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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller we're so happy you're with us today. >> what day again is it, hoda? >> wines-day wednesday, november 23rd. >> i forgot. >> a lot of people hitting the roads and skies for the thanksgiving holiday. please be safe. >> that is "sleep without you" with bret young. >> a team of celebrity chefs are gathered to reveal kitchen
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>> and as american as apple pie, the american dog show. a preview from the host, a breed of his own, john o'hurley. >> love that. >> i caught up with a young girl i met named abbey in 2008 and battled cancer most of her young life. she and her family have so much to be thankful for and she came to studio 1a. >> and here to help you create a gorgeous table with items you have round the house. >> the whole family is already here. >> the whole gang is here. >> they made it. where is she. did she get lost? and they made it. we're having turkey, colleen is cooking. >> you need words of wisdom. >> >> here we go. >> oh. i don't mind getting wrinkles if it's from laughing and spending
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by rachel, who goes by the yoga girl on instagram. >> i agree with her on the one and she has to be careful with the other. >> and we went to our own dylan's beautiful baby shower put on magnificently as usual by megan, our dear friends at place called the hunt and fish club. doesn't it look like we're outside in a the wall. >> look at her. she's had a great pregnancy. i haven't had in all these months, much time to sit and talk with her. she doesn't really work on our hours. what a beautiful beautiful young woman. she's like sunshine. >> she's like sunshine, she really is, we're so happy forrer. >> it's my brother's birthday yesterday. we had a cake and everything and
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to have candles. holding up a candle app. if you touch it and blow, it blows the candle out. >> you can get everything on the epa. >> i stayed in the city, i rarely do. not a city girl by nature. my daughter, cassidy, is home for the holidays and said one of her best friends from her usc days is this gorgeous brand new coach of the knicks. she has a beautiful family and cass said, mom, let's go see a knicks game and stay in this city. i did it. it's a wild and crazy time over there. the knicks won. they played portland. they're having a great season. her mom, stacy, lovely and son, tyler and abbey, 6'2", has her own -- i don't know how tall she
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apart. they found one another in college. they're soulmates. sweet to see their relationship. then, we stayed at a hotel that will remain nameless because it's brand new and stayed up all night long. have you ever been in a hotel room where the air-conditioner turns on and rattles your brain and suddenly goes o. just when you think you will hi, i'm here. >> speaking of terrifying moments, i had one this morning. i got up in the morning and walked my dog. need al, i think. i walked my dog in the morning and you want your dog to get a little run-in. in new york living, sometimes i have him run down the hall, throw a ball and run down the hall. >> doesn't that wake up your
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down the hall and he raced after it and i reached down to get it and he was gone. >> there was nowhere he could have gone except for? >> i walked down the hall and someone's apartment door was cracked, they hadn't shut it. went in the apartment, went somewhere up the stairs, i was literally standing in a stranger's apartment yelling, blake, get out of there. >> you could have been shot. snipe was someone was in the bathroom. a beautiful apartment, it was. i ran home to get a squeaky toy. by that time he freaked out probably licking some kid's face. it was terrifying. >> my dog, regis, once jumped out of a marriott bus and went off. it's a long story. these dogs, you have to leash them. >> i know. but it was in the hall.
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sure they're closed. how about that? >> there's this new commercial we've been wanting to get to. it warms your heart, stars like actor brad garrett everyone knows from "everybody loves raymond," plays frankenstein and celebrates christmas with local villagers and they appear to be afraid of this guy -- >> i wonder why. >> except for this little girl. take a ?? ?? ? ? there's no place like home for the holidays
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? 'cause no matter ? ? cause no matter how far away you roam ? ? when you come for the sunshine of the family day the holidays you can be home sweet home ?? >> oh, my gosh, i thought it was weird and now i love it! oops, sorry. >> thank you, jer. >> i thought it was beautiful. the little girl and then she loved him and everyone else sang along. >> he probably never heard the voices of kind people. >> and then he did. >> i wonder if any welcomed him into their home for turkey dinner. >> i have great memories of my daddy growing up worked for the
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when he would get home because he was always out and about and i can't tell you the many people he brought home. little old ladies that missed their bus. that's what we should all be like, right? yesterday, we gave you a special brain teaser, right? we didn't know what it was. >> it was the nbc buyer. >> >> he gave us five $500 gift cards to give way. this was the question you had to answer. solve this riddle. foreword, i'm heavy, but backward i'm not. >> got way over 10,000 responses. we didn't know. the drum roll is? >> a ton.
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here are five winners. >> carol maynard from california. >> smarty-pants. >> james lawson from kentucky. >> jennifer sanchez in texas. >> don plower, in michigan. finally, melissa in north carolina! >> check your facebook in-boxes, you will be hng >> congratulations. have a delicious evening. one of the popular wrong answers was, dolly parton. forward i am heavy but backward i am not. >> cnbc's "billion dollar buyer" is on tuesdays. >> he is lovely. >> and we have friends here and friends from new orleans.
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>> all right. too much to cook and too little team? >> our chefs are here to lessen the stress and mess of thanksgiving with our kitchen shortcuts. you will love them and do it in the round, right? it will be a disaster. not going to work. achoo! snap achoo! snap achoo! achoo! snap snap achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%.
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from the first moment you met it was love at first touch
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is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: ?oh hi baby? so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers we don't want to stress you out or anything, in about 30 hours, your thanksgiving guests you probably have a lot more to do. our "today" team gaftered five all-star chefs here to show us their kitchen hacks. they are jeffrey, andrew, ed, missy and ryan! >> let's start with jeffrey. >> all right. my tip is sugar sometimes is not good. you don't want to eat a lot of sugar.
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take your puree of pumpkin or squash or whatever you like and add cranberry sauce. >> regular from the can? >> fold it in, right? >> instead of sugar. >> instead of sugar. >> has there been sugar added to that anyway if it's from the can? >> yes. they're actually amazing in the can. i buy everything in the can. no reason to make it, you don't have to. just put it in there. >> bo and have yourself a cocktail and relax. >> we're walking. >> bye. >> we're going over to see you. >> andrew, what's your -- this is crazy. what's your tip, sweetie? >> i've been saying for years, brine the turkey.
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>> at home, it's messy. >> can't beat a good dry rub. >> you mix off spices and sugar and lemon zest. smells amazing and you rub it all over this turkey. >> the turkey enjoys it, right? >> like a little massage. >> okay. >> it will be full of flavor and really really soft the next day and really really tender and you won't have that dry turkey breast. >> when you brine, you brine in a liquid and most gets rinse off. this stays on like a coating? >> you put it in the oven and gets crispy on the outside. amazing texture. >> okay. >> nice talking to you. >> ready? >> bye! >> hi there! how are you? >> good. ed brown. you have very little in front of you. what's going on? >> wow, really? okay. happy wines-day. >> yes, you, too.
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for it. >> we drank the wine. >> now, you will use the wine bottle? >> that's it. you're going to use the wine bottle as a rolling pin to roll our dough. how simple is that. >> that's simple. >> and if it was heavy it would give weight to it. >> yes. >> happy thanksgiving. nice talking to yo >> hi. how are you? >> happy thanksgiving. >> what have we got? >> we have squash. a pain. hart -- hard to cut. i like to do the minimal cutting. you can cook it whole an hour and half and cut it and cook it
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>> roast it about 350, 400. then, it's really easy to scoop out. you can do anything with it, pasta filling, pies, squash on its own, chocolate spices. >> you cooked this whole -- you put it on a tray like that and plop it in the oven? >> sometimes i put it on a bed of salt and turn it as it goes on the lower oven. >> smart. >> the first time i ever heard >> to ryan scott. going over to ryan scott's house. come on, baby, here we go. >> booze booze and booze. leftover fresh cranberries and put them in ice. no, what we do is take hot tepid water and stir the sugar inside. >> you'd never drink it. >> put the sugar solution over
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frozen cranberry ice cubes. >> i love it. >> for later orange sangria, caramelize the oranges under your salamander, jeffrey. >> i like it when you guys talk like that. >> brown sugar, cranberry and ice cubes, delicious. >> it's so good. >> i love it! >> y'all are awesome. it's thanksgiving event, always and john hurley gives us a preview of tomorrow's national dog show. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. >> go, go ryan ?? fresh m th. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs
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it's become a thanksgiving tradition for the whole family to enjoy. >> the national dog show. it airs after the macy's thanksgiving parade day
10:22 am
right. >> i kept the show on the air for 15 years. >> they're all precious. how are you doing? >> we have a fabulous year this year. we have a record number of breed entries this year. last year, we got a 26 -- 26 million people watching. >> people love it. >> a staggering number. >> this breed has absolutely stolen our hearts. look at that. if you can get the face forward there? i made a joke earlier, i of 4-ply carpeting, this is what you end up with. this is a hungarian herding dog. absolutely gorgeous. everybody at the show was so impressed by this brand new breed. this is a beautiful belgian right here. the belgian is known -- this is
10:23 am
>> a beautiful dog. a very good family dog. >> very alert, too, right? you're so good. >> good, baby. >> bringing up the rear here. >> everybody remembers the golden retriever. one of the winningest golden retrievers in america. one of the prettiest i have seen. this is tracker. also, that's the spot, yeah. the way if you do that. what a great dog. >> always such great family fun. >> you weren't really a dog lover until you got involved. >> no. i didn't know anything about dog shows. there's my two dogs right up there on the screen right now. >> is your son with you today? >> our son is with us today. >> you can tune in the 15th annual national dog show
10:24 am
noon. >> let's check in with joy to for a special thanksgiving request. >> hey, ladies, i love this holiday. we have a great question from ashley in michigan. she writes there are so many goodies at thanksgiving i often eat to the point of feeling sick. how can i avoid stuffing myself. >> i have a great answer and stay tuned. deliciousness at your feet without unbuttoning your pants. hang in there. for now, back to the show. knee can't wait to see that. >> john is in "the faux." when is that? >> accept the -- september the 1st until new year's. >> a special friend who reminds
10:25 am
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it's wines day wednesday and we are ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew?." this week it's all about thanksgiving and pop culture. hoda's across the street at 30 rock, ready to hand out $100 to anybody who answers the questions correctly, but who don't. here with me, jack ricco, editor of "cafe show business dotcom." overer to hoda. >> thanks, kath. nieces helping me. handing me the goods. if we have a winner, figuring it out. what's your name? >> kelsey. >> i love your hat. let's play.
10:31 am
thanksgiving" is it linus, woodstock or peppermint patti. >> is she right? yes! honey, yeah! >> yes, well, that peppermint pat hay quite a crush on charlie brown. >> originally released in 1979 but won an award in 1974. charlie brown invites her friends, one with his friends. >> classic for a reason. hoda woman? >> play. what's your name? >> erin and tyler. >> where are youing from? >> virginia. >> play, kids. this macy's day thanksgiving parade balloon character is back this year for the first time since 1930. is it charlie brown, felix the cat or popeye? >> i'm going to say felix. >> felix the cat is right! money! >> wow!
10:32 am
today. >> felix the cat, first balloon created at the macy's day parade in 1927. this year macy's decided to re-create to the exact configurations the balloon of almost 90 years ago. curious fact, 2,000 basketballs actually fit in the felix the cat balloon this year. >> how do we even know that? hoda? >> all right. your name, sweetie? >> donny and ashley. >> donny and ashley. all right. we're going to have you look at a picture. here we go. the name of this 19 where two men try to help each other get home for thanksgiving is called -- home for the holidays, dirty rotten scoundrels or planes, trains and automobiles? >> planes, trains and automobiles. >> if you haven't seen, that's a classic. >> a classic. "planes, trains and automobiles" written and directed by john hughes, "16 candles," "the breck consist club."
10:33 am
thanksgiving movies of all-time. has all the elements. friendship, grateful for what you have and a lot of humor. >> a lot of humor. back for another one. >> hannah wants to give away one of my books. >> yes. >> let's do it. your name? >> fan, this is katrina. >> hi. where you from? >> tampa, florida, here for the macy's day parade. >> play. here nor macy's. the day after thanksgiving is typically one of the busiest days of the deliver, dry cleaners or -- >> i'm saying pizza delivery. >> yeah! >> you would have thought. you might have thought, but it's got -- a terrible answer erchlts plumbers. according to roto rooter, a business on black friday increased 50%. do you know why? >> tell me why. >> majority, garbage disposals and kitchen sink drains. >> oh, that kind of plumber. oh, okay.
10:34 am
>> all right. happy birthday, miss. your name? >> kathy. >> kathy turned 50 today. happy birthday! all right. here we go. according to a recent survey what side dish is the most popular in the southeastern region of the united states? is it green bean casserole, mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. >> mac and cheese. oh! >> how about that? >> just what we need. one more artery to be clog was -- a creation basically done by thomas jefferson. was in europe, back to the white house, served 1802 and immediately it was a big hit. ultimately probably is what popularized it throughout the united states. >> how about that? >> can you believe that? >> that's not in "hamilton." we should have known that. thank you, hoda and everybody. hoda reunites with a special young friend who has a great deal to be thankful for this year. plus, last-minute ideas for
10:35 am
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so last year we were invited to thanksgiving at the anderson's. i was stoked. that's my holiday. we invented it. so i'm like, "pass the stuffing!" and... it's not stove top. and i'm like, "what?" i wait all year. 364 days to enjoy delicious stove top stuffing. it's what makes thanksgiving, thanksgiving. i had to get out of there.
10:39 am
every year we bring you a series calle called "thanks and giving" where we highlight the wonderful work done at st. jude children's hospital. >> eight years ago i visited there in memphis and met special kids including abby geyser who
10:40 am
jude. now abby is 14 and couldn't wait to catch up with her when i found out she was coming to new york. this is abby geyser, the florida native is 14 and the second child of eight. looks like a normal kid. right? in many rrps she is. she plays the piano -- ?? -- reads a lot and writes her own short stories. her mom says shez has a great sense of humor. what makes abby most unique, most of her childhood was spent in st. jude's research hospital in memphis. she is now cancer-free. >> she's a hands-down success story. >> and this past october she had reconstructive surgery at st. jude to insert an adult prosthetic bone in her leg after bone cancer had ravaged it eight years ago. >> that cancer required, you know, chemotherapy and surgery to remove the bone.
10:41 am
the most? >> reading. >> i first met abby back in 2008 along with fellow st. jude patient named amber. >> like that? you are -- >> i hate eye drops. >> reporter: abby was diagnosed with eye cancer at only 4 months old, but doctors at st. jude successfully treated abby with chemotherapy and laser eye surgery saving both of her eyes. later, though, the disease developed in her bones. >> go, go, go, go! day at st. jude through their eyes was life-changing. so now, eight years later i was thrilled to hear how well abby was doing and happy to reconnect with she and her mom in studio 1a. >> this is abby. >> i'm from pensacola, florida. >> oh, nice! >> want a pleasure, abby. how are you doing? >> charlie, come here, charlie. come here! hi, charlie.
10:42 am
right? >> i could take over your job. >> yes, you could. >> this is kathie lee. >> nice to meet you. >> we call kathie lee the queen. she's going to give you a little bit of gloss. perfect. very nice. >> all right. >> and this is a good friend of yours. >> yes, i do. my friend abby and her mom is with us. kristy. how was your tv moment? >> good. i loved it. >> did you love it? >> yeah. >> after the tour we sat down at the famed rainbow room here 30 rock. >> ever get mad? why did i have to be the one to get sick. >> sometimes i did and then i remembered how good god is to me and how some people don't have as much as i have. >> what are you thankful for this season? >> i'm thankful for my family and friend, and, you know, after having that surgery, i'm really thankful to god for letting me keep my leg and my eye. >> when you think about, we're like, this young girl is so grateful for the tiniest,
10:43 am
director for st. jude research hospital. >> and abby is cancer-free. >> yes. >> and one of the remarkable things, first, how you track kids through the years. >> right. >> and we're watching her -- her leg sort of develop and grow and she's fine now, right? >> oh, yes. she's absolutely -- her leg, her prosthesis grew threw a magnet. took out the cancerous bone, put in a as she grew from a magnet and never had to go in and look at it again except now they put in the adult prosthesis and she can run, jump, dance like any normal teenager. what's great about st. jude, cure is not enough. we want them to have a joyful child. >> yes. >> you've got to see a new patient care center. not only state-of-the-art medically, but we have a room called the imagine room. the entire place, all of the
10:44 am
you stand in the middle of that, you can skype with your friends or your kids at home. >> fantastic. >> be in hawaii, or a jungle. >> anywhere you want. >> play viral games. >> most important thing, too, is that it's -- it's -- no one pays. >> i know. >> the families don't have to pay for it. incredible. >> little abby, and eye cancer. and blast toma and the -- sarcoma and nothing charged. >> when you go to st. jude you realizha is. marlo, a tribute to you and your family. >> everybody that works there, they're angels. thank you. >> thanks, marlo. thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> to you, too. danny seal helps you create a show-stopping thanksgiving table that will wow your guests. table that will wow your guests. >> without breaking the for all you friendsgiving hosts, table that will wow your guests. >> without breaking the invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey.
10:45 am
fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. when people ask me where i get my glow, now i tell them this. new bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal. with glycolic acid- visibly reduces wrinkles and reveals brighter skin. all this power in one little pad. new bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal skin expert, paris. thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, baked-on alfredo? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. thanksgiving you're often so worried about the food your
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wayside. >> fret not. guess who's here with inexpensive ideas to add to the special holiday touch. >> a lot people care. danny seal. host of "naturally danny seal" on nbc and from the magazine "naturally danny seal." >> naturally. >> growing. the show, every saturday morning. >> what time? >> 10:30. changes every market, but, you know. is this beautiful? >> what are you going to do for us you already have around the house. and i think these are my all-star thanksgiving ideas. >> okay. >> i think, so easy to make. even the tablecloth is trash to treasure. >> what? >> can you believe that? isn't that a beautiful color? >> what do you mean, trash to treasure? >> show you how to make this. the painter's chart, candle holders right here. beautiful napkins, even, i think our place markers are adorable. >> cute!
10:51 am
sleeve. >> yeah. a little boat. >> cute, danny seal. >> all right, show us how to make a vase. >> all right. start with the tablecloth. >> that's what she meant. >> i feel like a lot of us, we need the tablecloth. don't want to put town a shower curtain. a pot of hot water, take black tea. that gives you the black color. it darkens the color. my secret ingredient is turmeric. >> i always wondered what turmeric was for. now we know. super, super strong as a color. i dump the whole jar of turmeric in there. >> stop it. it makes it yellow? >> do you see the color? >> yes. you just dump the whole thing in? >> right. >> what does it smell like, like turmeric and black tea. >> careful. very, very hot. but per nut squash, a lot of us cooking butternut squash. instead of wasting the shell,
10:52 am
save the gourd part of it, fill it with water. it's water-tight and look at that. >> little vases. >> instant vase. >> and pour the water in there, won't go all over your table. >> so cute. >> like a two-one. you have it, anyway. >> okay. >> what are you doing here? >> okay. so look at these beautiful, these little, this little beautiful bowl actually made of artificial leaves. take your artificial flowers or leaves. >> blow it up, decoupage on top. pop this one. you want to pop this one? >> way to go, hodi! >> that's good. >> mine's sort of -- mine's good. thank you, danny. that's good. it's a nice bowl. >> oh -- >> you pull it ounchts you pull it out. it's a little wet. basically.
10:53 am
>> kind of hoda fail. okay. so -- wine bottles -- >> a lot of those as home? >> make beautiful sort of autumnal candelabras, spices, dried corn. fill it up. >> stick it in a candle. >> fig it all the way up. and really, customize the fronted to say, thanks, you know? >> very cute. very european lookin so [ laughter ] >> finally, guys, if you want to help me make our little thanksgiving day, you know, right here. the trick. >> the boat. >> trick, take your coffee sleeve. hot glue a chopstick on the inside. just like this. >> the mast. >> and then take your little paint chips. >> those are paint chips? >> all out of your junk drawer. just like this. >> very clever, danny seal. >> and actually like -- >> keep from getting stuff like
10:54 am
stay on track. >> first, this is this is
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10:57 am
now for the answer to our thanksgiving diet snkts o.s. question. >> a question for joy go to klgpand and hit the connect button. >> and how do you keep from overstuffing yourself on th before the meal, enjoy one of every delicious-looking hor d'oeuvre. when it comes to the meal, take one dinner plate and fill it with whatever you want. one alcoholic beverage and one dessert. if you're torn between multiple pies. >> that's still a lot of food t. is a lot of food. comes to pie between the apple, pecan and pumpkin pie. pumpkin pie is the lightest. check this out.
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a major backup to kick off your thanksgiving travel day. reporters on the scene. we'll take you there and tell you ways tew void it and other travel nightmares out there today, as a mother and daughter had to be rescued from a burning home in prince george's county. we'll talk about that and have the latest on their conditions and talk to neighbors about their frightening ordeal. good travel weather today. although there is some rain out in the midwest and getting closer to us. i'll have the hour-by-hour timing on that in just a few minutes. news 4 midday starts now. good morning, everyone.


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