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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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trump is holding rallies in the state for a third straight day. earlier he was speaking to his supporters about 30 miles awane orlando. the republican nominee almost has to win florida's 29 electoral votes if he hopes to win election. he says he's optimistic his
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know, the polls are packed and known knows how they are voting but seem to have trump stickers and trump hats and trump ppis and trump shirts. >> right now polls shows clinton leading in florida by an average of four points. four years ago president obama won that state by less than 1%. the cost of health insurance under the affordable care act is expected to rise an average of 22% next year. tom costello has more it's news that will affect anybody who has their health insurance through obamacare. that's about 11.5 million people. the premiums are going up next year. rather dramatically as much as 116% in arizona but 20% nationwide. what's the problem? in short, not enough healthy people signing up to underwrite and support the less healthy people who are, in fact, signing up and now many insurance companies are pulling out saying
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so what does it mean if you get your health insurance through obamacare and what might to be done to fix the problem? that story coming up on nbc nightly news. if you thought we had some cold mornings before, wait until you step out the door tomorrow. right now storm team 4 is tracking a dramatic dip in temperatures. it's going to be our coldest so far this season. doug kammerer keeping an eye on it. how cold? >> for right now. not bad. we got temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. 64 in d.c. little bit of a breeze continuing to help us with those temperatures. just to the north only 50 at state college and most everybody on the cool side. cooler than average. tonight frost advisory the first frost of the season for i-95 krird cluds prince george's, montgomery county, d.c., arlington, parts of loudoun and prince william and fauquier county.
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leesburg, luray, front royal, martinsburg. this is the area we have freeze warning as temperature will get close to freezing overnight. couple of things you can do. bring in plants or cover those sensitive plants and bring in your pets. much more on this, how cold you'll get in your area. i got that forecast. i'll see you back here at 4:15. we're following some breaking news. it turns out several people are going to be okay after an mobile people movers got into an accidents at dulles airport. you can check it out right there. chopper 4 live over the scene. a spokesperson for the airport tells us people mover drove into a ditch and it was full of people. they were coming in from a flight from colombia. now there is some construction on parts of the runway that may have caused the accident. right now we're being told this isn't affecting the rest of the
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george's county mall forced two schools to go into lockdown mode. someone shot a man at a parking garage the iverson mall. police helicopters helped search for sfebt. officers don't know where the shooter is right now. they say the shooting doesn't seem to have been random. they believe the victim will survive. administrators at hillcrest heights elementary lifted their lockdowns a little more than an hour o. to prison for helping to fund a terror group in africa. today a judge convicted her of conspiring with a terrorist group called al shabaab. she collected money for terror cells in somalia and kenya. fbi used telephone calls between the members to track her down. another woman from seattle was also convicted of connects with al shabaab.
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january. they are facing a maximum of 15 years in prison. in montgomery county police are looking for two people who shot and killed a man in his gaithersburg home today. it happened late last night along muncaster mill road near route 124. let's go to megan fitzgerald who is live now at the scene. what's the late swreft? >> reporter: police are saying that this wasn't a random shooting but stopped saying short of saying how or if the 23-year-old victim ronald suspects. we apologize for the interruption there. let's go ahead take that package. it was just before 10:00 when police say the suspects entered through the back door of this home along muncaster mill road. investigators say one of the men shot the man who collapsed and died on the back deck. family members say his two brothers, grandfather and parents were all home at the
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scene for hours, looking for clues to hopefully lead them to the suspects. >> they were wearing dark clothing with their faces concealed. they encountered a male subject inside the home. there was an altercation. and a shot was fired. >> reporter: now again we want to apologize for that interruption there. as far as this story is conce those suspects to come forward. we did earlier speak with the victim's uncle who tells us he was there when this happened. he tells us exactly what happened moments when shots were fired. back to you. >> megan fitzgerald, thank you. dozens of families forced to leave their own homes. why they are caught in the middle of a bitter dispute and why packing up and leaving is not so simple for most of them.
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got the green light to become a museum. when you can get tickets to see prince's recording studio four self. >> doreen gentzler is on facebook live. she's talking with an expert and answering your questions about hospital advocates and how they can help you and your family in
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first at 4:00 the woman at the center of that discredit rolling stone article said she
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at a university of virginia frat party. in a taped deposition the woman known as jackie said she believed the story to be true at the time. she also said she had trouble remembering details about her assault because she said she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. a uva administrator is suing rolling stone for the way it portrayed her in the article. the magazine maintains they believed the story was true when that article was published. we're following a developing enforcement officer shot and killed a man and a woman at a hotel. the officers were attempting to serve a warrant when police say they did identify themselves and the man was allegedly seen through a window grabbing a handgun. officers asked him to put his handgun down. he would not. officers shot him. the woman came out and pointed her gun at police and that's when the officers shot her as well. six months after his death
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officially open for public tours. >> paisley park got the go ahead when the city council unanimously approved a rezoning request. that clears the way for the property to become a permanent museum and give fans a glimpse into prince's work and personal life. the museum started selling tickets on its website and turs start friday. paisley park is expected to attract 600,000 visitors a year. they are caught in the middle a long running now then to leave their homes or face eviction. how it's causing a nightmare for hundreds of families. a day at the amusement park turns into a nightmare. now we're learning a man from
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two separate networks - one that's private for you, and one that's public for your customers. upgrade to wifi pro for only $19.95 a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. 72 hours, that's all the time dozens of families have to find somewhere else to live. >> the thing is they didn't do prince george's bureau chief explains what's going on. >> reporter: people are moving out of this temple hills condominium. people are bringing down their belongings. they have to find some place else to live. they have been given 72 thundershowers vacate after pepco and washington gas turned off utilities.
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half a million to peco. this is an ongoing issue for years. i talked with one of the members of the condo's association here and that board member told me this started when a management company stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from this condominium about seven years ago. they have been trying to make things right since then but utilities say they are fed up, too much money owed. they shut off the power today. washington gas is in the of shutting off as well and then, again, these people have to get out of here within 72 hours, if not the sheriff's department will move in and forcefully move these people out. we talked with one resident who said she has no idea where she's going to go. >> to see this happened. just throws you back down. it's very sad because this is our home. >> coming up at 5:00 how these people are functioning living in
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wilkins, news4. if you thought we had some cold days before now -- >> we're going to have to dig out the fleece and the thermals. >> whatever you got. tonight will be fairly chilly night. for many of us it will be the first freeze of the year. at least of this season. let's take a look and show you how things are outside. right now we have sunshine and rather breezy conditions. anot some of the trees towards the potomac starting to see some pretty good color in our region. 64 degrees right now. not bad. this afternoon would be very nice. 64 with northwest wind at 16 miles per hour. gusts 20 in many areas. already down to 52, those in thurmont, maryland. 60 agrees in clinton. areas in light blue, i-95 corridor, montgomery county back
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prince william and southern fauquier this is the area under the frost advisory tonight as temperatures will be around 35 to about 40 degrees, 35 to 38 degrees you can get frost so that's what we'll have. now hagerstown, frederick, leesburg that's the area in the purple. that's under the freeze warning. that freeze warning in effect through tomorrow morning. a freeze likely in those areas. temperatures at or below freezing in many locations. temperatures 30 to about 35 in some of the warmer spots but
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need, it's coat time. big time coats. big puffy coats. temperatures are 39 in the city, many will be colder. 52 degrees, chilly at noon and by 4:00 in the afternoon temperature of only 57. so a very cool day. temperatures tomorrow five to ten degrees below average as we move on through the afternoon, even with plenty of sunshine. you will not need the umbrellas. tomorrow it's the coats. thursday is the day we need umbrellas. we're tracking a storm system way back to the west that will make their way and give us a going to bring rain in for game two of the world series tomorrow night too but tonight's game should be a-okay in cleveland. your forecast over the next couple of days is going to stay on the cool side. chance of rain coming on thursday. 60% chance the temperature around 61. back to 58 on friday. rather breezy and cool. this weekend, we've upped this number big time on sunday, a high of 77 and right now halloween looking pretty good high temperature of 65.
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forecast. tom kierein will be back with you in a few minutes. >> hacking e-mails, personal information in this wild election season. the news4 iteam addition into candidate websites to find out if they are putting your information at risk. plus he's not a politician or prominent businessman much less a celebrity. but a local community is giving one man a big send off of more than 20 years of work. tomorrow on "news4 today" re national museum of african art. get a first look how they are honoring artists. plus a chilly start today? even colder tomorrow.
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. in the run up to election day security has become a hot topic on the campaign trail. we saw websites >> how safe are the websites of your favorite state and national candidates. a security expert tells scott macfarland, that depends where you logon. >> reporter: stomping on the campaign trail, plenty of speeches and debates but these days much of that trail is also electronic. >> so once again go to hillary >> reporter: candidates pushing their positions online. >> i have a very, very powerful
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>> reporter: making campaign websites a target for hackers. as we've seen this year with the democratic national committee, how easy it is for someone to take control. >> the trouble is they don't take into account any security so they get the site up an then they stop. >> reporter: he should know. he's a white hat ear cyber expert working to improve security. he has examined and graded current presidential candidates sites and most of theca he contacted them. he showed the iteam a potential phishing risk on hillary he says anyone who signs up with an account. >> we have an event. >> reporter: can send out invites to people from the official site. even hackers who might want to include harmful links. >> it's best bait for a phisher because it's official. >> reporter: we reached out to the clinton campaign but didn't hear back. when we called up with him who
4:25 pm
races in the d.c. area. based on whether they had basic protections, updated security features and how easily user names running the site was accessible to would be hackers. >> if they find the users name, they can get in the site, change the content and upload malware. >> reporter: two campaigns earned a's. >> your supporters need to be able to trust you and know that seriously. and one of the first things we did was make sure that the company that we hired prioritized security. >> reporter: virginia's 10th congressional democratic candidates luanne bennett. barbara comstock got a b. each had some basic protection but still able to get a list of user names making a hacker's job easier.
4:26 pm
>> took you eight seconds to find the name of the administrator. >> that's correct. >> two got his lowest grade. a d. >> somebody is likely sabotage that site >> absolutely. >> including democratic candidate for u.s. senate chris van hollen. ten user names and log ins and vulnerabilities that will allow an attacker to upload files. >> they can deface the website. there's more serious cases where people have websites as a back channel to traffic in illegal files. >> the same risk he found on the site for john delaney. a spokesman for congressman delaney told the iteam he takes cyber security seriously. we update our campaign site security features regularly. van who len's campaign said
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security features. scott macfarlane. our experts say there are many free or inexpensive security plug ins you can use to fix these risks for help securing your website visit our nbc washington app. one in seven men say they experienced domestic violence. not as perpetrators but as victims. but men have a harder time getting help than terrifying tragedy at a popular theme park. a man from this area rode that same ride just minutes earlier. are you ready? we're in for the coldest weather so far this season.
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crews at dulles airport are trying to figure out how a mobile lounge went into an chopper 4 flew over the scene. we're told a few people are injured but not seriously enough to require going hospital. the airport is operating normally. more than 100 families at a local condo are looking for another flies stay. crews had to shut off the power and gas to their complex in prince george's county this afternoon all because of a dispute between the owners and utility companies. all eyes are on the sunshine state today. both hillary clinton and donald
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slight lead in the state. first at 4:30 we're learning more about a horrible extent on a theme park ride. four people died when the ride malfunctioned at dream world in australia. a u.s. olympian was on it just moments before it went haywire. this ride had been having problems all day. >> reporter: the thunder river rapids ride has been thrilling visitors at the park for 30 today tragedy as one of the rafts overturned throwing two passengers off, trapping two others on a conveyor belt underneath. >> obviously kids on board screaming while their mom was trapped under. and, yeah i rather not talk about what i saw. >> she came out hysterically crying. two people that work here took her away.
4:32 pm
save lives but two men and two women died at the scene. >> one of the rides had sustained some sort of malfunction causing two people to be ejected from the ride, another two people were caught inside the ride. >> reporter: this ride had problems earlier. people were stuck as the artificial river was drained. >> we were told we had to wait for a minute. we got stuck for 30 or 40 minutes. people were in the middle of the then completely drained it all and then filled it back up. >> reporter: it was later declared safe a decision that proved fatal. this ride was known as one of the tamest family friendly. even took children as young as 3 years old. now it's one of the deadliest, dream world says they are deeply shocked. their park is now closed. clearly they face some very serious questions. back to you. we mentioned that we are
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and the athlete with local ties. matthew centrowitz was born in beltsville and now lives in oregon. he tweeted that he got off that ride 15 minutes before the accident. let's take a look at the weather. we are in for some drastic changes and you're feeling it already. tom do, we need to bring the plants in, cover them or put them to bed for pajamas and be ready to wear your fleece tomorrow morning and a bulky sweater and a puffy coat as we're going to be having our coldest temperatures of the season so far. all this area in purple under a freeze warning.
4:34 pm
shenandoah valley and in the blue zone frost advisory. some scattered frost. means the growing season sending so make sure you do cover sensitive plants. look at our loss by tomorrow morning. we'll be down to near 30. right below freezing or a little above. shenandoah valley, nearby suburbs upper 30s. big changes on the way over the next ten days in a few minutes. thank you, tom. nbc 4 is working for you. we are shining a spotlight on dome v calling safe at home. most of the focus tends to be on women but one out of every seven men reports being a victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner. still they are rarely thought of as victims. joining us now is denise mccain. she's executive director of the family justice center in prince george's county. good to see you back.
4:35 pm
need immediate help. denise, many women we know are reluctant to report domestic violence. much less are men. but just how much is that changing and how quickly is it changing? are we seeing more come out of the shah zmos >> we are. we are finding more men have found the courage, i will say to come forward and speak about this as was noted at the beginning of the segment. we now know one in seven men are victims of that is that a study by the cdc found that in 40% of these cases men were victims of more severe physical violence. so certainly there's a greater need to come forward and to get service and support. >> when they do report it they are not treated the same by police. i want to take a listen to everett bartlett who is president and founder of stop abusive and violent
4:36 pm
help sometimes their wife or girlfriend said oh, no, i didn't abuse him, he abused me and guess which one gets arrested? >> so even police don't treat men who report abuse the same. talk about the double standard. >> yeah, there is a double standard and certainly it's a problem particularly if there are no physical or visible signs of injury. i should say in relationships they can be mistaken as the perpetrator and get arrested. the problem is there's need for greater training, more sensitivity and just general awareness around the fact that men are also victims of abuse. we live in a society where men are considered to be the dominant of the two in a relationship, they are physically stronger.
4:37 pm
and physically harmed by a woman. so it's a challenge but something as i said that needs to be addressed because they are suffering in silence as well. >> where do they go if they are suffering and what kind of resources are available? >> there are fewer resources for men. let's be straightforward. with women you can call and go to shelters. most shelters do not have services for men. however there are some resources. there's one that's called which means stop abusive and violent environments. they offer resources for men and women but do focus on helping men. there's another one called men web, battered and they provide services for men preen siegd an opportune for them to share their stories sponsorship there are some resource but unfortunately not as many as there are for women. >> glad to see it's changing.
4:38 pm
>> thank you. tomorrow whur troy johnson will be here to talk about the impact of music and videos on this issue. and you'll find a list of local domestic violence resources and advice from experts in the nbc washington app. search safe at home. a lot of help. the folks are honoring muhammad ali. who would steal he's turning in his keys.
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creating more opportunities for college students of color. and the institutions that serve them p.m. that was the focus for federal education officials at today as national hbcu available to historically black colleges and universities. >> there's a lot of money at the department of education specifically designed to help hbcus. some of the someone geared directly to increasing graduation rate, some of the money is around infrastructure. >> the obama administration says it's invested $4 billion in hbcus over the past seven years.
4:42 pm
are funded compared to predominantly white institutions. some residents in vienna are having mixed emotions about the loss of a neighborhood fixture. >> this is the last afternoon they will get see their u.p.s. delivery man. rennie butler is retiring tomorrow and the neighbors want him to know how much he'll be missed. he's been servicing their area for 30 years. he goes to community gatherings homes. >> hopefully identify told everybody that i'm retiring but if i hadn't told you, thanks for everything. i love you guys. and you're like family to me. i'll miss you guys. >> he's just a genuine nice guy. he always has a smile on his face. he just makes you happy. >> his smile reminds me of president obama's. i don't know why.
4:43 pm
more time on the golf course and even more importantly with his 12-year-old daughter. >> happy retirement. it is the project that's had drivers detouring for more than a month now and now we're gets our first look at the progress behind those orange barrels. why it's creating an unexpected new problem that many say is unsafe. and they are off. the very festive and unique d.c. tradition about to hit the
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back now to the presidential race. as the late great tim russert once said it's florida, florida, florida. hillary clinton and donald trump are both in that critical swing state right now. >> but the stakes are a lot higher for trump because his path to the white house has to run straight through the sunshine state. steve handelsman live on capitol hi us. >> reporter: down in florida today donald trump says his gut tells him he's in the lead. even though the polls don't agree. says his eyes tell him too, so many red trump hats in the sunshine state trump said today. and for him to make it to the white house in two weeks, he better be right. >> a few words about working for trump. >> reporter: donald trump came to florida trailing by three points. in the new cbs poll.
4:47 pm
>> and a lot of them are wearing trump buttons and hats and shirts. >> reporter: with 29 electoral votes florida is must-win for trump. and he has a new opening on an old issue. >> this election will be about obamacare. >> reporter: the white house revealed the cost of coverage will go up next year 22 to 25%. it's worse charged trump. >> such a phoney number. you're talking about 60, 70, increases not 25%. >> reporter: trump stumbled in front of his own workers at his derailed resort. >> all of my employees are having tremendous problem with obamacare. >> reporter: no they aren't. 95% get heart coverage through the company. hillary clinton arrived in florida and slammed trump. >> in america we don't say we're going to keep you in suspense about whether we'll respect the outcome of the election. we have free and fair elections.
4:48 pm
live. >> reporter: on facebook now is trump tv. >> giving the message straight from the campaign. you don't have to take it through the media filter. >> reporter: looking like a pilot for a trump tv network that could launch after the election continue the fight against hillary clinton. hillary clinton's main worry now said a top aide is voters seeing that she's ahead in so many polls and not turning out to vote. steve handelsman, news4. thank you. we want you toe nbc washington flash survey today. the question today is, have you voted early, or are you planning to. you can send in your choice by calling or texting the number on the screen or go to the nbc washington facebook page. good afternoon. it's a beautiful autumn afternoon now. temperatures are in the 60s. but in about 12 hours it will
4:49 pm
metro area, down to near or maybe a little below freezing by dawn on wednesday. take a look at this map. all those areas in purple. they are under a freeze warning, meaning a freeze is likely. shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and nearby western loudoun county, northern fauquier, culpeper and this is where we'll get scattered frost. arlington, fairfax counties and northwest washington. the mountains. temperatures there around 30 degrees to 35 in our nearby suburbs. if you have any house plants still out on the porch bring them in. they will be killed or damaged. as we look at our temperatures right now in the 60s we'll quickly drop back down into the 50s after sunset which today is at 6:15 and then by 9:00 hitting the 40s, down to mid-40s by 11:00 p.m. and then by dawn tomorrow temperatures down in the mid-30s nearby suburbs right
4:50 pm
near 40 degrees. in the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains many location right near the freezing mark or a little bit below the freezing mark. what to wear tomorrow morning. haul out your winter coat. you need your gloves and a warm hat. won't need the umbrella. dry day tomorrow. at the bus stop in the nearby suburbs we'll be in the upper 30s. 8:00 a.m. low 40s. quickly warming but still chilly by 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll be in thor 40s. and the fall color in the southern shenandoah valley. much of the mountain region peak color. shenandoah valley and right around the blue ridge, though, still about another maybe week away from getting the peak color there. we're getting some nice patchy color, beautiful color here, individual trees right around the immediate metro area. take a look at shenandoah state park. this photo taken by candice trimble.
4:51 pm
check out all of her photos there on twitter as well as post your picks on facebook, twitter and instagram. ten day outlook we warm into the 50s tomorrow, near 60 on thursday. like showers on thursday. chilly on friday. warming in to the weekend, sunday may hit 70s. dry next week with highs in the 60s. that's the way it looks. thank you very much. we are getting a behind the sense look at the massive amount
4:52 pm
unsafe. >> first phase runs from rockway parkway to tilden street. just a few hours from now thousands of folks will converge on to dupont circle to see who can run the fastest in high heels. >> give them a lot of credit. >> runners put on outfits and race down 17th street in one of our town's most popular fundraising events.
4:53 pm
be shut down. first the race starts at the corner of 17th and r in northwest. again at 9:00 p.m. southbound 17th will be shut down between riggs place and p street. cochran street, q street, church street shut down between 16th and 18th street. i'll see you tomorrow morning for "news4 today". this sunday thousands will lace up and race as p one runner will be completing the race in honor of a local soldier killed in battle. >> reporter: it's been ten years since army specialist t.j. barbieri was killed in iraq. he was there for about a month before he made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. before he was deployed he was a volunteer firefighter in montgomery county. it is a brotherhood.
4:54 pm
everybody together. it's why firefighter daniella bigot is suiting up. not for a fire but running the marine corps marathon in full gear to honor her friend t.j.. >> we will always remember t.j.. he always had a special place in our heart. >> reporter: she has run the marine corps marathon in t.j.'s honor for the past four years. why is she running in her fire in montgomery county, kristen wright, news4. i'm tom sherwood in downtown washington. are you ready for snow? well the district says it is. with a little machine to the big
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he just walked in snatched it off the wall and walked out. >> right now the search is on throuo who stole a painting of mohammad ali. >> it was painted by an artist also known around the world. >> reporter: well leroy and mohammad ali go way back to the '60s. >> a gallery of nearly 70 sketches and prints illustrate the relationship between the greatest fighter of all time and one of sport's greatest artists.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: ali's center spokesperson said the gallery isn't just a trove of treasured art. >> up can see the movement in them. >> reporter: it's a picture book of the fighter's past. some across the room are all about ali fraser. so it's fun. you get a little history. >> this weekend a piece of that history was stolen. police say this man came into the gallery saturday around 1:00 p.m., ripped this print signed and walked right out. only two brown patches remain. >> this gallery is very special. >> reporter: the print is worth $5,000 but the museum said its real value along with the rest of the saturday priceless. >> leroy admired mohamed and vice versa. guests love it. the gallery has bean part of that museum since it opened in
4:59 pm
mohammad passed away in june. right now at 5:00 more than a hundred families without power and gas tonight. the result of a bitter legal dispute that's been going on for years at a condo come plegs in prince george's county. are you ready? big change in temps. storm team 4 tracking the dramatic dip and what you need do around your house to get ready for the cold. >> let's talk snow. what d.c. leaders this year's winter weather and a brand new machine they think will help. good afternoon. we start tonight in prince george's county. more than 100 families are packing up, moving out over the condo complex. >> we found out it's all because the building owners didn't pay their bills. now residents have just three days to leave the lynnhill complex in temple hills. tracee wilkins is there.
5:00 pm
happening. we're seeing mothers crying as they are carrying bags through the parking lot trying to find a way to get wherever they are going to stay tonight. i've been here since this morning. we've been here on these kind of occasions before when there was a possibility of them losing yilts. but something happens and gets fixed at the last minute. this time around these people will be spending the night in the dark. >> reporter: today pepco shut off the power at lynnhill condominium. washington gas soon followed. there's more than 1.2 million dollars in unpaid utilities here. >> the more we try to save this place the more -- i don't know. this is our home. >> reporter: the condo association's treasurer said it started six years ago with a management company allegedly stealing money. >> what they did they were


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