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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. break news you. >> saw that breaking news alert in our nbc washington app tonight. but we've got new information this evening about a deadly stabbing in ashburn. >> deputies found one man dead
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meadow as apartment complex. another victim, also stabbed, survived. dorothy spencer just got an update from loudoun county sheriff. what have you learned? >> reporter: we are right off of gloucester parkway, the apartment complex, you can eis here behind us the double stabbing scene is behind the apartment complex deep inside a wooded area. from the update from the sheriff he tells it appears these victims were in fact targeted this. does appear to be gang evening off of whittford square. the scene we're told in the woods by a creek where some young men appeared to be partying of one man was stabbed and ran to an apartment for help. we understand that a little girl saw this bloodied man and alerted an adult who then called 911. that man was flown to the hospital in cryptcal condition. meantime, police found the body
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let's hear from the sheriff. >> followed some blood trail back into the woods back there. and which you have back there is a creek. and then there was like a party area. what they noticed was another individual who was laying facedown in the water who was deceased and appeared to be the victim of stab wounds. >> we feel sorry about that. we have little kids here. we see a lot of kids here, and that happened between 6:00 and 7:00, something like that. we are worried about that we u.s. we never thought this is going to happen. >> when we are playing outside you can feel in the win the snell and lots of beer cans around the property. and yeah, we don't feel safe here. >> reporter: we heard that concern among residents here in this apartment complex. we should tell you that deputies conducted an extensive search here of the property of that
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in custody. back to you. >> dorothy, thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump are running out of time to make their case to the voters. >> they are trying to make the most of it. barn storming the battleground states tonight with a little help from their surrogates in this final weekend. the clock is ticking down as we approach election day. >> and brian moore is live now with how the candidates are reaching out to voters in very >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton had high wattage harmony while trump went a cappella. ?? beyonce, the queen b, offered her powerful voice to hillary clinton in an all star evening convert cert in ohio. >> we have the opportunity to create more change. i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country.
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remembers trying to help clinton shrink a state hillary clinton desperately needs next tuesday. >> when i see them here, this fashion and energy and intensity, i don't even know where to begin. because this is what america is, my friends. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, a key prize on clinton's map, trump rocked a packed house in hersey. >> i didn't have to bring j-lo or jz, e >> reporter: while not stars, trump was joined on stage by the parents of a teenage fan killed in a motorcycle accident. >> we'll dedicate this evening to riley, okay? >> reporter: a rare tender moment in race that has gotten ugly and shows no sign of changing in the last three days. both candidates have events scheduled tomorrow in florida. trump plans to hit ten battleground states between now
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moore, news4. here's at the decision desk we are seeing unprecedented kroes crowds showing up on the last night of early voting in the district. i may have just ended in the past hour. >> last person in lined. just hold that i'm going the stand behind you to make sure nobody gets behind you. >> at 7:00 the precinct captain told her she was facing a three hour wait the lines stretched the length of a city block. we saw some potential voters give up and walk away. but most of them stuck it out. in addition to the presidential race, there are three council seats up for grabs as well as a referendum on dc statehood. >> that's crazy. i was coming down here and i was saying oh, my god, i never seen it like this. >> we started outside in daylight, and we waited two hours with three kids. >> i believe the line is going
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>> it would just be more rearranging work, and i think better to get it done here and make sure that it does get in. >> more than 82,000 dc voters had cast their ballots by last night. with the turnout we saw this evening, that number could soar. new tonight, vice presidential nominee mike pence will spend one of the last mason university here. the indianapolis governor will speak tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. meanwhile the gold star father who was involved in public spat with donald trump stumped for the democrats in virginia today. ka cheer khan, the father of a fallen u.s. soldier campaigned in leesburg. he has been a key ally for clinton appearing in tv ads. khan is confident she'll win.
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with an international twist. the rightful owner rode her bike here from california, a cross-country trip, before flying home to switzerland. that trip took a detour when someone stole her bike. only on news4 tonight jackie bensen explains how she's about to get it back. >> reporter: these are pictures from san de jaggy's trip of a lifetime. in april, she and her aunt blew to los angeles from their home in way across the u.s. in june, having finally made to it dc their bikes were stolen. they locked them up at the alcohol heightsity metro station before heading to the zoo. we spoke to her in switzerland. >> we are not used to all the bikes get stolen so easily. so we just had the cable lock, which was kind of stup. >> they were determined to finish their cross country trip,
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ready to finish the leg of the ride from dc to new york. >> reporter: jen travino connected them with stolen bike finding app bike index. last month this man spotted one of the bikes and called police. >> so underpriced that even the seller noted it. the bicycle retails for $1 >> reporter: metro transit police set up a sting. >> our detectives researched further. we made contact with an individual who identified him as jay. made a deal over the internet, met him the following day and arrested him for the stolen bike. >> reporter: this is a picture of the stolen bike before it was put back together at silver bikes of it's about to be shipped back to sandra in switzerland. >> a nice experience.
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>> reporter: her new friends promised to keep their eye out for their second bike. this is a remind hear the a good quality bike lock is the best prevention. metro says urging people to use stronger bike locks appears to be having a reality. bicycle theft rates went down by 10% last year. the needs will try to find the source of of apo deadly bacteria at prjs prince george's medical center. this week two babies tested positive for a bacteria that caused them to close their nicu again. it was closed back in august. back then the hospital was thinking its water system was to blame. >> bring this intense focus that says, we thought we knew the cause, and we treated, but we
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other possible causes. >> hospital staff said two babies treated at the nicu last summer may have died because of that bacteria. >> a csx train hit a man on the tracks today as the afternoon rush hour was getting underway. this happened around 3:30 next to the sheriffly metro station. police tell us it doesn't appear to be intentional. the man was on the tracks. he suffered new mexicoious injuries. wo new word of an award for information regarding a virginia sex assault more than doubled. this is a sketch released this week. it resembles the man they say crashed his suv into a young woman's car along king's highway then sexually assaulted her for hours along the side of the word. he left behind a piece of his blue and orange plaid shirt. the reward for information is
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six years laid. >> this is the most violenten crime seen i have ever seen. a major recall announced today. >> it was like a bomb went off inside of the washing machine. >> what too do if you have a he got one of these machines in your house. some areas nar frost
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them." vo: just one. fairfax county police say it's one of the most violent crimes they have ever seen. but they have run into a dead-end trying to solve a six-year-old murder case.
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tisha thompson shows you why detectives need your help identifying the murder weapon and piecing together the clues left behind from the doctor wash murder. >> reporter: footsteps of a killer leading detectives straight to their motive. but the secret hit hidden in these prints may be why this case continues to go unsolved. >> you work hard, you make money.
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scene that i have seen. >> reporter: this detective says jong was supposed to be home on october 7th, 20140 10, not her husband but when his friends canceled their regular golf game she went to the store and he stayed home. >> it's possible whoever went there that day didn't expect him to be there. they were surprised this. possibly why they used weapons from the house. >> reporter: carefully unwrapping evidence never before us two knives used to stab him more than a dozen time. >> someone with a lot of emotion or someone with that much strength to break the my. >> reporter: he was a black belt. he fought for his life, hitting back so hard he broke bones in his hand. what made these marks on his neck and head. these are t shapes. >> the dynamic of the injuries
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>> reporter: and then, there are the two bloody sock prints found next to his body. >> when you go into somebody's house automatically you take your shoes off. >> it leads us in a direction of whether the person there was familiar with our victim, whether it was a cultural thing as to why they had their shoes off, whether the victim knew who was there. >> reporter: the sock prints at first seemed to need anywherological police sprayed a garage floor. reacting with trace amounts of invisible blood blue sock prints suddenly lit up the floor leading police up the steps and up to a secret hiding place where the couple hid a large amount of cash. stolen, along with their suv. only the suv reappeared, four days later, about ten miles away on americana drive in anondale. >> i know there is somebody out there that knows something about this crime.
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the only case she has never solved. >> we haven't gotten any many tips. >> she is trying to explain that police officers are here to assist, to help. they provide information. they would not be harmed in return. >> reporter: the police officer is also korean american working this case from the start to help native speakers like jong translate her pain into english. >> i miss him >> reporter: she is now begging her neighbors to tell police if they know anything about the crime that destroyed her american dream by killing the man she loved. in fairfax county, tisha thompson, news4 i-team. >> police say if you know anything about his murder, you are urged to call crime solvers. we pous posted that number along with photos from the crime scene on our nbc washington app. imagine putting some laundry
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machine and then watching the machine he can proceed. that was reality for some consumers in today's federal safety officials issued the recall of nearly 3 million samsung washing machines. the photos and video show the danger top loading washing machines torn apart mid wash. so far there have been more than 700 complaints and nine reports of injuries. >> i have never seen anything like it. it's like a bomb went off inside of the washing machine. >> i'm concerned s going to be near one of these machines when the top blows off. >> they are going to be killed by it. >> samsung says customers can get a repair kit or a rebate to buy a new washer. doug, our weekend is off to a good start although it got cold tonight. >> i took my kids to dinner earlier, they are like i have shorts on, daddy. i'm not putting on -- and then by the time we were done. it's cold. listen to dad, meteorologist
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the hard way, don't they? >> yes, they do. they did tonight. hold me daddy i'm cold. let's show you what is happening. it's chilly across our region. obviously the city is not the coldest place. urban heat island effect. 53 degrees. winds out of the north at 7 miles an hour. 36 in warrenton, 37 in manassas, 36 in frederick. it is a going to be cold enough that we will see frost frost advisory for prince william, savard, and faulk, why only these counties? the growing season is over here, that's why these counties are not in the advisory. however, you may see frost here, too. it's not just these counties that will see frost but they are the only ones still in a growing season. on the radar picture, this is all clear air clutter no. worries there.
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dc towards richmond and points beyond. it's going to be a very nice couple of days and a very nice weekend if you are going to be out and about. high temperatures tomorrow warming back into 60s after the cold start. many areas into the mid 30s tomorrow morning. warming to 66. mostly sunny. breezy. really nice in the afternoon. here's the sports planner. so many of us have kids that have games early tomorrow morning. 42 degrees around 7:00 a.m. that's going to be cold. they will need the sweat shirt on. th yes they will be peeling it off. 49 by 9:00. 62 by 1:00. mid 60s in most locationing. a nice afternoon. 68 on sunday. sunday a beautiful day. nice and mild afternoon at least for this time of year. daylight saving time comes to an end. set the clocks back one hour u.
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lung cancer. monday, 62 for a high temperature. look at election day. 67. now still, quite chilly early. so fur getting to the polls a little bit on the early side you may need the coat. but during the afternoon no problem at all. high temperature of 67. we stay in the 60s all the way towards next weekend. next weekend is kind of interesting. looks like a storm system could be just to have coast. that would wrap around much colder air. temperatures 50s. some areas may stay in the 40s. that's our first real shot of potential cold air. >> we'll enjoy this extra long weekend. >> did you ask for the heat on in here. >> i tell you, it's cooking. you are in. >> chaf weather, goent don't blame us. coming up, it's been a rough start for the wizards. but john wall and company were finally able to pick up their first win of the season tonight against the hawks. >> sports is up next.
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alicia keys, and thank you
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood,
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and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. wizards came back home to the verizon center tonight. >> yeah, they did. finally things worked out the way they wanted. chris miles in our csn studios. how did it go tonight? >> it took four games but you are right, the wizards answered the call at the verizon center. before wednesday's game several
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the wizards lost that game. i don't know what that made tonight's game but the wizards had a sense of urgency. marquis had 14 points in the first half. diz ards take a double digit lead at the half. third quarter, bradley beal breaking out of his slump in a big way. this part of his game high 28. fourth quarter now. baltimore native virginia tech grad malcolm delany until the corner. brings the hawks to final minute of the game. wizards needing a basket. gortat had five offensive rebounds. 12 points, 15 rebounds for the big man. first win of the season, 95-92 over the hawks. for beale it was a relief to have his best game so far. >> i was locked in. the biggest thing i wanted to make sure we were going to get a win. we were going do anything to get a win. it was mind over maermt i wasn't
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play and i had it going. do whatever it took. >> i think basicalliry we turned the ball more than them. i think we did a good job defensively except for the last two minutes. we didn't make some great shot tempts attempts on the offense end. high school. demassa, stags in the red first half. english fakes the handoff. clearly that was the right decision. up 7-0. fourth quarter, dematha, back up in the red zone. up seven. english, the air force commit. staying on the ground u powers it in for his third touchdown of the day. they win 21-7. tomorrow night the capitols host the panthers. washington has won ten of their last 11 at home against florida.
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during warmups as part of their hockey fights cancer night. the jerseys have the aims names of children that players met and skated with at practice. those jerseys as well as the sticks and pucks will be made available for auction.
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after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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mccafe lattes or mochas for $1.99. love the drink run. you saw him on fallon last night. i knew i'd have to say this name some day. benedict coupler batch will be
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we'll see what they do on the
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y25emy y17vy ? [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dana carvey,


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