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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 16, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- billy bob thornton. star of "rules don't apply", actress lily collins. from cnn chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta. featuring the 8g band with atom willard. ?? ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is good to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. the rockefeller center christmas tree arrived over the weekend, but not before making a brief stop outside trump tower. [ laughter ]
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about getting top secret security clearance for his children, though i don't know why. if ivanka and donald jr. want to know if aliens are real, they could just turn around. that's right, donald trump wants top secret security clearance for his children. even the top secret one. [ audience oohs ] according to reports three il petition demanded it be removed, because it is insulting. but to save money they're just going to rearrange the letters. [ applause ] an anagram. that is fun with anagrams. ivanka trump is facing criticism for using her appearance on 60 minutes this weekend, to promote a $10,000 bracelet from her fashion line. meanwhile melania was sporting a
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dr. ben carson has reportedly told donald trump that he isn't interested in serving in the trump administration. and just like at the debates, if his name is called, he won't answer. [ laughter ] [ applause ] dr. carson? dr. ben carson. come on out dr. carson. [ laughter ] high school students across the country walked out of class today in protef donald trump. which is weird since he's living proof that you can do none of your homework and still become president. [ applause ] residents, residents of a small town in missouri this week, are complaining about the creation of a bondage club that operates next door to a church. the town filed a restraining order but that just got them more excited.
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hall of fame. uno or as it will be called in trump's america, one. [ laughter ] and finally, a canadian man was arrested recently after he tried to smuggle almost $200,000 worth of gold out of his work place hidden in his rectum. even crazier, he had a backpack. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show for you, tonight. from the new movie "bad santa 2," one of my favorites billy bob thornton will be here tonight. she's the far of a fantastic new film, "rules don't apply," the wonderful lily collins is here. [ cheers and applause ] and we're very lucky to have chief medical correspondent from cnn, dr. sanjay gupta is joining us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] so, really a good night. i -- as i mentioned before my
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8-month-old, 8-month-old son named ash. very exciting time for us. we also have a seven pound, 5-year-old italian greyhound, who up to this point, not super psyched about having a baby in the house. frisbee went from getting all the attention, now she's getting a fraction of that attention. that's just how it goes. if any dogs are out there watching, that's just how it goes. [ laughter ] but, here's the thing, at night our dog sleeps in the bedroom, frisbee, and we close the door to our bedroom. and ash sleeps in his room. he's got another room. but the problem is, our dog, being seven pounds, our dog goes to the bathroom -- this is embarrassing as a man to say, our dog goes to the bathroom on a pad inside. that's just how it goes. i'm sorry to be the one to break it to you. and so what happens is, i have to let her out at like 2:00 in the morning, she'll wake up and i'll open the bedroom door, and she'll go. and she has to go into the baby's room and she goes into that bathroom, and then she just comes right back. and then when she comes back, i close the door. well, anyway she's been taking
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bathroom, so finally last night i looked at the nanny cam while she was gone. and basically, she goes to the bathroom and then she just stands and just stares at the baby. [ audience aws ] this is some paranormal activity [ bleep ]. oh, it gets creepier. [ laughter ] and then she just like, puts her head into the thing. and my wife and i were talking thisni saying, you need to get the [ bleep ] out of here." [ laughter ] this place used to rule, and now it's a hell hole. get lost dude. [ light laughter ] this one -- i'm just going to see in my sleep every time i close my eyes. look. [ laughter ] i guess we have the nanny cam set on devil. [ light laughter ] you should put it on the devil setting. as we mentioned yesterday, very
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one way to glean what he might do is to look at his personnel choices. and when it comes to those personal choices there seems to be some internal divisions. for more on this it's time for "a closer look." ?? >> seth: remember trump had three different campaign managers over the course of the election. i guess, three is like a lucky number for him. and after a campaign, rife with internal divisions, the in-fighting seems to have continued into the trump transition. >> transition turmoil. ?? sources tell cnn that donald trump's transition team is like a knife fight. >> seth: that's right a knife fight, and that might not be a metaphor. "rudy, chris, fight for my amusement." [ laughter ] now there already seem to be two centers of gravity in trump world right now. you've got incoming chief of staff and elf on the shelf, reince priebus, who comes from the establishment wing, and then
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the former executive chairman of breitbart news. a website adored by white nationalists. and while the establishment may be relieved by the fact that priebus is the chief of staff, history indicates he'll probably be less powerful than bannon. >> people in washington are comforted by the fact that priebus is chief of staff, and bannon is chief strategist. as if that's like a good thing. but i urge them to look back at the bush administration when andy card was the chief of staff, and karl rove had the bannon job. who was more pow bannon is going to be number one in this white house. he will eat priebus for lunch. >> seth: are we sure he didn't already? [ laughter ] now, we told you about bannon yesterday, but republicans and democrats continue to criticize his appointment, given his ties to white nationalist. and the more information that comes out, the more troubling the appointment seems. even conservative commentator, glenn beck, had this to say about bannon. >> steve bannon, wants to burn it down. he's a nightmare.
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nationalists. clear tie. he is a guy who has, wants to tear this system down, and replace it with a new system. he is -- a frightening -- no, no, no. he is a terrifying man. >> seth: you know the world has gone insane when glenn beck and bernie sanders are on the same page. [ laughter ] for them to be on the same page the book has to be one page long. [ laughter ] so far it seems, trump's closest advisers, just as during the campaign, will be three of his children. ivanka, eric and don jr. this of course raises the question of conflicts of interest, because trump's children are also supposed to be running his business empire while he serves as president. you may recall that throughout the campaign, trump pledged to put his business in a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest. although he clearly didn't know what that term actually meant. >> if i become president i couldn't care less about my company. i have ivanka and eric and don
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have a good time. >> so you'll put your assets in a blind trust? >> i would put it in a blind trust, well, i don't know if it's a blind trust if ivanka, don, and eric run it. but, is that a blind trust? i don't know. >> seth: i don't know? for a guy who's always talking about how good he is at business, he sure doesn't seem to understand basic business terms. "blind trust, no thank you. i would never trust a blind person. for one thing, they wear sunglasses inside. that's very shady if you ask me." seizing on the opportunity to make money from their father's administration. because as the "new york times" reported last night, ivanka trump turned her appearance sunday on 60 minutes with her father, into a marketing opportunity for her line of jewelry. with one of her employees urging reporters to write about the $10,800 gold bangle bracelet, she wore during the interview. did you hear that, disenfranchised white working class voters? for only $11,000 you can make your wrist great again.
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there's in-fighting among his advisors. and there may not be a firm division between his presidency and business. and then there's what seems to be trump back pedaling on some of his biggest campaign promises. for example, if you caught trump on the campaign trail at all, and listened carefully you may remember some very subtle hints he had about a wall. [ laughter ] you might also remember trump's promise that mexico would pay for that wall. well, apparently bh flexible than trump made them out to be. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. but certain areas a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it's called construction. but the fence will be -- >> so part wall, part fence? >> could be -- could be some fencing. >> newt gingrich speaking to a group of lawyers said this about building the wall. he said this, "he'll spend a lot of time controlling the border. he may not spend very much time trying to get mexico to pay for
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>> seth: a campaign device or in layman's terms a [ bleep ] lie. hey -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] hey, honey now that we're married i'm not going to give you a beautiful house and the three children after all, that was an engagement device. [ laughter ] so a wall that mexico is going to pay for is now a fence that we're going to pay for. even worse, it turns out, that hat had an asteriks on it. binding term, customers shall assume responsibility for all consequences and liability that may result from making america great again. also for every one person that perceives something as great, there will be 10 to 15 people that perceive it as bad or terrible. offer void in america. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so already, he seems to be softening on some of his biggest campaign promises, but even if he does attempt to make radical changes, it won't be easy. as president obama argued yesterday. >> the federal government and our
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it's a ocean liner. >> seth: that's reassuring. i mean, nothing bad ever happened to a massive ocean liner, right? [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ?? [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with billy bob thornton, everybody. ?? [ cheers and applause ] we need a big tree. something and you know what for evelse i'm thinking?round. lights! some help. got it! and the ornaments might take a little bit more time. but we're gonna get it just right. what do you think bullseye? [ bark ] ok, let's do this! hey! hows this look? hmm? whoa! what do ya think? it's like you...
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also our drummer this week plays for one of my favorite bands against me! who's latest "shape shift with me" is out now. say hello to atom willard everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being back atom. >> thanks for having me. >> seth: such a pleasure to have you. very excited about this. our first guest tonight is a academy award winner you know from the fx series "fargo." in such films as "sling blade," "monster's ball," and "bad santa." you can see him in the sequel "bad santa 2." which opens in theaters november 23rd. let's take a look. >> we all participate, volunteers and staff. if you're interested you could join us. >> are you out of your [ bleep ] damn mind? i ain't dancing around a bunch of candy canes and [ bleep ]. because i'm all about the birth of christmas. you know the wise guys kicked
12:54 am
then the drummer who didn't have [ bleep ]. giving him some perfume. and king midas or one of them threatened to cut the kid in half. turn him into gold, and it's a heavy deal for me. pretty damn heavy. >> are you talking about the true meaning of christmas? >> exactly. >> seth: please welcome to the show billy bob thornton, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> seth: how are you? >> not bad. >> seth: i'm really, really happy to have you here. >> i'm glad to be here. >> seth: we were talking back stage. we have not seen each other in 15 years. >> 15 years. >> seth: the last time we saw each other was in this building. you hosted "snl" the thanksgiving episode 2001. >> that's exactly right. >> seth: yeah. >> and we did some fun skits together. >> seth: we did some fun skits. >> and you were just a fledgling at the point. >> seth: i was -- i did not know
12:55 am
>> and i was terrified. >> seth: you were and it's weird -- that's so funny to hear because you do not ever give off, i think, a terrified vibe. >> well let me tell you, that live television deal. i had had friends who were afraid of it too. >> seth: yeah. >> they said "it's really scary." >> seth: yeah. >> and they were right. >> seth: did you -- when it was over did you feel great relief? >> yes it was exactly like you guys said it would be. you said all week long you're not going to know what you're doing. and we're going to look like we don't know what we're doing. and we're not going to tell you what you're going to and as soon as it's over you're going to want to do it again. >> seth: yeah. >> and that's exactly what it was like. >> seth: that i think is -- >> yeah. >> seth: i hear that over and over again. >> it was fantastic. >> seth: so, this is very exciting for me. usually when a movie like "bad santa" comes out there seems to be a sequel window. >> right. >> seth: and it feels like we're past the window and yet here we are now with "bad santa 2." >> that's right. that's right. [ laughter ] >> seth: but it's very exciting because you have the original -- the kid, thurman is back, and he's a grown man.
12:56 am
>> seth: did you always -- was this something you were always planning on doing. having a second one? >> we always talked about it. i mean, we were pretty sure we would make a sequel at some point but, you know, the studio kind of changed hands a couple of times. and then the studio came back in it's new incarnation so once all the red tape was done they said you could -- we were clear to do one and all of that. and took three or four years to get the right story and the right script. because we didn't want to just throw one out there, you know. >> seth: right. >> i think a lot of times when "well how can we make this one different and yet the same?" so they just make it broader. >> seth: sure. >> and we just made this one creepier. >> seth: i think your fans will enjoy it. >> yeah. >> seth: well it is so funny you mention that it's creepy but it also seems to have now entered that christmas movie canon of films that families will watch every year. it's like a modern "miracle on 34th street" with just awful people in it. >> exactly. >> seth: yeah. >> it's got -- >> seth: are you surprised at
12:57 am
>> oh yeah it's shocking. i mean grandmothers come up to me all the time. you know, people i normally wouldn't mention the movie to. and they do it all the time. sometimes i'll be out, you know, in the glendale galleria as i do. >> seth: sure, yeah. >> and for the purposes of this story i'm at the glendale galleria. >> seth: gotcha. >> and like a little kid will say "mommy that's bad santa." like a little kid, you know. and i'm like "what kind of appropriate. >> yeah. it's weird. >> seth: is it true that sometimes people take issue with the fact that you have taken the sacred holiday of christmas and your film has ruined it. >> yeah. there's actually an instance on the first movie way back then. we were doing a q and a at some kind of film festival, i don't know where it was. but there was a lady in the back, a very severe school marm type, and she stood up and said
12:58 am
the name of santa and jesus and the bible?" and a lot of things like that. she seemed pretty upset. >> seth: yeah. >> and i said well ma'am let me straighten a few things out here. first of all i've read the bible. santa claus ain't in it. i mean you can go all through it ecclesiastes and deuteronomy and all of it. >> seth: he doesn't even have a cameo. >> nothing. he's not in it. nobody even talks about it. so santy claus is not in there and second oal not playing santa claus. >> seth: yeah. >> all you've got to do is watch the movie. i don't play santa claus. i play a criminal who dresses up like santa claus. so in other word you know those bank robbery movies where a guy wears a richard nixon mask? >> seth: yeah. >> same thing. >> seth: yeah. right, people shouldn't stand up in the back and say richard nixon never robbed banks. >> exactly, how do you feel about ruining the good name of richard nixon? >> seth: yeah. also not in the bible. interesting fact, richard nixon did not turn up there either.
12:59 am
>> seth: so you have a lot of the original cast and then some new people. we saw christina hendricks in that clip. and then kathy bates plays your mother in the film. >> plays my mom, yes. >> seth: and i think we find out a lot about why you've turned into a bad person because she is a horrifying person. >> absolutely. >> seth: maybe worse than you. >> oh absolutely. no question about it. i mean, that's the thing about the new movie. this one pushed the raunchy stuff a little further. i mean it's not, there's not more profanity in this one. it's just we're more descriptive about things and also in terms out why willy is the way he is. how he got the way he is and that kind of thing. at the end of the day he's an abused, neglected kid who's afraid to have anything or love anybody. so he drinks himself into the gutter. >> seth: there you go. >> yeah. >> seth: perfect christmas story. >> it's a great christmas story. one some of us know very well. and by the way, your drummer, who you were talking about earlier, looks like joel cohen.
1:00 am
one of the cohen brothers. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> i'll take that. >> yeah. >> seth: i wanna -- we were talking backstage you are on this fantastic new show called "goliath" on amazon. >> right. >> seth: which i really like. but also last, i guess now two years ago, or so you were in "fargo." we've been mentioning joel cohen. >> right. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: a fantastic show. >> thank you. >> seth: and i loved it for a lot of reasons but here is your -- this is a very unique look. >> oh yeah. >> seth: for those that haven't seen it. you play a cold hearted hit man and that's not what you think, when you -- that's a weird hair cut. >> yeah. what happened was i got a bad hair cut. >> seth: in real life. >> yeah, in real life. >> seth: by accident? >> yeah. it was an accident. i didn't like it at all and of course i dyed my hair as you can tell. it's normally this color. but anyway so i looked at myself
1:01 am
growing the beard out like that and i thought, "you know what, this has an iconic look." >> seth: yeah. >> and that's something you're going to remember and if this cat comes out of the snow at you it's like is this like one of the beatles, or something you know? >> seth: yeah. >> i thought it would be an interesting look for a killer. >> seth: and the thing i loved of course when you hosted "snl" you met the great lorne michaels. >> that's right. >> seth: your killers name was there was a cold-hearted killer named lorne. i want to ask about this as well. you -- i've heard you mention in interviews. that you and your daughter, who's 12 is that correct? >> yes. >> seth: you guys watch "my little pony" together. [ laughter ] are you a fan of it? >> you know. here goes my reputation. but, yes. >> seth: i put the cold-hearted hit man first. >> oh good, way to go.
1:02 am
>> that's right. no, actually my daughter and i, we read "my little pony" books. there's a --it's complicated we don't have time but there's the little kid version -- >> seth: sure. >> of "my little pony" but now there's this other version of it that's for older kids. >> seth: "my little pony" like after dark? like what? >> yeah, yeah. exactly. but, we can go so many ways. >> seth: yeah. recently and we started watching the show. >> seth: yeah. >> and the themes, actually underlying themes were pretty heavy. i mean like, there was one about like big brother and "1984" and all of that kind of thing, it's really cool. so then they have this other show called "equestria girls." it's the pony characters but they're in another dimension and they're now teenage girls who go to high school and guys, you know. >> seth: but like girl ponies. >> they're the same characters
1:03 am
>> seth: oh my goodness. >> yeah. and so now that she's 12 we watch that mostly and she likes twilight sparkle. >> seth: okay. do you have a favorite? >> i like rainbow dash and fluttershy because she talks like marilyn monroe. >> seth: right, right. that's great. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's a nice thing for a father and daughter to do together. >> absolutely. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. let's not make it 15 years until we cross paths again. "bad santa 2" is in theaters november 24th. we'll be right back with lily collins. ?? [ applause ] during the ford yea, discover why ford is america's best-selling brand. ?i'm on top of the world, hey!? with the most 5-star ratings... award-winning value...
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody, our next guest is a talented actress whose new film, "rules don't apply" opens in theaters november 23rd. let's take a look. >> i feel, old. >> old? >> i mean wouldn't you say in hollywood as a rule when you've been here as long as i have that you should have already more or less shown what you can do. this. i mean, aren't you supposed to have big bosoms and be sexual and casual about everything. i'm a square. i can't really act, i can't dance, i can write songs but i can't really sing. a movie actress should sing songs and not write them. wouldn't you say that's true? i mean as a rule -- i mean in this town aren't those the rules? >> what? >> come on, frank, you know the rules. >> seth: please welcome to the show lily collins, everybody. ??
1:09 am
>> seth: i'm so very happy to have you here. >> i'm so happy. finally. >> seth: finally. >> i feel like i've run into you over the past couple years and every time, "it's like please have me on." >> seth: i know, i beg you. i beg you. >> no, it's me begging you. i just haven't had something, i don't know. >> seth: i'm so sorry that i have said no every time. [ laughter ] >> it's horrible. "no i don't like that, come up with something better." >> yeah, like it's not really appropriate for our show. >> seth: yeah -- >> and i'm so glad this is. >> seth: this is so exciting as i feel like any actor involved in this project. this is the first film warren beatty has directed since bulworth and it's a film he has been working on for 30 years and i hear, you know, obviously he is someone who is a perfectionist and wants to get things just right. what was the audition process like to get a part that is so central to this? >> well, it wasn't really an audition.
1:10 am
audition. i guess it was kind of a life audition for warren. he had -- he had my agent call me and give me his phone number and told me to call him at home, which i thought was bizarre anyway. >> seth: yeah, right. >> so i called warren at home and he picked up and he's like, "i told you never to call here." and i was like, "oh my god, like what." and he was like, "i'm just kidding. what's up?" [ laughter ] i was like okay, this has some really comedic tone. all right, we're good. it went on like that for a couple of months. it was just phone calls and lunches and dinners. sometimes at their house with ei their kids. sometimes we'd go out for sushi or like italian and we ran into aaron sorkin and kathryn bigelow and we were just like, "hey, what're you doing." and we hadn't talked about the movie yet so i was just like, "i'm just having lunch with warren." he never brought up the movie. >> seth: and i def -- i would think that if it was any other director at some point you would say "hey, dude, what's going on?" >> yeah, like, "why do you want to hang out?" [ laughter ] >> seth: right. >> i was just terrified that if i was the one to bring it up that either i wasn't supposed to know about it or he would be like, "next." >> seth: right.
1:11 am
weekend of shooting when you realized, oh, i'm in this movie? >> kind of. [ laughter ] >> seth: really? >> no, we did this for a couple of months and finally one day he was like, "well, do you want to meet alden? and i knew alden had been attached for five years. >> seth: alden, your co-star on the screen. >> my co-star and i said, "yeah i'd like to meet alden." and he goes, "oh well do you want to just like read a couple of lines maybe out loud." and i was like, "sure do you mean from the movie?" [ laughter ] like the script that you made me read in your library locked away. >> seth: oh, so then -- >> so like the fifth meeting, he go in my library and they closed all the doors and i had like little sticky notes and a pen and it was like take notes. and i was like, "i haven't even read the script yet." like take notes? like you're warren beatty what am i going to take notes on. >> seth: that would be great if he said what you think he was saying, "i have a lot of notes." [ laughter ] >> i did have a lot of notes. >> seth: you did? >> yeah, because i wanted to seem like i really, you know, i did my due diligence. >> seth: i want a library that i can make people go read my writing in. [ laughter ] >> right. >> seth: also, i want a library with enough doors that i can
1:12 am
i don't just want a one door library. >> there were a lot of doors and there was an intercom and occasionally it would be like the intercom would ring and be like, "you doing okay in there?" [ laughter ] i was like, "where is it coming from?" [ laughter ] yeah. i was like, "is the script talking to me?" i mean, eventually when we did get a script, it was like silver mylar that you basically tan with because he didn't want it to be photocopied. >> seth: oh wow. >> so i'd like sit there with my scripts like tanning. [ laughter ] so it was just crazy. >> seth: and this is a film about howard hughes and warren plays howard hughes and in scenes where he was directing and in them was he then directing as howard hughes? >> yeah, which was so strange. i have never seen in a scene with an actor who is also the director, so i thought, this is going to get really confusing. and when he's just director, he is either sitting behind the monitor or sometimes he'd sit right next to the camera. and be like sitting like this watching me and i'm like, "i love you but like can you get out of my eye line please?" >> seth: yeah. >> i can't really -- like alden is there and you're there and then when it would be warren and
1:13 am
to repeat things and be like, "i can't -- i'm sorry -- i can't hear you." what was that? he was like, "are you mad at me?" and i was like, "no." he's like, "are you mad at me? do you want to get madder? do you want to repeat that?" and he'd like get me really aggravated to get a different type of performance. >> seth: that is so -- it's so intimidating to think of being directed by warren beatty. the idea of warren beatty as howard hughes is like beyond. >> very intimidating but my character was super intimidated by him the whole time so i was just kind of like living along with my character. >>h: such a fantastic actor as well, she plays your mother in this film. >> yes. >> seth: was it different for warren when his wife was on set? was he a different director? >> it was interesting because this is the first time annette has been directed by warren and she talks about that a lot about how interesting that was for her. but for us, it was really cool because -- so she's his wife and she really cares about him as a person. and, you know, on our first day of shooting, it was really hot out. and so there's one side where she's like, "honey, do you have enough sunscreen on?"
1:14 am
there and she's like, "honey, your actors are getting tired, like, we're ready to shoot now." [ laughter ] "let's shoot." so we would shoot and then she's like, "i think we're done." [ laughter ] "i think we got the scene." "i think we did enough takes." "we're really good" and so on annette's last day i was like, "annette, please don't leave. come back and visit." like, "what're we going to do." and she was like, "honey, just hold down the fort. you can do it." i'm like, "i'm not married to him." [ laughter ] "i can't get away with everything you do." i want to be as polite as possible and just kind of like, do it but it was nice to have her around. certainly turned out fantastic. >> thank you. >> seth: congratulations on being in such a special film. >> thank you. >> seth: it's so great to have you here. give it up for lily collins, everybody. "rules don't apply" opening in theaters on november 23rd. we'll be right back with dr. sanjay gupta. [ cheers and applause ] ?? [ applause ] so we are going... modern life deserves a modern way to pay.
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is cnn's chief medical correspondent. please welcome to the show dr. sanjay gupta. [ applause ] ?? >> seth: how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. glad to be here. >> seth: i am so happy to have you here, i have to ask, you are one of the most recognizable doctors in the country. does that mean that your life is constantly people coming up to you and asking for medical advice? >> yes. that happens quite a bit.
1:20 am
>> seth: sure. >> i -- i got a rash over here or something like that. you're trying to catch your plane. [ laughter ] by the way, billy bob just now backstage. a couple of medical questions. [ laughter ] >> seth: really? >> no lie. no lie. true. true. >> seth: billy bob wanted to take advantage of the free doctor. >> doctor, can you -- [ laughter ] >> seth: that's great and of course when you're at an airport, cnn is basically always on. >> that's right. >> seth: so even if they're not sure it's you, they can just check a screen and verify it. [ laughter ] >> right. >> seth: but i would imagine worse would be once you get on your plane if the person sitting next to you recognizes you. family history and all kinds of stuff. [ laughter ] but you know it's -- i'm happy to do it, though. i'm a doctor. so if people have medical questions i try to help as much as i can. what is interesting sometimes, you'll appreciate this, i go out to dinner very occasionally with my wife and we don't get a chance to do that very much. and people will sometimes come up. we're having a dinner at a nice restaurant with table cloths and everything and somebody will come up and "sorry to bother you but i'm wondering if i can ask you a question."
1:21 am
and how it's going down the leg and all this sort of stuff. this actually happened once and my wife was listening and i was watching her because i knew she was going to yell at me for some reason after this. [ laughter ] and she said, "it's an l-4, 5 disk." she says to the guy. [ laughter ] i said, "sweety, i think he was asking me." she said, "i knew the answer so i went ahead and gave it." >> seth: she just like now has learned enough about the human body by being next to you. is that basically what's happened? >> yeah, i think that's what it is. osmosis, you know, just inhe middle of the night, taking all of the calls. >> seth: so you still -- do you still perform surgeries? >> i do. >> seth: well and -- i've always wanted to ask this as well. i've heard that you have a play list of songs that you play during surgeries. >> i do. >> seth: and what are some of the songs that you like to play that you can hear before a surgery? >> i have -- so neurosurgeons do brain operations and we do spine operations so i have an opening for the brain surgery and brain surgery -- >> seth: you have different play lists depending on if it's brain or spine? >> yeah, depending on brain or
1:22 am
it depends, yes. but yeah, there's a story to my playlists -- >> seth: when a party -- when i'm at a party that's getting really good, we put on dr. sanjay's spine mix. [ laughter ] >> that's right. the closing spine list, yes. >> seth: so what are some of the songs? >> well i got "fix you" by coldplay. seems like a good -- you know, fix you. >> seth: yeah, that's right. >> seth: "comfortably numb," pink floyd. >> there you go, these are excellent surgery songs. [ laughter ] >> if i'm doing a tumor and i'm zeroing in on it, i like "i can see clearly now" by johnny nash. [ laughter ] >> seth: fantastic. a tumor -- when a tumor hears >> seth: oh, here comes dr. gupta. >> when we're winding down, "staying alive" by the beegees. >> seth: oh really? >> yes. >> seth: i will say this, if i woke up during a surgery and that was what you were rocking out to, i don't know how happy i would be. [ laughter ] i mean like, he needs a song? >> well, better than "another one bites the dust." >> seth: another one bites the -- nobody wants that. [ cheers and applause ] do patients ever ask you, do they ever say, "hey i'd love to listen to some music."
1:23 am
patients the first preference and before they drift off to sleep they can listen to whatever they want. neurosurgeons, sometimes we do operation with patients awake as well. so they have very select tastes in terms of what they want. some like classical music. some people like just a more upbeat -- whatever makes them comfortable. >> seth: once they go out -- once they go under, do you turn off their music immediately and put your jams on. >> yeah, pretty much. then it's us again. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, you're like, "i don't want to listen to this person anymore." >> they won't remember anything after. >> seth: so obviously we had this election last week. very interesting in the medical community was, all of a sudden recreational marijuana was legalized in so many states. you were someone who originally did not think that was a good idea. you've changed your mind. what lead to that? >> well, you know, a medicinal marijuana. there were several states that voted on this and it got lost in this election but i think it's very important. >> seth: yeah. >> i believe that marijuana can be a medicine and you're right for a long time i would look at
1:24 am
and when i would look at the data around medical marijuana in the past i didn't find it particularly compelling. but what i started to learn, seth, was that if you looked at all the studies, what you came to learn was that most of the studies were designed to look for harm as opposed to designed to look for benefit. so 94% of the studies over a five year period were designed to look for harm as opposed to benefits. so the whole system was sort of looking for that harm as opposed to saying this could be a legitimate medicine. countries. i started to look at laboratories that were not funded by the u.s. government and a different picture started to emerge. i mean i used to believe that people in favor of medicinal marijuana were just malingering and wanting to get high. >> seth: yeah. >> but the truth is that i think for certain people not only does it work, it can be the only thing that works and it would be immoral perhaps even to withhold that. if it's a therapy, i think it could actually benefit people.
1:25 am
like florida, arkansas, wouldn't have dreamed five years that they would pass medicinal marijuana in some of these states and now it's happening. >> seth: and so this seems like a wave that is not going to be turned back and we're basically going to be a country that has legal -- medicinal marijuana in all 50 states >> it seems impossible to still have a federal prohibition on medical marijuana. we do, we still have it. >> seth: yeah. >> but it seems -- it just seems improbable that it exists. what i will tell you, seth, is that has been sort of approved by the people, not the fda. typically all the medications you have are approved by the fda and that can be a good system but the people in this case have said, "look, we don't know why this substance has been demonized. we don't know why it's landed in the place that it's landed but it can help people and states all across the country are voting on it." and again, i switched my mind on this after looking at the data and i just encourage other people to do the same thing. >> seth: all right, excellent. that's very exciting news.
1:26 am
donald trump ran on was this repealing and replacing of obamacare. what is your -- as a doctor, how do you feel about where obamacare is right now and the risk of it going away. >> you know, it's an amazing thing. we have 20 million or so more people who have health care insurance that didn't before. i think that if you are a martian traveling to earth and looking at it you'd say, "wow that is an incredible thing." "we have an incredible health and for so long people who really needed it, didn't have access to it and now 20 million more people do." i mean that -- i think that everyone agrees that that's a good thing. the concern i think now and we don't know as you've been pointing out nightly on your show. we don't know exactly where this is going. >> seth: right. >> so it's hard to speculate but -- >> seth: that's why we have medicinal marijuana. [ laughter and applause ] >> that's the real reason. >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> but, you know, it's interesting to me, if you look at some of the plans that have been put forth, you could run
1:27 am
actually be spending tens of billions of dollars more money and insuring millions fewer people and regardless of politics, your partisanship, whatever it may be, how is that a good idea? how is it good to spend more money and get even less for it in the name of politics? i don't think any doctor, i don't think anybody thinks that's a good idea. >> seth: yeah, well hopefully common sense will prevail because it's certainly -- there have been faults. i don't think anyone says it's a perfect system buton receiving health insurance and that's a good thing. >> yeah, i think so and you're right, it's still a very expensive system. we still have a long ways to go in terms of improving the health overall of the country, we still have a long way to go. but, you know, you talk about going backwards. what does going backwards really mean? everyone is saying that -- throwing that term around. >> seth: sure. >> this could be what it means. going backwards could mean that we spend even more money and ensure even fewer people. i hope that doesn't happen.
1:28 am
thank you so much, doctor. >> thank a lot. appreciate it. >> seth: dr. sanjay gupta, everybody. we'll be right back. [ applause ] ?? you work at ge? yeah, i do. you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk
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>> this week on "late night" with seth meyers. kathy bates. casey affleck. rebecca romijn. michael che. and music from against me! night." ??
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to billy bob thornton, lily collins, dr. sanjay gupta everybody, atom willard and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow.
1:37 am
?? >> carson: hi, i'm carson daly. this is "last call." we're coming to you from 97.1 amp radio, where i do a little morning show in los angeles.


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