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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 31, 2016 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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right now, the fbi looking at 650,000 newly discovered emails to see if they're related to hillary clinton and the inquiry into the use of a private server. this, as the fbi director himself faces people from both parties demanding more information. good morning, i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm eun yang. with a look at safetrack surge 10 today is the first week-day commute on the red line since it started. some lines nearly empty. what a beautiful day, but a little bit cooler than what we experienced over the weekend. we do have warmer temperatures on the 10-day forecast.
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the search is on right now for clues into a deadly double shooting in prince george's county. 18-year-old brian davis died in that shooting sunday morning outside apartment building on walker mill road in capitol heights, 14-year-old todd webb also died. four people are hurt, two are in the hospital right now. news4's derrick ward is live at roosevelt high school in d.c. where one of the victims went to high school. >> d roosevelt high school, where 18-year-old brian davis had attended. he was one of those victims who was killed in that shooting. among the six people in total who were injured. two died, the other person who died was just 14 years old. his name is todd james webb. now we've actually went by the house, the home of brian davis, he doesn't live far from here. well known in the neighborhood and understandably the family is just too shook up to talk.
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snuffed out so quickly and seemingly senselessly, as it happened at that party. it was about 2:45 a.m., a party was breaking up on walker mill road. people were in the parking lot when shots rang out. neighbors, people who live around there say they heard a lot of gunfire, in rapid succession, possibly automatic gunfire. four people were taken to the hospital. two of those people remain hospitalized, one in serious condition, two others have been prince george's county police say they are looking to the public for help. a lot of people were at that scene and perhaps someone there saw something that can help them close this case. at this point they don't know what the motive was. whether there was one shooter, more than one, whether there was an exchange of gunfire. all of that is being played out now across the d.c. border of prince george's county. but here in the northwest, where one of those victims grew up, there's grief playing out.
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the former mayor of the city of fairfax who was arrested in a sex for drugs bust is due in court today. scott silverthorne is facing drug possession charges. police say he tried to trade meth for sex with an undercover officer in august. he was fired from his job as a fairfax county substitute teacher. an election for his replacement is scheduled for february. turning to decision 2016. we are only eight days away from the campaign trail today. donald trump returns to michigan for two rallies. while hillary clinton will campaign in ohio. the big headline today, the fbi now looking through thousands of emails that could be related to the email investigation. the emails are found on former congressman anthony weiner's laptop into an unrelated sex
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the former congressman. >> democrats finding a new target in the battle for the white house. >> the fbi took an unprecedented action. >> it's not just strange, it's unprecedented. and it is deeply troubling. >> top senate democrat harry reid, doing battle, accusing comey of possibly breaking federal law by telling congress so close to the election about new emails related to the inquiry into hillary clinton's private server. part of a complicated intertwines some of this year's most explosive political plot lines. here's the latest development. the fbi today has a warrant to go through emails found during a separate investigation into anthony weiner accused of sexting an underage girl. the emails come from a family computer weiner shared with his estranged wife, huma abedin, one of clinton's closest aides. the clinton aides see this as purely political.
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>> i don't think so. >> clinton is demanding comey share more that these emails aren't bombshells, but duds, maybe halloween duplicates of what the fbi already knows. and also to confirm their suspicion that clinton did something wrong. though right now nobody really knows what the emails show. and may not until well after the election. that hasn't stopped donald trump from trying to capitalize. >> now you have the fbi has found, you're not going to believe this one, this j happened, another 650,000 emails. i think that's called the mother lode. >> to his campaign, it's an october surprise that's surprisingly helpful. with the race getting tighter in battleground florida, starting to catch up to clinton nationally just eight days out. that was halle jackson reporting. coming up, nbc's mark murray
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if the final week of the presidential election. gorgeous day out there. but you step outside, it might be a little shock to the system considering we had temperatures right around 80 degrees yesterday. but again, nonetheless, a beautiful halloween day. i me we've got plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds here and there. now it is chilly. we started this morning in the 40s and 50s and we're inching our way up. we're at 56 degrees, we still have a little bit of a breeze out there. that will settle down after about and temperatures warming up into the upper 50s, low 60s. 62 here in d.c. but with the winds going light with looking good, for the trick-or-treating forecast. one detail you might want to know -- how warm are we going to get? we're going to have warm air move back in on wednesday and thursday, i've got those numbers coming up in a few minutes. riders are dealing with slower commute on the red line this morning as the latest safetrack work continues between
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we're live with what you should know. >> as the train approaches o the red line, passengers tell me they're trying to figure out what to do in the days ahead. the surge will 25 days, impacting folks in no d.c., prince george's and montgomery county. >> the red line is a critical one. but they have to make the track safe. there's nothing you can really do about it. just be patient. >> folks are getting on this train here, metro warns that expect crowded trains on the red, yellow and green lines. of course they're offering free shuttles as an option for folks. but expect very limited service as well on the buses. in fort totten, molette green,
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higher fares and longer waits could be coming. metro's general manager is proposing changes in order to close the $300 million shortfall. the proposal calls for increasing wait times up to eight minutes during peak times. right now the wait is six minutes. bus and rail fares could go up between 5 cents and 25 cents a ride. under the plan, 1,000 metro jobs would be cut. here's what riders have to say >> that's absurd, why would you want that? it's not a change for the better. >> it's going to happen whether we like it or not. so -- at this point, i just -- i got to save a little more so i can ride the trains or get a car. >> gm paul wiedefeld says the plan balances expenses with safety and service. a final budget has to be approved by march. right now there's a new crackdown on drivers who pass
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equipped with cameras, they'll record when vehicles illegally pass buses while stop arms are out. the city had suspended the program because it was illegal to mail tickets in the commonwealth. now that has changed. getting caught by one of the new cameras could cost you $250. aaron gilchrest at the live desk, a former school aide in prince george's county. attorneys office that donte carraway's trial is being delayed he was supposed to face charges in state court. on november 1st. the state's attorney saying they're going to delay the beginning of the trial until the spring of next year. facing 270 charges for, for sex assault against children. for child pornography charges as well. and at this point, since there is a federal case that is
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next year, we're learning that the state case against him will be delayed until the spring to be happening likely after the federal charges begin, that trial begins in federal court for deonty carraway. our tracee wilkins digging into this more to figure out why the delay is happening. can you look for more from her on twitter throughout the day. eun, back to you. >> aaron, thank you. october surprise or october game-changer? up next, we dig deep near how the new fbi investigation into including how early voting is playing a role. >> and the race to save more than 18 miners trapped after an explosion in china. the new information coming in that makes the situation even
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform.
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that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. just in to the live desk, a new endorsement for just getting word that the "financial times" is back the former secretary of state, calling her manifestly more competent than donald trump saying she is eminently qualified to be the first woman elected to the white house. the "financial times" went on to run down a list of issues it has with donald trump. saying that he has threatened allies and the stability of relationships with parts of europe and asia as well. adding that mrs. clinton does not get a free pass to the presidency as far as it's
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of work to do in terms of shoring up the nation, healing the nation after this very contentious election. and in making sure that she can reach out and work with political foes in congress, should she win the white house. again, this endorsement for hillary clinton for president, from the "financial times." i'm aaron gilchrest at the live desk. that endorsement in the final sprint to the election -- >> with more on the final push, we're joined by nbc news senior political editor, mark murray. damage can this fbi review do to hillary clinton and her campaign with just a few days to go now? >> we don't know the answer to it right now. what i can tell you is that there are a couple of polls that have come out that were taken after this big bombshell news on friday. and it hasn't budged numbers at all. one thing we've noticed about the race is how stable it's been. hillary clinton has always had a pretty stable lead over donald trump consistently in this contest.
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indicating it hasn't changed much. but if you are the clinton campaign, you're concerned that every time this race has been about her and particularly her emails has never been something that they've wanted to talk about. and particularly when we only have eight days left. on the other hand, here's one thing that's going on. people are voting across the country and there's a question on whether this has invigorated some democratic voters, they end up saying the fbi is agai i'm going to go out and vote we don't know right now. this is going to be a story we're going to be monitoring over the next few days. >> is there enough time for donald trump to try to erase his deficit? >> there's always time and there's always a path for donald trump to be able to win this the problem that he has is, his path is such a narrow one. he has to win north carolina. he has to win florida, he has to win ohio. he has to end up doing well in all of these battleground
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them to get to 270 electoral votes so donald trump has always had the tougher path to be able to win this presidential race. but there is a path, it's just a tricky one. >> people across the country have voted already, 20 million voters. who do you think that means for the campaign? >> the states where democrats have a very early good early vote lead, north carolina and nevada. twote flip side, the trump campaign and the republican party is doing pretty well in florida. florida is almost a jump ball right now. what i want to see particularly in florida and north carolina, there are at least another four or five days of early voting how it impacts the numbers at this time going into the weekend might decide those races. >> i guess we'll be seeing a few more polls.
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has budged the numbers very much. >> you're going to be busy. >> thank you, mark. >> jury selection sunday way in the case of a white former police officer who allegedly shot an unarmed black man in south carolina in 2015. michael slager pulled over walter scott for a broken taillight. the incident came to light after a bystander released his cell phone video of that event. slager's attorney says th's shown on the video. including a fight. slager faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted. two dozen nascar fans are recovering after being injured at the martinsville speedway. virginia state police say after yesterday's race a driver tried to pass another vehicle. that's when the fans were hit. most of the injuries are minor. we understand. police arrested the driver, no word on charges yet. police say alcohol does not appear to have been a factor. >> the united nations children's
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around the world are breathing in toxic air. for many, it all depends where they call home. that u.n. fund says that two billion children are exposed to this air pollution. about one third of those children live in northern india and neighboring countries. for millions of americans, open enrollment for health insurance begins tomorrow. nbc's chris clackham has details on what experts say you can do to make the process easier. common mistake people make selecting the right health insurance plan is paying too much attention to monthly premiums. >> you could actually end up paying more out of pocket to fill prescriptions or to see your physician, even when you pick what seemingly is the least expensive plan. >> dr. ken thorpe is a professor of health policy at emory university and chairman of the partnership to fight chronic disease. his group just conducted a
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enrollment on americans' fears about health care, and health insurance. >> the scariest part of it is just really not knowing where to start to really compare these plans. >> the partnership's website offers advice on how to pick a plan. and professor thorpe suggests you start with a pen and pad. >> because you're going to want to compare across the different plan choices you have. whether your hospital is covered whether your medications are covered much you pay out of pocket. >> some 93% of insured americans are covered through either employer-based health insurance, medicare or medicaid. all of which thorpe says also offer incentives and wellness programs to lower health insurance costs. chris clackham, nbc news. well you notice that i'm sure we're on a weather roller coaster. near 80 yesterday, 60 today. not quite even 60.
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heat is coming back up. small sign of recovery after hurricane matthew hit the area.
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we're learning 15 chinese miners have died after an underground explosion in china. 18 others are trapped and crews are working to save them.
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central china. two miners escaped after the explosion, an explosion inside a mine last month killed 20 miners. thousands of people in italy have nowhere to go after their homes were destroyed by a powerful earthquake. it is a developing story we're following. take a look at this new aerial footage in the damage in norcia italy. the 6.6-magnitude quake caused several buildings to collapse on sunday. 20 people reported being hurt. no reported deaths. the quake comes aftere august, that killed nearly 300 people. this flooding left behind by hurricane hath in lumberton, north carolina has receded and today for the first time, the students will be back in the classroom. the hurricane caused thousands to be rescued earlier this month it claimed the lives of more than four dozen people throughout the southeastern states. and haiti it killed hundreds of
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hurricane. but i guess we're pretty lucky to have such a nice halloween, it's not that usual to get this kind of temperature. >> and, we'll be right around 60 degrees today. but yesterday it was gorgeous. >> it was gorgeous. >> can we go back? >> people were the a a halloween parade and they were sweating because they weren't used to the heat. all of these kids with their makeup coming off, because usually it's around 60 degrees. now of course today we're not as warm as yesterday, temperatures are going to top out right around 60 degrees. and trick-or-treating, it's going to be dry, so that's good, a little chilly. dry. then our next chance of rain not until thursday. wait until i show you the temperatures on wednesday and thursday. if you liked yesterday, you're going to like what i have on the forecast. current temperatures right now, we are inching our way up to the 60-degree mark.
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afternoon, temperatures will top out in the low 60s, we have a little breeze out there now. that will die down about lunchtime. light winds for trick-or-treating. the sun goes down about eight minutes after 6:00 p.m. temperatures will be falling through the 50s after about 9:30 and we'll be in the upper 40s woo few more clouds in place. nothing on the radar, we're dry. tomorrow's forecast we're looking at temperatures back in the 60 degrees. so you know, no too bad, this seasonable for this time of year. a few more clouds around tomorrow. temperatures in the low 60s. look at wednesday and thursday, the temperatures mid to upper 70s. a frontal system comes through on thursday that will bring us a chance for some showers, maybe a few thunderstorms, very similar to yesterday. friday, we're back to the upper 50s, lower 60s with breezy
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have more sunshine as we get into the weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. today is halloween, in case you didn't know it, and on the ellen degeneres, she's celebrating as a character whose face we rarely see. >> as you can see, i'm sia and i have a face you can barely see. ou show -- >> i wonder if they'll do a due wet. >> that would be great. >> maybe sia will be on. >> don't quote me. we'll see. tune in. today the smithsonian announced this year's american ingenuity award. we'll tell but the virginia tech professor being honored. >> a little history on how
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free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ?? stand by me ?? the oklahoma man suspected of killing two family members and leading police on a week-long manhunt is dead. michael vance died in a shoot-out with police last night. a local sheriff was also hurt in the shoot-out but is expected to be okay. vance was wanted for the double murder of two family members, shooting two police officers and
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boasted about the crimes on facebook live. and news4 continues to work for to you get answers after the death of a man along a busy prince george's county road. the victim was in the wheelchair when he was hit by a car friday night on stewart road. he was returning to the clinton nursing and rehabilitation center and there are no sidewalks in that area. fellow residents tell news4 the center has now given them reflective vests to wear. we'll find out if the center is making any other changes. the driver has not been uncovered a new legal battle. you might be thinking about renting your home out this holiday season. some d.c. residents are in hot water after posting their place on popular sites such as airbnb. brad burke started renting out his two-bedroom basement apartment and it stays full year-round. a man sued him for discrimination, accusing him of
11:31 am
lawsuits by the same plaintiff. >> you can't express a preference and the more you say and try to suggest this is not a good place for kids, the more it looks like you're expressing a preference. so the less you say, the better. >> tonight on news4 at 11:00 we'll tell you how most of the lawsuits ended. what you need to know before renting your own property. a virginia tech pre professor who helped uncover the flint water crisis is one of the people being honored by the ingenuity awards, including michigan mother leanne walter and mark edwards. walters requested edwards to test for lead. comedian aziz ansari and jeff bezos is also being honored. every year on this last day of the month of october, we know to expect street closures, wild costumes and heavy crowds to start gathering in the streets
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there was an article in the "washington post" a few years ago that said in 1975, mike o'hara threw a halloween party in georgetown and it's still going on. we have a new podcast series called "our town," and i guess he's going to be on your podcast? >> michael has already been on. but he is such a legend in our city and i lived through that with him in the '70s because the parties were inside and so michael said let's take this party out on the street. and that's what happened. >> they say you're the guy who took halloween from the children. we had a disco in georgetown that opened in october of 1975. a few days later it was halloween. we threw a halloween party. just a natural thing to do. and we had, it held about 200 people, called tramps. it spilled out into the street and then each year it got -- >> it was a huge success. >> each year it got bigger.
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absolutely. >> we opened champions in '83. and by '89, we had 150,000 people in georgetown on halloween. >> do you remember what it was like, andy, before -- >> it was a quiet stroll down m street you could not drink at the tables you had to sit at the bar. you could only have one at a time. they couldn't serve you, they had nothing going on. there was no parties. so that was changed. times changed and made it ar natural place for a big party. people would cot dressed anyway and michael said put this thing out on the street and you really got a party. >> it was a sleepy southern town before you changed things. >> in the '60s when i came here as a naval officer, it was. now it's changed, and it's a metropolitan exciting city, restaurants and bars and clubs. >> i understand you went to the "playboy" mansion for a
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i'm from los angeles and i went back, i was here as a naval officer, i went back to l.a., '71, to '74 and i used to go to those parties. >> he was stationed next door, that was his post in washington, he was one of those guys that escorted ladies at the cherry blossom festival and military escort. he's 6'2" and gorgeous, great uniform. >> so tell as you little bit about your podcast? >> we stumbled in because years ago on channel 50 i did something with the people in town called "our town" talking about what was going on. so my wife considered this as to be something special. she said we ought to resurrect it and make it like a radio show, which you can podcast. i had no idea what a podcast was. she generated the idea and said let's talk to some of the people that grew up in the city and made it what it is. michael is a prime example of
11:35 am
we've got them in pods and we'll air them out over the next six months, maybe a year. >> i guess wendy reeg er is one. >> absolutely. the police chief when they had the first terrorist in washington, the hanafi muslims. it was so interesting to hear what went on in his eyes during those days. >> it sounds like an interesting thing to do. >> everybody is listening to them these days. >> john kelly wrote about michael and i he's the man that created georgetown. >> what did you wear in 1975? what was your costume? >> i think i was a vampire of some sort. i had a hood on. it was hard to see, so i took it off and then i came as the name of the disco was tramps, i came as a tramp often and my girlfriend often was a vamp. >> i'm going to be standing at my door in arlington, virginia welcoming the neighbor kids.
11:36 am
and we had the grease man. do you remember the grease man? and the grease man friends came as a witch, which figured. >> we'll all be washing to see how people are dressed. thank you very much. eun? >> hours away from tricker treeding, it looks like some kids have a head start on collecting candy at the first president's house. george washington's mount vernon opened its grounds to trick-or-treaters. local characters gave history lessons in things like how to spin wool and entertained kids in costume. including with the help of a colonial elvis. also there. the lady of the hour -- and of the house -- martha washington.
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he struck him out there will be a game six, cubs win it 3-2. >> it's almost a series, the chicago cubs beat the cleveland indians last night to force a world series game six. the cubs haven't won a world series game at wrigley field since 1945. the indians lead the series 3-2. when they tuesday. now we got just wait and see how it goes. >> the redskins arrive back in the u.s. overnight after their game in the uk. safety duke ihenacho said it was a tough trip. the redskins tied the bengals and missed this field goal. look at this, in overtime. it was only 34 yards, people.
11:40 am
washington had the bye week and won't play again until november 13th. i know lauryn ricketts is a big reds fan and i'm like what is going on with that? >> i got to a point where i was like, i can't believe it. we've been redskins fans. >> i feel bad for the kicker -- >> hopkins, i do, too. >> he said -- into one feels it as bad -- no one feels it as bad as i do. >> a beautiful time to play in london.
11:41 am
54 in potomac, maryland. so we're calling, creeping crawling as we get to the low 60s by this afternoon. some areas will stop in the 50s, mainly north and west of town into the shenandoah valley. i think we'll top out in the low 60s here in d.c. it will take us a minute to get there. winds are going to be dying down. a little breezy. by the time trick-or-treating rolls around. we're looking good. if you've got kids that will be trick-or-treating, may want to grab a jacket. it's going to be chilly out there. long sleeves, you don't need a hat or glove, or two gloves, of course, send your pictures @nbcwashington, we've lord to see the costumes. you can see clear skies, a few clouds, that's about it. we're going to be dry even into tuesday, wednesday. wednesday we heat up into the 70s, next chance of rain coming on thursday afternoon as a
11:42 am
in fact we're going to be in the mid to upper 70s wednesday and thursday, we'll have a chance for showers and possibly some thunderstorms by thursday afternoon. then we get into friday. we get back into breezy conditions. the weekend looks good of course and daylight savings time ends sunday so set the clocks back. okay, we will. a man got more than he bargained for when he snuck into a giant panda enclosure at the man was allegedly showing off to i had female friends, when he jumped into the enclosure to tease a sleeping panda. the panda woke up and grabbed the man's leg, he later wrestled with the man and pulled him to the ground, the man struggled to free himself from the panda's grip, but did manage to escape. zoo authorities say no one was injured. this is aaron gilchrist's name all over it i love panda and i always talk about wanting
11:43 am
he says eun, don't forget, they're not there to cuddle with you. this man took a risk. >> do you think the man looked at them and thought they looked cuddly? >> i want to hug pandas. a patch for people with peanut allergies, how it could work and when it could become
11:44 am
11:45 am
coffee is an essential food group for a lot of people, especially those like me, who work very early in the morning.
11:46 am
one local company is striving to deliver a cup of coffee that will change your life. joining me now is michael hartwood from ceremony coffee to talk about what's brewing in his business. michael, that's a tall order. i'm full of puns. how does your coffee change someone's life? >> that's a great question. well it's a very simple ritual for each and every one of us. it's a beautiful thing. is a way to start our day, finish our day. after dessert. and specifically is source beautiful green coffees, the quality of the green coffee really matters. we have a dedicated team of roasters and a team at our roastry in annapolis that work carefully on bringing out the best aspects of that coffee. it's a small way, but really important. >> especially for people who really care about their coffee, right? >> absolutely. even if you don't know all the details. you smell the beautiful cup, freshly ground and you know it's
11:47 am
people can visit your roastry, right? >> we have two cafes in and a roastry in annapolis. a beautiful cafe in baltimore and a shop? georgetown. can you come out for weekly coffee breaks on thursday at 11:00 a.m. totally complimentary. you'll learn a lot of good stuff about coffee. >> so show me how this process works, your brewing process is different. >> this is a straight-forward method called pour over what i've done is coffee from whole bean coffee. you want to buy fresh, sort of treat it like a loaf of bread, start my timer here. you don't need any of this fancy gadgetry. the best thing to do is start with a beautiful coffee, freshly roasted and find a way that you love to prepare it. i just love to do a pour over on my own, because the single cup. it's freshly made and it kind of gets my cogs going in the
11:48 am
letting it drain through just like your mr. coffee or keurig or whatever it might be. >> but this is you can do something like this at home, too? >> very, very easily. and even though we want folks to come into our cafes, i would encourage you and home viewers to take on something like this for yourself. it's a very low start-up cost. a brewer like this is not that expensive. whole bean, is like cup. make your own cup at home. leave the espressos to the pros. >> let me taste it how does it affect the taste when you brew it this way? >> you can control and make it like you want. if you want something that's fuller body. brighter, darker. you can pick the coffee and brew it just the way that you want. >> interesting. and then for those who don't know a lot about it. it's really like you said, up to
11:49 am
coffee. >> the biggest thing is what you like as far as roast and the way to tell that is often something on the bag or it will have a valve that you can smell it. if it smells like dark chocolate. rich and deep you know that's something that's going to be a little roastier. and if you like that, that's your thing. >> i like cream in my coffee this you can taste the flavor of the coffee. it's really good. >> if you like a lighter roast or a medium roast you'll get with wynne. you have pinot noir orchardny. you have varieties of coffee and different ways of processing coffee. when you roast it a little bit lighter, it's still sweet and delicious. >> michael harwood from ceremony coffee. it's the exclusive coffee vendor for emporium.
11:50 am
of the local vendors showing off their goods leading up to the emporium. in news for your health today, there's a new tool in the fight against peanut allergies, a wearable patch may be able to train the immune system to tolerate small amounts of peanuts. a study by the national institutes of health tested a patch on children. more than half were able to tolerate peanuts after wearing
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from
11:53 am
ared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. trick-or-treating at white house, a live look, president obama and the first lady will host their final halloween celebrations at the white house, inviting local children and military families for candy and festivities, the first couple will hand out candy as guests enjoy halloween-themed fun times on the south lawn.
11:54 am
california, literally nbc's joe fryer introduces you to the pumpkin-stein. >> this may look like a normal pumpkin patch. but a closer look reveals it's more like a laboratory worthy of dr. frankenstein. here, tony and his creati what's their reaction. >> they're blown away and when they realize, they're not carve carved, they're like wow. how did you do it? >> and your answer is? >> he says he use as special mold which the pitch kins grow into. his hush-hush process didn't come easily. there were many failed experiments, there were five years before he hit the jackpot.
11:55 am
250,000 pumpkin-steins, with many going to sam's club. >> it's like the coolest pumpkin ever. >> kids aren't the only ones getting excited. >> i thought it was great because you don't have to carve. >> pumpkins were a natural evolution for degeara. an organic farmer who first grew his kids and watching them grow. what a fantastic story. >> spli surprised he didn't do clinton and trump. >> maybe he's trying to stay out of politics. a halloween tradition at "the today show." the team gets into the spirit. >> the theme this year, the 1990s. >> it was 1999 comes to a close we're looking back at the
11:56 am
the '90s, not just the iconic music videos, but styles, stars and all the show-stopping on-screen moments that really helped define this decade. topping our list of iconic moments of the '90s, the fashion disaster that still has us in fits of laughter. >> it's a puffy shirt. kind of like a pirate. >> like a pirate. yeah. >> well here's the whole crew. lee and regis, we have the terminator. pulp fiction and al as steve urkel. >> was spot-on, he did the whole voice and the mannerisms. >> always fun on the "today show" on halloween. let's check the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts. >> yeah it's so funny. 1990s, i feel like that was only ten years ago, it's 2016. so hard to believe. as we get through the rest of
11:57 am
halloween. not as warm as yesterday, but still seasonable. we're going to be cool, but dry for trick-or-treating, our next chance of rain is not until thursday afternoon. 62 degrees, any winds that we have will continue to diminish as we get into the afternoon. and then falling through the 50s as prime trick-or-treating time rolls around. sun goes down about eight minutes after 6:00 p.m. i think we'll have a few more clouds around tomorrow. but looking good and mid toe upper 70s. weekend right now looks good, don't forget to set the clocks back. daylight savings time ends on sunday morning. guys? >> happy halloween to you. >> you, too. >> it needs more darkness, that's a bummer. that does it for "news4 midday." thanks so much for joining us, we're back on the air this afternoon.
11:58 am
enjoy halloween and a nice day
12:00 pm
? ? pour myself a cup of ambition ? ? i jump in the shower ? ? out on the street the traffic starts jumping folks like me on the job from nine to five ? >> nine to five! >> my god daughter, take it ? ? party in the usa ? >> stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> i want you to be on team miley.


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