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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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chanted not my president. others joined in the protest. police say it was peaceful and there were no arrests. students can have their absences excused with a note from a parent. a recent string of racist messages and vandalism has the county changing the way they respond to hate crimes. employees will learn how to respond to hate crimes and harassment. this training will instruct staff when it is appropriat t department for further investigation. montgomery county police are offering $10,000 for information on vandalism at a silver spring church. it happened saturday night. someone wrote the phrase trump nation, whites only on the sign and the memorial, the wall at the memorial garden at episcopal church of our savior. they also wrote on the banner that advertises the spanish language service.
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their students are safe. students discovered racist graffiti at slago creek elementary school in silver spring. it is disturbing they didn't hear about the incident until monday. >> you know, we've had a whole weekend go by. this should have gone out on friday and we should have known about this a lot sooner. it would have given us the weekend to talk with our kids and help them go through everything they might need to go through. >> the school's principal said students did report the graffiti the information to the main office. a building service worker saw the graffiti and removed it the same day. there is a celebration today marking an end to the repairs to the capitol dome. after three years of construction, all of the fine details will be unveiled today. crews fixed 1,300 cracks and removed 14 layers of paint. they replaced ornaments, some for the first time.
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>> all lit up at night, too. all right storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell, what should we expect today? >> clouds and some rain drops around here early this morning. it won't rain all day, though. if you left your umbrella at the office yesterday, you're probably just going to have to do one quick run to the car today and everything will be fine after that. 4 things to know about the weather then, morning mist and drizzle. most should be gone before lunch. we could get sunshine back this afternoon. 50s to maybe near there is still a chance that a 70 degree day before this week is done and wait until you see the end of the ten day forecast. cold and wind coming. just in time for the big travel week before thanksgiving. more about all of that coming up in a few more minutes. right now it is melissa mollet's turn, how are things on a tuesday morning? >> they're okay. willow road, both directions, we have roadwork happening there. that should be cleared out of the way here soon this morning. as you look at 270, northbound,
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showing rain falling across the area, a little wet here and there. northbound 395 after shirlington circle work zone blocking the left lane. a look at 66 coming up. back here at the live desk, developing now, a search for a little girl. there is a amber alert out right now for annabelle richardson. she has not been seen since last wednesday. police believe she may be with her father who you see there on the right. dylan richardson. he does not child and police believe that he has taken the little girl and that his mother might be with them. this is the license plate to look out for. he may be driving a burgundy chevy van virginia license plate vmg2332. if you see little annabelle or dylan richardson, call 911 right away. aaron? >> kristin wright, thank you.
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idea of the evidence against a man accused of killing a 3-year-old little girl. davon wallace shot into a house and killed knijah bibb. wallace was trying to shoot someone else when the little girl was killed. four young lives are being remembered. ?? this little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine. ?? >> parents stood in front of an elementary school remembering 7-year-old devan harley junior, his brother, 6-year-old nicholas, and their five-year-old sister, leah. the children died on friday in a crash on 95 along with a family friend lonnie tran who was 27. the family was headed to a wedding in south carolina when their car started having trouble. while they tried to pull over, they were hit by a tractor trailer.
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the mother, nancy is fighting for her life. >> they really need everyone's strength and prayers. it is really hard to keep yourself together, but you have to and you know, little by little, everything will get better. >> the school has set-up a go fund me page to help with funeral expenses. we have a link on the nbc washington website. a man accused of hitting and killing a baby with police say a mother was pushing the 5 month old baby boy in a stroller while crossing riverside parkway in lands down back in august when they were hit. miller was allegedly looking at his phone before the crash and is accused of speeding up to try to beat the mother and son through the intersection. metro transit police are looking for a woman accused of throwing hot soup on a bus worker. they show the woman they're looking for.
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sunday morning. she threw the soup as she got off the bus. the driver was taken to the hospital where he was treat aet and released. no air conditioning and no heat. those were some of the complaints sent to d.c.'s office of the state superintendent of education about the school buses. they were discovered during a news4 i-team investigation. many of the parents have had enough. in a rally scheduled for 11:00 this morning outside of the agency's transporting more than 3,000 special needs students in and ouft district. 4:36, today in prince william county, there will be extra officers on the streets looking for anyone who breaks safety laws. that includes pedestrians and bicyclists. one of the areas you see stepped up enforcement is in wood bridge where a man died crossing the street. it is a program that has tried to improve road safety.
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and december. new numbers this morning and they're scary. a massive number of people will be heading out of town for the thanksgiving holiday. >> be prepared for a lot of traffic. aaa says one in seven americans will be traveling this year in our area, 1.2 million people are hitting the roads or heading to the airport. more than a million will be in their cars. about 88,000 people will fly. those numbers make up a 6% increas travellers in nearly a decade. always that sunday after thanksgiving when everyone is coming back. it is really bad. you might need an umbrella on the way out the door this morning. chuck is tracking your bus stop forecast and how long the showers will last. >> states to the south could use the rain.
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4:40 your time now on this tuesday morning and we're dealing with a little bit of rain. >> here is storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. just a little bit, chuck? >> a little area of low pressure. two of them, just sitting over the northern parts of the shenandoah valley. these are sort of
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i know you're shivering. these are wet snow flakes. we're in the 40s with drizzy drops around here. 43 at bull run. not a very warm day. get your medium weight jacket out. you will need your umbrella before lunch time. bus stop forecasts, 45 to 60. the daily grade is below average. we'll be in plus territory over the next couple of more about that with your ten day outlook in ten minutes. good morning melissa mollet. you're not below average. >> thank you. just a tiny smidge above. >> you're at least average. >> river road near willard avenue, work zone, left lane getting by. that cleared out of the way. i thought we were going for more than that. but i guess not this morning. i'll remember that. northbound 395 ar shirlington circle.
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see you back here in ten. >> in my book, you're way, way, way above average. >> thank you, eun. >> exceptional. from one street to all of the way across town. the new plan to expand the district's newest form of transportation and how soon it could become reality. >> he left his son in a hot car and now he is guilty.
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the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next
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to him to set-up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> president obama yesterday discussing the importance of setting up a team that serves donald trump well. >> news4's tracie potts is live now on capitol hill. good morning to you. what is the latest on who will fill some of the top cabinet positions. >> nothing official. lots of he is the guy to get the money flowing especially in the last few weeks of the campaign, looked at as a possible treasury secretary. laura ingram, the conservative talk radio host as press secretary. we originally heard newt gingrich's name but the thinking is that rudy guiliani who has been a mouth piece for the campaign and former un
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of state and guiliani talked about that last night saying he is not at all interested in attorney general but sort of smiling quietly when the secretary of state position was mentioned. >> tracie, hillary clinton and president obama we know, both spoke with democrats yesterday about moving forward after their loss last week. any idea what they said? >> they both talked about the clean up based on people who were in on those conference calls. the fact that democrats really need to do soul searching now to figu clinton urged them to hang on to their values and continue fighting for things that were a part of the democratic platform but we've heard it publicly and in this meeting privately from president obama that it is time for the democratic party to figure out, and bernie sanders also talking about the same thing. it is time for them to figure out how to be more inclusive. which is what we were talking about the republican party a couple of years ago. >> tracie potts on the hill for us, thank you.
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orientation started this week for new members of congress. they will take office in january. one of them is democratic congress elect dennis raskin. >> i hope -- jamie raskin. >> i hope those in the metro system, in. washington, maryland, virginia is high on the priority list. i'll try to push that real hard. >> senator in a district that covers parts of silver spring and takoma park. tributes to gwenifill lost her battle to cancer. >> she became a correspondent for nbc news, her co-worker tweeted the news hour part is broken. ifill did not make her illness public. she died in washington. she was 61 years old.
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the gold standard. it is 4:48 right now. this morning, montgomery county police are working to find out more about a suspicious death in gaithersburg. on saturday, hikers found human remains in a wooded area of the game preserve road. a shallow grave was found there. it is believed the person who died was a man. an autopsy is set to happen baltimore. the mayor of flint michigan will talk about the state of the water. flint's water has not yet been deemed safe without the use of a filter. the emergency status should continue until water is safe to drink from the tap. a georgia man will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for the death of his son who was left in a hot car. justin ross harris was found guilty of murder. he went to work two years ago and left his son, cooper, in the
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cooper war there for seven hours and died. prosecutors argue that harris intentionally locked him in the car. defense lawyers say it was a tragic mistake. cooper was 22 months old. today marks one year since the death of 24-year-old jammar clark. he was killed in a confrontation with two police officers. clark was handcuffed when he was shot in the head. some say he was shot after apparently trying to reach for one of the guns. the candlelight vigil was planned fo wrong doing in this incident. thousands of acres, land burning right now and air quality alerts are in place in several states because of wild spread -- widespread wildfires. they're burning in north carolina, georgia and tennessee. in addition, the scores of firefighters on the ground, army air crafts are being used to douse the flames. investigators believe some of the fires were started deliberately. record breaking drought is
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facing the prospect of losing their home to foreclosure can rally. it begins at 9:30 this morning near the courthouse in upper marlboro. starting today, you'll have to rely on the metro fare card machines more often. metro is shutting down most of the in person sales office in order to cut costs. the four offices closing are located at metro center, pentagon, anacostia and the transactions every day. the sales office at metro headquarters will remain open. in a few years you could be riding the streetcar allia cross town. expanding the line three and a half miles could take six years they estimate 15,000 riders a day might use it. it would cost up to $400 million.
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to go through the city. that is not going to stop. >> the future of the streetcar will be talked about thursday in a meeting with district planners. >> we'll learn more about their desire. >> will you ride the streetcar? i would try to go from h street to georgetown. >> it would be out of the way. i'm halfway in between. >> you could get on a different bus to get on the streetcar. >> did you his desire tomorrow ride the streetcar? >> boos from the peanut gallery. >> i liked it. it was 2/3 of a pun. anyway. we're dealing with the rain drops out here this morning. we haven't had a whole lot of rain around here the last couple of months. since september the 1st. barely more than three and a half inches of rain. that is five inches below rain fall since september 1st. obviously our friends and family have had a larger rain fall
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my folks live in atlanta. they can actually see the smoke from the wildfires across northern georgia and western north carolina. my comparison last year at the same stretch of time. we had average rain fall. what little rain we can get, we'll take it the mist and drizzle out there this morning. the main area of low pressure is off the coastline but there is a secondary low spinning the wheels in the northern shenandoah valley. don't expect a lot of rain out of this. a few hundredths of slippery, wet leaves out there, be careful on the sidewalks and drivers in some of the corners. northern parts of fairfax county from great falls and potomac there, the showers aren't going a lot of anywhere but will hang there in the northern and western sides of the d.c. metropolitan area. we'll be in the 40 is on and
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i have high confidence this is really, got a bead on the forecast here. a light rain tapering off by about 7:30, 8:00. could be as late as 9:30 or 10 before the last of the rain drops starts to dry up across parts of north and central virginia. things should improve dramatically and get sunshine back here as early as 1:00 or 2:00. how early we get the sunshine back back into a fair amount of sunshine back here and temperatures back into the low 60s and wow, look at this. thursday and friday, make plans to call in sick already for thursday and friday. sunny and nice. mid to upper 60s. still a shot -- i'll be here. if you don't have to go to work, don't. near 70 on friday. saturday mild with showers late in the day and turning windy and way cooler as we get into the week of thanksgiving.
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>> i was going to say 395, the only work zone showing up. i updated my page and it is gone. no other work zones. as we look at 270 from fredrick to the spur, it will take you 26 minutes. no big worries. you're speeding just a tad but you're on time headed northbound also looking good. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. right now, overall, beltway running nice and smoothly. inner and outer loop, we'll take a live >> thank you. 4:54 now. developing right now, a major adult website hacked. the data that was compromised that could be ten times bigger than the ashley madson breach. >> segregation in 2016. the new report is revealing -- what a new report is revealing
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love.
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. 4:57. people on florida's east coast are waking up to flooding. it is from the king tide. king tide's happen when the earth, moon and sun are aligned in a certain way. the next high tide is 6:30 this morning and it is expected to bring more water into low lying cities like fort lauderdale and miami beach. some roads are closed as a precaution. a new tsa screening process could speed up long lines this holiday season.
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workers are needed. the innovation lines use 3-d and return the bins you put your bags in to prevent the lines. they're only available at o'hare airport. developing this morning, we're learning about another data breach and it could put more than financial information at risk. a website designed to help people hook up adult friend finder was hacked. and more than 400mi were taken. it is not clear what will happen to the information. the hack is ten times bigger than the one that affected the ashley madison website last year. it is 4:58. a new bill in texas aims to combat bullying. it is called david's law. one of the sponsors, jose menendez says it would require
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and give law enforcement the ability to subpoena records. doing that may allow them to find out who is behind anonymous bullying online. it is named for a 16-year-old after being the victim of sieb jer bullying. >> they harassed him, they threatened him and took him to a point where he felt that there was no more hope. >> while david is no longer here, his parents want his legacy of kindness to live on. u wrestling with segregation. it happening by race and income. according to the left leaning sink tank, the commonwealth institute, schools in the state have grown more segregated during the past decade. in 2003, there were 82 schools isolated by poverty and race. that jumped to 136 in 2014 with 23 of the schools in northern virginia. the institute is calling for districts to introduce enrollment policies that
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5:00 a.m. >> reporter: we're staying on top of breaking news at 5:00 a.m. a man shot and killed in the district and a community is looking for answers. what we're now finding out from investigators if a live report minutes away. >> first, good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. i want to talk about the weather. a little rain this morning as we headed into work. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with a look at our >> good morning aaron and eun. good morning, everybody, tuesday is off to a cloudy and wet start. no heavy rain out there but the combination of light rain, mist, drizzle and a lot of fallen leaves could make roads slippery. melissa is keeping a close eye on the road conditions this morning. know that there is a little bit of moisture that you'll be dealing with first thing. current temperatures are in the mid-40s and we'll stay cloudy and wet here for most of the morning hours. we should start to be done with the rain between about 10:00 a.m. and noon and


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