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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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here is why. according to business intelligence company called euro monitor, each american consumed about nine and a half pounds of chocolate. half of that is just me. and make sure you eat that today. guess what? it is national chocolate day. >> this is almost right up there with your birthday. >> exactly. every other day is national chocolate day at my house. don't tell the kids. >> stay with us, news4 today right now at 5:00 a.m., the rocky landing involving a vice presidential candidate as donald trump and hillary clinton fight for key battleground states. it is 5:00 a.m. now, good morning everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's get to meteorologist chuck bell to find out more about our weather. windy today, chuck? >> it will be very windy all day long today. you'll notice that the instant
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morning. yesterday wasn't much of a wind issue, today you'll feel the difference. it is in the upper 40s and low 50s. it is not that cold by late october standards. we'll be in the upper 50s and low 60s. on the upside it will be pure sunshine for the friday afternoon plans. great weather for your high school football games tonight but there stay breezy and on the chilly feeling side much of the day. you will need your wind breakers for sure. highs today, mostly up around 60 degrees but coolness there first thing this morning. potomac, maryland, 38 out your door this morning. melissa mollet has new troubles. where are they? >> brand new problem, this one reported on pennsylvania avenue between 2nd street and 4th street there in southeast so this just popped up. we don't have too many details as far as what may be shut down or what may be blocked but we'll let you know as soon as we do. overall, no big problems in prince george's county. everything is rolling along just
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no worries there. we'll look at 95 and sorry april coming up in a couple of minutes. thanks melissa. developing this morning, d.c. police are trying to track down a man they say stole an officer's gun. the officer was a d.c. library officer closing up the benning neighborhood library last night. the man went up to the officer and stole the gun and radio. that is according to police. the library is also opening for early voting today. today vice presidential candidate mike pence is returning to the campaign trail york. it was raining outside when the plane carrying the indiana governor and his team slid off the run way at laguardia airport last night. there were reporters on the plane as well. 40 people in total on board. pence says no one was hurt. he did cancel an appearance after the scare. donald trump was in ohio when this happened. he took the chance to praise the running mate. >> i just spoke to our future
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what a great job he is doing. >> nbc news reporter on the plane recorded the rough landing. passengers felt the pilot slam on the brakes and could smell burning rubber. the planes were not allowed to take off from the airport for about an hour. there is no time for the candidates to slow down ahead of election day. america will be headed to the polls in just 11 days. it is a busy weekend for the candidates and their teams. pence is expected to make stops in pennan hampshire and maine. hillary clinton will be in iowa. her running mate, tim kaine, and president obama, will campaign on her behalf in florida. former president bill clinton will make stops across pennsylvania. the man accused of brutally murdering a d.c. family and setting their home on fire will be in court. it was one of of the biggest stories in our area.
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northwest washington. d.c. police found wint using dna from a slice of pizza at the scene. he pleaded not guilty to 20 felony charges. the woman accused of killing a teen outside of a metrobus will appear in court. the judge will consider setting bond for kilah jones. prosecutors say kilah jones stabbed minor last week. jones is claiming self defense. she says minor threatened her and stole herl stabbed minor in the chest with a steak knife. once jones found her phone, she called uber and left the crime scene. she turned herself in days later. there is no snow in the forecast, not yet. prince george's county is taking the time to prepare early. the dpw is holding the annual snow and ice dry one. it got under way an hour and a few minutes ago.
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themselves with the roads, looking for road hazards. new this morning, a hagerstown woman is in custody accused of assaulting a police officer. officers smelled marijuana coming out of brittany ford's car on rose mont avenue yesterday. she allegedly tried to kick and bite them when they attempted to get her out. ford tried to eat drugs as they searched her car. en families evicted are allowed to go back to their homes. there is no power or gas. it has been shut off. for now, resident struggles continue. >> we need some action. the lights are still out. it is cold.
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>> i thank god we have an extension and a place to sleep tonight local leaders are working to figure out a way to get power restored before they. 150 people arrested in north dakota after a day of protests turned violent. video showing fires set, improvised firebombs thrown at police and people controversial dakota pipeline that stretches 1,000 miles going close to the standing rock sioux reservation. opponents including native americans and environmental activists say the pipeline could impact drinking water and impact sacred burial sites. it is being called a blow to government prosecutors. a jury in oregon acquitted seven
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charges. the protesters were arrested after the take over of a federally owned wildlife sanctuary in oregon last winter. the group included brothers ammon and ryan bundy. the stand off at the wildlife refuge in january lasted for 41 days. at the trial, the protester -- the prosecutors say the protesters used violence. hour. metro is being criticized by the own employees. they're accusing the transit agency of creating a hostile work environment and putting their safety at risk. union members told the metro board yesterday that they're being coerced into breaking safety rules because of a rush to get trains running. metro management denies the claim saying self imposed slow downs sky rocketed due to an emphasis on safety. looking ahead to this weekend, a big part of the system that people take every
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this weekend. surge ten of metro safetrack starts tomorrow. news4 megan mcgrath is live at the rhode island avenue station in northeast with more on the big closure. megan? >> reporter: well, aaron, people who use the rhode island avenue and brookland stations will feel the impact the most. those stations will close for 25 days beginning on saturday. phase 10 focuses on metro's red line. e it is going to be closed, the red line between fort totten and the noma-gallaudet stations and we'll have a little bit more on this coming up in the show. i'll bring it to you in just a bit. >> thank you. that work on metro will make it tough for some racers and spectators getting to the marine corps marathon this weekend. here is a look at the massive resource. you can expect road closures in part of d.c. and arlington.
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extensive transportation plan. the marathon draws people from dozens of states and 50 countries. metro is not opening early the start line will be kept open for 60 minutes longer than previous years. >> the marine health expo kicks off at the national harbor today and tomorrow. it will run both days so marathon runners can pick up the packets. news4 jim hanley will be at the marathon for the start and finish and we'll have live coverage in the nbc washington app and on news4 today on sunday morning and if you are at the race, join us at mile marker 4 to cheer on the runners. all right, the boys have arrived. you like that. we've got new video this morning of the redskins landing in london for rt big game against the cincinnati bengals this
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i'm sure you've been seeing the reports on our air. remember, this is an early game. it is 9:30 sunday morning because they're playing in london. lots of injuries also. still unclear if matt jones, who had a knee injury. josh norman, jordan reed, both recovering from concussions, whether they will be playing. 9:30 in the morning, the redskins will play in london. big, big game as theyry back to you. from football to america's original favorite pass time. the history being made at the world series as excitement goes for the biggest game in baseball. >> if you thought we were done with the 80s, you might be plenty surprised. what thousands of runners can expect for the marine corps marathon. >> shots fired! >> a dangerous shoot out with police. the rush to stop a gunman as
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from
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just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. the official start of winter doesn't arrive until december but some places in northern michigan are already seeing snow? . >> what is that? . parts of gaylord saw over five inches overnight. the national weather service says the early snow isn't uncommon and doesn't mean an early start to winter. that is clear. officials predict this winter will be colder than last year
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interesting. okay. >> colder won't be a problem this weekend. >> no! >> i like the way this looks, chuck bell. >> winter delayed. fall practically delayed as we get into the weekend. temperatures not near the records on saturday or sunday but still running more than ten degrees warmer than average. the outdoor outlook, quite breezy. tonight, nice and cool for high school football. saturday near perfect. sunday, really warm. temperatures could get close to 80 degrees on sunday. we're mostly in the 40s and lo day. high school football forecast tonight. mid-50s at 6:00 into the 40s by the time the game is done. the metal bleachers will be cool. great running weather early but try to finish as early as you can. temperatures will be in the mid-70s by the middle of the afternoon and here is a great idea. if you don't have something to do, head on down to the beach. temperatures near 70 at the beach. careful getting into the water.
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five day forecast coming up in ten. >> no thanks. below 79, i'm not getting in. outbound branch avenue. have a brand new crash reported there this morning. still have this one reported. pennsylvania avenue between 2nd and 4th street there in southeast with that accident being reported there as well. westbound 66, after 15, hay market. right lane gets by that work zone until 9:00 this morning. live look here 95 at mine road in virginia we're looking pretty good. hearing in my ear about a new crash in yl couple of minutes. shots fired! shots fired! >> tuscon police say they're fortunate nobody died in a shoot out involving a man and a police officer. the officer's partner made it to the scene. they saw the man break several traffic laws and an officer chased them. then they fired at each other. one of the man's bullets grazed the officer's head. that man was shot multiple times
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the man restraining order ran down a montgomery county policewoman causing his death says he is eternally sorry. he was sentenced to ten years in prison. he pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter in april and apologized during yesterday's sentencing. officer noah leotta was working a dui check point when he ran him over on rockville pike. he had a blood-alcohol level of three times the legal limit. the world anti-doping agency. it says they were a number of serious failings in the anti-doping program. it was compiled by the agency's independent observer team at the rio olympics this summer. the report is 55 pages long. several athletes who were ear marked for testing, quote, simply could not be found. the agency blames the failings
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logistical. everything can be managed by your smart phone including your medication. the sensors are activated by acid in your stomach. the bandage can send the data to your phone via blue tooth. >> fewer than half of all patients anywhere in the world take their patient can elect the share the medication with the physician. >> the sensors are fda approved they're being tested on pediatric patients who have to be on a strict medication schedule. >> we can probably all use extra dollar. the secret to making money could already be in your closet. there are great apps let you consign your clothes from home.
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declutter at the same time. this is how it started for a d.c. woman who turned reselling into her full time job. ahead at 5:30, how she has made more than $7,000 in the last two months. what are we doing wrong? >> everything, apparently. >> all right. we're 14 hours from a historic baseball game. >> wrigley field in chicago hosts a world series game for the first time in more than 70 years. nbc's jay gray is live in chicago. got to be the most excited town >> it is on fire. good morning to you aaron, eun. great to talk this morning. it is game day here at wrigley. the sun is out not yet but the fans have been at a place they're not used to playing baseball this time of the year. an excited fan base and a lot of people coming in from across the country. many who don't have tickets just
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excitement in wrigleyville. thousands are expected to fill the streets throughout the day and the weekend. want a ticket to the game snp it will cost you all three games here going for thousands online right now and the prediction is by sunday's game five, the average ticket price could shatter the most expensive ticket in u.s. sports history. it will be interesting to see who is inside and how many people pack the outside of this thing. very exciting time right now chicago, guys. >> all right. jay gray live for us in chicago this morning ahead of the world series. thank you, jay. it looks cold where he is. he had a puffy coat on. >> windy here, too, chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. the northwest winds are back and what are we always -- what is the advice i always give to the kids today, eun? >> rocks in your pocket. >> exactly right. take the graphic. that is the cue. rocks in the little kids pockets
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winds today well over 20 miles an hour for much of the daylight hours. in fact, winds are already near 20 miles an hour here early this morning. sunny and breezy, perfect weather for high school football tonight. that will be the end of the cool weather for a little while, probably not going to be cool again until monday as the weekend is looking simply amazing. little chance for rain across parts of southern pennsylvania today. there is no chance for rain in the washington area today. no chance for rain anywhere in the news4 nation. the planner, 52 now. morning. by the time you're coming home later this morning, breezy and sunny in the upper 50s at 5:00. back into the upper 40s by 9:00 tonight. if you're going out for a night on the town tonight. you'll need a little insulated layer. high today, 62 in washington, probably mid to upper 50s for northern montgomery county up to northern maryland today. a little bit of a chill there. the weekend plan looks amazing. winds go back around to the southwest tomorrow. that means a big warm up on the
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time tomorrow. low 70s for highs tomorrow afternoon. a whole weekend looks really mild sunday's highs could be mid to upper 70s. it is going to be warm if you're doing leaf peeping in the mountains, even in the mountains, they'll be in the mid-70s. 62 today, 73 tomorrow, 79 on sunday. just a tiny chance for a shower in northern maryland late sunday afternoon. let's go over to melissa mollet dealing with hunting townmaryland. >> we have a crash involving multiple cars. a warning for you. outbound branch. that crash has cleared out and 2nd avenue between 2nd and 4th street. everything is rolling along nicely. see you in ten minutes. >> you saw it first on the live desk moments ago. the redskins have landed in london. news4's pat collins is there as
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the team starts day one of the
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john delaney: this was my dad's pickup - he was a union electrician. i grew up working on his jobsites where he taught me the value of hard work and teamwork. that's how i built two businesses from scratch in congress, i work across party lines - from rebuilding roads to creating jobs and to strengthening social security. roll up your sleeves and work with others. that's what my dad did, and it's what i'll keep doing in congress. i'm john delaney
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you can follow the redskins on their royal road trip with the #dctouk. pat collins has been there for days.
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and chat her up. chat up. >> be spoke. >> chuffed. >> it means you're happy with something like i'll be chuffed when this is over. >> he is done translating for you. >> he was a good sport for him. >> other things, chat up. that translates here. >> gobsmacked. when is the last time you >> we'll have more coming up later this morning. >> he found a girl studying abroad who heart bleeds burgundy and gold. there are fans all around the world. . a different kind of delivery man will be at your home in virginia. loudoun county will be giving out free pizza. they will deliver to randomly selected domino's customers from 6 to 9:00.
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this is so important. the fire department says you only get your pizza if the smoke detectors are working. there is a catch. breaking news coming in on decision 2016. the latest big name that could become a cabinet member depending on who wins. >> break out the shorts. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell tells us when we can expect to see a warm up.
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ousecall? open walk-in clinics in convenient places? help more moms get prenatal care? or use technology to find insights that lower health care costs? maybe help doctors spend more time with patients, not paper work? what if you did all of this, and more? because it's all connected to better care, and better care means better health.
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breaking news in decision 2016. overnight, news4 learned vice president joe biden tops the
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hillary clinton wins. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. erika gonzalez at the decision desk with details on this. gmg. >> aaron, eun in decision 2016, there are reports vice president biden could be the next secretary of state if hillary clinton wins the election. politico is citing a source familiar with hillary clinton campaign that says biden is at the top of clinton's list and that the campaign is actively take the job if she wins. from the decision desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> all right, erika, thank you. coming up on 5:31. i want to check four things to know about the forecast. >> chuck bell talking about windy and then warm. >> absolutely right. number one thing to know about the forecast for today. hold on to your hats. a gusty and blustery northwest wind has moved in while you were sleeping and it will be with us
5:31 am
we'll be back to shorts and t-shirts. temperatures likely to be in the 70s and 80 degrees on sunday. rain chances remain incredibly low. only a slight chance for a shower late in the day on saturday. won't bother any of your plans. your ten day forecast coming up at 5:51. we need one of those decisions to help pick out what to wear. fort totten starting on saturday. surge number 10. another slow down for folks on the red line. huntingtown. an earlier problem on branch avenue is gone. pennsylvania avenue between 2nd and 4th, have an accident there. bark way to the bell way going to take you nine minutes. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. travel times in ten.
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not a flake of snow has fallen. we want to keep it that way for awhile. one agency is getting a head start on preparations much prince george county officials are hitting the streets this morning and news4 molette green joins them. she is live on the roads for us. doing a ride along with the snow crews. hey, molette. >> this is so much fun. okay, so we're on this dry run here in the county. we're on forestville with photographer irene johnson behind watson. as you can see out in front, the roads are dry. tlp is no snow, thank goodness. we talked a lot on facebook live about what you have to look for on the dry runs to prepare for a real snow day. what is your biggest concern as a driver? >> the citizens staying out of the way. >> citizens staying out of the way. we talk about that all of the
5:33 am
get folks back to their real life, right? >> yes. >> this is a fun thing to do but on a real day it is dangerous and tricky and that is why they have to do the dry runs. 1900 roads in the county that we have to take care of and this is part of of the deal to do that. that is the latest in forestville, back to you guys. >> thanks molette. 5: 33 now. we expect a nanny accused of killing an eight month old girl in prince the original hearing was postponed so prosecutors could find an interpreter. police say the nanny force fed the baby too much milk causing her to suffocate. she died at the hospital. a baltimore man will appear in court on charges he stole top secret documents from the nsa. lawyers for hal martin hope the judge will grant bail.
5:34 am
of the information in the documents. the search continues for two suspects allegedly involved in a brutal sexual assault. police say it happened in the falls church area. the 50-year-old woman did not know her attackers. the woman and suspects met for the first time at the rubios mexican restaurant. she was assaulted inside a van and one of the attackers allegedly pulled out a gun. victim was along route 50. an accused sex offender is in custody arrests moments after arriving at dulles airport. victor montoya was arrested for allegedly assaulting a ten-year-old girl. montoya is from el salvador but holds permanent residency status
5:35 am
fire wants to extend the contract with amr private ambulance service for another five years. now there could be drastic changes for 911 medical calls in d.c. chief gregory dean says sending an ambulance for every medical call isn't working and unnecessary. under his proposal, a nurse at the 911 call center will triage calls and decide how and when to transport a patient. dozens of kids from the ideal charter school in d.c. are situation. is the charter school bus ran into a metrobus. you can see the video here. the driver says he couldn't stop the bus. it happened yesterday evening in northeast d.c. the first responders did their best to calm the kids down. no one was seriously hurt. there are times in our life when we need extra help or support. a group now in with saturday
5:36 am
talking about everything from counseling for the heart ache to financial, nutrition to get people who a debilitating time in their life. there has been a demand here. how the ladies are helping so many people tonight on news4 at 4. >> nice to know and see that the help is out there. see the story this afternoon. thanks. >> thank you, melissa. 5:37, just about now. if you send the kids to the bus
5:37 am
hold on to it. the gusty day ahead when we check back in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> bullied, threatened and forced to take safety risks. what anyone who rides metro will want to hear straight from the worker's mouths. >> chanda levy's mother reacts
5:38 am
me and the guys walked into this place. you woulda thought from the name it was gonna be packed with sailors. so i immediately picked out the biggest guy in there. now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. cr?me interior. he was so nice! open to the armed forces, the dod and their families.
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5:40 our time on this friday morning. a windy, breezy, windy. where do you want to go? >> i'm going with windy. >> fair enough. we're on the verge. i usually say windy for over 30 miles an hour but we'll be close to that at times today. certainly a blustery feel for the day. 48 in potomac, 46 in bull run. an insulated wind breaker and sunglasses and jeans. this little girl holding on for dear life in the breeze. temperatures near 50. northwest winds 15 to to. more like 15 to 25 miles an hour later on today. high school football will be cold on the metal bleachers. temperatures will be back down into the 40s by 10:00. look at the whole ten day forecast who has two days near
5:41 am
morning? >> no problems on the beltway. let's keep our fingers crossed that things stay this way. let's look at travel times around town. look at routes into town and out of town. 270 southbound from germantown to the spur, you're on time. same thing top of the beltway as you're headed from 95 to the beltway. going to take you 90 minutes. 66 inbound and 495, ten m us use to buy clothes but what about selling them? the shopping app a local woman makes thousands of dollars using. >> the new tool for early voter aerz to use. how you can check to see w
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good morning as we approach
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>> i'm eun yang. here are four things to know in the day ahead. the redskins are in london. they play the bengals sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. >> a fairfax county school member is facing calls to resign. lilz beth schultz has been told step down after tweeting conservative reviews. a man accused of murdering a d.c. family inside their home is in court safetrack closures and all of the stories coming up at 6:00. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. syrian rebel groups say they've launched a large scale offensive to break the government siege of aleppo. the group targeted a military airport and destroyed a government position to the west and the human rights group monitoring the situation says
5:46 am
positions to the city's southwest and attacked with more than 150 rockets. back to you. >> erika gonzalez, thank you. it is 5:46. new overnight, one of the charles manson followers is denied parole in california for the 17th time. charles watson is the self described right man hand man of cult leader he can apply again in five years. bridge gate trial. two lanes on the george washington bridge were shut down causing a traffic jam between new jersey and new york. the lane closures were arranged by associates of governor chris christie as pay back for not backing him in the election. metro employees say they're
5:47 am
forced to break safety rules so maintenance fixes can be done quickly. union members voiced tho worries about being rushed and making deadly mistakes. >> i'm terrified of angering the public but more concerned with -- i'm more concerned with making sure they won't die. the public will get over getting mad but will not come back to life. >> where tracks have been taken out of service and trains slowed down to fix safety problems. 5:47 now. a hagerstown woman is in custody accused of assaulting police officers during a traffic stop. police in fredrick, maryland say officers smelled marijuana coming from brittany ford's car along rose mont avenue yesterday. she allegedly kicked and tried to bite the officers when they tried to get her out of the car. police say ford tried to eat drugs as they searched her car. she is facing multiple charges.
5:48 am
the murder of chandra levy and her affair with former congressman gary condit. this morning, her mother susan will appear on "the today show" to speak about condit's new book. >> i don't think i plan to read the book. it is his story. i'm not sure what the story is. the story for me, right now, is a lot of pain and emptiness for our family. >> condit was a suspect in her disappearance but eventually was cleared. you can watch the complete interview this morning on the today show right after news4 today. eight more early voting locations will be available for d.c. voters today. only one location has been open since saturday. now, there will be one in each ward of the city. it is day two of early voting in maryland and you can check online to see what wait times look like in your county.
5:49 am
polls open with estimated times and some people stood up in line for up to two hours. to them, the wait didn't matter as as long as they were able to cast their ballots. >> i'm here to get this over with. this has been a very, very long election and hopefully in the future they won't be this long. >> you can vote at any early voting location in your county but on election day, you m turning now to tracie potts on capitol hill. with 11 days until the election, where are the candidates focusing their efforts in the final strch. >> battleground states, early voting states. all of them out. the vice president candidates, the presidential candidates. donald trump is in new england, back to new hampshire. he had a big victory in the primaries but now he is behind in polling in that state. so he is there, he is going to
5:50 am
today in iowa. interestingly, sort of back where they all started, iowa and new hampshire, mike pence today, after a rough landing at the airport yesterday, he will be in pennsylvania and north carolina. that is his schedule for today. >> and what about hillary clinton, tracie she is getting a lot of help from the president and first lady. >> high powered help from the white house. she was in north carolina with michelle obama yesterday. another get out the vote and womes and the president will be campaigning for her today in florida. hitting all of those really important battleground states on both sides. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. this reminder for rsvp for vote your power. a forum we're hosting to get young people to talk about issues that matter to millennials.
5:51 am
tomorrow yum. if all of the talk of the election is too much to take, how about a dog and pony show? we're not joking here. >> literally. >> the jack russell terrier and the miniature horse will be performing at the verizon center through sunday. i ran into this, not the dog, but the show yesterday twice. right there h. so, yeah, interesting. horse show. >>. let's check in with storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> unicorn! >> you know unicorns are real. >> you should be following melissa and i on social media. we have a dog and pony show going on this morning. melissa bought a ten foot long pink charger cord and we made a fun video. go to our facebook page. who needs this much cord?
5:52 am
>> when i'm in bed it is very far to the closest plug. i'm just saying. >> i don't know where to go from that. clear sky, you need your phone charger cord in bed? >> i do. it is bad but it is true. >> wait until you see the video, everybody, come following me @chuckbell4 on twitter. 52 wind now. winds averaging 15 miles an hour and you have to be ready for an for today, hometown highs for today, mostly going to be well up into the upper 50s and low 60s. for tomorrow, looks like it is going to be a nicer day to be outside. breaking it all down for you, 40s in the morning. mid-60s at lunch time tomorrow. into the low 70s for highs on your saturday afternoon and sunday, warmer than that. downtown temperatures kwo be up near 80 degrees by sunday afternoon. be ready for a mild day for
5:53 am
marine corps marathon temperatures, near 60 at the starting line. near 70 degrees by 10:00 in the morning and noon time, temperatures in the mid-70s. could be near 80. the only place for a chance of rain is in northern maryland in the shenandoah valley late saturday evening. trick or treating looks good as well and another nice day near 80 degrees. chuck bell on twitter or facebook, you want to see the chopper 4 over southbound, 295 at benning road. we have a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. the back-ups will build northbound because of the same thing happening blocking a lane at nanny helen burroughs avenue. it is slow through there. indian head highway, still have that crash report. huntingtown, near armiger road, southbound lanes are open there.
5:54 am
road debris in the roadway. back in a few. it is 5:53. new this morning, we're getting these new images of a memorial service of the victims of a theme park tragedy. two men and two women died when the raft on a river rapids ride flipped over. a 10-year-old and 12-year-old survived the accident in the dream world theme park. the park is reopening today. a jury assistant football coach $7 million. mike mcquery claimed the school retaliated against him. he reported seeing jerry sandusky sexually abuse a young boy to joe paterno. after his arrest, the school made it difficult for him to find work elsewhere. have you been a victim of a cyber crime snp?
5:55 am
not common fraud is a fake request to reset pass words. 20% of those people lost $1,300.65% of victims never reported the crimes. could the secret to making more money be hanging in your closet right now? have you checked recently? >> i wear it out. nothing worth selling in my closet. >> we all own things we probably haven't worn in a long time. >> there are trade clutter for cash. >> you've heard of consignment shops, right? what about online consigning? there are some apps out there that make it so easy than ever to shop and get a return on items just waiting to be worn. all it takes is your smart phone camera and some pretty good lighting. seconds after you post a photo, millions of eyes and wallets could be on it ready to take your secondhand clothes off your
5:56 am
take about 20% of the commission which is far less than a consignment shop will take. search shop and sell. good morning i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. uber is bringing pricing charging extra if orders are made during time when demand is high. they're scared it will come
5:57 am
dallas, houston, miami, and atlanta. uber says customers will be notified of the additional cost and the exact amount will appear on the menu screen. back over to you. do you normally take the rhode island avenue or brookland stations to get to work? starting tomorrow, you have to think about something else as phase 10 of metro safetrack program gets under way. >> it won't be too long until we see this. blanketing the roads, one local in a big snow truck in prince george's county to check out danger on the road even before the flakes start to fall. >> she a local school board member and a trump supporter. now she is being asked to resign. >> welcome to the uk. >> cheero. the video in of the redskins
5:58 am
5:59 am
mike pence's plane removed just hours after it skidded off of a new york run way. the moments inside the cabin as it happened. attention passengers, metro gets ready for the tenth safetrack surge. who the work will impact the
6:00 am
england gets ready for another kind of football as the washington redskins arrive. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to talk about the forecast as well. windy day in store for us. >> meteorologist chuck bell is in for the weather headlines. >> good morning to both of you and welcome to friday. we made it through another week. we almost made itth lots of wind out there with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. plan on a sunny but breezy day today with northwest winds in the 20 to 25 miles an hour range. not going to feel like october or november this weekend. it will feel like early september. temperatures will be close to 80 degrees on sunday. for today, though, it is 52 now. we'll be in the 50s for most of the day.


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