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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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i'm still thinking. still thinking, yeah. >> still undecided. that's right. she wte morning and still doesn't know how she's going to vote. those lines were long when polls opened first thing this morning. it's election day and we are keeping a close eye on voting and the key races across our area. good morning, i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. by the end of this day two of the four people that we're going to show you here will be chosen to run our country. we have the campaigns for president covered this morning including a look at the how candidates are spending the final hours before results start
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and i'm lauren, it's a beautiful morning but how is your afternoon shaping up? rain on the way. i'll let you know when coming up. >> this is decision 2016 election coverage on news 4 midday. the democratic candidates for president and vice president arrived early to vote. tim kaine voted in richmond just after the polls opened at 6:00 a.m. hillary clinton voted at an elementary school in her hometown of chappaqua, new york. she says it was an >> i know how much responsibility goes with this, and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country, and i'll do the very best i can if i am fortunate enough to win today. >> how does it feel -- >> live to new york city right now where republican nominee for president donald trump is casting his vote. we saw him walk in between the white gates you see there a few
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of cameras and of course a crowd of people standing outside the voting location in new york city waiting to see if he emerges shortly. trump's polling location is not too far from trump tower in manhattan. his running mate governor mike pence is back in his home state of indiana right now and will cast his vote later this morning. last night the republican nominee closed his campaign by urging people to vote. >> i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote we are you've been waiting for your entire life. >> now there are two other candidates for president, of course. green party presidential nominee jill stein and gary johnson the libertarian party nominee. battleground virginia could be a major player in the presidential race. voters know it. we saw very long lines. our own molette green has been out in fairfax county since 4:00
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good morning. >> reporter: barbara, good morning. as you can see behind me no long lines, just a steady stream of voters going in and out at this precinct. take a look at what you do see. a long line of campaign signs here. we have seen this kind volume throughout the morning. this voting location has two precincts. >> coffee, >> reporter: sights and sounds of a busy voting place. >> vote yes for doughnuts. >> reporter: complete with two coffee and doughnut school fund raisers and voters. >> sample ballot. good morning. information. >> reporter: campaign workers get one last shot at voters before they walk in the precinct doors. >> no, i know. i exactly know who i'm going to vote for because you have to think of our country, and i'm really excited.
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scene. this is a long line. we found this two hours after the polls opened at 6:00 this morning, folks waiting to cast their ballots. how long have you been waiting in line, sir? >> about 20 minutes. >> reporter: we found long lines at other locations before sun rise. >> most of my friends said they were not coming out it to vote, and that was a big issue. >> it all worked out. it was easy, simple. a very simple process. they're doing a great job inside. >> trump. >> reporter: the race for president is the big dr >> reporter: other ballot issues, a proposed 4% meals tax on prepared food and meals to go and the fight to the wire contest in district ten between barbara comstock and lou ann bennett, issues many say are worth waiting for. >> i'm in line. i'm almost to the door, the entrance. >> i lived in this country for 20 years and they gave me so much.
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come on, everybody, go out to vote today. this is the last chance to raise your voice and give something to this country. they give it to us so much. >> reporter: two important things to note, bring your photo i.d. before you come to vote. you still can vote if you don't have one by provisional ballot. also, be clear on your polling place, your correct polling place. that message loud and clear from fairfax county's electoral board. and we also heard about a voice mail message sent to some voters urging them about some possible misinformation in terms of their polling places. so you need to have that information before you head out the door. that is the latest live from centreville high school. molette green, news 4. thank you, molette. we have new video in of democrat
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bennett is running against incumbent republican barbara comstock. comstock spent monday talking to people. more now on the meal tax issue in fairfax county molette mentioned. it's a proposal that would raise how much it costs you to eat out. county officials say the 4% tax will generate nearly $100 million each year, much of that will go to schools. opponents argue that charging more for prepared foods will hurt tourism and unfairly affect low and middle income well, thank goodness it was a beautiful morning to election day. a little on the chilly side but temperatures are warming up. in fact, we'll be above normal for daytime highs today by the time we make it into the afternoon. a beautiful shot out there. you can see this is our reston live camera right now. gorgeous. plenty of blue skies and temperatures warming. we're up to the upper 50s. 59 is our temperature here in d.c. we have that south wind helping to bump up the temperatures and,
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there. now as we continue through the day those temperatures are going to rise to 68. yesterday we topped out at 61 in d.c. if you thought yesterday was nice, today even nicer. thank goodness it is election day. no excuse to get out and vote. a lot of warmer and not a lot of wind to deal with. we do have rain in the forecast coming sooner than later. we're going to be timing that out and talking a big shot o all that and more in a few minutes. guys? >> lauryn, thank you. the d.c. council could get a familiar face. news 4's kristin wright in northwest washington has more. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. a steady stream of people coming in to the church right now. the mad rush was really earlier this morning.
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it's kind of the calm before the storm, i think, this afternoon. we just talked with a woman who just voted. she is 72 years old and says this election is unlike any of her lifetime. >> because i believe in democracy. >> reporter: bruce millar, a d.c. resident aged 66 voting at the 2nd district police station. >> straight ahead. >> reporter: the most important issue on the ballot for him -- >> statehood. >> reporte capital health. >> reporter: lines here long in the early morning, slowing by mid morning. at union station meanwhile -- >> i'm hoping just for the best. i'm putting it in it god's hands. that's all i can do. that's all you can do. >> reporter: and teddy moore is back home in time for the election. he is against statehood. >> i'm not for statehood. because of the current administration that we have here.
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>> reporter: now it's important to know that d.c. does have registration -- same day registration if you are not registered and you still would like to vote today, you just need to show proof of residency to do that. you now the other thing aaron mentioned, the council race, the big thing we're all watching today because, of course, former mayor vince gray is running in ward 7. back to you. >> thanks, kristin. polls opened in maryland at 7:00 a.m. this morning but people started lining up long before that. chopper 4 was over julius west middle school in rockville at 7:00 a.m. there were about 50 people in line already when the doors opened, those voters aren't just picking a president today. they are also voting for a new senator. congressman chris van holland is hoping to keep the u.s. senate seat blue in maryland facing off
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congresswoman mikulski is retiring after three decades. if you are registered in maryland you have until 8:00 tonight. polls close at 8:00 in the district as well. in virginia make sure you cast your ballot before 7:00 tonight or at least in line by then. the polls opened at 6:00 this morning, an hour earlier than maryland and d.c. polls in west virginia will remain open until 7:30 tonight. voters there are electing a new governor, billionaire, coal magnate running as a president bill cole. be sure to stay with news 4 as we bring you coverage of today's election. our jim handly and jim lawrence will be live for each of the presidential candidates. you can see their live reports from new york city beginning on news 4 at 4:00. two different fires to tell you about. we're going to start in prince george's county. this is a house fire. a woman in critical condition
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we know two people were hurt. again, this woman suffering critical injuries. it broke out about an hour ago. it's a single family home just across from ket ring middle school that is a polling place today and the first 911 call we're told came from the school. we're also hearing a firefighter suffered minor injuries in this fire. no word yet on a cause. at this. downtown washington in northwest. this video just had in as well. d.c. fire on the scene of that fire, connecticut avenue. smoke coming from the top of the building there. we understand some sort of fire there started on the roof. that building, they say, under construction. they are blocked off for traffic near 17 and m streets again in northwest. barbara? >> thanks, melissa. our election coverage is just getting started. the candidates for president each have an opportunity to make history when the results are
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we'll sit down to talk about what that could mean for the country. and vice president joe biden voted early this morning. as we go to break, hear what he has to say about life after being vice president. >> all the things i care about i'm going to be engaged in. i will still be engaged in american foreign policy, still be engaged in violence against women i'm luann bennett.
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in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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right at midnight the polls in the small town of dixville notch were open, there were eight voters. hillary clinton beat donald trump with a vote of 4-2. the other two votes were split between libertarian gary johnson and write-in candidate mitt romney. today america is set to decide between hillary clinton and donald trump and possibly >> thank you for asking me. great to see you. >> i want to ask you about hillary clinton. i was in philadelphia for the convention when she wrapped up her speech, her acceptance speech, you saw women in tears there. put this presidency, this candidacy, i should say, in some perspective. >> i think you will see that tonight or tomorrow if she is elected.
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the amendment that allowed women to vote or that you couldn't allow women to vote, that was 1920 and i was going back on some of the records. when that was passed by congress and the state people said now a lot of women will be elected to office. it will probably be pretty soon that we have a woman president. that was 96 years ago. a little bit slow. >> trump is also a rarity. has there ever been a president who hasn't held office? ronald reagan was governor of california. >> after he was governor for eight years, donald trump is elected tonight, we will never have had before a president like him with no military experience, no public service experience, and i think he made this more of a problem for him because given that that's the case he could have said, i'll show you everything about my earlier record as much as possible, my taxes, my business records, and
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essentially said before i announce for president last year i did all sorts of things like gave money to politicians. i was a part of the problem. i disown all of that. i think hand sprung himself. >> is there any other comparison, any point you can compare this campaign season to, some of the we've heard or anything? >> i never thought i would say this, there is no comparison to this all throughout history. it has been extremely ugly and especially because it's happening in the television age. we were talking about the fact it's come into each one of our houses. there may have been conflict between adams and jefferson, but your kids were not exposed to it. you didn't discuss that with
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president going forward, do you think? >> if let's say donald trump is elected one thing that happens politicians at lower levels tend it to imitate who is successful. if he is not successful tonight and let's say the republicans go in a different direction, republicans particularly will say let's find someone who is different from trump and not have someone toe still out. it will be fascinating to watch. >> we'll all be watching for sure. it's all hands on deck. that's what the top intelligence officials tell nbc news about the scope of the government's readiness for this election day. both military and cyber experts are monitoring incoming intelligence for any threats. there are six national cyber centers and 54 state operation centers that are being fully
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election monitors in 28 different states, that includes virginia. polling places will be monitored in fairfax and prince william counties. now when you're at the polls keep an eye out for any kind of irregularities, long lines, broken machines, vote flipping or someone being denied the right to vote. if you see anything like that contact the news 4 i team's voter patrol tip line. that number is e-mail tips >> by the end of the day there could be a shift in the balance of power in congress. let's take a look at the senate right now. republicans have a majority, 54 seats. but they're defending 24 of them in this election at the same time democrats are defending ten seats. democrats need to win the white house and have a net gain of about four seats to get to 48. that combined with the two independents in the senate who
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losing the white house and picking up five seats would also change the balance of power. battleground states can make or break this election for either candidate this is what the voting lines look like early in charlotte, north carolina. the state has 15 electoral votes up for grabs and all eyes will be on the sunshine state where the candidates are trying to snag 29 electoral votes. voters were casting ballots as soon as the polls opened in will be key to you how the election is tonight. here is analysis from "morning joe" on msnbc. >> florida/north carolina, if they both go for trump, we will be in for a long night and i suspect a lot of scrutiny as to how every state is voting and there may be court challenges. if she wins either of them, be very difficult for him to win. >> now if you take your
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>> in d.c. taking selfies with your ballot is strongly discouraged. in maryland save your i voted selfie until after you leave the polling place. all forms of electronics are illegal n. virginia just snap away. there's nothing in the state law that prohibits voters from taking selfies or even pictures of fellow voters. when you post on social media use the #decision 2016 and nbc 4 .c. take a loo s most election coverage is pretty serious but after the break we have a little fun. a prediction you might not
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming. i can't believe he's doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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as votingon bear and a tiger have already made their choices. flix the polar bear seemed unsure at first like a lot of folks. picking donald trump. so they don't help us at all. >> there's that conclusion. >> we sure had some help from the weather department.
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>> i know it was chilly because we saw the footage of lines, pretty long, but people dealing with it and now it's just so nice out there. gorgeous. temperatures are already at the 60-degree mark and we may go up to the 70-degree mark. people are waiting to get out to the polls after 5:00, they may be standing in like at the dark. daylight savings time was only on sunday so it is getting to see the sun go down after 4:00, in the 4:00 hour. this afternoon is perfect out there. we will have some showers rolling in after midnight and it looks to wednesday morning we're going to see some showers as you make your way in to work this morning.
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the 60-degree mark. we're topping out today in the mid to upper secretaries by this afternoon. sun down at 5:00 and we'll drop off from there into the 50s. maybe a few high clouds, this is our next system. a frontal system that will be rolling through our area. we are going to see some rain move in. temperatures in the upper 50s tomorrow and then it's going to get windy. looking good until after midnight that's when we'll see our showers. everything starts to get out by noon. we'll clear out quickly as we get into wednesday. the weekend forecast, some of the coldest air yet. we'll show that you coming up. >> getting ready for big rallies tonight in new york city. we have live reports from both camps. >> we are looking at how the
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including from the war zones in iraq. >> this is in montgomery county. no lines there this hour. ?? stand by me ?? vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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we're going to win today and we're going to washington, d.c., to drain the swamp. >> we're going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america. tomorrow you can vote for america. >> and in just a few hours we have the power to make her our next president. >> well, it is the day we've been talking about for months. finally election day 2016 is here. >> the candidates campaigned
11:31 am
their ballots today. tracie potts is live in new york city now. tracie, we know hillary clinton made a stop in her hometown to cast her ballot this morning, right? >> reporter: she did and they were waiting for her. the election judge said people who voted earlier in the day or morning when they first opened waited around just so they could greet hillary clinton as they came in to cast their ballots. she didn't make too many remarks. today is a day probably the campaign. not a lot on the agenda for today. they've done and said it all. she wrapped up with the final rally after a really big one in pennsylvania. wait and see mode. at some point this afternoon, later this afternoon will connect in richmond.
11:32 am
hopes to be making a victory speech. we continue outside trump tower in new york city as well. sarah, what is the republican nominee doing today? >> well, aaron, we had to move from trump tower because of the heightened security over there. they moved us over to democracy plaza. if he loses this election, this will be the biggest waste of time and money he's ever spent, i said. his son said in an early morning interview with fox news this morning that if they do -- if the election is fair then and only then will they accept the outcome of the results. donald trump spent his final day on the campaign trail hitting
11:33 am
turn around, needs to turn red in order to win. in that state they have voted for six presidential candidates that were democrats for each of the past six elections. we'll see what the outcome is. >> thanks. the polls have been open for as much as five and a half hours in some places this morning. these are the reports of long lines in some places. what that means for the results of the thanks. good to have you with us. does the heavy turnout indicate which way we might be going in the race? >> it depends on the state. florida, for example, you see significant turnout among latino voters both in early voting and so far this morning. that certainly bodes well for secretary clinton. but in suburban areas in detroit, for example, high turnout could be a real big
11:34 am
as the day proceeds we'll know exactly how it plays out. but at least early both candidates see some areas. >> do you expect to see much split ticket voting, who votes for the president, are they going to vote for the senator of that same party? >> i think there's been a lot of talk but the reality is we've seen much less in recent elections. donald trump is not supported by a number of republicans and so the argument goes you may have some who vote for him, vote for se and stay with the party on the way down, all the way down the ballot. there are a number of senate candidates who are still supporting donald trump and that could cause problems for them in their own races. >> let's talk about the control of the senate. we don't talk projections but what is it looking like going into this election day? >> very close. many closely contested states, north carolina and florida, for
11:35 am
races and so it's possible that the winner of the presidential ballot in the state could drag the nominee across the line as well. >> so there is a potential of the democrats taking over the senate, do you think? >> the projections are that they will. however, again, a point or two here or there could make the difference in a place like north carolina where the republican incumbent is struggling like that. >> any surprises do you think we might see? >> i look for arizona. the democrats haven't taken arizona since 1992. big surprise. >> something for us to watch. win or lose do you expect changes in the republican party? >> there's talk about a potential upheaval, but i'm not certain that the republicans are yet at a point where they're ready to make some of the changes they're going to have to make to be more competitive. to only win the popular vote in one out of the last six if it turns out they lose this evening, that should be a wake-up call, but i'm not yet
11:36 am
we'll be busy watching what's going on today. thank you. aaron? >> thanks, barbara. as a new president is chosen today, many voters are simply praying for peace and unity after the results. concerned voters gathered to pray at the st. columbus episcopal church last night. some of them told us the hateful rhetoric has caused a deeper divide between democrats and republicans. have created such adversity and created such anger that i think the people that are voting for them have had to follow in that camp. >> other people told us that they hope the next president will represent everyone not just democrats or republicans. the world is standing by for election results as well. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel gives us a closer look at the issues causing people right here in the u.s.
11:37 am
edge. >> reporter: whoever wins the decisions of the next commander in chief will have a tremendous impact on the world. take the fight against isis now at its most dangerous phase, street to street. we asked iraqi special forces in mosul to wear body cameras to see what they see, how they're kissed by residents who hate the extremists, how they use
11:38 am
>> clinton -- >> reporter: and not in a good way. they're generally described as farcical and an embarrassment. overall one candidate the is attracting most of the attention. french president hollande went after trump saying his statements make you want to retch. iran's president said if this election represents democracy he doesn't want it. and the pope in what seemed to be a dig at trump said the world >> richard engel reporting there. >> an important day in the trial of a father accused of leaving his son in a car to die. >> and prince harry makes his displeasure known with the
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on this election day there's
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the world. >> right the now jurors have less than one hour of deliberations left in a georgia murder trial. justin ross harris is accused of intentionally leaving his son inside a hot car. defense attorneys say he loved his son and the death was an accident. the judge is letting the jurors leave early so they have time to vote. rolling stone magazine must now prepare for a $25 million virginia fraternity where a 2014 story about an alleged gang rape on campus was centered. just yesterday a former dean of the university nicole eramo was awarded $3 million. she sued over how the magazine portrayed her in the same story. police found no evidence to back up the magazine's story. it was eventually retracted. kensington palace tweeted out a statement today confirming the relationship of prince harry and american actress meghan markle in the highly unusual
11:42 am
past week it has seen a, quote, line crossed in coverage of the pair. the statement also says that harry is worried about markle's safety, and that he's, quote, deeply disappointed he has not been able to protect her. >> and as we move through this day, we are watching it warm up outside more and more. >> yes, more and more. temperatures -- yesterday we were at 61. i say only, that's seasonable. we're going to be nearing 70. >> nice. some rain on the way and a cold blast of air that will be a shot to the system. let's tell you when that's coming. not today, though. temperatures rising quickly and it took a little bit. it was chilly out there this morning. we started from the upper 20s to the lower 40s depending on your location but now 59 in washington. you can see throughout the mid-atlantic looking good. for the next 12 hours now as we continue into the afternoon that's when the temperature is going to rise, full sunshine
11:43 am
goes down, it's going to get dark and cool but not as cool as the last two nights only because we're going to have an increase in cloud cover so temperatures will fall into the 50s probably right around the 50-degree mark for overnight lows. blue skies out there right now. our next system moving into our region, into the midwest, and that's a frontal system bringing some rain showers with it. we will see some rain. it won't be that heavy. it will be on the light side and mainly before lunch time tomorrow. but with the rain and the clouds and the winds picking n afternoon we see gusts up to 25 miles an hour. temperatures are going to stay in the 50s for daytime highs tomorrow. so pack that umbrella for tomorrow morning. you're going to need it. you're not going to need it by tomorrow afternoon. hour by hour, 7:00 we're looking good. then we get into the overnight after midnight. that's when we'll see rain showers moving through and for your commute it could be on the wet and raw side. winds pick up after lunch, maybe a few more light showers but we clear out quickly on wednesday
11:44 am
thursday will be beautiful but temperatures, damage already done in the upper 50s. then we get into friday, veterans day. temperatures in the low 60s. plenty of sun. upper 40s/lower 50s with a breeze. it will be blustery on saturday. the weekend looking good but saturday, boy, is it going to be cold. at least we'll have plenty of sun. >> we're on that seesaw. we're watching the markets as people head to the polls today. what does this tl election day and stock prices? >> congress is not following its own rules on diversity. own rules on diversity. i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours.
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and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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as unpredictable as this election has been research shows that stocks have been fairly predictable after election day with a tendency to sell off. et since 1928 and the dow jones says the average change on the day after election day is about 1% up or down. the it top five declines all time have come in the wake of victories by democratic presidents. to be fair three of the five biggest gains have also come after wins by democrats. with your business report, i'm landon dowdy. and a quick check of stocks on this election day, the dow is up about 76 points right now.
11:48 am
members of copping, hundreds of staffers will come with them and a news 4 e team review finds congress isn't following its own laws on diversity in the workforce. here is scott mcfarland. >> reporter: a law requiring the government keep track and formally report its efforts on hiring people of color to make sure government reflects the diverity of america. the thing is we found congress isn't following that law it self. we went looking foror aren't any, only 7 of 29 local members of congress responded with information when we asked for their count of minority employees. former staffers say the house and senate both suffer when employers fail to ensure diversity. >> there are individuals within that collective body who are leading by example but as a collective body congress is not leading by example. >> reporter: former staffers and
11:49 am
hiring more minority staffers is money. congress has tightened its own budget, its own belt in recent years maing recruiting and keeping a diverse pool of employees more difficult. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. from facebook to twitter to snap chat it's all about getting out the vote today. after the break, some of the posts getting our attention. here is news 4's jim vance with our opinion on how people planning on sitting out of the election. >> there was a tim years ago when i was miserable, most unhappy with myself, my life, my job. hanging out with a friend one night told them all about it, particularly my intention to quit my job. his question, who's going to take your place? my answer, don't know, don't care. that's when he dropped something on me that has informed so many decisions since that day. he said to me you have to care and you can't quit.
11:50 am
mightily to put you in that seat, got their heads busted open, attacked by savage dogs, smashed into walls by fire hoses. somebody else can up and quit whenever they want, but you can't unless and until there's somebody who looks like you to sit in that chair because you owe too much to too many people. then he told me to get off my pity pot and get back to work. i am reminded by what i've been hearing and reading over the last several weeks. millennials, so many of whom are talking about sitting out this election, not voting. they're complaining about their dissatisfaction with if not their disdain for the major party candidates. saying neither party really addresses their needs or works for them. i heard one young sister ask a colleague, give me a reason i should invest my time and energy in the system that's such a wreck. well, i've got one, sister.
11:51 am
you want a reason to participate, look upstairs or around the corner or back home wherever you were raised. look to your parents or, better yet, look to your grandparents or maybe miss sophie who used to do your hair or mr. williams who had a shoe shine stand in your grandfather's barbershop. look to your uncle tommy or all the men and women who have endured unconscionable indignities, the likes of which you have never known and never will because long before you were bo and stood together and marched and litigated and were caused to fear for their lives by demanding their right to vote and to be treated like human beings. you want a reason to vote, let me give you half a dozen off the top of my head. use that smartphone of yours and look up fred shuttlesworth and what he and his wife did, look up james cheney, see what happened to them.
11:52 am
haner and frank smith. the list goes on and on and on. i promise you'll have a tougher time finding somebody to whale on you at the apple store than you will finding a reason to vote. let me make it clear, our national face is replete with warts in all manner of societal and governmental deformities but you'd better believe it's a whole lot cleaner face than the one your grand mom had to deal with near every day ofer she did her part to affect change, and i salute all of you who are committed to doing yours. but i beg of you, don't disregard your franchise or disrespect all those who suffered so much to ensure your right to exercise it. it is, in fact, more than a right. it is a privilege. and while you do, indeed, have a right not to vote, so many of
11:53 am
obligation to do so. you owe way too much to way too
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11:55 am
it's been a stressful election cycle. so many of you got out there and did what you had to do. wanted to share the images, one with grandma virginia, you might remember virginia mclauren from
11:56 am
voted this morning. we appreciate your pictures, #nbc 4 d.c. decision 2016 if you'd like to share with us. barbara? well, the lines outside the polls may be nothing compared to the throngs of people expected in upstate new york cemetery in rochester, new york. they are visiting susan b. anthony's grave on this election day. the cemetery is expecting more people than usual since this is the first election where a woman
11:57 am
stickers and messages near her gravesite. the cemetery will stay open late this year. before we go one last look at our forecast today. lauryn? >> we have wonderful conditions out there. temperatures in the low 60s. right now. we'll top out to right around 70. looking good for your election day, just wonderful conditions, plenty of sunshine and, again, a few clouds building in late temperatures again upper 60s where they're going to top out with cloud cover later on this evening. as for your ten day forecast, 68 degrees. a few showers as we get into tomorrow morning. now go ahead and bring that umbrella with you. we won't see the showers until after midnight. veterans day looking good. saturday and sunday cooling down quite a bit.
11:58 am
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. stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh, d-day, decision day. hillary casting her vote at an elementary school in chappaqua this morning. interesting, 8:00 a.m., which as we know ishe capitalize on all the morning shows. >> the first woman from a major party to vote for herself as president. now trump voted just before 11:00 a.m. eastern time at a new york synagogue along with melania. >> look at melania. >> looking very dapper. >> look at that big turkey on the wall. >> there you go. >> we notice the turkey on the wall. i'm just so happy that the end,


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