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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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list. the number one place to live is broomfield, colorado. good morning, everybody, it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check on the weather right now to see if rain is in the forecast. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to let us know. hey, chuck. >> good morning, you two, and good morning, everybody, thursday is off to a cloudy start. nowhere near as cloudy as yesterday. still dry region this morning. rain is more likely for today. it won't rain for long. sunshine will be back tomorrow. southwestern parts of pennsylvania, few sprinkles in northern maryland, the whole area of rain will be reaching into the d.c. metro. planning out today hour by hour, 48 degrees, cloudy, dry for most up through 8 or 9:00. rain showers moving into metro by lunch time and steadiest of
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minutes, we'll give you the outlook for the marines corps marathon. we'll look at the whole five day forecast. you don't want to miss that. stay tuned to nbc4. it is time for melissa mollet who is dealing with more beltway issues it appears. >> taking a look at the beltway. this is looking a lot better than it was. clearing up here, inner loop at branch avenue had the earlier crash with a couple of over turned vehicles and they've really gotten this out of the way quite qu inner and outer loop, everything is just fine this morning. earlier roadwork for the most part is gone. you don't have any big worries here. looking at 270. father hurley boulevard. northbound, southbound rolling along just fine. southbound bw parkway after powder mill road, the left lane is getting by that paving. no problems northbound and southbound. aaron? >> thank you. it is coming up on 5:02. a man in critical condition
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st. charles town center in waldorf around 8:00 last night. the victim was walking with frinds when he stopped to talk to the suspect. that is when he was shot. they found a person of interest and took him in for questioning. people inside the theater were not affected by the shooting but people who live nearby are
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is on the battleground state of ohio. he has three events in that state today. early voting begins today in maryland and officials bracing for big turn outs. polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. early voting for the first time this year also allows same day voter registration. in just a few minutes, how virginia governor terry mcauliffe is responding to fears of violence at the election day. we have brand new video this morning of major damage. take a look at the church collapsing in a town in italy struck by two earthquakes. one quake was 5.4. the other, much stronger at 6.1. as many as 400 people don't have electricity right now. lots of roads covered with debris are closed. dozens of people had to be moved
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now. two months ago, a huge earthquake demolished parts of central italy killing almost 300 people. 5:04 right now. and today, the man who pled guilty to killing a montgomery county police officer will be sentenced. he admitted to driving drunk and hitting officer liotta at a dui check point. he faces up to 10 years in prison. the hooters restaurant accused of serving tmu surrender the liquor license and close. this there is an urgent search for this 16-year-old teen. she was last seen on monday the 17th in 39600 block of georgia avenue northwest, a few blocks away from the petworth metro station. if you have any information on where she might be, call police right away. this morning, we're learning more about a nanny in prince george's county accused of killing a baby.
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died from asphixiation. police say the nanny removed the nipple from two bottles and forced the baby to swallow the liquid. a neighbor had been concerned about the baby for some time because they could always hear her crying. developing now in the district, church goers were shocked to learn their place of worship turned into a crime scene. a body was f perez green is accused of killing james harling. the church rents space to nbi health services. they help people with substance abuse and other issues. the men were guests of mbi and got into a fight. harling died from head trauma. today, you have an excuse to start your holiday shopping early. the clarksburg premium outlets
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along clarksburg road. darcy spencer is live to tell us about the events going on for the grand opening. >> reporter: good morning, i know, eun, that you're excited. we drove up i-270 this morning and looked off to the west and it was lit up in the night sky, really a beautiful mall out here in clarksburg set to open 10:00 this morning. look behind me. the stage is set for the opening mall and county officials at 9:30 this morning. you can see another stage. there will be live entertainment and numerous stores here, if the food court, lots of stuff for kids to do. there will be live entertainment from 10:00 this morning until 8:30 tonight. for the kids, face painting, that will start at 1:00 this afternoon and go through 6:00 this evening and then prize give
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to be but hopefully it will be something great. that will happen from 11:00 this morning until 5:00 this afternoon. they're saying that they have 90 upscale brands here but at the outlets, you can get 25 to 60% off every day savings and this celebration will continue through saturday back to you. >> darcy spencer live in clarksburg. thank you. quiet right now, but this stadium could be packed again if the world series makes it back chicago cubs tied with one win each. >> fans on both sides are pumped for tomorrow's game but the cubs have the momentum right now. this time the cubs dominated the first game, the indians dominated. they had a bunch of runs, starting pitcher took a no-hitter into the sixth. >> worth saying again. neither has won a championship in decades. the cheapest tickets to tomorrow's game going for $2,500
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cavaliers, lebron james, watching the game. very exciting. >> everybody wants a piece of it. >> i haven't had a house for two weeks. >> you have id on you or no? >> no, no id. >> you don't have anything with an id. >> i don't. >> he allegedly tried to bomb new york and new jersey. now we're seeing new video of the moments he was found. >> a haunted home up for sale. just in time for halloween. we'll take you inside and tell you who may already be living there. >> and as it warms up, the rain is coming in.
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11 minutes after 5:00 right now, a wet start for folks to our north. >> what is all that green, chuck bell? >> this green up here? this is the rain chances in pittsburgh now coming our way for later on today, already first drops up here, just west of hagerstown area moving into the corridor first but eventually rain drops will find their way to everybody's backyard later today. you're getting out and exercising today, the driest part of the day is right now. temperatures in the 40s with cloudy skies. rain chances 50% at noon. a 70% chance for rain by 7:00 tonight. so the outdoor outlook, showers today, quite windy coming up tomorrow, i'm optimistic about the weekend, especially saturday, and if you're going to be out running the marine corps
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very warm. cloudy skies, keep it on the humid side. most chances for rain are late in the day. more about the whole weekend forecast coming up in ten minutes. it is traffic time. >> good morning, inner loop at branch avenue, again, this is really pretty much reopen. we have the left lane blocked the tow truck on the scene. it is not affecting things or impacting folks too much. earlier crash and all of the delays as the bottom of the beltway are gone. the rest of the beltway are looking quite good. 95, northbound lanes there. the ramp to northbound route 1, woodbridge, the ramp is blocked by the paving in the northbound lanes. the southbound problem there near quantico with the deer is gone and 270 south from 70 down to the spur will take you 26 minutes. nice and on time. i'll see you in ten. >> thank you, melissa. metro riders, start preparing now. safetrack surge 10 is expected to have a huge impact on metro riders and drivers in our area. starting on saturday, for 25
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line from fort totten will be shut down. major work needs to be done and it could affect more than 100,000 people per day. it knows it will be painful for commuters. it will result in severe reductions impacting the enit tire red line. we need red line customers with other options to consider telecommuting. travel off peak and also using bus >> all other metro lines will continue as normal. expect crowding as they shift to alternate lines and will spark more traffic on the roads. local leaders are challenging each other to work together to solve a metro problem. metro is dealing with a $270 million budget short fall. options include raising fares and closing stations with low
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financially step up. virginia governor terry mcauliffe says evans should work on getting all sides to work together. >> we are big contributor to the metro. we will not be threatened. i remind jack that governor hogan and i, together, have a majority of the board. and if he wants to stay as chairman, he should not be threatening everybody. we can get there. >> 15% increase in metrobus fares is also an op turn to decision 2016, security at polling places is becoming a big issue in this election. the fears are being fueled by talk of fraud, vigilante observers and angry voters. there could be confrontations or violence at polling places. julie carey asked governor mcauliffe about the concerns. >> this is actually done so we'll have the conversation and people say i don't know if i should go vote if i'm going get
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experience in the commonwealth to vote on election day. >> he is worried about the lines on election day. he says there are about 370,000 new voters in the state and is predicting record turn out. a man dressed as a city construction worker destroyed donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. the man told deadline hollywood what he trying to remove the store to auction it and raise funds for women who have trump of sexual misconduct. he took a sledge hammer and pickaxe removing trump's name and star. a dozen women have accused the republican presidential candidate of sexual misconduct. he has denied all allegations. lapd is investigating the vandalism. where do you live? >> i'm homeless. >> what do you mean you're homeless? >> i haven't had a house for two weeks. >> do you have id on you? >> no.
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off bombs in new york and new jersey. this is happening a few moments before ahmed rahami got into a shoot out with police officers. they say he was pretending to be homeless in this town when an officer found him and started asking questions. that officer then called for back up. ahmed rahami is accused of setting off the bombs last month. he pleaded not guilty. he was injured in the shoot out, shot seven times and is in a prison hospital right now. >> halloween is approaching. do you like haunted houses? >> i'm not person. >> i'm a little scared. we're days before halloween, you have a chance to see a haunted house up close and guess what? you can own it, too. >> how about that? >> angie goff has more on a spirited histic mansion that is for sale. >> not going to lie. i got chills filming the story. the house in leesburg went on
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the civil war era home is part of a one acre compound. robert e lee worked there. a colonel who died in the house still stops by. >> his spirit does linger here. i've had several encounters with colonel burke. i've seen him. >> tonight on news4 at 6:00, more on the mansion's spirited history and the famous american novel written on the second floor. i would not even be going in that house. >> she was telling me about this yesterday. she believes in ghosts, too, apparently. you know, whatever, whatever you're into. two girls will northbound the national spotlight. millions watched a video of lyric and medley showing off their dance moves. >> they danced their way into the heart of ellen who invited them on the show. >> how long have you been dancing.
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and nonprofessionally, my whole entire life. >> how long have you been dancing? >> seven months i guess. >> seven months? >> did you learn from your sister? >> i learned by myself. >> oh! >> that's right. she taught herself. 7-year-old lyric and 4-year-old melody traveled all the way from indian head, maryland to be on the show. you know what they're doing right now is what we've discussing, i'm trying to get aaron to do it for me. >> the running man. >> your kids will teach you. >> tune in or set the dvr right here on news4. we've been talking about this. the whole dance. look the a them go. they're so good. >> you have to be 4 or 7-year-old to do it like that. >> can you juju on that beat? >> don't fall for it. >> i'm going to say no and be done with it. i'm not the world's best dancer,
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today but that is all right. here is a look at your weekend forecast as promised, the weekend is looking very nice indeed. for the final weekend of october, this is as mild as we can hope for. saturday morning, we'll start out cool and dry in the 40s saturday morning. saturday afternoon, fair amount of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s on saturday. clouds do thicken up saturday night into sunday so sunday morning on your way out to do anythinggo marathon. it will be a mild and dry start. there is a slight chance for showers on sunday but it is late enough in the day. probably 5:00 or later that i don't think it will impact the outdoor plans. sunday highs, mid-70s, that is nice. i'll be putting this on my facebook page as well. find me on facebook as chuck bell and i'll help keep you ahead of the weather like this little guy right here.
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grab the umbrella. rain drops reaching the panhandle of west virginia. we have dry hours in the immediate metro area before the rain moves in. likely to have first drops on i-81 by 8, 9, 10:00 this morning. the first chance of rain moves into the d.c. area by 12, between 12 noon and 2:00. any periods of briefly moderate rain are likely between 4:00 this afternoon and about 8 or 9:00 this evening. there is your whole five day forecast. 70% chance of rain here for tomorrow and there is a nice look at your mild, mild weekend. boil it down to the four things you need to know at 5:31. good morning, melissa. >> inner loop at branch avenue. still have the left lane blocked. not impactful for folks. want to mention it in case you're headed out sometime soon and think there is something bigger going on. earlier it was quite a problem. inner and outer loop rolling along just fine this morning. 95 north, the ramp again to northbound route 1 there.
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that is the one red item we have on our screen here this morning. prince george's county. all of the routes in and out of town, just fine. we'll take a look at bw parkway and 95 in maryland coming up. thanks melissa. finding the best deals doesn't have to be difficult. we'll show you apps that show the savings one touch away. >> suing amazon. a family says something they ordered online burned their home down. thproduct that could bee i welcome hi today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds.
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so i immediately picked out the biggest guy in there. and i walked straight up to him. now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. cr?me interior. he was so nice! open to the armed forces, the dod and their families.
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in news4 your health, he was known as patient zero. the man who supposedly brought hiv to the united states. new scientific evidence is clearing his name. gaetan dugas was a flight
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haiti around 1971. dugas would have been just one of thousands infected by the late 70s. this morning, a family is suing amazon for $30 million because of those hover boards that can explode and catch fire. the family says amazon sold them one that did catch fire and burned down their home in tennessee. >> literally dove out of the window as soon as there was a hole he could get through. dovt ladder from the second floor. >> that is a father of the family talking about how his kids had to jump to him from the second floor to avoid the flames. they say amazon was negligent and failed to say where the hover board came from. they also say it didn't have any original samsung batteries as advertised. take a look at storm team4 radar here. you'll see the rain starting to move into our area. meteorologist chuck bell is back
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halloween forecast will be a trick or treat. >> and our coverage of decision
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the final stumps. how donald trump and hillary clinton hope to win owe voters today. >> if metro doesn't work, nothing works. the strong words ahead of an important forum getting under way today. >> shop until you drop or the prices do. the apps that will help you save money the next time you go to the grocery store. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 51 degrees outside our studios
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were this time yesterday. >> still only 51 degrees. just saying. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is in with 4 things to know about our forecast. people wondering about maybe a little rain in some places today, chuck? >> eun is complaining about 51. yesterday morning, there were spots below freezing. that is a 20 degree improvement for some. cloudy skies. what do you need to know about the forecast while you were sleeping, the clouds came back, rain is likely before the day is done. on the upside, looking mild for the weekend abdomen good news for trick or treaters, the rain is headed eastbound towards fredericksburg. current temperatures, though, way warmer than yesterday. upper 40s to around 50 degrees right now. it will be a rainy one today.
5:30 am
your chances of getting rained on is 70%. >> a 30% of not getting rained on. math is not my strong suit. but i think that is right. looking at the entire beltway, 100 % of the beltway is looking good. we don't have problems here along the beltway. the earlier problem was inner loop at branch avenue. we have the left lane blocked. that will be getting out of the way soon. we have the left lane getting by the paving. no problems in the are now. and 270, looking quite good southbound all the way from 70 down to the spur going about 68 miles an hour. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at the travel times. melissa, we'll see you then. 5:30, our time right now. we begin with decision 2016. hillary clinton's not so secret weapon will be by her side. michelle obama and clinton will be campaign together in north carolina. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with a look at this
5:31 am
together in north carolina and this seems to be, as you said, a not so secret weapon for the democrats. certainly obama pulled big numbers and makes news when she does the campaign appearances as we saw recently. michelle obama seems to be the best thing that the democrats have going right now to draw support and with north carolina being a battleground state and an early voting state as well, and that is key. who voted early. this could be a key appearance for hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton hit donald trump claiming that his hotel in washington used undocumented workers. we know that, tracie. how is trump responding to this. >> trump who was at the hotel for the official ribbon cutting says it is not true. they went through e-verify to verify that the workers are not undocumented.
5:32 am
the event while campaigning in the final days. he says that it is a big deal. his family worked on it and that the fact that the hotel opened early and under budget actually supports some of the things he wants to do economically for the country. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. coming up at 6:00, we have a look at the latest poll numbers. we'll tell you where the candidates are headed today and how the maryland senate debate was a special event coming up for young voters called vote your power. this is a preelection panel discussion with the effort to get millennials to talk about issues related to them. it will be november 1st from 7 to 9:00 p.m. at lisner auditorium. go to the nbc washington app and search vote your power. a place of worship turned
5:33 am
james harlan was found inside baptist church. they rent space to a program for people dealing with substance abuse. a pastor accused of stealing money from his congregation will face a judge. terry millender of victorious life church were arrested after church on sunday. they're accused of duping the congr in a safe and guaranteed venture to fund businesses in poor and emerging countries. they went into high-risk foreign currency exchange funds, one called kingdom enterprises. jack evans says the transit system needs more funding.
5:34 am
to help with the funding. maryland is considering a tax increase and now it is virginia's turn. the forum starts at 6:00. >> i'm not doing nothing and so that is where we are and folks, the answer of doing nothing is not an answer. metro is going to collapse. if metro doesn't work, nothing works. >> evans says if maryland and virginia don't contribute more could be shut down. the rail service cuts are part of a potential $275 million budget short fall. a warning from the university of maryland now. a man exposed himself on a balcony at the new leonard town apartments yesterday afternoon. the search was done but the man was never found. if you know anything about the incident, call police. a 20-year-old college
5:35 am
in court. alec cook is a student at university of wisconsin, madson. they say they're looking through a black leather notebook they found in cook's apartment. that notebook names a series of women and what he likes about them according to police. cook's lawyers say nothing has been proven yet. happening today, closing arguments in the bridgegate trial. you'll recall in 2013, two lanes on the george washington bridge were shut down causing a major traffic jam. closures were arranged by two associates of new jersey governor chris christie as pay back for a politician who refused to back the governor for reelection. those associates face federal conspiracy and fraud charges and could face up to 20 years in prison. we know that saving money can be pretty tough. it only gets harder as the year goes on. we go from back to school shopping right into holiday
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clipping coupons takes time and can be painful. susan hogan has tips on apps that can do the hard work for you. >> reporter: everyone has that friend that seems to score the best deals no matter what. but now you can be that person with a couple of savvy shopping apps. grocery shopping in general is so expensive. add in a holiday likes thanksgiving and the bill can add up. your grocery bill doesn't have to break the bank every week. the app, saving need for the coupons. it is right there on the app. connect your store loyalty cards to where you shop the most and as you rack up rewards, you can choose to be paid back in cash or gift cards. now, finding savings doesn't also have to be complimented, especially when shopping for the
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coupons. download the coupons, use them in stores or online. both apps are free. you can find more information on our nbc washington app. just search shopping apps with susan hogan, news4. i think i'll beat the hell out of him and then call 911. >> what if your daughter called you to tell you there is what else they found. >> the controversy over a bonus paid to national guard may still have to be paid back.
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chuck bell has a look at the forecast. >> yes, i do, aaron, thank you very much. it is a cloudy sky outside for most. just a few early morning slivers of sunshine south of the city. clouds have led to light rain across washington county maryland into martinsburg west
5:41 am
line for now but everybody's rain chances go up, up, up. grab the umbrella. grab the raincoat. make sure you have the jeans on, no short sleeves and shorts for today. bus stop forecast in the 40s at most, still dry for most of us at 7:00 except for northern most maryland. 8:00, rain drops moving on to i-81. 70% chance of rain for today. a look at the ten day forecast which includes a mild weekend coming up in good morning, melissa mollet, how are things on the roads? >> we have the earlier problem, remember, inner loop at branch avenue. take a look. we had the left lane blocked with the tow truck and getting things out of the way. now it is the right lane blocked here. should be out of the way soon. m maryland travel times, fine 66 inbound and 95 northbound, no worries. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car.
5:42 am
one has a clue. >> an entire community on edge. new details we're learning as a manhunt for an accused killer enters day four. a startling report from the news4 i--team. why cases of homemade explosives are on the way. >> it is a day a lot of people have been waiting for.
5:43 am
john delaney: this was my dad's pickup - he was a union electrician. i grew up working on his jobsites where he taught me
5:44 am
right here in maryland and created thousands of jobs. in congress, i work across party lines - from rebuilding roads to creating jobs and to strengthening social security. roll up your sleeves and work with others. that's what my dad did, and it's what i'll keep doing in congress.
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now at 5:45, a major update in the scary shoot out that nearly cost a police officer and his passenger their lives. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is one of the stories we're working on for you right now. the controversy continues over bonuses given to members of the california national guard. >> we're following latest headlines in decision 2016.
5:46 am
election night. a brand new outlet mall set to open today in clarks burg in montgomery county. coming up, i'll tell you all about the grand opening celebration. good morning, everybody, ten day forecast coming up in a few more minutes. you need to get ready to be rained on for your thursday. i'm optimistic about your weekend plans. see you in a few. beltway overall finally looking good here once again. we have the earlierro has just cleared out of the way. inner loop at branch avenue, it is gone. back here at the live desk, we're just getting some video out of new york of an incredible apartment fire that took 140 firefighters to get this under control. this is an apartment building in the west village. this started happening just before midnight last night, started happening on the upper
5:47 am
the roof until you can see the flames shooting out from the building. we understand that msnbc host rachel maddow lives in the building. she has said she is okay. she and her partner are okay but they're concerned about the neighbors. there was one firefighter who suffered minor injuries. at this time, eun, we're not hearing of any other injuries. that is good news there. 140 firefighters to get that fire under control in west villain >> erika gonzalez, thank you. 5:47 right now. easy to make, cheep to assemble and dangerous. you'll recall a homemade explosive was detonated early this fall in new york city. a review in the week since then by the news4 i-team scott mcfarland shows a rising number of homemade explosions in our area, too. >> we're completing this story nor news4 at 11. we'll show hundreds of local
5:48 am
explosives are actually caught building or detonating those explosives. that includes a firebombing of a government facility in leesburg and anarundel county, a series of explosives found before they could be detonated but enough to cause widespread destruction. they sometimes cost less than $20. >> they're actually, they're the chemicals themselves aren't illegal and there are other uses fort chemicals. >> tonight in the news4 i-team investigation, who is at risk of being targeted and a rare look at the ferocity and fierceness of the homemade explosives. our cameras given a close look as experts detonate them.
5:49 am
say michael vance killed his aunt and uncle and shot two police officers. he stole two cars in his es escape. he could be anywhere from california to florida right now. he was injured in the shooting and police say if he hasn't had any medical attention, he could also be dead. new details this morning -- >> shots fired! >> this is in the investigation into a dramatic fing bullets. police made two arrests but are still searching for a third person. the shooting happened after a police officer tried to pull the suspects car over. a civilian was in the car for a ride along at the time of the shooting. developing now, police are searching for a fredericksburg woman. rochelle simms was last seen thursday night at the ken more club. if you've seen simms call
5:50 am
arrested after a 9-year-old came forward in manassas. police say the girl decided to report the alleged abuse after watching an educational video about appropriate and inappropriate touching. stone is being held without bond. a 24-year-old man crawls under the bed of an 11-year-old girl and leaves a sexually explicit note on her nightstand. this happened in collier county, florida. the lives down stairs from the girl. the mother called 911. >> hello, i need the police at my house. >> the girl was not harmed and the man was arrested outside the apartment. now to decision 2016, we're just 11 days away from election night and this morning we're learning where the democratic nominee hillary clinton's political team plans to watch
5:51 am
the team sent out save the dates to offices. they noted the jacob kjavits party. donald trump has the vote but not the endorsement of jason chaffetz. he says he will not defend or endorse trump but will vote for them only because he sees hillary is that bad. endorsement after the access hollywood tape was released. we're following the latest after several national guard members were told to repay a bonus. why they may not be able to keep the money after all. on your mark, get set, shop. the markets opening today. we turn to meteorologist chuck bell for the extended 4 day forecast.
5:52 am
bought it at the premium outlet. i'm not above saving a little money. >> it was a different -- the same company. i was at the one in leesburg, people yup outlet is a premium outlet. don't call me out. i want to give you a check of the ten day forecast. very optimistic about the weekend plans. mild, mild, mild are forecast in the 50s in the morning, near 70 by noon and afternoon highs on sunday could reach the mid-70s, very warm weather for rt weekend and of course, most important day for kids out there is halloween, coming up on halloween night, monday evening, chilly and dry. trick or treat temperatures will be in the 50s and then next week, a lot of very mild weather for the first week in november. temperatures in the mid-70s again on wednesday.
5:53 am
this weekend but the weekend after this one, the chillier weather will be making a come back. stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter @chuckbell4. follow me on facebook and instagram. i'll do my best to keep you ahead of the rain drops. there is the rain today moving into western and northern maryland. the rain drops will be moving into the d.c. metro area by lunch time today and it will be a rainy ride home from work and school today. afternoon temperatures today will be holding in the upper 50s and low 60s and again, there is future weather,im rain into the metro for this afternoon and for this evening. melissa mollet has what she says may be a shocking development in traffic. >> blake lane near hubbard, downed poles and wires could affect oakton high school is what we're getting. 66 and 95, no big problems on 66 or 95. same thing here, bottom of the beltway prince george's county.
5:54 am
really pretty. 270, slow out of fredrick. guys? covering montgomery county, we're a little less than two months away from christmas. did we just talk about christmas? i need to get through halloween. this is why we're talking about it. the new outlets in clarksburg open today so you can start early. darcy spencer is live with a look at the grand opening events. >> reporter: good morning. did you have to remind me that we're that close to christmas? i just talked to the general manager of the new outlet. boy, is he psyched. he has a lot to be excited about. first off, have you ever seen a mall with a fire place? outdoor fire place. that is pretty cool. if you look over here, this is the center court area of the mall. they have the stage set-up fort grand opening celebration. you have all of the stores, you have starbucks coffee, you have
5:55 am
expect at a premium outlet. the food court, of course, and everything opens at 10:00 this morning. there will be a lot of activities, let's start with the live entertainment. that will start at 10:00, go through 8:30 tonight for the kids. you'll have face painting at 1:00 this afternoon through 6:00 this evening and a prize give away all day long. they're saying they have 90 brands here. they'll have a lot of discounts, giving people a treason come out let's hear from the manager about what sets this mall apart. >> it is two levels. the first of its kind in north carolina. lots of energy saving measures. fantastic retailers. 25 to 60% every day. this grand opening weekend, the sales will be amazing. we can't wait for the retailers and shoppers to come out. >> if you're one of the people who has your phone battery going dead, check this out. they have there is a ready to charge charging station with an
5:56 am
morning. >> a smart feature, the phone charging thing. darcy spencer live, thanks darcy. hello again. >> hello. >> that is the name apple is using for the event today. experts think the company is going to announce several new mac books. the last mac book pro came out four years ago. p the event is at apple is delaying shipments of the new wireless ear pod head phones that were supposed to be available this month. the company will only say it needs more time to make sure the product is ready for customers. they have received high marks in reviews for the simplicity and ease of use but technically complex with sensors that notes when they get right into your ears.
5:57 am
carter is suspending an effort to force thousands of california national guard members to repay enlistment bonuses. the pentagon wanted to collect the bonuses from 6,000 soldiers over paid to enlist and served at the height of the iraq and afghanistan wars. audits show the california national guard improperly offered those bonuses. crisscrossing the country. hillary c trump offers african-americans a new deal. allegedly drunk on the job. moments before a sky west plane was supposed to take off. >> the first officer was drunk. >> they made clipping coupons a thing of the past. the apps that save you time and
5:58 am
5:59 am
jool good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. we're working to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> i'm eun yang. one of the biggest headlines, decision 2016, where some people in our area can vote now. >> are you ready for some football? the washington redskins head across the pond for the next game and we're getting you ready. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell because you might want to grab the umbrella this morning.
6:00 am
impacting the morning commute into work and school but the afternoon commute promises to be a very different affair as clouds will lower and thicken during the course of the day. lots of clouds around the city here early this morning. no rain just yet except for our friends and neighbors in northern maryland and panhandle of west virginia. rain likely this afternoon, nothing too heavy but it will be more than enough to get you wet and make you mad if you don't have the umbrella. there are the showers, hagerstown to maryland. not coming into the metro area just yet. that will change later on today. planning out the day, cloudy skies, upper 40s to near 50 for the remainder of the morning. rain arriving in the shenandoah valley by mid to late morning and metro area by lunch time. the ride home, rain is a likelihood. have a brand new problem on 295. sounds like a crash on east capitol street.


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