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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 13, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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breaking news. that major ready quake hits new zealand. new video of damage we're getting into the newsroom as the tsunami escalates the threat. >> children stabbed and rushed to the hospital. what we're finding out about an act of violence in prince george's county. >> a wreck that of a man as police piece together the damage. hope you're having a good morning so far. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. we're tracking the weather for today which is a chilly start but also changes that are coming as we begin our work week tomorrow. >> bright sunshine flooding your neighborhood now. here is the live view from the storm team4 tower cam la over looking northwest washington on this sunday morning. we still have some trees with some nice, autumn colors,
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them have lost their leaves way off to the west on the horizon is loudoun county. there is yard's park in washington. food 4 families, the 4k fun run gets under way in an hour. temperatures will be climbing into the 50s for that. stop on by. we'll be happy to see you there. all throughout the day today we'll have the bright sunshine with us. it is the next chance for rain is coming up this half hour. as we enter the 10:00 hour, turning now to the breaking news out of new zealand where south island. the 7.8 magnitude quake struck in a rural area close to the city of christ church. it appeared to be more strongly felt in wellington. a tsunami wave struck in the eastern coast of the south island. people living in low lying areas have been told to seek higher grounds. >> developing this morning, a double stabbing in district heights. the victims are children. this morning we're learning from
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us live. what did you find out? >> we are indeed learning a lot more about what happened on this quiet cul du sac. it happened in this house here. when you live in a cul du sac, everyone knows everyone, what people don't seem to be able to fathom here is exactly why this happened. why this happened in that house you see there. it was about 10:00 last night when police were called to this quiet cul du sac. dennis court inis when they got here, they found two children had been stabbed. those children were taken to the hospital. we don't know their conditions. we did talk to in sm folks who live around here who say the father of these children who is the man believed to have done this is a good father. one neighbor said he is not a monster. we did talk to someone who lives at this home, was not home at the time of this, but he is the
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children who had been stabbed now, again, the identities of these victims are not being released publicly yet again. we don't have any condition on the victims at this point. we're hoping to be updated by prince george's county later today. back to you. police are investigating a deadly accident in capitol heights. a man was killed in this two car crash after 7:30 last fight on walker mill road.
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charges. >> new details in about this accident in prince george's county. it happened just after midnight in clinton. the victim apparently ran off the road, hit the curb and got stuck in a ditch. we're told he is in critical condition. across the country, protesters took to the streets again overnight against the election of donald trump protesting the election of donald trump. the protest held in cities big and small and it was contentious at times in portland as some protesters clashed with riot for criminal behavior. nbc's chris palone has the latest. >> protesters are back in the streets in new york, thousands marched to trump tower in midtown for the fourth straight day. >> we're coming out together to say that america has a stronger voice against the racism, the
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anti-mentality. >> chicago, miami, l.a., and indianapolis. >> what i'm afraid of is losing the america that i believe in. >> most protests have been peaceful. hundreds have been arrested. protesters in portland, oregon clashed with police on friday. >> going to the streets for another night is not going to keep donald trump from taking office and isn't going to change anything. >> in some cities, trump protesters. >> i don't think they represent the real democratic people by protesting and doing what they're doing. >> we're trying to have unity in the country. the people are not cooperating. >> inside trump tower, the president-elect continues to plan his administration. trump appears willing to adjust his campaign promises. he told 60 minutes there are parts of obama care he would like to keep in tact. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions
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one of the strongest assets. >> you're going keep that. >> also the children living with their parents for extended -- we'll keep that. >> trying to win the support of a nation. nbc news, new york. and here in washington, people took a different approach to donald trump's election. they held a vigil in lafayette park. organize years say they didn't want to have a protest. instead, they wanted to show love and communities they say with hurt by trump's campaign. >> in the lgbt community, we have enough legal protections but donald trump's election, fair or not validates a lot of the racist and xenophobic attitudes. >> their fight is not over. hillary clinton is facing some of the blame of her loss on fbi director james comey decision to reexamine her use of
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conference call with her campaign's top donors yesterday. according to a source, she said comey's letter raised doubts that helped stop her momentum. clinton acknowledged other factors contributed to her failed bid. the first saturday night live after the election, it featured a somber opening. >> kate mckinnon dressed up as hillary clinton. she sat at a piano and delivered her rendition of leonard cohen's >> it is a cold and broken hallelujah. >> shortly after she finished the song, she had this message. >> i'm not giving up and neither should you and live from new york it is saturday night! >> things started to pick up when host dave chappelle took the stage and delivered his monologue hitting trump on his victory. it featured a surprise
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he appears in a skit on friends watching results come in on election night. >> why are women voting for him? >> i don't get you ladies. the country is 55% women! i mean, if the country was 55% blacks, we would have tons of black presidents. flava flav would be president. >> you might remember rock was an snl cast member back in the '90s. many were happy toee funny monologue there. it had to be bleeped out or should have been at some points. but ended his monologue with a compelling words that tied him growing up to washington. >> i have to go back and watch that for sure. let's take a look outside on this sunday. you're looking at the national mall. we're off to a cool start. it will warm up soon. tom is tracking how soon we'll
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?? >> making music, marking history and moving forward. how paris is reclaiming the bataclan concert hall one year
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one year since the deadly terror attacks at the bataclan in paris. sting was the headliner at the reopening at the concert. all 1,000 tickets for show sold out in 30 minutes. last year's attacks targeted bars, are you notes and a sports stadium killing 130 people, injuring hundreds more. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. developing right now, a story we're following you. the new evacuation orders here
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its way across the containment line there. the so called party rock fire is only 15% contained this morning. shelters are open at nearby shelters as firefighters continue to battle the blaze. officials are investigating a dozen wildfires as suspected arson. how cold is it where you are right now? take a look. temperatures varied from 37 in manassas to 54 in leesburg and it is going to change a little bit as we head into the da work week. tom is tracking your game day forecast. also if you're headed out to the fedex field today. >> if anybody has a problem with this, is going to rant or rave. there is another flight tomorrow.
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kickoff at fedex field in less than three hours and for tailgaters, it will hover in the low 50s between 11:00 and 1:on and climbing into the mid to upper 50s during the game with bright sunshine and a light wind. a look at our next chances for rain in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. 10:15 now. who is going to make the cut for team trump? the president-elect has two
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chuck todd. will they have to take away his phone. he is tweeting again this morning and that could really be a big conflict of interest. >> look, here is the problem that they have. >> your mike, yeah. >> the problem is, i need to have a mike on. that would be problem number one. and see, if he doesn't have his twitter, nobody can hear him. how is that for a segway? the point is this. i think if they take twitter, he will go crazy. he said to 60 minutes, he will be restrained but he wants to keep it. he will use it for the way he used it this morning. this i is the way he will have conversations with the press. he will not do it maybe verbally but he will use his twitter forum to critique, become a media critic. >> interesting that he gets the potus handle. >> he does inherit the potus handle and president obama, i think there is another archives
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>> potus goes to the president. >> he says this is a time of our times. is this where -- sign of our times. this is where we're at when he talks about this. >> barack obama did. they were much more, i think there will be more of a, you know it will look more authentic coming from trump because it won't feel as programmed. the way the obama administration. they do all of the platforms but it felt formalized. him not making it fo it more credibility. >> since we last talked to you, what are you hearing about chief of staff. >> kellyanne conway basically said it was essentially down to the two people. reince priebus, steve bannon, here is what she said, both of them will be a big part of the white house. even if one, the one that is not chief of staff will be in one of
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rolls, david axle rod, those types of places. there will be an insider and disrupter. >> rudy guiliani has all but said he will do whatever he asks him to do. you figure newt gingrich will be in there. >> i don't, actually. i think gingrich, guiliani in particular, you have to go through, you have to put your finances back out there. they've been making a lot of money in the private sector. they have to give up a big chunk of that. i'm not -- convinced either one ends up in the administration. going through the senate confirmation, having to pour through your -- do they want to go through all of that, even if it is a semi friendly senate? my guess is don't assume either one of them make it. >> a lot of talk about the trump transition team but also hillary clinton who publicly came out and pretty much pointed the finger at james comey and the fbi. what do you make of that?
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you know? it is not over this election. there are some democrats who totally agree with her. you look at the numbers, look, you can't ignore the comey and the wiki leaks effect with the putin situation. you can't ignore the roll it played. at the same time, if she never sets up the private server, we're never here in the first place and i think there are some democrats saying wait a minute, you still didn't have a message. you still didn't connect to working class voters, you had the trouble g coalition coming out. are you going to put this out on james comey. >> not that i don't always look forward to your show, i'm really looking forward to it. >> i think your day ends in ten minutes. >> part of it. >> is that is part itself? >> keeping it 100. >> that's right. that's right. well, i know, don't miss it. we're going to a special two hour program. we'll do it in one hour. so watch us pull that off. >> call the affiliates. thank you, chuck, for stopping by.
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every day at 10:30. it is about ten minutes away. it was an unusual message from a captain of the united airlines flight. no politics, two people got into it before take off. pilot tried to diffuse the situation by asking his passengers to come together. >> and what i do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each other's decisions and to get along on this three hour and 13 minute flight so we have a good time and get down there. >> the pilot went on to say nobody is going to change someone else's mind by arguing with them. the name of the pilot not known. officials say the plane landed in puerta vallerta and everybody made it off. >> had to play parent to the adults. emotions, tensions are high. >> very much after this election. okay. talking about the weather today.
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>> after our coldest morning of the season so far, we have now seen our temperatures jump. we're already climbing into the 40s to around 50 degrees. got the bright sun pouring down in northwest washington. that was the live view from the storm team4 tower camera and we have a lot of leaves down so a good day to get out and get the yard work done. get your leaves raked today or like me, i leave them. that is why they're called leaves. we'll have sunshine and in the the light winds. the wind will not be blowing around the leaves too much. there is the blue water reflecting the blue sky, capitol hill basking in the sunday sun. temperatures will be in the 50s noon time. upper 50s by 3:00. bright, super moon this evening. sunset is at 4:56. it will climb higher in the sky coming up in the east after that and you'll notice it in the evening sky because we have a clear sky here. there is rain coming up through the carolinas. it looks like that might make
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high pressure and northwesterly flow but look off to the east this evening just after sunset, you'll see that big, bright moonrising, closest since 1948. it will appear 14% bigger, 30% brighter next year will be 2034. there will be a lot of clouds rolling in after midnight tonight and will be in place during the day on monday. small chance of a sprinkle monday afternoon. highs reaching the upper highs near 60 each day for the rest of the work week. maybe a few sprinkles around on wednesday. and then again, maybe on saturday night. those are really our only chances for rain. that is not a lot, either. it turns cold after that as we get through the end of next weekend and into the following week. >> thank you, tom. dogs with a special mission.
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. we're about to see a special graduation in albany. >> they're service dogs specially trained to provide support to our nation's heros. hero dog raises, trains and places the dogs with veterans with disables. they become life long companions and help our vets live more independent lives. >> they can rely on the dogs, give them freedom, give the family freedom.
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they want to do and just to live their lives independently. >> the way it works, the dogs are partnered with veterans free of charge. hero dogs are funded though on donations and they rely heavily on volunteers. the time right now is 10:26. here are 4 things to know about this sunday. a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit north of christ church new zealand. the quake generated a tsunami. so far, there have been no reports o heights. still no word on a suspect in that case. one man is dead after a two car crash in capitol heights. police telling us that the other driver is expected to be okay. no word yet on any possible charges. i a man is in critical condition after this accident in clinton. we're told he ran off the road, hit a curb and got stuck in a ditch just after midnight. the sun is shining. i'm liking it. >> it is beginning to climb into the upper 40s.
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great day to get out. our food for families event going october the 4k fun run. yards park. bring nonperishable food to help needy families for thanksgiving. clouds around, might get sprinkles in the afternoon. otherwise it will be a dry pattern over the next ten days. maybe a few sprinkles on wednesday and next saturday night. otherwise it is dry. and comfortably cool in the afternoons around 60 degrees. >> your super moon report. >> that is tonight. look in the eastern sky. it will be br
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changing the environment to change behavior. real change happening now. this sunday, split screen america. a divided nation reacts with joy to donald trump and with anger. with anti-trump protesters demonstrating across the washington. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with yo and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> will trump be able to heal the widening divisions in this country? i will talk to his campaign manager kellyanne conway. e-mail fallout again. hillary clinton blames her loss directly on fbi director james comey, saying his announcement stopped her momentum. not only have democrats lost


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