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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you can get anything on on amazon these days. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. melissa mollet is in your first 4 traffic with breaking news on the roads. good morning. >> breaking news this morning, guys. this is in northern virginia. we're talking about great falls. georgetown pike shut down between nicholas run drive. pole and wires down from a crash overnight. all lanes shut down through the morning. the best thing you can plan for it now. we have molette green out there on the scene on the ground. how are things looking right now? >> reporter: hey melissa. we're in the street along georgetown pike and you can see the cars coming up the road and finding the blockage and having to make a u turn and go back down and hook back up to route 7 leesburg pike.
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down that way, down that part of georgetown pike to springvale road. the crash that happened late in the evening rush brought down the utility poles and wires and work crews are trying to fix it. i have a v-dot truck right here. v-dot telling us the stretch could go through the morning rush. make alternate plans. that is the let's tourn storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell and get a look at the weather headlines. >> good morning aaron, good morning, everybody, friday nearly there. friday one more day after today. temperatures have fallen back to the 30s and 40s. a typical november chill. we'll have sunshine today. temperatures will go back into the 60s once again. sunshine and a chance at 70 degrees tomorrow but lots of
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temperatures comes our way saturday into sunday, exactly how low we'll go on sunday? that is coming up at 5:21. back into the news. morning, everybody, let me give you an update to a story we've been following at the top of this broadcast. a bear attack in middletown. maryland natural resources police just tweeted out some information on the id and extent of the injuries that this woman had. she had to be taken t center in hagerstown. the maryland natural resources police tell us that she suffered a broken arm, cuts to her head and puncture wounds to both arms. the victim is identified as 61-year-old karen osborne. this is a bear attack we reported at the top of this broadcast in middletown. again, suffering a broken arm, cuts to her head and puncture wounds to both arms.
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>> thank you. 5:03. vice president elect mike pence is headed to capitol hill. he will speak to the house republican conference this morning and meet with speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. pence is expected to meet with the democratic leaders of the house and senate. president-elect donald trump will have a full day of meetings at trump tower today. among the people he will meet with, south carolina governor nikki haley. according it to reports, she is retired lieutenant general michael flynn is being considered for national security advisor. the source adds nothing is finalized until trump himself announces it. today more protests are planned following the presidential election. students at the university of maryland are expected to walk out of class at 1:30 this afternoon. meanwhile, the superintendent of montgomery county schools is asking his students to stay in class. yesterday, a 15-year-old trump
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protest. >> when students are threatened or injured as part of a protest, it raises serious safety issues that require us to rethink the situation. >> the superintendent's entire message will play at schools today. watch it right now in our nbc washington app. in her first public appearance since conceding the election, hillary clinton had one message to her supporters -- never give up. clinton made the remarks as she was honored by the children's defense fund in washington last night. in the 1970s. it was an emotional moment for her at times, especially when she said she wished she could go back in time and tell her mother about all of her accomplishments. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a united states senator, represent our country as secretary of state and win more than 62 million votes for president of the united states.
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before this week's election loss. senator bernie sanders will rally for social and economic justice and equality today. this comes after he made waves last night where he rejeked the idea where he could have cost hillary clinton the election. he argued he made her a better candidate and could have beaten donald trump himself jool president obama is meeting with several european leaders in the few days. he is in a few hours he will set with anga merkel. they had dinger last night. in prince george's county, closing arguments are expected today in the trial of a man accused of murdering a 3-year-old girl. davon wallace is charged with the 2014 murder of khnijah bibb. he fired six shots at a landover home after an argument with a person inside.
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girl. the defense argues he did not intentionally shoot the little girl and closing arguments could be wrapped up before noon. look at these flames. the house of falafel food truck on the george washington university campus was completely destroyed here. this happened yesterday in the 2100 block of h street. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused this fire and are waiting to learn whether the food truck passed most recent health and safety
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it took crews to rescue a construction worker in greenbelt. chopper 4 captured the moment that he was pulled from the trench. the collapse happened around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. at 2:00, crews tried to dig the man out and just before 6:00 p.m., crews slowly pulled the worker out on a stretcher. he has serious injuries but is expected to survive. an indictment could be coming soon for a man accused of shooting a spotsylvania sheriff's dog. the case jury yesterday. joseph conway shot at deputies and k-9 unit as he ran away from a traffic stop. dux was shot in the neck. he is expected to be okay but has not returned to duty. conway escaped and was found days later at a hotel. now to a developing story in metro. a scathing report from the federal transit administration. >> they look for serious problems on the tracks that need to be fixed now and problems
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let's start with safetrack. it predicts the total cost of the project will be $118 million. this summer, metro general manager paul wiedefeld estimated the cost at 60 million. it could take longer than expected until the summer of 2016. other problems with safetrack listed in the report, lack of coordination, crews working 12 hour workdays six days a week and no plan to fix work not completed during the allotted time. >> here is a list of other problems metro needs to deal could prove dangerous. continued water issues in tunnels and tunnels with no lighting. new this morning, terrifying moments for children when a train comes right at their school bus. another look at this close call ahead. >> a launch into space making an important first for a female astronaut. we have a preview of today's historic blast off.
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coming before the cold weather?
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. breaking news for our friends in northern falls. this is between nicholas run drive and springvale road just east of utterback road.
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connecticut avenue at chevy chase circle. beltway here at saint barnabas road. inner and outer loop, everything looking good. the rest of the beltway looks similar. chuck bell, warmer today than i actually thought. >> going to be a nice day outside for today. yesterday, had showers around in the afternoon. that is not going to be the case today. today we'll go back to sunshine, afternoon highs today, upper 50s in northern maryland. low to mid-60s from washington southbound towards fredericksburg and parts of charles county and of course, we're talking about the change that is coming today and tomorrow. it looks really nice. tomorrow, i think 70 is all but guaranteed for tomorrow but a big shot of cold air arrives here at 8:00 on saturday night. it will really drop the temperatures. even a chance for snow showers up in the mountains of west virginia. so the time you get to the redskins game on sunday, doug and i will be at gate h collecting food for families.
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giem time temperatures will be in the chilly 40s for sure. travel weather will be an issue. give you the travel outlook for the thanksgiving holiday coming up in a few more minutes. back here at the live desk, we want to take you to baldwin park in l.a. county where a police officer had his back window shot out. this happened last night when the officer was making a traffic stop in a fast food parking lot. the officer is okay but that shot came through that back then you had k-9s. you had helicopters over the area looking for the shooter. thus far, no new information in this case as to where that shot came from, but we can tell you that that officer is, in fact, okay. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. a close call for students in kentucky. their school bus was caught under a railroad crossing gate
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school officials say the cell phone video that captured the incident is a little skews. they say the intersection isn't very big and the back of the bus would have been on the road if the driver hadn't moved forward. parents say they're still upset saying it shouldn't have happened at all. the good news is no one was injured. we're learning more about the man at the controls of a commuter train that cracked. thomas gallagher's lawyer says he was diagnosed with severe sleep he was the train's engineer. he received the diagnosis after the crash, not before it. the u.s. official says the ntsb is looking into it as part of the investigation. the exhibition 50 crew is headed to the international space station. they're scheduled to launch today from kazakhstan. nasa astronaut peggy whitson is part of the crew. she will become the first woman to command the space station
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mission is her family. >> and probably the things i miss the most, obviously, you know, friends and family. i do miss them, we have a great way to communicate with them via the ip phone and have family conferences, et cetera. >> whitson and her crew will join a three man crew to reach the space station on the 21st. >> there is a massive water front project called the it will include apartments, office space, shops. water taxis will take commuters along the potomac river. they will connect employment centers including alexandria, mgm grand. there will be hauls that will navigate through shallow waters without creating a big wake. the d.c. council is taking steps to categorize cats as invasive or nuisance species.
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make that distinction. the intent is to target feral cats. the language in the bill could jeopardize the use of trap, neuter, return. it is meant to control the feral cat population in the city. police are investigating why a k-9 officer bit a horse. the dog and the handler, the officer didn't bite the horse. the dog bit the horse, right? the dog and the handler, i feel like i had to they were jogging in augusta county when the dog somehow got through a fence and attacked a one month old colt. the dog ripped a garb in the hind quarters. it had to go through two and a half hours of surgery. >> it made a big trauma on me, i know there is a trauma on this horse and i don't know if he will ever get over with it, he'll ever be able to show or ride. >> they offered to pay the vet
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value if the colt can't become a show horse. that could mean tens of thousands of dollars. there is nothing like the taste of bacon in the morning or at any time, really. how good is bacon? there is a way to get the taste without the calories and fat. an arizona family business sells mushrooms they say tastes like bacon. >> no. >> not only are they delicious but they can help reduce your cholestero >> right now they're only to be sold in the tuscon area. >> good. >> now, listen. >> that is not bacon. >> mushroom and bacon are two completely different things. would you try it if you can think you can get the same flavor? >> nope. not bacon. the turkey bacon foolishness. i'm not into that either. bacon. >> i think this is a day for a blt. what do you say?
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prepare and enjoy your thanksgiving meal. >> we're working for you in the community to provide food baskets for those in need but we need as many donations as we can get. you can drop them off at this sunday's redskins game. chuck bell will be there and doug kammerer or stop by the verizon center on monday with pat lawson muse and the rest of the team. >> donate online and text message. search food for families in the nbc washington app. all of the information is right there. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic this morning. take a look at this problem. georgetown pike shut down between nicholas run drive and springvale road. pole and wires down with all lanes blocked. this is for the morning. you're going to have to plan ahead. alternate route is route 7 which is a bit more busy than usual. outer loop at kenilworth avenue. a crash reported there.
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sacrament church. we have a single crash there. we're talking about the thanksgiving travel forecast. i'm listening. >> you have family coming in from out of town? >> i do. >> this will be an important forecast for sure. thanksgiving, a little chance for showers on turkey day itself. the rain that gets here on thanksgiving day may the west the big day before thanksgiving. outside on this fine morning, we're looking at a mostly clear sky. a few patches of fog but nothing that should slow your travels this morning. temperatures in the low 30s and much of central virginia this morning. 34 now at dulles airport. 45 in arlington. 32, falls church and 34 at new market maryland. planning outer day, 30s and 40s for now, should stay in the 40s through 8 or 9:00 this morning.
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so mild weather, just as warm as yesterday only without the rain showers in the afternoon and tomorrow, the pick of the litter tomorrow. sunny and temperatures near 70 degrees tomorrow. here is where things go down hill fast. this is future weather at 11:00 a.m. on saturday morning. we'll start out mild and dry saturday morning but by saturday afternoon, showers in the shenandoah valley, by saturday evening, rain drops here in the metro. look at this. these will be snow showers by the oklahoma, west virginia game. 8:00 saturday night. dress for snow showers during the game and a big blast of wind arrives here saturday night into sunday. so the weekend, saturday, not bad. behind the rain comes the wind and the cold for sunday. so do know that sunday will be windy and really quite cold. here is the travel impact tuesday and wednesday, showers out across the midwest. of that will be the rain drops that we deal with here on thanksgiving day. the next couple of days, nothing
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it. back to you guys. >> chuck, thank you. holiday shopping season, almost here. news4 is working for you to help you stretch your dollar. the four things to know before you start buying, coming up. >> first, that incredible video of a little boy saving his
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gunpoint. the new information coming into the live desk about an incident that happened at an alexandria 7-eleven on franklin street specifically around the 800 block. we understand that two suspects went in, pointed the gun, took the cash, took off. we can tell you that no injuries have been reported but again, police in that area looking for two suspects that have robbed a 7-eleven on franklin street in alexandria. at the live desk, i'm erika
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heart stop. look at this. a 9-year-old boy saves his baby brother as he falls right off the changing table. did you see that catch right there? the mother had turned her back for just a moment and that is all it takes to deal with another child, that is when the 11 month old rolled over on his stomach and fell off the edge. his brother caught him. this happened in south florida. the baby is okay and the mom gave that 9-year-old a big hug. i think he might be getting a little bit more than that. >>go children, home alone with them. hats off to them, big brother. before you load up the kids, there is big news about child boozer seats. the institute for highway safety rates 48 out of 53 booster seats with the highest rating. it started the ratings this 2008. only a quarter of the booster seats made it to the top. they're boasting about the boosters that work. >> this is really good news for parents that they can feel confident that when they're
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majority of boosters they're looking at will provide good belt fit across a range of vehicles. >> consumers are told to avoid only two booster seats. those are made by doral. the institute says those seats placed the lap belt too high on the child's belly. look for the complete list on the booster seats on the nbc washington website. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic.
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a big problem for a lot of people in northern virginia this morning. talking about great falls and georgetown pike shut down between nicholas run drive and springvale d. morning. your best bet will be to plan now for route 7. just do it ahead instead of outer loop at kenilworth avenue, the crash is out of the way. northbound at 395 at edsall road. cars along the left side. i'm eun yang. >> here are other stories the newsroom is working for you this
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maryland. the victim is a 36-year-old woman. she suffered a -- 63-year-old woman. she suffered a broken arm, cut in the head. new names are being floated for possible positions in president-elect trump's cabinet. news4's tracie potts has more on who is in the running in just a minute. >> now it is time to check our forecast. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us about a chilly start but i like this warm up, chuck. >> i think you'll enjoy today for sure, eun. it will be a far prettier day than yesterday. four things to know about the forecast. number one, let's try this again. yesterday the rain showers caught a lot of us, including yours truly off guard. you have to admit, when you miss it, you miss it. we'll try again today, give it the best shot. sunshine back in the forecast for today. low to mid-60s today. sunshine, maybe 70 plus coming up for tomorrow. enjoy it.
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saturday. and thanksgiving could be a little on the wet side as well. ten day forecast comes up at 5:51. see you then. thank you, chuck, your time right now is 5:31. president-elect donald trump will be behind closed doors again today at trump tower. he is expected to hold several meetings including one with south carolina governor nikki haley. news4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. tracie, good morning to you. what is the meaning of this particular meeting? >> nikki haley's name has popped up as p state which is interesting considering that she was publicly against him during the campaign. she is not only one senator ted cruz, who he referred to frequently, often during the campaign as lying ted is now reportedly being considered for attorney general so lots of new names popping up, including lieutenant general mike flynn who has been an advisor to the campaign, now possibly as a national security advisor who would not have to be approved by the senate.
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schedule is president-elect trump in making some of of the cabinet choices in comparison to other previous prpresidents? >> not bad. some came out earlier, the bushes came out but president clinton waited a month. president obama waited a couple of weeks. there is a lot of intense pressure because he is new, because he hasn't been in unknowns about president-elect trump, a lot of pressure for him to come up with names so people know where this administration is going. he is not really behind when it comes to what other administrations have done. >> tracie bots live on capitol hill for us. thank you. federal employees who live in washington metro area will have inauguration day off. the office of personnel management released the 2017 federal holiday schedule yesterday. inauguration day is friday, january 20th. >> that means a three day work
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more details this morning in the death investigation of democratic national committee staffer seth rich. jack burke man and rich's parents will target the area where rich was killed. they're offeringreward for information that leads to an arrest. developing this morning, if more people could be at risk for tuberculosis. a person at la plata high school has been diagnosed. they have not said whether the sick person was a student or staff member. students with prolonged employee with the infected person will receive testing next week. two university of maryland football players will not play in tomorrow's game in florida. they're charged with shooting three students with air soft bb
5:34 am
harrison and dj turner have been charged with second degree assault. earlier this morning, three students report they were shot by a bb gun walking on campus. all of the incidents happened within an hour of each other and students said they were scared for their safety. >> we have been getting a lot of warnings the past couple of weeks about bb guns and shooting and all of these things. it makes you really nervous. >> i think it is important that we hold people accountable for what they're doing and it is important for us to feel safe. released a statement that said in part, the two students athletes have been suspended indefinitely for violating the student athlete code of conduct. covering northern virginia. we're looking to learn results of a meeting of the cell towers. they held a vote late last night. a company who makes the towers agreed to put a hold on the process until the matter was resolved at the county level. the original proposal was to install small cell antenna
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of single family homes. it angered several home owners. there will be a brief right lane closure along eastbound i-66 this morning. this is happening at the eastern end of the rosslyn tunnel until noon today. they will be removing equipment. a congressional panel is calling on the creation of a museum dedicated solely contributions to women. it will be called the american museum of women's history. they want the panel to be part of the smithsonian institution and built on or close to the national mall. it would be funded by both private and public funds. breaking news in first 4 traffic. a great falls major problem, georgetown pike, a section of it shut down this morning. full details and your alternate coming up.
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but what happens once they divorce or break up? the new court rules that could set a precedent. >> sun today, 70 tomorrow, the four things to know about the forecast when we check back in with storm team4 meteorologist
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breaking news in first 4 traffic here this morning. georgetown pike shut down between nicholas run drive and springvale road. molette green is live on the scene. is this her live camera with the section of georgetown pike closed. 7 is your best alternate this morning. as far as maryland looking good. back to virginia. 66 inbound and 95 northbound, no major worries. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. right now, listen to mr. chuck bell tell us about nice weather today. >> i think you'll like today. back to sunshine after midday showers yesterday, that is not going to happen today. clear skies out there now and the skies will stay clear all day. yesterday we had the cloudy stretch in the middle of the
5:40 am
30s in the suburbs to around 50 degrees at national airport but 40 at george and martha's house in mount vernon. what to wear today? you will need a medium jacket for the chill this morning. sunglasses for late ye this afternoon and a light sweater. afternoon temperatures today will be in the low to mid-60s with plenty of sunshine around so the daily grade then, a plus. great weather today. it will be a plus plus for tomorrow. more about that and the day coming up on saturday. that is coming up in ten minutes. see you then. >> thank you, chuck. we continue to follow a developing story in fredrick, maryland this morning where a woman is recovering after a bear attack. megan mcgrath just arrived on the scene and will bring us the very latest. >> we're getting you ready for holiday shopping. today, four ways to stretch your dollar. >> it does a body good but only if you drink the right kind. the new recommendations for
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we're working for you this morning. several stories developing in the next 15 minutes, why it could take longer for crews to finish safetrack work. >> changes could be on the way for uber drivers in our area. what some officials are demanding with the hopes of keeping you safe. >> and ready, set, shop but not before you see how to get the most bang for your buck this holiday season. first at 5:44. an update on a developing story. a fredrick county maryland woman is recovering after a brutal bear attack. >> megan mcgrath is live for us in fredrick county maryland with the latest. this is a terrifying situation. >> yeah, it really is. and crews with the department of natural resources, they are on the scene. they've been coming and going down along iron gate lane here this morning. they say that they believe that
5:45 am
a 63-year-old woman was out in a driveway of a home here on iron gate lane in fredrick last night when she was a attacked by a bear. she is being treated for puncture wounds and a cut to her head and a broken arm. dnr personnel, take a listen. >> that's >> dnr personnel are using a tracking device. they have a read on a mother bear in the area. it is a bear wearing an electronic collar, part of a dnr program to keep tabs on the bear population in the area. now, the bear that they're tracking, the one wearing this collar, has three cubs. it is in the immediate area, and they believe it is possible that this is the bear that is
5:46 am
the driveway last night. it is a heavily wooded was. it appears she got between the mother and her cubs and the bear attacked. that attack ended when she fell to the ground. >> she went in sort of a fetal position, called 911 laying there and at that point, the bear, again, probably realized that the threat to her cubs had subsided and she moved off. >> reporter: and so they are actively tracking this bear that is in the area. obviously, if you encounter a bear, especially with cubs in the area, you're just to stay away if at all possible. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live in fredrick maryland. thank you. in northern virginia for a second time in a week, a bear has been spotted near an elementary school in western prince william county. a bear cub was seen near haymarket elementary school off of haymarket drive yesterday. after the sighting, students and
5:47 am
cancelled for the afternoon. last week, two bears were spotted near buckland mills elementary school in gainesville. >> chopper 4 captured the moment crews rescued a construction worker from a trench in greenbelt. the entire process took about five hours. it happened at 1:00 yesterday afternoon, at 2:00. crews started to dig the man out. just before 6:00 p.m., crews slowly pulled the worker out on a stretcher, he had serious injuries but survive. this morning, we're getting some of your questions answered after a dramatic motorcycle chase in northern virginia. chopper 4 captured the video as it unfolded last friday. we now know this started as a routine traffic stop and when the cyclist took off. fairfax county police chased him and weaved in and out of rush hour traffic in fairfax and loudoun counties. it left some people wondering
5:48 am
>> our grounds units are supposed to reduce the speed and let the helicopter take command. they can keep the violator in sight and they did that. >> no one was hurt. the motorcyclist surrounded. he is now facing several charges, including eluding police. 5:48 now. the metro board will meet to discuss a new report, a scathing report from the federal transit administration. metro does not have a clear plan on how to finish incompleted safetracor done until next summer. the report found numerous sections of track that should have been taken ott of service but were not. it also found large stretches of tunnel with broken emergency lighting. this weekend will be the last for business at six prince george's county strip clubs. bureau chief tracee wilkins broke the news yesterday. they're forced to shut down by
5:49 am
prevent adult businesses around schools and churches. former d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson has been censured by the ethics board after the associated press reported she asked major contractors to gave money to a gala honoring teachers. she is no longer working tomorrow the school district. according to a settlement agreement, henderson told ethics board she didn't realize her actions were prohibited. the missouri court of appeals upheld a ruling that a couple will continue to share custody of frozen embryos that they created together. neither of them can use, donate or destroy them without the written consent of the other. >> spend all of the time, energy, emotions, get over it. you know, because this other
5:50 am
trumps yours. >> my client's ex-wife has the right to have children, but she doesn't have the right to have children with my client without his consent. >> the courts agree and consider this in the context of federal law. a decision expected to guide many future, similar cases. you can open the nbc washington app for a full list of cheeses included in a brand new recall. giant pulled mult 4c cheese from the shelves. no one has gotten sick as a result of this. parmesan and romano are part of the cheeses. take it back to giant for a full refund. a surprising new study about the milk you buy for your growing children. research years found thousands of kids drinking whole milk had less body fat than those who drank skim.
5:51 am
the connection is there, it is not clear what exactly causes this. >> this is for children. okay? >> i was one of those whole milk kids. >> drinking it now. if you're gearing up for the holidays it is a good time to start budgeting. after all, you have a ton of stuff to buy for. it all adds up quickly. susan hogan is here with ways to stretch the budget savvy shopper. you have so many tools at your hands that do the comparison shopping for you. we have four great ideas to maximize your spending power. shop early, don't wait until the last minute. give yourself time to compare prices and find the best deals. educate yourself. comparison shopping stretches your holiday funds further.
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set limits on gift giving. most of the family members will be thrilled if you cap gifts at a certain dollar figure. this will free up cash for other holiday surprises. shop with a list. most importantly, stick with it. when you finish, stop. you will be surprised at how far your money actually goes when you have a plan and actually follow it. susan hogan, news4. >> and happening today, the virginia department of they will review equipment, materials and resources for drivers and residents. the app will be available to answer any of your questions about snow removal. the meeting starts at 9:30 this morning at the northern virginia district office in fairfax. it is time now to check on our forecast. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is standing by with more on the warm up. hey, chuck. >> that's right. we have the warm up for today and especially tomorrow. this is warm air surging northbound ahead of the cold air
5:53 am
the cold air arrives here over the weekend. enjoy it while we get it. off to a reasonably cool start. 30 in manassas. 34 in the panhandle of west virginia this morning. 34 in northern montgomery county. a milder 45 at national airport and 51 now in annapolis. as you are planning out your day. 30s and 40s for the morning but you'll be able to shed that jacket for this afternoon, afternoon temperatures today, low to perhaps mid-60s in and around the city and a nice, cool, dry evening. here is our next big weather maker though. yesterday, denver, 80 degrees. the warmest november temperature ever recorded in denver. they have snow falling today. so you know that it is a big change if denver can go from 80 to snow in less than 24 hours and the warm air here now gets shoved out during the day on saturday. especially saturday night and behind that front comes wind and
5:54 am
d.c., metro area. the i-95 corridor, very windy and cold for sunday and monday. a little bit of a rebound. cloudy on the big day before thanksgiving and thanksgiving itself may be dodging a shower or two. now it is time for first 4 traffic. melissa mollet has been dealing with huge problems all morning in northern virginia. >> breaking news in great falls. georgetown pike shut down between nicholas run drive and springvale road. the pole came down last trying to get this cleared up. all lanes blocked. again, your best alternate. take 7, just plan on it now. this won't be clear through the morning commute. inner and outer loop of the beltway, you can see looking quite good. 66, 95, no problems. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. a car and a commuter train collide and the impact is so forceful that it splits the car in half.
5:55 am
this is damage from the scene. the mangled vehicle right there, and then watch as this surveillance video comes in. police are saying that two people inside that car actually got out and walked away and you just see that train come head on into it. from this vantage point it is so hard to decifer whether the barriers went down. two people walked away from the scene and police are looking for themh i'm erika gonzalez. a group gathered last night in a rally in honor of philando castile. officer jeronimo yanez was charged with second degree manslaughter. philando castile was shot during a traffic stop in july. we're hearing from castillo's
5:56 am
she actually live streamed part of the incident on facebook sparking nationwide protests. if convicted, yanez could face up to ten years in prison. it is 5:56. a court hearing is scheduled for the man who killed three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado last year. robert deer has been undergoing psychiatric treatment since a judge ruled that he was not competent to stand trial. during previous court hearings, deer has declared himself a warrior fort babies. uber background checks are as effective as fingerprinting. officials are speaking at a meeting. they will request not to be required to fingerprint drivers. by state law, the ride sharing services must submit their drivers to fingerprint based criminal background checks. uber will pull out of maryland if fingerprinting is enforced. lyft says it does not operate in any market where fingerprinting
5:57 am
city. a local school superintendent speaks out. >> the message he has for certain students protesting the election of donald trump. and breaking news in first 4 traffic. very slow through a section of northern virginia. we're talking about georgetown
5:58 am
5:59 am
that breaking news is out of great falls virginia where a pole is down blocking traffic on georgetown pike. chopper 4 is headed to that scene this morning. good morning as we approach 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we have complete coverage for you. this could impact a lot of you. especially if you're headed to or from northern virginia. >> we'll check in with first 4 freitas. first, a look from the ground and molette green. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. 30 minutes ago a verizon crew came through here to join the utility work that is going on right down there. early morning commuters are running into the road block here at georgetown pike and we're at springvale road here. both sides of georgetown pike shut down to give these crews space to make the necessary
6:00 am
utility pole and some wires and so this stretch has been closed throughout the night. we're here along springvale road. the closure runs all the way down to nicholas run drive. v-dot is here to keep the cars away but when we come back live, you see the cars that have to turn off and go down springvale road to catch up with leesburg heights to get around this closure. that is the latest live from great falls here in back to you. >> molette, thank you. let's turn to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic with a little more on how to get around this. >> this will be a pain for a lot of people here this morning. we're talking about having to take route 7 instead. again, if you take georgetown pike in the morning, listen up here, we have a section shut down there between nicholas run drive and springvale road. all lanes will be blocked through the morning for the morning commute. so kind of a big pain for folks in the area. route 7 will be your friend today.


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