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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 30, 2016 11:30pm-12:04am EDT

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bailey is pretty close to it. 23-23. 3:04 left in regulation. >> cris: you see nolan carroll adjust to the inside. this route is going to go to the outside. and dak prescott, this time, is going to throw it, where only his guy can go up and make a play. it's fun to watch how competitive dez bryant is at the football. it through the arm of carroll. and now, we talk about it before that drive started. it hasn't been pretty. he's been making big mistakes. the game on the line, has gone all season. delivers. >> al: just win, baby. oh, yeah.
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and jerry jr. >> cris: you think football means anything to that family? >> al: everything. >> cris: look out. we're rockin' now. >> al: down the stretch with all of their time-outs. a ton of time. and philadelphia will begin the wentz, 75%. and prescot has picked it up. his numbers were not good at all, until the last couple of drives. you can see by distance, everything underneath, and mid-range passes completed by wentz. prescot, threw 14 times and completed 7, including the 21-yard-plus to bryant for the touchdown. >> cris: think we're starting to
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>> al: probably. >> cris: it feels like it, doesn't it? >> al: yep. both rookies. look like gristled veterans. scandrick, thought he was ready to blitz. this is sproles. and sproles is able to knife his way for a gain of eight. i he gets a second down and the deuce. >> cris: i'm going to try this name one more time. halapoulivaati vaitai. and he saw the blitz from orlando scandrick. goes to the stretch play away. and vaitai makes the block. >> al: a-minus. halapoulivaati vaitai. >> cris: we haven't talked about him tonight. that's the best news
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second and two, from the 33. and it's a low throw. that's going to be a loss. they would have been better served with an incomplete pass. matthews, tackled by carr. that's going to take us, in all likelihood, to the two-minute warning. going to be third down and four, on the other side of the stoppage. two minutes to go. does any game in the league not just seems that way. back after this. ? oh, sunday night ? i can shut down your power grids. i can paralyze your infrastructure. i can access the personal data of everyone in america. i am the enemy with no face, and i can't be sto... ? ? for every would-be cyber attack there's a team of u.s. army cyber warriors who will not be defeated.
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>> al: right after the game, the volkswagen postgame report, stars of the game, mike tirico, tony dungy, mike florio, will wrap it up. and cris and i will preview next sunday's broncos/raiders game, coming up after the game. 90,000 here tonight. seen a good one. third and four. big play here. two minutes remaining in regulation. three-man rush.
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knocked away, incomplete. goes to number three tight end, trey burton. jeff heath winds up covering on the play. >> cris: there's been a knock on brandon car, he's not physical enough tackling. coverage, that time, game on the line, couldn't have been done any better. >> al: carr is right there. interesting choice of receivers there in burton. lucky whitehead is back. jones whitehead is going to say let it go. and it takes a great dallas hop. >> cris: pick it up. >> al: he can and does at the 35 yard line. >> cris: it was touched. >> al: touched by philadelphia, ball still alive. have it at the 35 yard line.
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>> al: very interesting on both sides right now. >> cris: dak prescott, we asked everybody, when they knew this was a young man who had it. he said, how about the first play he played, replacing tony romo in seattle. third and eight. he comes off of the bench. and everybody thought, they're going to take it easy. seattle pass rush, on the road, all that. walks in calmly. completes the pass. and they were off. and he hadn't slowed down since. >> al: interesting on both sides. the time-out strategy here, too. will bring whitton into the backfield for extra protection. and prescott, under pressure. escapes. fires. too high, incomplete. >> cris: dez was open. he had a crossing route going. but prescott, uncomfortable.
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typically the guy that you think of is being man-to-man coverage beater, and terrance williams on the inside, they're going to start bringing that kind of pressure. beasley is the guy to go to. >> al: two grabs tonight. one of them was huge on a third down. to convert. and prescot throws deep downfield. and bryan had inside position. >> cris: jim schwartz has quit fooling around with dak prescott. he's going to beat him, he is going to beat him with pressure. third down and ten. bottom of the screen. prescot did not enough time to hold it. do you bring pressure three-straight here? do you trust your guys? jason witten, cole beasley, the guys over the years, against
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third and ten. >> al: here they come. prescot, incomplete. schwartz sends everybody. dez through the middle. prescot hits the deck. and no chance. and that's a very rapid three and out. >> cris: everybody coming here. they're bringing them from everywhere. and this could have been a potential intentional grounding. there was nobody around where that ball landed. nice pressure by jordan hicks. >> al: 19 seconds for 3 plays. and sproles is back. the kick bounces. and that time takes a good philadelphia bounce. into the end zone for the touchback and wentz will go to work from his own 20 yard line. >> cris: that was everything you didn't want to have happen on
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sure the eagles and carson wentz didn't get another drop. and it was jim schwartz, a guy not known for blitzing. that's not his m.o. dialing it up against dak prescott and getting away with it. >> al: on some job here. barber coming out of the game. left guard. wisniewski had to come in there. they have barely gotten to wentz. from the outside. and it's caught at the 25. and a flag comes in. as dorial green-beckham, makes the catch. and it's going to go against philadelphia.
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offense, number 2. ten-yard penalty, replay first town. >> al: boger pass interference on his own colleague. >> cris: yeah. i think that was on 18. brandon carr is going to go to his backside on this one. now, it gets interesting all over again. >> al: very. >> cris: if you're dallas, do you burn a time-out? >> al: first and 20. wentz is going to get smothered at the 3 yard line. sean lee. sean lee comes in. and blitzes. now, they're going to take a time-out. second down and 27. and it stops the clock at 59
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>> cris: defensive linemen are going to set it up on stunts for sean lee. they clear a path. and you see the big gap. and for wentz, no choice. nicely done by rod marinelli. >> al: that is morris claiborne, the injured dallas cowboy. not a happy sight for these guys. going to sit out for at least one play. >> cris: i cannot be more impressed with rod marinelli. i didn't think this defense had enough to hang in there. and somehow, he made it work. and the secondary, that was so much maligned in the past, has become a bit of a strength. and it all starts with that guy, sean lee. he has been a force tonight.
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come in for at least one play. claiborne on the sidelines. >> cris: anthony brown has played a lot of football. he was the slot for scandrick the last four games. >> al: wentz looks that way. hits matthews. good tackle. scandrick to the 11 yard line. you have third down and forever. and the dallas cowboys are going to take another time-out. they have one left. >> cris: every time the quarterback drops back into the end zone, i hold my breath. one holding call and it's game over at that point. >> al: yep. safe. this is fun. we met with these two young men, two quarterbacks this week. you're cheering for them and liking them. doing all of the right stuff.
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with these two young men. >> al: so jerry jones, and watching a typical dallas/philadelphia game. through the years, they've been tremendous. third and 19. four-man rush. >> cris: look out. >> al: keeps it alive. gets buried from behind. all he can do to hold on to the football. and dallas takes its final time-out. and they should get the ball in decent field position. and of course, with bailey, they have one of the best kickers in all-time. >> cris: i cannot believe he held on to the football. that may be the best play that carson wentz made all night. scandrick, going flying by. total nonfactor. and here he comes. that is -- only large hands from
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football. >> cris: that was a game-saver. no matter how you slice it, that was a game-saver. you can see scandrick trying to tomahawk chop down on it and just missed. and even with that, there was no way he could have had any idea that scandrick was coming from his backside. and a fair catch by whitehead. flag on almost every kicking play tonight. 38 seconds. dallas does not have a time-out. >> cris: a hold on the defense. before or after the kick? >> referee: holding. receiving team, number 51.
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penalty, enforced from the end of the kick. >> al: why not, a 54-yard punt by jones. and then, ten more yards will be tacked on. bring it back to about their own 27. >> cris: grab the jersey. pull him down. good call. >> al: so, 38 seconds left. dallas has erased a ten-point the game is tied. we had two-straight sunday night games two to overtime. >> cris: we will go for the trifecta. >> al: looking for the hat trick. there's bailey getting loose for what he hopes will be a game-winning field goal. >> cris: just can't make the big mistake here, if you're dak prescott. >> al: from the 28 yard line. four-man rush. whoa.
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so, an incomplete pass. brandon graham got in. so, that time, they don't blitz. only four guys rush. and they get enough pressure on him anyway. >> cris: they're coming forward. we've just seen those plays in the past. i'm pretty sure it was moving forward. if i'm a defensive player, i never let that ball sit on the ground. there's too many instances when the arm gets hit and the hand pushes it forward. >> al: second and ten. dez bryant. and prescot gets sacked at the 15 by connor barwin. now, it's third down and forever. and philadelphia eagles are not going to take a time-out.
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to send this into overtime. >> cris: are you surprised? >> al: you have three -- third and 21. give yourself a chance. darren sproles can run a kickback. they don't. and we go to overtime. >> al: those of you watching the cubs and the indians, carson wentz, almost everything he has thrown has been short. and dak prescott started out slowly. elliott, the league's leading rusher, 78 rushing yards. 17 attempts. sproles has been a key factor tonight. and dez bryant going to haul that one in. late in the fourth quarter for the game-tying touchdown. if you've been with us three-straight weeks, you know all of the rules by now. you know there's a two-minute warning.
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everything can be reviewed upstairs. each team, an opportunity, to possess the ball, unless the team receiving a kickoff gets a touchdown. or the defense gets a t.d. or a safety. jerome boger bringing the captains out. >> cris: jim schwartz has dialed up every blitz he knows. linemen. >> referee: we're going to play one 15-minute overtime period. each team will have an opportunity to possess the ball, unless the team that first receives the opening kickoff scores a touchdown or the team that first goes on defense scores a safety. overtime will -- each team will have two time-outs. all of the replay challenges will come from the replay assistants. okay. philadelphia, by being the visiting team, you get to call the coin toss again.
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make your selection as i flip the coin. >> heads. >> referee: philadelphia has chosen heads. and it's tails. dallas gets the ball at the kick. >> al: touchdown for dallas will win the game. or we will keep on trucking on "sunday night football."
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>> al: so, at at&t stadium in
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al michaels, cris collinsworth, and michele tafoya. overtime three weeks in a row. and bucky whitehead to receive the kickoff. to the 25 yard line. come the dallas cowboys. some of the numbers tonight, rushing yards, for the cowboys, 170. fake by chris jones. and passing about even. that's right. prescott, 39 yards on the ground. elliott, held to 4 1/2 yards per carry, averaging 5.1. start out, probing the right
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second down and six for dallas. >> cris: great defensive coordinators make it feel like you're getting blitzed by seven guys. and in reality, it's only four and it's not a blitz at all. i think for dak prescott, he has to understand what jim schwartz is doing sometimes. and if it's a four-man rush, hang in there with it. >> al: that go five-wide. elliott out of the game. second down situation. and prescott throws. high. but taken in at the 38 yard line the by the leaping terrance williams. for a first down. >> cris: big-time play by terrance williams. he is sort of always the other guy. but he has the ability, with his speed, to make a difference and open things up for dez bryant. but so far tonight, there's no question. with this running game, and anytime it gets to one-on-one match-up, dez bryant has been the nightmare for the philadelphia eagles on the
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>> al: fake to elliott. prescott hanging in there. fires, caught, beasley, to the 38 yard line. tackled by mills. another dallas first town. 23 yards. >> cris: first of all, great job by dak prescott. jason witten had to run his man in vinny curry had to step up. and kept his eyes down the field and delivered a strike. cole beasley, that's his third catch, he and jason witten, just four catches between them. >> al: elliott will struggle to the 34. this is the second year in a row that these teams have gone into overtime here. a sunday night game last year,
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bradford, to jordan matthews, 41 yards to end overtime. third time in the history of this vaunted series that the eagles and cowboys have gone to an extra period. >> cris: here comes the stuff. he says get me out of that one. jason witten came down to help block. >> al: that's caught. beasley again. and will be taken down just short of a first down. >> cris: going to get a clean run, to an outlet. he has to remember, when they blitz, it's man coverage, who is your best man-to-man beater? number 11, no question. cole beasley. >> al: third down and one. bryant out of the game and bring whitehead in. as a receiver.
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whitehead to block sometimes, as well. >> al: third and one. tony romo on the sideline. and give it to elliott. he is not going to get it. so, the league's leading rusher, despite bringing in the fullback for leverage, is stopped short. >> cris: he made a late spin move out there, that looked like he was completely stopped and rolled forward. >> al: still and watch elliott, as he got out of the pile and spun out, and was reaching, at least closer. it was stuffed pretty far back to begin with. >> al: this is interesting now. you have fourth down and inches. and the crowd would like to see them go for it. garrett wants a measurement.
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take a time-out. >> cris: that makes a coach crazy. sometimes they grant that measurement. sometimes they won't. and he wanted to take a minute and think about it. >> al: he wanted to take a minute and give the guys upstairs and in new york a chance to look at this, too. you can't challenge. >> cris: right on that marker is where he has to get to. >> al: yep. marked forward progress. it's fourth and inches. and for the moment, we're going to leave the offense in there.
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whitehead, he's going to block. and they push him through a first down. prescot, over the middle. jerry jones had four years taken off of his life here. >> cris: the tail end, around behind, just when it might have been stymied, the scrum works. smith and company, everybody pushing for it. that was huge. >> al: at the 26. touchdown wins the game. field goal doesn't. 4:30 into overtime. elliott. through the middle. for a first down and a 14-yard line.
12:00 am
reaches the line of scrimmage. >> cris: the one area dak prescotts has made some mistakes tonight, is in the red zone. this is huge. a touchdown ends the game. but are you willing to take those sorts of chances now because jim schwartz has had his number with some of these blitzes. >> al: bring witten in as the
12:01 am
it's flaired out to elliott. and elliott will take the ball very close to a first down. elliott, outstanding receiver. they will mark it close to to the stick. where does he step out? about the 5. and it's a first d first down and goal. elliott out. they bring morris in. alfred morris. first and goal from the 4. they run the option. and to no avail, that is sniffed out by the philly "d." it's second down and goal.
12:02 am
>> cris: they're lucky that's not a fumble. alfred morris, it was a little wobbly here. he may have given that ball to alfred morris if he were close enough to him. >> al: elliott, in the backfield. prescot, knocked down. throws, wide-open. jason witten to win the game. >> cris: friendly fire got the philadelphia eagles. they collide.
12:03 am
>> al: witten, not much of a factor tonight. barely called his name. he has been the heart and soul for so many years. and of all things, wins it at the end. that was 12 plays, including a fourth down risk. >> cris: it's the two safeties. rodney mcleod and jenkins, going to run into each other. going to pick off jenkins on the back right here. and there's jason witten for the game winner. >> al: picked a heck of a game for his first touchdown of the season. >> cris: oh, man. they all contributed a little bit. >> al: had a few in his illustrious career. and the cowboys have won six in a row. and have a two-game lead, in the nfc east division. volkswagen postgame report coming right up after these
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