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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in chief from the white house to the streets of washington, everyone is getting used to saying this, president-elect donald trump. >> but for many, this historic win still comes with a bit of a shock. both for those who voted for him and for those who did not. we have team coverage for you, first at 4, we'll get to local reaction in just a moment from both trump supporters and those who were skeptical. we start at the white house with news 4's steve handelsman. steve? >> reporter: pat, thanks, good evening from the white house. about this presidential election, but today, all of the principals incluing the president-elect are using traditional, let's work together now to unify america rhetoric. donald trump claimed victory this morning without the gloating and mocking that won him the white house. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> reporter: hillary clinton called trump last night and
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>> this is painful and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: but it's a new reality. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: president obama pledged cooperation with the man he had called unfit. >> sometimes you lose an argument. sometimes you lose an election. >> reporter: but trump's triumph left winners and losers. >> so happy that hillary didn't ge anything goes. >> reporter: trump had vowed quickly to end obamacare, build the wall and slash taxes. house speaker paul ryan promised the republican congress will help. >> donald trump pulled off an amazing political feat. he deserves tremendous credit for that. it helped us keep our majorities but it also showed the country that people don't like the direction we were going. >> reporter: now the outsider who gave voice to the angry is talking unity.
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across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: he takes office in ten weeks. and donald trump was invited here tomorrow by president obama. at the white house, steve handelsman, news 4. pat. >> thank you, steve. one day after the race, there are new gains on wall street. the closing bell rang just a few moments ago. gaining about 250 points. the nasdaq is up 56. and the s&p 500 traded about 23 points higher. quite a turnaround. before stocks opened this morning, dow futures had fallen, plummeted more than 800 points last night. many clinton supporters who grieving their loss, those who voted for trump are emerging with a new confidence in their choice. david culver spent the day with trump supporters as they look
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he's live in vienna. david? >> reporter: hi there, wendy. i think the word to describe those on both political sides today is that of fatigue, fatigue from a long campaign season and long night stretching into morning. but with trump supporters, i can tell you those i spoke with, they're feeding off on adrenaline from victory and getting a surge of new energy. how does it feel to hear president-elect donald trump? >> wonderful. yeah, wonderful. yes. i'm so happy. >> i feel ecstatic. i mean, i feel such huge sense of relief. really that's mostly what i feel. >> reporter: surrounding the tv as hillary clinton officially conceded the race to donald trump, these fairfax county women for trump supporters feeling as though they've emerged from a long battle, winners. >> this man is going to prove himself. i can guarantee god willing if his health stands up and everything else that next time
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what he said he would do. >> reporter: born in colombia carolina got a lot of strange looks when people asked who she supported. >> they always asked me why, you're minority and you're voting for trump, he's a crazy guy. >> reporter: she never saw it that way. >> i always tell them, it's fine, it's fine, it's just your still american citizens. >> reporter: those trump supporters you heard from right there also have a message for clinton supporters. i'm going to let them share that with you ahead on news 4 at 5:00. for now, though, we're reporting live in vienna, david culver, news 4. i'm tracee wilkins in prince george's county where hillary rodham clinton was overwhelmingly supported by the voters here but things did not go the way the majority of people who live in this county
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there's a lot of concern among minority voters who we spoke to here in the county who are concerned about what trump may or may not do as a president. coming up, we talk to latino residents in prince george's county and get their take on what this presidency means for them. and our decision 2016 coverage doesn't stop here. our team is gathering new reaction and piecing together what's next. keep it here on news 4. and on the nbc washington app. we also rain has moved back in. just as so many people get ready for the ride home this afternoon. let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> this is much needed rainfall. we're not seeing a ton of it. a couple showers now and then. see where the rain is coming on right through the d.c. metro area, right on down 95 then out
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night, anyway, you add in some rain, i'm sure it's going to be slower. even some thunderstorms, a little bit of lightning with these as they pass over portions of the annapolis area. a little bit earlier. let's zoom on in toward fairfax county, the district. heaviest rain right now right over the city of fairfax, over toward falls church, in through tysons. this rain shifting down toward the south and east. in behind it, we're going to get cooler. see the storm wrapping itself up around our region but moving out slowly. in behind it, as i mentioned, some cooler air. temperatures haveea now down to 57 in d.c. upper 40s to the north and west, though. cooler air moving in. rather breezy conditions out there for your thursday. we'll talk much more about thursday and the weekend because we have something else moving in just in time for saturday. my updated forecast at 4:25. marijuana advocates in several states celebrating today. voters in california, nevada and massachusetts approved measures that make recreational pot
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history books now, but it's also one for the record books. we're going to take a look at what's happening right now through the lens of history. has something like this happened before and could it happen again? they're about to be the nation's first lady and first kid so who are melania and baron trump and why we have not seen a first family like them in decades. and we want you to weigh in on our nbc washington flash survey. how do you feel about the
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turn in your vote to the number on your screen. go to the nbc washington
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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more than a thousand students at a high school in berkeley, california, walked out of class today. they are protesting the election of donald trump. school district spokesperson says they would have preferred the students stay in class today but adds that school officials understand the extraordinary
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protest. a double dose of good news about crime in loudoun county this afternoon, not only is it the lowest in the region, it also dropped 16% in the past three years. this is the second year in a row that loudoun county came in the lowest. loudoun sheriff attributs decline in part to education, prevention and his hardworking deputies. you could get a free cup of coffee tomorrow, but that's not the only reason people are going to be talking about starbucks. a preview of what's going all over your cial media feed
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a rainy afternoon. storm team 4 is tracking steady but much needed rain and doug's got the timing for you. and the race for the white house comes to a close but the unexpected outcome and the controversial candidate who won still generating a ton of reaction this afternoon. scott macfarlane at our live det >> reporter: just a short time ago the council on american islamic relations issued a statement on donald trump, saying they respect the democratic process and the outcome of the election, but said muslims should receive respect from the new president. >> regardless of who won yesterday's election, american muslims are here to stay.
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marginalized. god willing, the american muslim community will continue to mobilize to challenge bigotry, to uphold justice and to protect the freedoms and rights of all americans. >> the organization also said it will expand outreach efforts to other americans and there was a call to understand the hardships of all groups of americans including those who supported president-elect trump. at the macfarlane. this year's campaign for president has rewritten the history book in so many ways mostly for its nastiness. >> and outcome was no exception. joining us live now, nbc news presidential historian, michael, have we ever seen anything like this before? >> one word, no. probably nothing at all like this. although there's a long threat in american history where people
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oftentimes run against an elite and said there's this elite, for instance, manipulaing economy and ruining your lives. that's sort of what andrew jackson said. there have been other presidential candidates who have done it but none of them in way that donald trump has. >> has there ever been a time other than obviously during our civil war where the country has felt so opposed to itself, you know, in so many ways? >> well, you know, we've had times where we've been very never more so than during the civil war, but 1940 when the presidential election was over, do we get involved in a war against adolf hitler or 1932 when there was a great depression and people were arguing do you use the federal government to help people or not? but i think none of those campaigns as rancorous as they were was as ugly and as personal as this one was. >> did you, as you watched the
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did, as a historian, did you see signs that donald trump was headed toward an upset victory like this when you watch the size, for example, the crowds that would gather at his rallies from city after city? >> i think, you know, the rallies did say something, but one thing i think really did tell me, and that was when there were those two comey letters at the end of the campaign called the october and/or november surprise, we've seen thate notice of a dui arrest, 1976, almost cost him the election. 2004, there was a letter from a tape by osama bin laden that wound up helping george w. bush because people saw him as tough on terrorism, so when there are things like that, then these polls become a lot more unreliable, so i began to think maybe something is up.
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there was so much division and so muchrancor add you said, has there been a time in history where we came back together and rallied around something or are we sort of destined now to be separated as a country for years to come? >> i hope we're not. i don't think we are. true history, the one thing that makes the difference, if you have a president coming in saying i want to heal the country, i want to unite the country, i know this is a big problem, that really does a lot to move things in the right direction and, you know, president-elect trump made some very nice sounds in that direction last night. >> all right. historian michael beschloss. >> we will see. >> thank you so much. yes, we will. >> thank you. >> we'll see michael later on a one-hour edition of "nbc nightly news" starting at 7:00, again, one hour right after news 4 at 6:00. the lincoln cottage open
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until 7:30 this evening. the cottage says "we recognize that people are expressing a need to come together peacefully when we are a house divided." as a national monument where lincoln came to deal with epic division and chaos in our country, we are committed to providing a secular place of reflection and serving as your beacon of hope." of course, the election of a new president means a new family moving into the white house essentially becoming our new neighbors.
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five children and he was on stage with his father last night. barron is 10. apparently speaks fluent slovenia thanks to his mom and when he was a baby, melania once said in an interview that barron was a very calm little boy and did not cry much. and the last young boy to live in the white house was john f. kennedy jr. it was more than 50 years ago. >> of course, we remember it. >> yes. >> those pictures of him crawling under his father's desk. most of us get to experience however, for one woman, one local place was the first place she's ever felt safe. how it's helping so many local people survive domestic violence. it's a busy afternoon for storm team 4. doug has been tracking rain. if you get alerts, i just got it on my phone, the rain may be approaching where you are right now. he's going to tell you when it's going to start to dry out. first, i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk.
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video we just received. a big protest just began at american university in d.c. some of the students there seen in the video appearing to burn an american flag. and expressing protests about the election of donald trump as president. we have seen several protests across the country this
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finally, we get some rain. yeah, look at the map. it's a coming. >> yeah, finally. you're right. you know, we really do need it. since september 1st, a couple months ago, we're close to 5 inches below average. so, yeah, we need rain across the region. we're getting some tonight. now, this is not going to put a real dent into our averages, but still looking okay. we do need the rain. we're getng you have seen a couple rumbles of thunder moving over toward cambridge, the pa tuckset river. showing you where the heaviest rain is right along from buoy, right over toward cheverly, right on down toward oxen hill. around the national harbor region, moving down toward clinton, upper marlboro. along 301 seen. right now moving over the
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wet drive for the last two hours. rain from around manassas, southern portions of fauquier county, culpeper county, the fredericksburg area. we'll continue to see showers for the next one to two hours. i think for the most part they'll be out of here by around 6:00. notice still more shower activity to the north around hagerstown as i mentioned. that has to work its way on through. temperatures have fallen. once the rain moved back now 56. winds out of the northwest at 14. the winds will be breezy as we move through the night tonight. 52 degrees in gaithersburg now. 57 quantico. 54 leesburg. the breeze is going to be coming through. we'll see gusts upwards of 20, 25 miles an hour, higher through the evening into tomorrow northern. breezy, cool. 54 degrees at 7:00. 48 degrees by 11:00. it's going to be a chilly night and a chilly start to the day tomorrow. our system is moving out. in behind it, look at all the
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in here tomorrow. there's some cooler air there. high temperatures right around average but with the breeze, it's going to feel a little bit on the cool side. so you'll need the jacket as you step out the front door tomorrow. now the next ten days, high temperatures on saturday. look at this. this is the big day here. we're at 62 tomorrow. 64 on veteran's day which looks great. only 52 on saturday. most of you will stay in the upper 40s on saturday to the north and west. we're back into the 60s as we move on through next week. most of next week, by the way, looking p winter weather outlook. how much snow, just how cold are we going to be, or will this be the warmest winter of all-time? no, it won't be, but tune in tomorrow, 5:00, i've got the latest with our winter weather outlook. >> okay. >> we got our fingers crossed. can't wait to hear it. thank you, doug. the reality of a trump president city is setting in for a lot of people. how the transition of power is
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and why some say they could embrace him.
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. hillary clinton, of course, conceded today. here are four things to know at 4:30. one day after this unexpected ending to the presidential campaign, clinton has delivered her first remarks since her devastating loss to donald trump. she thanked her supporters who gathered in new york this
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the outcome. >> this loss hurts, but please, never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> futures plummeted overnight. today they're on the rebound, the dow gaining 250 points by the time the closing bell rang at the top of the hour. s&p 500ra a lot of people are turning to social media to share their excitement and disappointment about this election. the #notmypresident is trending here in the d.c. area. so are the phases, first lady, obamacare, and president-elect. president obama says he is instructing his team to make sure there is a successful, peaceful transfer of power to donald trump. and he said he's invited trump to come to the white house
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president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences, but remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. but president bush's team could have not been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition so that we could hit the ground running. now at 4:30, lots of emotion today after trump's stunning victory. we visitors outside the white house. news 4's mark segraves is there. mark? >> reporter: here outside the white house, construction continues on the reviewing stand for the inaugural parade. now we know who will be sitting in that reviewing stand. outside the white house, reaction was mixed. >> i was on the fence for a while, too, but i'm happy today. >> i was -- i got very concerned last night when i went to a few parties that i just couldn't believe the numbers and it just
4:32 pm
kick in the face. >> reporter: and while adults are mixed in their emotions, most of the young people we talked to last night was a learning experience. >> yeah, i was surprised because at first it was, like, hillary and trump were, like, neck and neck, and then trump came out at the end ending up winning. >> reporter: at the white house, mark segraves, news 4. what does the trump election mean for african-americans? today's "talk around town." troy, how are your listeners reacting today? >> there is a wide range of emotions from folks that i spoke to, but mostly a lot of people are disappointed, to be quite honest, and it was really palpable when i talked to them about, you know, the outcome after this election, of course staying up late at night and waiting to see what happened. people were saying they're disappointed in this election of president-elect trump. especially after the slugfest of an election that we went through. they tell me they're not long
4:33 pm
them to resolve the many negative statements that mr. trump said on the campaign trail. a lot of them bringing up the comments about muslims and mexicans and women. just to name a few. and there are people who say they're going to need some time with this outcome, as we heard earlier, the social media backlash, the #notmypresident, a lot of people taking to social media to express their discontent about this election. >> would you say a lot of your listeners are more future under the trump presidency? >> a lot of the people that i talked to were concerned. they're concerned about america's place in the world, what our foreign diplomacy is going to look like in the future. and as well as the kitchen table issues. obamacare. a lot of people, you know, were able to access health care and now they're concerned about what's going to happen next. well, i spoke to someone who is deeply involved in dr. ben carson's presidential campaign. dina bass served as carson's national press secretary.
4:34 pm
see a positive agenda for the community from the trump administration. >> he talks about the wage gap in the black community. he talks about the education disparity in the black community. he has a plan to solve it. i think he will create jobs and advance educational policies that will in the end serve the african-american community better than hillary clinton has done in her 30 years of talking about it. >> that i the people that i talked to, but a lot of folks are finding it hard to resolve all the things that they heard in the campaign and then suddenly hearing -- are we going to hear a pivot and a focus on things that are happening in our community? they're kind of concerned. they're not sure about it. >> there's a lot of talk today about turnout, while clinton won some key demographic groups that made up the obama coalition, she really underperformed obama across the board even among women and slightly larger number
4:35 pm
trump this year over 2012. how are your listeners feel about that, how do they think that happened? >> they're disappointed. especially, you know, when you're seeing that the vast electorate has made this decision that a lot of people were not happy with, and then you see that participation in your own community was down. they blame that on apathy and they also say that it can also deal with nokes who really don't understand the issues, the education level in t understanding the gravity of this particular election. maybe they weren't quite in tune with what needed to happen. they athis is a situation where people are going to have to express their needs in the community, say to mr. trump and those elected hold them accountable for the decisions that they said they were going to do during this campaign and see what happens. >> a lot of folks said clinton didn't inspire them. >> that is true as well.
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george's county. that's where we're seeing some of the heaviest rain right around prince george's county. zoom in on that in a second. hagerstown, frederick, leesburg, another good line making its way down leesburg, around leavittsville. coming through the leesburg area. here's the area down to the south around prince george's county, moving on down toward waldorf and upper marlboro as well. this will move out and behind it we see rather cool weather but not all that bad. i'll tell you when the coldest air of the season moves that's coming up over the next couple of days. i'll see you back here in about ten minutes. >> all right, thanks, doug. this could have you thinking twice before you fill up on soda. sugary drinks can cause health problems down the road. and a lot of folks are going to be talking about starbucks tomorrow. what starbucks plans to unveil and how you can get a fee cup
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well, we won't have any idea about the next mayor of hagerstown until sometime tomorrow. that race is still too close to call. as of four hours ago, former mayor bob bruchey was leading the incumbent. more than is,000 votes were cast in that race. tomorrow the board of elections will count the absentee ballot, 638 of them to determine who wins. news 4 your health.
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to type 2 diabetes. researchers analyzed data from 1,600 middle-aged adults. those who regularly consumed sugary drinks had a 40% higher risk of developing pre-diabetes later in life. no link was found, however, if you drink diet sodas. while more research is needed, the study does not prove that sodas and other sugary drinks cause diabetes. well, this may be your cup of tea. starbucks. big day. >> yeah, it's day that red cups, red holiday cups make a comeback. to celebrate the arrival, customerses who buy one beverage get one free. beverage. the offer is good through monday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. when green cup was unveiled last week, a lot of folks though that was the holiday cup. so, it's going to be red. >> yeah. >> discuss among yourselves. for lots of local women, this is the place locally that
4:42 pm
journey of one domestic violence survivor. and what it took for her to finally feel safe at home. after such divisive presidential campaigns, the national cathedral is inviting
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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outcome of an election in our beautiful democracy, nobody had to ask that question. >> there's plenty of new reaction to the outcome of the election. former president george h.w. bush congratulated donald trump on twitter today. and former president george w. bush said in a statement today that he called trump and he wished the president-elect his very best. jeb bush also congratulated trump today. neither bush president nor neither of the bush presidents, nor jeb bush, sup campaign or attended his nominating convention. a short time from now, a service of reconciliation will get under way at the national cathedral to help heal the nation after the divisive campaign. >> this is the second of the day. it was scheduled before the election. news 4's kristin wright has that story. >> i'm a latina and i'm a woman. >> reporter: maria on her knees praying forrer a country. >> and i -- i want peace.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: washington national cathedral invited the community to bethlehem chapel to try to heal from a long, divisive election. the prayer service planned before america decided on its new president. >> and we wanted to intentionally create a space. we knew that no matter the outcome of the election, that this had been a bruising season. >> reporter: in the pews, weary faces. >> it was important hope in me. >> reporter: nan arrington pete still wearing her "i voted" sticker. >> we've always faced obstacles and troubles and division throughout our history. >> our calling is to seek the good of the cities and the communities in which we dwell. that that is god's call to us. >> reporter: maria says the prayer service gave her the feeling of hope she needs.
4:47 pm
i have to be -- prayer, peace. >> reporter: it is tradition that the national cathedral hold a prayer service in january for the newly sworn in president. reverend buddy tells me, of course, that invitation stands for president-elect trump. the cathedral is holding another reconciliation service today at 5:30. in northwest washington, kristin wright, news 4. and now your storm team >> well, hope you have those umbrellas handy across our region. we got the rain now. we saw it earlier then we broke out into a little sunshine. temperatures went into the low 60s. w we're back into the 50s. the rain still falling. outside right now, cloud cover across our region tonight. the sun making its way down right now. still seeing rain around the metro. right now temperatures have fallen to 56. winds out of the northwest at 14. going it be rather breezesy tonight. you're going to notice it when you step out the front door this
4:48 pm
57 beverly beach in portions of an arundel county. most of the area is dry. the rain is just showers. we told you this yesterday. just shower related. we are seeing some of the heavier right into western portions of loudoun county, jefferson county, west virginia, here, right along the shenandoah river. as it makes its way toward portions of loudoun county, toward leesburg right on back toward the lucketts region. prince marlboro, waldorf, la plata, seeing more rain. shower activity for the next one to two hours. a couple showers back to the north and what we have to watch come through the region. northern virginia, you'll continue to get shower activity this evening. tomorrow, beautiful, if you like it a little on the cool side. we're going to start off cool. rather breezy at 7:00 a.m.
4:49 pm
you'll see the jackets tomorrow evening for sure. 62 by 3:00. the warm jacket. high temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. again, i think we'll get to 60, 62 in the city with plenty of sunshine. next couple of days, though, big changes here. 64 on veteran's day. that's a beautiful afternoon. look at saturday, though, we have a front that moves through friday night, going to cool things for saturday. high temperature saturday only in the 40s to low 50s. high of 52 on saturday. rather chilly for . high temperature of 60 degrees. monday the supermoon on monday night. 60 degrees here. and, again, take a look. supermoon is going to look really good both sunday night and monday night. look to the western sky. that's where we're going to see it. it will be about 14% bigger. 30% brighter. next time it will be like this back in 2034. so something to look forward to on sunday night and into monday. most of next week right now
4:50 pm
coming up in the 5:00 hour, what the rain means and how cold things will be on saturday. i'll see you then. >> thank you, doug. this afternoon, news 4's erica gonzalez gathered together a panel of experts to talk about how people can get help after escapinging from domestic violence. it's part of our ongoing safe at home campaign to shine a spotlight on domestic violence. you can still watch the entire facebook live video on nbc washington's facebook page. people of every ethnicity deal with domestic violence, but for women of language and culture may be road blocks to getting help. >> news 4's erica gonzalez sat down with a latina survivor to talk about what it took for her to finally feel safe at home. >> reporter: for most of us this is everyday life at home. but for this woman whom we'll call elizabeth, it's the first place she's ever felt safe. elizabeth is a survivor of
4:51 pm
won't see her face. it first started years ago with her father. >> he actually fist punched me on my face. >> reporter: and after numerous fights like these, she called police, left home and school, and started working to survive. eventually, she'd meet a man. the father of her three children. ages 3, 2 and 1. >> i was blindsided with love. >> reporter: buten aggressive masculinity traits that's often talked about in the hispanic culture surfaces. just like it did with her dad. >> he got so angry that he broke everything. >> reporter: she stayed. >> the second situation, he bit me. >> reporter: still, she stayed. >> he knocked me upside the head with a diaper bag. the strap was made out of metal. >> reporter: but then elizabeth had enough. >> no man needs to hit you in
4:52 pm
and found it with dash. >> hierarchy, right, you know, it's safety, shelter, food and clothing like those are all basic human rights. >> reporter: recognizing the need for a safe place for survivors, peg started the district alliance for safe housing ten years ago. >> it really does impact, marginalize communities much more greatly simply because they to help themselves. >> reporter: among the many things d.a.s.h. does to support survivors is emergency to temporary housing. 42 other people and families like elizabeth's get an apartment rent free for two years. >> when you walked in here and you saw your own kitchen table, your own couch, a bed for your kids, what did you think? >> i can do this. >> reporter: elizabeth admits lots of days are hard and she
4:53 pm
depression, but she does it for her girls. what do you pray for, what do you want for them? >> for them not to follow my steps. i want this chain to be broken. >> reporter: d.a.s.h. has given her the safety to dream again, going to school to one day help others. your eyes light up. what is it about the idea of being an emt that gives you that joy that i'm watching? >> you'll see other people in the same situation my story can help them escape domestic violence. >> you can find d.c.-area resources on domestic violence in the nbc washington app. just search "safe at home." it may have been a national election, but it has international implications. the ripple effect around the globe this afternoon as the world learned that donald trump will be our next president.
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global reaction to the election is pouring in. leaders and citizens from around the world pondering what a trump administration means to them. nbc's keir simmons continues our team coverage with international reaction to trump's stunning victory. >> reporter: america's political earthquake shaking the world, few understanding what a
4:57 pm
through global markets. americans overseas stunned. >> no one thought it could happen, and it happened. >> one man and one election year in one branch of government is not going to, you know, end the world. >> donald trump. >> reporter: international leaders waking up to a new world. the u.s.-backed battle to take mosul from isis in iraq under way. but the strategy questioned by donald trump on the campaign trail. now he will be across the middle east, they watched the results live. the region's strong men like egypt's president rushing to congratulate america's president-elect. in israel, surprise and mixed reactions. >> shock. i was very happy. >> reporter: but in mexico, where he promised to build a wall on the border, the peso plummeted this morning. here in russia relations with america increasingly tense, from
4:58 pm
putin sending a personal message to trump this morning. and calling for dialogue. putin accused of supporting hackers targeting the election will be tough to deal with. while in china, questions over the future of world trade. >> we're seeing a disaster coming. >> i think pretty good because he know how to do business. >> reporter: iran, north korea, syria. a list of global challengers is long. this morning, trump promising today in a tweet, the pope called for dialogue and cooperation. the world feels so fragile right now. think of it like a jigsaw. it seems like donald trump has just thrown the pieces in the air. back to you. i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too. this is painful and it will be for a long time. >> a concession instead of a victory as hillary clinton makes
4:59 pm
>> we are all now rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> and now a call for people to come together as donald trump prepares to succeed president obama in the oval office. >> from the transition of power to plans in the works for a trump inauguration. we've got you covered from all the angles tonight. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts now. hillary clinton prepared, but it's not the one she hoped to deliver. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler in tonight for jim hanley. >> she said she felt honored to represent them in what she called a consequential election. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the
5:00 pm
highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think. this loss hurts, but please, never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> during her speech, clinton also said there's still work to be done and that the campaign had never been just about one person or one election. clinton's call for unity marks from now president-elect donald trump. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. >> and while clinton won virginia, today trump supporters


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