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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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them at 1:00 in the morning. a lot transpired after i went to bed at 10. jay gray will have the full story from chicago coming up and congratulations to all of the cubs fans. back to you. it is 4:30. we turn to decision 2016, we are just five days away from the election and the candidates are once again fanned out across the nation. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton makes her final case in north carolina. her running mate, tim kaine, is in arizona today. other battleground states. president obama in florida. bernie sanders in ohio and chelsea clinton makes a stop in wisconsin. gop presidential nominee donald trump is stumping in three states today. florida, north carolina, and pennsylvania. his running mate, mike pence, makes his way to iowa, michigan, and pennsylvania. it is the last day of early voting in maryland. polling close tonight at 8:00. if you live in the district,
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tracie potts joins us with a closer look at the push in the battleground states in the last few days. police are looking for the person who stabbed a man in the neck in the 1100 block of key parkway before 9:00 last night. the victim was alert and talking when they found him. call police if you have any information. this morning, prince george's hospital center is trying to figure out the source of a potentially deadly intensive care unit is closed because of this. this is the second time it has closed in three times. two babies tested positive for the bacteria pseudomonas. it includes newborns. the hospital transferred five babies out of the nicu. in august, they found it in the water supply. it is now time to turn our attention to the forecast. you know what?
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take it. >> we all will, chuck. >> absolutely right. i was out running with the dog. i didn't see you out there enjoying the sunshine. >> i was enjoying it being still. does that count? >> you were inside looking at it. >> i was outside! >> fair enough. off to a mild start this morning. on the foggy side in northern maryland this morning. we'll make a race for the record today. the record is 80 degrees. we've had 80 as the forecast all week and lowered it to of the way there. the cold wind comes back tonight into tomorrow but you'll love the weekend forecast. timing out your rain chances, rain could reach the shenandoah valley, late morning to lunch time. best chance for rain in the city around 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. it will be a warm day ahead of the rain drops. temperatures, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. you're going to love it, melissa mollet, but we'll be back to
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eun and i, we do not like wool sweaters in general. a change here on the construction in rockville. taking a look here, we have southbound rockville pike at congressional lane with roadwork there like yesterday. the left lane blocked and southbound near cedar lane. no more problems reported northbound there near cedar lane this morning. 66 at the beltway. you can see 66 is looking quite good here this morning. overall, prince george's county. lower part of the beltway is o anything happening right there. that is from yesterday here this morning but we're looking pretty good as you look at the beltway as well. guys? breaking news here at the live desk. two u.s. service members have died and another two injured during an operation in afghanistan. details are scarce on this information coming in. what we can tell you is we're learning the service members came under fire under a mission
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position. the department of defense is waiting to release the names of the service members until the families have been identified. i'm erika gonzalez. we just had a school bus smash into a car and another car. >> i need an ambulance. i need an ambulance and, it is a bus accident. >> frantic 911 calls detail the terror, confusion people felt in the moments after a school bus and mta bus collided in bus drivers. the driver of the mta bus was 33-year-old ebony baker. she leaves behind four children. her father is worried about his grandchildren. >> our little son keeps saying you're going to go pick mommy up. he is the five-year-old one. you're going to pick mommy up? you're going to pick mommy up? you know, i just hurt for that
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>> the investigation now is focusing on the 67-year-old driver of the school bus. police want to know if he had some kind of medical emergency while driving the bus. an 11-year-old girl who set off pepper spray inside a school bus will not be charged. 30 children were taken to the hospital as a precaution. montgomery county police say the spray accidently went off in the parking lot of watkins mills elementary school.
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all right. the curse is over! the chicago cubs are world series champions. they defeated the cleveland indians in a do or die game seven that ended early this morning. look at the fans outside of wrigley field. they went wild! look at that. no surprise there. jay gray is live in chicago where it was pretty much a huge party. i'm sure it is still going on right now, jay.
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the party may last forever here. there are still people in the streets here in wrigleyville celebrating a cubs world championship and they've been out here since the last pitch. a lot of them say they're not going anywhere, at any time soon. it has been a lot of fun out here. a lot of people, a lot of police as well. you can see, look at the headline here. chicago they finally have the world championship. they've waited 108 years for. that is the latest right now in wrigleyville. back to you. >> 3:30 in the morning over there. >> that's right. we can still hear you over the crowds. jay gray, thanks so much. >> all right. we'll try to check in with jay later. we're getting a look at what the newspapers will say in chicago. jay mentioned that. check out the headlines.
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wonderful world. . they are going to be iconic images. what a spectacular game. just what you want a world series to be. >> a lot of fun. it could be a historic day in our area. different kind of historic. some of us will be feeling near record highs when it should be feeling like fall. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell, back with more on this november heat wave. >> it was a disturbing video of an apparent abduction. now we're finding virginia walmart. the new details just ahead. changes are coming to your uber app. what you need to know before you
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we are only four days into november but the capitol christmas tree is already down an 80 food spruce in idaho yesterday. did you know that? >> an engelman spruce. >> it is being moved 2,000 miles to the lawn of the capitol, right? of the capitol. it will make stops in communities along the way before it arrives on november 28th. of course, house speaker paul ryan will light it during a ceremony set for december 6th.
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capitol christmas tree. >> i'm partial to the frazier fir. >> i like the blue spruce. that is my favorite of the christmas trees. good job on the guess there, aaron. the big capitol dome behind the picture is the dead give away for that. we have temperatures in the 50s this morning. our average high now is 63. we'll be in plus territory here by 8 or 9:00 this morning. may want to have the kids pack the umbrella in the back it will be mild and dry here on your way out the door. coming back home later this afternoon, there is a 60% chance for rain today, so umbrellas are certainly a good idea. what to wear, take the umbrella, sunglasses for this morning, umbrellas for this morning, short sleeves again today with temperatures well up into the 70s. the daily grade is a b plus. i would give it an a but the rain chance will interfere with some of the after school play hours. it is going to be a toasty warm
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tomorrow. that and the weekend forecast coming up in a few more minutes. back into the news. >> thank you. it is video that scared a lot of folks when we first saw it. we're learning this apparent abduction was staged. how police tracked down the people in it and will they face charges? that is ahead. first there, are five days left until the election. if that is causing you stress, you're not alone. up next, we'll tell you where you can get relief and peace
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pons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. 15 before the hour, we turn to the race for the white house now just five days away from
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continue their final pitches in battleground states. >> nbc's tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. good morning to you. let's start with hillary clinton. what does she need to say at this point to get her momentum going in the last final days? >> she has to stay the course and keep her focus off the e-mail investigation and convince independent voters she is a better choice than donald trump. she tried to do that before a crowd of 15,000 in arizona last night. it is the largest she has seen. her latest tactic is imagiing a trump presidency. the muslim ban which he backed off of. some of the worse of the donald trump frez -- presidency. >> what is he doing to widen the margin in some of the battleground states. >> trying to stay the course.
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that in florida last night. the battleground states polls are all over the place. clinton is leading in wisconsin and pennsylvania right now but donald trump has pulled ahead in nevada. that was a close state and things are still very tight in florida. don't forget north carolina which is where both candidates will be today. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. thank you. this election is leaving many people around the country feeling stressed. a recent focus group of people identified as walmart moms reported increased among voters and are turning to church for comfort. prayer villages are popping up in nearly every denomination to help voters cope. >> bring your fears and leave with your hope restored. >> and also praying for the nation and the future for the nation. the focus of wednesday prayer services will be on reflections after the election. good morning.
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pakistan. 11 are dead. mangled and over turned train cars are what is left. this is the scene. rescue workers are trying to free people in the wreckage. three dozen people are injured after this. a similar accident happeneds killing four and injuring nearly 100. back to you. erika, thank you. 4:48. who police say ambushed, shot and killed two police officers in iowa could be charged today. sergeant anthony bemenio and justin martin were killed while sitting in the patrol cars in the des moines area. police caught up with the suspect, scott green after he flagged someone down and told them to call 911. a law enforcement source tells nbc news that green has a mystery of mental problems and recently had a run in with
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in south carolina today, owning arguments are expected in the trial of a former police officer. michael slager was an officer in north charleston when he shot and killed an unarmed black man after a traffic stop. the shooting of 50-year-old walter scott was captured by a police dash cam and on cell phone. slager has pleaded not guilty. detectives in montgomery county need your help finding this missing kensing claudette reed was last seen on friday morning. she ran errands in d.c. she was supposed to return to the home on sunday. her caretakers say she does not have her medication. anyone with information should call police. 4:49 now. possible abduction at a walmart turned out to be a prank. we showed you the disturbing video over the weekend. prince william county police now say the people involved appeared to have filmed the incident and posted it on youtube.
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after it was caught on surveillance video friday night. since no criminal activity was committed, no charges will be filed. families had their lives ripped apart and seven died in an explosion in an apartment complex three months ago in silver spring. those families are part of a lawsuit. chris gordon has the update for us. >> reporter: class action lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the residents where the apartment the explosion occurred. they gathered some of the victims at the corporate headquarters of washington gas. they are suing, alleging negligence led to the natural gas leak in a meter room that caused the explosion. seven people died. 30 or more were taken for treatment in area hospitals. 86 families were displaced from their homes. >> we're asking for justice. we're asking for substantial damages. we're asking for safety reforms
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responded to your request for a apply saying they're working with the ntsb on the investigation so they're prohibited from commenting on the investigation or any lawsuit filed in connection with this explosion. that is the latest from silver spring, back to you. it is now 4:51. today, the oldest synagogue in d.c. is being moved. the adas israel synagog right now it is on third and g street. it end up on third and f street. that is happening in a few years to make room for the capitol crossing development that will link downtown washington to capitol hill. it is the second relocation for the building since the synagogue opened 140 years ago. got to be careful. >> i think i want to go see that. that is a big building to pick up and move.
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under it. >> efficiency. i appreciate that! >> think of all of the work involved in that. so this might be our last chance at 80 degrees this year. just so you know. i looked it up. >> it is november 4th. >> that is true. >> we made it a little longer than that last year. last year the final 80 came on november the 6th. we've had a couple years now with late season runs at 80 degrees. the year before that 2014, our final 80 came on october the 28th and the year before that, 2013, unusually enough, our final 80 was also our final 90 degree day. we were 91, october 6th, 2013 and never made it back above 80 degrees until the following spring time. it is that time of year we have to say goodbye to 80 degrees. we'll be within a whisper of it today. i'm forecasting 79. we had 80 all week. the rain and clouds may get here just early enough to keep us from getting to 80 degrees, at
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fredericksburg, stafford, a better chance you can make 80 today but there are broken lines of rain drops across parts of ohio, western pennsylvania and a few showers way down across parts of shenandoah valley. our future weather carries the best chance for light rain into northern maryland, panhandle of west virginia out towards win chetster, as early potentially as 11:00 or lunch time. a smidge behind that but not long. right here in and around town. temperatures near 80re as early as 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon, that may prevent us from getting all the way to 80 degrees. if the rain can hold off until 3:00, we would have a much better shot at it. grab the umbrella, 60% chance for rain today. tomorrow, blustery and chilly and into 50s. optimistic, though, both days this weekend will be filled with sunshine and melissa mollet, i know you'll assign your young boy to go around the house and
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>> it sounds like a great activity that would take more than 20 minutes. that sounds good to me. 270 at middle brook road. northbound, southbound, rolling along just fine there on 270. inner and outer loop. no work zones on the beltway. that is nice and green. no problems there. on rockville pike, north and south near congressional lane, some lanes blocked. same things for cedar lane for the repaving project there. and looking at 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. thanks melissa. an upgrade is coming to your uber app. how the biggest revamp in years is changing how you request a ride. >> a serious shortage inside your children's classrooms. the type of teachers districts say they desperately need and what is being d
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do.
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killed in two separate shootings. we're bringing you team coverage as we learn more about the investigations now under way. also breaking, a historic night for baseball. the chicago cubs becoming a world series championships for the first time since 1908. it was not easy. why this game didn't end until nearly 1:00 a.m. it is 4:57. maryland is facing a teacher shortage. male teachers, this is according
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according to news4. it shows teachers hired were women. the state education leaders are calling it a critical shortage. school leaders working to fix the problem. >> it is imperative that they have the connection between a male teacher -- >> it is our job as a school system to say we need you. our kids are important whether they're special education students, general education students. >> the report shows thaton 10% of montgomery county school teachers are men. the numbers are low in prince george's county as well. i've done stories on the male educator network trying to recruit teachers there. today, two rival schools in loudoun county are joining forces to raise awareness about teen suicide. wood grove and loudoun valley high schools are playing what they call a powder puff football game. students started this competition two years ago.
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suicide is a real problem. >> in march of 2015, i attempted to take my life and was put in a mental hospital for a few weeks. i've lost two friends to suicide. it means a lot to be here and raise money for mental awareness. >> the game starts at 7:00 p.m. at wood grove high school. for help and resources on mental health in nbc washington app. >> that can play a part. if you open up an uber app, you may notice changes. they rolled out a new design and features. it is the biggest revamp the app has seen in four years. it is a change in up front pricing and the ability to share your contact list with the app. don't share my contacts. doing that will allow you to enter a person rather than a place. the app then sends that person a one time request to use his or
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there. >> i guess that is a good thing then. >> news4 today begins with breaking news. >> good morning, everybody, it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're following breaking news right now. two people killed in overnight shootings. first, investigators have been on the scene of a homicide in the southeast part of washington for hours. >> news4's molette green is live for us. what are you learning about this? >> aaron, good morning, yeah, you can see there are this alleyway here and all the way down there. here is what we know so far. a man is dead this morning, shot and killed late last night here in the 1900 block of 16th street with just a block off of good hope road here. this is video we'll show you from the scene when it was active a short while ago. you can see the officers here


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