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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 31, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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>> the battleground states are getting bombarded. donald trump is in michigan while hillary clinton is in ohio. meanwhile, mike pence is in florida. tim kaine in north carolina. the clinton campaign is trying to move past friday's fbi bomb shell. over the weekend the agency obtained a warrant to search thousands of e e-mails found on the computer of a top clinton aid. the campaign has ramped up information. >> despite friday's october surprise, recent polls have clinton still ahead. a new politico morning consult poll shows clinton with a 3-point edge nationally. >> but donald trump sees an opening. and today he warned of a possible constitutional crisis if voters elect hillary clinton. >> steve handlesman is live with the latest.
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nbc poll. we'll have that in a second. she fronted the criticism warning that voters could get distracted from ought to decide this it election. trump sees a way, a new way to get lukewarm clinton supporters to stay home. donald trump went to michigan where he figures he now has a shot. what's on huma abedin and her take hillary down. >> we can be sure what is in those e e-mails is devastating. >> hillary clinton was in ohio rejecting to the renewed investigation. >> why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrong doing with just days to go. there is no case here. >> an fbi team is rushing to report before november 8th. a law enforcement source says
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abedin says she did not know were on it. the probe began last night. agents with a warrant using software tools to isolate clinton-related e-mails and determine how many are duplicates of e-mails the fbi has had for months, how many are new and if any of those have classified content. president obama today in a blow to clinton gave the head of the fbi a pass. >> the president is confident comey has not taken influence the outcome of the election. >> reporter: if clinton wins, she could be put on trial sparking a constitutional crisis. survey monkey online poll so far trump is not being helped and clinton is not being hurt by the e-mail surprise. she kept the 6-point national lead before james comey u, the director, announced a renewed
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democratic leaders in maryland showed up at a prince georges county early voting site. intimidation at the poll. the democrats and nonpartisan group said there are very few actual reports of intimidation in maryland and while republicans were not part of the news conference, the group said everyone should feel free to vote. all eligible voters. >> early voting in maryland continues through thursday. tomorrow night we're going to host something special. we're talking about the issues that millennials care about this election season. we're hosting a special panel discussion at george washington university hosted by aaron gilchrist. it starts at 7:00 in the evening. for more information and to our website and search vote your power. the trial of the former
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back. scott silver thorn made a bereave appearance where his case was continued until february. police air forced him in july after he told an undercover officer he could provide meth in exchange for sexual encounters. they took him into custody at a hotel. six families in prince georges county will never be the same. they are all connected now by a just 14. four other people were injured. police say this was no accident. tracee wilkins spoke with the teens today who knew the victims. >> we are now learning more about these victims. let's go to both of these young men. first of all, brian davis, who attended roosevelt high school in northwest washington was one
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another of capital heights was shot and killed. the shooting happened outside his apartment. some of the gunshots going through his apartment window. this happened around 2:45 a.m. we are told by sources close to this investigation that there appears to have been two separate shootings. one and then a few minutes later a second one. and as we said, there were six people total who were s one person is still in critical condition. two others have been released from the hospital. police are investigating what led to all of this. we are told by sources close to this investigation that there may have been some illegal gambling that played a part in what happened. there are students here at roosevelt who are mourning the loss of brian davis. we talked to one student about what it was like inside of school today. >> i mean, they were sad. it was kind of like everybody
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sad day. >> reporter: we tried reaching out to both families of the victims both families saying they were not ready to talk at this time. what students here plan to do to honor the life of this student they have lost. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracee wilkins. turning to storm team 4. everybody wants to know if the weather is goingo tonight for those trick or treaters. >> doug has the answer for us. should we be layered with our costumes. >> once the sun goes down close to the 6:00 hour, it's going to get cool pretty quickly outside. if you leave the house at 5:30, it feels pretty good. by 6:30, you may need the extra layer. it may be a good idea to have an extra long sleeve shirt underneath the costume.
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beautiful sunshine. 60 degrees. 59 at dulles. now we're 20 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. but it's still very comfortable because that 20 degrees was near record high temperatures across the area u. 80 degrees downtown. take a look at your trick or treating forecast. not dropping too fast. it will be dropping by 9:00. light winds will be on the light side. not too bad at aum. just that extra layer is going to help. coming up, we'll talk about when you can take the extra layer and put it back in the we have more heat moving in. >> thank you, doug. she tucked in her two children one night and then she was never seen again. six years later and for the first time those children are talking publicly about their missing mother. you'll see it only here on news 4. plus the secret to a better night's sleep. the one thing you can go without
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the body of a woman has been discovered in vermont. police body that of fairfax using dental records. the body was found ten days ago by a hiker in middle bu ri. police are still trying to determine how and when she died. today we learned the name of a man who was hit and killed by a car. police tell us 49-year-old alabama dull jamar was in his wheelchair when the car struck
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he was on his way back when he was struck. many neighbors are calling for sidewalks and lights to be added to the area. news 4 is working for you and called the county to get some answers. the department of public works says it's already sent staff to the area to conduct a safety review. the smithsonian is recognizing two people who helped expose the flint water crisis. they will be honored for innovations in walters is a a michigan mother who recruited the virginia tech professor to test the water. also winning awards are comedian aziz ansari and jeff bezos and christopher gray, who invented an app that matches students to scholarships. you have heard it before. checking your phone right before bedtime messes with your sleep. but today there's new data that
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researchers at kings college in london found even when a device was in the bedroom but not in use, children got worse leap or not enough sleep. the results came from tracking more than 125,000 children for nearly 15 years. researchers say you should cut off your phone access altogether before bed to get the best night's sleep. metro riders deal with the most challenging safety surge yet. how they are adapting and why the track only problem. plus a a super group is about to raise u the curtain at our area's newest concert venue
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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chopper 4 over the scene of a deadly crash in clinton, maryland. prince georges county fire and ems says four cars were involved in the crash on branch avenue. on one person died in the crash. southbound branch avenue is still closed at wood yard road while crews investigate. you can soon deal with higher fares and longer waits on metro. they are proposing drastic changes to close a $300 million budget shortfall. the proposal calls for increasing wait times to eight minutes during peak times. right now the wait is six.
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between 5 and 25 cents a ride. 1,000 jobs would be eliminated. the plan balances expenses in safety and service. a final budget has to be approved by march. right now metro is facing its first evening rush hour test tonight. the red line is shut down between the two stations. 100,000 riders per day could be impacted. our transportation reporter adam tuss tells us this surge isn't easy for everybody. >> here no rail service until november 22nd. we have so much longer to go with this complete red line shutdown. no trains. people here on the platform, it's a whole lot of waiting around. people getting on and off trains
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shuttle buss are available to help people out. but this one, no doubt, is going to be tough. we're talking about 100,000 trips per day potentially impacted by surge number ten. >> i don't like it and they don't compensate you on the fare. i think the train should be cheaper because we have to do extra stuff to get to the station we need to be in. >> reporter: we'll stay on top of this surge for you. one other thing they are doing with the surge is working on the roadway avenue station. ou concrete were falling off of that station. that work now well under way. >> there's a a new crackdown underway on drivers who passed stopped school buss. falls church city school buss are equipped with cameras. the cameras record when vehicles task while the stop arms are out. the city has suspended that program because it was illegal to mail tickets. now that has changed.
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?? they are going to be the first to take the stage at the new mgm casino in national harbor. boys ii men. and this week you have your first shot at tickets. they go on sale friday morning at 10:00. that's going te concert. and we're not hot. we have cooled off. are we going to stay cooled off? >> for a couple days. yesterday e we hit 84 at dulles. we had 80 at reagan national. temperatures today are 20 to 25 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. it still feels beautiful out there. plenty of sunshine across the area u. a little on the breezy side. not bad at all. temperatures now at 60 degrees. winds down to the north at 5
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but nothing like what we have seen over the past couple days. temperatures at 55 in martinsburg. 61 in manassas. 59 towards dulles. if you're in the suburbs here, take a look at the numbers over the next couple hours. hour by hour from around 58 by 5:00. 50 by noon. we're getting cool. trick or treaters want to stay out longer, 48 degrees by 9:00. so good idea tonight to take on shirt. there won't be any rain to worry about. satellite and radar showing a few clouds coming in. the wider view shows more clouds back to the west. that's really it that's heading our way. we have more clouds coming in across the area tomorrow. that's what i'm showing you on future weather. it's not rainfall. that means we're going to cool
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so a cool start to the morning. watch what happens by early tomorrow. here comes the cloud cover. earlier on, areas of fog and cloud cover. that cloud cover sticks around through most of the day. tomorrow even though temperatures will be right around where they are, tomorrow will feel cooler because we will not have the sunshine. 61 degrees in d.c. temperatures in the 50s back here towards the if you're looking at fall foliage, a lot of you went out and saw it. a great time to get around our region. many areas here at peak. the highest elevations past peak back towards the allegheny front. along the blue ridge, looking good. high color approaching and getting into the d.c. metro area. we're starting to get that color really e showing up here. we'll continue to do so as we move through the next couple days. next weekend looking great.
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tomorrow, 61 degrees. then look what happens. we get back into the upper 70s and even near 80. 77 on wednesday. 79 on thursday. thursday will be very much like it was yesterday. very warm, a nice afternoon a little breezy with a good chance of showers. maybe some thunderstorms late in the evening as the front rolls through. that sets temperatures back down on friday. it does cool for the weekend. right now as i mentioned, that weekend looking pretty good. tom kierein looking at everything else you need to know >> thank you, doug. a shoutout to the wonderful women of jack and jill who celebrated the new bret grer suburban chapter yesterday. jack and jill is an organization of moms with children between ages 2 and 19. they are dedicated to teaching the children importance of leadership and civic duty. great luncheon yesterday at the college park marriott. good to be with you. congrats to the moms, dads and all of the youngsters.
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no food, no water and almost no chance of survival. first at 4:00, the incredible story of a woman who beat the odds and the chance encounter that likely saved her life. a local elementary school targeted by vandals. what the school is telling parents and why it's not the first time in recent weeks this has happened in one part of our area. tomorrow morning on news 4 today, make some extra cash for the holidays. >> seasonal jobs. the scoop on who is hiring and when to start locking. plus the warm weather is not done yet. another round is on the way. i'll get you ready, tomoow
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a dramatic rescue in california after a woman's car fell off a cliff trapping her inside. plus are trying to how she survived for almost a week. a week stranded and alone. the 69-year-old was driving through the mountains of san bernardino when the crash occurred. >> somebody's trapped inside, locks like a female. she's in bad shape. >> she used her car's navigation system to contact 911, but around air and ground search came up empty. that's until five days later when a couple spotted the
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pinned inside. >> if nobody found her, who knows what happened. i can't speculate. but in the area she was in, who knows how long it would have taken to find her. >> she was transported by helicopter to the hospital where she remains in serious condition. but she is expected to survive. it's almost time to dawn the costumes and mask, but a little tiger got a head start vernon today. the grounds were open. colonial characters gave history lessons and things like how to spin wool. there was also a scavenger hunt and a colonial elvis led everybody in a parade. lots of fun there. if you are looking for something to do tonight, we listed 25 halloween things to do in the dmv and our washington app. everything from ghost tours to happy hours. open the app and search
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>> might want to check that out. we know today is about costumes and candy day, but it's also time to start talking turkey. >> every year thanks to butter ball, they want you to know you can now text your turkey questions. you can still call if you'd like. that begins tomorrow. the number is on your screen. they will accept text messages on november 17th. call or text throu pinch. butterball has taken calls for 30 years now and the most asked question remains the same. how long does it take to thaw your bird? >> a long time. one morning their mother was gone without a trace. now only on news 4, hear from the children of a missing woman in their first interview since that night six years ago. eight days left and anything
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controversy could really shift this race.
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y25emy y17vy welcome back. here's what's happening at 4:30, the former fairfax city may yore was back in court today. he's facing drug possession
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in august. a judge continued the case until february. the classmates of two slain teens are groving this afternoon after a deadly double shooting in prince georges county. the 18-year-old and 14-year-old died in that shooting sunday morning in capital heights. four others were injured. metro riders getting their first dose of afternoon delays as metro starts the tenth surge of thee any time lasting until november 22nd. here at the news 4 decision desk, we have some breaking news. the justice department say it is will dedicate all needed resources to quickly review e-mails in hillary clinton's case. senior political editor mark murray joins us to break it all down.
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correspondent at nbc news. pete has been noting that while early on it seemed that this investigation could take weeks, if it not months, it's very possible, and i stress the word possible, that this could be wrapped up in a matter of days. particularly if the fbi knows exactly what it needs to go after looking at the e-mails. if it there's nothing wrong, we could have some type of word in a matter of days. but that still possibility there could be hiccups. but again, it's possible we could get some type of word from the justice department as well as the fbi. what's in these e-mails, if if there's anything wrong or not very shortly. >> when does it look like the strategy is to deal with this in the next seven days? they are trying to make this race about donald trump. they don't want to have a campaign running against james
4:33 pm
on the prize of donald trump. that said, what i've noticed for the clinton campaign is they have used this issue as a rallying cry galvanizing issue to fire up the base supporters. it still is anecdotal right now, but it does seem that there are democrats who are angry and jup set and they want to channel that anger in getting people to the polls, particularly in the early voting states. >> what do you make of the polls little impact. what do you see? >> so there have been some tightening in the polls. particularly after donald trump's rough debate performances where republicans had not gotten on board. at least some. now they are. so there have been some tightening in the polls. we have a brand new nbc survey monkey online tracking poll that shows the race really hasn't changed at all from the big news on friday until afterwards.
4:34 pm
6-point national lead over donald trump. and in the days before this news, it was hillary clinton plus 6 points. in the two days after on saturday and sunday, it was an equal 6 points. so the race at least right now according to these numbers looks very stable. we're going to have to wait and see what the numbers look like in the days ahead. at least for now, hillary clinton and her campaign can take solace moved the race at all. >> what about trump's strategy to change the numbers and keep momentum building on his end? >> we have seen donald trump in some traditionally democratic states over the last few days. he's been in new mexico. today he was in michigan being able to try to win those states. he's trying to focus on winning pennsylvania. pennsylvania, michigan, new mexico have been firmly in the
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nightly news" at 7:00 here on news 4. and a reminder about early voting here in our area. in maryland you can participate in early voting this thursday. folks in the district can cast their ballots through friday. west virginia is open for early voting until saturday. although virginia doesn't allow early voting in person absentee voting is taking place now and runs through saturday.
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site of a hate crime. news 4's kristin wright is here with what's going on at burning tree elementary and what police and school officials are doing about it. >> it's pretty awful. swastikas were spray painted on banners over the weekend. about an hour ago, we learned it was a a jewish congregation that discovered the hateful messages. police say the group holds services every week at the yesterday morning notice theed vandalism. crews had already cleaned it up. students were back at school today. but the assistant principal says her investigation is far from over. she sent a letter home to parents last night and said the vandalism is sad. she asked for the support of the community and she promised a thorough investigation by montgomery county police.
4:37 pm
the football field in gaithersburg just a few weeks ago. so so far, no word on whether these two incidents are related. police are offering a reward of up to $10,000 to anyone who can help them make an arrest. >> disturbing story. . thank you so much. coming up, officers come face to face with a man they say spent days looking for. w a dramatic ending and what it took to find them. plus the special way one local hospital made this halloween an unforgettable one for its youngest patients. and we have some ghostly
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform.
4:40 pm
that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. streets tonight. they are part of an art exhibit that will be featured at the halloween parade. plows were painted by students in loudoun county schools. the theme was holidays. smarts middle school did pi day.
4:41 pm
for your favorite design. whichever gets the most votes will get the prize. >> look at those. you can check out the plows on our facebook page or search "paint the plow" in our nbc washington app to vote on a favorite. the official voting ends december 10th. it was trick or treat for youngsters and their doctors at children's national medical center. news 4 photo journalist dave carter shows us all the fun today at the party and mini parade. >> a little over 300 children who are hospitalized here and are unable to celebrate their holiday tonight. and so we bring that celebration to them. >> really delighted we're able to celebrate and share the holiday with everybody else here.
4:42 pm
modelled after a b-51. got a little pilots outfit here. try to do my best with the aviator glasses this is mostly about nolan and his first halloween and getting into the spirit. >> that party included pumpkins and crafts. >> the aviator glasses, you have to do a little more than that. >> on th it's been a tournament of halloween candies. >> we have a sweet tooth. last week we launched our sugar madness bracket challenge. we began with 32 sweet treats. now it's down to just two. then there were two. time to pick a winner. what's the better halloween candy. reese's peanut butter cups or m&ms. call or text to vote or head to our facebook page.
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trick or treat, but experts say to leave it at home. the warning before the kids go door to door collecting candy tonight. it's been six years since she's vanished. coming up on news 4, for the first time, we'll hear from the
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a household halloween hazard. what experts say you should leave at home when you go out trick or treating. i'll have your trick or treat forecast and a look at changes over the next ten days in just a few minutes. billions of dollars in cash. why some of it could be yoursz for the taking. more than five years ago, a woman vanished without a trace while her sonsle room. >> her sons are talking with mark segraves about the last time they saw their mom. >> unique harris disappeared. she and her two young boys had just moved into this apartment in southeast washington. they were living on the third floor apartment. like many telling them she would
4:47 pm
>> the last thing i remember from her was her telling me good night. >> that was the last anyone saw or heard from unique harris. police say they have no clues, no suspects, no idea what happened to the young single mother. the churn now live with their father. as for the mother, she keeps hope alive coming back to this neighborhood on a routine basis. pleading with anyone who may have seen something or where her daughter is. >> a chilly afternoon. we have some high clouds over the region now. here's a live view from our storm team 4 tower camera overlooking montgomery county. we can see northwest washington the high clouds are drifting in from the north and west and will be with us into the evening
4:48 pm
good weather for trick or treaters, but a chilly start. a light broez is with us now. for trick or treating. temperatures by 7:00 will be back down to the mid-50 and then by 8:00 down to the low 50s. then only around 50 degrees by 9:00 p.m. quite chilly. we'll have the high clouds drifting over us through the evening. and remaining dry with a very light breeze. maybe wear a coat under that costume or a light jacket for tonight. tomorrow morning, comfortable in a warm coat. you'll need that as we'll be
4:49 pm
a hat is starting off tomorrow morning waiting for the bus or metro. it's going to be feeling wintery cold. for the morning commute, we'll have dry roads and need the heater on. we'll be in the 40s. by noon in the 50s. still a chill in the air. and as we get into the afternoon hours, temperatures will be back around 60 degrees or so. over the next ten days, up and down we go. tomorrow's high around 60 degrees. then as we get into wednesday, we'll have a warming trend. temperatures by wednesday will be climbing into the mid- to upper 70s din may actually be around 80 degrees as we get into thursday. then a cold front coming in thursday evening. it's going to be similar to what happened last evening. we had the fast-moving rain showers coming through. that looks like it may happen on thursday evening. then on friday after that cold front comes by, it will uber in blustery winds. temperatures in the 50s friday afternoon. back to the low 60s on saturday. sunday into the upper 60s. but don't forget to turn the
4:50 pm
sunset an hour earlier on sunday. sunset at 5:02. and then after that, we'll stay dry as we get into next week. for election day, highs in the 60s.
4:51 pm
halloween do it yourself project. turn one of the bright orange laundry pack containers into a pumpkin for trick or treating. >> we know better as consumer reporter susan hogan warns that could be sending a toxic message for your kids. >> we have done so many stories warning about the dangers of the laundry pods when they get in the hands of children. when consumer reports saw packaging being used as a halloween project for kids, it raised a lot of red parents. >> some videos show easy ways to turn laundry pod containers into trick or treating baskets. but teaching your children to associate laundry pod containers with candy is a dangerous mix. >> 2012 thousands of children have been injued or sickened after ingesting or coming into contact with laundry pods. >>ed the pods can look like candy. the highly concentrated detergent.
4:52 pm
irritations to more serious reactions like wheezing, gagging as well as severe vomiting and diarrhea. consumer reports called for changes for pod containers and was also part of the committee that set new safety standards such as removing conners. >> other modifications include making the pods stronger. and adding a bitter tasting substance so children are less enough. poison control centers have lost over 8800 calls. >> still too many incidents and we'll continue to keep laundry pods off the list of detergents. >> if you still need a container to store your halloween loot, try an old pillow case or reusable shopping bag. >> the cleaning institute that
4:53 pm
industry says education is key to prevention. it was this time last year they introduced a voluntary standard for those laundry pods designed to help reduce accidents among children. the safety commission continues to evaluate that particular standard. >> it seems like a no-brainer. >> kind of. >> they want to carry those. >> thank you. if you live in virginia, the state may be holding something that belongs to you. this may apply to 1 o of every 4 virginians. it comes from insurance policies, that the beneficiaries don't know about. one is a solid u gold bar. another is a diamond ring. search unclaimed in the nbc washington app if you want to check it out for yourself. showing your support for veterans can be as easy as
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starting tomorrow, walmart hopes you'll keep a green light glowing in your home. it says green is the color of hope, renewal and well being. veterans day is next friday, november 11th. police describe it as a fierce gun battle between them. and the suspect at the center of a manhunt. the dramatic ending to a week-long search for a dangerous man.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. this is your final week to get this great deal.
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the ex-wife of a man accused of killing his son took the stand today as a witness for his defense. police say ross harris wanted a life free of family obligations so e he left his 1-year-old son in a hot car in georgia. all day. harris says it was a a mistake. his ex-wife, the mother of the little boy, agrees. she testified while harris was loving and attentive father. >> he wanted to be the one to push him in a swing and slide down the slide with him. he wanted to be with him enjoying every second he could with him. >> harris is now facing life in prison if e he's convicted on a charge of murder. the search is over for a man accused of shooting at law enforcement not once but twice. three deputies were also hit.
4:58 pm
>> we're going to be to say the least. >> after a killing spree online and more than a week on the run, michael vance was tracked down by police overnight in oklahoma. >> it was a fierce gun battle. >> the sheriff was hit in the arm and shoulder during the shootout. his injuries are not life threatening. last week vance shot two officers who approached him while tt recovery. >> i was thinking about a lot of things and what family. i didn't know if i was going to see him again. >> reporter: after shooting the officer in the foot and a partner in the leg, vance stole a squad car and carjacked a woman on the run. he started posting live on social media. >> vance killed his aunt and uncle and was accused of
4:59 pm
on a pretty bad crime spree. i'm sure that this is a state of relief. right now at 5:00, eight days until the election. a stark warning from donald trump as hillary clinton tries to calm concerns about the renewed fbi probe of her e-mails. marking six years since the disappearance of a mother. the boys car windows, bullets that took the life of a 22-year-old man. what his family thinks was behind the gunfire. first at 5:00, six families now linked by tragedy. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. shootings at a party killed two teens. one of them just 14 years old.
5:00 pm
walker mill road in capital heights. >> prince georges county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live with more on how the vick tims are being remembered. >> reporter: we're here outside roosevelt high school because one of the teens lived in northwest. you can't see it, but up there at the front door they have a memorial to this student who was shot and killed this weekend. there were tears and a lot of today. >> they were sad. it was kind of like everybody was sad really. it was just like a sad day. >> reporter: students took a moment to remember the memory of their classmate. they put together a memorial in front of the school. prince georges county police say davis was one of two teens gunned down and killed in the


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