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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 21, 2016 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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this morning, a local leader counts all the different bullet holes in his d.c. apartment building. more than 20 were found. as residents ask what if. coming up we'll witnesses about the dangers posed for several children. good morning, i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we're getting new information from police in northern virginia, dealing with a costly problem for some credit card users. we'll tell you about eight different locations where hidden skimming devices were found. breezy and mild now, but rain is on the way. i'll have new hour-by-hour
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blasted with bullets, two separate shootings have neighbors in southwest d.c. on high alert this morning. news4's megan mcgrath is live along mailer road where one shooting targeted an apartment building filled with families. >> there was a lot of shooting at this apartment complex on mailer road, you can see the bullet holes and shattered and her children who were home when the gunfire began. >> and again, the people who live in this apartment were home, the woman we're told by neighbors was sleeping on the sofa, in front part of the apartment. and it appears that that's where the bullet entered the apartment. this front window area. very unexpected, a little after 10:00 last night.
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neighbor in the anc commissioner, that it seemed like there was just plaster raining down from her ceiling and walls. >> so you have one, two, three -- >> anc commissioner paul transom counts bullet holes. these are just the ones that can be seen from outside the apartment. six, seven -- >> inside, there are more. 14, police say possib were inside the apartment when the shots came in through the front window. >> she was telling me, she said i was sleeping, mr. transom. she said i just woke up and when i woke up, all i saw was dust and smoke coming down if the ceiling. she said she didn't know what it was. >> some of the bullets went through the apartment wall and out into the hallway where the mail boxes are. amazingly, no one was hurt. but residents --
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>> some too worried to show their faces on camera. >> say it could have easily have ended in bloodshed. >> they didn't shoot nothing but this front window and side wall which leads to our hallway. anybody could have been walking in that hallway. >> and no word from police, as to whether or not this apartment was in some way targeted or what the motive behind the shooting might have been. now, in the other shooting that happened last night, that was
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chopper 4 was over the scene near route 28 and route 50 in chantilly. it happened during the morning rush about 8:30 this morning. it's not clear what led to the accident or if drivers will face charges. i have a look at the roads and the rails for this week. safetruck surge number 9 still under way on the orange line. so trains serena to west falls church running every 24 minutes and west falls church and new minutes. silver running every 20 minutes between wielhe-reston east and largo town center. green and yellow, trains running every 20 minutes. and on the red line, no problems on the red line this weekend. remember a couple of cool things happening around town as well on saturday the american foundation for suicide prevention, that walk is happening saturday at 4:30 p.m.
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basin area, there might be some closures, so a warning for you there. and all weekend long, starting friday night, running into monday morning, 395, the hov lanes shut down this weekend for bridge deck resurfacing. at lee road for the lanes closed from turkey cock run to the line. we're going to have changeable weather for those events that melissa just talked about. right now, a beautiful ahead of a front coming in. we're looking west, there's friendship heights off on the horizon is montgomery county. searching the radar, not showing any rain. we're getting showers coming into the shenandoah valley out of the mountains, those are tracking to the north and east. it will take a while before they get into the metro area. between now and then the temperatures will be climbing to the mid 70s by early afternoon. then when the rain arrives
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60s and the 50s later tonight. the 40s tomorrow morning. i've got the new hour-by-hour timing on the rain and a look at weekend in just a few minutes. i'm molette green, we found out where thieves targeted your credit or debit card information in fairfax county. >> let's show you which locations detectives say thieves set up skimming devices to steal your money. most were at eight different gas stations. all around the and we noticed many of them are exxons. one was at a walmart. the stolen credit card information was then used at various atms to withdraw cash. still unclear, if any of these cases is linked. police believe gas stations are good targets for criminals, because they typically use older-model machines, which are easier to infiltrate. that's the latest from the live desk. barbara, back to you.
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a 3-month-old baby boy are expected to appear in court charged in his murder. police say 32-year-old antoine petty admitted to punching his son in the torso to stop him from crying last month. the mother, 24-year-old janice petty, says the father has a mental illness, police found the body this week near the parkdale high school property. today's hearing is to review the bond set for the couple. right now, sentencing is under way for a man convicted of raping a woman in the hill east neighborhood of southeast. antoine pitt was out on supervised probation when he cut off his gps bracelet, broke into a woman's home and raped her last year. the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia said pitt must be incarcerated until he is no longer physically capable of raping another woman or harming another person. a jury is recommending 60 years in jail and a lifetime supervised release should he be released after his sentence. in just over an hour, we'll learn more about the new
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after decades of waiting, officials finally received the certificate of need for that new medical center. it will replace prince george's hospital center and will be owned and operated by the university of maryland medical systems. the hospital costs more than half a billion dollars and is expected to open in 2020. county officials will speak about next steps this afternoon at the site of the new hospital. in an area being called downtown largo. news4 will be there. look for updates in the nbc washington app. she is now the head o district will honor its former police chief. kathy lanier retired after 26 years of service, tonight d.c. leaders will celebrate her with a ceremony in the northwest. lanier now oversees security for all 32 nfl teams and the super bowl. the wait is over -- capital bike shares finally in fairfax county. the program launched this morning and there's a celebratory ribbon-cutting today. news4's darcy spencer joins us live from the brand new bike
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darcy? >> good morning, barbara. we're at the spring hill station like you said in tyson's corner. these are the brand new red capital bike share bikes. you can see racks and racks of them. now available for rent. this marks the launch of capital bike share right here in fairfax county. they're starting off with some bikes here and some bikes in reston. but they do plan to expand the program. i asked, why would people want to rent bikes out here? what they're telling me is they or perhaps once they get off the metro, they can then rent the bike and get to work and back, because it's all of the heavy traffic out here. we spoke to some metro riders today who say they do plan to give it a try. >> you would do it to sort of bridge the gap to get to work? >> yeah. definitely. and because a lot of the traffic this here, it really gets crazy sometime during the primetime hours. and having a bike would really cut down the time i guess it
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>> do you consider using it out here in northern virginia? >> oh yeah, yeah. >> for what reason? >> get to work. go to school. you know, go to places, i think it's better because you don't like, don't have to put up with the traffic. >> so if you do plan to rent one of these bikes, you just go to one of these pay stations, you can rent a bike for a matter of minutes or hours, there will be the ribbon-cutting ceremonies as you mention, right here at bike stations throughout november and december. back to you. and there will be plenty of folks in town for howard university's homecoming this weekend. but a few signature events will be missing to return the focus to the alumni. there will be no annual homecoming parade or concerts. however today's yard fest will go on today as planned at noon.
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university. how a family who have a child with cancer are using the diagnosis to someday be able to help others.
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on issues that matter to northern virginia, barbara comstock and donald trump have a lot in common. bill o'reilly: overturn roe v. wade; urn... comstock: i think roe v. wade should be overturned. trump and comstock. trump: i'm totally for defunding. we shouldn't be giving to planned parenthood. while comstock voted five times to defund planned parenthood. northern virginia, we need luann bennett. standing up to trump and comstock. standing up for us. i'm luann bennett
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the defense department just identified the sergeant who died in an attack on a supply base in afghanistan. sergeant douglas riney was killed. and an american civilian was also killed and three others were also hurt. riney had earned the purple heart and the bronze star and was only 26 years old. we're waiting to hear the name in battle in iraq. nbc news learned the soldier was operating with iraqi forces there. it's not clear if they were involved in an effort to recapture mosul from isis. in decision 2016 now it looks like donald trump is rebounding slightly among virginia voters. he's still trailing ohio ohio by 12 points, 33 to her 45%. the wason center for public policy is your vafed 834 likely
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the rivals are back on the trail after an evening of laughs together last night. news4's edward lawrence explains. >> in a moment hidden from most in the room. donald trump finally shack hands with hillary clinton at the alfred e. smith foundation dinner new york. the republican candidate started off his speech being political. >> hillary believes it's vital to deceive the people by having [ crowd booing ] >> and a totally different policy in private. >> after a round of boos, trump finally got the message, this night was about fun and charity. >> this is the first time ever, ever, that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders, and not getting paid for it. >> it's amazing i'm up here
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transition of power. >> clinton did her part for the roast, getting through these three debates with donald has to count as a miracle. >> on the campaign trail, clinton and president obama in florida and his wife in phoenix trying to rally support for election day. >> and then says today that he will accept the results if he wins? that is, that is not a joking matter. >> trump held a rally >> if i win. >> leaving the door open to challenging the results if they don't go his way. today donald trump has three events in two battleground states, north carolina and pennsylvania. hillary clinton will hold a rally in cleveland, ohio. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. and the clinton campaign is getting some star support from miley cyrus, she'll be visiting george mason university tomorrow to speak with students about the high stakes of the election.
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voice" will be knocking on doors to encourage millennial voters to cast their ballots. another reminder to get your air bags checked. an 11th american has died because of a ruptured takata air bag. honda says the california woman died last month after a crash. her civic had been recalled in 2008, but the air bag was never fixed. more than 100 million other air bags have had the same issue. you can double-check yours or whether your car is in this recall, this link is at our n have a new building dedicated to cybersecurity. it's breaking ground on its new center for cybersecurity studies. the facility will train midshipmen for real-world cyber threats. and today, some of the brightest young minds from across the country are presenting their science ideas at the white house. ten students have been picked as president obama's new kid science advisers. they were chosen from 2500
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about how to improve education and science technology, engineering and math. the students are meeting with the president's science adviser, two astronauts, the director of nasa and the head of the national science foundation. friends and family come together to celebrate the life of josh hardy. he's the virginia boy who died after battling cancer. josh's family successfully fought a drug maker to get an experimental drug for him. today, there is a super hero costume celebration for josh at t conference center. everyone is invited but you have to wear a superhero costume. it begins at 6::00 tonight. josh's funeral will be held tomorrow at the fredericksburg baptist church. a remarkable story about the bond between a teenaged girl and her little brother. >> is now being honored by a project with the promise of helping million of families. here's nbc's gatti schwartz.
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put blush on his sister's cheeks. at eight he was her dancing partner. >> we were so close. >> but at the age of 10, tanner was diagnosed with brain cancer. and died the next year. >> i didn't do anything was the words that came out of his mouth and that breaks my heart. >> tanner had a mutated gene called tp-53 which can lead to several forms of deadly cancer and when tested, the same father and his sister casey. >> what are your chances of getting cancer? >> numberwise, 90%. >> i couldn't be more proud of someone who faces what she faces. >> now casey is the sole subject in a groundbreaking dna study they've named the tanner project in memory of her brother. >> i think she's a great example for the world. >> she's working with doctors
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genome. >> scientists are trying to figure out how she can live with the same genetic mutation that took her brother's life. they're also monitoring for the earliest signs of disease. so far -- >> everything looks good. >> no cancer. >> which means she is free to be a normal teenager. casey has started a honor her brother's memory and encourage others to get genetic testing. >> he taught me so much even before he was sick. he's the reason why i am who i am today. >> a bond with her little brother, that remains unbroken. gotti schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. wonderful young people there. tom, told bus the rain happening today at the top of the broadcast today. coming up, a look at the big
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"american ninja warrior" you're going to love this. a huge obstacle course set up at fedex field how it's being used
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wow, just look at that camera shake. a powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake shook western japan just after 1:00 a.m. our time.
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crumbled walls and streets. no injuries have been reported. but seismologists warn that a magnitude of this size can cause several aftershocks. three new crew members aboard the international space station. shane kimbro from texas and to russian cosmonauts just arrived today. the new crew will be up there until february. the three astronauts who welcomed them com next week. we're hoping for a great weather for a big event happening tomorrowed a fedex field. >> it's called "extreme ninja challenge." we told you about game on earlier this week. the american diabetes association and the redskins teaming up to raise awareness at the event people will be able to try out the extreme course. steven brickhouse, the american ninja warrior contestant who is
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>> oh yeah, it is live. >> nice job. >> the weather is okay right now, what's it going to be like for tomorrow? >> it's great to be able to do that. >> i thought were you planning to go out there tomorrow? >> yeah. i do that every morning right before i go on the air. >> yeah, well today, a great day to get out and get some exercise. build up some of the muscles, we've got a big changes are on the way. there's the view overlooking the potomac river. by 2:00, we're in the mid 70s, much of the region breezy and warm and then showers begin to move in right in the metro area around 4:00 until 8:00 or so and after that the showers do move east of the metro area and back down to the 60s. and when they're gone it will be getting windy by 11:00 p.m. it's in the mid 60s to low 60s, shenandoah valley, the rain is
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chesapeake bay. reagan national, around 73, don't have rain yet, but showers beginning to show up in the shenandoah valley. all this area in the green and yellow, some moderate showers coming into the shenandoah valley out of west virginia. these are heading north and east coming into the metro area. over the next several hours as we go forward in time, the area you see in the color, that is by later this morning afternoon temperatures, as they plummet fauquier county, we'll see the showers coming on through. might even have a rumble of thunder between 3:00 to 5:00. right in the metro area and move east of washington after 5:00. around the bay, around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. nice autumn color in the mountains now, the red zone, peak autumn color.
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shenandoah valley from skyline drive taken yesterday. post your picks on facebook, twitter and instagram. we'll have temperatures much cooler tomorrow, only near 60 with a blustery wind. on sunday, nice, into the upper 60s and 40s in the morning, lighter winds and a cool week to follow. next chance of rain maybe on thursday, that's the way it looks. we have new information about the maryland man accused of stealing classified documents from the nsa, we'll tell you why his lawyer says he should be let plus many asking today how a trip to the chiropractor could end in death. we have new information about
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? i'll get you dancing... ? ? to the diggy diggy diggity do. ? ? this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ? ? do that thing that you do. ? ? check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ? ? i'm gonna flippity flop to that clickity clock. ? ? we're staying out tonight. won't leave. ? ? by now, i hope you've figured it out. ?
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prosecutors say he highly classified information over the course of 20 years. just a few hours, harold martin will appear in court to face charges he stole from the nsa. nbc chief justice correspondent tom costello has more. >> inside this federal suburban maryland house, fbi prosecutors say the fbi found a staggering amount of classified documents and charged harold martin, a contractor for the national
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government says, is an amount of digital information equal to 500 million pages of text and images. which would make it easily the largest theft of official secrets ever. dwarfing what the fbi says was stole bin edward snowden, also an nsa contract employees. among documents found, the justice department says, plans for a top-secret operation against a known enemy of the united states. some of the classified documents, prosecutors say, were lying open and in the back seat and trunk of his car. which he parked in the driveway. the government wants him held in jail pending trial. saying if he's released, he could be a target for a foreign government because he knows so much. and they say he had access to guns and once told his wife he might end his life if quote he thought it was all over. but in a letter to the judge, his lawyers say there's no evidence he intended to betray his country. and no grounds for denying him
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reporting. >> so far martin is charged with stealing the material and taking it home only. the fbi says it could take five more months to go through it all. a maryland uber driver is in jail right now. nevard sanderson is accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. court documents say he dropped someone off last month and somehow had sex with someone else in his car. she told police that he pulled over and offered her a ride. then convinced her to have sex with him. detectives say sanderson w that. he'll in court next month. and we all know about the article in "rolling stone" that described a brutal gang rape at uva. now the author is admitting she messed up. at a civil trial yesterday she said she made mistakes in her reporting. but she believed jackie's changing story, because trauma victims don't always share everything at first. rolling stone retracted the
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and nicole aramo is asking for $8 million in a defamation case. metro riders are voicing frustration as new service cuts may soon become a reality. >> frankly the proposed cuts are disgraceful. >> my anger is about metro not being available. >> i think it's disgraceful. it's a disservice. are you supposed to be a public entity. serving for ten hours, riders criticized metro's plan to cut service on the rails in the name of safety. it includes cutting an additional eight hours per week of service. metro's general manager says he understands the frustration. >> you hear like the passion in their voice. >> i do. clearly, it's the same passion i feel for it. it's exact same passion i feel
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safety. >> any change in service has to be approved by metro's board that could come at any time. 130 people in the u.s. die every day from a drug overdose. and most of those involved prescription opioids or heroin. in an effort to combat the growing problem, tomorrow is national prescription drug take-back day. that gives you the opportunity to get rid of the unneeded or expired prescription drugs that you might have in your home right now. we're working on a list of collection spots in our area and app. new developments in the mysterious death of a model and mom known as the queen of snapchat. many of her fans were shocked to learn that 34-year-old katie may died from a stroke that may have been caused by a chiropractic visit. the l.a. coroner said it was neck manipulation that triggered the stroke. >> i'm excited to go check it out.
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online. to her family she was a loving sister and a single mother to her 9-year-old daughter. >> now may's public posts and newly released details from the los angeles coroner's office offer a timeline leading to her death. on january 29th, the post, pinched a nerve on my neck on a photo shoot and got adjusted this morning it really hurts. still hurts, going to a chiropractor tomorrow. on february 4th, she went to get adjusted. hours later, the coroner said she suffered a stroke. the report listing a cause as blunt force injury to the neck and her death the result of a chiropractic procedure. research shows that the type of death is rare, happening in every one out of 5.85 million adjustments. we asked this chiropractor to
11:36 am
artery that goes up to the brain. >> yeah. >> it's called the vertebral artery. >> what would cause a stroke? >> kinking or pressure or pinching this artery. >> this happens there's some type of tissue that's lodged and the adjustment or some type of trauma is occurring, that gets pushed in and causes a stroke. >> this doctor who was not involved in may's treatment says it's up to chiropractors to thorough exams before deciding on treatments. >> there's lots of ways of managing pain without the adjustment. the adjustment is a beneficial part if done properly for the right reasons. >> may's family hopes their story will save others. >> listen to your body, question things when they don't feel right. do research. speak out. >> that was scotty schwartz reporting. so far no charges have been
11:37 am
could change in just in time for the evening commute. tom's back after the break to let us know if it will clear out
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. a judge just sentenced convicted rapist antwon pitt to 60 years in prison. we just got this news moments ago. our partners at w this information. the judge called pitt a grave danger to the community. during sentencing. now pitt's lawyer, however, maintains his client maintains his innocence. now we have been reporting that the u.s. attorney general for the district of columbia had called for a very long sentence. so this man could not be capable of raping another woman. we're going to stay on top of this story throughout the day.
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nbc washington app and later on today on news4. back to you, aaron. hear the waves crashing there in hong kong on the beaches. the territory issued a number 8 typhoon warning today. that's the third highest with the approach of typhoon haima. with that warning comes a stern warning to surfers to stay out of the water but some of them see it as a chance to ride very conservative. and so you get a sort of a warning like this in quite often it's quite windy, but not as bad as they think it is. it's not very often that they can surf in hong kong, so you take what you can get. >> not quite as bad as they said it was going to be. >> the hong kong observatory said haima is expected to bring winds with speeds of 40 miles per hour to that territory.
11:41 am
that risk. >> and there's a very strong undertow that can suck you under, you get caught in it and that's going to be it. so heed the warnings. >> what's going on with our weather? >> we have some rain getting closer to us coming in from the west. right now storm team 4 radar showing it's in the shenandoah valley coming out of the mountains, it will coming closer to the metro through the later afternoon. the leading edge of the rain near stanton, virginia. during the afternoon hours we'll have the rain getting closer to the metro area. by 2:00 it's into loudoun county, as well as hagerstown and frederick and into warrenton, and around washington, 3:30, 4:00 until around 6:00 p.m. then it moves across the bay, heads out over the atlantic coastline. but still may be a few lingering light showers during the evening hours. and the amounts of rain, in the
11:42 am
half an inch. the green zone maybe a quarter to a half an inch. that's going to be the totals by the time it tapers off an ends late tonight. right now we're into the 70s around the weather underground network. low to mid 70s, for your exercise, you're going to be dealing with the rain. if you plan on getting some exercise in, get it done before 3:00, back down to the low 60s by 8:00 p.m. by midnight it will be in the 50s, by dawn tomorrow, the 40s, only near 60 saturday. gusty winds tomorrow to 40 miles winds, nice next week, maybe some showers on thursday. that's the way it looks. thank you, tom. new guidelines for your children and technology, why pediatricians now say you shouldn't feel guilty if your toddler loves it play on the ipad. it is oyster season. we'll show you some of the different ways to prepare the seafood and tell you about the
11:43 am
man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families.
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the fall oyster season is under way in the chesapeake bay right now. the six-month harvest kicks off each year on the 1st of october. it's said while the blue crabs are still out there in abundance, it's the chesapeake bay oysters that people get excited about in the fall and winter. joining us at the executive chef at the grilled oyster company. what is it about the chesapeake
11:46 am
deep oysters, depending on where they are, and also size. go different from oysters further up the east coast? >> you have a lot more mild oysters around here. depending on where they are. >> and where is the best place to get them around here? >> i love barren island oysters, i'll be having tenderline coming in for the fall fest and we'll be shucking some of those. great oysters, perfect salinity for everything. fall fest coming up. do you usually like them raw? >> i love them raw, cooked fried, everything. >> you're an oyster guy. >> give me an oyster and i'm good. what are we doing today? >> two of our new fall oysters, we'll be putting some of these on. you can put some of these on to the grill. >> and this is the grill? >> you can pick them up. >> i'll do it the way you tell me that i should do it put them right on here. >> put them on there. >> i guess an outdoor grill is even better.
11:47 am
charcoal grill is even better, you get the smokiness. >> how long do they have to be on here? >> you're looking at about five, six minutes. depending on how hot of a fire you got. >> and these that you have there have already been on for that long? >> these are coming straight from the chesapeake bay. these are some barren islands, from cooper's island. >> once they're done, as these are. >> what we do is we'll take them off here. so you can give me that one. whwe and we can just -- >> you then, after you've cooked them, you put them back on the ice to serve? >> normally what i'll do i'll have them out here. i have all on the salt here. so we put them on a bed of salad and that i we're able to give them to the people and they're still hot. these, what we can do is we'll have our fall harvest oyster and then we have our farmer's oyster. >> what's on the -- i know these
11:48 am
them and boil them. so everything has been roasted or parboiled. >> you put that on top in. >> we put that on top just like in the front. >> what am i going for right here? >> we have turnips there. >> you put it right on top? >> right on top. >> we're good to go. >> and carrots. >> this is really different than just plopping them down like you see people do. >> what i have here is a wahilo chili sauce. you put that right on top. to eat this. tell me about the festival that's coming up. >> tomorrow from 12 to 4:00 it's a craft beer festival we're sponsoring. we have about four craft beers from local coming in and showing what they have. i'll be outside with barren island oyster, tender vine shucking oysters, i'll be doing
11:49 am
menu. >> where is the festival? >> 3701 york street northwest. >> here in washington? >> yup. >> right here in the city and who's invited? >> anyone. >> how much does it cost? >> free. >> all right. >> free to come and you free to come and we'll be having a lot of fun outside. >> steve mason with the grilled oyster company. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> aaron i'm bringing your lunch over there to you. >> i'll give it much screen time is too much. like if it's okay to use your ipad to get a moment of peace or to help get the kids to bed. there may be an answer, nbc's erica edwards shares new guidelines. >> kids these days face a digital deluge of apps, online games, tv, social media instead of playing a constant game of keep-away, parents are now encouraged to join the fun.
11:50 am
you know look at social media together with your kids. watch the news together with your kids. if that's what you want to do. >> updated guidance from the american academy of pediatrics on kids' media usage represents a shift to making moms and dads medias. >> we don't think of it as screen time any more. we think of it more as how can we use media as a tool to suit our family's goals and values. >> previously the influential group of pediatricians suggested now they say there's evidence to thelers as young as 18 months could learn and benefit from some forms of technology. as long as parents are there to guide them. and the technology is not overly stimulating. >> if you go overboard with the bells and the whistles and the sound effects and the light effects, you can get kids just distracted. >> the aap encourages a media limit of one hour a day for kids up to age six. up to that parents should set
11:51 am
rules. the new guidance is meant to help families stay connected, with technology and without. erica edwards, nbc news. after the break we're going to introduce you to a local police officer known for his extreme compassion. especially for the homeless in
11:53 am
prince lovers rejoice, a
11:54 am
soon. the 40-song compilation album is being released next month. this release marks the first official posthumous prince album after his death from an accidental fentanyl overdose in april. from the supreme court to the stage you'll soon be able to see justice ruth bader ginsberg in a new she'll make her debut next month in the daughter of the regiment. the 83-year-old will play a nonsinging role. one that's known for bringing laughs to audiences. the washington national opera said ginsberg turned down the chance to perform in all eight shows, but will take the stage opening night, november 12th. well a personal tragedy rocked the life of an alexandria police officer. but it also motivated him to
11:55 am
reports, the officers is being honored. >> here on the alexandria streets where he's been patrolling for 20 years, they know him as officer benny, he starts each day checking in on homeless residents, bringing them clothes. >> they're the forgotten souls that's out here and they're so helpful. and they could be anybody. >> sharon adams runs the homeless shelter in alexandria. >> we don't look at him as an officer, we look at him as our friend. >> officer benny evans started focusing on the homeless about eight years ago. >> myself and a couple of other officers got out and started identifying people trying to build that relationship. >> those relationships led evans to learn more about mental illness. >> some of these folks don't belong in jail. they're mentally ill, they definitely don't belong in jail. >> evans helps to train other officers in crisis intervention. >> he's teaching the next generation of police officers what it means to serve the the community and how to engage the community. >> three years ago officer evans' life changed forever when
11:56 am
kind of took this whole homeless thing and mental illness thing to another level for me. i was like, you know what, this is it. >> a lot of the homeless people went to the memorial service, they went to the funeral and they showed up to support officer bennie. it melted my heart to know that we really do care about this guy. and he cares about us. >> that's when officer evans found out that his son had also been helping the homeless. giving them shoes and socks, but you never told anyone, not >> he was a big 15-year-old baby, daddy's baby. and just to know that he was doing the work, didn't look for no reward from it that's what it's about. you have to got to give back to the community. i'm glad that i, i raised him in the environment that he saw me doing these things and he thought -- that it was the right thing to do. because it is. >> earlier this month, officer bennie evans became the first recipient of the u.s. attorney general's award for distinguished service in the community.
11:57 am
in alexandria, mark segraves, news4. what a wonderful story. >> talk about setting a good example that trickles down, generation after generation. >> let's take a last look at our forecast for midday. >> tom? >> when you're out and about, you can track the rain and the big changes coming this weekend with the nbc washington app and the storm team 4 radar. which is showing a leading edge of rain coming into the shenandoah valley. just about to cross the blue ridge. it will be in the metro area between 4:00 and saturday and the rain ends around 11:00 tonight. maybe a half-inch of rain by the time it ends. saturday, blustery winds, temperatures around 60 tomorrow afternoon. winds diminish sunday, beautiful day with highs in the upper 60s. nice in the next week, might get some showers on thursday. have a great weekend. that's it for "news4 midday." we appreciate you joining us, we're back on the air first at 4:00. >> get your news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. we hope you'll have a great day,
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? stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ? ? i got you babe ? ? i got you babe ? ? when i text you you'll thank me on snapchat ? >> oh, cordon. it's friday and i have you babe, welcome to "access hollywood live." >> listen to cher here, come on. >> her voice. >> so good. with the cher, the real cher, and the wannabe cher, james corden, of course, he's done it again, kids. >> is he on fire? >> he is on fire right now.


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