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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EDT

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we begin with politicsing tonight and new numbers in the presidential race. a new nbc news survey monkey national tracking poll suggests that hillary clinton has a six-point lead over donald trump in a head-to-head match up. >> both candidates are campaigning in florida tonight but the stakes are much higher for trump. steve handelsman is on capitol hill to explain why. steve? >> reporter: let's talk about, look california has a lot more people but most are texas has more people mostly republicans. florida again split. that's why it's a battleground. donald trump said today what he sees there his gut tells him that he's the one who will take florida but if he wants to win the white house in two weeks he knows he better win florida. >> a few words about working for trump. >> reporter: donald trump came to florida trailing by three points. in the new cbs poll and the average of recent florida
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>> and a lot of them are wearing trump buttons and hats and shirts. >> reporter: with 29 electoral votes florida is must-win for trump and he has a new opening on an old issue. >> this election will be about obamacare. >> reporter: the white house revealed the cost of coverage will go up next year 22% to 25%. it's worse charged trump -- >> just a phoney number. you're talking about 60, 70, 80% >> reporter: trump stumbled in front of his own workers at his derailed resort. >> all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. >> reporter: no they aren't. 95% get health coverage through the company. hillary clinton arrived in florida. and slammed trump. >> in america we don't say we're going to keep you in suspense about whether we'll respect the outcome of an election. we have free and fair elections.
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live. >> reporter: on facebook now is trump tv. >> you get the message straight from the kaine. you don't have to take it through the media filter. >> reporter: and looking like a pilot for a trump tv network that could launch after the election and continue the fight against hillary clinton. hillary clinton holds in headlines her final big donor big dollar fundraiser tonight in miami. donald trump in a sign that he's given up on a wide ranging expensive get out the effort held his last big dollar fundraiser last week and he plans no more. i'm steve handelsman, news4. we turn to weather now and you might want to get ready for a big change in temperatures out there. the coldest air of the season today coming our way. doug just how cold are we talking? >> freezing, vance. but that's about it. freezing temperatures for the most part for many parts of the area. that's why we have frost
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temperatures below 38 degrees. those areas include areas along i-95, including baltimore, annapolis, over towards washington, down towards fredericksburg, warrenton and leesburg. but, again, the freeze is farther back to the west and that includes areas around leesburg to the beltsville, frederick, martinsburg. temperatures tonight are expected to get close to freezing. a couple of things you want to do. bring in sensitive plants. bring in those pets. remember if you're turning on the heat for first time so far this season, i turn mine on last night you'll smell that burning dust so don't think it's anything going on. i have much more on that and show you who gets the coldest tomorrow morning and what comes next. tonight it's the coats and then comes the umbrellas. i see you at 6:25. the search is on tonight for the gunman after a man was shot in a mall parking garage in prince george's county.
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the mall for help. he's expected to survive. police say that shooting happened at the iverson mall parking garage. police helicopters were flying overhead searching for a suspect. officers say the gunman and victim knew each other. prince george's county police officer indicted for stealing money from another company. prosecutors say officer kordell barber was working a second job as a security officer at a private community. they say that he billed that m police brought the charges to the state's attorney after their own internal investigation. barber is now suspended without pay from the department. he's awaiting trial. relatives called him a sweet kid someone who was polite and helpful. ing tonight that family is searching for answers as police search for two people who shot and killed a young man at his home in gaithersburg. it happened late last night as
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news4 megan fitzgerald is at the scene on muncaster mill road. >> reporter: a lot of emotions for the family tonight. they say they are devastated. they are in shock and quite frankly perplexed because they don't know who would kill 23-year-old rojd michael lone iii. he was helping which is gland father when two gunmen inside. carlos didn't know what was happening at around 10:00 last night when police surrounded his neighbor's home but he says he quickly learned that 23-year-old ronald michael lone iii was shot and killed. >> came out to the door to see what was happening. >> reporter: terry is ronald's uncle but said close family members called him michael. his nephew ran to the back door of the house and was confronted
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>> michael turned and said he was shot in the chest. his father went to his aid and told his wife to call 911. >> reporter: chopper 4 flew over the scene shortly after first responders arrived. they tried to save michael but he died before they could rush him to the hospital. meanwhile police scoured the area for a suspect and evidence. >> they were wearing dark clothing with their faces concealed. >> reporter: neighbors say they hope police make an rest soon. thinking about relocating. >> this is troubling. >> reporter: now police say they are confident that they will close this case but they still want to hear from anyone with information about the suspects. they are encouraged to contact the montgomery county police department. to dulles airport now. chopper 4 flew over the scene after two people were sfoents a hospital after an accident involving one of those mobile lounges they have there.
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afternoon. we're told that the people mover was full of passengers. it was on a flight from colombia. a spokesperson said it was traveling along an uneven area of pavement at a construction area at the airport when it drove off course and into a ditch. all the flights at the airport are running as scheduled. new at 6:00 the controversial sale of a nursing home in the district is moving forward. a d.c. superior court judge approd washington home to the sidwell friends school. some residents of the home in northwest d.c. and their families tried to block the sale. washington home will close december 15th. officials say they are helping the remaining patients move to other facilities. two people killed in a workplace shooting in virginia. it happened in roanoke at the freight car america factory. that's a plant that makes rail cars. police say a gunman killed one
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morning. investigators say they have not yet identified the shooter. but they say he had worked at the factory at some point. no word yet on why he did it. it's only october but you might want to start looking for your snow shovel. the district says it's cracking down on homeowners and businesses who don't clear their sidewalks this winter. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: a $25 fine for homeowners. $150 for commercial imposed last season. the city actually failed to print any tickets to give out. ward 6 council member charles allen. >> do we have tickets or notices of violations printed up for the sidewalk act? >> reporter: at a council hearing today d.c. public work officials say they do have tickets for this season and they say they are ready for snow with enough working equipment owned and leased. d.c. was caught offguard by a
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an ice storm and the whole town was gridlocked. we got to get geared up for the big ones but ready for the small ones. >> reporter: the city will experiment with this mini plow for sidewalks and bridges and building a huge road salt facility to more quickly deploy trucks. the city may be preparing for snow but citizens in october
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an expensive court case and put them out of business. >> thousands of drivers impacted by this road closure. we go behind-the-scenes to show you t chanhege northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks
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ared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. i'm luann bennett fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. this is your last chance to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, our best offer ever ends soon.
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something went terribly wrong on a family friendly ride
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killed. the ride has been in operation at dream world in australia for 30 years. hours before that accident a maintenance issue had shut down the ride but it was declared safe and was re-opened. two women who allegedly laughed during a militant attack on a shopping mall were convicted today on terror charges in alexandria, virginia. the defendants are muna osman jama of reston, virginia and a woman from washington. prosecutors say they funneled
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group in somalia and kenya. evidence against the women included recorded phone calls. prosecutors say they were heard laughing while a deadly terror attack unfolded at a mall in nai rorch bi, kenya back in 2013. battle against isis in mosul and another spoiler attack far from the front lines. iraqi forces battled isis militants for a third day today
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comes down a four letter word. >> it's a tough spot we have somebody who makes billions of dollars a year coming after a family owned business in downtown bethesda. >> reporter: owning the super club is more than a business it's a labor of love. >> it's a great opportunity to take a gem and bring it back to life in downtown bethesda where my family was raised. my mother graduated from high school. >> reporter: or and a half years he's put on more than 900 concerts in the old bethesda movie theater on wisconsin avenue. he says he wants to rebrand the club to attract a larger audience and doesn't want people to think he only blocks blues and jazz so he announced he'll change the name to bethesda live. days after that announcement he got this letter from maryland live casino. saying the casino owns the trademark to the use of the word live. brown's lawyer calls the casino
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david and goliath situation. >> reporter: they think they can win. >> theirs hamilton live. rams head live. there's "saturday night live". it is unfair. we believe it's a little tough. even if we were a fight in the lawsuit it can be very expensive and we're not that -- we just don't have those kind of resource. >> reporter: brown is willio sure the bethesda live name and logo doesn't look like the maryland live logo. >> this isn't baltimore. this is anne arundel county. i don't think the citizens of this area would confuse bethesda live with maryland live. >> reporter: an attorney for the casino declined to comment referring us to the letter he sent to the bethesda blues and jazz super club. as for rick brown he's been given until thursday by the casino to give them his answer.
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that. in bethesda, mark segraves, news4. tonight we're getting our first up close look at the working done on beach drive. that road closure is costing headaches for drivers all over northwest d.c. our adam tuss has more on the progress that they are making on that project. >> reporter: when you hear about the beach drive road work you probably think it only has to do with the road. not so. look at the intense work that's happening here to help the in this is proving to be a big project. yes, can it be close quarters on beach drive as all of this work takes place. the road being torn up in all sorts of sections here but really the road work hasn't between big problem thus far it's been keeping everyone away. >> we found pedestrians are accessing the site at almost any angle possible so we're working with communities to get
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proving to be a big challenge. the work continues here along beach drive. you can see they've knocked out about eight inches off the ground here. a couple of thing have been found in here actually. some cables and wires that didn't belong to anything and those types of things happen during construction projects but right now everything still looks on schedule, five to seven more months for this first phase. back to you. adam tuss, new tests show
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the way. the insurance institute for highway safety says only one out of 11 small and large pickup trucks tested earned a good rating on head lights. tests include how far the high and low beams project on straight a ways and curves and low beams measured for amount of glare for oncoming drivers. almost half of traffic fatalities occur at night or dawn or dusk so for the driver to be able to see see the environment and make changes or come to a stop the head lights are really the only thing that are going table do that. >> the poor results fromtd researchers to include headlight ratings as part of their criteria for the group's highest top safety pick award beginning next year. as the presidential hopefuls fight for votes in florida we'll take a closer look at the clear signs that virginia has lost its
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they are arming deputies in virginia with a life-saving drug and that could help make a difference. the kmierns marathon coming up this weekend.
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well that crisp fall weather we enjoyed today it's going turn into cold weather soon. >> have you rethought the puffy
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>> you mean upgrading to the real puffy coat instead of the quilted one >> you have to. vance if you don't have a puffy coat, man, might be time. >> i don't think so, doug. i don't have one. i'm not going to do one. tell us about why i might need one. >> you need something whether it's a puffy coat or big jacket you haven't worn since last april we got some really cold air coming in tonight coldest air we've seen so far this year. take a look outside. seven minutes ago at about 6:15. actually about eight minutes ago. right now temperature of 60 degrees. winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour. look at the numbers. already down to 47 in thurmont, maryland, 54 degrees in winchester, 57 in warrenton. it's going be a cold night. in the areas of light blue that's where we have frost advisory, baltimore towards d.c., prince george's county and everybody along i-95 here. farther to the west, frederick out towards leesburg and points
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towards culpeper and luray this is where we have freeze warnings and areas getting down below freezing, 30, 32 degrees out that way, below 38 where you have the blue and that's how you get frost. so the growing season-ending in some of those colder places where we do have the freeze. remember to cover sensitive plants. remember too when you turn the heat on for the first time it might smell like something is burning. that's the dust on the co temperatures tomorrow morning going for 39 in the city, the official low maybe around 41, 42. in the city 39. 36 gaithersburg. expect some frost here. same thing around the manassas area. back to the west temperatures below freezing. 32 degrees in winchester. some of these areas will be below 32 as you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning at the bus stop it's coat time. yeah puffy coat time. chilly at noon. cool by 4:00. temperature tomorrow of only 57 degrees. it's going to be a very chilly
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tomorrow is the umbrellas but that changes during the day on thursday. we're tracking another system. tonight mostly clear skies for a while and then tracking this system back to the west that will bring us a chance of shower activity during the day on thursday so we'll take the coats and put them down for the umbrellas. how about the next few days? temperatures average this time of the year around 65. below average on wednesday. 57. 61 with that good chance of showers. not a lot of rain on thursday friday and then saturday and sun big change here. saturday 67. look at this. 77 degrees on sunday. right now halloween looking pretty good. i'll go more in depth with that marine corps marathon forecast and halloween forecast coming up at 6:45. coming up on "news 4 at 6:00" what's next for more than
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>> it's sad. this is our home. the trump campaign still making a push in a place that many analysts think is a lost cause. where one trump relative puts her hopes two weeks before election day just ahead. >> a montgomery county firefighter is used to suiting up and getting on the fire truck to fight fires. but this time she's suiting up and running the marine corps marathon in full gear.
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now at 6:00, donald trump's surrogates are courting voters in virginia. they say they have a chance twoin commonwealth. clinton's campaign says the numbers tell a different story. >> plus virginia voters will soon weigh in on a big tax exemption that could help while serving as first responders. >> more than 100 families forced out of their homes. the power was cut off today because of more than a million dollars in unpaid bills. i've been paying my rents on time for the last two years. no issues or anything. for them to tell me that they can't do anything is unacceptable. >> we'll tell you what local officials are doing help. running for a cause. why a local firefighter is setting out to complete the
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full gear this weekend. >> we'll always remember t.j.. first the race for the white house. we're seeing a lot less of the presidential and vice presidential candidates in our area in this election cycle. a lot less than we did back in 2012. >> with the polls giving hillary clinton a clear edge even in virginia the top of the ticket devoting more time to other swing states, but with two weeks to go the trump campaign still sent northern virginia. julie carey joins us from trump national with more. hi, julie. >> reporter: some political observers scratching their heads about the campaign using lara trump in the commonwealth instead of some other swing state. the trump campaign tells me today they view virginia as a place where the polls can change late in the game at the 11th hour. right now inside trump national several hundred trump supporters
6:31 pm
their marching orders for final days. the trump campaign targeting women and minority groups as lara trump got a celebrity's welcome at the eden center. >> i support mr. trump because he's a businessman. he know what he's doing. >> reporter: polls show she's in the minority especially among women. 47% of likely female voters in virginia prefer hillary clinton. 25% back trump. >> said don't come to virginia, you can win virginia. i got to tell you, i think they're wrong. i think we can win virginia. >> reporter: some political observers question the trump's campaign late stage voechlt in the commonwealth. a trump visit on saturday, $2 million in ads sending in a key surrogate. >> i think you can't give up anywhere. donald trump is a man who fights to the end and we had a great invitation to come to northern
6:32 pm
>> reporter: trump senior adviser puts his hope in past statewide gop contests. >> every nominee has always had a come from behind like situation but always broken late. >> reporter: this hillary clinton support loudoun county board chairman phyllis randall said it's too late for the trump campaign to make a renewed appeal to women and minorities. >> women will come out in vast numbers to vote against mr. trump. >> there are no northern virginia visits on the horizon for clinton about that. >> i'm okay not being in a battleground state if i think the candidate i think should win is winning. >> donald trump will be in down d.c. for the opening of his new trump international hotel. then it's back to places like north carolina and ohio. hillary clinton also spending time in north carolina this week as well as iowa later in the week.
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>> florida is firmly in battleground territory tonight. analysts say donald trump has no real path to victory without florida's 29 electoral votes. an average of state polls shows clinton with a three-point lead. more than 1.5 million early votes have already been cast among early voters registered republicans outweighed democrats. it's impossible to know for whom those ballots were cast. a former high ranking d.c. prison time. a judge has sentenced warren graves a former chief of staff in the office of the city administrator, a judge has sentenced him to one year of home confinement. graves admitted cheating on his taxes. said he underreported his earnings by nearly a quarter of a million dollars. the judge also order graves to payback the money that he owes the government. that is not warren graves, by
6:34 pm
>> graves was hired by the gray administration in february of 2011. he previously served as april top aide to former mayor marion barry and anthony williams. it's been a really tough day for more than a hundred local families. they found out they have to leave their home. but they haven't done anything wrong. residents have 72 hours to leave the lynnhill kondo building in temple hills. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is there now to expla >> reporter: people have been asking me on twitter and facebook how could this happen. lynnhill was once an apartment building and when it was transferred a kondo people who lived here still share utilities. when the folks in charge weren't paying them well now these people are left in the dark. and they are going to lose their homes. >> it's not humane to throw somebody out just like that.
6:35 pm
i have an electric bed, an electric chair. >> reporter: pepco shut off power today at lynnhill condominium. washington gas soon followed. there's more than 1.2 million in unpaid utility bills here. >> it's not our fault, the tenants that the owners didn't pay the kondo fee. they are the ones that should be held accountable and action taken against association treasurer said it started six years ago with a management company allegedly stealing money. >> what they did they were taking owners kondo fees and not paying the utilities. >> reporter: after years of payment deals that fell through and threats today was the day. >> pepco recognized that we were trying and they said that. but they wanted more. >> reporter: that lynnhill went dark. >> oh, my god. this is terrible at night. >> reporter: as we walked up
6:36 pm
kondo. we got a taste on what it will be like tonight. >> my house was broken in three times. >> she has a grocery full of refrigerator, five kids and no options for her to go. >> i've been paying my rent on time for the last two years i had no issues or anything and for them to tell me that they can't do anything is unacceptable. prince george's county social services has been here all day listening to people trying to figure out who qualifies for what kind of assistance here. they've also had some independent apartment owners come over and say look we have some vacancies we can take some people there. they are working to make sure they can place people. this will be difficult. going to be dark inside of these apartmenting tonight. prince george's county police have additional officers here to assist in case. reporting live in temple hills,
6:37 pm
deputies in spotsylvania county, virginia could be among the growing number of law enforcement officers carrying the drug naloxone the medication that counter be acts opioid overdoses. supervisors will vote whether to accept the money at a meeting dyeing. reports several residents in the county died from opioid over doses as price have identified a woman who was found dead in a parking lot in rockville yesterday. the victim's name is laurie detwiler. she's a 55-year-old woman. she lived in millsboro, delaware. a man walking to the metro station found her body. police say the woman had no identification on her. they are still trying to figure out how she died and how she ended up so far from home.
6:38 pm
away but police are already gearing up for the crowds and the impact on commuters. local firefighter planning to compete in her fifth marine corps marathon but she won't be dressed like everybody else. we'll tell you about her unique tribute coming up. i got the weather for marine corps marathon coming up. but we're talking frost advisories and a freeze warning for most of the region tonight.
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. montgomery county officials are preparing for a surge in traffic in clarksburg later this week. a new premium outlet will open on thursday. the stores are located just off i-720 along clarksburg road. police will be on hand to direct traffic in that area. overflow parking will be available at high point farm off north frederick road.
6:41 pm
have also been added. on "news 4 at 5:00" we to crossed you to a local firefighter who is running this weekend's marine corps marathon in full firefighter gear. she's doing it as a tribute for a friend who was killed in iraq. she's not setting out on the road alone. >> reporter: daniella bigot isn't runn corps marathon in full fire gear. that's how she's running the race. 60 pounds to publicly honor the life of a friend. >> we'll always remember t.j.. he always will have a very special place in our heart. >> reporter: taj barbieri a volunteer with rockville. 7006 he was killed while serving in iraq. daniela lost a friend.
6:42 pm
humor. >> reporter: she's trunk race with team t.j. family and friends together. remembering a young man gone at 24. they want to honor his life and sacrifice. >> reflect on his courage, his strength, his honor, i'll reflect on what he did for us, for our country, what he did for brotherhood and a young man who lived and died bravely. we asked daniella what t.j. would think about all of this. she said he wasn't a runner and probably think it's funny. and that he would feel honored. in montgomery county, kristin wright, news4. that is fly ball.
6:43 pm
stuff one. >> some people couldn't run around a block with all that on. good for her. >> bold thing to do. news4 is a proud partner of the marine corps marathon. we hope you'll tune in sunday morning on air and online. coming up, we'll tell you why it will be several more months before officials reveal a location for the new fbi headquarters in >> this is chris gordon in fairfax county. how much will it cost if voters
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
maryland senator ben cardin is criticizing the delay in selecting a location for the new fbi headquarters. maryland and virginia are competing for this massive project. three locations are under consideration. two in prince george's u a final decision was expected by the end of this year but the general services administration now says the selected location and builder will not be announced until march. in a statement today senator cardin said the delay runs counter to the fbi's national security mission. in virginia, military families who lose loved ones in service can apply for a property tax exemption. in two weeks voters there will
6:47 pm
responders. chris gordon explains now how this would work and how much it would cost the state. >> reporter: in may of 2006 a gunman in a stolen car opened fire at the sully district station killing detective vicki armel and officer mike. his widow says many families of fallen heroes need financial help. she pushed to get question two
6:48 pm
county police headquarters has the names of six officers killed in the line of duty while serving a county of more than a million residents. >> it's the right thing to do to take care of these families. who have given their all to virginia. >> reporter: we asked some early voters at sully district station how they voted on the property tax exemption for the survivors of fallen heroes. >> i feel for these people. i feel for anybody that runs into a burning building when everybody is running out. > because those survivors of the individuals who die in the line of duty deserve whatever break they can get. >> reporter: if the voters decide to give the families of fallen first responders a property tax break, it will take effect next july. in fairfax county, chris gordon, news4. here's a view of the washington region you don't get to see too often from our chopper 4 which got a full page
6:49 pm
this picture shows what our crew saw while flying over. >> they work hard. any time we need them. >> we're getting ready for some real cold weather. >> you're going need the ice scrapers. you guys have yours. if you don't this, is a good i use a credit card. they do work well. however i would like to use one you don't use very often. i'll use my station i.d. because i don't like this picture and i can always get a new one. you can scrape the windshield. had to do that in orlando, florida. take a look outside. we're on the cool side for sure. down to 60 degrees now. notice the other areas in town.
6:50 pm
bull run coming in at 52. we got cool air making its way in here and once the winds die we'll see those numbers fall. they will fall fairly quickly down the 40s by 10:00, 11:00 tonight in most areas and by 1:00 in the morning down to 42. winchester 32. 34 leesburg. 36 in gaithersburg. even in the city you may need the ice scraper in some of the more sheltered areas. so get no umbrellas. you'll just need coats on wednesday. up to 47 degrees by noon. 57 by 3:00 in the afternoon. how about the next few days? i told you about the cooler air through friday. there's our rain chance on thursday. 65 on saturday. how about the marine corps marathon on sunday. 77 for a high starting out at 57 degrees at 7:40. that's the time the race kicks
6:51 pm
temperature around 69. not bad at all. right now halloween looking pretty good too. high around 65. trick or treating weather in the 50s. get your puffy coat, doug. >> i got one now. oh, yeah. >> we got sports coming up. all eyes can you believe it on cleveland. we're going to have a look there. world series game one coming up. steps away from where the nba championship ban certificate going to be raised also we got a special guest
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
we're in cleveland, ohio once known for the flats and flat sports teams. first game of the wall street at progressive field indians a few steps away. cavaliers set to raise their championship banner and tipoff nba season. other than that on. >> it's been quite a year for cleveland. >> it has indeed. what a spectacular -- man this series coming up pup don't even thoofb baseball fan. you got to be into this one. >> who knew cuyahoga would become the sports rivera. theater of the mind. heart of rock and roll in cleveland. how about the entire entertainment system. world series, cubs haven't won
6:55 pm
kafrms open up in their first title in the 52 year franchise history. bit crazy in cleveland. our nbc station wkyc gives us a report right from the middle of it all. >> hello everybody. i'm in the new american city of champions cleveland, ohio. that's right. and tonight in a historic world series it's game one of the world series between the cleveland indians and the chicacu who would have ever thought that would have happened on both sides of the coin? but what an amazing run by the indians. imagine this. just about 500 yards away outside of beautiful progressive field inside quicken loans arena the cavaliers will hoist to the rafters their championship banner for the franchise's first nba world championship. and i have to tell you. when i worked alongside the
6:56 pm
mid-'80ss, capacity 80,000 at the stadium to see the indians it would be me, doreen and a family of five from parma. when we went out the see the cavaliers when he to do so in a corn field out in the middle of richfield, ohio between akron and cleveland. boy have things changed. doreen come on back and see us. you'll never recognize the place. i'm jim don't no van in cleveland. back to you >> we worked together a long, long time ago and he's absolutely right, none of this stuff was happening in cleveland 30 years ago. >> it was my wife's family from parma that went. you wear the white socks in parma. in cleveland it's the cavaliers raising the 2016 nba championship banner.
6:57 pm
they have consecutive playoff appearance. the journey to rise again starts thursday in atlanta. scott brooks in charge of the wizards. again familiar faces, brad beall is eager. listen, beall staying healthy will be key. missed 26 games wizards just missed out on another trip to the playoffs. want to get back there this year. all right. big day in college media day. both coming off ncaa appearances. new players. for the men after thinking about the nba, he's back. all about melo for the maryland
6:58 pm
number one.
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tonight, two weeks to go. trump and clinton in florida. the frenzied final sprint. trump trying to take aim over obamacare. clinton trying to put the map out of reach. growing outrage over american service members promised bonuses to re-st being told to give the money back. the white house and the pentagon now weighing in. caught on camera, the dramatic moment as three cousins are ambushed in a hail of gunfire. tonight a manhunt for a shooter on the run. mid-air emergency on a transatlantic flight. crew members struck with a mystery illness. the pilot forced to divert. what happened? and swipes online. as holiday shopping fast approaches, a new alert about where credit card fraud is soaring and how to prevent it.


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