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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 23, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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back to this breaking news in prince george's ty that has shut down part of the beltway near college park this morning. we're told that a maryland state trooper is one of the victims. news4's darcy spencer just got to the scene. what can you tell that is happening? >> we did just get here. i can tell you that the top side of the beltway is an absolute mess. you can avoid it if you can. we're on an overpass here looking down on 495. you can see, this is just a
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just one lane is getting by here to the left. this is right around route 1 again in the college park area, as you get on the beltway from i-95. like you said, a trooper involved in this crash, two vehicles involved. the trooper was flown to the hospital. a second person in another car was also taken to the hospital. we're told that both of them are going to be okay. they're still investigating the circumstances of the crash but this sunday morning whether you're heading out to church, running errands or have somewhere else to go. you want to keep in mind to avoid this area from what i understand, the back up starts around new hampshire avenue. again, this is on the inner loop. you're also going to be affected if you come down 95 south to get onto the beltway. this back up is stretching from a mile. keep that in mind as you head out this morning that this is shut down.
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to reopen the lane. stick with us, we'll keep you updated on-air, also online. back to you. >> thank you so much, darcy, as she mentioned with the trooper involved, it can take longer for them to complete that investigation. very unusual for something like this on the weekend. it could impact many people. >> we'll stay on tom of the development, too. >> i'm angie goff. >> i'm molette green in for adam tuss this morning. let's check in, tom kierein is is out, the winds are calming. >> they have died down quite a bit overnight, molette. now we have the peak gusts up around 20 miles an hour. sun is climbing higher and a blue sky. the temperatures around the region are climbing as well. we're into the 50s. reagan national. climbing into the 50s all around the region. don't have any rain or snow on storm team4 radar.
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virginia. that was yesterday morning. good day to rake the leaves because of the lighter breezes. afternoon highs climbing into the mid and upper 60s. a look at the cooler weather over the next ten days coming up this next half hour. we continue to follow breaking news in prince george's county where police are investigating a deadly bike accident. a man was found in the road at kenilworth avenue on route 50. he was hit by a driver around 1:15 in the morning and driver stayed on the scene. the traffic was impacted for hours as crews investigate the scene. no word on any possible charges. a firefighter hurt battling this blaze at a northwest d.c. restaurant overnight. the blaze broke out at the cafe on park road. crews spent most of the morning putting out hot spots. it is now under control. the firefighter hurt is expected to be okay. turning now to a developing story.
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his head last night. the 87-year-old was in his own backyard when it happened. police believe it could have been an accidental firing from a hunter's gun. the man lives on elton farm road in brookville and it is near public land. he was hit by a two millimeter projectile. he is expected to survive. officers haven't been able to find the shooter. donald trump and hillary clinton will both be on the campaign trail this sunday. cl president obama who will campaign for her in las vegas. as for donald trump, he will rally supporters in naples, florida. meanwhile, in a speech saturday, donald trump laid out his vision for his first 100 days if he is elected president. he also is threatening to sue the women who have accused him of inappropriate touching or
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all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> as for hillary clinton, she made an appeal for voters wavering in the support of trump. she says she wants to be the president for all americans. we saw long lines at one judiciary square saturday as early voting started in the district. all this week, qualified voters can go there to cast their early or absentee votes. some waited in l they're voting for change. have people's voices heard by the elected officials. >> i want to see the city get the right in place so we can get more than what we've begun getting. >> the old council chambers at one judiciary square is the only polling location in the district but on friday, an early voting location will be open in each of the eight wards. early voting in the district ends on november 4th.
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registered to vote during an extension of the state's voter registration deadline. a federal judge granted the extension thursday after heavy demand prevented some voters from registering online. officials say the final number of applications submitted during the window will be higher when in person and mailed voter registration applications are processed in the coming days. be sure to catch the latest in decision 2016. at 10:30 this morning on "meet the press" will have an exclusive interview with vice president nominee senator tim kaine and will speak with trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. they did it again. snl. "saturday night live" not holding anything back as they made fun of the final presidential debate. >> sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the real and fake ones. they started with the candidate's position on
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relationship with mexico. okay? i have permly met with the mexican president. i forget his name. it was something like mr. guacamole. i'm sorry. excuse me, senorguacamole. i met his beautiful wife, taquito and their twin children, chips and salsa. >> oh, my goodness. kate mckinnon's hillary clinton didn't miss out either when the fake donald trump opened the door to >> i would be happy to talk about the last 30 years. >> oh, no, not again. >> back in the 1 970s, i worked for the children's defense fund. then i was a senator in new york on 9/11. >> yeah, we get it. >> then i was sot. i don't know if you've heard this before. >> we have. >> i was instrumental in taking down a man named.
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>> okay. we've got more of these highlights for you of last night's snl later coming up including a skit where tom hanks plays a trump supporter on black jeopardy. that has to be good. >> what i would give to be in the room while writing the jokes. >> nd the paycheck to come. >> we're off to a cool start. you have to watch out for the breeze. it can sneak up on you. tom is tracking how to plan biggest mergers. a new concern over the deal with time warner and why regulators could turn it down. >> we're staying on top of a trooper involved crash on the beltway. this is before the greenbelt metro exit in college park.
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the cubs have won the pennant! >> look at that. sports history made in chicago. the cubs beat up the l.a. dodgers in game six of the national league championship series to advance to the world series and this will be the cubs first appearance in the world series since 1945 snapping a 70 year drought. they have not actually won a world series since 1908. game at&t has a deal to acquire time warner for more than $85 billion. the deal still has to be finalized and is expected to get massive scrutiny from federal regulators. if approved, it would make time warner the target of the two largest media acquisitions on record. the highest was aol's disastrous 94 billion acquisition of time warner at the end of the dot com boom. happening today, prince george's county residents
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and new service will give prince george's county and northern virginia residents a bus connection between downtown national harbor, old town alexandria, fairfax county and surrounding communities. the nh2 will operate from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. seven days a week. dress in layers if you're working out this morning. you want to hear tom's fitness forecast before you head out for the run or bike ride. >> we're all over the breaking news. this live look at the exit in college park. our darcy spencer live on the scene. scene. cr fios is not cable. we're wired differently. scene. cr we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time.
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we've got 15 days left until the election. and the fight is on for the key battleground states. >> chuck todd is joining us now. trump's big speech in gettysburg pennsylvania. they billed this as his plan for the first hundred days if elected. did it work? >> that portion of the speech was pretty good. he didn't get to that portion of the speech until he aired his own grievances threatening to sue every accuser coming out. says he will sue them all after the election. he did that before the speech and he made the threat after he
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it was off key and you'll hear his campaign manager talk about this without totally criticizing him. he is best when he is focused on issue. it is becoming a constant theme. one step forward, two steps back. >> if it was part of the speech, kellyanne conway didn't know it. >> coraling him. they got him to do that speech. they got him to talk about his first hundred days but everything. >> hillary clinton surrogates are all out there. how are they using donald trump controversy to benefit? what are they doing in the final run up? >> it seems like they want to use it and tie to every republican on the ballot. >> you saw hillary clinton campaigning in philadelphia. she talked about the republican, pat toomey. why is he still supporting donald trump.
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wondering how can marco rubio still be supporting donald trump. they are essentially going with just one critique of every republican in a battleground states. you see the ad campaign. it is an organized effort now. the democrats think they have a shot at winning not just the white house, but control the senate and maybe the house so they're trying to basically make it all about trump down the ballot. it certainly got republicans very, very nervous. >> you look at where trump has been. he has been in where there are big senate races. on the republican side of things. are they focused there. looking at the senate races and is it narrowing? >> here is thing with the trump. whether trump knows that is what he is doing or not -- certainly the rnc funding much of the campaign is encouraging him to have rallies in trump territory in the battlegrounds. pat toomey can't win without
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know, their nervousness is that somehow moderate republicans are demoralized or trump supporters debt demoralized and don't show up. that is the tight rope. >> what is coming up? >> we'll talk to tim kaine and a fight with progressives is coming for a clinton/kaine administration if it happens but also kellyanne conway and where she sees the race going forward and can donald trump show more discipline than we'll be watching. thanks so much, chuck. you can see "meet the press" every sunday at 10:30 after news4 today. the weather is changing but are you ready for -- should i say it? >> snow. >> a four letter word around here. some of the white stuff has already fallen close to us as well. this was the scene in high elevations of snow shoe west virginia. remember, we're still in october. this resort usually opens for
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this was the scene in western maryland and tucker county, west virginia. snow falling in the high elevations there. the photo coming to us from dave lesher on our finish page. >> we have a week of october. i remember it was 2011 when we got a snow fall in october. snow-tober. >> it can happen even here in the metro area. the photo had almost 200,000 views there is some interest. there is certainly some interest in our first snow of the season out there. not here. we had the gusty winds yesterday. now they have diminished and these are the days of our autumn dreams. look at the color now. we're seeing nice color here locally. interest that is the live have from the tower camera on the urban forest of northwest washington and off in the distance is montgomery county where we are getting some nice color showing up. now, that red zone on our peak
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way down into west virginia and western maryland. the orange zone is moderate color to high color and we're in the moderate color zone here right now, much of maryland and virginia but the moderate color zone and the high color zone will shift here to our east here as the week progresses and we'll get the peak color in here around halloween and into the first week of november and speaking of gorgeous color, this photo taken just this morning in maryland in montgomery county, of the leaves have come down there but still nice color and a nice day to get out and get exercise, a walk, run or bike ride. noon time, upper 60s, mid afternoon and back down to the low 60s by 6:00 p.m. perfect day for that. we'll have lighter winds and with that invigorating chill in the air makes you want to work out more. tomorrow morning, dry roads but we'll have clouds around. we'll be in the mid-50s.
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mid-60s. you'll be dealing with sun glare on monday afternoon. storm team4 exclusive ten day outlook showing a cooler pattern midweek tuesday into wednesday and thursday, highs only in the 50s those days with chilly mornings and then our next chance of rain, that may come in on thursday, late afternoon and evening. that may linger into midday on friday and dry out friday afternoon. over the weekend next weekend, should stay mostly dry. another chance of rain. the following monday, the last november 1st already, guys. >> wow. all right, tom, thank you so much. we are staying on top of the breaking news on the beltway. a trooper involved crash as you can see. the back-ups are there just before the greenbelt metro exit in college park. darcy spencer, coming up next
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they out here saying the new iphone wants your thumb print for your protection. >> okay. doug. >> who about i don't think so. that is how they get you. >> yes! yes! that's it! >> yup. i don't trust that. >> me either. >> i heard that goes straight to the government. >> doug, that is not bad. >> tom hanks, keenan thompson in
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jeopardy. so we want to get back to our breaking news, angie. >> that's right. this is on the inner loop at the beltway. darcy spencer is near college park with another update on the situation impacting so many people. hey, darcy. >> reporter: good morning, there is a little bit of good news, two lanes getting by but if you're headed out to church this morning, perhaps getting halloween stuff, going to a corn maze or pumpkin patch. keep this in mind, avoid this area. this is 495. th in college park. you can see this massive delay. it goes back to new hampshire avenue right now two lanes are getting by here to the far left. we've been watching the traffic here for the last 30 to 45 minutes and it is taking a long time for drivers to get through this back up here on 495. it looks like it is going all the way back to new hampshire avenue. again, on the inner loop, also
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it in mind, it will be here for awhile. back to you. >> thank you so much, darcy. we'll have updates inside our nbc washington app. here are four things to know, traffic is moving again after a deadly bike accident in bladens, burg, a man was found in the road at route 50. a car hit him around 1:15 this morning. firefighters recovering after battling a blaze at a northwest d.c. restaurant. crews spent the out hot spots. prince dworj is getting a new region bus route. it will give prince george county a bus connection between downtown national hash yosh, alexandria and surrounding communities. >> in a speech in pennsylvania, donald trump says he plans on filing lawsuits against the women who have alleged he sexually assaulted them. that is going to do it for this edition of news4 today. we want to go back out live to the capitol beltway where we
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involves a trooper, we know that he is among those injured but is expected to be okay. big delays, this is on the inner loop at college park. we hear the delays stretch back to new hampshire avenue. two lanes of traffic are able to get by. >> avoid that area if you can because investigation is ongoing. we've been following it since the show started. we'll have updated inside our app. >> that's right.
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this sunday, the end game. does donald trump go scorched earth -- >> all of these lies will be sued after the election is over. >> or does he try to win or simply end his cpa dignit >> i'm asking the american people to rise prove the clutter. >> our guests are tim kaine and trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. plus, going big. >> i have spent 4 1/2 hours on stage with donald, proving once again i have the stamina to be


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