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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we know it's been a crazy week for everybody. everybody seemed to be looking forward to the weekend. >> that is the scene of our facebook live behind the scenes, but on air we want to get a check of the forecast. a cold start to the weekend. >> it is still cold, even though the sun's been up for a couple of hours. it's in the 30s, but we have the bright sun illuminating the gorgeous blue sky and temperatures are beginning to climb near 40 in the nearby suburbs and still 30 in the shenandoah valley. in washington it's around 40 degrees. the walk to end hiv, sunny and chilly, temperaturess climbing into the 40s. a look at our next chance for
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protests dividing communities across the u.s., it's the reaction to the election of donald trump. in portland things turned violent. a man was shot following a confrontation with someone in a car. he's expected to be okay. in downtown los angeles nearly 1,000 people filling the streets. lapd have arrested hundreds and traffic miami. president elect donald trump is showing some signs of trying to keep some of the more popular parts of obamacare intact. that includes the portion that covers people with preexisting medical conditions and the measure that allows young people to stay on their parents' insurance until they turn 26, but he's not waiving in his plan to repeal and replace most of it and quickly.
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we're not going to have like a two-day period or a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know and it will be great health care for much less money. >> trump also spoke about his phone call with hillary clinton. he says she was gracious and kind telling him congratulations after all the votes came in. the president elect says he thanked her and told her she was a great competitor. governor chris st the vice president elect is replacing the new jersey governor to lead the transition team. christie will serve as vice chairman. he'll be joined by the former new york mayor and newt gingrich and ben carson. tomorrow on meet the press, chuck todd will break down the transition team and what's next
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working to reassure local muslims that they will not be banned from coming into the u.s. following a prayer service in sterling, local leaders met with members of the mosque. they tried to reassure them that donald trump's campaign promise to ban muslims is unconstitutional and they don't support it. here's what some members told us about whether it could happen. >> i do believe that . >> i don't think so. i think this was probably something that was mentioned during the campaign trail, but we have a constitution. >> congresswomen barbara comstock says she thinks trump is softening his position on the ban. there's a new black lives matter banner posted outside a church. because on election night somebody vandalized the sign for the fourth time.
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talk with the vandals. a suicide bomber killing at least four and hurting 14 people at bagram base. this attack happened as military members were gathering for a post veterans day run. the base is now on lock down as investigators try to make sure that this was not part of a larger plot. we are getting reaction this morning. it's pouring in after a soldier from maryland died in kuwait. the pentagon is calling it a noncombat related incident. he was in kuwait supporting a mission to fight isis. he enlisted nearly two years ago and a spokesperson called him an outstanding soldier. specialist murray was 23 years old. right now folks from around the country are in our nation's capital here to take part in the walk to end hiv.
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important to us here at news 4 er year. proceeds from the event help fund services at the center. you're looking at the course that's taking place on the national mall. nbc 4 a proud sponsor of the event. if you're heading down to the walk. you're going to see some familiar faces, but we get to chat with chuck bell who is standing by. >> reporter: we love here, nbc 4 represented strong down here. the walk to end hiv, the 30th one. we've been the proud media partner of this cause since the beginning. there are a couple of thousand folks here on freedom plaza. our buddies are up on stage right now. they were supposed to be here, but i'm filling in for them. walker health raised over $100,000 for their own team. they had not accomplished that
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strong this year. walkers and runners are here, the peacock's here. there's activities around here for the remainder of the morning. if you're watching this at home, you can make a donation to help end hiv. you can meet the peacock. it's a great cause for all the things going on down here and we're having a grand time doing it. come down to the freedom plaza this morning and friends that are putting their time and effort and money behind ending hiv. >> a great cause down there. chuck bell and the nbc peacock, we appreciate the time. >> you know that peacock's warm. >> he's staying warm. >> i like it. >> it's a good day to be in the peacock outfit. >> exactly. >> thanks. 9:06 is your time right now. officers shot a suspect killed, a dangerous search through
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to a police shootout. a wild chase through some of the region's busiest roads. what we're finding out about
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it started as a search for a officers started out searching neighborhood yards yesterday. they were looking for a suspect from a separate shooting earlier this week. the 33-year-old man opened fire on the officers and the k-9. officers fired back killing the man. a tip helped stafford county detectives track down a suspect in north carolina. he is accused of crashing into a
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assaulting her. this was on halloween. police say that he was living in the fredericksburg area prior to this attack. they say that he intentionally crashed into the victim's car on king's highway rambling into the back of it and then he pulled the woman out of her car and sexually assaulted her on the side of the road. he is charged with rape and aggravated sexual battery. new information about a deadly assault inside an assisted living facility in alexandria. the victim was 82 years old and the man who assaulted him was 72. it happened last month inside the facility. the paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital and he died that day. no charges have been filed, but it is the sixth homicide in the city this year. you might want to grab those sweat pants instead of the shorts this morning if you are planning to go do a morning run as we look at beautiful national
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coolest temperatures that we've seen in months. talking about some major delays on metro this weekend. we're going to tell you why all lines could have you waiting for
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good morning. you need to layer up if you're going to get in a brisk walk in this autumn air as temperatures
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degrees and then mid afternoon mid 50s with a light breeze and sunshine. by 6:00 we'll be down in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. watch for that bright nearly full super moon coming up in the eastern sky this evening. a look at our next chance for rain in a few minutes. >> we'll check in with you then. we want to get to a developing story out of prince george's county, police t homicide on tower road. >> derrick ward is joining us live. >> reporter: good morning. the roads through this part of prince george's county have a certain charm, but there's a dark back drop to the scenery
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evening and when they got here they found an adult male that had been shot. that person was taken to the hospital and died. we don't have a lot of details about the identity, circumstances or shooting or suspect information at this point, but the police are asking for the public's help in solving this crime, something that is uncommon in a rural community here. this community reeling from a homicide that happened yesterday afternoon. we are live in prince george's county, back to 9:15 right now. more waits on metro this weekend as crews do work on several lines. orange, silver and blue line trains will operate every 20 minutes. yellow and green trains will operate every 20 minutes with the trains traveling the green belt and free shuttle buses replace some areas because of that track work that is happening there. check out this incredible
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on the nbc washington app. it was apping live. we know that the man who police and deputies chased from sterling to. chopper 4 was above the whole thing. news 4 shows us the peaceful surrounder. >> reporter: the images were astonishing. police pursuing a man on a motorcycle as he wove in and of traffic. police blocked the intersections in their attempts to stop him, but he boldly slipped past them crossing route 7 and heading in the opposite direction. search lights illuminated the chase. at one point officers attempted to box him in, but he slipped away. >> we're very careful in how we pursue in any kind of a chase and in this particular case we were able to keep an eye on him
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time. >> reporter: drivers on route 7 and people watching the live signal were transfixed by the chase. this picture was tweeted from the press room at the verizon center. it finally came to an end, the rider seeing the police block calmly turned off the bike and followed commands to get down on the ground. he was taken into custody by
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morning. this next story is a topic that's really kind of tough for a lot of us to think about. >> i know. must you say it? >> no, let alone thinking about how much we might get this winter. >> when it comes down to the actual measurements, it turns out that d.c. snow totals are not calculated inside the district. the official measurement taken in arlington at reagan international they want the site to be moved to d.c. this is critical when it comes to applying for federal disaster aid and it makes sense. >> tom with us now. you were saying this makes sense given the variations you can find from arlington to d.c. >> the airport is on the river and in the winter time the river is not frozen over so warmer air can come in and not as much snow
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of snow so hopefully we'll get that taken care of. here this morning if was cold enough for snow and we have a beautiful blue sky. love the rusty browns of november. that's the live view this morning. still some individual trees showing off nice color. temperatures are around 40 in nearby suburbs. low to mid 40s in the bay, 30s in shenandoah valley and look at the blue waters of the potomac temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and by 2:00 mid 50s and 6:00 p.m. down near 50 degrees and late evening get back in the low 40s. the shenandoah river looked beautiful yesterday. calm as a mill pond reflecting that beautiful blue sky.
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effect for these counties in purple. southern maryland. likely the growing season ending, especially after late tonight into tomorrow morning. protect your plants if you have any out on your front porch bring them inside. we'll have a warming trend later in the week. we'll have our temperatures tomorrow morning at or below freezing. many of the suburbs and rural areas. sunshine. should be good weather for the skins and vikings at fedex field tomorrow afternoon. kickoff after 1:00. in the morning mid 50s and during the game around 60 degrees with a light breeze. a great day for football on sunday. then as we get into monday increasing clouds and that's our next chance for rain. looks to be on monday afternoon and evening. light rain around.
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blocking our view of the super moon as it comes up on monday evening. be can looking for it tonight and again on sunday night if you want to get a good look at the brighter than average moon and it's closer to us than normal as well. on tuesday and wednesday a lot of the sunshine and highs around 60 and then milder toward the end of the week. mid 60s on thursday and friday. next weekend getting chilly again. might get some sprinkles next saturday night. that's the way it i'm taken aback by this. i'm in complete shock. >> a life changing act of kindness, the big surprise for a local military family.
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the next time you go to buy a used car, gonna want to take a good look at that sticker in the window. the updating what's required to be on the sticker like warrant disclosures, warrant recalls, major defects that could happen in a used car. this is a great story getting a lot of love online as well. fans at the wizards game treated to a special moment. >> army sergeant received a
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his wife and two kids. >> the family got the surprise of a lifetime. >> reporter: u.s. army sergeant is overwhelmed with happiness as he receives a standing ovation on veterans day, his two kids and his wife are by his side. >> i'm taken aback >> reporter: the iraq and afghanistan war veteran was honored with a custom built mortgage free home in virginia thanks to a nonprofit group that helps wounded veterans and their families. >> i'm completely surprised. we had applied through the organization and they do a
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guess their pathway. >> reporter: the sergeant received a purple heart after he was wounded in 2011 and his jaw was shattered and injuring the right side of his body. he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and has a service dog named macie. the crowd at the center appreciates his service. >> a lot of veterans don't get the credit. >> say thank you and feel grateful. >>he simple thank you, we don't look for it, we don't expect it, but when you hear it, it's nice to know that other people think about you. >> reporter: he now has a lot to think about. >> what's the first thing you're going to do in your new home. >> probably cry. i would say fall to my knees, but that would hurt a lot. >> reporter: news 4.
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getting warmer, but still cold out there. we have tom updating his four things to know in the forecast, including how long the temperatures will stay in the 30s and 40s. while the white house prepares for a new president, major changes are happening now here at capitol hill as we take a live look. the big transition about to getting started. you may be subject to the use of force weapons. >> police breaking up anti-trump protests overnight. we're going to take you to the new conflicts with officers that are unfolding in several cies are unfolding in several cies acrossti t we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time.
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s good quality.
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right now anger continuing to build around the country following the election of president electdo it meant confrontations between police and citizens. you can see it right there, with more demonstrations planned today. we are hearing compromise from donald trump before the president elect takes office. he says he will keep some parts of obamacare. thousands are at the national mall for the 30th annual walk to end hiv and look who's with us on a weekend morning. chuck bell is also down there.
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minutes ago. we'll check in live with them shortly. news 4 today starts now. it feels like a week day up in here. >> i know. we have everybody here. welcome back on this saturday morning. you just saw them bundled up with layers. >> you think folks later in the day can shed some of them? >> maybe one. there is a chill in i'm here in northwest washington. i've got my puffy coat on. i need it under this royal blue sky. beautiful day under way. you can check the latest with the nbc washington app or wherever you are. check out this brisk autumn weather. four things to know as we look into the rest of the weekend into monday, remaining chilly and dry throughout the day today. then another cold morning tomorrow morning.
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suburbs and rural areas and then chilly on monday with clouds rolling in. our next chance of rain looks to be monday afternoon into monday evening. a look at the up and down temperatures here over the next ten days coming up this half hour. >> all right. folks from around the country are in town at our nation's capital taking part in the walk to end hiv. >> nbc 4 a proud sponsor of today's event. if you are headed down to the walk, you're familiar faces. they are joining us live from the national mall. it is so great to see you guys. >> good morning angie and david. it is a beautiful day for the walk to end hiv. we've been a proud partner for 30 years and the walkers and runners just stepped off moments ago on this wonderful event for
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walk director here with this morning. >> we have over 3,000 people who turned out today. 200 or more teams who have turned out and we have raised about $700,000. we're grateful to the community and nbc news 4. >> tell us why it's important, this cause. the work to end hiv is not done. >> that's correct. we've been fighting the epidemic here in d.c. for 30 years. we've made a lot of to do. we need to educate the community and make sure people get tested, know their status, get into treatment if they test positive and there is a lot more work to do, but the future is so much more hopefully than where we were 30 years ago. >> for folks who maybe want to come next year, how do they get more information about how to get involved? >> i would encourage people to go to our website which is walk to end
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december 31st. to learn about the comprehensive health care the center provides. >> thank you. congratulations on a great walk this year. >> well, we want to share all your photos and your journeys so if you are here and you have been following us, make sure you share to our facebook, twitter and instagram pages. >> we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you. the white house isn't the only place set to major transition when we talk about decision 2016. news 4 explains. >> reporter: we're outside the u.s. house chamber, the second floor of the capital. monday morning at 8:00 new member orientation begins here and the newly elected can learn their way around this campus, how to navigate all these hallways. there will be security briefings
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the newly elected members of congress and soon thereafter the office moves begin. veteran members of congress get upgrades to bigger office spaces and the newly elected get their first ever capitol hill offices. a recent news 4 investigation found those office moves after election day cost taxpayers about $1.5 million. it is an important week for the newly elected according to former congressional staffers even though theyav they have to focus on and then they get sworn in and america expects them to have all the solutions and that's a big challenge. the expectations are going to be high while you have challenges related to the operations and functioning of a congressional office. >> reporter: these are critical days for government job hunters, an important time to network and get in front of the newly elected members of congress.
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president elect donald trump spent nearly 17 months campaigning for and winning the white house, but now it's unclear just how much time he'll actually spend right here in washington. "the new york times" reporting that trump was shocked when he won the election and might spend most week days at the white house. on weekends he's got options. he could jet off to trump tower in new york or down to palm beach. we're following this developing story. this is out of south korea. that's where tens of thousan the ouster of president park. her presidency has been scarred by suspicion that she let a long time friend have access to government documents without a clearance. that friend is facing charges after she was accused of trying to extort large amounts of money from south korean companies. iraqi forces uncovering evidence of horrific isis brutality in territory reclaimed from the extremists.
9:37 am
fighters uncovered a site to believed to be a mass grave. more than 300 bodies were buried in the area. suspected police collaborators were taken to that site to be tortured or killed. happening today, jury deliberations continue in the murder trial of a white police officer who shot an unarmed black man near the university of cincinnati. on friday the panel told the judge they could not reach a decision on murder v she ordered them to get back to work. the judge has told jurors they have all the information they need. two teenagers are in custody. a 17-year-old was arrested in new york and a 16-year-old from virginia is also facing charges. last friday night two men were stabbed near an apartment
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victims appear to have been targeted. coming up on 9:38, she's one of the most vocal justices on the highest court in the land. we're going to tell you about the new role ruth bader giens burg is taking on today. have your kids taken your phone and bought something without your permission?
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you can see in these pictures right here dressed in a bright red parka.
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research station that operates near the south pole. he's spending time talking with scientists about the impact of climate change on the continent. he is the highest ranking u.s. official ever to visit. a cold trip down there. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg taking center taj for one night only. >> it's so cool. she has a speaking role in a romantic comedy today at the kennedy center. it will be the justice's official debut with the washington national opera, but she's been an extra in three other productions. the company asked her to perform for the entire show through november 20th, but she turned them down saying she couldn't have both a day and night job. >> she's a little busy. 9:41, your time now. redskins fans may need a sweater for game day.
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not realize what's hidden in plain sight. talking behind the main entrance. we'll tell you what's behind the walls that could soon be no
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. big game at fedex field tomorrow afternoon. kickoff just after 1:00.
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to climb into the 50s after a cold start. we'll have bright sunshine throughout the game and we'll have a light wind. temperatures should be climbing up to around 60 degrees and hover around 60 during the game with the bright sunshine for the rest of that sunday afternoon. tomorrow looking great. as we get into the following week, we have a chance of rain. a look at that and milder temperatures on the way in a few minutes. >> thanks, tom. developing residents have started evacuating after six small explosions shook the earth friday morning. the massive plumes you see followed a val cainio and led officials to evacuate. thousands of people live in the valley surrounding the area. southern peru is home to more
9:46 am
counties in tennessee have wildfires burning this morning. when trees behind a home caught fire on friday, neighbors and police officers had to work together to keep the home safe until firefighters arrived. one homeowner put together a few things, a rake, leaf blower and garden hose. the officer pulled a fire extinguisher from his car to keep the blaze under control. if you're an amazon customer m with some free downloaded games. >> reporter: the courts ruling in seattle could cost amazon tens of millions of dollars, a massive refund for parents who children downloaded games and made purchases without their permission. in a lawsuit filed against the giant in 2014, the federal trade commission says many of these
9:47 am
virtual items which blurred the line between virtual currency and real money. appleby and google have settled similar lawsuits. >> my reaction when i saw the bill was panic. >> reporter: morgan let her son play free video games downloaded from the appleby app store. he clicked on virtual money that cost his mom real cash, really be doing it, but he had no concept that he was spending real money out of my bank. >> reporter: so what's a parent to do? companies have implemented safe guards. you can product yourself by tapping on settings and then clicking parental control. >> i think that children need to have an understanding that digital currency is really currency. >> reporter: morgan was lucky.
9:48 am
has been ordered to reach out to eligible parents and offer them a refund that cost the company tens of millions of dollars. nbc news, los angeles. for nearly 20 years it has honored the service of female veterans, but by this time next year the women's memorial at arlington national cemetery could be no more. >> it's possible you've made several visits there not realizing what's behind the walls of the main entrance to the effort to keep the memorial alive along with the stories it holds. it's free to walk on in and learn about an often forgotten sacrifice. >> we need to preserve this memorial. it's important to all our women and it's important to america. >> enlisting herself in the fight to keep the memorial open, retired army general. she saw a lot of change for women in her three decades of service.
9:49 am
was pregnant, they had to get out of the service. just before i came in you couldn't join the military if you were married. >> the general took over the memorial foundation this year. she and her team made drastic cuts but it wasn't enough. >> if we can't raise the funds we might have to close the doors and that would be a shame in my opinion. >> let's go down and cut the ribbon. >> when '97, you could see the pride amongst the crowd of mostly female veterans. >> i'm heart broken when i hear it's at risk of closing by my grandmother's greatest dream was to have her legacy as a woman air force pilot remembered by future generations. >> she's got the markings of past fights. this tattoo recalling the act of
9:50 am
grandmother and other wasp members buried here. these women encouraging other female veterans to register in the memorial database. >> it's way to keep our legacy for the future and for people to see the women that have served. >> stories now at risk of being lost, forgotten should the memorial that houses them no longer exist. >> it's a place that they can say i did something important for america. about the effort to save the memorial or make a donation, just head into the nbc washington app and search women's memorial. we've posted a link to that online fundraiser. talking about the weather today, a lot of people out walking for a great cause this morning and it's going to be cold. >> you want to get moving, get the blood flowing because we still are cold. it's only around 40 degrees now an the sun's been up since 6:48
9:51 am
we can see that in this live view from our tower camera. some of the trees are green while many are mostly bare now and some of them have the wonderful rusty browns of november still showing up. look at this, still some nice color. creep myrtle in the d.c. metro area. love this photo posted to my facebook page. post your pictures and we will share. right now it is just near 40 beginning to climb in the low 40s. mid 40s around the bay and reagan national is at 43 degrees right now on the water of the potomac reflecting that gorgeous deep blue sky. there's capitol hill. temperatures will be near 50 in another hour and then by 2:00 mid 50s with a light wind and sunshine. by dawn tomorrow all these areas, a freeze in the morning
9:52 am
of southern maryland and on the eastern shore we've had our freezes north and west so this freeze warning in effect on sunday includes nearby suburbs and in washington, the growing season ending tomorrow morning. protect any plants. if you have any on the porch, bring them inside. next chance of rain looks like monday afternoon into monday evening. if you want to look at the super moon look at it tonight and rest of the week into next weekend mostly dry. might get a few showers next saturday evening and otherwise a bit of a warming trend toward the end of the week. >> thank you, tom. facebook may have you concerned for your friends. the mistake that made it look like some users were dead.
9:53 am
we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality.
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there is a group of teenagers taking on a serious matter on the stage. ?? the rock opera is called a will to survive and it's about teen suicide and depression. it is performed in schools across northern virginia.
9:56 am
her son when he took his life this past january. a will to survive is open to the public and starts at 7:00 p.m. at the hilton performing art center. tickets are $12 at the door and we posted more information about the performance and the group in our nbc app. all you have to do is search changing minds. >> a powerful message right there. still no word on what caused a glitch on facebook that told some users you're dead. >> this scared a lot of people. the error even included mark zuckerburg. facebook apologized for what it calls a terrible error and says that the problem has been fixed. 9:56. let's set you up with four things to know. we start with protests that are expected to continue today in communities across the countries as anger builds following the
9:57 am
portland during a protest, but it's unknown if it was related to the demonstration. during an interview with 60 minutes the president elect says he will try to keep some parts of obamacare, but he plans to replace the law as soon as he takes office. four are dead and 14 hurt after an attack at a u.s. base in afghan. a place chase ends peacefully. the suspect is charged with felony eluding police and is in jail without nd this morning.
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hi, everybody. welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. i'm rick doc walker at redskins park. the players were back in their routine this week and they took a some wins and finish this second half strong. they host the minnesota vikings tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. head coach jay gruden with keys to the game brought to you by long & foster, proud partner of the washington redskins. >> jay, you certainly know a lot about coach zimmer. how would you characterize the style of his defense? >> aggressive. he coaches aggressively and his defense plays aggressively. very aggressive.


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