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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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roles. it will help most customers with the higher premiums. sign up season begins november 1st. we'll get an update on beach drive construction is going. we're one month into the three year rehab project. transportation reporter adam tuss will go behind the scenes today. you can follow him on twitter as he tours phase one between two more tow trucks are patrolling wisconsin and connecticut avenues. they're packed because of the beach drive project. parking enforcement has been extended through 7:00 p.m. on wisconsin avenue. >> oh, my goodness. you can feel the impact of the traffic near connecticut, calvert, up and down. >> that is how we welcome people to d.c. looking at 4 things to know about the weather.
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forecast for today it is a frosty, cold start here early this morning. quite the chilly breeze is going to be continuing all the way through your tuesday afternoon and even colder tonight into tomorrow morning. if you have cold, sensitive plants outside not affected this morning. cover them up for tomorrow morning. we should be milder by the weekend. today's forecast it will be a breezy and cool one. highs only barely near 60 today. upper 50s in the suburbs with the northwest cool day to be sitting in frank. how is the icc holding up? >> just getting by one lane to the left. this is westbound icc. talking about the problem with the lumber truck that flipand spilled all the lumber. you can see on the right side of the roadway overnight. we'll get chopper 4 over this in a little bit and take a look at how things are from above. eastbound 7 at the toll road. right lane getting by the bridge work. looks like it will wrap up soon.
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66, overall, no problems. beltway looking quite good. inner and outer loop. construction at the top of the beltway, nothing to worry about or have to leave early for. right now, 270 looking good from 70 down to the spur. see you in ten minutes. good morning, we have this developing story out of australia where there has been a tragedy. at a particular theme park. four people died on a river rapids ride when it malfunced that two were thrown from the ride and two others were trapped in the machinery or trapped under water while sitting inside of the ride. they were all adults and police say that they are not aware at this point of any other dangerous incidents involving this ride before, but the investigation issing on to figure out what -- vision is on to figure out what went wrong. 4:32 right now. frustrating. that is the typical complaint
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there are plans to extend the express lane. it is free for cars with three people but others would have to pay the variable toll. commuters have mixed feelings on whether this would help congestion. >> expansion is necessary otherwise it can only get worse. >> not only increase the amount of traffic capability. >> v-dot held a meeting on the plans in arlington. the next will be tomorrow night. construction on the express lanes is planned for 2017. changes could soon be coming to a bethesda intersection where three died earlier this year. the maryland state highway administration said it will
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speed was a factor in the accident. it is now 4:34. a man is in jail being held without bond charged with attempted murder. montgomery county police arrested da'von mobley. he stole a neighbor's car to get away. both victims have serious injuries. the death toll is rising after an attack militants ambushed this training center, this school. most of the dead. hundreds of hostages were released. authorities saying the terror group out of afghanistan is suspected of being behind this attack at this point. now back to you. all right, thank you. it is 4:34. it could be another week before we find out what caused the
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the ntsb is looking at several possibilities including speed, fatigue, or air medical emergency. 13 people were killed. 31 others were injured when the bus slammed into the back of the tractor trailer. this happened sunday morning in palm springs. the bus was headed back to los angeles after a casino trip. a look for thieves that robbed a laurel restaurant inside the tasty diner two weeks ago. 74-year-old manager with a gun. police believe the robbers were later involved in a multi car crash that tied up the bw parkway for hours during morning rush. they allegedly carjacked a driver and haven't been found. they are accused of ripping off their congregation. a pastor and his wife could spend decades in jail for allegedly using sunday offerings to make risky investments to
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pastor. court documents connect him, his wife, and another woman to a fraud scheme. all three were arrested on sunday. brenda is out of jail. terry and wells will be in court arguing to be released. fbi workers and local leaders will have to work longer to find out where the new fbi headquarters will be. the decision will be made next year. bids are considered locations in greenbelt and landover maryland and springfield, virginia. the decision was delayed because of an overwhelming response from developers. the district wants to make sure it is fully prepared for this year's snow. >> i'm hoping they don't have to do a whole lot this year. >> that is why city leaders are planning before the really cold weather strikes. chuck wants snow, so we're kind of in the minority here. you may have been one of the people caught in this terrible
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today council member mary cheh is holding ail meeting on snow readiness. meteorologists and dpw will weigh in. >> not just chuck. >> new rules for a popular spot to exercise. >> and we're in for a major temperature swing. chuck is updating the forecast with how to dress the kids.
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chilly start to this tuesday morning at 4:40. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us about the bus stop forecast. hey, chuck. >> good morning, eun. your kids will need to grab that jacket here early this morn temperatures are in the 30s and low 40s for most with quite a bit of a breeze out there as well. layer up for 30s and 40s here early this morning. only near 60 degrees coming our way this morning. it will be bright and sunny. bad news is the northwest wind will be with us all morning. sunglasses and jeans are necessary. colder tomorrow morning. more about that and the weekend ahead coming up in ten minutes. it is melissa mollet's turn. good morning. >> we want to show you video from yesterday.
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a semi lost a load of lumber on the right side of the roadway. let's look at how things are looking in the same section. a little difficult to see because of the darkness. westbound i. c. c., just the left lane getting by this morning. shortly after the i. c. c., has to stay left after the paving project clears. two left lanes are getting by the paving je no major problems. inner loop before the connecticut paving blocking the left lane. today is the last day to take your pet on a walk through arlington national cemetery. >> pets will be banned from the grounds. nonservice animals can disrupt funerals. the announcement comes one week after they announced cyclists will no longer be able to ride
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well, i lifted the ban on cuban cigars. that is worth something. >> president obama is weighing in on the election. the new hit on late night tv and the reason he joked he can't run for a third term. plus, how donald trump and hillary clinton are stepping up attacks. >> nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote.
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welcome back at 4:45 and decision 2016, donald trump is citing a wall street journal report on hillary clinton. the group affiliated with virginia governor terry mcauliffe who is a clinton supporter gave a large donation to dr. mccade for a senate race. they later became deputy director of the fbi and helped oversee the clinton e-mail investigation. >> clinton got away with the e-mail lie, the e-mail scam, the e-mail corruption, but now, at least we have a pretty good idea. >> a spokesman for governor mcauliffe said he had no connection to the e-mail issue. the statement goes on in part,
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virginia and any insination otherwise is ridiculous. no doubt florida and 29 electoral votes will be key in determining who will be the next president. if you need evidence, look no further than this. both hillary clinton and donald trump will be in that state today. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. how skrushl florida to trump's white house hopes here? >> really important. they seem to be going through florida this time around. whe c he was there yesterday in tampa trying to go after those votes. his tactic. latest tactic seems to be going after the media and the pollsters. the polls show him behind from five to 12 points in the national polls. he says the polls are skewed, they're flawed and rigged like the rest of the system. >> let's turn to hillary clinton now, tracie, is her campaign banking on a win in florida. a path to victory without it?
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of them is tricky without winning that huge battleground state. for clinton, one of the things she is doing outside of florida is refocusing now on senate democrats. she has a significant lead in the national polls. she is trying to help the democrats retake control of the senate. they need four seats. >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us. thank you. president obama got in some zingers on jimmy kimmel live. he read a from donald trump's account but offered the real reason why he can't run for a third time. first lady. >> personally for me? if i were able to run for a third term, michelle would divorce me. >> the president also encouraged those in the audience and those at home to go vote. he mentioned he took advantage of early voting a few weeks ago. >> it is just so much work. she wants her life back.
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input to the strict abortion restrictions are signed into law. virginia ward of health voted to roll back the restrictions nut place by bob mcdonald. those rules require clinics to follow the same rules at hospitals. governor mcauliffe believes they were designed to reduce access to reproductive health services. potential jurors will be questioned before a murder trial of a former campus police offic a body camera recorded the encounter. he felt threatened when he shot him in the head. he is charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter. d.c. police are lighting up a northwest d.c. neighborhood where gunfire caused major problems over the weekend. police say more than a dozen shots were fired on crittenden street piercing a jeep, wall,
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consideration for nobody's life. >> three weeks ago, a man survived the shooting on the same street. they have not said if there is a correction between the two incidents. it is 4:49. the fairfax county board of supervisors will consider creating a civilian review panel for incidents involving police officers. it would work in conjunction with the office of the independent police auditor. they established the office last month. it was a no holds bar kind of conversation inside redskins park but had nothing to do with football. yesterday, local police chiefs and other officers met with players and other team officials. they talked about issues such as use of force and police brutality. some of the redskins players
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there was a mouth guard supporting the black lives matter police. the message from police was we are listening. >> it was uncomfortable. you could see it in the players lives that they're hurting for somebody. hurting for a family member or a friend. you know, and it is a real concern. >> yesterday's meeting was voluntarily and about 20 players showed up. history in the making. the world series starts tonight and features two teams that haven't won in a very long time. >> it is excitingto the indians last won in 1948 and the cubs, last one in 1908. more than 100 years ago. even i can do that math, aaron. >> the nationals have never won a world series, even during the years they played in montreal, just, somebody thought we should throw that out there. ticket prices for tonight's game in cleveland are through the roof as they say.
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>> redskins came back to d.c. in 2005, so, we're a young team in my mind. we have time. we have time. we want to win one for sure. a race draws hundreds to the district to see who would run fastest in high heels. runners put on elaborate costumes and run three blocks. race benefits the non-profit organization called historic dupont circle. last year's winner, this is video from last year's winner. they finished in 41 seconds. i get a little nervous. someone can break an ankle. you can hurt yourself in these high heels. >> that is the price you pay, isn't it? >> yes it is the price i pay. >> two blocks in 41 seconds and without a big for sale sign-in the end. just so you know, you would be the only lady competing.
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>> they will need leg warmers or something. >> that is why you're running. things warm up pretty quickly. if you're going to be in the crowd tonight. you need an extra layer for sure. start thinking about frost and freeze. last year it took until november 23rd before we got down to 32 at reagan national. this is the time of the year where the outlying neighborhoods can get that cold. last year, the 19th. outside the beltway and away from the bay, we can get down to the freezing mark and tomorrow morning, if you don't have frost on your pumpkin this morning, tomorrow morning it is more likely. cold, northwest flow today will keep us dry and sunny but this northwesterly wind will keep it chilly. frost and freeze advisories up this morning. panhandle of west virginia, through the veteran doe valley.
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colder because the wind will fadeaway after the sun goes down tonight. that being said it is chilly. 38 right now in warrenton. 50 at national airport. 52 by the bay and 39 in gaithersburg. temperatures this morning will stay mostly in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. here is your exclusive ten day forecast near 60 and very breezy today. a cold, cold, cold start tomorrow morning. rain likely on thursday. friday looks good and really the weekend temperatures well back up into the 60s. maybe a little chance for a shower this weekend. more coming next hour and we'll break down today hour by hour to let you know when you will be able to shed that jacket. good morning, melissa mollet, how is the crash update in traffic. >> we have 70 eastbound there near 40 in hagerstown shut down. we got off the phone with police. that is out of the way here. all lanes open. no injuries.
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fredrick county and taking a look westbound icc. this is from the over turned tractor trailer last night. just the right side of the roadway is getting by there. 66, no problems in or out of town. see you back here around 5:01. how safe are your headlights? what a new report is uncovering about yourfe >> dentists may not like it but kids can't wait for the halloween candy. halloween candy. the type of candy that might be at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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welcome back at 4:57. check out this deer making a mad dash through an alabama town. the animal wandered inside a cosmetology school. maybe he needs a little work. the deer became stuck. police helped it out and it sprinted away. surveillance video shows a woman falling as she tried to get out of its path. she had to be treated for a possible broken nose. driving in the dark is unavoidable for a lot of people. some headlights are posing a serious safety hazard.
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seven earned poor ratings when it came to their lights. the honda ridge line earned a good rating and only for those at the most expensive level. lights don't just cause issues for those who drive the trucks but for drivers they share the road with. >> out of the 23 different headlight systems we rated, 14 had too much glare. >> almost half of deadly crashes happen at dawn or dusk when we need the headlights the most. the ratings will become par the criteria for top safety pick rewards. is your car reliable. consumer reports is out. lexus topped the charts. toyota came in at number two and buick is the first domestic brand to crack the top three in 45 years. audi and kia rounded out the top five. >> how about that? i'm driving my toyota until it dies on the road. >> and it will.
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contact lens. they are being sold illegally at retail outlets and online. federal authorities say the law requires a prescription to ensure quality and safety. they can cause eye infections, eye injuries and loss of sight. people are urged to only by them as fda products. another warning from the american >> they're letting you know which candy will cost you big time for years to come. avoid eating the sticky family. the harder it is to remove, it gives the cavity causing material time to work in your house. >> hard candy is time to stay away from. it allows the sugar to wash over your teeth. the best option is chocolate. eun knew this.
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load up. >> you know it. robert has gotten into the candy bag already. >> you can replace it. its all right. news4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. >> now at 5:00 a.m., deadly home invasion and a killer on the run. what police are uncovering about the deadly confrontation minutes away in a live report. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. weather. we're in for a big chill coming up soon. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is in with our weather headlines. >> we have to worry about frost and freeze and that is the case this morning. temperatures are in the feels like factors in the upper 30s and low 40s. cold and breezy this morning. much cooler this morning than yesterday with a stiff breeze continuing. out the door weather. 37 in gaithersburg. 39 winchester, 46 now in


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