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tv   Today  NBC  November 11, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> sting. >> we have two great surprises. sting is going to be performing on our show on this friday, november 11th. and our second surprise, look who's filling in for kathie lee, the hilarious, his name is andrew. >> that's correct. that's correct. >> look at you sitting here like you're a talk show host.
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got, hoda woman. this is so cool. thanks so much for having me. >> it's a little wired sitting here. >> it does feel like an elaborate prank. i feel like someone is going to come out and say, you're not doing anything. >> do you feel nervous in situations like this or not really? >> yeah. if i think about it. i'm trying not to think about it. >> you've done plenty in your crazy professional life. you know andrew. i'm going to refresh your memory. >> great. >> from "the intern." "the intern." >> were you guys friends after that? >> yes. she's very nice, sweet, and kind. i remember i was rehearing "hedwig." i was in rehearsal and opening
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bouquet. she was very thoughtful. >> do you get palsy. do you guys end up having a bond that goes beyond? >> yeah. movies -- not that i've done a ton of movies or television, it's a different vibe because you're not always there awl together. with the theater stuff, that's a -- you become a family quickly because you're there all the time. so like my new family now is with "fall see toes." >> i'm sorry. what? >> i'm casually job. >> let's listen to a second of this. what's your role in this? >> i play a character named wizer. not the best name in the world, but the show is a real fantastic sort of very heartfelt unexpected family dynamic. the first act was written in 1980 and it sort of centered around this character marvin who leaves his wife and child to be
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and that -- and then the second act deals with sort of the continuation of them continuing to be this sort of unconventional unexpected family. >> do you feel comfortable on a broadway stage? when you step out, do you feel like, i'm home? does it feel like that for you? >> yeah, yeah. with this show in particular, i feel so. it's a great fit and i love my cast so so much. >> if you've ever seen "hamilton," most are jonesing for a ticket, this guy played earth and that had to be one of the most nerve-racking things. >> it was. i don't remember if i told you this. i did my like fifth performance, i forgot my words on stage. and in that show, like all i had do was walk out and sing one song, stand in the middle of the stage and sing it and i forgot the words. >> what did you do? >> not my best moment. >> what did you do? >> i moved my mouth so hopefully
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it didn't go well. it didn't go well. turns out it didn't fool anyone. >> you're also on "girls." that's what's happening. i'm noticing a trend. >> all part of my plan. >> is it your master plan. >> yes. >> should we make a toast? >> yes. >> it is try day these are momember cocktails. these are sponsored by the refinery at the hotel in new york city. >> it's boosie. >> it has coffee in it so you can drink it in the morning. >> you're going to die after. look where he went where my lipstick was. >> i need a little color. >> what do you thinksome. >> just so you know, the
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foundation. they're delicious drinks. >> like an old-fashioned. >> it's going for a good cause. >> so it makes me feel better about drinking in the morning. >> when did that start for you? >> we want to blame chelsea handler for that. she came on the show with that book and we decided we'd give her a drink and we did and a few weeks later brooke shields came on and said where's mine. where's yo isn't that pretty cool? >> it is. >> it's not a bad deal. >> not a bad gig. >> we would like to make a toast to the newest kardashian baby. >> oh. dream. >> right. dream rene kardashian. rob and his fiancee black china had a baby. >> i didn't see rene coming after dream. >> you didn't?
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yesterday morning at cedars-sinai hospital in l.a. people often take a picture. they took a video doing the mannequin challenge. wait. look what's happening. oh, kris is there. oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. there's a lot happening. okay. okay. >> now, as we were discussing before, the mannequin challenge, no one really knows where this came from. >> what do you think of the >> well, does it benefit someone? >> there's no money that goes anywhere but people seem to be enjoying it. >> at least we're clear it's just for fun. >> it's great. it's easy. low maintenance. anybody can do it. rob did on instagram, he wrote, thank you, black china, for having our baby and for being so strong. i love you so strong and i can't wait to see her get older day by day. >> isn't that nice. dream rene. >> wow. they had a baby.
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andrew, that are like the perfect couple and you happen to be in their orbit and it's a little annoying? >> all the time. >> you do. well, chris pratt and anna faris are apparently that kind of a couple. >> yes, yes. i saw jennifer lawrence talking about this. >> yes. >> what did she say? it was -- >> i think she thought it was gross. gross or annoying? let's listen. i think she said it on "ellen." let's look. and jack came to the set, right? >> yes. >> how great is that little family? >> oh, my gosh. it's so cute. and his son is a genius. and anna is nice and hilarious, and they're like in love. they look like a nicholas sparks novel. you know how when you see people so happy it just makes you miserable? >> miserable. >> are you in love?
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>> i'm thrilled. i don't think you should ask anyone in a relationship, are you so happy? how's it going or how's that going. >> by the way, if you want to be in a good mood on this friday, there is another song on the hamilton mix tape or whatever you call it. >> yep. >> so you -- you like this one, right? >> well, lin -- when i was there last year, they were putting together some track, so i heard a few things. tracks and a little snippet of things in there. it's exciting that it's all coming out. >> so the new one that's out is the track. let's see which one andrew loves the most. ?? >> i mean what they do in the show is also like so incredible.
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you know what i mean? >> that's the crazy part. let's do a kelly clarkson. what's she up to? >> "quiet uptown." ? if i could change my mind ?? >> there will be a lot of people crying on treadmills working out to this. >> we've got "bust a rhyme" singing ?? >> you can't go wrong. >> you really can't. they're all great. >> was he a nice guy to work with, by the way? >> he was awful. the worst. he's not super smart, he's not that nice. i wish he had more to say. i wish he had a better work ethic, quite frankly. could he juggle more? could he do more things? he was amazing. really inspiring.
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and do nothing with my free team. he wroit a book and doing all these projects. i was path myself on the back for reading a book. >> congrats. >> reading a book. not even writing one. >> and with a little bit of laugh. so there's a young boy who has to take out the trash. >> he had some trouble with the trash can. it was courtesy of america's funniest home videos. no, no. >> yep. not the smartest little dummy. maybe turn it around, dum-dum. >> kids. he's doing it. >> this is the way you learn. first of all, where is this? >> at the end of a driveway. >> oh, wowzer. >> you know what's funny? >> he's fine, though, right? they're not going to cut to hum
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usually when i see something like that, i feel terrible and i'm usually not laughing so i feel guilty. >> i always laugh, yeah. >> she was on tv once, and now she's at it again. look who's here. >> sela ward. i've loved you since "sisters." ? she's going to talk about her juicy role right after this. see la. when you get your coupon and spend $75 in store, i want you to have the gift card. aw! but what'd you spend $75 on? ?? whoa. all those cute little cat videos were very misleading. get your coupon, spend $75 in store and get a $10 gift card to use in december. toys"r"us ...awwwwesome! everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple.
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nolte. >> oh, my god. i love you so much, but you're driving me crazy. and whatever it was, it was happening and whatever it was that happened today that made you snap out of it, i'm really happy for you. now let's see if after 40 years you can find a way to do the same thing for me. >> oh, you missed the best part. >> give us the rest. give us the >> you have to watch that scene. that scene. that scene is with the therapist. and the whole family's on the sofa. it's brilliant. >> cut off a lit. >> cut off a lot. >> it's morning television. >> it's that kind of show. you have to watch it because it's really racy kind of show. >> and it's so hilarious.
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show and obviously a comedy, but dealing with political themes and also kind of not exactly ripped from the headlines but a lot of parallels could certainly be drawn? >> well, first and foremost it's about a whacky dysfunctional family, okay, which i love. and the political world is just the backdrop and it makes for great comedy because nick nolte's character president 20 years before and he's going, oh, my god, made all the wrong decision and he's going to right his wrong decisions. it's hysterical. it's a composite white house family. >> now, nick nolte, what is he like to sit across from and work with day after day. >> you know, i wish i had a bottle of wine and four hours to
10:17 am
lord. he is -- he is so sharp still and shows up as an actor with 180% with the energy and focus and a very giving actor. i love him. i'm having the best time with him. we laugh. >> it's fun to get to see him do something funny too. >> yeah. >> you know what we love about you? we love a lost things, but we love that you're back in new york. >> i love that i'm back in new york. i love new york. oh, my gosh. >>w >> i feel like i'm home because i lived here in my 20s and that's such a formidable time. i was modeling. first i was drawing things on the storyboard for like as an artist for $6 an hour and someone said you could model for $100 an hour. but i would shlep my book all up and down management, in the
10:18 am
lofts. i got to know the city. >> where did you live? >> upper east side and upper west side and now i'm downtown. i'm having so much fun. >> whole different neighborhood. >> we love you. i had you on my sirius radio show. thank you for coming. >> andrew, i'm going to see you in falsetto. >> the show is and airs sunday nights on epix. in honor of veterans day, "pay it forward" coming up right after this. n! ...husband. oh yeah!!! [ crashing ] [ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive.
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this this morning on "today style," melissa garcia will show us items that are not just fashionable but they also give back to organizations and charities to support those who
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>> we have jose garcia with the 101st first airborne and delilah who served in the national guard. >> thank you both for your service. thank you for coming here today. we have models for a reason, don't we. >> we do. we have jose. he served in the vietnam war. how adorable is he. he's my father-in-law. he's modeling an outfitro kenneth cole line sold at the men's wearhouse. they've donated $800,000 through this line. whenever you purchase through kens coal it goes to the veterans. >> he looks amazing. then we have delilah. she's gorgeous and she's tough. she was in the marines. she's wearing this gorgeous outfit from brooks brothers who
10:23 am
2012. they've donated almost a million dollar. >> delilah's rocking the shoes. >> how amazing? >> comfortable? >> yes. >> they're great. yes. we have a surprise for you. >> we do have a surprise for both of you. you're going to keep everything you're wearing. just a little way to say thank you. >> a little thank you for everything you guys have done. thank you both. >> >> there's also tons of brands. who knew that a lot of these brands, a lot give back to veterans. this is philanthropy. they'll be given 30g% back to charity by giving food for service dogs.
10:24 am
two sisters born into the military kind of family. they repurpose military surplus. these are bullet casings. how cool is that. how cool. i love, love, love this. they give 10% back all the time to veterans. this is operation hat trick which is in combination with 47, which is a big hat brand based out of boston. they're donatingt they've given almost $500,000. sunglasses, giving $10 to veterans yoerg nation. bamba's socks give a free pair to every veteran. this is from a blogger zero blog 30. they have a podcast. they have these shirts. half of the proceeds which is $25 goes toward charity. >> by the way, all great things.
10:25 am
and delilah. thank you so much. >> for more information -- >> that's me. >> please go to the "today" >> sting will be performing right after this. each other can be. ahh, interception! that's because with we can shop over 700,000 items from brand names like samsung, keurig and sony. go to to get low monthly payments and the credit you deserve. and get great stuff like this awesome flat screen tv. fingerhut man's here! oooh! maybe he brought you some defense. 'cause that's a touchdown, buttercup! ? ? ? ? oww! ? ? kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. stubborn frizz needs smoothing care. garnier whole blends smoothing oil.
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i'm so excited. back with i'm so excited. we're back with an actress who dazzles us, sandy new tonl. >> she was in the oscar-winning film "crash." kicked some seri "mission impossible 2," and on "e.r." >> she now plays on "west world" and realizes her thoughts might not be her own.
10:31 am
>> preprogramming. >> have you loved herrer from, andrew? >> in a past robot life? >> let me ask you. i'm a huge fan of "westworld," you do have to bounce back and forth. you're playing the character. of advisors to remind us where we were. and each scene was so fantastic that -- i was just -- i think my enthusiasm for playing the role would give me all the, you know -- >> information. >> information. >> you seem to pick great projects listing them, every single one is a winner. >> uh-huh. >> i'm taking you home with me. >> do you have a special trick?
10:32 am
don't care what anybody sells? >> true kbrop look at character's vishgsd the whole piece. if i kneel whole piece will be a valuable contribution. you mentioned "crash." a small film none of us a thought would be seen and it caught everyone's imagination. similarly, i just tend to -- and with "e.r." a time when a film actor shouldn't really do television. this is a long time ago. i wanted to do it because it was a story line i did it, despite told it was necessarily the ring thing to do. >> and noah wyle's girlfriend. >> right. [ laughter ] >> i got to see the coming episode for "westworld." >> i haven't seen it yet! >> yep. it's so -- it's a very, a very special episode. >> getting really serious now. >> what does it mean when it's special? >> well, things take a -- things
10:33 am
every week. there's been some big reveal. >> episode serve be. >> seven. >> nearliality pinnacle. >> when did you finish filming? a long time or -- >> ouch. ooh, my brain. last year. >> so do you remember, like, when i was -- episode seven. oh, i remember what happens? >> i do remember having made it, but i haven't actually managed to watch the episodes. >> are you -- >> is that what happens? is that liberating? >> it's hbo. we all have to be naked. >> no, it's not -- for the sake of being naked. >> no. >> like your show. that nudity is justified. >> and not always sexual. >> and like "westworld" it's not a sexy nudity. >> being naked in the corset with the boobs up here. >> why is that? why? >> the saloon outfit. >> looking at that --
10:34 am
i would never that in real life because i think it's distracting. i want to have a conversation with your eyes. the nudity is about the character's vulnerability. these robots are treated like cattle. >> i think you two will be working together soon. a feeling base and your conversation before. i look forward to that. >> a "westworld" spin-off. >> "westworld"/"girls "spin-off t. would be easy. hbo. >> hbo! coming up, a performance from sting. >> what? >> a repeat performance, very excited. >> yes. plus family friendly destinations for holiday travels destinations for holiday travels coming up right after this. just press "clean" and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home.
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the holidays are fast approaching meaning now's the time to book travel when kids are off school you're ready to go. >> here to tel family-friendly destinations -- >> family vacations in the u.s. >> they are. basically i brought you travel gifts. >> oh. >> underneath each one of these gifts is an all-inclusive package for a family of four that will hit about $100 per person per night. >> okay. food and everything? >> everything. >> wow. >> all righty, then. >> are you ready to go? >> hit it. hit it, babe.
10:40 am
>> to south carolina. >> nice. >> an incredible resort 30 minutes drive from charlesen. you basically there's golf, tennis, spa, you can't get bored there. >> great. all-inclusive meaning -- talking food? >> even food. >> wow. >> what? all right. so bring the kids. going golfing. >> and this is amazing. >> what's next, honey? >> get ready. >> i'm ready. >> what? >> that what is this? >> it's a head! >> skiing. >> yes. do you ski? >> no. >> no. >> anyway, move on. no, no, no. tell us. >> if you did ski, i would take you to vermont to spruce peak. >> people love skiing. >> beautiful $19 million resort trying to compete buy vale in aspen. add on spa passes, lift passes. great value. >> by the way, a lot of people i
10:41 am
let's go, nice and slow, and reveal the next one. >> this is my favorite. i must admit. >> i can't wait. >> what do you think we're doing? >> we are -- going to the beach! >> close. >> we're going to the pool. >> yes. >> oh! >> water park. >> this is -- exact. thank you. i love water parks. he's prepped! >> this is, talking about great wolf in southern ohio. which has an 80,000 square foot indoor water park. you have >> wow. >> 52-foot tall water coaster. so much to play with and food and drink all included. >> great. are these trips you can take between now and christmas or -- when -- >> for right now. remember, you don't have to go for a week. take a long weekend. very budget friendly. adjust, i just want a couple days away. >> yeah. >> pack my wallet. >> make it easy. all right. >> remember the kids. >> here we go. >> okay. you're ready?
10:42 am
honey, go on. >> where are we going? adorable boots. >> i want a little country music. >> where are we going? yes! memphis? >> nashville. >> almost. we're going to branson, missouri. >> another good one. yeah. >> which is basically, i think of it as the little las vegas. the vegas of the midwest pap . aee sort offering tickets to dolly parton's -- >> i would see thatn park, and you've got frozen custard, missouri's -- i must admit i would get fat eating the frozen custard. >> branson is one of the spots i want to go there. >> my co-star used to work there. >> what did she do? >> a singer, i believe. >> maybe she sang there.
10:43 am
>> grand finale. >> ta-da! >> "westworld." >> a call back. a little bit like a real-life "westworld." dude ranch near tucson, arizona. this means, i want to play with these. makes me feel like -- >> like a little boy. >> horse riding lessons. it's basically fun for the whole family, but outdoors, lots of nature walks and anything you want to do. >> wow. >> make it like a "westworld." >> and all details, we have them for you. thank you, honey. andrew, tell you, guess who's performing here? >> ah -- sting. >> sting is! that performance coming up,
10:44 am
i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years
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before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. please bow your heads. and i'm just grateful that we can all be here in this moment. i'm thankful for my family and that they care about me. we're another year older, we've been through a lot of trauma you guys are my family. nothing more important than family today. it's good to be together. lets enjoy.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly
10:49 am
now to a legendary performer hoop been topping charts more than three decades and still hasn't age add day. >> no. >> of course we are talking about -- >> all: sting! >> yes. mr. sting is here with his latest album called "57th and ni ninth" and later greeting fans at 30 rock. >> such a good guy. the ten-time grammy winner, a brand new song called "one fine day." sting, everybody. ?? ? oh, can i say the future's just a place we've never been ?
10:50 am
can't decide ? really i must choose a side, i guess i'll wake up smarter one fine day ? a father can say the weather's just a cycle we can't change ? scientists say we've pushed those cycles time is up ? the planet's sick and we'll all be grateful one fine day ? a passage just got and three penguins got drowned ? the ice it lifts up and disappears ? these things are worse than some
10:51 am
it's progress of a kind who knows what else we're going to find ? do you trust your better half when things all seem to fall apart ? i guess we'll wake up smarter one fine day ? one fine day ? and in between the dogs and cats, rabbits jumping out of hats ? ? and now i've got us all, all i've got tomorrow is a flavor for us ? we must do something quick or die ? ? when pigs will fly all is so
10:52 am
one fine day ? one fine day ? ?? ? one fine day ? one fine day ?? that was sting.
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wasn'tfun having andrew with us today? i thought it was fun. >> i'm having the best time. >> so you're going to leave here and you've got another job tonight. what are you doing tonight?
10:56 am
running through january 8th. >> a matinee? >> just one. two tomorrow. matinee sunday. >> good. >> crazy schedule. >> do that and then when does "girls" kick in again? >> starts in february. not an exact date but back, final season. final season of "girls." >> is there another show that might be coming up? >> i'm secreting a show. some sort of job for me and thandie newton together, >> girlsworld. too hard to say. thandie and andy. >> thank you for hanging out. kathie is back on monday. >> is she? >> this is all on monday. james brolin. >> katie seagal. >> country star justin moore. >> and the legendary tony bennett. >> all on monday. >> i'm coming back. stay home, kathie lee. >> have a great weekend,
10:57 am
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life looks good. honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? figures.
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through the bravery, dedication and sacrifice of our veterans, we enjoy peace and liberty. >> right now across our area, veterans being honored for the world war ii memorial in just minutes, president obama is expected at arlington national cemetery. we'll take you there live. not my president! not my president! >> president-elect donald trump is reacting to the ongoing protests over the election results. his two very different responses, just hours apart. temperatures are kind of mild now, but it's going to be a blustery afternoon and the weekend is looking very, very


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