in, everybody.
8:24 am
yeah! >> reporter: with that, our mission is clear. unite one hero with another. >> i want jo anne to have an amazing memory that will continue to give her strength and know that we're not just rooting for her. everybody's rooting for her. >> i think jo anne's reaction will be happy. >> invincible. warrior princess. that's jo anne. >> all right, so everybody on the plaza, she has no idea her whole family is standing right around us right blindfold. >> let me get this first. >> keep your eyes closed for just a second. >> i can take these? >> keep your eyes closed. >> so sorry. that's loud. >> turn around right here. your whole family came. i know the ruse was that you were here for a doc's
8:25 am
and i don't know if you want to take a peek around the plaza, but everyone's got -- they've all got their wonder woman signs for you. john anne, we have one last surprise. we have one last surprise. are you ready for it? the real wonder woman, lynda carter, is here. >> oh, my god! ?? >> are you a little freaked out? >> look what i wore, just for you. >> she wore her wonder woman bracelets. we've got one more little present for you, jo anne.
8:26 am
you. >> oh, my god! >> anyway, you are an incredible warrior. thanks to everybody, and of course, thanks to >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> good morning. it's 8:26 on this thursday, october 20th. i am aaron gilchrist. let's start on getting a check on the commute. >> right now we still have delays on the outer loop approaching the woodrow wilson bridge, and you can see we have a four-mile backup there. and outer loop southbound to 95 a crash on the right side of the roadway and within the backups, we're quite slow, and route 1, we still have the southbound lanes shut down because of a crash. aaron? we will have a check of your
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. sunshine and mild. temperatures hovering around 70 degrees, and later today the low 80s, and the last day of unusual heat and then it drops to the 40s by dawn on saturday, and
8:29 am
then drying out saturday, and blustery winds and highs in the 50s and mid-60s on sunday with lighter winds, and cool into next week. thanks, tom. get the news and weather anytime
8:30 am
thursday morning, 20th of october, 2016. and we've got trolls in our crowd, all wearing troll wigs in honor of anna kendrick and her new animated movie. anna will join kathie lee and hoda later this morning. but we are back with this great group. lynda, thank you again. >> it was my pleasure. i loved surprising you and
8:31 am
>> and she checked off almost everything on the list. she got a hug from me, a selfie with everyone and a national shout out to your family. jo anne, we love you. thank you for coming to see us today. >> by the way, no doctor's appointment today. also coming up, the best vacation spots for your family this winter. plus we'll head to italy to have some fun with tom hanks and the all-star cast of his new movie, "inferno." and a world famous recipe for a love. you've g it's cooling off a bit and not as warm as yesterday and that's the trend as we go into the weekend. let's take a look at the weekend forecast. the cold front producing heavy rain today and will linger through the interior northeast and across new england on friday and once the cold front moves out we could see it cold enough for mountain snow across the adirondacks on saturday, and
8:32 am
day. windy across new england and spotty showers and temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and nice and mild through the middle of the country and back through the midwest with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, and that's not too bad and we will see rain with heavier rain possible across the western coast of oregon stretching into california. that's a look across the country and here's a peek out your window. >> a live view from our tower camera, and clouds, and cooler weather move into tomorrow, likely afternoon showers on friday, ending friday evening. as we drop out of the 70s on friday afternoon, to the 40s on saturday, and then a blustery wind and partly cloudy, and nice on sunday, mid-60s and cool in through next week. >> again, a big thank you to lynda carter for being here.
8:33 am
>> dylan, love her. and tom hanks in the new thriller "inferno." "inferno." >> he's doing it all with an a-list cast. keir simmons caught up with them. >> you know when you interview tom hanks, never, ever show weakness. perhaps you won't experience this though. i headed there tin going to be sunny, colorful. boy, did i get that wrong. tom hanks wasted no time pointing that out. >> reporter: in "inferno," tom hanks races to prevent the release of a deadly virus. his character, dr. robert langden, battling to solve a mystery. >> you are humanity's final hope. >> reporter: as in the blockbuster movies the da vinci
8:34 am
hell. >> this is what i have been seeing. >> reporter: "inferno's" setting, sunny florence, italy. we meet the cast and, inevitably, it is raining. >> man. >> but you look great. >> are we rolling on that? >> the people behind us will do anything but protect the truth. >> you have no idea what they're capable of. >> reporter: behind the movie, a pair capable of after hit. >> he is a pleasure. >> you just love working with him. >> we do. as you can attest -- he is a horrible task master. we have to please this guy. sometimes, yeah, i'm told what to do and i do what i'm told. >> he's not buying that. >> there are lives at stake here. i just want to know that i'm on the right side. >> this is a kind of movie when
8:35 am
together. whether it is two weeks or two months, you tend to go out to dinner, you tend to go see the places. >> what a bunch of malarkey. hardly ever saw ben. he was coming in to a read through once. omar and i don't speak the same language. feicity was really showing her mum around. >> we kept saying can we put her in the movie. >> reporter: felicity jones known for many from her role in "thehe hanks while the villain played by ben foster, so fixated on ending global overpopulation, he plans mass murder. omar's character only emerging in the end. >> working with tom, this is a big deal. this is exciting. >> exactly. exactly. >> on the final shot, he accidentally fell into the canal.
8:36 am
by the guy with the camera. wasn't it? >> ben, did you fall into any canals? >> no. i just fell out of a damn bell tower. >> wasn't it that one right there? >> right over there. >> i think you must be staying in the same hotel as we are because there's like a crowd of 300 people waiting outside. we go out to ask them if they have any questions for you. so this is what they wanted to know. >> tom hanks, d y guys? >> look, i don't want to burst your bubble, but it ain't gonna happen. >> okay. here is another question. >> how old are you? >> how old am i? that's easy. >> how old are you? >> how old are you? >> i'm 60. i turned 60 this years. big six-oh. >> i directed him in his 20s. not much has changed. >> isn't that amazing. >> long time ago. >> that is beautiful.
8:37 am
"inferno," his third movie, is here. >> it starts with a question i think everybody's asking, plarl particularly on a day like today, what are we doing in florence? you get the answer to that over the next two hours. rock 'em sock 'em entertainment. >> if i can break the code, we can stop this. >> for me, guys, this is the best of the movies. it has more edge, it is darker. i outside. they were there for three hours. the best question they could come up with was how old are you, and will you go for ice cream with us? >> they just wanted selfies. that's it. >> "inferno" opens in theaters next friday, october 28th. up next, warm weather destination do you need to consider for your winter vacation. but first on a thursday morning,
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
back now at 8:39 with winter getting closer by the day, you may be thinking about heading somewhere warm. here with some great destinations to consider that as a bonus are zika-free, misty bellas, good morning. it can sometimes get stressful when booking your winter trips. what's the general rule in getting the best rate when you are booking a hotel? >> right now don't look at just the nightly rate because we are seeing great multi night promotions that have third, fourth, fifth night free, breakfast added in. additional resort credits. some that way. also look at prepaid rates. you're going to save some money right there. there may be restrictions. but most importantly, book now. once we reach november those
8:41 am
until you get to christmas. >> is the best way straight online or do you think sometimes it is better to call the hotel yourself around say, hey, what do you have for me? >> either way. you can call the hotel or book directly, or you can also work with a travel advisor who takes the stress out of it for you. >> flights are also a very stressful thing. >> the best time to book is actually weekends or early in the morning. that's when you'll see the best fares. also book 21 days in advance. right now you have pleof holidays. also be flexible on your dates. >> some people say it's a good idea -- sometimes my family and i do this when we go away, sometimes we like to go away for christmas. we'll actually fly the morning of christmas eve. when you pick special dates like that do you usually get a better rate? >> you'll actually save more flying on christmas day than you will christmas eve. if you are willing to be flexible, you'll see quite a bit
8:42 am
and we found great fares on monday, december 19th. >> the magic day. so if you want the caribbean feel but maybe aren't up for the caribbean, what is a cool islandy cool destination you guys like? >> everyone seems to be headed to hawaii this year. christmas week is almost completely sold out. if that's the direction you want to go, go the two weeks prior to christmas because you'll save 50%, 60% on your rate and they have availability. >> hawaii's number one. what about cabo if you want to go somewhe cabo is zika-free because it is a dry, arrid environment. >> is it affordable for most? >> it can be. going christmas will save you more but there are still values to be had during christmas week. >> if we want to stay in the usa and get warm and feel good, give me a couple of spots that you like. >> desert resorts. head to palm springs.
8:43 am
of old hollywood feel. they have some fine glamorous rat pack parties during the holidays. then also look at scottsdale. again, great for families, easy to get to. but the airfares to scoots dale scottsdale are affordable. >> weather wise do you hit the jackpot when it comes to those two spots? >> they have over 300 days of sun every year. you are really assured a nice sunny vacation. >> don't you want to live there? i mean those kind of places? tabo nice city. i am all for your first one. new orleans, it is one of my favorite cities on earth. >> i thought you might like that. new orleans is great. you have fun, festive and food all converging on this great destination. wonderful for families and also for couples. the key to new orleans is going during the week because you will save so much more on your hotels. >> there is always some kind of festival there that you didn't
8:44 am
time to visit those cities because they are really reliant on business travel. when business travel goes soft during that week, leisure travelers can save 25% to 30% on their hotels and enjoy the cities while they are all dressed up for the holidays. >> there is nothing like new york during the holidays. i think everyone should do it once in their life. misty, thanks very much. just ahead, a warm and comforting dish perfect for the fall.
8:45 am
8:46 am
. 8:46. we're back with "today food." more tools you need to be using in your kitchen. our chef is co-owner of a restaurant in new york city. i'm dying to know what your go-to tool is in the kitchen? what can't you live without?
8:47 am
>> why is a dutch oven so important? >> i love it because when you do stews in the fall and the winter and you cook the meat, you see the meat caramelize in it. all that brings extra flavor to your food when you cook it. so it is fantastic for stews. >> you're making goulash today. before i ask you what a traditional goulash is all about, let's take a look at some ingredients here. >> goulash you need paprika, we have of course some meat. you can use top ground. but you cook it for a stew for hours so it become tender. chicken stock, onion, carrot and caraway. >> cutting an onion is an art. you can mess this up. show us how you do it. >> okay. so the onion is always difficult on the table because it is round and it is rolling.
8:48 am
make it flat. and then you have here this part which is the stem. you always want to keep the stem -- it keeps the onion together. use a good, sharp nice, make depending on the size of what you want. those incisions in the onion. >> not going all the way through because you're keeping it together. >> exactly. your fingers are guiding the blade. again, flat. so. >> i should mention, you do this in real time in the kitchen, this is bang, bang, bang. >> real fast. then you cut like that. >> you're going to put that in with the meat that's browned. then we put vegetables in it. we have some garlic, carrots,
8:49 am
stir it up. i am going to put the caraway and of course the paprika which makes the goulash. we let it cook slowly. five to ten minutes depending on the heat. then we move when they are soft like that, i'm going to add some tomato paste. you are going to give me the meat. i'm putting some tomato paste. it is still like that. a bit of flour. that will give some richness to the sauce. little bit of flour on top of the meat. chicken stock. all the chicken stock. >> we've got tasters downstairs, by the way. i can't wait to taste this? >> i can't stop saying how good it is. >> so delicious. >> perfect breakfast. >> welcome to the "today" show. >> so this is going to cook down. how long?
8:50 am
boil, then we put it in the oven at 350 to 375 for couple of hours. put it here. in this oven like that. >> and the best part about a meal like this is this fills your house with that great smell. >> it's the fall. you really want to have some nice food like that. so here we have of course the meats that is >> just want to take a piece. if that's allowed. >> it is allowed. actually, you must taste your food. you always have to taste, make sure the meat is getting tender. >> in a traditional goulash are there things you must have or can you substitute certain things? >> you cannot substitute the paprika. okay? and goulash is made with meat, so you're not going to use anything else than meat. but you can do chicken.
8:51 am
like that. i'm going to clean a little bit of the bowl. we use egg noodles in the center. and then i always like to put a little bit of sour cream or creme fraiche to cut the richness. and at the end, little parsley. >> you know what's fun, downstairs? when a guy who really knows what he's doing comes here on a thursday morning and you get to walk into your dressing room with something like this. eric, this is fantastic. thank you so much. >> it is my pleasure. >> always good to have you here. he's heading off to take over our "today food" facebook page and answer all of your questions. don't forget to check out sign up for the today food club. thank you again. back in a moment.
8:52 am
8:53 am
[ roars ] [ up tempo music ] dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. yum! yum! >> how good is that? >> delicious. >> i eat so fast. i'm like sitting next to you. >> how we inhale. >> i just realized all of mine is gone. >> all the people who come on the show are really good in the kitchen but every once in a while you give someone who is just --
8:54 am
i'll hold that. >> let's take a look at the smucker's jar and see who we have to celebrate today. first up one happy 100th birthday to thomas farns of maywood, illinois. he loves watching the chicago cubs play with his entire family. >> he had a good night last night. >> keep it going. andrena old. happy 100th birthday to rosie sito. i have a feeling she buys her grandchildren and great grandchildren a lot of presents. john karba was a mail carrier
8:55 am
day. and help birthday to rodger williams. he's 105. if you know about a birthday, tell us about we finished ours. >> i am sorry. >> this is a b >> good things coming up in the next hour, and first your local
8:56 am
>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 8:56 is your time now on this thursday, october 20th, 2016. i am eun yang. we want to check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and your first alert traffic. >> still delays hanging over from the problem on the woodrow wilson bridge, and we are talking about an eight-mile
8:57 am
miles, but yucky either way. and debris over the roadway, a report of paper towels flying around lost from a truck, so be careful there. and overall, 95 in maryland also rolling along just fine. >> we will take a break and check your forecast when we come
8:58 am
on issues that matter to northern virginia, barbara comstock and donald trump have a lot in common. bill o'reilly: overturn roe v. wade; that's a specific thing that you would do? trump: well, overturn or overturn... comstock: i think roe v. wade should be overturned. trump and comstock. trump: i'm totally for defunding. we shouldn't be giving to planned parenthood. while comstock voted five times to defund planned parenthood. northern virginia, we need luann bennett. standing up to trump and comstock. standing up for us.
8:59 am
another summer in october day, temperatures afternoon highs, low 80s, and some clouds in and out, and rain likely tomorrow afternoon, and the low 70s, and much cooler, acting like autumn again over the weekend and highs in the 50s, and mid-60s into next week. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. we will see you in 25 minutes for another news and weather
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," mcsteamy eric dane is heating up things as our celebrity guest host. then, from the star-studded comedy, "red oaks," paul riser and jennifer grey. celebs? it's all in the jeans. co up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take"" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. what a beautiful day. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, on the 20th of october, 2016. al recovering -- oh, i forgot to
9:01 am
he's doing better than expected. >> every morning i've been sending a bitmoji. i'm going to send morning hugs. he is recovering and we love him so much and i know he is watching right now because he likes to control the universe. i sent morning hugs from all of us and my bitmoji. let's be clear, al roker is our main man. >> yes. >> al -- >> however -- >> what do you mean, however? >> i feel like we're taking a turn to get us to our special guest >> yes. because i see you -- i see you already sweating. >> what? dylan! that's moisturizer. what do you mean? >> well, before we get to our special guest host and welcome him in, we had a very weird moment yesterday. simply just asked you to borrow something. you show me into your closet. >> this sounds weird. >> and then this happened. it was all caught on tape. take a look. >> probably something black would be good.
9:02 am
i want to be a little comfortable. >> hey! >> oh, my god. >> tamron! >> just get out. don't tell anybody, please. it's my wall to eric. leave me alone, dylan dreyer. >> i'm locking you in that closet. >> with eric. >> slight obsession? >> eric dane, mcsteamy, is my mceverything. he's my mcrib. i don't know. okay, >> hello. good to see you. how you doing? >> i'm good. okay. and you smell amazing. >> thank you. >> i wish you ladies could smell him at home.
9:03 am
say, wow, mcsteamy. do you do that when you look at yourself? >> i used to. >> now you just say, hey, eric. >> now i just say hey, eric, then i have a full-blown conversation with myself. >> what did they say to you to convince you to do this show? >> they said you want to come out to new york and hang out with tamron? and i said, sure. and that was pretty much it. >> really! so it didn't take much. >> no. >> did you know about my wall in my clos? >> i just found out about it. >> okay. scale of 1 to 10 -- creepy 10. >> are you going to leave it up? >> well, i don't know. we are so happy to have you here. >> i'm so happy to be here. thank you. >> have you ever co-hosted a show before? >> never. this is the first time for me. >> so did you rehearse? practice? >> no. >> nothing. >> we're just going to wing it today. >> some guys are much better. you don't think too much. >> i think so.
9:04 am
conversation so let's talk about some stuff. >> let's talk about the last ship. >> okay, good. >> you like that? >> i do like that. yeah. it is a fun show. >> you like being in uniform? what is it about it? >> i love being in uniform. i love walking down the pier -- we shoot down at the naval base in san diego. you know i am a well decorated captain on the show. i walk down the pier and i get first. the captain pulled me aside. he said, listen, at the end of the day somebody's going to come up to me and say who's the "whatever" that's not returning salute. he said just think of it like this. they're saluting the uniform. they're not saluting you. then it makes sense. then i was like, hey, all right. >> how beautiful is san diego? it's one of the most beautiful cities -- >> i love san diego.
9:05 am
men and women in the united states navy, i can't say enough about them. it is so cool to be able to shoot on these destroyers. it is something else. >> it is throwback thursday. i don't know why i moved all of the way -- i have to see you in your fullness. >> i'm going to start moving closer to you. >> sweaty pregnant woman. >> no! >> okay. back on so, it is throwback thursday and we have a surprise throw back thursday, let's show it. >> that's dylan. what is that? >> why are we showing that? >> that's you? >> i didn't know that's what was going to come up. sorry, eric. that was probably the worst surprise you have had of the day. >> i have a strange collection
9:06 am
stock photography pictures. you fan outmany or take a bite of an apple and different companies buy it and put it with their things, and apparently i made it to the cover of one of those little checkout things of the grocery store -- >> what year was that? >> probably like '98, '99. waiting. >> did you know you were on "saved by the bell." >> i did, yeah. >> i didn't. >> those were the summer years. >> i was the evil volleyball player. >> is that you? >> it is. >> how old were you? >> 19. >> oh, look at that hair. has not changed.
9:07 am
>> i did yell cut after one of the takes and the director took my head off. >> we have you on roseannes. this is memory lane, come on. o" this is memory lane. >> i'm the bellhop. >> what? >> now i see it. >> then we have one more. "m where are you again? >> that's me with the big hair. >> did you just let it grow? does it still do that? >> it does if i let it grow like that. but i never would let it grow like that. i learned my lesson young. >> what role was this? >> i was playing the -- i was hosting a radio show in a
9:08 am
was there this excitement when you were part of those shows that everybody was watching at the time? >> the show didn't get picked up, which was weird. it was a spinoff of "married with children" which we thought was kind of the sure thing, right? and it just -- it didn't fly. >> really. every show with you in it should fly. >> i agree. >> i think we have my throwback thursday. so i called m in chicago and our editor -- i said just send whatever. i don't want to see it. i'm going to give it to my loving team at the table who protect my image and love me. they went through the video. which one is me? >> wait. >> this is a throwback thursday. st. patrick's day, the trinity irish dancer. >> the riverdancer! >> that's me in the -- the brown one. that's me. >> and the one dressed in purple, of course. but i didn't know you could dance like this.
9:09 am
no, i took classes. >> you are adorable. >> it is so refreshing to finally see tamron in that way as opposed to like all like jazzed up and dressed up like you normally are. >> that was morning tv. trinity irish dancers. so last night our "today" show -- i'm going to redeem myself. last night we had an incredible event, a book party for this book, "possession obsession," when we cherish and why. i am so forte from monica rich kassan. she is a photographer/jewelrymaker. she went around asking people what's the most important thing in your life, cherish. this is the shotgun house i grew up in texas. i'm going to cray. it was the first place i ever knew at home. my papa used to sit on that front pornl with me. it is my possession obsession. she has other people in it.
9:10 am
possession obsession. we had a great time last we had a great time. the book is phenomenal. and i get choked up thinking about this picture. >> it's important to you. yeah. >> and that's a play for you to hug me, eric. just kidding. no, but it is. it's something that means the world to me, and i thought about you guys, what is your possession obsession? >> mine weird. when i was little, my dad and i -- we lived in the middle of the woods, and we went outside and found an acorn with a hole in it and it was a weird acorn, and i gave it to him and then he gave it to me as a present, and on my wedding day, i gave it
9:11 am
>> what is your possession obsession? >> outside of my wife and children, it's time. it's funny, i just found out the other night that i am 43 years old. >> i don't believe that. >> i heard you had to google yourself? >> i don't google myself. >> just to find out your age. >> i have been telling people for a year, i was i will give you real-life scenarios. are you lying, no, i don't lie, i am a 44-year-old man and i have been saying this for a year in different situations, and my wife said what do you want to do? i don't want to turn 45. >> 45? i don't think you are 45. >> i googled myself and it turns
9:12 am
>> you can't believe everything you read on the internet. >> you know what year you were born, right? >> yeah, you can double-check it. >> we will give you a copy of the book with me on the cover, and just put it inside your dressing room. >> up next, tom cruise reveals a 30-year old secret about "top gun," and later they star in the same tv series, but never s them in our studio, and paul riser and jennifer gray. we had to bring you guys together? you are on the same show. after this. to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion.
9:13 am
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9:15 am
celebrity co-hos we are back with our celebrity co-host, eric. tom cruise has been out promoting reacher", and he talked about the 30th anniversary of "top gun," and he was going to pass on the role and producers arranged a flight for him with the blue angels, and he told jimmy that was not true and he was going to take the movie but he was trying to get a flight with the blue angels, and he was on with james cordon and they did a retrospective.
9:16 am
>> me, the money! >> the money! >> what are you doing? >> just doing the scene. >> doing the scene? if you're going to do it, let me do it >> show me the money. >> show! >> show! >> me! >> me! >> me! >> money! >> money! >> you want answers? >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth! >> did you order the code red? >> you [ bleep ] right i did! >> woo! ??
9:17 am
off the shelf i sit and listen to 'em by myself ? ? today's music ain't got the same soul i like that old-time rock 'n' roll ?? >> they've got pants on. >> you say eric, "top gun," how many times? >> i saw it 30 times. i own that movie, "top gun." >> what's the line? >> i am dry ice. >> speaking of going to take out of this monster lobster. it is all over the internet. 14 pounds. caught in the waters churned by a hurricane. >> i feel like that should weigh 25 pounds. >> i've seen bigger lobsters. >> really? >> i saw a 17-point lobster in nova scotia. >> do you have a picture or something to prove? >> no, i don't. >> they don't taste as delicious when they're that big.
9:18 am
>> they're like harder, tougher. >> they're like 99 years old at that point. >> okay, dylan has the weather. switching to the weather,e switching to the weather, more record-breaking heat across the east. there is the cold front that will cool things down as we head into the weekend. that's a look at the weather across the country and here's a peek out your window. >> mild and muggy, around 70 a live view from our city camera, and in the 70s by 10:00, and then by down tomorrow, the mid-60s during the day on friday, and increasing clouds, afternoon showers likely, and we'll fall out of the low 70s midday down to the 40s by dawn on saturday and blustery winds on saturday and highs in the upper 50s, and winds diminish on sunday and cool into next week. >> and that's your latest
9:19 am
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after brushing, listerine? total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine? total care to the total family. listerine? total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth?. we all have that infamous junk drawer in our kitchens filled with random odds and ends. but some, believe it or not, might actually be there and could save your life. here to show us what those are and when you need them is nbc
9:22 am
first and foremost, before we get to these hacks, if you are experiencing severe medical problems, you need to go to the doctor. >> these are more -- a lot of these are sort of transitional until you make your way to the emergency room or make your way to the health care professional. some really neat tips. >> cool. let's get started with just a clear glass. >> this one is something that's called a tumbler test. this is for assessing or analyzing if you develop a sh nausea, stiff neck, something that you might be concerned could be meningitis, there is a rash that can be associated with meningitis that will look like tiny little red or brown pin pricks. what you do is you take a clear glass. you place it on the skin. if you can skill see the rash through the glass, that could be a concerning symptom for meningitis. what can happen is the bacteria
9:23 am
infection of the brain and spinal cord. the bacteria can get through the blood stream, cause leakiness in the blood vessels which will cause a non-blanching rash on the skin. if you see that, certainly in the setting of the other symptoms, you are calling 911 and getting into the car or ambulance. yes. >> the next one is saran wrap. this could help with burns. >> this can help with burns. generally we would describe or use this in the setting of a second or third the first degree burn has redness and pain without blistering. a second or third degree burn where you either have blistering or even charred or white skin, you need to seek medical attention. don't treat those burns at home. if you've burned yourself, this is a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you simply place the plastic wrap over it. what this does, it seals in the skin. it prevents water from getting
9:24 am
medical experts have vouched for the sterility of this stuff. it is fantastic thing to do to protect your skin while are you on the way to an emergency room. >> that's not the repair for the burn. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> this one i love, especially because al just showed us that his knee was sewed up with super glue. >> he did. it was. so that's interesting. because they actually do in the emergency room especially, and avoid sutures at all cost, using super glue to treat a wound at home is appropriate if the wound is not deep, not too wide, and especially not on a very mobile part. you don't want to do it over the joints. always make sure, again, you want to clean the wound first. right? watch your hands, rinse it out, do all that. if it is a very superficial burn, can you put super glue on it, then please go have a
9:25 am
>> thank you so much for being here. just ahead, jennifer grey reveals who she would cast in a "dirty dancing" remake. new infallible pro-glow foundation by l'oreal. the pro look in longwear. go pro with an all-day glow for up to 24 hours. resists dry-out, and fade-out. new infallible pro-glow foundation. from l'oreal makeup designer/paris. ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ?
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? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> it's 9:26 on this thursday, october 20th. i am aaron gilchrist. in the headlines, a maryland man will be sentenced for murdering his girlfriend last year. the sentence will be tweeted as soon as it is handed down. and then discussing in make installing the energy efficient lights, and other plans include trash cans that notify crews when they need to be emptied.
9:27 am
9:28 am
beautiful morning under way, and temperatures hovering in the low 70s, and by 10:00 we will be in the mid-70s, and by 2:00 getting in the low 80s and staying that way with sunshine, and then overnight tonight we
9:29 am
and during the day, high 70s, early afternoon and temperatures drop in the afternoon and rain comes in, all the way down to the 40s on saturday morning. another update here in 25
9:30 am
jennifer grey has starred i jennifer gray starred in some of the most memorable films, on "ferris bueller's day off," paul and jennifer star in "red oaks." jennifer star in prime time. paul plays his boss, and jennifer plays his mom. >> david, david, wake up! wake up!
9:31 am
it is a disaster area! i am not picking up after you anymore, mister. you are 21 years old. how would you like it if i went in to your car and just left my panties all over the seat? >> i said i'll get it. >> paul and jennifer, good morning. you guys don't do scenes together. >> contractually, we're not allowed to. >> how did you request jennifer? >> you know what, y take so much of a person. we'll promote the show but to work together, it is too much. no, we actually have never had a scene. we're big, huge fans and pals and yet -- >> is that going to happen down the road? >> if america demands it. >> hello, america. it's on you. >> because i play -- it rally focuses on these two young people. i am the father of the girl.
9:32 am
so it hasn't come up. unless they get married, then we'd have to -- we'd have to pick a caterer together. >> wow. >> paul, you do play the mean boss at this country club. what drew you to this character? >> you said mean. mean? perhaps. opinionated. i thought you play a mean boss, i said -- terrific. >> the kids don't say it that way a friend of mine, i was working on a project with a friend and we were writing something that i was going to be in. he goes, everybody in america thinks you're this nice guy, but you are a he really not that nice. i go, i know! now the jig is up. but i get to be myself and it is a great relief. >> eric, this is a unique experience four. you are actor, not normally the co-host interviewing. how does it feel? >> i haven't really gotten into
9:33 am
>> so, jennifer, you play this character who is questionably -- give me a little background on how i'm doing. >> terrible. terrible. >> go. >> questionable in sexuality? >> you're married to richard kind. >> i was married to richard kind. not happy. taking ecstasy, mdma, to try to get some empathy going. >> now you're on pills. >> easy. easy. >> calm down, eric. >> you're co-host of a morning tv. >> doesn't make it true. >> it also says china invented global warming. come on. >> finish your story. >> as i was saying, i was really unhappily married and i just didn't know if it was that man or it should be another man. or perhaps i'm with the wrong gender. so i was open to seeing, you
9:34 am
>> doesn't mean she is making a commitment. she's thumbing through the brochure to see what plans they might have. and then to make a decision. if you don't like that, find something else. >> makes a lot of sense. >> you guys are obviously, all three of you, iconic actors. tv. >> iconic. >> no, i'm hosting now. >> you think you're it? >> yeah, come on. >> when you say iconic, finish yo strongly with one character. for you it is a couple. for the guys -- but how does that feel to break out of that mold? you've got the "last ship." you've got this new project. is there pressure? >> pressure's for tires. >> wow! >> pull that one. where did you find that one? >> martin short. >> this is actually a great --
9:35 am
oaks." interesting thing, on amazon, it's not like netflix, so they don't reveal the number, and it could be 17 watching, and we will release the numbers after the show. >> right here, we are going to say good-bye. >> jennifer bg the wheels are >> maggi mae, just ask me whatever you want to know? >> what you guys don't know, jennifer, we have a bond, we have a mutual friend that we both love. >> we're going to step away.
9:36 am
season, i kissed a girl and i liked it. >> november 11th. >> you have been kind to tell me, you are a fan. >> i am a fan because i am a news junky, and i really respect how you handle yourself, and you are so next to you. now, i look like i am going back to school. i put on my back to school outfit. >> no, we love you. >> i was shopping all day yesterday also, and just to be
9:37 am
>> i showed up in his suit. >> oh, my gosh. >> tell america where they can watch this? >> amazon prime. phenomenal. we don't care about the ratings. but watch, because we do. >> you are looking to see us in a scene together in season 3. >> no, reacting the same as a "dirty dancing" scene. alexa, order another bride cake topper. arghh. alexa, where's the nearest gym? the nearest gym is .02 miles away. alexa, ask uber for a ride. nivea in-shower body lotion after washing apply and rinse 24 hours of moisture with no sticky feel. then get dressed and go. delight your senses with in-shower cocoa butter.
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?? you never believed in fairytales. knights in shining armor or happily ever after. but you believed when the right one came along, you'd be ready. time to shine. orbit. we're having a debate. it is a staple in every man and woman's closet -- jeans. but this season, denim is getting a bit of a makeover. >> here to show you how to pull off the latest trends, "today" contributor liliana vasquez.
9:42 am
thinks. >> we always give our opinion. we are looking for a guy's opinion. first up, one of my favorite styles of the season. the cropped flair jean. what's great about denim this season, you saw skinny season after season. denim got a whole makeover. these hit right above the ankle. perfect if you are wearing really good shoes because you can show them off. they also look great with ankle booties as well. this pair is from macy's. about and that frayed edge makes it kwool. >> it makes it edgy, undone. deconstructed. what other fashion terms? >> the coat is available at ann taylor. those gold shoes -- >> you got to get those shoes. that is the shoe of the season. that's the shape.
9:43 am
>> annamaria is showing the flair. it is back. >> did it leave? >> it had a moment where people weren't wearing it as much. but this season it is back in a major way. this is an every woman's jean. don't know one woman who puts these jeans on and doesn't feel like a million bucks. these are available at american eagle. under $50. the key with the flair is you need them to basically graze the gr super sleek like a trouser. a sweater like this with the shirt underneath. >> the flair to me is questionable. if they're just brushing the ground, they're going to get dirty. >> so it's not the shape, it is that it hits the ground. >> it looks great on her body. >> here's my observation because she has such a great body, i
9:44 am
long and the long. i think a shorter vest thing. you're covering up her body. >> she looks beautiful. >> i'd do a shorter sweater. >> that's the great thing about these jeans. they do all different kinds of tops. >> no go wash your jeans. >> do you recognize our model? >> dylan dreyer's husband is our model. we have our own zoolander in the house! ve >> you're leak being at it. blue steel, head to toe. >> i told brian his look was inspired by david beckham. david beckham loves the black slim jean. here he is in a black slim jean. it is not a skinny jean. there is a big difference. slim just means that it fits. then with the black you want to mix in this kind of like rich chestnut stone. >> i like the slim. i'm not a fan of the skinny. my wife tells me that the older
9:45 am
>> slim is different than skinny. slim just means it is a great fit. >> i like the slim. i am not a fan of the skinny. >> i love this. >> i think you look so cool. >> i actually like it. >> this is a look i've never seen you in before. i love it. and thank you for doing anything i ask you to do. you just -- he says yes to everything. >> he kind of has to. >> i do. >> he doesn't really have a choice, dylan. i know you. let's be 100%, brian. you don't have a choice. >> this >> what was the one word you used when you put on the outfit and you put on the jeans? >> super comfortable and super easy to do. >> bring out our models. i love you as a fashion critic. for a complete list of where to purchase this entire looks, go to -- in the way of my prompter. i can't -- >> sorry.
9:46 am
dylan, get's go to you. >> i love all now here's a peek out your window. >> i'm here. another warm day today with afternoon highs climbing in the low 80s and then tomorrow the low 70s and rain likely on friday afternoon, and then on saturday a blustery wind comes in and we will have temperatures minutishes on sunday, and then on thursday there's a chance of a few light showers. that's your latest forecast. coming up next, nothing is ever off limits for wanda sykes. wait until you hear what she is cooking up with amy schumer.
9:47 am
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we love this woman so much. edgy, no-holds-barred. she will certainly have us on the floor with her perfect humor. >> wanda sykes is out with a brand-new comedy special where she made quite a few jokes at the expense of her lot of jokes at the expense of your family. your kids are a little young. but what about your wife? >> i believe in talking about what you know. right? i know these people. i live with these people. and my wife, she's aware of the material. she likes it actually. >> even when you talk about her cooking? >> yes. the woman can't cook. i mean -- that's -- she can't cook.
9:52 am
enjoy it. that's what it is. she doesn't enjoy cooking so her food tastes like she didn't have a good time doing this. like her food tastes like necessity. you gotta eat. that's a fact. >> she was actually in the audience when you filmed this show. >> yes. >> do you ever look at her, make eye contact, she how she's reading your jokes. >> never. i look away. i look away. i tell her just imagine while i'm up t bags of money. so that way it will go down easier. this is all -- this is -- your trip to france, baby. sounds like i'm making fun of you, but really -- ca-ching. >> you and amy schumer are teaming up. >> we shot a movie together.
9:53 am
>> you want to tell us a little bit about that movie? it sounds interesting. >> it is very easy. but we'll talk about that when i come back in the summer to talk about the movie. right now we are he a talking about my special that airs this friday. >> yes. >> tell me a little bit about that. >> catch "what happened to sykes" tomorrow night on fx."
9:54 am
9:55 am
can we thank eric dane you were fantastic. >> thank you. re! you were fantastic. >> thank you. >> you were the closer. you were like a boss. >> we only threw you under the
9:56 am
woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. welcome hi today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds. let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado. same angle,same empty tool box. took it way better. the steel held up. it's truck month! make a strong decision. find your tag and get over eleven thousand total value on this silverado all star. silverado proved it is the toughest truck here. woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade.
9:57 am
oo right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. good morning to you. i am eun yang. metro will show off a bus route, and prince georges county of bureau chief will be testing out the new route, and be sure to follow @traceewilkins
9:58 am
>> we have sun breaking through the clouds and nice autumn color showing up, and that's the live view from the tower camera, and we are climbing in the low 70s and hitting low 80s by tomorrow afternoon, and then tomorrow rain showers likely in the afternoon, and then midday dropping back down into the 50s and 60s on friday evening, and then a blustery wind on saturday and temperatures in the 50s and winds diminish on sunday with highs in the mid-60s, and stays dry news4's darcy spencer will
9:59 am
on issues that matter to northern virginia, barbara comstock and donald trump have a lot in common. bill o'reilly: overturn roe v. wade; that's a specific thing that you would do? trump: well, overturn or overturn... comstock: i think roe v. wade should be overturned. trump and comstock. trump: i'm totally for defunding. we shouldn't be giving to planned parenthood. while comstock voted five times to defund planned parenthood. northern virginia, we need luann bennett. standing up to trump and comstock.
10:00 am
d i approve this message. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in you have made it to thirsty thursday. it is thursday, october 20th. that is "uptown funk" by bruno mars. there's a reason we're playing it today. bruno mars and mark deserve a congratulation, that song is diamond, which means it sold more than 10 million unit since its debut two years ago.


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