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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 29, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the crosswalk. the driver is cooperating with police. an 80-year-old man has died in a house fire in oxen hill. a woman was able to escape. prince george county officials say a smoke alarm went off in the basement but not on the first floor of that house. another hurdle for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton this morning. the fbi now calling for fresh investigative steps into newly discovered e-mails. they reportedly came from separate fbi investigation texts sent to a minor from anthony weiner. his wife is one of clinton's top aides. all right. heading into the 9:00 hour on this saturday morning. hope you're having a good one so far. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. 30 minutes live here and on facebook. 30 minutes to ago.
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live. >> i'm here in tinley town northwest d.c. it feels great and the sun, nice, gorgeous sun pouring down in a blue sky here but in the shade, still pretty chilly this morning. you need a light jacket for now. later today, with that warming, we will quickly jump. in fact, by 10:00, it will be in the 50s everywhere. by 2:00 we'll be in 70s. we'll be in the mid-70s this afternoo activities. a look at up and down temperatures coming up this half hour. thank you very much. right now, metro's new saf track surge is happening on the red line. there is no service between noma-gallaudet and fort totten for the next 25 days. they will stay closed during the whole time. free shuttle buses will help you get around the closures. the green and yellow lines are
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gallery place from fort totten. metro is slimming down. news4 learned more than 100 positions will be eliminated in the coming days. that is to help balance the transit's agency's short fall. positions eliminated include managers and union employees. a metro officials say fair hikes and service reductions are being considered to help balance the budget. tonight, if you are flying in or out of dulles international airport. don't be alarmed if you see more the metropolitan airport authority are doing an emergency exercise and it is happening between 11:00 tonight and 4:30 sunday morning. the exercise will happen in a closed off area of the terminal and it is near baggage claims. fire on the run way. at least eight people are recovering after an american airlines plane went up in flames as they were taking off. take a look at this. this is just scary. the after math was caught on cell phone video.
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passengers were forced to evacuate by sliding down emergency chutes. >> there was a big ball of red flames blew up from that window. that is all i can tell you. i got out of there as fast as i can to and moving towards the exits. >> there are mixed reports on what cause aet the fire. the faa says the tire blew but the airline says the engine malfunctioned. meanwhile, down in florida, another run way incident. this time a fedex landing gear collapsed while that plane was landing. it sparked a fire in the left wing. this happened the the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport yesterday. the plane had arrived from memphis. fedex says the pilots are safe. they don't believe any packages were damaged. it is 9:03, the protests over the north dakota pipeline seem to have subsided after they urged them to leave a barricade
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behind heavy plywood sheets and burned out vehicles they facedline of concrete barriers, military vehicles and police in riot gear. officers arrested one person but no details were released. have you ever wanted to buy a haunted mansion? >> no. >> probably not. >> now you can own a piece of some ghostly history and it is a good ghostly kind of history in the town of leesburg. here is a sittig house. >> this is something you rarely see. a significant part of america's past for sale. >> they are going to get a lot of history. >> reporter: perhaps more grand than the towering white columns and grounds running one block deep. . the secrets that lie within. >> i heard or i saw something and i turned and he looked straight at me. >> reporter: melanie miles says this is where she saw the ghost
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he says there have been several encounters. >> we feel that his spirit does linger here. he is a very positive energy in the house. and we are very grateful for him being here. >> reporter: the colonel, only one chapter of the great house's storied past. the one acre property going for $3.75 million includes the house built in 1780, formally known as harrison hall. it also includes a 19th century spring house house and stables, basically a new 4 bedroom home and multi car garage miles and her husband david added on. >> you'll see up here in the masters -- >> reporter: charlotte bonini says it is truly one of a kind. >> what i think is really unique about this house is most everything here is original. the floors, the molding, fire places, windows it is quite a gem. >> reporter: walking room to
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in fact, the pocket doors are the exact same ones a very famous general in american history saw when he stopped by for a short stay. this is where general robert e lee recovered after being thrown from his horse. >> it shows lee's hands bandaged. >> reporter: he met with stonewall jackson in the dining room. this room is where they planned what would become the bloodiest one day battle in u.s. history. >> this is the hatch that troop movement in leesburg. >> reporter: it served as a confederate house. history validated in a girl's diary found in an attic along with a chest full of valuable confederate money. the owners would use this to renovate the house. and then there is a hollywood tie, too. sort of. poet and author james dickey rented the house in the 60s and began writing deliverance which
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the desk he used was still up stairs where it will likely stay. one of many antiques that will remain after the miles leave for the sake of the next good steward and story teller. >> i feel like we've done our part to preserve the past and the present and hopefully for the future. and you're probably not shocked to find out that this house is part of the leesburg hauntings tour. it started last nights all of the different spots. you can't go in the house tonight but you can hear wonderful stories and there is a lot more. i can only squeeze so much in the couple minutes. kids used to sit on the third floor and watch the battles. the explosions, would do that to pass the time. >> they would show up to watch the battles. unbelievable. >> thank you so much. you saw pat collins moments ago here and soon something is
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london. the big change coming to big ben. >> local election fraud and forgotry? the new charges one man is
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it will likely be at least another year before the trial of a man accused of killing three members of a d.c. family and their housekeeper happens. daron wint was in court when they detailed new evidence against him. part of the reason this is dragging on is because of the hundreds of swabs of evidence collected from inside the savvas savopoulos mansion where the
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murmured. a trial date could be set at the next status hearing in february. election officials in alexandria uncover a case of election fraud and forgery. those are the cases against vafalay massaquoi. this e paid him 15 bucks an hour to register as many voters as he could. he filled his forms with bogus information and then turned them in. that is a felony. the organization says it fired him as soon as it learned of the this might be one of your last weekends to get all of the yard work done. or come over to my house and help out. >> yeah, okay. >> tom is updating the outdoor forecast and what to expect for the rest of the weekend. coming up, football talk. fan talk, redskins talk.
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news4. who is going to win? >> redskins. >> what is the score? >> 27-15. >> ?? stand by me ?? vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades.
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s. i'm john delaney and i approve this message. a perfect day to get in a walk, run, hike, or bike ride. a wonderful autumn day under way. temperatures in the 40s now climbing into the 50s over the next couple of hours and then by
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with lots of sunshine just a few clouds coming and going. ten day outlook in a few minutes. uber is responding after one of the drivers was arrested for kidnapping and assault. westagne pierre is accused of driving a passed out passenger to a west park hotel, driving her inside and using her credit card. the incident is deeply upsetting and banned the driver from the app. meanwhile, across the pond, uber plans to appeal a british court ruling that calls for drivers to get paid vacation days and guaranteed minimum wage. the ruling would increase the operating cost for the ride share service in the united states. a federal appeals service says uber drivers have to resolve any claims against the company individually. the bells of london's big ben may not toll for three whole years. that is because a big restoration project is about to
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over the tower. pot collins told us it is named just for the clock. they refer to the entire tower as big ben. >> big ben parliament. poor chevy chase could never get out of the round about. speaking of london, let's head back there. have you ever seen the round about. the one from european vacation, have you been i t there? >> the one that keeps going around and around. i have to tell you, there are a number of them here. i mean, crossing the street here can be hazardous to your health, especially if you're used to the way we drive in america. my goodness, you have to look both ways and both ways again and even then. i just follow the guy in front of me. anyway, that is big ben. we talked about him.
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what is the most exciting thing you've seen since you've been here? >> almost got hit by a bus because i wasn't looking both ways. >> what else have you seen? >> i saw chris coolly riding on a bike and he was so shocked that i stopped him and we took a picture. >> how about that? >> how about you? >> the most exciting thing is i didn't know that daniel snyder had a yacht over here and on the yacht and we sang the hail to the redskins chant with him. never seen anything like that in my life. redskins property in london. >> did he come out? >> there were so many dressed up people. billionaires. i was having fun on the boat. >> that is a big yacht he has, isn't it? >> two miles long. >> i got to tell you jason's shoes. how about those shoes, man. where did you get those shoes?
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>> yes, indeed. >> i have to tell you, i have never bet on a football game in london. but you can here. they have all those little betting parlors around and you can go in and i think they bet on what the humidity is. they gamble on just about anything here and the redskins are three point underdogs. what do you say to that? >> 27-24, redskins, m safe. >> 45-0 redskins. this is our home field today. this is our home field. i don't care where it is. >> oh, boy, what did you say? >> 45-0. i hope. >> your lips to god's ears. tomorrow morning, i'll be pregaming at the stadium. come check me out. are you ready? >> hail to the redskins! >> you're ready? >> hail to the redskins! >> there you have it. cheerios. >> don't get into any trouble
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the redskins fans. they must be walking around all over the place. >> he is a magnet. they come to him. i think it is time -- >> there are a lot of redskins fans here. >> i think it is time you retire your k-swiss and get some of those kicks. >> they're pretty nice, aren't they? are they comfortable? >> pretty comfortable. good for walking. i flew on the plane with them. you know? >> it is better to look good than to feel good. >> look good, feel good. >> i'll check them out. >> take care. i'll see you tomorrow. >> all right. i'll check in with you later. the game is tomorrow morning because the time difference is five hours. the game comes on pretty early tomorrow. >> if they don't win, they still have a yacht party to go to. >> do you know what the forecast is supposed to be like over there? >> i don't know. i haven't been looking at it. >> it has to be gray and cloudy. >> it doesn't matter. they'll play either way. when you're having your cheerios tomorrow morning, they'll be playing football. here, we'll have a marine corps marathon under way tomorrow
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here on sunday as we take a look outside, we'll have a gorgeous day. right now, though, still a chill in the air. we have nice, autumn color, live view from the tower camera and we have peak color, the red zone from southern new england into west virginia and still not peak along skyline drive. we're getting pretty good color here along the immediate metro area. this photo taken up near sugarloaf mountain on the fredrick and montgomery county line. there is you can see nice, autumn color there. post your pics, facebook, twitter and instagram. temperatures are in the 40s most much the region to near 50 near the bay and in town jumanning to the 50s with the hour. we'll have our temperatures into the mid-50s and right there at the beginning of the marathon, it will be in the upper 50s just
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climbing into the 60s. by 1:00, the mid-70s. clouds coming and going. afternoon highs, near 80. record high is 82 set back in 1996. we can get that warm here in late october. for halloween, it will be in the upper 50s and low 60s in the afternoon. back down to the 50s for trick or treating. chilly and dry monday afternoon. on tuesday, 60s, 70s into wednesday. we do want to take a live look here at the marine corps marathon. the kids are actually getting started and you're going to find tomorrow the running elite. the unique group of marines ready to race that have no plans to stop competing. there is the starting line and the finish line right there and
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well, two u.s. troops preparing for this in the race. >> that's right. for these marines, the run is personal. news4 kristin wright shares their story. >> of the thousands running the marine corps marathon, only ten marines make it onto the all marine team. >> when you're on the marine corps running team and running in the armed forces, marathon championships, at the marine corps marathon, i mean, you can't even really describe the feeling. >> by far, it is the best experience in my life really for
9:25 am
service members and so many who have truly persevered. >> some of the friends aren't with us here today. >> adam gorliski was told he would never walk again. >> i'm proving him wrong. >> adam is up and walking. >> i want others to experience that feeling as well. >> adam is walking the last 6.2 miles of the marine corps marathon wearing exoskeleton robotic legs to encourage wounded veterans to try the new again, too. >> go down to your local va and say hey, i heard about the exoskeleton. what is up with them. >> adam is thankful for the brave service members and proud to walk along side them this weekend. >> the walking should be a right, not a privilege and we're fighting fort right to walk. tomorrow is race day, the big day. jim hanley will be at the marathon for the start and
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to mile marker 4 so you can join us on cheering on the runners. >> it will be a great day for the race. >> time right now, 9:26 on this sunday. prince george's county police want to know how a man in a motorized wheelchair was hit and killed by a car in clinton last night. the driver is cooperating with police. fire crews say an 80-year-old man died in this fire. this oxen hill fire. they say another elderly woman was able to escape. th >> safetrack surge number 10 under way on metro's red line. it means for the next 25 days, trains won't run between fort totten and noma. buses will replace the train. >> the first wave of the marine corps marathon is about to begin. thousands of little ones are taking place at the pentagon. you can see the peacock. he has a lot of characters here. the health expo continues at the national harbor, at national
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for that run today. >> looks really good. kind of chilly there now and later today, though, into the mid-70s, a great day for outdoor exercise. for the marathon it will be into the 50s and climbing into the 60s for the marathon. a great day tomorrow. enjoy the awesome, autumn weather. >> it will get hotter later. >> near 80 on sunday afternoon. >> holy moly. we're going to leave you with a live picture of the marine corps marathon as the kids get ready
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hi everybody welcome to "inside the redskins" nbc 4. i am doc walker. the redskins are in london england the coaches and players are fired up for the match up. the team faces the bangles and the head coach knows that there's a lot of hype around the ball game. foster proud partner of the washington redskins. >> how can you make it easy on the guys to get aacclimated? >> i don't know. we're bog to do the best that we


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